Kim and Sharon
Chapter 7

by Tester86

Part 1

Early Tuesday morning, five minutes after Sharon arrived at Kimberly’s house across town, Emily Bradford snuck into Kim’s classroom. She was so nervous, the building did not officially open for another thirty minutes, that she felt like she had to pee, but she wanted to have time to find evidence that something was going on before anyone else arrived. Her story was just too big to stick to the rules. She inched her way to Kim’s desk and sat in the teacher’s chair. On the ground next to her foot sat a small black box. She crouched down and pressed the pedal that actuated the footswitch. Immediately the small light under the desk turned on, illuminating the small confines under Kim’s desk. Emily could see the video camera staring back. She stood up quickly, banging her head on the underside of the desk. She cussed in pain and once again sat in Kim’s chair, absently rubbing her scalp.

Emily opened the top drawer of the desk and picked up the stack of photos that Sharon had told Kim to place there. She scanned the photos of the naked woman, dancing, entering, and exiting Pussy Cats strip club. The story she thought she knew just got more interesting and she put the pictures in her purse. She opened the rest of the drawers and found nothing in any of them save for the laptop. She could see the wires snaking out the back and reasoned they connected the light, camera and switch to the computer. Was Miss Turner such a show off, she wondered, that she made it a point to always be on camera? The length of her skirts was no mystery to the students and Emily figured that if she sat and pressed the switch her charms would be recorded. But, she thought, why the blush on her face and why was her head so often hung low in shame? And why were the skirts so short now? Kimberly had always dressed much more conservatively on campus.

The thought that she was being coerced returned. Theresa had said that Miss Reed was at the mall the same time that Miss Turner was flashing her breasts and she herself had seen the two of them carpooling even though everyone knew that the two women did not particularly care for one another. ‘No,’ Emily thought, ‘Sharon Turner is definitely involved.’ Emily lifted the lid of the laptop and stared at the Windows log-in screen. She didn’t know the password and so she lowered the lid once again. She thought of pulling the wires free from the back of the computer but uncertainty stayed her hand. If she changed anything, then her snooping could be found out, and right now she needed more evidence to piece together the story.

She stood up and made her way from Kim’s classroom to Sharon’s. After a few minutes she gave up her search; there was nothing to be gleaned from Sharon’s classroom.

Ten minutes after sneaking into the English Wing, Emily Bradford slid unseen from the building.

Part 2

Sharon knocked on Kim’s door, grinning at the white rug that seemed to now serve as a welcome mat. She was amazed at how easy it had been to capture Kimmie and how much fun she was having tormenting her.  And, with Vera, it was just getting better.

The door opened and Kim stepped back to let Sharon in.  "Good morning, Miss Reed."

"Morning, Kimmie," Sharon said. She knew how much the little bitch hated the childish play on her name and so delighted in using it every chance she got. "Let’s get you dressed." Sharon led Kim into her bedroom and opened the smaller closet. She pulled one of the denim skirts from a hanger and grabbed a long-sleeved purple and white striped blouse with large cuffs and a pointed collar. "Here you go," she said, handing the clothes to Kim.

Kim took them and carried them into the foyer. Sharon followed behind her, looked at Kim’s brown hair done up in the pony tail and decided she still liked the way it made Kim look even younger than she was. "Let’s go." Sharon stepped outside to watch how Kim handled dressing outside on her porch step.

Kim took a deep breath, grabbed her skirt, blouse, shoes and purse and stepped naked onto her porch. She was glancing around, eyeing the empty street. ‘Please,’ she pleaded to whoever could head her addled thoughts, ‘don’t let my neighbors see me.’ Once again she understood that anonymity was the only way she was able to enjoy the thrill of exposure; there was safety in it. She dropped the shoes and skirt and hurriedly donned the blouse, buttoning only two buttons before grabbing her skirt. She was rushing; trying to minimize the time she could be seen by neighbors. She pulled the tiny skirt up her legs and only realized she had been holding her breath when the skirt was fastened. She slipped into her shoes as she buttoned the blouse to her neck.

Sharon was laughing and to Kim she looked like a demon sent from the depths of hell to torment her for some unknown slight. She would love to turn the tables on the laughing hyena, put Sharon under the microscope of shame that she now seemed to live under. Sharon told Kim to open her purse and to cut the top two buttons off of her blouse.

"Miss Reed," Kim hated saying the words, "to humiliate me, may I make it three?" There, that was done.

"Four and yes." So easy, the thought returned.

Kim pulled the scissors from her purse and snipped the top four buttons off of the blouse. Again, something so simple was eerily effective. The first time she had only had to unbutton the blouse, but the buttons were still there and therefore gave her piece of mind; in an emergency she could conceal herself. Now, with the buttons lying like potato bugs in her hand, they were useless. She could feel the morning sun on her cleavage, the blouse folding open to the day. Her breasts were covered, as was her pantiless crotch, but she could feel how close she was to not being covered. The feeling was frightening and arousing rolled into one. Taking a deep breath, Kim stepped off the porch and approached Sharon.

"You’re driving yourself today," Sharon said as if Kim was daft and had forgotten.

"Yes, Miss Reed."

"See you on campus." Sharon climbed into her car and backed out of the driveway. Only when Kim had backed into the street did Sharon pull away.

Kim had a stop to make before heading to class and was thankful for the opportunity to do so. She headed towards the college and with the campus still two miles away she pulled into the drive-through of her bank. The bank was not open, but the A.T.M. was. She made a deposit, hating running cash through the machine, but she needed to make a mortgage payment today and this was the first chance she had had to put the funds into her account. Satisfied and with her receipt in hand, Kim drove to work.

She walked into the English wing, her bare breasts bouncing under the less than confining shirt, her ass playing peek-a-boo with the too short skirt. She felt like a trollop and figured that was exactly how she looked. A few early students watched her shameful stroll towards her classroom and their silence was all Kim needed to realize exactly how blatantly sexual she looked. She was thankful that this was a college campus where a more liberal, more open-minded mindset prevailed. She reasoned here her attire would raise fewer eyebrows. Still, she knew that even if silence followed in her wake, rumors and discussions were happening elsewhere. Her cheeks burned with the thought.

Sharon stepped from her classroom as Kim passed, "Give me your keys." When Kim hesitated, Sharon hissed, "Now! I didn’t check if there was anything you could use to cover up and I intend to." Her real reason was more fun, but Kim would find that out a little later.

Kim relinquished her keys.

"Enjoy your day, Kimmie." Sharon, Kim’s keys in hand, returned to her classroom.

Kim watched Sharon and then finished the trek to her own classroom. Her phone beeped from her purse before she even sat down. Kim looked at the display.

Don’t forget to spread.

Kim sat, spread her legs with her right foot pressing on the pedal, and awaited her students.

Part 3

Vera watched as the chain gate blocking the entrance to Abercrombie’s rolled into its case, opening the store. She was wearing a beige knee-length skirt and a white blouse. The blouse was thin enough to reveal the lacy bra she wore underneath, the skirt thick enough to hide the fact she was without panties. She typically went without panties; it was nothing new. She had worn the blouse without a bra before, always getting a tingle at the exposure. She wondered how she feel after Sharon started with her. She was both nervous and eager to meet with Sharon again even if the fear of the encounter was making her palms sweat. You can do it, girl, she chided herself. And, after tonight, you’ll have no choice. Her knees were weak at the thought.

She ran through the checklist by the register, making sure the store was ready for customers. Satisfied, she walked into the back of the store. She stared at the sign that read, "Decisions, decisions," and wondered what it must have been like to sit naked in the store window.  It had been one of her first ideas at forced exposure, an idea she had been incapable of making herself do. The fantasies she had were wonderfully humiliating and thinking of them usually made her so wet with arousal that she would have to rush and take care of the growing need. Once satisfied, her craving would diminish and then slowly return, one fantasy being shoved aside and in time another would take its place.  It was a cycle she had played over and over and she had never felt more anticipation than she did now as her day started with Sharon coming to turn her fantasies into reality.

All day she could barely concentrate. Coworkers asked if she was okay; her distraction evident to all and she kept responding with polite smiles and positive assurances. By lunch she was so nervous that she could barely stand without trembling. She wondered what fueled her nervousness more, fear or arousal? She wasn’t entirely sure and truthfully she didn’t care. She had never felt so alive. She had lunch in the back of the store, her sandwich going mostly uneaten. She volunteered to close and with two hours left before the end of the day she sent the two women who would normally be there home; she would meet Sharon alone.

Time inched forward.

Vera could hardly wait.

Part 4

The students had left for the day and for that Kim was thankful. It was the first time she had ever had to tell her students to be quiet. Ever. Starting with her second class, the students had been unruly.  Murmurs and whispers became outright conversations and sitting there, her legs spread and the computer recording her shameful display, she did not feel confident enough to stop them and her tone must have represented the fact. No matter how many times she told them to hush or to pay attention, it would only be a matter of minutes before her authority evaporated and the conversations resumed.  Finally she had shouted, "Be quiet!" and a ripple of shock raced through the students. They looked at her, finally seeing her as a teacher and not as a cheaply dressed slut and shut their mouths.

Kim hated Sharon for making her raise her voice to her students. Once again Kim thought of Sharon’s statement that she’d take it easy on her on campus. Did Sharon really think this was easy? Sitting so exposed with the most intimate places of her anatomy being recorded on the computer to her left? Her body tense and her mouth dry? It was the most difficult thing she had ever had to do. Even sitting naked in a store window was easier than having to deal with your students in an authoritative manner when you were dressed so cheaply and your body so easily exposed. Half her breasts were uncovered by her blouse and she had heard more than one student comment on it.

Sharon stepped into Kim’s classroom and shut the door behind her. The students had been gone over an hour and Kim had to simply wait for Sharon to bring her the keys to her car. She was not sure where Sharon had gone, she only knew that she had walked to Sharon’s classroom and found it empty before returning to the relative comfort of her own classroom. Outside the sun was still about two hours away from dipping below the horizon. Sharon stood in Kim’s classroom, looking comfortable in her pants-suit; looking professional. That’s the word Kim had been hunting for; she was not dressed as a professional and that is what made her feel the most out of place.

"Hi, Kimmie," Sharon was beaming.

"Miss Reed."

"We’re going to play a new game. Take off your clothes."

Kim opened her mouth to protest and thought better of it. Her home was still Sharon’s collateral and until that was saved she knew she’d have to play along. And, realistically, she knew ultimately she’d end up obeying anyway only Sharon would make the game worse. She stood up, thankful that one exposure was ending even as a new one began. She stepped out of her skirt and unbuttoned the five remaining buttons on her blouse. She pulled her blouse open and set the two garments on her desk. She kept peering behind Sharon at the windowed door that led into the hallway, praying that nobody was milling around out in the hall. Even with most of the students gone, some lingered. There were after school activities, extra assignments and even diligent students studying. A college campus was never truly vacant.

"Give me your shoes and your purse as well."

Kim kicked off her shoes and placed them on her shirt. She opened the drawer above the damnable computer and placed her purse with her clothes.

Sharon took everything and said, "Wait here." With that she turned and left Kim standing stunned and naked in her classroom with nothing to cover herself and until Sharon returned her keys, the only way she’d have to get home was to trek naked across town on foot or to take the bus and neither idea was one she’d be willing to undertake. Sharon had said it was a game; Kim could only wait until Sharon returned to explain the rules.

She walked to the door, her hands shielding her breasts. Behind her, even with the room empty, she could feel imaginary eyes peering at her naked ass. Sharon always found a way to make her feel worse. First wearing ultra-revealing clothing in her classroom, now even that luxury was absent. She peered into the hallway, watching for Sharon to return. Her eyes darted left to right and back again, each minute passing feeling like a snails crawl.

Ten minutes passed before Sharon returned. "Here you go," Sharon said. Kim could hear malice laced with amusement in Sharon’s tone.

When Kim had relinquished her keys, there had been three keys and the electronic fob on the key ring. Now, Sharon handed Kim the keyless entry fob to her car; the other three keys were absent. She took the fob and it felt like a small victory; her imagined threat of walking home or taking public transportation fading away; she could get into her car and that was a start. She clutched the fob in her hand and asked in a small voice, "What about my keys?"

Sharon laughed, "Well, that’s part of the game.  See you tomorrow, Kimmie. You’ll ride with me; I missed not seeing you while I was driving." Her laughter burned Kim’s ears. Sharon walked from the classroom, turned and said, "Don’t worry. There’s nothing in your car you can use to cover up. I looked."      

Five stunned minutes later Kim could still hear Sharon’s laughter. She was standing naked in her classroom with only the remote to unlock her car in her hands. She needed to find her keys and get home. She imagined the drive would be the easiest part; first she had to force herself to leave the relative comfort of her classroom and to walk naked through the halls and outside. Her chance of doing this unseen seemed minute. She thought about waiting until the sun had set and each passing minute made that seem like the best way to start.

She stood by the door and waited; nervous that at any time students, faculty or even the janitorial staff could wander by and find her. What could she say to them? Nothing came to mind. Minutes turned slowly and outside shadows elongated and the day slowly faded as dusk settled in. She took a deep breath and with her fob clutched in her hand like a talisman to ward off vampires, Kim stepped naked from her classroom and into the hall. She was shaking with fear, her palms clammy and the air felt cold.  Her head moved non-stop as she tried to see everywhere around her at once; her eyes darted left and right and every two steps she spun around to peer at the empty hall behind her. Her footsteps were silent as she walked barefoot through the English wing.

She picked up speed, nearly running now, wanting to get to the relative safety of her car. She passed Sharon’s classroom, passed the ladies room and rushed outside. The night air was still warm and the evening breeze caressed her naked skin. In a normal situation, the breeze would have felt comforting, now it felt like it was mocking her, reminding Kim that she stood naked on the concrete steps that led from the building.

Not pausing now, Kim ran to her car, staying on the grass instead of the sidewalk as the ground felt softer on her naked feet. She ran to the parking lot and before she even reached the car, she mashed the button and was thankful to hear the doors unlock. Hurrying, praying that there were no eyes about to witness her embarrassing trek, Kim opened the door and climbed into her car. She shut herself in and swallowed heavily; her heart was racing in her chest.

She spied the envelope on the dash at once. With her hands shaking she ripped open the envelope and pulled out a hand written note.

Hello, Kimmie!

I hope you’re enjoying the game so far. Was it fun running to your car? I bet it was. Anyway, you may have noticed that you still don’t have the key to start your car. Well, let me tell you where it is. Ready? It’s in an envelope sitting in the middle of the football field, right on the 50 yard line. I had to wait until practice was over to put it there. You should have no trouble finding it. The track that encircles the field closes at ten, so I’m sure if you wait around long enough, there won’t be any joggers. Anyway, have fun


Kim wanted to scream in rage and frustration. It took all her willpower to sneak from her classroom to get to her car and now she’d have to leave it to run across campus to get to the football field to get her car key and then run back. She looked in the back seat and as both she and Sharon had confirmed, there was nothing there she could use to cover up with. She figured she had two options; get to the football field and continue Sharon’s evil game or sneak back into the building and look for something to cover up with. She was sure based on what Sharon said that she would get home and looking for clothes to steal was both dishonest and uncertain. No, she’d have to go along.

Mustering up her will, Kim climbed naked from her car to continue the game that Sharon had put into motion. She ran back across the parking lot and slid along the outside of the English department. Ducking and hiding in shadows Kim slowly made her way across the campus, her hands hiding her breasts and pussy if she was facing forward or concealing her ass if she was blocked from view by buildings in the front. She made her way past administration thankful that the building was dark.

She heard voices approaching and nervously ducked behind a hedge until the young couple, walking hand in hand passed. Her pulse was racing; she could hear her own heartbeat. Wind whispered through trees, the sound peaceful but it did little to calm her racing nerves.

She inched forward again, darting between buildings and past the gymnasium where the locker rooms were. She raced across another parking lot and slipped under the bleachers on the visitor’s side of the football field. The field was surrounded by a track but, luckily, there were no runners present. She took a deep breath and ran across the field coming to rest on the fifty-yard line. As Sharon had said, there was an envelope resting under a small stone. Kim thought that even Sharon followed the rules. She was standing in the middle of the field; no cover anywhere around her and her mind imagined the stands full of spectators. The thought got her running.  Once again she made her way across the college campus, her fob clenched in one hand and the envelope from Sharon in the other.

She unlocked her car and climbed behind the wheel. Once seated, she locked the door and tore open the envelope. She pulled out her car key and a key she did not recognize as well as another hand written note. Nervously, her mouth dry and her body tense, Kim read the note.


Wasn’t that fun? Well, you have your car key so you’re probably thinking you can just go home. Wrong! You may have noticed that you don’t have your house key yet. And, yes, I know you can just break in, but if I find that you did that, well then let’s just say it will be the bank’s house you’d be breaking into and not yours. So, the game continues. Across town, just off of Chesterfield Parkway there is a Post Office. You have the key for box number 219. You’ll need to drive there, go in just as dressed as you are now, and unlock the P.O. Box and retrieve the next item in the game. Have fun.


Kim could feel the color that seemed to be burned onto her face drain away. How much worse could this game get? How many stops would Sharon have her make before she was allowed to slink home and hide away? And, she wondered, would she ever want to leave her house again? She wasn’t sure but she knew that the quicker she started the sooner she’d be done. She placed her car key back on the fob’s chain and started the car. She adjusted the seats as low as she could; she may not be able to cover up, but she could hide as much of herself as possible. Naked, she left the campus and started the next leg of the game. 

It took her about fifteen minutes to drive across town. Six different lights stopped her journey and the time it took for the lights to change from red back to green seemed an eternity. Most people could not see how she was dressed, only her head and shoulders were visible above the door, but that did not lessen Kim’s discomfort. At the third light, a large pick-up pulled alongside Kim’s car and the driver smiled at her; leering down at her from her right. The horn of the car behind the pick-up saved Kim from longer scrutiny.

Pulling into the Post Office, Kim could see two cars were in the parking lot. She sat in her car, close to the entrance and waited to see if there were any other people picking up or dropping off mail at this late hour. Another five minutes past before Kim could gather the courage to leave the safety of her car. Nobody had come in or left and so she reasoned that the cars in the parking lot belonged to employees sequestered in the back and were not additional shoppers. She opened the door, the early evening darkness helping her, and sprinted into the Post Office. She looked left and right and spotted the line of P.O. Boxes. She ran along them, her breasts bouncing and face awash with color until she spotted number 219. Using the key Sharon had given her she opened the tiny box, grabbed the envelope contained within, and sprinted back to her car. Once seated the tore open the envelope and pulled out a ten dollar bill and another note from Sharon.


Did you happen to notice the video cameras? Someone is going to have fun reviewing tonight’s tape. Your next stop is the Chevron Station at the corner of Park and Ninth. There is a friend of mine working tonight, her name is Cindy, and she has the two things you need. You may have noticed that you are running low on gas. You are to get ten dollars worth and I expect to see a receipt tomorrow or you’ll be dressing for work on campus from here on out. Don’t worry, Cindy will give it to you after you pump your gas. Of course, as it’s getting pretty late, you’ll have to prepay. Won’t that be fun? So, go in, pay for your gas. Walk back out. Pump the ten dollars worth and then go back in the store where Cindy will give you your receipt and the next envelope in your little scavenger hunt. Have fun!


No! It was one thing to drive around town naked and sneak into places, but to now have to include someone else in this game was too much. How could Sharon do this to her? And she had not noticed the cameras but realized she should have; there were ubiquitous these days, you couldn’t hide from their gaze.

Nervousness and anxiety kept her tense as she pulled from the Post Office and drove to the Chevron Sharon had mentioned. It was only about five miles away and it took her little time to reach the brightly let gas station. Unlike the Post Office, the gas station was busy. It wouldn’t be just Cindy that she’d be exposing herself to but the other patrons as well as the busy streets that skirted the station.

She steeled up her courage, clasped the money in her hand and opened the door. Sound of the night greeter her ears; cars racing by on the busy streets; shoppers filling their cars and two men chatting in front of the store. Their conversation ended as Kimberly walked by them into the store trying desperately to shield her breasts and pussy from view with her hands. She could feel their stare and as she approached the counter, a tall woman wearing a nametag that read "Cindy" cackled at her.

"I guess I was wrong."

"Ten dollars on pump seven, please." She was shaking and was certain if this got any worse she would wet herself on the spot, so nervous was she that she had to pee. She couldn’t keep herself covered any more than she could keep the fear from her voice. She sounded childlike as she handed the money to Cindy who took it smiling.

Kim turned and ran from the store, back across the parking lot where every man and woman pumping gas was staring at her. She lifted the nozzle and placed it in the car and as the gas pumped in she crouched down between her car and the pump, trying to hide from the curious and gasping onlookers. She was shaking in fear. Mocking words drifted to her and on the street horns sounded as her naked body was witnessed by even more strangers.

The pump clicked off. Kim stood, returned the nozzle into the pump and made her second humiliating journey into the store. There was a couple waiting at the register in front of her that was kind enough to let Kim skip ahead. Cindy was waiting for her. "Here you go," she said handing Kim her receipt and another envelope. Kim took them, uttered a polite and involuntary, "Thank you," and ran from the store. Cindy’s words made her crimson face burn even more, "Next time," Cindy said, "try wearing some clothes when you come in."

She could hear the laughter of the other patrons as she climbed in her car and sped off, away from the brightly lit station and into the comfort of the dark. Two miles ahead she pulled over and opened the envelope, pulling another note and yet another key from the paper embrace.


I would love to see your face right now. I bet it’s as red a Rudolph’s nose! Do you know the Post Office near your house? Well, this key is for P.O. Box 1187. I figured since you now knew about the camera’s you’d have more fun posing for them; you did say you liked showing off as I recall. Have fun.


‘How much longer?’ Kim wondered. She’d been doing this for almost an hour now and she felt as if she’s been up for days. Her body was tense, her heart racing and she couldn’t seem to sit still. She wanted this game to end. She took a deep breath, another, and by the fourth she was driving again.

Unlike the first Post Office, there were no other cars in the parking lot. She took that as a good sign and after parking she opened the door and ran into the building. Nobody was present and in less than thirty seconds she was once again sitting in the comfort of her own car with another envelope in her possession. She had seen the video cameras this time and hated Sharon all the more for pointing them out to her; ignorance certainly was bliss. She tore open the envelope and this time there was no key. There was only another hand written note.


Last stop; I bet you’re happy to hear that. You’re other two keys are sitting securely in the top drawer of my desk on campus. See you tomorrow! And have fun!


Kim shook her head in fury. She was heading back to where it all began. She drove back across town, back to the campus where the day had been so horrible both with her student’s non-stop chatting and Sharon’s evil game. She was starting to wonder if maintaining her job here was worth the aggravation she had to endure to keep it. When her house was safe and the mortgage current, she’d quit the job as a stripper and then put Sharon in her place. It would only be for a few months, she reasoned. The thought made her shake all the more; she had been Sharon’s doll for what, a week now? Already she wanted out. Could she handle it for months? Some of the things had been exciting but that was not Sharon’s doing. She knew Sharon didn’t care if Kimberly enjoyed herself. To Sharon it was all about abuse and power.

She pulled into the parking lot not certain if she’d be able to handle her current situation for the time required. Pondering her future, she parked and quickly entered the English wing. There, in Sharon’s desk drawer as the note had promised, were Kim’s two remaining keys. The knowledge that she had been so close to them when the game had started was brutal and it gave Kim a sense as to the kind of person Sharon really was.

Twenty minutes later Kim was crying in her shower unable to wash the day away.

Part 5

Right about the time that Kim was streaking the second Post Office, Sharon was walking into Abercrombie’s. She spotted Vera standing bored behind the register and when Vera spotted Sharon, Vera’s face lit up like a child receiving their first puppy. She really did look like she wanted this to happen, Sharon thought. She crossed the store and stood next to Vera. "You have something for me?" She thought it was wise to start with a dominant tone and not let Vera change her mind. The smile still etched on the young woman’s face showed that Vera wasn’t about to.

"Yes." She pulled out her purse, opened it, and handed three folded sheets of paper to Sharon. "Here you go; everything you’ll need for your guarantee." She coughed when she finished speaking.

Sharon took them and walked from the store. Five minutes later she returned, the papers locked in her car. She had realized what they were and while she wasn’t certain it was as bad as Vera thought, the young woman thought it was and that was what mattered. Returning to Vera’s side, Sharon said, "Do you really think that’s enough?"

"Oh, yes!" Her tone convinced Sharon that Vera really did believe what she had just conceded would be enough to ensure her compliance. She looked around and spoke softly, almost conspiratorially, "If my mother found out I had an abortion, she’d kill me. The papers are the proof of it and my mother’s work and home numbers. I’d do anything to keep that secret from her."

Sharon took a long look at Vera. She had long brown hair and dark eyes and a color about her that showed some nationality that Sharon could not define. She had full lips and full eyebrows and a small, pert nose. Her breasts were smaller than Kim’s and Vera stood a good three inches shorter than Sharon’s five foot nine.  She looked comfortable in her body and when she smiled her face seemed to glow with happiness.

"Very well. We’ll talk after the store is closed."

Twenty minutes later, the chain gate that Vera had raised at the start of the day once again blocking the entrance to the store, Vera and Sharon were sitting in the back at a folding table on ugly folding chairs with thin brown padding. Vera was nervously drinking a bottle of water while Sharon sipped a Diet Coke she had purchased from the food court right before they closed. Sharon watched as Vera struggled to sit still; the young woman was obviously nervous. Well, Sharon thought, she’s mine now.       

"So, you want this to happen right?"  

Vera nodded her head up and down like a hungry baby bird.

"When was the first time you realized that you liked exposing yourself?"      

Vera spoke, her eyes vacant as if she wasn’t there; she was in the past, reliving the experience, "I remember the first time I went naked where I wasn’t supposed to. I was in seventh grade and it was after the last period of the day; the school was mostly empty. I had stayed behind to finish some assignment when the idea came to me. I am not sure where the thought came from, maybe from TV, from something I had read? I don’t remember. So," she sounded excited and Sharon could see her trembling slightly, "I just pulled my shorts and panties off and sat, naked from the waist down, at my desk. I remember the feeling of the cold plastic on my butt and how I couldn’t seem to sit still. I was nervous; you have no idea. My eyes were riveted to the door, imagining that at anytime someone could come in unannounced and then what would I do? I had never been more excited in my life. The idea that someone could catch me, that’s what hooked me. If I were spotted, seen, what would I do? That thought appealed, certainly, but the idea that seemed to resonate the most was that I wanted to be seen. How crazy is that?"

She paused and looked at Sharon who had remained quiet. She waited, wondering if Sharon was going to say something. When she didn’t, Vera continued. "So, I stood up and carried my shorts and panties to the front of the classroom and put them on the teacher’s desk. Before I could convince myself I was nuts, I pulled my blouse over my head, dropped it with my skirt and unfastened my bra. There I was, naked save for my shoes and socks, standing in the front of the classroom, shaking like mad and as aroused as I had ever been. But I wanted to see how far I could push it. I walked back to my desk, sat down, and tried to finish what I was working on. I kept glancing at the door, at my clothes sitting twenty feet away and then down to my paper where the writing was more jagged lines than my normal handsome penmanship."

She took a sip of water, "It was too much, I was so excited that I got up, darted to the desk and dressed. I had wanted to continue but at that point there was something more pressing I had to deal with. A few minutes later I masturbated to orgasm for the first time outside of my bedroom."

Sharon took a sip of her drink. She was looking at the flush on Vera’s cheek; she was aroused at the memory. "Were you caught?"

"Not then, no."

"When were you witnessed the first time?"

Vera laughed a nervous little chuckle, "Two days later doing the exact same thing. One of the other students came by to see if the teacher was in and saw me sitting naked at my desk with my hand in my kitty. I don’t know who was more embarrassed me or her; but I was the one that had an orgasm in the classroom and she was the one that ran out the door."

Sharon licked her lips, "I see. What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?" It was the answer she wanted to hear; it was the experience she planned to top as quickly as she could.

"Wow, you don’t waste time." She smiled as she spoke and it made her look even younger. "That’s an easy one. Two years ago I got an idea in my head to lose my bathing suit; I had read a story like it online I think. I went to the local Y.M.C.A. and spent a good hour working on my tan and trying to get the courage up; this was going to be the biggest thing I had done. I had not brought a change of clothes with me; if this worked then I’d be going home naked. So after an hour of sunning myself I jumped in the pool and swam around a bit, doing a few laps. I swam right up to the skimmer port, that part of the pool that pulls water into the pump. Well, I dove down, stripped off my clothes and came back up with my suit in my hand. Before I had a change to change my mind, I pushed my suit into the skimmer and watched it get sucked in. I had done it; I was naked in public with no change of clothes. I nearly came on the spot! Instead I shrieked, climbed from the pool and with all those eyes on me I ran into the locker room, grabbed my keys from the locker and ran out to my car."

"Are you wearing panties?"

Vera shook her head. "No."

"I think I told you to call me Miss Reed."

"No, Miss Reed."

"Good. You’re going to have a new dress code," Sharon began, "and I have a homework assignment for you. First, did you imagine that scenario with Kimmie for you or for her?"

"For me, Miss Reed."

"I thought so. What would you have done differently?"

She pushed back from the table and with a quick intake of breath Vera unfastened her skirt and stepped out of it. She set it on the table and sat back down, the brown fabric sticking to her naked ass. She parted her legs, spreading them wide until her open pussy was visible to Sharon’s gaze. "I’d have wanted to sit like this in the window." She made a confession then that surprised her, and that she’d soon regret. "This is what you want to keep hidden," she rubbed her sex, "so this is what needs to be the least covered."

Sharon watched Vera sitting exactly as she forced Kim to sit in her car and at her desk and was amazed at Vera’s admission that it should be seen. Vera was digging herself a nice, deep hole. "I see," Sharon said. "Do you live alone?"

"Yes, Miss Reed."

"Then take off the rest of your clothes, you won’t need them tonight. You’re leaving her naked, got it?"

Vera shivered in excitement, "Yes, Miss Reed."

"Okay. I’m going to follow you to your place where we’re going to lay down some rules for you to follow as well as your dress code. This dress code is a permanent part of your life now, or mommy finds out about the abortion. Expect your co-workers to see a lot more of you, too. Tonight, after I leave your place you’re going to write up a list of five things like the mannequin trick that you’ve always wanted to try but were too afraid to. If they’re too tame, then I’ll just make them that much worse, got it?"

Vera could only nod, her voice was stolen from her as her fantasies played out.

"Wonderful. Let’s go."

Sharon followed Vera out the back door.

Part 6

Emily sat in her car parked outside Sharon’s house with a large camera sitting next to her in the passenger seat. She had been there for three hours now and still the English professor had not returned home. ‘No matter,’ Emily thought, ‘there is always discomfort in thing worth pursuing.’ She reclined her seat a little more and settled in for the evening. She would spend the night here if she needed to, the story was that big. She could feel it.

Part 7

Vera’s lived alone in a quite apartment complex with neighbors above her and to her left. She had bravely walked into her apartment, her nudity barely fazing her and Sharon got the impression that Vera routinely stepped outside her apartment naked.

Sharon sat on Vera’s bed exactly as she had as Kim’s. She smiled at Vera and said, "Do you have any garbage bags?"

Vera rushed to get them, her bare breasts bouncing as she ran.

"Good. Now, throw all your panties and bras and slips away, anything that’s considered underwear is a thing of the past, got it?"

Blushing, Vera said, "Yes, Miss Reed."

Sharon smiled. She was having fun with this. When she had done this with Kim it had been spur of the moment and she hadn’t had the time to savor the power. Now, she knew exactly what she was doing and she was enjoying it. She watched as Vera placed all her underwear in the garbage bag. She remembered some of the rules she had put out for Kimberly and repeated the second one. "Now, you’re no longer allowed to wear pants, sweats, shorts; anything with legs is a thing of the past. You’re a skirt and dress girl now; we want easy access to your no longer hidden parts. And every skirt or dress you wear will be short enough so that when your arms hang down, all your fingers touch skin."

Vera was trembling; her nipples were hard points as Sharon’s words fueled her arousal.

"Go get a chair."

Vera ran from the bedroom and returned with one of the four chairs that made up her dinette set.

"Sit down."

Vera sat, her legs demurely crossed, one over the other.

"Now," Sharon was toying with her, "do ladies run around without panties?"

Confusion washed across Vera’s face, "No, Miss Reed."

"No. That’s right. And since you do run around without panties, that means you’re not a lady and so you are not allowed to sit like a lady. Uncross your legs."

Both of Vera’s feet hit the floor with an audible thump.

"Spread your legs. Come on, wider than that."

Vera inched her knees apart. First her knees were parted about two inches and still Sharon made a motion with her hands for her to spread them wider. Six inches and Sharon kept watching her. Finally where her knees were a foot apart, Sharon stopped her, "That is as close together as your knees are ever allowed to be. Remember, you’re the one that said your pussy needed the least amount of covering. If you’re sitting, you spread your legs that wide. Same thing if you’re standing. I may tell you to spread them wider." She made Vera open her thighs as wide as possible. "Like that. If I say ‘spread’ you open your legs as wide as you can, otherwise, you’ll keep them open just like you had them. Show me."

Vera closed her legs but kept her knees parted the required foot.

"You got it. Now, that pubic hair has to go. We don’t want anything to distract roaming eyes from your pussy, now do we?"

"No, Miss Reed."

"Exactly. Do you have a cell phone?"

Vera nodded.

"Give me the number." Vera obeyed and returned to her seat. As required, she spread her legs. "Any text message you get from me is an order and I don’t care where you are, you’ll obey. I promise I’ll be spying on you to make sure. Got it?"

Again, Vera could only nod.

"Good. It’s getting late." ‘And I’m very horny,’ she thought, "So I’m going. Skirts or dresses only, no underwear and keep your legs parted. I’ll drop in on you tomorrow at work to get your suggestions."

"Yes, Miss Reed."

Vera escorted Sharon from her apartment and as Kim had done the first night Sharon had made her box up her clothes, Vera dropped to the floor and masturbated to a loud and satisfying orgasm.

On her way home, Sharon made a phone call.

Part 8

A loud car pulled into Sharon’s driveway. ‘Finally,’ Emily thought excitement bubbling within her. She hoisted the camera up and snapped a few pictures of the young man that stood on Sharon’s porch. He looked confident and comfortable and Emily got the impression that it was not the first time he had been to Sharon’s home. A minute or two later, Sharon pulled in aside the car and nearly ran to the porch. She kissed the young man passionately and before she could open the door to her house, Sharon had pulled the young man’s shirt off to reveal his strong, hairless chest. Emily snapped pictures of it all and wondered who he was and what he had to do with Kimberly Turner.

Forty minutes later, standing on the porch, Sharon kissed the young man again. She was wearing a bathrobe and the man was standing in the doorway wearing a pair of boxers, his jeans and shirt in his hands. As he slipped on his sneakers, Sharon kissed him twice more. He made his way to his car as Sharon closed the door.

Emily snapped pictures of it all.

The man pulled from the driveway. Emily set the camera in the seat next to her and followed Jason from Sharon’s home.