Kim and Sharon
Chapter 3

by Tester86

Part 1

Kimberly was sitting on her bed, freshly showered, when the doorbell rang.  She looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was twenty till seven; Sharon was apparently anxious to start Kim's day.  She had not slept well, the day with Sharon running through her head.  She knew she'd obey Sharon but was uncertain as to the real reason.  She had been excited by her near exposure at the restaurant last night and just thinking about masturbating with Sharon watching was making her pussy moist.  Imagining the revealing clothing she'd be wearing aroused her and while she hoped her time on campus would be tame she secretly hoped it wouldn't be as well.  Was saving her house the icing on the cake or was it merely the meal before dessert? She wasn't sure and all night, with sleep just toying with her, she thought of what she'd be made to do.  She had wondered the day before if she could and as the doorbell rang again she reasoned that she could. She could indeed.

Part 2

Sleep had eluded Sharon as well.  Like Kim, Sharon had masturbated to two wonderful orgasms. And, like Kim, she had lost sleep playing the day before over in her mind.  She was certain that she owned Kim and the feeling of power that swelled in her was enormous. The thought was exciting in a way she had never felt.  It was a drug that burned in her with the fury of a lightning strike. She owned the bitch; little miss perfect would obey her. If the thought of losing her house did not keep Kim in line, then the thought of releasing the pictures she had of her would.  The revealing pictures at the strip club were one thing, but the pictures from yesterday of Kimmie masturbating would definitely keep that bitch obedient. It was so personal that Sharon was certain Kim would want to keep those pictures secret, no matter the cost.

Smiling, nearly laughing, Sharon rang the bell a second time.

Part 3

Kimberly stood naked at her front door and invited Sharon inside.  The street was empty and Kim held her breath until she shut the door behind Sharon.

"Good morning, Kimmie." Sharon was gleeful seeing Kim standing there nude. 

Kim did not know what to say and so kept quiet.

"Is that anyway to greet me? I guess I won't have to take things easy on you today after all."

"Good morning, Miss Reed," Kim nearly tripped on the words trying to get them out.

"Too late."  Sharon was laughing now. It was just too easy. 

Kim bowed her head.

"Now, what are your rules?"

Kim looked at Sharon and recited the rules that she'd been given.

"Very good, Kimmie," Sharon said and seeing the blush on Kim's face she knew that the bitch had broken the third rule the night before. "Now, let's go and decide what you're going to wear to work today.  Don't forget, we're going shopping this afternoon." Sharon led Kim to the bedroom and commanded Kim to stand by the bed.  Sharon remembered the clothing from the night before and immediately chose the black skirt, just about eleven inches in length. She rifled through the blouses and chose a light blue, long-sleeved blouse with a hemmed collar. Sharon bent and grabbed a pair of black pumps with a modest two-inch heel. "Here you go. Carry these to your rug and then get back here."

Kimberly grabbed the clothes with her nipples hardening at the thought of wearing the small pile to work.  Could she? She asked herself again. Her pulsing sex answered the question for her.  She placed the clothing on the rug and hurried back to Sharon. 

"Now, put your hair in a pony-tail and do your make-up just a bit heavier than normal and be quick about it." She pulled her camera out of her purse and snapped a few more pictures as Kimberly hastened to obey. Sharon wondered how hard it would be to create a web page; she needed someplace to put all these pictures, she reasoned.  "Let's go," Sharon said as Kim finished with her make-up. As she had hoped, Kim looked younger with how she'd done her face and hair.

Kim stood on the white rug and pulled the skirt up her legs. She had only worn the skirt out at night, never during the day and she felt it was just too short! She ran her hands along the back and the skirt covered her ass completely and she was fully covered in the front, but she was very aware of her lack of panties and she was worried if the fact would be evident when she sat.  She pulled on the blouse; her nipples were standing firm and proud and even covered they were the most noticeable thing about the shirt.  "Please," Kim said, "this skirt is too short for the classroom."

"Is that any way to ask me to embarrass you?" Sharon mocked. "I think it's too long. Stand up with your arms straight down."

Kim simply hung her head; not wanting to meet Sharon's smiling eyes.   She held her arms down and as commanded the day before, her middle finger touched skin.

"See," Sharon said, "too long. I think all your fingers need to touch some skin. Yes," she was nodding now as if she were agreeing with herself.  "It's definitely too long. Put your shoes on and let's go."

Kim obeyed. She grabbed her keys and purse from a table in the foyer and followed Sharon outside, locking the door behind her. She could feel the cool air of the morning caress her bare legs and tickle under her skirt. Again she felt her ass, making sure it was covered. This was a clubbing skirt, she thought, not one to wear teaching students. 

Sharon snapped another picture of Kim as the bitch waited to be let into the car.  Two more pictures captured Kim climbing in the back seat. Sharon climbed behind the wheel and turned to look at Kim. With her crimson face and hard nipples she was the perfect model of embarrassed arousal.  Sharon snapped another picture and grinned, "I have another rule for you, Kimmie."

Kim just looked at her.  "Yes, Miss Reed."

"Get in the middle of the seat and spread your legs."

Kim shifted positions and placed a foot on either side of the center console, her feet about a foot apart.

"I'm waiting. And move forward."

Kim shifted closer to Sharon, her ass nearly to the edge of the seat. She spread her legs a bit wider and watching Sharon she spread them further until her knees were about two feet apart and her feet nearly touching the two outer doors. Her skirt rode up her thighs and her naked pussy with the thin line of pubic hair was on display.

Sharon snapped another picture. "Very good. Now, every time I say ‘spread' this is how you are to move your legs, got it? I don't care where we are. If you're sitting, this is the view I want. If you're standing, then your feet had best be two feet apart. Got it? Now what's the rule?"

"When you said ‘spread', no matter where we are, then I spread my legs like this," she could feel her thighs burning with the position she was holding her knees and she could feel the cool air caress her wet pussy.

Sharon snapped on last picture and then started the car. She adjusted the rear-view mirror to watch Kim. "Don't close them," she warned. "I'd hate to have you sitting on your desk like that." The threat was evident. Sharon backed from the driveway.

Kim did not know where to look. If she looked down she could see her wet, naked sex staring up at her and if she looked outside she was certain that her face was scarlet and her shame and arousal evident and if she looked forward she could see Sharon watching her with malignant joy.  She simply closed her eyes, held her legs wide apart and chewed on her lips nervously.  She was nervous; what would her students think? Would they know that under her skirt her pussy was bare?  What would the rest of the faculty think? They respected her, would they after they saw how she was dressed today?  And what of Sharon's comment that her skirt was too long? Surely she would not have to wear shorter ones to class, would she?

And, Kim thought, I have to ask to be humiliated more.  It was almost too much. But, she reasoned with resolve, her house was worth more. "Miss Reed," Kim said, thinking of the previous night and her much needed and forbidden orgasm, "to humiliate me, may I masturbate?"  

Sharon smiled. "I don't think I'm gonna count that one, Kimmie," Sharon said sounding both amused and annoyed at the same time. "I'm sure you snuck one in last night which violated the rule about having an audience when you masturbate and as you're such a slut it isn't really that humiliating to masturbate, now is it?"

Kim's face burned in shame as she whispered, "No, Miss Reed."

"No, indeed. Now, you need to come up with a better way to have me humiliate you. Chop chop." The blush on Kim's face confirmed what Sharon had thought, Kim had come the night before.

Kim swallowed, hesitated, and finally said, "May I take my top off?" She was in the car, she'd be safe. 

"Is that how you ask?" Sharon's voice was cold.

"Miss Reed, to humiliate me, may I take my top off?"

"By all means."

Her face burning, Kim unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it off, baring her breasts to Sharon and whoever else happened to be looking in as Sharon drove to the campus across town. Her nipples were hard nubs and she could feel the cool air of the car against her damp sex.  Looking up she met Sharon's gaze.

"You enjoy this, don't you?" Sharon asked. "You said so at the restaurant when you took your panties off. Wanna tell me about it? No," she could see Kim hesitating, "I think you will. What do you think?"

"Yes, Miss Reed," was all she could say.

"You're divorced; did you do things like this with your husband? Did you strip for him in public places? Did he humiliate you?"

Still chewing her lower lip, Kim nodded.

"Where did he embarrass you the most, Kimmie?"

With a small voice, Kim replied, "Macy's."

smiled, "I can't wait to hear all about it, but it's show time." Sharon put the car in park. "Put your top on and close your legs. Do you want your students to know what a slut you are?"

Kim's legs snapped together audibly and she hastened to don her blouse, buttoning it closed all the way to her throat.  To Kim's delight, they had arrived on campus unseen. She straightened herself up and as she climbed from the car she could feel the cool morning air caress her thighs beneath her skirt.  She looked at the school, the car, Sharon, back to the school and then ducked down, "Please," she begged, "I can't. I tried, really, but I... I...."

Sharon bent down, her face inches from Kim's and hissed, "Listen to me you little bitch. I don't give a shit what you think you can and can't do. That is not up to you, anymore. Got it? You're going to do this or you're gonna lose your job and your house; either way I don't care. This is not a game; this is about me toying with you because I can. I tell you what to do, you do it. Deal with it. Now, stand up."

Crying, Kim stood.

"Undo the top two buttons."


"Three buttons."

Again the fact that Sharon hated her slammed across her consciousness and with trembling fingers, Kim unbuttoned the top three buttons. She looked at herself in the car's window. The blouse was tidy and nothing untoward was visible except the spiked points of her nipples pushing against the silk.  Her legs were mostly bare but, again, nothing that should not be seen in public was displayed. She wiped her eyes with her palm, choked back a dry sob and whispered, "I'm sorry, Miss Reed."

Sharon's crotch pulsed with the submissiveness Kim displayed. "If you ever pull this shit again..." her voice trailed off; she did not need to elaborate.

Kim shook her head, "It won't."

"Now, meet me here after work. We're going shopping, remember?"

"Yes, Miss Reed."

Together, they walked into the English Department wing.

Part 4

"Nice duds, Misses Turner."

The second class of the day began as the first; her students commented on her attire, laughed at her crimson face and then sat quietly as they continued their studies.  As the day progressed, fewer and fewer words were said but to Kim her students seemed a little more unruly. Normally they were quiet an well-behaved until she dismissed them, now they all seemed to be a little more liberal with their comments and twice Kim was certain she heard the word "slut" whispered from the back of the classroom.  Three times during the day she had had to admonish the students for their whispering.  Was it simply because of what she was wearing? Was her attire so much a part of her demeanor that when one changed so, too, did the other?  Feeling self-conscious about her bare legs and braless breasts, Kim was certain the answer was yes.

"Don't forget," she said to the final class of the day; her students eyeing her with almost predatory looks, "you all have papers due on Monday."  With that she dismissed them.

The day had not been too bad. She had sat at her desk where her legs were hidden by the modesty panel of her desk that ran to the floor and she had worn the top to work before. Typically her nipples weren't so obvious but she was able to hide them as well with her own book held vertical.  No; it wasn't too bad. She could do it.  She could.

Part 5

"How was class, Kimmie?" Sharon taunted.

Sharon laughed, "See, I told you that skirt was too long. Don't worry. We'll fix that tonight.  Get in, we're going to your place and then shopping."

Without being told, Kim climbed in the back.

Pulling out of the teacher's lot, Sharon said, "Spread."

Kim obeyed silently.

Part 6

Standing naked in her bedroom Sharon handed Kim the short, green mini-dress she had tried on the night before.  "Run this to the door and grab a pair of scissors."

Kim hastened to obey. She dropped the small dress on the white rug by the door, made her way to the kitchen to grab a pair of scissors and then walked back to her bedroom where Sharon was sitting on the bed.  "Here you go, Miss Reed."

Sharon laughed. "Those aren't for me, silly.  They're for you. In fact, it's a new rule.  Are you ready? Scissors will be carried in your purse at all times. Got it? You never know when an outfit you are wearing needs to be modified."

Blushing, Kim said, "Yes, Miss Reed."

"Now, tell me about Macy's."

Kim exhaled once and began to speak.

Part 7

"Give me your panties."

Kim looked at her husband and giggled, "You like this, don't you?" She lifted her butt from the seat of the car and shimmied her skirt higher.  Her pussy was wet; she enjoyed how he looked at her.   She pulled her skirt higher feeling a spark of excitement as her fingers tickled along her thighs. She slid the skirt upwards until the white lace of her panties was visible to her husband. "These?" She was teasing him.  She hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled her panties down her legs and held them on one finger to her husband while her other hand held her skirt, keeping her pussy exposed to his longing gaze.

He took the panties from her, held them to his face and breathed in her scent.  "Very nice," he said.

Kim trembled at the approving tone.

He hung her panties from the rear view mirror, "Looks and smells better than the dumb pine cone."

Kim laughed and fingered her pussy.  She ran her hands along her sex, pulled her wet finger from her pussy and tasted herself.  Looking at her husband she fingered her sex again and this time had him taste her.  She continued to rub her pussy, her eyes never leaving his. Her nipples were hard, happy points and her pussy was sloppy wet.  She enjoyed his reaction; his eyes were on her more than the road and his shorts did little to reveal a solid erection.  She tasted herself again and then reached over and grabbed her husband's crotch through the fabric of his shorts.  "What are you planning?"

She knew him; his mind was devious and seldom did she dislike the games he came up with.  Well, that's not true, she thought. Seldom did she dislike the games he came up with when they were alone and together; she didn't really like the parties with other couples that he would sometimes drag her to. Still she went for him; it made him happy.

"Remember college?"

How could she forget, she had met him during her sophomore year at a frat party. He had introduced himself as Mark and almost immediately they had hit it off. So much so that by the end of their second official date she was imagining their wedding.  He had not mentioned nuptials until date number five.  During their three years together on campus, they were inseparable. It was then that he had introduced her to the finer points of exposing herself and it was there that she found how much she had enjoyed it. Since then, he seemed to always find new and exciting ways for her to expose herself. The sex afterwards was always memorable.



"Well," Mark looked at the road, tearing his eyes from his wife's neatly trimmed pussy, "we're gonna one-up something from then."

That did not help Kim decide what they were going to do, but she knew she'd go along. Like it or not, she always did.

They pulled into the mall and walked arm in arm into Macy's through an exterior entrance.  Kim was conscious of her naked pussy under her short skirt.  She was certain others could smell how excited she was; she knew she could.  He led her through the store and grabbed a dress from a rack without looking at the size.  He led her to the fitting rooms and as no one was watching, scurried into the dressing room with her.  "Give me your skirt," he said with playful eyes.

Kim smiled at him, wondering what he was thinking and unfastened her skirt. She stepped out of it and handed it to him.  "You liked?" she asked playfully.

"I do." He took her skirt, stepped closer to her and cupped her naked pussy.  "I like very much."

Kim could feel the heat of his body as her knees buckled, dropping her sex harder against his probing hand.  She rotated her hips, begging with her actions for him to take her. 

"Meet me in the car," he said abruptly, his eyes sparkling with mischief. He left the dressing room carrying her skirt and the decoy dress, leaving her naked from the waist down wearing only a small tank-top that barely covered her breasts.

"Mark," she screeched in a hoarse whisper.

But he was gone.

Kim stared open mouthed at the hanging double doors. Gone. He had walked out with her skirt, leaving her naked from the waist down in public. Her purse was in the car so she could not grab something and quickly don it and then pay for it. She'd have to run half-naked and shamed through the store and outside to the waiting car. She had streaked the mall parking lot once in college at Mark's request. No, not request, at his insistence. Then, as now, he had left her no choice. Her pussy throbbed. Taking a deep breath, Kim pushed through the double doors.

Kim ran.

She ran through the women's department. Past the skirts and dresses and shorts and pants; past all the items that would conceal her better than her hands. Her left hand held splayed did little to cover her naked ass while her right hand hid the thin line of pubic hair from the gazing and shocked looks of the other shoppers.  Voices rang out, taunting her, teasing her. She could feel the blush burning her cheeks and knew, without looking, that her face was scarlet. Catcalls and wolf-whistles attracted more attention to her nakedness.  Still she ran.

She darted out of Macy's and ran across the parking lot to where Mark was sitting in the car laughing at her. To Kim, it was an evil laugh; he was being mean. This was not a game, this was humiliation. She made it to the car and climbed in with her face red, her anger high and her pussy dripping.  The shame and humiliation had excited her.  Mark's response and laughter infuriated her. 

There was no sex that night.

Part 8

Sharon was laughing, tears streamed down her face. "That's priceless," she said. She coughed, gasping for breath.  She wiped her damp eyes. 

"It was so humiliating. The looks, the catcalls. All of it.  I never want to do that again!"

Sharon bared a toothy smile, "I'll never force you to be bottomless in a Macy's." Totally nude, she thought, well, that's a different story, isn't it? Is tonight too early? She wasn't sure. "Let's go. We need to get you a phone and some more clothes before you go to the club." Sharon stood and led Kim to the front door.  She watched as Kim dressed and together they left the house, Kim locking the door behind them.

Sharon climbed in the car. She watched Kim get in the back seat.  Kim sat in the middle and kept her legs demurely closed, her knees clamped together. Sharon just looked at Kim through the rear-view mirror.  Kim did not notice, her eyes were downcast, the memory of her streaking Macy's still playing in her mind.  After a few moments, Kim lifted her eyes and seeing Sharon staring she parted her thighs, feeling the lime-green dress lift higher along her thighs until her pussy was exposed and open. 

Sharon backed down Kim's driveway and wordlessly drove to the mall.  "Get out," Sharon commanded. 

Kim followed Sharon into the mall. Her dress was short and tight and revealing. It followed Sharon's rule, all of her fingers touched skin with her arms hanging down. The dress ended just below the swell of her ass and there was only about two inches of material hanging below her pussy.  The top was tight, her breasts outlined perfectly. The color was lime green and bright and wearing it, Kim stood out like a flashlight in the dark.  Her head held low, Kim followed Sharon.

The first stop was Abercrombie and Fitch, the store known for selling clothes to young teenagers, not women nearing thirty.  The store was full of teens and photos of bare-chested boys adorned the wall next to pictures of bikini clad young girls.  Kim tried to hide amongst the racks of small, tight clothes, but Sharon would have none of it. "Get over here," she commanded, her voice loud enough to draw the attention of the other shoppers.  When they had entered the noise within the store had dropped, Kim blushed, knowing that they were being watched. No, she corrected, Kim knew that she was being watched.

"Try this on," Sharon said, holding a small, denim skirt up to Kim.

Kim grabbed it and turned towards the changing room.


Confusion played over Kim's face.  "Miss Reed?"

"Did I say go to the changing room? No. I said, try it on. Here. Now!"

Kim wanted to scream in frustration but instead she simply hung her head. She stepped into the shirt and fastened it around the waist of her dress. With the button fastened and the skirt zipped, she pulled her dress free of the denim, folding the hem of the dress upwards across her breasts.  She could feel the cool air of the store caressing her thighs and the hem of the skirt cut across the lower half of her now semi-revealed butt.  The skirt barely covered the apex of her thighs. 

"Turn around and bend over."

Kim obeyed wanting this nightmare to end.  Let's go, let's go, let's go, her mind chanted. Oh, please, let's go. 

Bent as Kim was Sharon could see Kim's pussy peeking from between her thighs, the skirt riding even higher on Kim's ass until leaving her totally exposed. 

Kim's legs nearly buckled when she heard Sharon say, "Spread."

Kim inched her legs apart. Her pussy was wet and the air was cold against it.  Still she spread her legs, until she stood, bent over, her feet nearly three feet apart. She was displaying herself to whomever walked by. Her pussy was open and wet, arousal and shame kept her cheeks cherry with color.  Nothing was hidden from view; her private parts were no longer private and unlike the strip club, Kim was definitely not in control. 

The store was silent, all eyes watching her lurid display and Kim wondered which was worse: the silence now, all voices rendered mute by her display, or the catcalls she had heard when she had streaked Macy's due to her ex-husband and his wicked imagination? She thought the silence was worse; there was nothing to distract the leering eyes from her nakedness. 

"Stand up, you slut," Sharon teased.  She grabbed four more skirts the same size and one a size larger. She then told Kim to remove the one she was wearing.  Happily, Kim hastened to obey. She dropped her dress, and shimmied free of the skirt.

Sharon was enjoying Kim's distress. The look of terror that played in Kim's eyes made Sharon want to explode in delight. The bitch belonged to her.  There was no doubt about it, not after that display. Sharon knew Kim would do anything she was asked. The power left her light-headed. 

Turning back to the racks of clothing Sharon grabbed a few T-shirts, some small, some as large as they could be. All had the letters A & F written on them. "What do you think?" Sharon asked. "A & F.  Ass and Flaps?"

Kim was too humiliated to blush any deeper.  "What ever you say, Miss Reed."

"Wait by the door," Sharon commanded as she turned towards the register. As promised, she would purchase the clothes for her little Kimmie-Doll.

Kim stood by the entrance to Abercrombie's, drawing attention from the passerby's along the wide hallway.  She stood, her head bowed, trying to hide her face.

"What was that?"

"She's a little show-off," Sharon said to the woman that was ringing up the purchase.  "She gets off on it and she finds it more exciting if she doesn't know what's going to happen. I'm just helping her out."

The young woman completed the sale and handed Sharon her business card. "If you want," she said looking around to make sure she couldn't be heard. She hadn't completely believed the woman's story, but she knew how to play along and enjoy opportunities when they appeared, "I'm the weekday manager and I could use a mannequin." She raised her eyes as if waiting a response.

Sharon looked at the card, turned it over to examine the blank back and smiled, "I think, Vera, we can work something out."

"Excellent," she exclaimed. "I look forward to it. I gave you a discount for the show."

Sharon giggled; she couldn't wait to tell Kim that her nakedness had once again made money.  She figured it would embarrass the little slut even more. Sharon asked for another card and gave Vera her phone number.  "Call me and we'll schedule something."

With the sale complete, Sharon walked from the store all smiles and let Kim know how lucrative her body had been.  Kim, for her part, just wanted to leave the mall, leave the state, hell, leave the planet. 

They stopped next at Sharon's cellular provider and in almost no time and with Kim simply standing at the entrance, Sharon purchased a phone for Kim and added the phone to her plan.  She handed the phone to Kim. "You don't need to know the number as I'm going to be the only person to call you on this.  Anytime the phone rings you answer it with, ‘Yes, Miss Reed.' If you get a text message, it will be a command from me and you will obey. Got it?  You are a slave to me and to this phone."

Tethered always, Kim thought. Could it get any worse? Yes, she reasoned, it can always get worse. It was one of the great and mysterious truths about life; no matter how bad things got, it could always get worse. "Yes, Miss Reed."

Sharon looked at the time, "we need to get you to work.  You must be pretty uncomfortable standing there with all those clothes on."       

All those clothes? She was wearing nothing more than a tiny, neon dress.  "Yes, Miss Reed," Kim said.

"Yes, you are uncomfortable with all those clothes on? Perhaps you should take the dress off."

Kim snapped her head to look into Sharon's dark eyes.  She couldn't be serious. Could she? "Please, no," she begged.

No, Sharon thought, it wasn't too soon. "Follow me," she was almost laughing at Kim's distress. She led Kim through the mall, Kim's face hung in fear. Sharon led her past the food court and shops and kiosks hawking jewelry and hats. Past the entrance they had came in and into Macy's.  Sharon took her to the fitting rooms, not grabbing a dress from the rack.  They entered the small cube together. "Give me the dress."

"Please," Kim said, falling to her knees to beg, really beg.


Kim choked on her words. "You... you said you'd never make me go bottomless in Macy's."

"You won't be bottomless. You'll be naked. Now, give me the dress or give up your house.  I'm sick of arguing with you."

Resigned, Kim pulled the straps of the dress off her shoulders and dropped the bright cloth to the floor. She stepped back, picked up the dress and handed it to Sharon.

"Now, what did your husband say? Oh, yes. Meet me in the car.  I'll be nice, this time. I'll meet you at the Macy's entrance.  Give me a few minutes." With that Sharon grabbed the dress, the bag from Abercrombie's and the bag with Kim's cell phone, leaving Kim naked and alone in the Macy's fitting room.

Time stood still for Kim. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't stay here, Sharon would only wait so long, but she couldn't run through the store naked. If she stayed, Sharon would surely leave. She would be stuck until the store closed and then how would she get home; naked with no I.D., no money? It would be a long and humiliating walk.  No, she reasoned, she had to once again streak Macy's. The short term shame outweighed the long trek.

Kim waited five minutes and then she ran. Reliving the streak her husband had put her through. This time she wasn't wearing a top; one hand held her naked breasts, the other covered her pussy. Her ass bounced as she ran, she couldn't conceal everything. She darted from the store, once again hearing the whistles and shouts and taunts burn in her ears. She pushed past an elderly couple as they entered the store, surprised and ashamed when the old man held the door for her.  Still she ran. She dashed into the parking lot, looking for Sharon's car.  She scanned left and right and finally spotted Sharon, not up by the door but at the far end of the lot. Kim was crying in shame as she streaked across the pavement in the bright daylight.  Holding herself, she ran.

Sharon was crying as well, savoring Kim's distress. She had never laughed so hard in her life, watching little miss perfect run naked across the parking lot.  She had almost left, thinking how much fun that could have been, but decided not to.  She didn't want to break Kim this early in the game.  She knew she would in time; she just wanted to enjoy the torment for a while longer. Watching Kim run made her pussy pulse with need.  She'd take care of that later.

Kim made it to the car and threw herself into the back seat, ducked below the windows and sobbed. 

Sharon let her cry and drove Kim to work. She was giggling as she thought that Kim would get to reveal her body even more before the day was through. 

Part 9

Sharon watched, as promised, as Kim put in her full shift at Pussy Cats. 

She had started each dance with just panties, not having any brassieres to wear.  As she had been commanded, Kim had dutifully doffed her panties at the end of her first dance and had given them away. The crowd seemed elated to see the souvenirs and by the end of the night, Kim had made more money than any previous night.  Saddened by her day, but unbelievably aroused by all that happened, during her last dance Kim had pulled a chair onto the stage and masturbated to a noisy orgasm in front of the whole audience. The tips and applause were impressive and even Sharon was amazed at how resilient her little Kimmie-Doll seemed to be.  The entire night, while not dancing, Kim served the men in the private rooms to the right of the stage.

At the end of the night, Sharon drove Kim home. Kim was wearing her green dress and just sat silently in the back seat, spread, her phone in her purse next to a large pile of cash.

Dropping her off at her house, Sharon said, "See you tomorrow, Kimmie."

"Yes, Miss Reed." Kim sounded weak, even to herself.

Sharon watched as Kim walked into her house and shut herself away from the world.

Kim stripped on her Dressing Rug and took a forty minute shower, trying to wash the day away. She traipsed naked to her bed and an hour after locking herself in, Kim was asleep.

Part 10

Sharon masturbated to a delightful orgasm, decided it wasn't enough, and picked up her phone. "Jason," she said, "get over here and do me!"

Twenty minutes later, Jason Townsend, a senior at the local high-school arrived at her door and did as he was bid. Sated, Sharon sent him away. It will be easier, she thought, next year when he's a student at her college. The wait had nearly been too much; Sharon could be impatient.

Ten minutes later, Sharon was asleep.