Kim and Sharon
Chapter 4

by Tester86

Part 1

The ringing phone pulled Kim from her slumber. She stretched, rubbed her eyes and reached to answer the call.† Sounding sleepy she said, "Hello?"

"Yes, Kim. Itís David from the club."

She recognized his accent, "Yes?" He sounded less gruff than he did during her interview. He was a nice guy, Kim knew after having been at the club for a bit now; the tough exterior was an act to rule out dancers who were not serious when they came responding to the seemingly constant newspaper ads.

"Well," he paused, "I want to change your work days if thatís okay with you. Instead of Mondays I want you to come in on Saturdays. I know itís too short a notice for today, but, well, youíve made some fans and the crowd last night was the biggest weíve had in a long time and I want to give you the best work nights instead of the starterís nights. So, Saturday instead of Monday?"

Kim sat up, her covers falling from her breasts and said, "Sounds great." She liked the idea of not working when she had to teach class the next day. And, she thought with astonishment, I have a fan club. The idea made her nervous and excited at the same time.† "So I wonít come in on Monday, right?"

"Right. The show you put on is great and the guys love watching you masturbate. We never had a girl do that before. Keep it up! Really, good job."

Kim was blushing at the praise and it was a welcome change to blush from kind words as compared to humiliation. "Thanks, David."

"Thank you," he said and to Kim his sincerity was evident. "See you Thursday."

Kim hung up feeling good about herself.

Part 2

The doorbell announced Sharonís arrival.† Kim glanced at the clock above the stove; it was twenty past noon. Kim felt a small pulse of happiness that Sharon started her day so late; it was good to spend time alone, away from Sharon and away from prying eyes.† She padded, naked of course, to answer the door. She had been obeying Sharonís rule to remain naked in her home. She had done so with her ex-husband and it was... safer?† She wasnít confident, but Kim was certain that Sharon would know if she disobeyed; she had always been a lousy liar.† Naked, Kim opened the door, "Good afternoon, Miss Reed." To Kim her voice sounded cheerful.

"Hi, Kimmie," Sharon said.† "Letís go get your outfit for the day. Weíre going to have so much fun."

Sharonís tone had Kim worried. Fun for Sharon was certainly not going to be enjoyable for Kimberly. "Yes, Miss Reed," Kim said, shutting the door and blocking her naked form from view.

Kim followed Sharon through the kitchen and into the master bedroom.† Sharon was smiling as she eyed her naked pet. "Well," Sharon began, sounding almost gleeful, "what are you going to wear today/" She looked in Kimís closets and dresser drawers, "We donít seem to have much, do we?† All of your skirts are at the tailors and you definitely need a skirt today.† Well, I guess youíll just have to wear the one you wore yesterday. Go fetch it and grab your t-shirts."

Kim hastened to obey, returning from the laundry room with the Abercrombie shirts and the same, short skirt she had worn to work the day before. "Here you are, Miss Reed."

"Go grab your scissors and a marker." Sharon began picking through the shirts as Kim ran off to grab the requested items.† She picked up the largest, dropped it, grabbed another and then finally settled on a tiny t-shirt just as Kim returned to the bedroom. "Put this on," Sharon ordered.

Kim donned the shirt and while it was snug, it felt good to be covered.

"Very good," Sharon said as she picked up the marker. "Now, grab the hem and tug the shirt down as hard as you can."

Kim did as she was told without argument. She pulled the shirt down tight across her breasts.† "Perfect, hold it there," Sharon said. Sharon then marked the shirt with the marker just below the rising swell of Kimís tits.† She made two additional marks, each on the side of the t-shirt. Sharon made a final mark along Kimís spine.† She set the maker down, picked up the scissors and held them out to Kim. "Now, take the shirt off and cut the bottom off. Use the marks I made as a guide."

Kim did as she was told.

"Great," Sharon said. "Grab your shirt and skirt, put the scissors in your purse and meet me at the car."

Kim did as she was commanded and stood naked on her dressing rug. She pulled the skirt up her legs and once again felt the material tickle her ass. She was covered but knew from the day before how close she was to being revealed. She pulled on the shirt and gasped at how short it was. The rough edge ended with the underside of her breasts displayed. Her nipples stood proud and pushed against the thin fabric.† She looked at herself in the mirror by the door and blushed; she looked like a slut in her outfit; the word Fitch nearly cut in half from where she had doctored the t-shirt.† Kim realized that by tugging the shirt down as she had, it had raised the modified edge. It was a humiliating outfit, one that would attract attention to her, and Kim reluctantly donned her shoes to meet Sharon outside.

Sharon was laughing at the way Kim looked. The slutís tits were bouncing and each step caused the lower rise to dance with the jagged hem of the shirt, revealing and then concealing just a pinch of Kimís breasts. Well, Sharon thought, more than the lower edge will be seen today. She was still laughing as Kim climbed in the back of the car and spread her legs, her now naked pussy gaping up at Sharonís gaze.

Sharon backed from the car and drove across town. She pulled into a long L-shaped strip mall and parked the car near the center of the L.† Kim jumped in surprise, her head darting to look behind her as Sharon popped the trunk.† "Okay, Kimmie," Sharon said with a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat envious. "Hereís our first stop."

Kim glanced around, wondering what humiliation Sharon had planned for her. It was something she seemed to be giving a lot of thought recently.

"You are going to carry the bags containing your clothes into Goodwill.† Make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes." Sharon could see Kimís eyes growing moist and a surge of power swelled within her. She loved the feeling she got by dominating the bitch. The receipt, of course, was just to increase the amount of time Kim spent displaying herself in the tiny outfit she was wearing.

Kim looked at Sharon and then said, "Miss Reed, to humiliate me, may I carry the bags in one at a time?" Kim had thought about her requirement to ask to be humiliated and had come up with the idea to just take Sharonís idea and make it just a little worse. In this case, the task would take a bit longer, but the exposure would be the same. If she was asked to flash her breasts to five men; how much worse would ten men be? It was like taking back a little bit of the control Sharon held over her. If it worked, she was confident her Dressing Rug would remain inside.

"That is a great idea, Kimmie," Sharon said still smiling.†

Kim climbed from the car, tugged the hem of her skirt as far down as she could and grabbed the first of four bags. She walked into the store and lifted the bag onto the counter. "Iíd like to donate these, please," she said with all the courage she could muster. She could feel tears threatening to spill from her eyes and struggled to keep them from falling.

A heavy-set woman of about forty looked at Kim. A look of disgust flared in the womanís face so briefly that Kim wondered if she had really seen it. "Okay," was all the woman said.

"I have a few more things," Kim said, struggling to sound happy.† "Just do what you need to do." Kim left the bag on the counter and left the store. She made three additional trips, walking past open stores and various shoppers as they went about their business. Heads turned and countless eyes followed Kim as she repeated the trek from Sharonís car to the store and back again.† She could almost feel the stares; she could almost hear the taunts. She burned with shame as she witnessed men pointing her out to their friends and women turning their heads in disgust.

With the last bag, the one containing her old panties and bras, in her hands she shut Sharonís trunk and made the humiliating walk back into the store. She could feel the warm afternoon air caress her breasts and the wind of the day tickled her bare pussy. She was barely covered and she was giving away the only clothes she had that offered any modesty. It was humiliating and humbling and Kim hated Sharon for it.† It wonít be forever, she reminded herself as she walked back into the store. It wonít be forever.

Kim stood at the counter as the woman pawed through her clothes and rifled through her underwear. The woman punched numbers into a calculator and when the four bags were empty, the clothes lying as a lump in a large cloth basket, the woman said, "four hundred dollars; you want that in store credit?"

Kim couldnít believe the number, she knew what she had paid and it was considerably more than that, "No. Just a receipt please."

The woman nodded, filled out two pieces of paper and handed one to Kim. Her voice was hard as she said, "Maybe you should have kept some of them. Donít you have any shame?"

Kim wondered if the woman was color blind; her face had been crimson the entire time. Instead, Kim said, "Thank you." She left the Goodwill store, her receipt in her hand, and walked back to the car where Sharon was gleefully waiting for her.

"Wasnít that fun?"

Kim hated the loaded questions. "I have the receipt, Miss Reed," was her answer, showing the paper to Sharon.

"You keep it," Sharon said. "Iím hungry. Letís go get lunch."

Sitting in the back seat, her legs spread like a drunken whore, Kim could only wonder what else she was going to have to do today. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and was not surprised when her hand came back wet.

Part 3

Kim sat opposite Sharon. Sharon was enjoying her day so far and knew that Kimmie was not going to like the trip she had planned to the mall. The thought of it made her giddy. She looked at Kim and said, "Spread." She took a sip of her lemonade and watched the pain and shame and fear that danced across Kimís face.

Kim blanched and looked around nervously. When they had entered the restaurant she had witnessed heads turning to look at her shameful attire.† Eyes followed her as they were shown a table and now, with their drinks served and lunch ordered, peering eyes were still staring her way. Men were openly ogling her and it seemed that each of the wait staff made it by their table; the word of her appearance had made the rounds through the restaurant.† Her naked ass was sitting on the seat but at least the hem covered all of her, but now she would be more than revealed. She swallowed and moved her knees apart. Even with the table hiding her blatant display she felt that the only thing visible was her bare pussy and blushing face.

Sharon peeked under the table. "Wipe yourself, you slut," she teased. Her voice hardened, "And no matter what, you do not close your legs until I tell you to. Got it?"

She could barely speak, "Yes, Miss Reed."

Sharon smiled at Kimberly, "Monday, when you are at the club, I have something you need to do."

"I no longer work Mondayís there, Miss Reed. David called and changed my working days to Thursday, Friday and Saturday." She sounded so weak and Kim hated herself for it.

"Well, then," Sharon said, "thatíll be good. Thursday then. When you come out in your little bra and panties, you are going to take off your panties and bury them inside that moist hole of yours. Then, for your second dance youíll masturbate and finally pull them out and give them away for the last song in the set.† You should have fun with that one." Sharon was openly laughing at her.

Wanting to hide, wanting to disappear and afraid to admit that she probably would enjoy it, Kim meekly replied, "Yes, Miss Reed."

Their waitress, a thin, young woman approached their table carrying their meal; a salad for Kim and a turkey club for Sharon. The waitress set the food down, looked at the flush on Kimís face, to the amusement on Sharonís and shook her head.† "You have an audience," the waitress said.† "You," she looked at Kim, "are the talk of the restaurant. How could you go out in public dressed like that?"

Kim burned with shame. Canít you tell I donít want to be dressed like this? Look at my face. I know I have an audience. Thoughts as these raced through her mind as she lowered her head.

"Remember your rules?" Sharon asked.

Kim raised her head. She wasnít allowed to hide her face.

Smiling, Sharon looked at the young woman. "You know how some people are. Did you know sheís not wearing panties? Look."

Kim wanted to close her legs, wanted to hide her pussy and wanted to flee. Instead, with her hands shaking, she took a bite of her salad.

The waitress stepped back from the table and crouched down as if to tie her shoe. "Holy shit," she muttered. She stood back up and asked Kim, "Have you no shame? Youíre flashing your kitty to the whole restaurant."

Kim swallowed and remained quiet. How did you answer that question?

Sharon spoke for her, "Sheís just a little exhibitionist; she likes showing off. Make sure you let everybody know." She was smiling as she spoke.

The waitress turned away and returned two minutes later with her phone. "Can I, uh, take a picture? My friends wonít believe me when I tell them this."

Sharon answered for Kim, "By all means."

Kim was staring at Sharon, begging with her eyes to not allow this indignity to continue. Please, her mind screamed, no pictures. Please. Her legs were twitching as she struggled to obey, instinct made her want to close her legs while fear kept them widely parted.†

The waitress dropped down again and snapped a few pictures of Kimís open legs and denuded pussy.† With each click the camera made, Kim felt her shame intensify and her resolve slipping. Please, letís get this over with, she thought.† Her hands were shaking, her breathing shallow and her eyes damp.

"Thanks," the waitress said and turned from the table.

Sharon broke out laughing, "This is just too much fun!" She took a bite of her sandwich and a sip of her drink. A moment later two more members of the wait staff approached the table with their phones held up like a back-stage-pass and each time Sharon allowed them to snap pictures of Kimís open pussy. Surprisingly, no one took a picture of her face. The parade of staff to their table kept the eyes of the other patrons focused on Kim and her widely parted legs. Even though it was dark, how she was sitting was evident to just about all people present. Whispers burned her ears.

They finished their meal. At the end Kimís sex had been photographed roughly forty times by strangers and the manager had come by to say he had "comped their meal" in exchange for the show. "But," he admonished, "next time, have her facing away from other tables. This is a family restaurant."

Kim wanted to run screaming from Sharon and the restaurant. How had she let herself get in this position? And, please, she thought, donít let there be a next time.

"Close your legs, Kimmie, and letís go."

Shame-faced, she walked from the restaurant. She noticed that everyone was watching her leave.

Part 4

"Ready for the next game?" Sharon asked.

They were sitting in Sharonís car, Kimís legs spread wide, with Sharon facing her. Sharon was parked outside the Sears attached to the same mall she had streaked twice now, once with her ex-husband and once with Sharon just a few dayís earlier. She figured by the end of the day she would be streaking it again.† "Yes, Miss Reed." She wasnít really, but knew she had no choice.

"Get out of the car."

Kim climbed from the car, flashing her naked sex to Sharon as she did. Sharon stood next to her and locked the door.

"This game is called, tits, ass or pussy. You are going to walk through the mall, all by yourself.† Donít worry, Iíll be following close enough to snap some lovely pictures," she held her camera up to Kim. "You are going to approach as many people as it takes to finish the game. The only words you are allowed to speak are Ďtitsí, Ďassí, or Ďpussy.í If they say Ďtitsí you are going to grab the edge of your shirt with both hands and pull it straight up and flash your tits. Do it now."

Kim stared open mouth at Sharon, not wanting to believe what she was hearing. Surely Sharon would† not make her do this, would she? She opened her mouth to protest and then shut her mouth with her hands clenched in impotent fists. She swallowed hard, opened her hands and grabbed her tiny t-shirt. She pulled the shirt up, flashing her breasts to Sharon and the parking lot. As quickly as she could, she lowered the shirt again.

"No, no, no, no, no," Sharon said. "You are going to flash them while you count, slowly, to five. Now, try again.† Tits."

Kim hesitated, shaking with dread. She grabbed the edge of her shirt with both hands again and raised the shirt higher, pulling it free of her breasts. She counted to five and it was the longest five seconds of her life before hiding her breast behind the fabric of the t-shirt again. It was funny, she thought, the t-shirt that was too short when she left the house was plenty long enough now to provide her with a small amount of dignity.

"Perfect. Now, if they say Ďpussyí or Ďassí, what will you do? Show me. Pussy."

Kim knew what she had to do. Trembling she grabbed the edge of her skirt and raised it with both hands until the whole of her waxed pussy was visible to Sharon. She counted to five and wondered how the long seconds she had endured baring her breasts seemed short to the five count of flashing her pussy. As quickly as possible, she dropped her skirt and smoothed it down.


Once again Kim grabbed the hem of her skirt. She spun around, yanked the skirt up and counted to five as she mooned Sharon. At the end of the count, she lowered her skirt once more.

"Perfect. Now, the game ends when you have flashed all three twenty times. I imagine that it wonít be an even distribution, men are such pigs after all, although you can approach women too, if youíd like. I would bet that most would want to see your pussy.† I wonder how long it will take for you to get through this? Oh, and you can only ask each person once."

Kim wanted to cry as she listened to the game she was going to be playing.

"Wonít this be a fun game?"

Rebellion flared in Kim and she muttered, "You do it, if you think itís fun."

Sharon grinned, "Letís make it twenty-five times. Care to go for thirty?"

"No, Miss Reed," she said and as she had thought before she realized that no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse.†

"Wonderful. Letís go."

Kimberly walked into Sears with Sharon following behind her about forty feet back.

Part 5

The tool department was full of shoppers; men browsing for tools and lawn equipment, hammers and chisels, saws and drills, pliers and wrenches. Kim was walking slowly, trembling in fear. This was going to be shameful and she wondered if she could do it. It was the hardest thing Sharon had ordered her to do so far. Spreading her legs in her class with her students a few feet away, but she had been hidden. Here, she was to shame herself and it took all of her will power to walk up to a man, browsing electric drills and croak out the three harsh choices, "Tits, ass, or pussy?"

He looked at her confused, not sure if he had heard her right. He eyed her indecently clad body and said with a raised eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"Tits, ass or pussy," she choked on the words.

Was it an offer? "Tits," he said.

Shaking, Kim grabbed the jagged edge of her t-shirt and pulled it up, revealing her breasts and the hardened nubs of her nipples to the stranger. She counted to five and over the manís shoulder she could see Sharon snapping pictures.† When she reached five, she lowered her shirt and her eyes and spun quickly from the stunned shopper. One down, and, Oh God, seventy-four to go. Kim agreed with Sharon, there was bound to be duplicates as she neared the end of the task. Still, she had to get this over with if she was to make it home. She had no doubt that Sharon would keep her here until she finished her degradation or until the mall closed. And then what? What would the punishment be if she hadnít finished? Kim did not want to find out. She spun around and walked further into the tool department.

Two men were standing looking at socket sets, talking about which set to purchase when Kim turned into the aisle. They took one look at her and stopped talking, their eyes taking in what Kim revealed. Trembling in anxiety, Kim looked at the men and asked, "itts, ass, or pussy?"

They looked at each other and back at Kim. The one on the left said, "pussy," as the other said, "tits."

Kim was uncertain what to do. Would it count as one or two, and did she have to do both or wait for the two men to come to an agreement. Deciding to speed her day along, Kim grabbed the edge of her shirt and pulled it up, nearly concealing her face from the two men. She counted to five, dropped the shirt and hiked her skirt above her waist, flashing the two guys her hairless sex. She could feel how wet she was as the cool air of the store blew across her nether lips and she wondered if the men could see her arousal. At the count of five she dropped her skirt, thankful that the humiliating display was over, and left the aisle.† Three down, seventy-two to go; it seemed an impossible number.

She looked back and could see Sharon following her; she was far enough back to see and hear everything but to not look like the two of them were together.† Kim walked further into the store. She made her way into the appliance department and approached an employee standing next to a dryer all alone.† She walked up to him and repeated her shaming query, "Tits, ass, or pussy?"


"Tits, ass, or pussy?"

"What are you talking about?"

Sharon had instructed her that those were the only words she could utter during this game and so she repeated them, "tits," she thrust out her chest, "ass," she spun around revealing the shortness of her skirt, "or pussy?" With the last word she thrust her hips forward.

"Pussy," he said, blushing himself.

Of course, she thought. She grabbed the hem of her skirt and hiked it upwards, once again baring her naked sex to a stranger. She counted to five, each number feeling like an eternity and then quickly dropped her skirt. She turned, saw Sharon watching her with a smile on her evil face, and went looking for more humiliation.

Part 6

Sharon was enjoying the game immensely. The little bitch was baring her naked form to complete strangers with no prompting from her. She just set the game in motion and then sat back to watch it unfold. She got the enjoyment of Kimmieís humiliation with no effort. She followed Kim through Sears, surprised at how well Kim seemed to be faring. It was funny; the slut was so intent on her task that she seemed oblivious to the secondary display she was giving. She would flash her pussy to a man and behind her, her naked ass would be visible to three, four, and once about a dozen others. By the end of the first half hour, with Kim only about one third of the way through her task, she had flashed twice that inadvertently.† Sharon snapped about thirty pictures before Kim left Sears and made her way into the central corridor of the mall.

Part 7

The game was horrible, each time she flashed her body it was not Sharon doing it; she was humiliating herself alone. A couple of times she looked for Sharon when she was done and Sharon was nowhere to be found. Was she hiding or just moving to get a better shot. She was worried about the pictures that Sharon was taking, certain that no good could come of them. Still, she had to continue. The walkway was crowded, shoppers bustled from store to store, some with their hands full of packages and others with their arms empty. Mothers shopped with their children; teenage girls shopped in groups and gossiped loudly to each other while talking on their cell phones. Why, she wondered, did they put cameras in phones? She remembered seeing a story on the news about pictures appearing of women in various stages of undress that the women themselves were not aware of; the small devices were easily concealed in the hands of the unscrupulous.

She glanced around the central walkway and concluded that it would be easier to continue her task within the confines of the many stores than out in the open. Exposing herself to others was horribly humiliating but with the small amount of control she had, she did not want to display her naked form to children.

She turned into a store that sold music CDís and Video tapes and inched along the aisles of music until she came to a young man browsing through a display of videoís that read ĎACTIONí. She walked up to him, and whispered her humiliating query.

He had seen her coming and he liked what she was showing, "ass," he said. It was the fourth time that request had been made; it was coming in last place. Kim spun around and pulled her skirt up, baring her ass to the young man and displaying her naked sex to a couple that were sharing a diet coke. She counted to five and then hurried from the store feeling like a slut, feeling ashamed and feeling aroused. One more down.

Part 8

"Is Vera here?"

"Yeah, sheís in the back. Iíll get her for you." The girl, who could barely be seventeen walked slowly through a parted curtain and came back a moment later. "Sheíll be right with you."

"Thanks," Sharon said. She turned from the register and walked to the front of the store just in time to see Kim leaving Waldenbooks and cross the hall and enter a menís shoe store. Kim was doing very well, Sharon had to admit. She had quickly figured out that it was less humiliating to perform her show in private stores as compared to the bustling center walkways. Next time, Sharon smiled, Iíll add that the stores were off limits. It was funny how easy it was to make up games when she was not the one having to display her naked charms.

"Hi," Vera said, recognizing the woman that had been here the previous Thursday. "Are you here to take me up on my offer?"

Sharon nodded, "Yes, I am. How about Monday nights; it seems my," she paused, trying to remember what she had previously revealed. Finally, "slave has Monday nights free and she would be glad to be your mannequin."

"Wonderful," Vera exclaimed, surprised and genuinely pleased. "What time?" Did she sound too anxious?

"Six oíclock."

"Great. Iíll see you both then."

They shook hands and with the deal done, Sharon went to find her little Kimmie.

Part 9

Kim was working her way through a menís clothing store when Sharon found her. Her skirt was up around her waist, her ass being shown to an old man in a wheelchair with an oxygen tube attached to his nose. It made Sharon laugh seeing Kimberly debase herself and her sex throbbed with rising heat. She savored her power over this woman and could understand the adage about power corrupting; she did not want it to end. She snapped a few pictures of the man reaching out to caress Kimís ass and then stepped back as Kim approached yet another man to ask her demeaning question.

Part 10

Kim was numb by the time she finished. It had taken nearly two hours and at the end she could only hope the men she approached would say Ďassí as she still had to bear her naked backside eleven times after the other two were completed. But, still, it was her breasts and twat that men wanted to see. It took and additional forty-five minutes to get through the last eleven requests to see her round ass.

Finished, she approached Sharon and reported the completion of her humiliating task. Her body was wet with perspiration and she didnít think the color would ever fade from her face. She was happy to have the chore behind her and anxious to leave the mall; the safety of Sharonís car was preferable to the open chamber of the mall.

"Very good, Kimmie," Sharon said. "I have some wonderful pictures of you." She loved how Kim shook at the mention of pictures. "I bet youíre ready to go home now, arenít you?"

Was it a loaded question? "Yes, Miss Reed."

"Well, letís go. We have one more stop to make."

Kim could only follow Sharon to her car.

Part 11

Sharon stopped at the tailors and as before, she ordered Kim to stay in the back seat with her legs spread wide. Kim simply obeyed. She replayed the day in her mind as Sharon picked up her dry cleaning. It had been the most humbling, degrading and humiliating day of her life. She had shamed herself over and over with no prodding from Sharon, everything she had done she did on her own. Sure, she tried to reason with herself, she had been ordered to and she obeyed so as to keep her secrets and her house. But, she hated to admit it, she had enjoyed herself. She had felt a sense of power as the men she flashed shifted uncomfortably as they tried to adjust their pants. She had aroused these strangers and now, sitting in the back of Sharonís car, she felt safe. The men did not know who she was; her humiliation had ended and with it only the memories remained. Memories that made her pussy leak.

Her nudity held power: the power to arouse others; the power to shame and arouse her, even the power to save her house. It was, to Kim, an interesting thought.

Sharon returned to the car and draped the wrapped bundle of clothes on the passenger seat. She got in and started the car without a glance back at Kimmie. She drove Kim home, neither of them speaking until Sharon pulled into Kimís driveway. She looked at Kim who seemed to be lost in thought and smiled at the blush that still adorned Kimís cheeks. "Iíve only got one thing for you to do tomorrow," Sharon said.

Kim looked at her, "Yes, Miss Reed."

"You need to make sure there is nothing in your car you can use to cover up. Empty your trunk as well as the interior, this includes the floor mats. There is to be nothing you can use to conceal yourself in your car.† Youíll be following me to work on Tuesday. Iím going to inspect your car and if I find even one thing," she held her index finger up, "well then, youíll be dressing on the porch, got it?"

A day away from Sharon sounded like Heaven. "Yes, Miss Reed."

"See you Monday."