Her Gift

by Toran


He puffs on the Macanudo and watches her from the leather chair in the only
corner of the room not filled in some way with Christmas decorations.  She's
been tied snugly with the bright ribbons for going on an hour beneath the
tree and the stress of the firm hogtie had made a mess of her normally
perfect auburn hair.  He'd set the thermostat up a bit to make sure her bare
skin didn't get chilled from the floor drafts, and now the little beads of
sweat stands out on her soft and lustrous skin and ran in little rivers here
and there.

"I wanted to give you something really special for Christmas, love," she'd
said, whether she'd meant it or not wasn't important - she'd said it.  And
somewhere, the door to his dark and mysterious world had opened up.  She'd
inadvertently presented the opportunity for what would become the best
present anyone had ever given him.

He looked down into her emerald eyes, sensing as well as seeing her desire.
But she didn't have in mind what he had.  She'd laughed at his casual
mention of bondage some weeks ago - and it was still too early in their
relationship to have the real heart to heart that would pretty much decide
whether he wanted to continue seeing her.  But this...now this was the
perfect way to get her 'involved' with his world, give her a taste of what
he wanted, what he would demand of her if she were to stay.

Her gag is slipping from all the drool pooling around her mouth and he
wonders if it should be changed - but he is more interested in watching her,
watching how her body responds to the bindings, how her sounds have changed
over the last hour from angry shrieks behind the big ballgag (hardly a good
starter for a novice, but this opportunity was rare and he wanted to put her
though the paces early) to gentle whimpers.  He hardly cares if she knows
that he watches her.  He's got a pretty good idea that right about now she's
in her own world.

"You want to tie me up?"  She glanced away and he saw a blush creeping up
her cheeks.  She finally gave a little laugh and looked back up into his
eyes.  As if she could see right through him, see how important this was,
she seemed to consider it seriously.  "Ok," she finally said, trying hard to
make light of it - but he knew she was a little scared and that fueled the
fire deep inside him even more.  "But no funny business."

Her head rears up, blindfolded eyes searching the room and not seeing, and a
deeper, more guttural grunt comes from somewhere low in her throat - this is
the second such sound she's made in the last five minutes and he smiles.
She is showing promise.

"Red ribbon, huh?"  She batted her eyes and dramatically folded her arms
behind her, wrists crossed behind her back.  This, of course, pulled the
thin silky material of her black spaghetti strapped evening dress taut
against her breasts - she'd decided against a bra, apparently, a fact that
had made itself known to him almost immediately after he took her coat to
the closet.  It was their first Christmas, after all, and she had wanted to
make a good impression for the intimate dinner date at his apartment.  "Not
too tight, now," she whispered and he thinks that the gag can't come soon

The long guttural noise ends with a frustrated whimper and he sees her
thighs moving together back and forth, short little movements that can only
mean one thing.  He puts the cigar into the ash-tray and stands quietly.  He
doubts she would hear him anyway, but he wants this to be perfect.  Walking
slowly towards her, his hand sliding into his trouser pocket and fingering
one of the presents he plans to give her, he smiles.  She looks good.
Really good.

"Hey!  That hurts!  You're tying my elbows?"  She started to twist in his
grip and it took a gentle kiss on her neck and a re-assuring whisper in her
ear before she quieted enough to finish the knot that bound her elbows
together.  He had the red ballgag in his hands and before she could give him
some more grief, it was buried in her mouth.  That's when the struggling
began in earnest and if the gag was buckled too tightly because of all the
thrashing, it wasn't his fault.

He kneels down beside her and then she does sense him, for she stops all
movement and nothing save the sound of her jagged breathing fills the room.
Her body goes off like a stressed spring when he finally lays a hand on her
thigh, caressing the sweat-sheened flesh there, running a finger along the
tightly knotted strands of ribbon that bind her knees.  And then he hears
it, a slow, soft moan, her head lying in a pool of auburn hair.  The moan
intensifies as his fingers trace a path down her calves and up to her bound
ankles, then across the rope that spans like a bridge between her feet and
her bound wrists.  Her hands are cool from the limited circulation, the skin
around the tight ribbon slightly chafed.  His fingers find the ribbon that
pull her wrists tight against her ass and snakes between both firm
ass-cheeks to crease her pussy, hidden from view while she's on her belly.
Hooking a finger under this ribbon, he slowly pulls and her reply is a long
throaty moan.

He wrapped the ribbon quickly around her knees, then her ankles and at once,
she realized that too much struggling would get her a quick trip to the
floor.  She wasn't used to having to scream around a ball crammed in her
mouth, but she gave it her best and it took a sharp crack to her ass to
quiet her.  His hand slid down and cupped a breast and a nibble on one
earlobe got her breath caught.  The spaghetti straps were quickly untied and
the hand on her breast now caressed warm flesh.  She struggled again, but
when he firmly pinched her nipples she stopped and didn't make another
movement until he had her 4" heels off and her panties snipped.  Then she
realized that this was for real, that she was pretty much powerless to stop
what he wanted to do to her, and that the dinner date had turned into

He rolls her over and follows the ribbon as it comes through her legs and
meets the ribbon around her waist.  He pulls this side back and forth and
her hips move in unison with the ribbon chafing her soaked pussy.  His other
hand comes up to find a nipple and it doesn't take much to roll it into rock
hardness.  That's when one of the little presents he's had in his pocket
comes out.  Sliding one hand now between her legs and finding the little
clit hood, his other hand deftly opens the nipple clamp and captures the
waiting nipple.  All at once, her body arches, her gag stifles a startled
scream and her hips buck into his hand.  The scream goes on for a long
moment, then there is nothing but the sound of her labored breathing through
her nose and the movement of her hips as she grinds into his fingers.

She whined around the gag as her legs were pulled up and tied off to her
wrists, snugly giving the curve of her calf a nice bowed look, but not tight
enough to plant her heels in her ass flesh.  There was nothing but grunts as
he roped the ribbon around and around her waist, over her wrists and finally
tying off a long end in the center of her back.  A few token thrashes as he
threaded the end through her legs, tightly snaking between her pussy lips
before getting knotted at the waist ribbon.  Next, he went to work on her
breasts, her eyes trying to bore a hole into his - but he never glanced up,
never gave her the chance to chastise him.  Methodically, he tied her
breasts up, with ribbon around her torso and around and around each breast
until they were tight orbs of flesh.

The other nipple clamp sends her off and she's shuddering and whimpering and
straining against the fingers buried in her pussy.  Then she stiffens and
one sharp, long wail escapes around her gag.  Her whole body strains against
the ribbon imprisoning her and in the frozen moment of time, she is ungodly

Finally, he had pulled out the silk blindfold and delicately slipped it over
her perfect auburn hair.  Looking into her eyes for the last time he gently
kissed her cheek and whispering in her ear as the blindfold slid down, he
said, "I love..."

"...you".  Her breathing slowing down, her eyes a sharp emerald green as he
slips the blindfold off.  A haze clouds the surface of her half-lidded eyes
and she squeaks gently.  He moves a hand behind her head and unbuckles the

Pushing the ball out of her mouth with her tongue, she whispers hoarsely, "I
love you too."  Then it's her lips on his, her tongue deep in his mouth.  He
slips an arm around her waist and rolls her over onto him.  Tied in a tight
hogtie, arms and legs useless, she lets her mouth do all the work.  From
beneath her, he unbuckles his belt and slip-slides his pants down.  Not even
ribbon can keep her from finding him and he fills her with one powerful
thrust, his hands sliding over her ass to get her body in tune with his

Looking up from beneath the Christmas tree, the layers of brightly colored
lights and tinsel beautiful from this perspective, he thinks that this is
the best Christmas ever.