Vera and Michelle
by Tester86

 Chapter 2

Hospitals are cold, unhappy places. When Vera asked me to write this, to put to paper what led her and me to this place where each passing moment I felt my pulse race with dread for fear that the hateful monitor above Vera's head would sound an alarm indicating that her fragile heart had finally stopped, I almost declined. The look of her swollen and battered face made my aching heart hurt all the more and I simply could not refuse. I could not refuse my Vera. Does that sound possessive? Well, I suppose it does, but in all honesty she is mine as I am hers. Together we are a more whole person than either of us had been separately.

But, I am getting ahead of myself and so, as Vera had done when she started writing, I will do the same; I'll backtrack and fill you in and with luck you'll understand why tears are staining this paper as I struggle to place the words that seem to blur my vision behind walls of tears and choke my throat with sobs.

I met Vera on a Tuesday. I had been hired the day before by the regional manager of Abercrombie and Fitch's, a man named Curtis Kinsinton. He hired me and that was the last I saw of him until he fired Vera. Okay, I guess I need to go back a bit more. Like I said (or is it wrote?), I met Vera on a Tuesday where she introduced herself with a weak handshake and a very warm smile. She had large brown eyes that to me look like they'd seen a life time of pain even though she was maybe a year or two older than my twenty-four years of age. She never seemed to hold your gaze for long; she always looked away or cast her eyes down when she caught you looking at her. But, what I remember about her most, what sticks with me now with the sun setting and darkening the sky outside her hospital window, was her smile. She was always quick to offer a smile that seemed to light up her soft face. I guess the best way to describe Vera is to say that she's beautiful.

We worked well together; I had weekends off so I was only able to work with her four days a week, but when we did, we clicked. She had her way of running the store and was confident enough doing it that we never seemed to have any real problems. We spoke often but never about anything that could be considered meaningful; she defiantly kept her feelings to herself. Her smile, however, was ever present. Tina, another woman that we worked with told me once that she thought Vera was distant and I think that that might be a tad inaccurate. I think she kept herself hidden, pulled into herself like a turtle escapes into its shell. Withdrawn is how I would have described her.

We each had our separate lives; Vera would leave for the day and come in the next and do her job and retreat again when the day was done. Her face would light up with a smile and then she'd move on and just as quickly be working on something else.

I dated a few men, but only one is important to this story and so I guess I'll introduce him now; his name is Carl Jordan. The reason he is important is because he broke into my apartment during a time when Vera was behaving strangely and coming to work wearing a lot less than normal and it was at this time that she and I started playing with each other. It was our beginning, you could say.

Our playing began when a woman came into a store with another woman following her like a submissive little plaything, blushing heavily wearing the brightest green dress I had ever seen in my life. The younger woman obeyed the humiliating commands of the other and I could only watch the scene unfold. The young woman bent over while wearing one of the shortest skirts we sold but what I found interesting, what brought a smile to my face was how Vera inched over to the register to get a better look at the humiliating display. I watched Vera's face, trying to read what she was thinking. She did not look disgusted and to my surprise she did not stop the display; to me, she looked fascinated and envious. I watched Vera and the older woman speaking, Vera rang up the sale and I watched Vera take the woman's number. Almost as soon as the two women left, Vera raced into the back and when she returned, her face flush and her eyes half-closed, I knew what she had done. The young woman's exposure had aroused Vera to the point where she had had to reduce her need. It was surprising and delicious and for the rest of the day Vera had been lost in thought.

The next day Vera surprised me again. She arrived an hour after I did and when she appeared she was wearing an Abercrombie's T-shirt and a very short, pleated shirt. "Nice outfit," I said to her in all seriousness. She looked great in it and my compliment made her smile so brightly her face seemed to glow. She thanked me with a tiny voice and then spun around in a rapid pirouette that caused her white skirt to flare out around her like an umbrella opening to block the rain. I could see her; all of her. Her firm ass and smooth thighs followed by her pussy and mound covered in a light brushing of dark hair.  I laughed at her then; it was not full of malice but surprise and delight. Vera was a fascinating woman that seemed to be slowly coming to terms with a new found fetish. "Even nicer," I said with my blue eyes wide. "I like knowing you aren't wearing panties." I looked at my watch, "time to open."

The confusion on her face made her look even cuter than normal. Like I said, delicious.

At lunch, while Vera was straightening clothing on the display racks I snuck up behind her and whispered throatily in her ear, "My panties are wet, are yours?" The thing is my panties were wet. Thinking of Vera being nearly exposed, of having her naked sex just inches from being revealed to the world, made my own pussy damp. It was exciting and a secret we shared; only she and I knew how close she was to being seen by others. I couldn't help but wonder what it would take to have her remove her skirt. The thought made my pussy clench.

My day ended and before I left I had to act. I snuck into the restroom and removed my damp panties. I wanted to give them to Vera, I wanted to see her in them and then I wanted to take them from her. I wondered if she'd play along; I hoped she would. I grabbed her, pulled her into the back of the store by her soft hand. I spun her around, taking control of her before she could resist. I pushed her back against the stone wall and placed my panties in her hand. "I want to see you in these." My voice was firm. Then, before she could speak I kissed her. I wasn't thinking, I just acted. I pressed my lips against hers and probed her clenched mouth with my tongue. She resisted my kiss; it was so cute and coy and expected that I couldn't help but laugh with her like an old friend sharing a joke.

Vera nodded at me; the shocked look on her face made me think she could do nothing more.

"Monday," I commanded and shook slightly at the power I held over this woman as she nodded again. I kissed her again and without waiting for her to consider what had happened; I left the store, my panties still clutched tightly in Vera's hands.

I spent the weekend with Carl and after our forth fight in as many weeks I felt that our relationship was ending. Thoughts of Vera made that seem like a good thing and when he stormed out screaming at me, I was glad to see him go.

Monday arrived and stepping from the shower I could only think of Vera. Would she be wearing my panties? I was so certain that she would be wearing them that when I dressed, donning a medium-length floral skirt, I neglected to don panties. I'd be putting mine on soon enough, or so I hoped. Deciding to play the flirt I donned a dark bra and wore the thinnest blouse I owned. My bra was visible as was the shape of my breasts. I hoped Vera liked the view.

She arrived an hour after I did. Vera was dressed in jeans, which surprised me. I thought she'd wear something more revealing. The thought that she was not wearing my panties as I had asked crossed my mind. I walked to her, tilted my head and with a wide smile I raised my eyebrows. Well, the look asked?

She swallowed and nodded.

"Show me."

She did not hesitate. I watched as Vera unfastened her jeans and tugged them down her thighs to her knees to stand before me, my panties cupping her sex. Both my and Vera's nipples were hard. I stepped closer and kissed her again. It was soft and warm and my eyes shut as other senses overwhelmed me. I could smell the soap Vera bathed with and I could feel her tremble slightly. My hands cupped her tender face. My tongue pressed forward and this time her mouth opened to mine. Our tongues met and we both moaned. I wanted to continue, wanted to postpone the day and pull Vera into the back where I was certain she would go, but there was no time. The way she trembled in my hands made me think she wanted the same thing.

I pulled away, smiled and whispered in her ear, "Give me my panties."

Vera nodded and in the middle of the store with the air conditioning running and various early mall walkers pacing the halls outside the store, Vera pulled off her jeans and stepped free of my panties. She held them out to me and croaked out a small, "here." She seemed so frail and looked so sexy; an intoxicating combination.

I took them from her small hand. I stepped into them, pulled them up my legs and adjusted them on my hips. Standing next to Vera, seeing her look so inviting and scared with her jeans lying in a pile next to her, her pussy bared to me, I pulled my skirt up to show her the panties as they cupped my sex. "Thank you," I smiled at her. I looked at my wrist and announced it was time to open the store. I was playing with her. Before she could say anything I crossed the store and opened the grate. I had to smile as Vera picked up her jeans and raced into the back to put them on.

Two hours later I had to leave work. My landlord called and told me that I had a broken window at my apartment. Vera was working with a customer so I didn't get to say goodbye. I hastened home to find that I had more than a broken window. The window to my bedroom had been broken and when I arrived home, my landlord was already there fixing the break. The problem was that the inside of my apartment had been ransacked. Pots and pans were lying in a pile in the kitchen, my laptop was open on the floor with the screen broken and the dresser and closets were empty; all my clothes were strewn all over the bedroom. The worst part; the violation that shocked me the most was the word written in soap on the bathroom mirror. BITCH. Below the mirror, in the sink with the stopper in place to prevent the loss of his parting gift was a pool of semen. With that, I knew what had happened. Carl had broken in and with fury and rage he destroyed my home.

No tears came then, only icy hate. I called the police and waited outside with the landlord, watching him replace my broken window, until they arrived. The police were polite and apologetic and I answered their questions, even the ones that made it sound like I deserved this. Were all policemen so jaded? I suppose, in their job, they had to be. They took pictures and one detective donned latex gloves and collected a sample of Carl's sperm. My landlord apologized to me but I brushed him aside. I made my way into my home and began the long clean-up, starting with the bathroom sink.

That night, I did cry. Another relationship broken and ended, gone the way of all things. Nothing lasted. It was the seventh relationship in five months that had started passionately and had ended quickly. Nothing I said or did was enough to keep the men in my life around for long. Was I always at fault? I think so. Relationships that start out strong seem to end with the same blinding force. I wondered about my faults, trying to think of why my relationships never lasted. I was the kind of girl men wanted, right? I liked sex and to a man, I put out on the first date. I shared what I had and still it wasn't enough. Was I too easy?

These thoughts kept me awake until long after the sun had set and the moon had risen on a miserable, tearful night. Another relationship down even if I had known it was coming. Was the fact that Carl and I were ending the catalyst for my playing with Vera? She was beautiful and I was enjoying playing with her and with the way her mouth opened to me the last time we kissed I was certain that she'd play with me, but the reasons bothered me. If I started a relationship with Vera was it because I didn't want to be alone and I knew that Carl was a thing of the past? If Vera and I became a couple and things worked out would that justify less than pure motives?

Damn it. And the tears came again.  Alone in the night was always difficult for me. I didn't like being alone and so when a man came along I spread my legs to get him to spend the night. Did that make me a slut or just needy and did it really matter? I knew it wouldn't work with Carl after that first night; he stayed because he knew he'd have sex. His motives with me made me question my motives with Vera.

Damn it.

The morning came and I awoke feeling tired and sore. My arms were stiff and my back was aching. It was going to be a long day.  I had to take the day off to take care of insurance with the break-in and to go to the police station; Carl had confessed to breaking in and had spent the night in jail and I had to take care of that. Would I press charges? Probably not if he agreed to replace my computer. It was a long day full of hurtful chores.

The only bright spot was Vera. I couldn't get her out of my mind.  She was petite and pretty with innocent eyes and a subdued demeanor that made me want to play with her like a doll.  Was she thinking of me as I was thinking of her and why was I so enraptured? Was it because I was alone? That waking up with only the sun made me desperate for companionship of any kind even if after just one night? I hoped not; I had never had such feelings for another woman. That had to be worth something, right?

Damn it. 

The day ended and I got a good night sleep, the past day weighing on me better than a Valium. With a smile, I awoke Wednesday morning with thoughts of Vera running behind my slowly waking eyes. I made some coffee, watching as the morning blossomed with sunlight and life. Breakfast was an energy bar and while eating I wondered what to wear to see Vera. Where did these thoughts come from? Why was I so smitten? I dug though my clothes, searching for what to wear and decided on a yellow floral dress that looked feminine and soft. I hoped Vera would like it. Funny, I found myself dressing for her and had the thoughts of her undressing for me. Maybe we should be a couple.

The day, however, was different than I had planned. Vera was acting strangely. She arrived an hour after I did, wearing the thinnest dress you could imagine. From across the brightly lit store I watched her walk in from the back. Her eyes were shining as if she had a secret that would make her explode if she didn't reveal it. I couldn't help but wonder what had happened the day before to cause her to, well, strut in with more confidence than I had ever seen her display. Her lovely breasts bounced unhindered behind the blue fabric of her short dress; there couldn't be more than two or three inches of fabric concealing her pantiless pussy. You could tell she wasn't wearing panties, the dress was that tight.

I walked up to her and smiled. "I like," I said. I really did.

She looked at me, her eyes as bright as the sun and thanked me before moving on to other things. Something was distracting her and damn it, I wanted it to be me. I watched her through the day, confused by her actions and hurt that she wasn't paying attention to me. How weak did that make me? I don't care, I'm just telling the truth here.

That afternoon I got an answer that surprised me and made tears bubble in my eyes that it took a few minutes to get under control. The woman from the other day, the one that had dragged the woman in the green dress in to the store, approached Vera and I could see the look of happiness that appeared on Vera's face. So, that was it. I was too late; Vera would undress for this woman that she barely knew instead of me. Why did that hurt me so much? It wasn't like we had really been close; comfortable together, yes, but not close. It wasn't until recently that I thought of her more.

Damn it. How many times am I going to write that?

Vera spoke to Sharon (I found out her name later, and as I know it now I will include it here) and then approached me and spoke so fast the words seemed to be tripping from her mouth, "Cover for me a moment." That was it; she didn't wait for me to respond, she just darted into the back leaving me standing mouth agape at her departure.

Vera returned to Sharon's side and though I couldn't hear them, what Vera did next stunned me mute. She approached me, her brown eyes shining, not caring who was watching and pulled the top of her dress down to her waist, revealing the softness of her lovely breasts. I saw a small freckle next to her right nipple and I wanted to kiss it. I was so shocked I almost didn't realize she had asked if her breasts were too small. Honestly, they were perfect. "No." It was all I could say.

She grinned and pulled her dress back up before returning to Sharon's side. Still shocked and disappointed that it wasn't me that was making Vera do these things I watched as she stepped into the mall and pulled her dress down a second time. Whatever I knew about Vera, at that moment, was replaced with the knowledge that I didn't know enough. Sure, she had flashed me when we were alone, but now she was standing topless in the center hallway of the mall, bearing her breasts to countless people and she seemed happy to be doing it. Wow; it was all my mind could come up with.

Sharon and Vera spoke again and then Vera approached me, grinning widely, and grabbed a card from the register. She returned to Sharon's side and I watched Sharon make a phone call.

Today, as I said, had not gone as expected and the surprises kept coming. If you think I was stunned by Vera stepping into the mall and flashing her tits, what she did next nearly made me choke. She pulled her dress over her head and stood naked in the store with the steel grate wide and the store open. She was not hidden from view and safe from customers; we were open and she stood there naked. What was she doing and again the thought came unhindered by reason, why wasn't it with me?

Vera walked towards me and I noticed that she had shaved her cute pussy. Her lips were peeking at me, as if begging me to stroke them. I loved the look on her; a look both innocent and slutty. She handed me her dress and explained that she'd be required to work naked. I was certain I had not heard her right, required? I couldn't wrap my head around what was happening. I shook my head and said weakly, "I won't," I paused, "let you cheat." I took the proffered dress. I giggled next and I don't know why.

She returned to Sharon's side, her shapely butt bouncing beautifully as she walked away from me. It was a captivating view.

Vera spent the next three hours working naked. She explained how she had committed herself to Sharon and I wanted to kiss her and hold her and convince her to stop playing with Sharon and play with me. Was it so hard for her to see that? In her current condition I figured she was concentrating on herself only. Damn it. I know, I said that before.

I finished my day and as I was leaving, still stunned and disappointed by the day, I offered Vera her dress. Truthfully, I had liked watching her work naked; she had a lovely, taut body with nice breasts and a gorgeous ass. I enjoyed the view; why couldn't that body be for me? She turned the dress down; telling me she'd go home naked and I swear her knees buckled when she said it. I could smell her arousal; she got off on her exhibitionism. Strip for me; I need it, can't you see that? My mind was racing; my mouth remained silent. Dejected and sad I slipped home to my empty and still messy home. I couldn't stifle my tears. The loss of Carl, after a few good months and the loss of Vera even if we hadn't become a couple was too much to keep in check. I cried myself to sleep.

Wednesday arrived and with it new possibilities. I realized all hope hadn't been lost; optimistic, huh? Vera had been aroused and so I wondered and planned and would pay attention in the hope that I could steal Vera from Sharon. Vera enjoyed what she was doing, so wouldn't she enjoy it more with me, a friend than with Sharon, a stranger? I was certain she would become mine and the thought made the day before, miserable as it had been, almost tolerable. Vera would be mine.

I made my way to work, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Vera was a few minutes late; I didn't see her until I was ringing up a purchase for a young woman. She was wearing nothing but shoes and a coiled bracelet with keys hanging from it. If she was scared, I couldn't tell, but her nipples were so hard that I was certain that she was aroused. I watched her come into the store, inching forward, almost hesitating. It was time to make her mine. I crossed to her and commanded, "Give me your locker key." I would take charge of her. No matter what, she was being ordered to do this and I would give her orders, too.

"What?" She looked so cute trying to hide her nakedness behind her hands.

"I told you yesterday that I wouldn't let you cheat. If I have your key, you can't go, run, and get dressed. And," I was grinning as I continued, "drop your arms. If I catch you trying to cover up today, I'll tell the woman making you do this and I bet you don't want me to do that, do you?"

She dropped her eyes, revealing her sexy body to me; her pert breast with hard nipples and her naked sex that seemed swollen with need. She stood with her feet about a foot apart, a blatant pose that I found arousing. And she was trembling so softly that I wanted to take her in my arms but instead I spoke firmly, "You like this," I said.

Vera nodded with her face crimson. Her hands were curled into tight fists as she struggled to hold her pose.

"Why are you standing with your legs spread like that?"

"I'm supposed to," Vera replied, her eyes downcast. Those words explained so much.

"That close together?" I was playing with her. Watching her, I suddenly knew how to steal her from Sharon.

Vera looked into my smiling eyes and whispered, "Ma'am?"

Her submissive tone filled me with a surge of power that I had to feel again. "However you are supposed to stand for the other woman, you need to spread them even wider for me. Come on, open up."

Vera shook at my words. She looked into my eyes and slid her legs apart until there was about three feet of space between her shoes. I shook with pleasure watching Vera obey and the sound she made, sucking in a breath of air made me want to grab her, pull her to me, and ram my tongue down her throat. I was full of need as I watched her obey.

"Perfect." I applauded her. "Now, don't close your legs today. I'm going to work the register and I'll give you the floor. You will help as many customers as you can. When someone comes in, you walk up to them, spread your legs, clasp your hands behind your back, and ask if they need any help. I agree with the rule that if a child comes in, you hide in the back. So, if a kid comes in, scurry to the back and have a seat with your legs spread like that and I'll come back and get you when the coast is clear."

Her voice was tiny, "yes, ma'am."

"Great. Now, give me your locker key."

She handed me the key to her clothes and I left her there, open mouthed, tense and obviously aroused. If she obeyed me, then I knew she'd be mine. Today would be a test. Please, I begged silently, please obey me. We belong together and it's not just that once again I'm alone. The pleasure that I was feeling making her obey had to be the same that Vera was feeling as she followed my orders. We fit.

A chime sounded and two women entered the store together, gossiping and laughing, having fun on an early morning shopping expedition. I watched as Vera made her way over to them, hesitating in her gait; she was scared. They looked at her with a mixture of shock and confusion. Vera approached them and as I instructed her to do, she parted her legs, revealing the core of her sex. "Can I help you ladies?" Her voice was small.

The two women, one blond and the other brunette, both looked young at Vera; the blond one looked at Vera and blushed while the brunette stepped back nervously. "Uh, no," the blond stammered, "we're fine."

"Well, if you need any help, just let me know." I could hear the weakness in her voice and I felt my pussy clench.

Another chime sounded and a couple walked into the store, hand in hand.  They appeared to be in their mid-twenties. The woman walked to a display of pre-torn jeans, pulling her date, boyfriend, husband, I wasn't sure which with her. I couldn't tear my eyes away from Vera as she walked, naked to the couple. "Can I help you?"

I nearly coughed with laughter as the man said, "Maybe you should help yourself, first."

Vera was blushing when the woman scolded her and it made her look more innocent. I saw movement by the door as a woman came in with a child. Without hesitating I made my way to Vera and commanded her into the back. She obeyed. That was it; she simply obeyed. No hesitation, no questions; she just did as she was told. She was obviously aroused, I could smell it on her and I smiled, knowing she'd be mine.

I finished ringing up two sales before the store was once again empty. I walked to the back and watched as Vera masturbated herself to an obvious satisfying orgasm. She was biting her hand and shaking as she sat on the hard plastic chair that rested next to the break table. I had to applaud. I was smiling at Vera whose face flared with color as I said, "very nice." She gasped then and clutched her calves, pulling herself into a tight ball. I didn't think it was possible, but her blush deepened down to her breasts. I heard her squeak a nervous. "Oh, my God," and I had never wanted to taste her more than I did right then.

I didn't give her time to recover or clean up. I wanted her to obey and needed her to realize that she wanted to obey me, "Get back to work." I returned with a smile to the register. She would be mine.

Only once during the day was an issue made of Vera's nudity. A man, about 20 years old came into the store and when Vera took her humiliating pose, and it had to be humiliating, didn't it? He was rude and requested a blow job from Vera. Vera stepped away from him and spoke so softly that I could barely hear her.

"You could fuck me."

I stepped between Vera and the rude bastard and spat venom, "Get out of the store!"

The young man looked at Vera and hastened to flee. My tone left no room for doubt that I would protect Vera and that I could handle him. "Don't worry about creeps like that," I said, trying to soothe Vera with my soft words. "I know how to handle them."

Vera surprised me by wrapping her arms around me and clutching me tight. She whimpered, "Thank you."

"Get back to work," I said with a smile on her face, once again taking charge. Vera may have been the manager, but it was my store now.

"Yes, Ma'am." And she actually saluted me with a playful smile illuminating her lovely face.

The day went well after that. Vera kept her poise even if the blush never left her face. I kept an eye on her and in her natural state, I enjoyed the view. She acted confident and seldom trembled and at the end of the day, when I had to leave her alone to clean up the store, I refused to give her the key to her locker even after making her beg for it, and she actually thanked me for doing so, bowing her head as she spoke, saying she was happy to have me playing with her. Yes, she needed this and I was more than happy enough to give it to her. Surely Sharon would understand.

The next day, however, did not go as well. Vera came to work and stripped off her clothes and I once again took her key; I couldn't let her cheat, after all.  However, two hours after the store opened Curtis Kinsinton came into the store and in less than two minutes, with his voice so loud customers couldn't help but look towards the back of the store, Vera was fired. I could hear him demand to know where her clothes were and that she get dressed. I felt myself rise up, wanting to protect her but didn't know how. Instead, feeling weak myself I went to Vera who stood shaking in fear at Curtis and gave her the key to her locker. I hated the way I sounded when I spoke, "Here, I figured you'd need this." I squeezed her hands compassionately and hugged her, wanting nothing more than to protect her as I had done the day before. I was impotent however and I hated the feeling. "Call me," was all I could say as I hastened back to work.

Curtis promoted me after making me promise to keep my clothes on and I found that silly. I didn't care about the promotion, I only wanted to get to Vera and see how she was doing. I was distracted the rest of the day. I got home that night and gave Vera a call but she never answered her phone. I hoped she was okay. I left her a message to call me, leaving my number in case she didn't have it.

The next morning, as I was dressing for work, my phone rang. "Hello?"

It was Vera. My Vera. "Hi. I was wondering if..."

"Yes," I interrupted her. Whatever the question was, the answer was yes. "I was so hoping you'd call. I had so much fun playing with you that I wanted it to continue. Why don't you move in with me and be my little plaything. You can help with the rent and bills as soon as you get another job, but until then, I am sure I can find ways for you to earn your keep." I was rambling, so happy that she called me.

"Thank you." And with that, she accepted. Life was good.