Kim and Sharon
Chapter 8

by Tester86

Part 1

Vera stared at the computer screen, the blinking cursor mocking her, wondering what to reveal. Her thoughts were jumbled and fragmented; fantasies intermixed with past experiences raced through her mind and the still blinking cursor taunted her, each pulse of the blinking line like another dagger of laughter. Did she give up all her secrets, or did she leave the darkest, most humiliating things she wanted to try trapped inside her to fester? Her mind wandered and she could feel her body respond. Her racing thoughts were arousing her; her nipples hardened and she could feel her tidy sex growing damp as her fingers dropped to the keyboard.

Miss Reed,

I was not entirely certain what to type. It took me nearly an hour after I started to put the first word down. How silly is that? This is what I wanted and I am still hesitating. See why I need to be forced; left to myself I seemingly always find a way to stop short of the thing I want the most. I've been that way my whole life I suppose; maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend to do this with. Maybe I stop myself from obtaining that happiness, too.

Anyway, that's not what you wanted to hear. You asked for a list of the things from my fantasies that I have imagined and would like to experience. At least, I think that's what you wanted. Last night is still such a blur that I woke up feeling hung-over and I hadn't had a single drink. The mannequin trick that, what's her name, Kim I think, did in my stead, was one fantasy that I have wanted to try. I actually sat in the window naked after the mall had closed; too much of a coward to try that alone. See? Force me.

I read and reread those last two words and almost deleted them. But, I'm being truthful here and so I'm going to leave them in the hopes when I'm done you'll understand me a little more.  That's not one, I mean it was but I guess you want five new ones. So, here goes.

  1. I have imagined taking a flight from one city, heading back home. I Imagined going through security in nothing but a small bikini, I can just see all the stares that will garner. Then, after the plane takes off, I get up, and flush my bikini in the plane's toilet. Can you picture that; naked, in the air with no clothes and no way to cover up as you fly home and then you have to get from the airport to your apartment after you land. Something along those lines; I haven't worked through all the details.
  2. I have imagined taking a one week or maybe a two week vacation where you fly there and your suitcase that you have with you is packed with very little clothing or, maybe, no clothing at all. A week naked, even if you didn't want to be seen you would be. Checking into a hotel, going to eat, all with a very limited and revealing set of clothes if any clothing at all.  Like what if I arranged a trip and you packed for me; then I'd have no idea what I'd be wearing until I got there. This one has played into the top one for more than one session with my vibrator.
  3. As you may have guessed I have imagined working in the nude, but in such a way that I had to. Maybe my employment was tied to my nudity. If I worked even once dressed I'd be fired. A little weak but it has the possibility of lasting a long time. It would be like the mannequin but I couldn't hide as I'd be working and I wouldn't be able to pretend I wasn't there.
  4. Driving as far from home as I can; discard my clothes and then driving home. This one's kinda tame, I guess, but I've done things similar with clothes locked in the trunk and I can tell you how vulnerable you can feel even with the safety net so close.
  5. Visiting my friends naked and having them see me and maybe order me around. This one would probably be the worst of all! I have flashed myself countless times and I have gone naked where I shouldn't more than most people but I have never been able to cross this barrier. There's something safe in being anonymous. You flash a guy and he thinks he's having a great day and then when you and he are separate you'll never hear from him or about it again. But, if you say, go to a party with people you know or are close to and they take control of what you wear and what you blatantly reveal, then that will come up again and again until, hell, maybe forever! I have given that a lot of thought and this one is defiantly the worst. You should ask Kim about it, I bet you she's given the matter a lot of thought!

I hope this is what you wanted.

Vera printed it out and then signed her name at the bottom. She read it once, reread it, and then folded the note in thirds and placed it in an envelope that she quickly sealed. She did not want to edit what she'd written with afterthoughts. She wrote Miss Reed on the envelope and shoved it in her purse.

Ten minutes later, lying on her bed with her vibrator humming steadily within her sex, Vera came with thoughts of her fantasies finally coming true.

Part 2

Emily Bradford stared at the computer screen, the blinking cursor marking her place, and wondered about the rest of her story.

She had stopped Jason the night before. He had pulled into his driveway and she had swung in behind him so quickly that he had had to jump out of the way to prevent her from hitting him. Her pulse had been racing as she climbed out of her car; her tape recorder spinning unseen in the purse clutched in her hand, and confronted Jason. Her words, when they came, were louder than they needed to be, "How long have you been having sex with Sharon Reed?"

He had stared at her, looking scared. It had reminded Emily about the time her little brother had stolen money from their grandma's purse and when he had been called on it he had had a similar expression on his face, it looked like he was about to piss his pants. It was the same look that was etched on the young man's face staring at her. "I, uh."

"What's your name?"

"Jason." He own name stuttered from his lips.

"How old are you, Jason?"

The young woman before him was pretty and frightening and he didn't know if he should run away or ask her for her number. He felt tense and when she began questioning him, standing so close that he could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume combined with the sour smell of her feminine sweat, he couldn't concentrate. He stammered out his age, "Eight... eighteen."

Emily stepped back; the story about Kimberly Turner seemed to wane in importance. She had evidence with the tape recorder and the camera in her car that the senior, tenured instructor on campus was having sex with a young guy. The reality was mind-boggling. Her mouth fell open at the scope of her discovery. Thinking quickly, so as not to lose her advantage, she continued, "How long have you been having sex with Sharon Reed?"

"I don't know. A year now."

So, it started when he was seventeen and he was admitting it. "What else do you do for her?"

"Lots of stuff. Look," he paused with his face hung and his eyes staring at his feet, "you're not going to say anything are you? I mean, I help her out with computer stuff and I get to have sex. What guy wouldn't take up a deal like that, you know what I mean?"

To Emily he sounded defensive and she guessed that he was. "What kind of computer stuff?"

"I work on her computer when it's broke. I'm good with them and this past week I helped her set up a web page. It's a good one too," he looked up then and grinned the grin of a lecherous old man; he looked as if he was proud of what he'd done. "It stars one of the teachers she works with. I don't know if the other teacher knows about it though. I don't think she does."

Holy shit! "What's the address of the web page?"

Jason told her.

Emily could still see him shaking slightly but the fear in his voice had been replaced. Now he sounded confident and proud. The story of Kim was directly tied to the sexual trysts of Sharon. Emily was the one shaking now as the realization of what she'd discovered took hold. She swallowed once and said, "Don't tell anybody about this conversation." With that she had climbed in her car and driven away.

Now, with the night before written down and the cursor blinking at her, Emily wondered how to continue. She had seen the web page that Jason had set up for Sharon and felt bad for Miss Turner. The poor woman was broadcasting her naked pussy live to the world and she didn't even know it. There were pictures of her naked and videos of her masturbating. What kind of woman was Sharon to do that to another person? Sick or evil? And did it even matter?

She saved her story and turned off her computer. She needed to confront Kim next; her attire was directly related to the revealing web page and thanks to Jason she knew that Sharon was involved in that as well. Sharon and Kim had begun carpooling at the same time Kim's outfits became much more revealing and Jason had said the page had been up about a week as well. Everything was connected and Emily just needed a few more pieces for the shape of the puzzle to be revealed. With the two of them carpooling, Emily reasoned she would have another late night as she'd only be able to visit Miss Turner in the evening.

Oh well, she thought, it's worth it.

Part 3

Sharon stared at the computer screen, with no cursor blinking, and wondered if she should charge admission to the page. Surely the pictures and live video feeds were worth something; the time she spent watching Kim dance at Pussy Cats had certainly driven home the point that advertisers had known for decades: sex sells. She still couldn't believe the number of men that had paid Kimmie for the strips of paper holding her pubic hair.

Sharon shut down the computer, showered, and then dressed in a comfortable pants suit. She made it a point to wear clothing that would contrast with Kimmie's revealing attire; the disparity, she was certain, would help to keep the little bitch tame and humbled. And, it made Sharon feel powerful. She was not accustomed to the pleasure she got from dominating Kim and now Vera but she was certain that she did not want it to end. Dressed and made up, Sharon drove to Kim's house.

Sharon rang the bell and a naked Kim answered, hiding behind the door. Sharon couldn't help but laugh at how embarrassed she looked, and so early in the morning. She commented on it and Kimberly blushed even more.

"Good morning, Miss Reed."

"So," Sharon choked back a laugh, "what time did you get home?"

"A little after ten I think," Kim replied. "I didn't really look at the time." And it was much later than that when the tears stopped, she thought but didn't add.

Sharon grinned and the look reminded Kim of a gargoyle's smile; sardonic and evil and mocking all at once. "Was it fun?"

"No, Miss Reed." She hung her head as she waited for the words she knew was coming.

"Then we will definitely play it again." She stepped into the dining room and walked towards Kim's bedroom. "Let's pick out your outfit for the day." Sharon knew exactly the game she had planned for her little Kimmie Doll.  She grabbed the denim skirt that was a size too big and handed that to Kim as Kim stepped into the bedroom.  She pawed through the clothes in the closet and grabbed the smallest blouse she could find, a tiny, tan camisole top. "Here you go," she said. "Comb your hair out straight and meet me outside so I can watch you dress." Sharon left Kim holding the two pieces of clothes and made her way to her car.

Kim made her way into the bathroom and pulled the rubber bands from her hair. It was the first time Sharon had let her wear her hair down since this nightmare began and Kim couldn't help but wonder if it was just because she had already put her hair up that Sharon made her change it. She suspected that was the reason. She combed her hair and then made her way to the front door. She looked out the peep hole and seeing only Sharon standing by her car, Kim opened the door, grabbed her purse and shoes, and stepped outside. As she had the day before she hastily dressed. She dropped the camisole top over her head. The top was too small to cover her completely; it ended at her belly button and the swell of her breasts pushed against the fabric once again revealing her fully while keeping her entirely covered. Her nipples stood proud and through the tan shirt she could see them. She pulled on the skirt and found that the once size larger made the skirt too loose to wear. She figured it would be constantly slipping lower and she would be spending the day adjusting the skirt. Her mouth fell open at the thought; she wasn't allowed to adjust her clothes. It was why Sharon had picked out the larger size, she reasoned. But the rule that Sharon had made came after she had purchased the skirt. Did Sharon plan this? Maybe, she thought, the rule is what made Sharon think of the skirt now. She had no way of knowing.

"That's not going to work," Sharon said walking towards Kim.

"Miss Reed?"

"The skirt's too long. Hand me your scissors."

Kim did not think the skirt was too long; the larger size however did let her reveal less of her charms. Wisely, she kept quiet and pulled the scissors from her purse.

"Give me the skirt and then get in the car."

Kim glanced around and as quickly as she could she unsnapped the skirt. She handed it to Sharon and then raced to the car. She pulled the door open, climbed in and shut the day away with a loud thud.

Sharon grabbed the scissors and cut an inch off the skirt all the way around. It had been shortened with the rest of Kim's skirts but today had been the first time she had seen Kim wearing it. She held it up, decided it wasn't enough and cut another inch off. It was now two inches shorter and Sharon was happy with it. Happy because she knew Kim would not be; the two went together.

She made her way to the car and climbed in, handing Kim the shortened skirt and the scissors. "Spread," she said. With that she pulled away.

Kim kept her head bowed, she couldn't think of a way to ask to be humiliated and the consequences of not asking always seemed intolerable. Finally, shaking at the words, Kim asked, "Miss Reed, to humiliate me, may I cut another half inch off the skirt?"

Sharon was elated, "Oh, by all means." She was actually giddy.

Kim shortened the skirt another half inch half wondering exactly how much of her would be exposed when she slipped the skirt on. The other half of her didn't want to even try the skirt on; that half of her wanted to hide in her house and lock the door and disappear. Disappear; that word made her smile. She would love to be invisible right now. She had been seen way too much lately.

Sharon parked the car in the employee lot and climbed free. Kim did the same and hastily donned the skirt. Wearing it she wanted to cry. The skirt covered nothing was the best way for Kim to describe it. It slipped along her ass, dividing it in two and in front, the thin line of her sex was clearly visible. She tugged the skirt as low as she could and still she was uncovered. One more tug and the skirt fell from her grasp, sliding half way down her thighs before she caught it. She shrieked and pulled the skirt up to her narrow waist again.

Sharon could only laugh at Kim's obvious distress.

Kim looked at Sharon pleadingly and if Sharon took notice she made no attempt to acknowledge the look.  "Let's go," Sharon commanded. "Keep your head up and do not touch that skirt until you get to class."

Kim followed behind Sharon taking exaggerated steps, struggling to keep the skirt on her hips. She was pleading with fate, begging, praying, anything to anyone in the hopes that the skirt would not falter. It did. Each step Kim took the skirt moved lower until forty feet from her classroom the skirt fell to her knees. She shrieked and instinctively her hands dropped. She pulled her skirt up to her hips again, oblivious to the look Sharon gave her. Half a dozen students had seen the display and each of them began to applaud the show that Kim was giving them. Shamed and scared, Kim turned and ran outside, holding her skirt to her waist.

Sharon followed her back to Sharon's car. "What the hell do you think you're doing," Sharon spat, slapping Kim across the face so hard that Kim saw stars.

She was crying in shame. She tried to speak but could only choke out muted, incoherent sounds or frustration. She looked at Sharon, her wet eyes filled with pleas for compassion.

Sharon bared her teeth. "I guess I've been too hard on you," she said, her voice gravely. "Here, take my keys," she held them out to Kim. "Go home, take the day off, and you can come get me this afternoon."

Kim looked at Sharon with hope.

"Then," Sharon continued, "on our way home this evening, we'll stop and have a nice dinner. After we eat, we will go and buy some boxes, and I'll help you pack."

Kim shook her head and how body followed with soft tremors.

"You don't like that idea?" Sharon waited for an answer. When Kim kept quiet, Sharon continued, "Then get your ass back in that building. Do I make myself clear?"

During this, more students had arrived then the six or seven that had seen her skirt fall the first time, and Kim knew the display would be worse than before as now more students would see her skirt fall; there was no way it would stay in place, it was just too loose. "Yes, Miss Reed," Kim said, choking back her tears.

"I don't know why I keep giving you all these second chances," Sharon said. She had the tone of a man scolding a puppy that had just piddled on the floor.  "I guess I'm just that nice."

Once again Kim walked into the English wing. She nearly made it to her classroom door this time before the inevitable happened. Her skirt fell, dropping to her knees and then to her ankles. She was effectively hobbled by the denim but with Sharon eyeing her with malice she managed to keep her face held high as she waddled the rest of the way to her classroom with her skirt dragging on the tile floor. Catcalls and applause rang out behind her and the three students that were in her classroom all stood to watch Kim bend and pull the skirt to her waist again.  One young woman helped Kim to her desk and hushed the other two students.

The first period Kim had her students read from their textbooks. She could do nothing more.

By lunch every student on campus had heard of Kim's embarrassing display. By the end of the day, Dean Water's had heard the story as well.

Part 4

Jason Townsend stared at the computer screen, positioning the cursor over Kim's naked pussy and clicked the mouse. He clicked the button for the live show and watched the video display of the teacher's denuded sex. He never seemed to get tired of the view and wondered if it was the subject matter that attracted him or the fact that the professor was unaware that she was being broadcast to the internet. He figured it was the latter.

Jason pondered what to say to Sharon. The woman the night before had rattled him, making him feel less like the man that he knew he was and more like a young boy with his first innocent crush. Should he tell Sharon about the confrontation and the questions that he'd been asked as well as reveal that he had answered them? Or should he keep that conversation quiet? He recalled how he felt setting up the secretive video software and web page; how masculine and important. Secrets were powerful, he reasoned.

So thinking, he put the thought of telling Sharon out of his mind.

Part 5

Kim was silent as Sharon drove her home. The whole day she spent ignoring her students, having them work on previous assignments or studying. Her mind was elsewhere; on vacant beaches or vacant mountain resorts or vacant planets or vacant hillsides; anywhere but in view of others. The top she was wearing was thin and revealing and Kim had spent the day with a book propped in front of her to keep that part of her body hidden from the gaze of her students. But, her pussy was exposed. The light from under her desk illuminated her thighs and she found the glow distracting. Not enough for her to shut her legs. No, the phone message she had received reminded her to keep her legs spread like a wanton slut. To Kim, her day was intolerable.

Sharon parked and followed Kim into the house. Kim disobeyed another rule by keeping her head bowed as she snuck naked into her home. Sharon had remained silent as well; she had simply watched the younger teacher mope in the back seat with her legs spread and her breasts bouncing unsupported under the thin top. "To your bedroom, Kimmie," Sharon commanded.

Kim made her way to her bedroom.

Sharon rifled through Kim's clothes and grabbed the thin, black dress that hung in the closet. "You'll wear this to work tomorrow," she informed Kim. Kim could only nod. "Now, get on the bed."

Kim climbed into bed.


Kim opened her mouth and then snapped it closed. There was no use in arguing. She spent nearly twenty minutes fondling her breasts and pussy, all under the watchful stare of Sharon before she was able to squeak out a barely satisfying orgasm. Her day had been too terrible for her to truly enjoy it.

Mocking her, Sharon said, "Since you haven't done that for the last few days, I figured you'd need it. I mean, there hasn't been an audience around has there?" The truth was that she had just wanted to humiliate Kim more.

Kim remained silent, her legs slipping together as Sharon spoke.

"Follow me," Sharon said as she grabbed Kim's dress.

Kim walked along behind Sharon. Sharon opened Kim's door and picked up the white rug that had served as the doormat for two short days. "This goes with me. For your little outburst this morning, you'll dress at work. You can drive yourself in, tomorrow. You'll park next to me and if you're dressed or if there is anything in your car that you can use to cover yourself, then, well, I think you know what'll happen."

"Yes, Miss Reed." Her voice was tiny.

"Have a good night, Kimmie." Laughing, Sharon carried Kim's dress and Dressing Rug to her car and drove to visit Vera at the mall.

Part 6

"Do you have something for me?"

"Yes, Miss Reed," Vera said. She was wearing a small, blue dress that ended about three inches below the apex of Vera's thighs. The dress was so thin that Sharon had not needed to ask if Vera had gone without panties; it was obvious that she had. Vera called over to another employee, asked her to "cover for me for a moment" and then Vera darted into the back of the store. She returned a moment later and handed Sharon the sealed envelope with Miss Reed written on it in very feminine handwriting.

"While I read this, go ask your coworker if your tits are too small. Pull your dress down when you do and show them to her."

Vera smiled.

Sharon opened up the envelope and read what Vera had written. The young woman definitely had an imagination and reading what Vera had put to paper, her thoughts opened up to a whole litany of things to try with both Vera and Kimberly. She had thought she was being tough on Kim, but the last item on Vera's list made her realize that she had been a little easy and why the stuff at work had been so difficult. She knew she would just have to come up with ways to expose Kim to people that she knew. Vera's suggestion to ask Kim wouldn't be as fun as just having her do it and witness the results.

Vera, while Sharon was reading, walked over to Michelle, her coworker for the evening, and asked, "Do you think these are too small?" With that she slipped her hands into her dress and pulled the straps out and down, revealing the twin globes of her pert breasts.

Michelle's mouth fell open in surprise. "Um," she looked around the store wondering if Vera had gone mad and then finished, "no."

"Thanks!" Vera put her breasts back in her dress and returned to Sharon's side. "She said they're not too small, Miss Reed."

That fact that she was still smiling was not lost on Sharon. "Well, let's get a second opinion, shall we? Step out of the store and the first man you see ask him the same question in the same manner."

Vera shook slightly but the smile did not fade from her face. She spun around and stepped into the corridor of the mall. A middle-aged man of about forty stepped past the store and as he did Vera stopped him. "Sir," she asked, "are my breasts too small?" As before she slipped her arms into her dress and pulled the straps down, flashing the man her breasts. Her dark nipples were hard and the color contrasted with the paleness of her tits.

"No, they are quite nice." He nodded his head in approval.

"Thank you, sir." She pulled her dress up and returned to Sharon's side. "He said they were nice, Miss Reed." She sounded happy.

Sharon shook her head. Vera was obviously enjoying herself. A thought entered Sharon's mind. "You said you were the weekday manager here, right?"

Vera nodded.

"Who's your boss?"

"A man by the name of Curtis Kinsinton," Vera replied. "He never shows up unless something is going wrong; he's very hands off."

"Do you have his number?"

Vera made her way to the cash register where Michelle was still watching her with a look of shock and curiosity. Vera grabbed the number and handed it to Sharon.

Sharon took the card and pulled out her cell phone. She hoped she'd be able to lie to a man she didn't know as well as she had been able to lie to Dean Waters. "Yes, Mister Kinsinton? Hi, my name is Sharon Reed and I work over at the local college." There was a pause before Sharon continued, "Yes. Well, I am at the mall working with a nice young woman named Vera. Yes, sir, the manager. Well, I was wondering if you'd be willing to let her help with a sociology experiment I am doing a paper on." Sharon paused again as Curtis asked how Vera would help and what she needed his permission for. "Well, sir, I need her to wear some revealing clothing while she does her normal duties." There was another pause and then Sharon answered, "Well, nothing." Another pause and then Sharon concluded the phone call with a grin on her face. "That went well."

Vera just looked at Sharon expectantly.

"Take off your dress." Sharon was happy to see Vera's smile falter.


"I do not like repeating myself. Take off your dress. I find it funny how men are, I told him you'd be wearing nothing and he went for it. The only stipulation he had was if any kids came in, then you'd have to scurry to the back until they left. So, Vera, your new work outfit is a pair of shoes. I think we can knock one of the things off your list. I'll let you explain things to your coworkers, but from now on, you will be naked at work. If I ever catch you dressed, then I'll see to it that you get fired. So, as you requested, your nudity at work is now mandatory."

Vera's nipples were hard points as she slipped the tiny dress over her head. She held the dress to Sharon. Vera had shaved her pussy and Sharon could see the young woman's sex was swollen with heat. She was definitely aroused by what she was doing. Sharon shook her head, "Give the dress to your coworker and let her know what your new dress code is. Imagine," she was all but laughing now, "it'll take a lot less time to get ready for work."

Vera spent a few minutes explaining things to Michelle who was giggling and pointing at Vera. Sharon waited for Vera to return, her dress nowhere to be seen. "She said she won't let me cheat," Vera reported the conversation to Sharon.

Sharon had to smile. "Good. When are you off next?"

"Saturday," Vera responded, her eyes wide.

"Fine. I'll come by your place and pick you up. Plan on spending the day with me."

Her smile had returned, "Yes, Miss Reed."

"I'll drop by tomorrow after I'm done for the day. I expect to see all of you. Tell your friend that she can keep the dress. You're driving home naked. Got it?"

Again, "yes, Miss Reed."

And with that, Sharon left Vera standing naked in Abercrombie's with the knowledge that she'd spend the rest of her time working without clothes, her nakedness visible to all.

Part 7

Emily pressed the glowing button next to Kim's door.  Inside, she heard the chime.  A full minute passed before she pressed the button a second time. The car in the driveway made Emily believe that Kim was home, but if she was, she was definitely not answering the door. The saying was that you could lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink was as true as you can ring a bell and not make the occupant answer.

She rang the doorbell a third time.

She heard movement behind the door and taking a chance, Emily called out, "Miss Turner. I know what Sharon is doing. Let me help you."

Slowly, the door inched open and a naked Kimberly Turner stepped aside to allow Emily Bradford into her home.