The Country Store
by Tommy Edwards

Beth read the short message inserted in the envelope asking her to come by the office on Tuesday before her evening shift to talk about her future with the store that had been included with her paycheck. Beth had never been to Phil's home office in Bridgeview. Directions were included

Beth's immediate thoughts were that possibly Phil Majors was going to close the store he had inherited along with seven other small stores when his father passed away two years ago. She knew business had been slow, but it was picking up due to some new homes being built in the area, plus, the new mobile home Park that would open in the spring

Re-reading the short message many times told her nothing of what Phil wanted to talk to her about. It might be that he wanted her to transfer to another one of the stores. Probably nothing important. She had only meet Phil the one time he came by the store shortly after his father died. She had heard he had to quit going to the University to operate the stores.

He looked younger than 22 years old with his smooth complexion, clear blue eyes, deeply tanned and muscular body. He did not favor his father at all. Remembering how she had felt the day he came by the store and introduced himself. He had said that day there would be no changes. It had been a difficult time for him.

She certainly remembered the new computer equipment Phil had installed a few months ago to update the accounting she had been told. It had been difficult to learn the new register operations, as well as the camera equipment that continuously scanned the parking lot and gas pump areas. One of the other clerks had told her the equipment had cost over twenty thousand dollars for each store.

He would not have gone to that expense if he intended to close the store. That gave Beth some reassurances.

Resolved somewhat in her thoughts Beth arrived at the office about thirty minutes ahead of schedule. A sign at the edge of the driveway indicated the office was at the side door beside the pool. Phil was seated behind a large glass styled desk talking on the telephone when Beth slid the glass door back. He wore only a swimsuit. Beth tried not to be obvious as she took a number of glances at his near perfect athletic body. Paying an unordinary amount of attention through the glass topped desk to the large bulge area between his thighs, as well as the curly brownish hair extending above the waistband of his low riding swimsuit that bore the University Crest. She had heard he had been on the swim team at the University.

After a minute or so still cupping the phone with his hand Phil smiled before speaking.  "You are early, have a seat and I will be with you in a few minutes." Beth picked one of the two chairs in front of the desk. There were no other chairs in the otherwise large office beside the open kitchen. His conversation on the telephone continued for another two or three minutes. Beth tried not to listen. It was something about the store figures running really great on the consolidated statement.

Placing the receiver on the hook Phil again smiled. "Sorry you caught me this way, just had a swim and the telephone caught me before I could change, do you mind?" Beth did not mind at all and she told him so. Secretly she wished even the swimsuit was gone. It took effort not to stare.

Phil turned the monitor from his computer around for Beth to view. "I have some footage from the store to show you and then we will talk, but, first I am going to get out of this wet suit."

Phil lifted from his chair and came around the desk passing to a closet door which he opened, leaving it open Beth saw him slide the swimsuit down to the floor before simply wrapping a large towel around his middle and returning to sit down beside of Beth in the other chair in front of his desk.

The explanation he gave Beth simply accepted with secret thoughts of wishing the towel had not been there for him to cover himself with.

"Hope you don't mind, my other clothes are upstairs." Beth again assured him it was O.K..

Pushing two of the keys on the computer keyboard made the monitor come to life. "Want you to see these edited security clips."

The picture came on of the cash register at the store. The angle from directly above. Beth recognized instantly the picture was of her at the register. The picture showed Beth taking out three twenty-dollar bills and putting them into her pocketbook beside the register.

Beth instantly knew she was in deep trouble. She had taken cash several times from the store. She did not think it would be missed. She did not know the new computer system had inside cameras.

Phil said nothing as another clip played of another day. This time Beth was placing an invoice in the register. Taking out several bills and placing them in her pocketbook. The third clip came up as Beth lifted from her chair. Phil smiled. "There are twenty two chips in all, total about $1940.00. It took us a while to figure out the dummy invoices you placed back in the drawer, the ones from the supplier friend of yours."

Phil's voice became more serious, somewhat more stern. "Sit back down, We have some other clips that you need to look at."

Beth sat back down. Her mind wondering what would happen to her, what Phil would do, if he would have her put in jail or allow her to pay the store back. Phil pushed two other buttons on the keyboard and sat back in his chair. The angle of the camera changed to below the register. Beth gasped, her face turned red in blush. Immediately Beth saw herself perched on the stool. Her skirt lifted upward. The dildo she sometimes took to work with her moving in and out of her cunt. At times her face was fully visible.

Another clip showed Beth lifting the dildo from her cunt to her mouth. Phil said nothing more. Beth tried to get up from the chair. She wanted to simply run. Her voice crackled. "What are you going to do, are you going to send me to jail?"

Phil at last spoke when the forth image came on the screen. "Taking money is serious, I could prosecute you, put you in jail as I did the Franklin women last year. You do know what happened at the other store." All the time Phil spoke he did not look directly at her. His eyes stared at the screen. Beth moved rigidly in her chair. "I had to take some money, I put some of it back, guess you know that."  Phil looked at Beth bringing his eyes to hers with a more serious and hard expression and tone. No longer friendly. "Yes, we know you put some back, the net you took is $1,940.00. What we don't know is how much you took before we installed the new security system."

"I will pay you back, you can take it out of my salary until it is all paid back." Tears dropped down Beth's cheeks as she began to cry.

Phil flipped several buttons on the computer and Beth heard the printer begin to prepare and print. Phil listened to Beth for several minutes without any additional comments. Listening to her pleading, promising to pay the amount back several times. Al last telling Phil she would do anything he wanted if he would not put her in jail. Beth wanted him to say something, which he did at last. "Yes, I believe we can work something out, maybe. You can decide."

The document was three pages when it finished printing. Phil took it from the tray laying it in front of Beth on the desktop. Beth scanned several of the initial lines in the first paragraph below her printed name in bold and her employee number. It was a confession listing all the amounts and dates. Lifting himself from his chair Phil held the towel together. "If you agree, sign it and remain here or simply leave. You will have to make that decision."  Phil turned toward the door. "I will be back in about thirty minutes to have your answer."

Beth began reading the detailed document of confession. Most of the dates and amounts she remembered and she knew to be true. Numbers referenced each to a specific Video clip in sequence and by dates. At the bottom of the second page was a place for her signature. Beth simply signed the document without hesitation. It was all true. She had taken the money and she would have to face the consequences.

That decided and done Beth leaned back in her chair before lifting the two pages and putting them aside. The third page began differently, more bold, but finer print. The initial paragraph stretched down to mid-page. Below was a place for her signature in agreement.

The remainder of the page was listed under the heading of terms and conditions and below that in Italics: Personal Services Contract.

Beth read the numbered sentences carefully one by one, going back and re-reading each sentence to ensure she understood.

In confession of theft you will not be prosecuted and you will retain you employment with the company if you meet the following terms and conditions: Otherwise, you will terminated and prosecuted with the full evidence of the video clips presented in court for all to see including all the members of our staff.

1. You will immediately remove your clothes.

2. You will willingly provide sexual entertainment/pleasures of all types and variations.

3. Under no circumstances will you reveal to any other person the full terms and provisions of this agreement.

She was sure Phil had written the agreement. Beth knew she had no other choice but to agree and sign. There was a thought of taking the agreement and running out the door; getting a lawyer, but the pictures... Everybody would see them, they’d know and she would go to jail.

Beth lifted herself from her chair after she signed the third page of the document. Several nervous moments passed before Beth resolved to the facts of what she had to do. Slowly Beth removed her blouse, skirt, bra, panties and shoes.  Placing each item on the chair where she had been sitting neatly.

Several minutes passed before Phil returned still wearing only the towel around his waist. His voice had a serious tone. "Good, I see you have agreed to my terms and conditions." With a broad smile Phil picked up the three pages from the desk quickly seeing her endorsement at the bottom of the second and third page before placing them in the top drawer of his desk. As he did he allowed the towel around his waist to fall to the floor.

Smiling fully, his dick already hard and fully erect. Perfectly straight and thick it stood out from his large oval balls at least eight inches. Beth realized his body was fully tanned. There was not even a bathing suit mark.

Beth was not a virgin. She had gone to bed with a number of men. Being raped by a boy she knew and two of his friends when she met them behind secretly the bleaches after a football game in high school. She remembered that night as it flashed into her mind.

Her body trembled with fear, but, she had made the decision and she would do whatever Phil wanted of her.

Strangely, Beth felt her inner passions begin to rise. She secretly realized to herself that she would do anything and everything Phil wanted her to do. The agreement she had signed she would honor. She would submit willingly to his every need and desire.

Phil simply kissed her on the forehead before he took her wrist leading her down a set of carpet covered steps to a room in the basement. Phil again smiled slightly. "This is my play room. I am sure you will learn to enjoy being brought here from time to time."

Phil turned, his right hand reached out to touch Beth's small, but pointed nipples now hardened slightly pinching the fullness before letting his hand fall downward to her cunt in one motion. Beth caught her breath as his index finger touched her clit then pushed just inside between her moist lips. She stood with her head slightly bowed. Her arms down to her sides.

"Good, you are as I expected you would be."

Phil unlocked the metal door flipping on a light before they entered the soundproofed room. The plush carpet was soft to Beth's bare feet. Beth surveyed the room. A bar stood in one corner. A large waterbed was positioned on another wall. All types of instruments hang from pegs on another wall. Some Beth was able to determine what possible use they could be for. A medical doctor's examination table stood near the bar complete with feet holders which Beth knew from the number of doctor’s office visits she had made its use. She made notice of the straps that encircled the feet holders. A long narrow softly covered table stood near the examination table with straps that she knew would bind wrists and feet to the legs. Various straps hang from the ceiling.

Beth spoke in a very low voice. "Are you going to hurt me?" Phil looked at her. "Yes, some, but you will learn to enjoy the pain your body will suffer."

"From childhood I have wanted a real toy, you will be my toy." Again Phil smiled fully, but there came a serious expression.

Beth did not resist as her wrists and ankles were snapped into soft restraints made of Velcro suspended by nylon cords from the ceiling. She heard the whine of a motor as her arms were slowly moved above her head until she stood on her tiptoes. Then the whine of another motor lifted her feet smoothly from the floor as Phil held her body from swinging as her legs drew upward to a position above her head in wide separation. The angle was severe but not totally uncomfortable for Beth when the two motors stopped. Phil supported most of her weight until she became more adjusted to the position. The muscles in the backs of her legs strained some.

Phil placed a blindfold over her eyes.

All thoughts of modesty were gone. In that position she knew she was totally helpless -- totally exposed to Phil's eyes. She knew he could do anything to her he desired.

It was past time for Beth to be at work. Her thoughts strangely turned to her shift at work. "I will be late for work." Phil's voice was soft and gentle now. "You are at work; I have sent someone to take your place today as I will in the future when I ask you here for my use."

Phil's fingers touched Beth's cunt very lightly, allowing his thumb to press against her clit as his finger slowly pushed inside the softness of her moist inner ring.

Phil's voice again was very low and mellow.  "Your pussy is very soft, the dildo you use is not very large." The camera showed you had difficulty getting it in at times." It seemed so gross, hanging, suspended as she was, exposed in that way, not being able to see because of the blindfold. His voice became even softer as his thumb rubbed gently several times across her clit. "I want you to cum for me, will you do that?" That was all it took, just his words telling her what he wanted of her. Beth's body exploded in jerking motions the first time.

"Yes, yes, you will learn to do that when I ask you to." He paused several seconds. "You will learn to do it many times." Phil paused several more seconds as his thumb continued to excite Beth's clit until she came a second time. Beth felt her own hot dripping wetness.

Yes, yes, I will demand that you cum for me in all ways."

No other words were spoken. Beth felt Phil's lips kiss her cunt for the first time. She heard the soft movement of a chair slide across the carpet. Again the motors that positioned her body moved her legs farther apart at a more severe angle placing more strain on the backs of her legs. Yet, there was no real pain that Beth felt even as her hips seemed to roll more forward lifting slightly from the tension placed on her ankles from above.

Suddenly, Beth felt Phil's face press between her spread legs. Then, she gasped as his tongue slid gently between her cunt lips. Her passion rocketed to intensity. She had heard of men eating pussy, but thought it was just dirty talk. Things men say, but don't really do to women. No man had ever done that to her before.

Unable to move her hips, Beth felt Phil's lips seal tightly to her sensitive inner lips. His hands cupped her ass cheeks, holding her body tightly to his face.  Phil slowly and gently began to suck Beth as his hands held her, forcing her hips to complete stillness. His tongue moved in and out at times pausing often to lick her clit above.

Flashing lights, roaring sounds ripped through Beth's body. She could not hold back as much as she tried. Her hips jerked hard in multiple exploding color filled orgasms. Each time Phil's hold on her buttocks tightened forcing her body to stillness. Each time Beth came his tongue only paused only briefly before again pushing deep inside her cunt to begin the process again.

What seemed like hours passed before the head of Phil's dick pushed between her cunt lips entering her deeply. Searing her, impaling her to the very pit of her stomach. Stretching her cunt farther than it had ever been stretched before. Fucking her as she had never been fucked before. Ramming the thick head against the walls of her womb in slow but hard pounding thrusts. His large balls slapping her inner thighs with each of his long deep penetrating strokes. Pulling her body onto his dick with his muscular hands cupping her rounded butt cheeks. At times pinching her cheeks, forcing her inner muscles to respond again and again.  Allowing her no escape from his thrusts.

Beth came many times that afternoon as she learned of the many devious ways the whining motors moved and repositioned her body making her mouth, ass and cunt totally accessible to the long length of his hardened dick. Phil never asked. Phil took his pleasures. Either demanding or forcing Beth's body to respond. Her cunt, her mouth and her ass were each probed deeply.

There were other things unseen by Beth. She felt elastic straps placed around her thighs being attached to her outer cunt lips. Felt the penetration of a warmed dildo of huge size pushed inside her wet unresisting cunt. Felt it's hard thick head move slowly to the whine of yet another motor strapped on the flatness of her stomach. Slowly moving the thick bristled shaft in and out of her cunt at the same time her head was lowered back just far enough for Phil's dick to be pushed in slow strokes in and out of her throat.

Suspended there above the carpeted floor Beth accepted her fate. Beth would learn the use of all the different and new things Phil equipped his special room with. There would be many more days Beth would willingly suffer secure in knowing that she would keep her job and never again would she have to steal money from the register.

There was to be more, much more. The phone calls when she was working. Phil's voice.  Phil's demands were stern and straightforward. Beth obeyed. Phil never had to mention the confession she had signed that day at his office.

More cameras were installed at the store at Phil's direction. A small soundproofed private room was built at the back of the store. Two cameras were placed in the room and a speaker phone. Only Beth had a key. A large screen monitor was installed on the wall of Phil's office.

At times the phone would ring. Phil's voice would command Beth in a stern but low voice from his office watching every detail of the many things he required Beth to do to her body.

There were never any limits to his demands. Beth could not refuse, but it had little to do with her admission of guilt or the contract.

Yes, Beth allowed a small tattoo to be placed above her cunt at the top of her public hair, which she was required to keep neatly trimmed and visible.  P.M., Phil's two initials.

Each week Beth found a bonus included with her check. From time to time she was commanded to the office and to the basement where she suffered many punishments.