Kim and Sharon
Chapter 2

by Tester86

Part 1

Kimberly sat in the back of Sharonís car, Miss Reedís car, and trembled with fear.† She had been both embarrassed and excited by removing her panties at the restaurant.† It was the same thrill she had gotten when sheíd done the same with her ex-husband.† It was thrilling and scary, fun and horrifyingly humiliating.† And she enjoyed it.† In her first three days as a stripper, while it was fun, to Kimberly it was not particularly embarrassing; one was supposed to see naked women at strip clubs; it was just a job.† It was the risk involved with public exposure, where nudity was not supposed to happen that excited her and Sharon had let her know that for Kimberly, she was to expect it.

Could she?† That was the question that ran through her mind and the thought that she could terrified her. Not that Sharon would make her, Kimberly was certain that she would.† In her mind she heard Sharon say, "You will wear what I tell you to wear, strip when I tell you to strip and anything else I can think of." Kimberly knew she should not go along, that she should just take her chances with the Dean of the college. There were worse things that she could have been doing to get herself fired. Was a second job at a strip club offensive enough to the college administration to warrant her firing?† If she had tenure, a fact that Sharon had so gleefully pointed out that she did not, then this would just end with a warning with the promise that the stripping would end.† Still, would the same punishment not be issued to a non-tenured employee?† Kimberly was not sure.

Her house. That is what it came down to. No matter what, if she disobeyed Sharon, then the pictures would be distributed to the Dean and a decision as to her job would be decided and either way, fired from the college or not, sheíd lose one of her two jobs and right now she needed both.†

She raised her head from her hands and watched Sharon watching her. It was apparent that Sharon hated her and she knew that sheíd suffer as Sharonís play toy. Again, could she do it?† She knew she had to try, no matter how humiliating, she had to try.

Part 2

Sharon drove back to the college to allow the bitch to fetch her car.† During the drive she watched Kimberly carefully in the rear-view mirror. She could see the questions, fear and doubt race through the womanís mind as tears fell and wrinkles formed around her eyes and across her forehead. Kimberly was suffering and Sharon liked it.†

While Kimberly was thinking could she, Sharon was wondering would she?

She had a few ideas and knew that plenty more would be forthcoming and it all come down to what Kimberly feared most; losing her house or losing her dignity.† She hoped the latter.

Part 3

"Give me your skirt."

Sharon and Kimberly stood next to Kimís car with the driverís door standing open.


"Shut up! Listen you little whore, this is not open to debate, discussion or consideration. You do what I tell you, got it. I thought we went through this.† Weíre going to your precious house, Iím following you. Without a skirt, youíre not apt to go anyplace else, right? Give me the skirt.† Now!"

Nervously looking around, Kimberly unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it down her legs.† With her panties at the restaurant, she was naked from the waist down.† This was different than stripping at the club; to Kimberly, this was much worse. The parking lot was deserted save for their two cars and the only lights lit on campus were parking lot lights and lights at all the entrance points to the buildings. Still, she was respected here and this was a public venue where nudity was not the norm. She blushed as she picked up her skirt and threw it in her car.

"No," Sharon said to Kim, "give me the skirt. Canít have you covering up for the drive home."

She bent over, her pussy peeking at Sharon from between her legs.† She grabbed her skirt, stood, and held it out to Sharon.

"Nice ass," Sharon mocked.† "And it smells like you like this."

Kimberly stepped back against the open car door and covered her pussy with her hands, her blush deepening at Sharonís words.

Sharon laughed. "Iíll follow you to your house. Donít drive too fast. Iíd hate to see you get pulled over."† Still laughing, Sharon went to her car as Kimberly climbed in hers.

Part 4

Sharon pulled in behind Kimís car and laughed as Kim ran, half-naked, from her driveway to the front door.† She was enjoying Kimmieís discomfort and humiliation.† She grabbed her camera from the glove box and walked to Kimís door smiling as Kim hid just inside.† Sharon stepped into Kimís house and laughed again as Kimberly quickly shut the door as if she could banish her shame with that one quick move.†

"First," Sharon said as she pointed the camera at Kim, "strip off the rest of your clothes."

Kim stared at the camera, wondering how much worse that would make things. Here, inside her home, she figured not much.† She unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor as Sharon snapped pictures. She unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor and Sharon snapped more pictures.† Sharon took pictures of Kim from all sides and angles.

Kim, for her part, stood there motionless, her hands at her sides. She felt her shame increase with each artificial sound the digital camera made to indicate another moment was captured. Kimís nipples were hard and she could feel the arousal in her wet sex; if Sharon were not here she would not hesitate to drop to the ground with her clothes and masturbate.

Sharon snapped a few more pictures and then said, "do you have a small rug?"

Kimberly nodded.

"Fetch it."

Kimberly ran through an archway behind her, deeper into the house and came back with a soft, white bathroom rug.†

"Very nice," Sharon said pleased with how well this was going.† The bitch really did want to save her house and so Sharon figured that Kim would indeed obey her.† This was going to be so fun, she thought. "Now, set it down on the ground next to the door."

Kim obeyed.

"Letís get a tour of the house, start here and end at your bedroom."

Kimberly looked at the rug, wondering what it was for.† Seeing Sharon stand quietly, with her camera held in front of her, Kim reasoned sheíd know in time.† "This way," Kim said.†

The foyer had three archways that led into the house. The first led left to a large living room that had a modest sized TV and a small loveseat. Sharon remembered that Kim had said sheíd been recently divorced and that explained why there was not a lot of furniture to be seen. Off of the living room a small hallway led to two small bedrooms and a full-sized bath. Each of the two bedrooms had a bed, one twin and one queen, and each had a dresser; both rooms were clean.† The bathroom was tidy and an ocean scene adorned the shower curtain. A pair of doors stood open with a washer and dryer tucked into a tidy closet. This side of the house, Kim explained, was unused with the exception of the laundry nook.† Kim led Sharon back into the living room to an attached kitchen. The kitchen was well stocked with an island sink. The stove sat along the back wall with a small window overlooking a dark yard. Across from the sink one archway led back to the foyer where Kimís clothes still sat. Trotting naked across the kitchen Kim pointed out the dining room that held a small dinette set and the third archway leading to the foyer.

Off of the corner where the kitchen joined the dining room a set of double doors stood. Kim opened them and escorted Sharon into the master bedroom.† A large bed sat along the back wall sandwiched by two end-tables.† A stately dresser with a large mirror sat to the right of the bed. Kim could see her naked body in the mirror with Sharon snapping pictures behind her. The contrast of her nudity against Sharonís smartly dressed appearance caused her sex to pulse with need; she was both embarrassed and aroused.

Across from the bed a short hallway led to the master bathroom. Two walk in closets merged off the hallway and an open door led into the master bath. The bathroom had an enclosed toilet on one side with an enclosed shower on opposite and a large sunken Jacuzzi tub dominated the back wall.† It was a fairly nice house and Sharon understood why Kimberly wanted to keep it.†

Sharon walked back to the bedroom and Kimberly followed.† "Are you horny?" Sharon asked.

Shamefaced, Kimberly nodded.

"Then lay down and masturbate for me." Sharon commanded and waited. This was going to be a great test, she thought. If Kim does this, then she is mine.† Sharon raised the camera.

Kim hesitated, stepped towards the bed, stopped and then with a small sigh climbed into bed.† Her hands dropped along her naked breasts, caressing them. They were firm, not small but not huge with dark pink nipples pointing upwards like a soldier at muster.† Kim caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples and then slid her hands lower. Her fingers reached her needy sex, her legs drifting wide apart, and Sharon disappeared from her mind as she quickly brought herself off with a noisy orgasm.†

The entire four minutes, Sharon snapped pictures.†

With her need reduced Kimberly opened her eyes and snapped her legs closed.

"Open them," Sharon commanded.

Kimberly slid her legs apart, her pussy staring at Sharonís camera.†

"You are very pretty," Sharon said, "and I am going to have so much fun showing you off."

Kimberly lay still, her legs parted, her hands at her side, waiting for Sharon to tell he what to do.† She was blushing still and while her immediate need had been met she could feel her arousal starting to climb again.

"In a minute weíre going to go through all your clothes. I will decide what you can keep and modify and what will be thrown away.† You are going to have a lot of new rules and a new dress code to keep up with.† If I find you disobey me, then these pictures," she indicated the camera, "will be posted all over campus.† I am going to make you do some very embarrassing things, things I know Iíd not want to do to test you. If you want to keep these pictures private and if you really want to keep your house, Iíd think twice before you disobeyed me, got it?"

Kim could only nod.

"Good. Youíre going to help me humiliate you, too. Isnít that fun? You are going to ask me very politely, starting with ĎMiss Reed, to humiliate meí and ending with something humiliating and youíre going to do it every time we are together.† Got it?"

"Yes, Miss Reed."

"Now, that rug in the foyer. Do you know what it is for?"

"No, Miss Reed."

"That rug is the only place in this house that you are allowed to wear clothes. This is the first rule, so make sure you remember it.†† When you get home, and assuming you have clothes on, you will step onto the rug, strip, and then you can step off it.† When you are leaving the house, you will carry your clothes with you to the rug, then you can get dressed and leave the house.† And this is only when entering and exiting the house. If the doorbell rings, youíre not leaving, so youíre not dressing. Now, what is your first rule?"

"That I am only allowed clothing in the house on my dressing rug and then only when entering and exiting my house," Kimberly shuddered with the exciting humiliation of it. And the words "assuming you have clothes on," made her pussy clench in nervous expectation.

"Dressing rug, I like it. Now, that pubic hair has to go.† When do you work at the club next?"

"Tomorrow, Miss Reed. I work Mondayís, Thursdayís and Fridayís."

"Good. Tomorrow, for your first act, you will come out with a chair wearing a bra and panties only.† For the first dance, you will strip to nothing. When the second song comes, I want you to grab a razor, a bowl of water, shaving cream and a towel and on stage with all those men watching, you are to shave your pubic hair all off. Got that?"

Kimberly surprised herself as she said, "Miss Reed, to humiliate me, can I please shave my pussy on Friday? Thereís always more people at the club on Fridayís?"† It seemed a very tame start.

Sharon almost grabbed her own pussy with the power she was wielding over Kimberly. This was working out much better than she had hoped. She had not expected it to go as far as it had, to be perfectly honest with herself and to hear Kimberly obeying and actually within minutes, using the words she had been ordered to use, coming up with a way to add to her humiliation, Sharon almost swooned.† She knew she had dominant tendencies and now having a woman, one she did not particularly like, obeying her, it was almost too much.†

"Yes," Sharon said.† "And that covers this time weíre together.† Very good, Kimmie." Sharon really hadnít expected anything from Kimberly tonight; she thought she might be pushing too hard. Maybe not.

"Now.† Stand up; you look like a slut with your legs spread like that."

Kimberly shook at her words; Sharon was the reason her legs were spread so wantonly.† She bit her tongue and climbed to her feet.† Sharon sat.

"I want you to grab every pair of panties that you own, and be quick about it."

Kimberly knew where this was going; it was one of the games she had liked to play with her ex-husband. He often controlled what panties she wore, or did not wear. Kimberly made her way to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She pulled out all the panties inside, opened the second drawer and grabbed a few more pairs, the second set much smaller and more revealing. She placed the panties on the bed.

"Now," Sharon said. "We are going to make three piles. One will be your stripper panties. One will be your granny panties and the third will be your work panties.† Show me each pair and Iíll tell you one, two or three.† Begin."

One by one Kimberly held up the panties. The G-strings, thongs and boy short panties were all put in one pile, the conservative panties, the kind that Kim wore to the doctor, were in the second pile. When they were finished there were only two piles.†

"Go grab some garbage bags and a gym bag if youíve got one," Sharon commanded.

Kim obeyed.

"Now, put all these panties," Sharon indicated the colorful pile of sexy panties, "in the gym bag.† You will take these to the strip club. Put the rest in a garbage bag."

It dawned on Kim that there were no other panties, the ones that Sharon had said would be for work. "Miss Reed," Kim said, "what about work?"

Sharon laughed. The laugh instantly reminded Kim that Sharon was not her friend; that Sharon was not having fun with her. The laugh was full of malice. "Thatís just it, Kimmie.† Panties are not something you get to wear, ever. Well, thatís not true. I find it more humiliating to let you wear panties as a stripper. Each night you dance, you can wear a pair of panties for the first song. Imagine how good theyíre gonna feel as you slide them on. Youíll feel normal for what, five minutes? Then, you get to take them right off. I want you to remember what itís like to wear panties, that way you can miss not wearing them the rest of the time. Isnít that great? And it gets better. Your panties are gonna be souvenirs. After you take them off, with the music playing and all eyes on you, I want you to give your panties to a guy in the audience.† Not just any guy, the guy who tips you least during your dance. I wonder how long it takes for people to figure that out.† Donít tip, get panties.† How much money will that make you?"

No, Kim thought, I am doing this because I need the money. "Please, Miss Reed, I need the money. Let me give them to the biggest tipper." She was debasing herself now, dropping to her knees and begging Sharon not to hurt her this way.

"No! Thatís final. But you do beg nice. Maybe it wonít be too bad. Maybe no one will catch on and if they do, theyíll think youíre just trying to coax some cash from him."

Kim was really scared now, what seemed fun and just a tad risky was getting too real. But, she thought, choking back a sob, I canít stop now.† Her pussy was dripping.

Sharon continued, "Next, bras are a thing of the past, throw them all away."

Kim scampered to obey, worrying about working at the college without a bra.† She kept quiet.

"Now, your legs.† They will not be covered again. All pants, shorts, jeans, sweats, anything with legs gets put in a trash bag. Got it?"

Kim was nearly in tears as she went through the dresser and then the dual walk-in closets, packing her clothes, half of which she got with her emergency fund after the divorce, into the white garbage bags. When she was done, she returned to the bed where Sharon was sitting.†

"I donít want you to get fired, actually," Sharon said, admitting it to herself for the first time, "whereís the fun in that?† So Iíll let you keep most of your tops for now, but from this day forward, weíre carpooling.† Iíll come by every morning and help you dress for work. Then Iíll drop you off after work unless I have some fun planned for us. Now, grab all your skirts."

To Kim, it just kept getting worse. She had started to warm to the idea of playing these games with Sharon, but now she realized that it wasnít a game. To Kim it was something she had to do to keep her house. To Sharon it was a game; a game that only Kim could lose.† Kimberly gathered up all her skirts and spent twenty minutes trying them on for Sharon.† The skirts were sorted into three piles, unlike the panties that had only been divided into two. The first pile of skirts was thrown away; they were too long and conservative and that was not allowed.† The second pile contained exactly three skirts. Kim had blushed as she tried them on.† The longest of the three was twelve inches in length and while it covered her ass and pussy, she knew sheíd consciously have to watch how she moved to prevent revealing what she was wearing, or not wearing, underneath, the other two were just a bit shorter with the third revealing the sweet curve of her ass.† The third pile was skirts that Sharon ordered to be taken to the tailor and have shortened to twelve inches.† Twelve inches, Sharon explained, was the maximum length her skirts could be.

"What about work?" Kimberly was shaking in fear.

"Donít worry about it; thereís no dress code at the college. Well," Sharon was giggling now, "no dress code that the college dictates. But you definitely have a dress code. Stand up and put this on." Sharon handed her a skirt. With it on Sharon said, "With your hands straight down, you touch skin. That is your dress code. All skirts and you need to show me all your dresses next, will have this requirement; with your arms down, your fingers touch skin.† Got that?† What is your second rule?"

Tearfully Kimberly squeaked, "With my arms straight down, my fingers touch skin."

"Exactly. Now, like I said. I donít want you to get fired, but I do want you to be humiliated and believe me, you will be. Your students will get an eyeful but only if youíre not careful. Iíll clear your attire with the Dean; I have tenure and am on the advisory board.† Besides, you have no choice."

They went through the dresses and Kimberly got to keep four dresses that met the second rule. Each was short and revealing; one was black and mostly see-through, Kimberly had only worn it once for her ex-husband to a swinging function.† One was bright green and tight, wearing it, Kimberly would definitely stand out. The third was basically two short pieces of velvet with a lattice-work of strings holding the front and back together and keeping the sides open. The last was totally see-through and wearing it Kimís lack of panties and brassiere would be evident.

Besides, you have no choice.† Kimberly kept hearing that in her mind and her legs nearly buckled; that was the part that she got off on and why the strip club did not bother her. At the club, she had a choice, the power to remove and arouse. With Sharon, she had no power, she could only obey; she had no choice.† Her face flushed with arousal, not embarrassment over those words.

"Now," Sharon said.† "Put the bags in my car. Hurry up.† Put the clothes from the rug in the bag, too."

Kim grabbed the first bag when Sharon interrupted her, "Take that dress off. Weíve seen your clothes, and you wear nothing in the house, remember?"

Kim started to protest and then thought better of it.† She removed the dress and naked took the four bags of "garbage" to Sharonís car including the blouse and brassiere by the front door.† She returned to find Sharon putting the approved clothes in the smaller of the two walk in closets. The larger one was now totally empty save as even Kimís shoes were moved to the smaller closet. "Your clothes are so small; you donít need the big closet do you?"

"No, Miss Reed," Kim said with her head bowed low. It would be another reminder of her place, Kim thought, like the panties at the strip club.

"Now then," Sharon looked at the blushing and still aroused Kim, "do you have a cell phone?"

"No, Miss Reed," Kim admitted. "I could not afford one and itís just a luxury."

"Well then, Iíll pick you up tomorrow for work and dress you, my little Kimmie Doll.† Then, after work weíre going shopping and Iíll take you to the club and Iíll stay the whole time watching you, wonít that be fun? Donít worry about the money, I am well off, as I said, and itís only right that I buy the clothes I want my Kimmie Doll to wear."

Kim said nothing; she just sat there with her head bowed in shame and resignation. And, she hated to admit it, arousal.

"Third rule," Sharon said with a grin that hurt Kim, "no masturbating without an audience, even if that audience is just me.† Got it? Whatís the third rule?"

"No masturbating without an audience," Kim choked on the words. Masturbation was so private, so personal; revealing it was worse to Kim than the revealing clothing.

"Very good."† I may not know tonight, Sharon thought, as she was certain that Kim was going to have an orgasm almost as soon as she left, but Iíll know for sure soon enough. Her mind was spinning with good ideas. "Now, walk me to my car." Sharon grabbed the gym clothes full of panties.

Kim walked Sharon out of her house still naked, looking around to see if her neighbors were watching.† The houses near her were quiet and still, but would they stay that way? She wanted Sharon to hurry.

"Iíll see you tomorrow morning. Be a dear and count to 100 before you go inside. Good night, Kimmie."

With that Sharon drove home and Kim counted to one hundred in less than twenty seconds. She then ran inside, locked the door behind her and sat on her dressing rug and masturbated.† Twice.

Part 5

"Hi, Dean Waters.† Sorry to call so late."

Dean Waters was a patient man and dedicated to his job; a call this late did not surprise or bother him. The conversation did. When he finished listening he rubbed his temples and said, "How short are we talking?"

"Well, if sheís not careful, you could tell what color panties she has on.† I was surprised too, but you know, she just got divorced and has not been feeling sexy. Thatís what she told me anyway over dinner.† I think sheís just trying to find herself again, to feel sexy again. The students here are young but almost all of them 18 or older, so theyíre adults.†† I think the young girls are not helping her ego; sheís nearing thirty.† And I looked; we donít have a dress code per se." Sharon was rushing through her speech.

Dean Waters thought it over and reluctantly agreed, "We donít have a dress code, you are right about that. Sheís a good teacher; if she wants to show off, to feel better about herself, then I guess Iím okay with that as long as her students donít complain and she keeps doing her job."

Sharon smiled a toothy smile of victory.† "Iíll let her know, Dean Waters. Thank you, sir."

"Good night, Sharon."