Kim and Sharon
Chapter 9

by Tester86

Part 1

Kimberly awoke wearing a smile and an old nightgown she had found in her dryer the night after Sharon had made her clear out her dresser and closets. She had stashed the nightgown away in case Sharon went snooping. Waking with the soft and comfortable cotton caressing her skin made her feel more normal than she had in over a week.  She yawned, stretched, and yawned again. She glanced at the alarm clock, surprised how late it was; she had overslept. From the warmth of her bed she heard the phone bleat its annoying little beep and her smile grew as she chose to ignore it.  It would be a message from Sharon and why, she wondered, would she want to ruin the start of the day reading it?

She yawned a third time, mumbled a polite "excuse me" even though she was alone, and climbed from the bed to attend to her morning need. She finished in the bathroom, made a large cup of coffee and savored the strong liquid until her cup was empty all while the phone continued its dual beeping every two minutes. She made a second cup of coffee and carried it with her to the bathroom. She took a long, leisurely shower, the smile never leaving her face.  The night before had ended calmly even if it had started with both joy and fury with what Emily had revealed. Afterwards, Kimberly had come to the conclusion that Emily could help her.

But, there was one question that nagged at her. She remembered thinking how much she'd like to get Sharon to have to endure the same humiliations that she'd had to suffer through and as she dried her body and dressed in the longest skirt she had and the largest blouse she owned, she wondered if instead of absolute freedom from Sharon's grasp, should she instead give the woman a taste of her own, bitter medicine? And, another thought appeared, would Emily go along with it? She knew that Emily wanted her story more than anything and Kimberly figured that Emily would not bury the story so that she could reap further vengeance upon Sharon.

The phone rang, the muffled sound reaching Kimberly who stood brushing her hair in the bathroom. From the entrance foyer the cell phone rang again.  Four rings, five. After the seventh it stopped and almost immediately her home phone announced its presence. Sharon was going to be furious and the thought made Kim laugh.  The home phone stopped ringing and almost immediately her cell phone beeped again. Kimberly ignored the cell phone. She made her way into the kitchen and used her home phone to call the college and report that she'd be unable to come to work; she was taking a sick day, she was not going to face Sharon today if she could help it.

She called in sick, promised she would be in the next day, and hung up the phone. From the foyer, the cell phone beeped twice more.  Kim crossed the kitchen and made her way to the phone. She flipped open the display and saw that she had missed two calls, both from Sharon, of course, and that she had four new text messages. Hitting the down arrow, Kim read the messages.

Where are you? If you are not here in two minutes, you can get dressed in your classroom.

Your dress is in your classroom and that is where you will be dressing from now one. Got it?

Your dress is now in MY classroom. I'll see you when you get here.

The last message made her laugh.

There's going to be HELL to pay.

Yes, Kim laughed, and you're going to pay it. She had not felt this happy in months. She could almost hear the fury in Sharon's words and could imagine her punching the keys on her phone with such force that her fingertips turned white. She almost wished she was at the college so that she could witness it firsthand. Oh well, she thought, I'll see it when I confront her. Then, shaking her head, she continued her musings; and I will be sending her home naked. With that thought, Kimberly wondered how she'd be able to get Emily to agree or even if she'd ask.

She turned off the cell phone, walked into the kitchen and made herself a third cup of coffee. She sat down on a barstool that rested before the island, sipped her coffee and rehashed the conversation from the night before.

"Miss Turner. I know what Sharon is doing. Let me help you."

Kim looked through the keyhole, recognizing the young woman that stood on her porch. Her face held genuine concern and her tone led Kim to believe that, what was the young woman's name, Emily she thought, really did know what was going on. Not sure what to do but afraid to hesitate, Kim opened the door, revealing her naked body to yet another person. She hid as best she could behind the door until Emily was inside and then quickly, Kim shut the door. "Sorry," she said, covering her breasts with one hand and her denuded sex with the other.

"Get dressed, please," Emily said, nodding as if to say "it's alright."

She briefly wondered if it was a trick. Did Sharon send her over as a spy? The look of compassion on her face and the softness in her eyes convinced Kim that Emily was not secreted there by Sharon. She nodded and made her way to the back bedroom where she had hidden her lone nightgown. She donned it, feeling the warmth of the cotton and the normalcy of being dressed. It was a luxurious feeling and she welcomed it, hugging herself. She walked back to the foyer where Emily was waiting and after a quick introduction, invented her into the kitchen. "Would you like something to drink?"

"No, thank you.  I want to talk to you and show you something." She pulled the pictures that Sharon had taken from her purse. She handed them to Kim who seemed both ashamed to see them and happy to have them back.

"You got them from Sharon?" She spoke the name with venom on her tongue.

She shook her head. "I got them from your desk."

Kim nodded, "Yeah, Sharon had me put them there. She made a joke then about people snooping." Her cheeks flushed, "I guess someone did."

"You work at the strip club?" Emily asked, pointing the stack of pictures Kim clutched in her hands.

Kim felt like she was being interviewed as she responded with a nod.


She led Emily into the dining room and the two of them took a seat at the dinette table. She repeated the story about her divorce and the financial troubles she ran into, emphasizing how important her house was and that she would have done anything to save it. She recounted Sharon's initial confrontation, the blackmail and the many humiliations she had suffered including the streaking of Macy's, the humiliating outfits at work, and the scavenger hunt that had her driving naked across town including the impossible situation of pumping gas and entering the brightly lit store to both pay and get a receipt. She told the story of sitting as a mannequin, facing the crowded mall wearing nothing but a blush and holding two shirts both of which seemed to cry out to be worn.

Emily's face paled as she listened to Kim's story. The things this woman had to perform were demeaning, dreadful and too horrible to imagine. She was amazed at how strong Kim seemed to be; she held her head high as she told her story. Her cheeks were aflame with color, but her eyes, damp as they were, still held her gaze and flashed with strength.  By the time Kim finished telling of the abuse she endured as Sharon's puppet, Emily had nothing but respect for the young teacher. Then it was her turn to speak.

She licked her lips. "She isn't very nice is she?" Emily shook her head at the same time Kim did and they both laughed. "She's having sex with a boy that's only eighteen and it started when he was seventeen," she revealed to Kim.

Kim looked at her, her mouth open, and then her lips curled into a huge smile. "That's..." she trailed off as the realization took hold. She had an out; she could put an end to her torment with the information Emily was providing her.

Emily nodded and continued, "That'll get her fired for sure and possibly even arrested. I have evidence." She pulled out some more pictures and a small tape recorder that held Jason's confession. "This will be enough to stop her from abusing you anymore." She looked at Kim then and smiled. She reached out and held Kim's hands in her own. "It will stop." She was nodding as she spoke.

Kim cried tears of joy while laughing at the pictures of Sharon and Jason on Sharon's front porch. The thought of getting out from under Sharon's thumb was almost as pleasant as the thought of seeing the manipulative and evil woman getting destroyed by photos as had almost happened to her. There was a certain sense of justice to it that filled Kim with happiness. "Thank you." She could say nothing more.

Emily said, "There's more." She watched Kim's eyes focused into hard points. "Sharon and Jason, that's the boy's name, set up a web page. The camera under your desk was recorded and uploaded to the internet." She finished with a grimace, "Sorry."

Rage and fury and hatred flared across her face. Her eyes widened in shock. She wiped the moisture from her eyes with the back of her hand and climbed to her feet, knocking the chair she was sitting in onto its back.  She stomped her foot and slammed her fists against the table so hard that her hands hurt. Slowly, with her chest rising and falling with rapid breaths, she calmed herself. "Sorry," she said, repeating Emily's last word.

Emily watched the tirade and when it passed smiled wanly, "It's understandable."

Kim made her way into the kitchen. She grabbed a glass from the cabinet and filled it with ice from the freezer before turning on the tap in the island sink. She filled the glass with water, took a large sip and then topped the glass full. She turned off the water, carried the glass back to the dining room and set the glass on the table. She righted the chair, took a seat and gripped her water with both hands to try and hide the trembling. She nearly succeeded. "Sorry," she repeated.

Emily stood up and hugged Kim. She could feel the woman shaking in her arms. She embraced her silently, rocking her, during which Kim could only hold her water glass and shake in rage and shame. Both women were crying and after five minutes, when Emily pulled away and wiped her eyes both women said, "sorry."

Emily laughed while Kim could only smile.

"What are we going to do?" Kim's voice was small.

Emily let out a sharp breath, "I want to publish the story in the school's paper. A story of blackmail, humiliation, and a teacher having sex with an under aged boy; it's hard to pass up."

Kim could see where she was coming from. "I don't want my name mentioned. Can you do just the part about the sex with the..." she trailed off. "No, I guess not." She snorted in frustration, "If you turn her in there won't be anything stopping her from turning me in. She'll lose her job and I will lose mine." She looked at Emily, at her blue eyes and small lips, "I think I need to confront Sharon first, to get the videos and pictures and website down or this information," she pointed to the pictures and the tape recorder that sat on the table next to Emily's purse, "will be useless."

Emily nodded noncommittally, almost shrugging.

They spent the next two hours deciding that Kim would confront Sharon, blackmail her with copies of Emily's information and then, when Kim was free Emily would publish her story. It seemed a reasonable compromise.

Now, with the sunlight streaming in and the night before running through her head, Kim concluded that she wanted to extract a little bit of vengeance. It seemed only fitting. She would confront Sharon, humble her, embarrass her, strip her and then get free of her. Thoughts of Emily faded as her own plans to get even with Sharon raced through her mind.

Smiling, she took a hot shower, the water easing the tension in her shoulders. Dressed in her most conservative clothing, she left her house.

She had some shopping to do.

Part 2

There's going to be HELL to pay.

Why the hell did that little bitch not answer her phone? Sharon was fuming by the time her second class started. If she was sick, that was fine, but she had been told, no, ordered to obey the phone as if it were an order from Sharon and the fact that little Kimmie was not replying infuriated her more than any of the rebellious little shit students of hers could do. Kimmie had to obey, and the fact that she wasn't meant there would be retributions, reasons be damned. Ignoring her was not an option for her little Kimmie-doll.

Her fingers played over her phone again, the tips white as Kim had expected. I will be over after work. You had better be there. She sent the message, flipped the phone closed and returned her attention to the students who were talking amongst themselves as if there was no authority in the room at all. She could feel a headache starting and knew two things; her day was going to be horrible and Kimberly's night was going to be much worse.

She couldn't have been more wrong.

Part 3

Vera took a deep breath, her toes curling up into tight fists as she pulled her blouse off her shoulders. With her pulse racing (she wasn't sure if it was fear or excitement) she kicked off her shoes and slipped her skirt down her legs. She unhooked her bra, freeing her pert breasts and was not surprised to find her nipples already hard points.  She stepped out of her tiny panties and then put her shoes back on. Standing naked, she scooped up her clothes and locked them in her locker, hanging her keys from a coiled neon elastic encircling her wrist. She could feel her heart pound in her chest and she locked her clothes away and stepped, naked save for her shoes, into the main room of Abercrombie's to start her first full day of working naked.

The room was cold and she could feel the heated arousal of her sex and her nipples were so hard that they hurt. She looked around and could see Michelle working the register, ringing up a purchase of an early shopper. Michelle smiled at Vera, but to Vera it looked more like a grin full of teasing; Michelle seemed to enjoy what Vera was doing. When the shopper left, Michelle crossed the store and stood before Vera. "Give me your locker key."

"What?" Vera asked, struggling to hide her nakedness behind her hands and arms.

"I told you yesterday that I wouldn't let you cheat. If I have your key, you can't go, run, and get dressed. And," Michelle's eyes were bright with merriment as she continued, "drop your arms. If I catch you trying to cover up today, I'll tell the woman making you do this and I bet you don't want me to do that, do you?"

Vera lowered her arms, displaying her pert breast with hard nipples and her naked sex, swollen with arousal and denuded of pubic hair as Sharon had commanded. Her fingers were pulled into her palms as she tried struggled to stay still under the watchful gaze of her co-worker. Her legs were spread shoulder width apart, again as Sharon had informed her that it was how she needed to both stand and sit. She felt exposed and aroused and she knew Michelle could see it as well. All of her was on display.

"You like this," Michelle said.

Vera nodded even though it was not a question.

Michelle looked at the flush on Vera's face and at the young woman's hands, curled into balls and almost felt sorry for her. But, her legs were spread and she could smell Vera's arousal, she did like what was being done to her; it did not appear that she was being forced. "Why are you standing with your legs spread like that?"

"I'm supposed to," Vera replied, her eyes downcast.

"That close together?" Michelle was playing with her.

Vera looked into Michelle's eyes and whispered, "Ma'am?"

Michelle felt a surge of power at the submissive tone in Vera's voice, and smiling, she took advantage of it. "However you are supposed to stand for the other woman, you need to spread them even wider for me. Come on, open up."

A ripple of pleasure shot through Vera as she parted her legs even more, sliding her feet nearly three feet apart. Her naked pussy opened and the cool air caressed her wet sex. She sucked in a breath at the feeling.

"Perfect," Michelle clapped. "Now, don't close your legs today. I'm going to work the register and I'll give you the floor. You will help as many customers as you can. When someone comes in, you walk up to them, spread your legs, clasp your hands behind your back, and ask if they need any help. I agree with the rule that if a child comes in, you hide in the back. So, if a kid comes in, scurry to the back and have a seat with your legs spread like that and I'll come back and get you when the coast is clear."

Meekly, Vera said, "Yes, ma'am." She was trembling with need and shame and wanted to run to the back to masturbate.

"Great. Now, give me your locker key."

Vera pulled the keys off her wrist and uncoiled her locker key from the spiral ring. She handed the key to Michelle who took it and walked back to the register. Vera stood, feet spread and body tense with need in the middle of the store. She just stood there, not knowing what else to do. She imagined herself a living mannequin now, displaying herself as if she were for sale with the rest of the clothes. She was detached, seeing herself as others would surely see her and her body tensed with pleasure.

A chime sounded as two women entered the store. Swallowing heavily, Vera walked over to the shoppers, seeing the shock on their face and the curiosity in their eyes. She stood before them, spread her legs, once again feeling her sex part, and clasped her hands behind her back so that all of her, from red face to swollen pussy was blatantly displayed and asked, "Can I help you ladies?" Her voice sounded normal to her and she wondered briefly how that could be; this was definitely not normal.

The two women, one blond and the other brunette, both looked young to Vera; maybe they were college students, Vera was not certain. The blond one looked at Vera and blushed while the brunette stepped back nervously. "Uh, no," the blond stammered, "we're fine." She was looking around as if a joke was being played on her.

"Well, if you need any help, just let me know." Vera realized how silly she sounded. How can a naked woman help other people pick out their clothing? She laughed nervously as she stepped deeper into the store and once again spread her legs.

Another chime and couple came in. They appeared to be in their mid-twenties. The woman walked to a display of pre-torn jeans, pulling her date, boyfriend, husband, Vera was not sure which, with her by his hand. She was looking at the jeans as Vera approached, took her humiliating pose and asked if she could be of assistance.

The man gawked at her and smiled, "Maybe you should help yourself, first."

The woman stopped looking at the jeans, grabbed her man by his hand and pulled him from the store. "You should be ashamed of yourself," the woman scolded Vera.

Vera was ashamed, but her shame was dwarfed by her arousal and the thrill she got by being naked and by revealing all of herself to strangers. She was shaking in nervousness and excitement and lust.

Michelle approached her and directed her into the back as a woman came in with a small girl clutching a stuffed Teddy-Bear in tow, the chime announcing their arrival.

Vera ran into the back and as soon as she was out of sight, she dropped into the same chair she had sat in while Sharon was taking control of her fantasies, spread her legs as far apart as she could and began to rub her clit furiously. She bit her palm to prevent from crying out as an orgasm raced through her body. Her eyes were clenched shut, her body shaking as every nerve ending in her body surged with orgasmic relief. Her knees were shaky and she was thankful that she was sitting because she did not think her legs would be able to support her.

Michelle applauded. "Very nice." She smiled at Vera whose face flared with color.

Being seen masturbating was much more embarrassing than simply being seen naked. Her legs slammed shut and she said, "Oh, my God," as she curled herself into a ball. She grabbed her own thighs and tried to calm her racing heart and shaking nerves.

"Get back to work," was all Michelle said, turning with a smile to return to the register. She was having fun with Vera and was wondering how she could get this game to continue outside of the store and how to make the game even more intimate. She'd figure something out.

Vera climbed to her feet and snuck back into the main floor of the store. Her face was flush and even the tops of her breasts seemed to turn red with embarrassment. She turned towards at Michelle and she spread her legs, revealing herself to her co-worker. She watched Michelle smile at her and Vera couldn't help but smile back.

A chime sounded and once again Vera made her way over to a customer, displaying herself, embarrassing herself, and arousing herself. "May I help you?" she asked, her legs spread, her face red and her nipples hard.

The man, maybe twenty, looked her up and down and smirked, "You sure can. How about a blow job when you get off work?"

Vera took a step back, exhaled sharply. "With your shopping. Can I help you with your shopping?"

He made another rude comment and stepped towards Vera.

"Get out of the store!" Michelle stepped between Vera and the man and pointed to the exit. Her face was set and in there was a hardness in her tone that made Vera believe that the man would leave.

He did.

"Don't worry about creeps like that," Michelle said, her tone softening. "I know how to handle them."

Vera surprised Michelle by hugging her and whispering, "Thank you."

"Get back to work," Michelle said with a smile on her face. Vera was the manager, but it was Michelle that was running the store.

"Yes, Ma'am."

And Vera's day of shame and fear and arousal and exposure and nervousness and humiliation continued.

Outside, the young man that had seen all of Vera, and had been scolded by Michelle, he still couldn't believe that, dialed information on his cell phone. He was transferred twice and after an additional call later he finally spoke to a gentleman named Curtis Kinsinton and explained what had happened. He was satisfied with what he heard and by the time he left the mall, the only thing he remembered was the site of the pretty woman with the naked pussy that had perky nipples. It had been a good trip to the mall, he mused, one his friends would not believe.

He couldn't wait to tell them.      

Part 4

Emily finished the story and smiled a congratulatory grin. It was good. Precise, with strong words and at the end, as she reread it, she felt sorry for Kim and rage at Sharon. With luck, her readers would feel the same way and the surge of sympathy Kim would reap from the story should help keep her employed. The actions that Sharon had committed against Kim made Emily hope that the tenured teacher would lose her job. She knew that she was supposed to be dispassionate and impartial, but the things Sharon had done, in her opinion, were unforgivable. Smiling, she saved the story, printed a copy, and shut down her computer.

From her discussion the night before, she had to go see Jason and get the web page pulled. She knew he'd do it; her earlier confrontation with him had convinced her of that. She grabbed the two pages from her computer, folded them and stuck them in her purse. She made her way to her car and drove back to Jason's house.  She parked, made her way to the door and knocked.

A woman with dark hair wearing a cotton blouse and faded jeans opened the door. "Can I help you?"

"Is Jason here?" Emily asked.

The woman smiled, obviously pleased, and shook her head, "He's still in school, but," she glanced at a wall-mounted clock, "he should be home in an hour or so. Would you like to wait?"

Emily pursed her lips, "I'll wait outside," she said, "if that's okay?"

The woman, Jason's mother she assumed, said, "I wouldn't hear of it." She ushered Emily inside and offered to get her something to drink which Emily accepted with forced grace. A long fifty minutes later Jason opened the door. During the time Jason's mother, Brenda, asked countless questions of Emily and all of them lead to the one she seemed to want to know most of all, "Are you Jason's girlfriend?" The question revealed the look of pleasure that had danced across Brenda's face when Emily had arrived.

"No, ma'am," Emily had politely replied. "He's helping me with a story I am working on for the college paper."

The woman's face fell, "That's too bad. You're very pretty."

"Thank you."

Now, Jason looked nervously at Emily who had crossed the living room to greet Jason.

"We need to talk."

Jason nodded. "Be in shortly, mom," he said, leading Emily outside.

Emily pulled the copy of her story from her purse as Jason shut the door. "Read this," she said, forcing the two pages into his hands. Her voice was cold.

He read the story, and frowning, handed the paper back to Emily. "I'm sorry." He knew the part he had played and he felt guilty for it and he felt small. 

"I want you to get everything Sharon gave you for the website and give it to me. You are also going to take down that website. Sharon Reed is probably going to jail and you don't want to join her, do you?"

He shook his head, fearing that Emily required an answer.

"I'll wait here."

Jason spun around and darted into the house. He ignored the questioning look from his mother as he bounded up the stairs to his room. He turned on his computer. While it booted, he gathered up three discs of movies and photos and two memory sticks full of additional pictures of the naked and blushing teacher. He sat at the computer, and in less than two minutes, he had deleted the home page he had set up. It took a few more moments to delete the rest of the movies and pictures.

Emily waited until Jason returned. He opened the door looking frazzled, and thrust the items into Emily's hands. "I didn't know," he said weakly.

"Is this everything?"

He nodded. "Miss Reed has the originals; these are copies." Why was he being respectful and why did this young woman make his mouth go dry?

"Fine." With that, she returned to her car and drove away, leaving Jason to stand open-mouthed at her departure.

Part 5

Sharon sat in her car looking at the Kim's empty driveway. The bitch wasn't home? How could she not be home? It had to be deliberate. With her mouth held in an O of stunned surprise, Sharon had to wonder if Kim really didn't care about her house anymore. Surely the little whore knew the consequences of her actions, and yet, her house was empty and Sharon had definitely said that she'd be over after work and that Kim had better be there.

And, she was not here.

First her students and now her little bitch-toy refused to obey here. Well, we'll see about that, she thought. I have the pictures you want back, bitch, she fumed. And you will obey me and your life is about to get so much worse.

She backed from the driveway and made her way across town to Pussy Cats. Sharon knew Kim worked this evening and she'd be waiting.

Part 6

"Hi, Jaybird," Rascal said as Kim walked in to the dressing room.

"I told you to call me Kim," Kim chided Rascal playfully.

"Force of habit," Rascal replied. "I wanted to thank you."

Confusion etched Kim's face. "For what?"

"Your stage shows are amazing; you're the first woman I have ever seen masturbate on stage. I tried it once and just couldn't bring myself to do it. It was too personal, you know. And you giving away your panties is brilliant, I've even started doing that." She laughed then her breasts bouncing within the confines of the thin, yellow bra she was wearing. "I have made more money in the two weeks you've worked here than in any single month before. I'm not the only one either; all of us girls have and we have you to thank."

Kim couldn't help but think it was Sharon who had come up with the ideas for Kim to perform on stage. What would Rascal say if she knew everything that Kim had done had been coerced? "Don't mention it," Kim said instead. "I'm glad it helped."

"If you ever need any help," Rascal said, "please, don't hesitate to ask."

Kim smiled and gave Rascal a quick hug. Rascal hugged her back. They separated, both of them smiling. "What are you doing tonight?" Rascal asked.

Kim was going to say "nothing." She knew what Sharon had ordered her to do and she had consciously decided to not do that, but now, with Rascal thanking her and verifying how lucrative her demonstrations were, she decided to obey Sharon only now it was her decision instead of Sharon's. "I'm going to make my panties disappear before giving them away." She pointed to her crotch hidden behind a pair of baggy jeans.

"Wow." It was all Rascal could say. She shook her head and left Kim alone, "I'm up," she said as she made her way to the stage.

Kim stripped out of her jeans and grey sweatshirt; her new, comfortable and baggy clothes. She had gone from revealed to more than covered and the feeling of shopping clothed had been wonderful. She had not missed the leering eyes or the muted whispers in her wake. She was wearing a matching black bra and panty set that she had purchased from Victoria's Secret and when she had donned them she had shuddered in the pleasure of feeling so normal. She pulled them off to stand naked in front of her locker and pulled out the smallest pair of panties she had; a tiny blue thong. She pulled the panties up her legs and adjusted them around her hips. She pulled a slip from her locker and donned it. Dressed, she was ready to talk to Tommy and inform him of her planned routine.

As expected, he knew just the song.

Rascal finished her three dances and Tommy made the announcement that Jaybird was taking the stage. The large crowd applauded loudly and Kim blushed as she received a standing ovation. Rascal seemed to be right; her show was very popular.

Kim danced on stage, shaking her body, making eye contact with as many men as she could during her first song. When her second dance started, Whitesnake's Slide It In blared through the clubs sound system. She pulled off the tiny panties and while sitting on the stage, with her legs spread obscenely, Kim slowly inched her panties into the damp recesses of her pussy. Ever so slowly the fabric disappeared inside her, the audience cheered loudly when Kim stood with her panties tucked away within the confines of her sex.

The third song started. Kim grabbed a chair and with the music playing and the crowd staring at her, Kim masturbated to a satisfying and very vocal orgasm.

She did not see Sharon slip into the club.

The song began to wind down. Kim moved forward so that only the edge of her ass was on the seat. She parted her thighs and dug inside her pussy for the sopping panties. She pulled them out and immediately a throng of men pushed against the stage with tens and twenty and fifties and hundreds in their hands. They seemed to know what they wanted. Kim walked along the edge of the stage, staring down at the men staring up at her. She selected a man semi-randomly; she chose one that was not waving hundreds and she avoided the men with no cash in their hand at all, and offered him her wet panties and in exchange she received a large roll of twenties.

Beaming she made her way off the stage and into the back room with her heart pounding in her chest. The energy of the club and the orgasm she'd just had had left her feeling very good.

Sharon slipped into the men's room as Kim finished her first dance. The bathroom was empty; everybody was watching Kimberly on stage. Even here the music was loud. Working quickly, Sharon pulled a black magic marker from her purse and wrote in block letters on the wall between the two urinals Kim's stage name, Jaybird, and Kim's real name. Below that she wrote Kim's home phone number and the phone number to the cell phone that Kim had refused to answer during the course of the day. If she didn't want to answer one call, Sharon fumed, let her try to answer hundreds. Sharon now felt a little better about Kim's show of defiance.

Sharon snuck outside and sat in her car until the club closed. Then, as the last patrons were leaving the front door, Sharon opened the door in the back and walked in through the employee entrance. She glared at Kim and her mouth fell open as she watched Kim pulled on a baggy sweatshirt over a black bra. No, she thought, she is not still disobeying. Rage spilled from her lips in a fury, "What the fuck do you think you're wearing!"

Kim jumped, spun around and peered into the furious, hate-filled eyes of Sharon Reed. She exhaled, smiled, and said, "Ending our partnership." Her voice was calm even if she was shaking.

Sharon looked like she'd been slapped. She shook her head, "Oh, I don't think so. Take that top off. Now!" She shouted the last word.

Instead, Kim grabbed her new panties and with deliberate slowness she slid the panties up her legs. She stared at Sharon as she pulled her jeans from her locker and pulled them on as well. Smiling, full of false saccharine, Kim sat and pulled on a pair of socks, followed by her shoes.

"You know that you're going to lose your job and your house, right?" Sharon smiled back with all the warmth of a cobra.

Kim shook her head. "No. I don't think so." She took a deep breath. "I think, that you're going to give me all the pictures you have. The web page has already been taken down." Her fake smile turned real as she watched a look of shock cross Sharon's face.

And Sharon knew she'd lost.

"If you don't give me what I want then you're going to jail for blackmail and for having sex with a minor. Do I have your attention? Good. Go home, get every picture, every video, everything and bring it to my house."

Sharon bit her lip in rage.

"Now get out."

As Thursday spilled into Friday, Sharon left the club for the last time wondering how Kim had gotten the best of her.