O M G !
by Tomo1954@hotmail.com

April 2006

This is my first story. I know I am not a good writer, but I have 2 stories to tell. Only this one can go here. The other will end up on Grometís Plaza when Iím done with this one.

Part 1

O M G !††† Thereís the door! Itís the weekend at last! Out of here until Monday!

"Sue! Iím glad I caught you. I need a favor."

Damn, I thought. So close. Ray, my boss. "Hi Ray," I said, "ready for the big game?"

Ray looked nervous. "We just got an emergency/rush order in and they need it shipped tomorrow. I know itís Saturday and the big game between the shifts and all, but I thought since you werenít playing and you could use the extra money, I was hoping youíd come in and run it for me."

I thought a moment. "Iíd like to, Ray. I could sure use the overtime money, but Iím not trained nor authorized to ship it."

Ray looked downcast, then suddenly perked up. "Tell you what. If you come in and make the order up for me and move it to the loading dock with the hand truck; Iíll stop in tomorrow night after the game party and ship it out."

"Alright. Who else is coming in?"

"Nobody. Everyone is going to the game. Hereís my cell phone number. Call me when you start and every hour or so, so I know youíre alright."

"Okay. Leave me the paperwork on your desk."

"Thanks Sue, I really appreciate this."

"Thatís okay, you need to be at the game; I donít.† Frankly, the extra money is going to help a lot. You know the situation."

"Yeah. See you Monday. And thanks again."

I continued out the door, and made my way across the parking lot to my car deep in thought. I pulled out and headed home juggling the chores I was going to do Saturday, mixing them in with the ones for Sunday, when an insignificant thought brought her mind crashing to a screeching halt. What? I missed that. †What was that? Come on Sue, I thought, run through the "to-do" list again.

Empty the dishwasher.
Go through the bills and pay the ones I can this week.
Grocery shopping
Hardware store for some rope for Sunday nightís bondage fun.

STOP!†† Thatís it!

Thatís what? I asked my "inner demon".

Youíre going to be all alone in that huge building. Letís do something outrageous with this opportunity.

Oh wow! Wouldnít that be great? Letís see, what to do, what to bring with me tomorrow. This needs to be thought through very carefully.

Handcuffs and keys. No, just one. Keep the second one at home just in case.
Rope -- No. Use the Avis strap thatís there.
Red ballgag
My old work smock. Yeah, I can rip or cut it to shreds.
Scissors -- No. Find a knife there. I think thereís a box cutter on the handlerís bench.
Blindfold. No, it wouldnít be safe.
Corset. No, naked. That would be exhilarating.

Letís see, how about wearing old clothes in and keep another set in the car, just in case I think of something tomorrow. Yeah, who knows what might come to mind while Iím there. It started to rain on the way home and when I got to my complex parking lot, I had to park half way across the lot. I didnít care, she was getting too excited having things come together into a plan. I needed to grab something quick and easy for dinner and start getting my stuff together. One of those frozen pizzas should be good. While dinner was cooking, so was I.† GOD! The anticipation was killing me, but no touching until tomorrow. It was going to be a long night.

After dinner and dishes were done, I got down to business. First thing I needed was the duffle bag to cart the stuff in to work. Also a small bag for the second set of clothes on the floor in the backseat of the car. Okay, open the bags and start filling them. Handcuffs and keys into the duffle.

No, wait. Living dangerously, remember. Daring. Leave one key here on the dresser.


Whereís the shirt and jeans I use for painting? Yeah, set them out for the morning to wear in. An old bra and panty with them. Socks. Extra set for the car.

No. Youíd be in too much of a hurry to bother with underwear. Just a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

Yeah, done.

** Authorís note: In case you havenít picked up on it yet, Sue doesnít wrestle with her inner demons.† She pretty much goes right along.**

My old sneakers for the morning and the slip-on sandals in the car. The ankle cuffs with D ring and lock in the duffle. The ballgag with the strap lock as well. What else needs to go? Whoa! Spare car key into the magnetic key holder and stuck under the back bumper. Better do it now before I forget.

Damn! The key was too long. I decided to †tape the key to the holder and attach it under the bumper to the †jacket. At least that was still metal. I held the key on the cover and wrapped it twice with a 2 inch wide piece of scotch tape. I grabbed my umbrella and ran down to the car. I didnít want to kneel on the wet asphalt so I squatted down behind the car and reached under to feel along the inside of the bumper. When I felt the bracket holding the bumper on the car, I stuck the magnetic holder with the key to it. The wind started to grab the umbrella as I got up and it threw me off balance. I overcompensated and ended up sitting in a puddle. Ooohh! The cold water on my tender spot, on top of the anticipation about tomorrow, was driving me nuts.

Get up, Sue. Finish packing for tomorrow.

Now that I was completely soaked, I walked back to my apartment to change for bed. The clothes "plopped" on the floor of the bathroom. A hot shower to get the chill out of my bones; dress for bed; lay out my clothes for tomorrow; set the coffee timer for 6:45; set my alarm for 7:00; and get some sleep.

Midnight - I canít stop thinking about tomorrow.

1:38 am -- The anticipation is killing me.† (tee hee)

2:48 am -- The itch between my legs is getting to be unbearable!†† (chuckle chuckle)

3:54 am -- AAUURRGG !!!††††† ( HA HA HA HA HA )

7:00 am -- R R r r r i i i i n n n g g !!

Time to get going. I grabbed my blueberry muffin and cup of coffee and scanned the paper in the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later I dressed in my painting clothes which consist of an old bra, panty, socks, paint spattered t-shirt, and tattered jeans. I dug through the back of the closet for my ripped sneakers. †was ready.†


I grabbed both duffels; my entry gate pass card; my keys; and I was out the door.

At some point I should probably say that Iím five foot seven and one hundred and five pounds. ( Cough )

Okay, okay, one fifteen.† Light sandy blond hair that I wear short, well just above collar length, with big green eyes. Being 32B-24-36 (Hmmmmm??)OKAY† 38, I donít get too many drooling tongues.

I caught myself squirming in my seat and getting worked up again. Luckily, it was only a short fifteen minute drive to the plant. I pulled through the parking lot to the back of the building. I planned on parking in the back because there is a shrub-lined sidewalk about 200 feet along the building between the parking area and the door. Itís not much, but in case something went wrong and I needed the clothes from the car, itís better if thereís some cover.

I swiped my pass card through the reader and waited for the click of the lock to release so I could open the door. Working my way through the cubicles of the office area just inside the door, I noticed that the cleaning crew had already been through. That was a relief. I never gave them a thought. Having them catch me would be my worst nightmare. When I got to Rayís, I decided to call Ray and tell him I was here and start to get everything together. Picking the paperwork off the desk I went through the factory until I reached the machine I needed to run. Itíd take me about fifteen minutes to power up the equipment and get the supplies Iíd need for this order from the warehouse area.† (Warehouse ? Why not strip now and just wear your old smock? You could put your clothes in different open boxes around the building.)

I had that T-shirt over my head before I even thought about it. (This is why youíre wearing old clothes, isnít it?) YES. I toed off my sneakers, slipped the jeans over my hips and down my legs. I pulled off my bra and panties, then pulled the smock from my bag and slipped it on. I gathered up the clothes, the order packet, and headed for the supply area. As I was walking past the loading dock, I dumped my jeans in one of the open boxes coming in from a supplier. After closing the flaps, the sneakers went into one on another pallet. The shirt went into a third pallet, the bra in a fourth, and the panties into a fifth. Now to get the supplies I needed from the next section. Once I got the assembly and packer running, I could start to play. (Why wait? Thereís a box cutter knife on the desk there. Go ahead, and shred that smock, use the Avis strapping to tie your ankles and make a short hobble. Tie your wrists together behind your back. That way you can still pull the pallet truck once you load a pallet with the supplies you need.) †First I† got an empty pallet and put it on a pull cart. I checked the item list on the packing order sheet and started loading the pallet. Wow, some of this stuff had been here a while judging by the thick coating of dust on the boxes. Good thing I kept the smock on for this. Okay, the supplies were loaded. Now it was time to start the fun.

Part 2.

Sue took off the smock and ripped it into strips and then fed them into the paper shredder next to the desk.

Well, so much for that covering, she thought, Iíll stop and get my clothes from the dock on the way back.

Now the ball gag. Tighten it down. Oooohh that feels so good. One more notch, mmmmmmmmmaahhhmmm (much better). And the small lock to keep me from pulling it off.

Okay Sue, she told herself, think. You just read how to do this last night. "Take the strap material and wind it nine or ten times between palm and elbow making a coil. Cut the strap and tie the two ends together. Then place your left ankle into the loop. Twist the coil a few times, but be sure to leave an opening on the right side large enough for your right ankle. When this is done, insert your right ankle into the opening." She caught her breath and realized this was going to take a while to get back to her clothes, let alone the packaging machine.†

"Now cut four pieces of the strap material about six inches long. Take one and wrap it once around the coil close to an ankle, but with enough slack to slip one finger in the ankle space. Repeat it with the other ankle, then use the last two pieces to tie the coil about four inches in from each ankle. Now you have a short hobble." Sue looked down and thought this was going to be great.† Now I can repeat the same process for my wrists, except Iíll feed one end through the loop part at the top of the handle of the pallet truck now that I have my left hand in place. Now to turn around and slip my right hand in. Oooohh, that feels great! Iím not going anywhere fast, nor can I hide, now that Iím stuck to the pallet truck. I start taking a few small steps to get a feel of how big a stride I can take. Wow! Only a seven inch shuffle! Itís going to take me some time to get back to the packaging area. Time to start my slow shuffle out of the storage area. I have to keep a steady pace, if I slow down too fast or stop the pallet truck will bump into me. Iím afraid that with itís added weight of the supplies it might knock me over. That would be catastrophic as I would probably not be able to get up easily.† After about five minutes, I enter the shipping station area and notice I donít have a straight line route through the area. There are too many pallets laid out on the floor that somebody started to "kit" the order content together. Iíll have to make my way through the maze of them to get to the loading dock to pick up my clothes now that my smock is gone. Winding my way through proved harder than I originally thought. Whenever Iíd make turns, the pallet would catch on the other pallets causing me to slowly go back and forth to work it around corners.

Ten minutes to get through that maze and enter the loading dock. This doesnít look familiar. This area was full of supplies before, now itís three quarters empty.

OH† MY† GOD !† Oh shit.! My clothes are gone!† Okay. Calm down, relax, and think. Look around for a knife to cut the straps.† Nothing. I can go back to the handlerís desk in the supply area to get the box cutter to free myself or go on and use something at the packaging line. I really donít want to go back through that maze again, so I start moving through the loading dock at what seems like a brisk pace compared to what speed I had been making.

Once I get back to the packaging line, I can cut myself free, load the supplies, and get the line started. When itís up and running, I can go out to my car, get my spare clothes, and . . .

BBOOOoooooommmmmrrruuummmbbllllee... rruummmbblle, rumble, rumble.

Iíd have been clung to the ceiling if I wasnít tied to the pallet truck. Sounds like itís going to be a fierce one.

OH† MY† GOD !!† Ray! If it rains, theyíll cancel the game. And Iíll bet heíll feel guilty and come in to help me. Iíve got to get to my car for the clothes before he can get here. First, I have to cut the Avis straps to free my hands and feet. Iíll worry about the gag lock later. Part of me wants to make a mad dash for a knife, the other is afraid that if I go too fast Iíll slip up and fall. Iím also afraid of being caught, especially by Ray. I would have dated him in high school, but he showed no interest in having that kind of relationship. Weíve been good friends since grade school, I donít have many as it is and Iíd hate to lose Ray. But being here like this has me so hot the insides of my thighs are wet and slick.

Yes! Thereís a box cutter near the packerís table. Uugh! Itís out of reach. Thereís so much stuff around I canít get close enough while still attached to the pallet truck. Now Iíve got to waste more time moving stuff out of the way so I can get at the knife. Youíre probably asking yourself how long could it take. Well, the time it takes to back up the pallet of supplies; pull the release and let it settle to the ground; pull the truck out; go back to the packerís table; put the truck under another skid; pump the truck up; back up and turn it around; move it out of the way; and then go back for the knife. Sounds easy enough except if youíre wear a hobble that gives you a seven-inch step, with your hands tied to the handle behind your back. Oh, and youíre frantic as hell.

It feels so good to cut the hobble strap. Thatís the easy part. Itís harder to cut the one between my hands while itís going through the truck handle behind my back.

When it finally cuts through, I toss the knife on the table and leave everything else right where it fell and ran for the door nearest my car. God, it feels great to just take normal steps let alone run free. I raced through three zones of the building. My breasts swaying back and forth as I race through the different areas.

(This place is huge. Why havenít we done this before?). Ooh, I wish I hadnít listened to you. Iíll have to prop the door open, Iím not going two zones out of my way to get my door card.

When I finally get to the door in the back of the building, I stuck a piece of corrugated in the door to prop it open until I pick up my clothes and get back. I started down the sidewalk staying on the side with the bushes.

The thunder continues as a grim reminder of my impending doom. Every now and then between the thunder I would hear a thumping behind me, but when I turned, there would be nothing there. When I was about three quarters of the way down the walk, my curiosity got the better of me and I turned to watch. And then I saw it. The wind was catching the door I propped open and was swinging it open and closed against the corrugated I used. It happened as I watched. The wind caught the corrugated just right and flipped it up as the door opened. It felt like a hand just squeezed my throat shut as the wind let the door go and I watched it slam shut. When I could breath again, I looked up into the sky and asked if this day could get any worse.

Screw the door, now more than ever I need to get my clothes. Being outside naked has my juices flowing more than ever and the feel of the wind on my more sensitive spots is fabulous. Itís just starting to sprinkle as I continue to race down the walk to the back of my car and feel under the bumper for the key case. I canít feel it.

Damn it, Iíll have to lay down and look for it. (What a sight this would be for Ray if he came around the corner now. Weíre lying naked in the parking lot, legs spread, knees bent, with our head and shoulders under the back of the car.) Oh Lord, PLEASE let him hit every red light is all I can think about as I look and feel everywhere for that key. Gone! Itís just gone. Tears start welling in my eyes as all the tension just slips away and I give up. Thatís when I could hear the chuckling of my inner demon. (Ha ha! Suzie wrapped too much tape around the key and case and it weakened the strength of the magnet. It probably fell off going over the railroad tracks a half mile back.) Okay, new plan. Follow the woods at the other end of the parking lot to the tracks and follow them to the road. Then pray itís there. Itís just getting from here to the woods thatís the problem. Running across the parking lot naked in broad daylight is not smart. The last half of that trip is visible from the road. I donít see any other options. As I start to get up I can hear a car coming through the parking lot gate. It must be Ray. Quickly, my anxiety returns and I crouch down and bolt for the bushes along the walk for some cover. I can just see a little through the leaves, but I noticed Ray parked next to my car instead of his usual spot down the row. I only managed to get about a quarter of the way up the walk before he gets out of the car and starts up the walk. Iím so nervous when he passes me that Iím amazed he didnít hear the bushes shaking. As soon as heís inside Iíll run for the woods. I could hear him swipe his card through the reader and open the door. When I hear the door click closed I count to five to be sure before I climbed out of the bushes. "Sue!"

Part 3

"Sue? What happened? Are you alright? Here, take my shirt", he says as he pulls his t-shirt over his head and walks toward me with it in his outstretched arm. "We need to call the police."†

"No. Please donít." I quickly pull it on and as I look at him I just break down and throw myself at him. I wrap my arms around him and cry as all the frustration, anxiety, and fear just release in a flood of tears.

"Hey, itíll be okay. Everything will work out, youíll see. Are you hurt? Letís go in and sit down. Youíll feel better after you tell me everything that happened."

I was sniffling, couldnít catch my breath, shaking my head side to side saying, "No, itís too embarrassing. Youíre one of my best friends and I donít want to lose what we have."

He pulls my head to nestle on his shoulder; rubs my back; and says in a quiet, calming voice, "Iíll tell you a little secret, my friend. You fulfilled one of my many fantasies about you today when I saw you out there."

I drew back and starred at him with my mouth hanging open.

He lifted my chin to close my mouth and said, "You see, I never said anything because I didnít want to lose your friendship. And I thought, you know, maybe someday Iíd get to share those other fantasies with you over a drink."

"Other fantasies?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. Iíve had several very kinky fantasies about you, even a couple about you in here. Hey, now, donít be embarrassed." He cradled my face in his hands. "Iíve always had this crush on you, you see, ever since high school."

"Oh God!" I sighed. "Me, too." Then we both chuckled and relaxed a bit. I went and told him everything starting from when he caught me on the way out at quitting time yesterday until he found me on the walk.

Ray looked over to me and said, "Maybe we should sit and talk a bit." I said nervously that I agreed. The silence just hung there.

Ray came to his senses first, stood up and said we need to start the line up and get the product done before the customer came to pick it up. He set to work prepping the line for this specific product. I said Iíd go get the pallet of materials I put together and be right back. He turned and smiled as he watched me leave. I didnít think about it until I was back in the packers area getting the pallet truck pumped up to lift the pallet. It suddenly dawned on me how much Rayís t-shirt didnít cover my butt. I could feel the heat of embarrassment flush on my face again. I was getting curious about what other fantasies Ray had about me. By the time I got back Ray had the line adjusted and ready. He loaded the supplies Iíd brought and started the line. This was a plastic molding machine that made small plastic bottles and then labeled, boxed, and palletized them for shipping. With all fresh supplies, the equipment will run for about three hours before we have to change the labels and cases.

We sat back down at the quality bench my curiosity had peaked so bad I had asked him to tell me one of his fantasies. He said that if I trusted him, heíd be glad to show me one.† "Of course I trust you, Ray, itís just Iím so new at this and very nervous."† He smiled and said he wouldnít hurt me or let anything happen to me. "You relax while I get a few things together. Iíll come back for you when Iím ready. It should take me about 20 minutes."

Ray came back about thirty-five minutes later looking very pleased with himself. "Okay", he said, "Iíve got your next tie all set up." He took my hand and led me to the loading dock where I lost my first set of clothes.† I was amazed to see a small wall made of wooden pallets that he had strapped together, with another one on each side on its end to hold the wall upright. From the ceiling it would look like a capitol letter "I". There was a small stack of pallets in front of the wall with a sheet of cardboard on it, and a small stepladder in front of the stack. Ray led me up the ladder to stand on the stack of pallets. "Put your back up against the wall with your arms over your head and spread your legs." He proceeded to tie my wrists to the pallet slats; then my chest, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. I started to ask a question but he just shushed me. I was shocked when he reached behind his back and produced a red ball gag with several straps attached. After putting it in my mouth he tightened the straps as tight as he could manage. He jumped down and picked up several strips of cardboard about four-foot long by eight-inches wide and began to work them behind me so I wouldnít get slivers. Now I see the method to his madness. As Iím tied spread eagle with a ball gag on, he approaches me with a pair of scissors. My eyes go wide as he proceeds to cut my (his) t-shirt off leaving me totally naked again. Once again, he smiles, jumps off the stack of pallets, and walks over to get the pallet hand truck. I can see by the sneer in his eyes that his mind has gone Ďround to the bad place. He excuses himself and disappears into the shipping office across the zone. When he comes back, heís carrying a sign of some sort with strings attached to two corners. He climbs up on the pallet platform and hangs the sign around my neck so itís above my breasts and ties it off. He grabs his bandana handkerchief from his back pocket and folds it into a blindfold and ties that on nice and tight. Ray kisses me on the neck, tweaks my right nipple and whispers in my ear,

"The sign says that youíre sorry the order isnít ready yet and the driver should have his way with you as your punishment while he waits for it to be finished." He giggled, he actually giggled, and jumped down and pumped up the pallet truck to move the stack of pallets away and leave me suspended there. I couldnít believe he was doing this to me. My mind was screaming out for him to let me go. I could hear Ray shutting off the lights in the dock area. Thatís when I heard a softer chuckle. (Now that you have him to torment you, Suzie, you donít need me anymore.)

They say that when you are missing one of your senses, the others get heightened. I think thatís true, but I also believe that if youíre naked, blindfolded, gagged, and tied spread eagled to a wall your sense of hearing is way beyond "heightened". After about ten minutes I can hear a truck moving through the parking area getting closer and closer to the loading dock. Not to worry though, when our supplies get dropped off the driver just drops the trailer at the dock and drives off in the cab. They never come in or unload. I can hear the beeping of the back up alarm. Next will be the thump of the rubber bumpers hitting the dock. THUMP.† Wow! That jarred the whole floor, must be a new driver. I donít hear him jacking the trailer off the cab. Oh shit! Heís coming in; I can hear him on the metal stairs that lead to the dock. I canít believe Ray would leave me for this stranger to see. AAaahhgghh. I can feel his hands on my legs. I canít move away from his touch. Without the pallets in front of me, he canít reach above my thighs. Thatís not so bad, I guess. He stops touching me now, I guess he also realized that he canít reach anything. I can still hear him doing something, sounds like heís dragging something. Oh, shit, itís the stepladder Ray used. He pushes it right up next to me against the wall. He touches the inside of my thigh as he climbs up. Suddenly, his hand slides along as he hits the wet spot below my more intimate spot. I must be deep scarlet from the embarrassment. He keeps climbing higher, step by step, cupping my mound as he goes. Not making a sound, just his heavy breathing. Jesus, heís aroused. Whereís Ray? Ray, please come back. His hands keep moving, one up on my breast and the other still cupping my mound, but reaching in with a finger to play with my clit. Oohhhhhhh, Jesus, that feels so good. Now he shifted to use both hands on my breasts, tweaking the nipples and sucking on the one closest to him. He had me so close to cumming when he stopped, now Iím frustrated, as well as embarrassed. A quick little nip with his teeth and he starts kissing his way up to my neck.. He reaches back down to my clit again and nuzzles my neck. Then he whispers in my ear, "Hello, beautiful". RAY. Oh, God. Ray. I almost pass out with relief. (Ha-Ha-Ha!!† Suzie, heís good!)

"Are you ready to get down yet?" he asks. I nod vigorously. He tells me that he went out to stop the truck driver at the gate. He gave him his car keys, some money, and told him to go down the road to the diner for an early dinner while Ray loads the truck. He starts down the stepladder and pulls it away. I hear him walk across the area to the pallet truck with the stack of pallets on it and lowers it down next to my wall. He climbs up and unties my feet, and continues to move up untying my legs, waist, chest, and shoulders. He reaches over and unties the strap from my left hand at the wall, but not from my wrist. As he repeats this move with my right hand, he also reaches for the dangling strap from my left. Before I could comprehend what he had in mind, he tied them tightly together wrist to wrist behind me. As he jumps down to the floor, I start to question what heís doing but forgot the ballgag, all that came out was a questioning gurgle. Ray just chuckled again, looked up at me and said, "Oh, weíre not done yet, my dear. We still have one more task to do. Here, Iíll help you down." He reached up, grabbed my waist and lowered me to the floor. He kept shuffling me along without giving me time to think. Suddenly we were at the door near my car and he was walking me out through it. "Here we are," he was talking low, next to my ear. "Now all you have to do is continue with your plan C and go look for your car key by the tracks. Iíll let you back in when youíre dressed." And with that, he pushed me out the door and closed it.

MMMmaaaahhhh!!!††† ( RRrrraaaayyyyy!!!!! )† Oh my God! Here I am again, naked out on the sidewalk next to the building. Only now, not only am I naked, but Iím gagged and have my hands tied behind me.

Part 4

I started down the sidewalk, cursing him as I went. Ray knew, as I did, that these knots could not be untied while behind my back. This Avis strapping ties so tight that itís almost impossible to untie even if my hands were in front. About three quarters of the way down toward the parking lot, a thought flashed before me. In the movies, whenever the good guys were tied like this, they would sit down and slide their hands forward under their ass and legs to bring them around in front. So naturally I gave it a try. I managed to lean and slide down the building to sit on the walkway. Between the gymnastics as a kid and having a short torso, and the fact that Ray just tied the straps together, I was able to slide my hands forward under my ass, one cheek at a time, which are now wet and dirty thanks to the light rain. Brought my knees up to my chin and tucked my ankles into my thighs, and success. This whole trip just got easier. Yeah, right!

Letís see now, stop at the end of the walkway and look around before leaving the protection of the bushes lining the walk. Take a deep breath and think. I have to get across the parking lot to the trees at the other end. Three quarters of that leg of the trip will be visible to the road. Do I run and get it over with quick, or do I walk so as not to draw attention to the fact that a naked woman is walking across the parking lot. I donít think I could stand to go slow so I guess Iíll be making a run for it. Itís probably five or six hundred feet to the trees. Once there, I would have the cover from bushes under the trees. The trees cover about two or three hundred feet before Iíd come to the railroad tracks. From there, itís a straight run under cover to the road where I hope to find my car key.

Here I sit shivering, and Iím not sure if itís from the cool air because of the rain, nervousness, or the excitement of being out here naked like this. Iím not used to this. The bondage, yes, on a novice level, but not naked, and certainly not outdoors.† Well, itís not going to get any easier unless I wait for darkness and I canít wait that long. Iíve also been watching the road for signs of traffic, and have seen nobody go by. Running across the lot sends a breeze past my pussy thatís driving me nuts and making the inside of my thighs cold because they are slick with my pussy juices.† The cool air is making my nipples rock hard and larger than Iíve ever seen them. All of these sensations just might make me try some other variation of this again sometime. Skirting the puddles to keep my feet as dry as possible, I made it across the lot and stopped just inside the tree line to catch my breath. I saw one car and two trucks on the road during my dash, and as none of them slowed down they must not have noticed me.

Time to move through the next leg of this journey. Actually, this should be the safest part of the trip. And quicker with my hands in front, even tied. As long as Iím careful and donít step on anything sharp I can move right along. This is perfect, just enough scattered brush to keep me hidden, but lots of grassy areas to walk on. I was looking, and thinking, ahead to when I get to the tracks in just a minute. My mind was so occupied that I didnít notice that I was walking through waist high grass until one of the seeded tops went right between my pussy lips.

I was so startled. It was like an electric shock went through my body right from my pussy to my brain. I stood there shivering with excitement and not fully understanding why. By the time I settled back down, I was through that patch, but I was determined to find it on the return trip. ††††

The tracks are coming up and Iím starting to get worried. Theyíre set up on a high bed of large granite rocks about the size of my fist. Thereís so much garbage and broken branches along the base of the track bed that Iíll have to go up and walk on the ties. Again, Iím thankful I managed to get my hands around front. I wouldnít be able to climb up the side of the bed with them behind me. Ouch! The granite has sharp edges. Well, if anyone were following me theyíd get a hell of a view of my pussy and backside now. I didnít give any thought to the tar on the railroad ties. Luckily, itís cool enough that itís not sticky. I seem very exposed up here. But the sunshine feels exhilarating on my skin. Before I know it my fingers are playing with my clit. NO! Stop! Iíve got to keep my mind on getting the key. Quietly. Maybe on the way back.

Moving right along, this is easy, and quick. Trees on both sides, although they thin out on the left quite a ways before the road. Iíll have to go back down to the ground and chance the footing there. Going down is tougher, I have to do it backwards. Wow. This whole area is loaded with garbage, including broken bottles. Iím going to have to watch where I step. Iíll go back inside the tree line until I get to the road. Stopping about ten feet short of the end of the trees, itís time to scout out the area. Thereís about ten feet of grassy area between the trees and the eight foot steep hill leading up to the road. Then another ten feet to the guardrail and shoulder, which is also about ten feet wide. Getting up to the road wouldnít be too much trouble, but once I got there it would be almost impossible to get back down and under cover in time if a car came into view. The hill to the road is taller than I am, so I canít just stand there and look for the key. It should be easy to spot if itís still taped to that magnetic box.

Keeping an ear open for any sounds of a car, I eased out of the trees and stopped halfway to the hill. I looked down and was shocked at the thought of myself being excited about standing here naked except for a pair of old sneakers, with my hands tied up. The lower half of my body is all covered with dust from the weeds and rocks on the railroad bed. All except the top inside portion of my thighs, of course. Thatís turned into a slick, sticky paste now. My nipples are large, hard, and very sensitive to the breeze. Just more fuel to the fire down below. The one thing I am certain of at this point is that I wonít be satisfied at just tying myself inside my apartment anymore. Iíve got to start moving and keep focused. Itís getting late, and once the sun goes down, itís going to cool off for me to stay out here like this. I move forward to the base of the hill and climb just high enough to see over the edge, see if I can spot the key. My head keeps sweeping back and forth looking for a car or truck. I have to spot them before they see me so I have enough time to slide down and hug the hill. Oh, and pray, too. Still sweeping left, right, left, right, left, ri - Jesus! There it is! On the opposite shoulder! Oh my God! What a relief. Now to go get it. Thereís not much to see on the other side. It looks like an open field maybe three feet or so below the level of the opposite shoulder, so thereís no guardrail on that side. While still checking both ways, I climb the rest of the way to the guardrail, stopped and looked both ways again and went over it. I am literally shaking with fright at the prospect of being spotted like this. I have to spot the vehicle long before it spots me to give me enough time to get back over the guardrail and down the hill just enough to be out of sight.

Shit! I hear a truck coming and climb back over the guardrail and slip down the hill until my head is just below the top of the hill. I had just cleared the guardrail when I saw it. It got here so fast! If that had been a car, I wouldnít have heard it soon enough to hide. Everything is shaking as it goes by, and the blast of air blows around everything not glued down. When the truck has past and out of sight, I start listening again for another vehicle. Once Iím more than a few feet from the guardrail, Iíll have no chance to get back here without being seen, and Iíll have to take my chances with hiding on the other side. The best thing is to go for the key and then be ready to jump down the other side. I reach to pull myself up and look to see where I am in relation to the key so I can go straight to it, I canít see it anymore. It must have moved when the truck went by. Voices! It sounds like two young boys, from behind me. Thereís no place to hide here. I donít here any cars or trucks coming, so I climb up and vault over the guardrail looking for the key as I go to the other side of the road. As I go down off the road on the other side I notice that there are patches of tall wild grass. Theyíre tall enough to hide me from a car going by, maybe even a truck. Yuck! This ground is a low point in this ditch and I find myself lying in mud. The boys are still approaching the road by way of the tracks, but they seem to be slowing down. Theyíve stopped and are just standing there talking about some baseball game they just came from. I canít raise my head to see what theyíre doing for fear theyíll see me. Every young manís dream. Spotting a tied, naked girl out in a field.

I hear a truck coming. Maybe if I bent some of the grass over to cover me a little he wonít see me. My God, they go by so fast. I could hear a jangle off to the left after it went by, maybe it was my key. Please let it be. But I still have to wait for the boys to leave, and I pray that when they cross the road, they pay attention to their footing on the railroad ties and donít look too closely this way. Why are they still there? Shit! Mosquitoes! I canít stay here too much longer and be still. Another vehicle coming, a car this time. Itís slowing down. Oh hell, lady, the tracks arenít that bad. Oh my God, sheís stopping! Can she see me? Whew, sheís just talking to the boys. Their mother.

Sheís saying it is going to rain again and she came to get them. What a relief. Iím shaking again. And the mosquitoes are feasting off my back, ass, and legs. With my hands tied, I canít even scratch all the itches. Sheís leaving, finally, she must have been waiting for the boys to buckle up.

At least on this side of the road, all I have to do is raise my head up to be able to see the road. I start looking where I heard the noise when the truck passed. I canít see anything on the road. The shoulder is loose, small gravel with some tufts of grass here and there. Enough to hide a magnetic key case from this angle. Iíll still have to stand up and look around. As I start to get up, I hear a car coming. Jump back to the mud pit. Itís the mother and her boys again. They must have gone down the road to turn around. She had to have seen me from a distance. I know I couldnít have gotten down here fast enough. I wonder whatís going threw her mind right now as sheís asking herself if she saw what she thinks she saw. Iím sure she keeps checking her rearview mirror to see if she did. After giving her another minute or so to be sure she didnít turn around and again to check, I climbed back out of the mud pit I have been using and onto the shoulder to look for the key. It seems the more I moved in that spot that started as tall grass, the wetter, and muddier it got.† Thereís a glint of shiny metal about ten feet down the shoulder from me.

Itís my key! Without the magnetic case. As I bend over to pick it up, I can hear a truck coming, Do I chance going back over the guardrail now or jump down here and wait? So I grabbed the key and jumped down to the ditch right where I was to pray. I didnít think Iíd have enough time to get back to the trees, but this truck was going a lot slower. I might have made it. Thatís okay, Iíll just go straight across as soon as the coast is clear. As the truck goes by, I heard the same metallic jangle I heard before. It seemed to be a few feet to the right of me. Well, the coast sounds clear, so I start up the hill, and lo and behold, itís my key case WITH my key still taped to it. I stood there dazed with awe and reverently eyed heaven to thank God that I didnít start back after finding the other key. Reality descended in a hurry when I heard another truck. This one sounded fast, but you know, I just didnít give a damn who saw me now. I dropped the first key, clutched my key in my fist and ran for the gold. Hopped over the guardrail, slid most of the way down the hill and ran into the trees. Just as I cleared the first few trees an enormous horn blared out. A short blast and a long one. I guess he did see me after all. I hope I made his day.

And now the torture starts. My back, ass, and legs are one giant itch. The mud on my front side is drying and starting to itch as well. I can only wipe so much of off tied like this. Iíve decided to stay in the trees and not use the tracks. I can cut some distance by angling through this way. It means a longer run through the parking lot, but after the trucker saw me I think Iíll take my chances. And at that distance what could they possibly see? Iím moving right along, making good time, when I spot a patch of that tall wheat style grass with the fuzzies on top.

My hands are filthy, so I canít play with my clit. But these fuzzies did a nice job earlier. I spread my legs and walk through it. Back and forth, again and again. Itch and pleasure, torture and pleasure, pain and pleasure. Oh, YEAH!

And then I spotted something. Itís amazing how the mind works. Itís a broken branch about three inches in diameter and about two feet long. Itís about seven feet off the ground with a two foot wide rock under it. I mean, hell, Iím in the damn woods. Whatís that saying about seeing the forest for the trees? Maybe that doesnít work here; my mind really isnít caring about sayings right now. The only thing itís focused on is that branch and possibilities. I quickly run over to it and jump up on the rock, turn my back to the tree and throw my arms over my head so the branch goes between my arms. Then I just spread my legs and let my feet slide down the sides of the rock until Iím hanging there. Iím ssoooo aroused right now my mind is numb. My arms take the strain of my weight. The pain in my wrists and arms, the itch all over my body, the fluid is just running down my thighs. And now the flies have found me. I canít even shoo them away. Oohhh, they seem to like those wet patches on the insides of my thighs. Between my juice and the sweat with the dried mud, they must be in heaven. I can feel more of them every minute, crawling on my thighs, my ass, and everyplace in between. I guess size really doesnít matter. Oh My GOD! Brought to orgasm by a fly. Nobody would believe it. I step up onto the rock and slide my sore arms off the branch and sit down on the rock to rest.

When I can breathe normally again, I look around to try to orient myself to landmarks in case I ever want to come back to this tree. Definitely. Maybe with some toys. Nipple clamps, maybe with weights to swing and pull down when I move. Maybe Iíll even ask Ray to come. He said he has other fantasies, maybe this is one of them.

Time to get up and get back to my car. Even then, I donít want to get dressed until I can at least wash up. Maybe one of the chemical safety showers, I donít think theyíre alarmed. Iíll have to ask Ray. Well, Iím finally through the trees and to the parking lot. A long stretch of the lot. Needing to stop and rest before I start my run across, I bend over to put my hands on my knees. Wow! The breeze on my exposed pussy is stimulating, but since Iíve stopped, the flies and mosquitoes have found me again. Aaauugghhh! Iíve got to go. I start jogging across the parking lot, my tied hands swaying back and forth for balance. About halfway across, I heard the first truck horn blaring, giving me a salute. I wonder if I should wave the next time. Weíll see. I move directly for my car and squat down in front of it. I remove the key from the magnetic case by tearing at the already ripped tape, and wedge it in the grill of the car. Straightening up, case in hand, I start up the walkway. When I get to the door, I start pounding on it. After about three minutes, Ray opens it and looks me over. He whistles and walks all around me, looking at the mosquito bites, the mud, and the assorted scratches all over my body. He unstrapped the gag. I held out the magnetic key case and explained that it was all that was left. "There was a key on the shoulder, but it wasnít mine." Then with a wicked smile, she said, "I guess youíll just have to take me home with you until we can come back tomorrow night and break into my car."

He just smiled back, and said, "I guess I will. And youíll have to tell me all about your little adventure." He took me into his arms and gave me a nova level kiss. My hands, still tied in front of me, were right where they could do us both some good.

The end ?

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