The Cabin
by Tame_Me

This is fiction, if you donít like stories about sex, torture and bondage, go away. If you get hurt trying some of the things described here itís your responsibility.

Anna and Hellene were new to the neighbourhood and didnít know very many people yet. George and Nick had noticed them the day theyíd moved in but had been packing to go away for their annual trip up north and had left without talking to them. Now Anna and Hellene are both about five six slender full breasted black curly hair and deep brown eyes. In fact they are twenty two year old twins. Nick and George are both stocky well build powerful looking young lads of twenty four years. They were about five eight and are also twins. During the three weeks the boys were up north the girls learned where things were and how to get about the university town. They met up with Steven, twenty three, a six foot blond boy who was slender, Karen, who is twenty four, his neighbour, also very blond and Sarah twenty four and Colin twenty five. Sarah is a red headed athletic girl who loves to swim and Colin is a quiet but respected guy who was a bit of a loner. His straw coloured hair baby blue eyes and self confidence made all the girls wish heíd pay attention to them. Now Sarah and Colin shared a secret. Once in Colinís den they had been caught by Colinís very strict father kissing and partly undressed. Colinís father had taken them to the cabin a place that punishes people for hire. There they were made them to both strip, bound, their hands to a rope hung over the main beam in the cabin above their heads and they were caned. They had then spent the night tied naked outside sitting tied to a rough log, on their whipped bums. The worst of it was when the next morning Peter had taken snap shots of them as they walked back to the cabin hands lashed behind their backs. Peter and Margaret were into bondage games and had often used the experience of these games to punish clients. So now Colin and Sarah were both very close and worried that Colinís dad would tell Sarahís parents and show the pictures heíd taken. What they did not know was that Sarahís parents had also been involved with the decision to send them to the Cabin.

Now a day after Nick and George came back Anna and Hellene were at Colinís house with Karen, Steven, Sarah and Colin when Nick and George came over for the pre school barbeque. It wasnít long before Nick and Hellene and Anna and George had paired off and everyone was chatting amiably. It was then that Colinís dad David asked the kids if they would like to go up to their farm for the next two weeks, prior to university starting. They would all have to start classes in three weeks so theyíd have a week to get whatever they needed. Colin was leery but the others were all enthusiastic and decided to ask their parents if they could go. Now both Dave and Julia assured the kids parents that theyíd be along for the two weeks as well so the trip was quickly arraigned.

It was a beautiful summerís day when the last person Sarah arrived at about three in the afternoon. The others were swimming in the pool Margaret informed her. So Sarah changed into her swim suit after settling into the girlís room and went for a swim with the admonition to get them back in for supper in about an hour.

Four fun filled days went by and then it happened. David and Julia went into town to do some shopping and to see the film showing in the local theatre. The kids thinking they had about five hours alone, decided to play strip poker while Colinís parents were away. Dave and Julia left and headed for town movie first and then shopping they said theyíd be back about six that evening and left at eleven before lunch. The kids played and were soon all of them naked, but they assumed that they were safe since theyíd set an alarm clock to go off at five. The idea being that they would have an hour to clean up and get presentable. What they didnít know was that the film projector was broken in the theatre and the show wouldnít be available until the next day. So David and Julia decided to shop, grab a quick bite and get back home for a swim. They arrived back at three oíclock and found all the kids, naked, paired off, and playing with each other.† The kids were so engrossed they didnít hear Colinís parents until it was way too late.

"What is going on?" Dave bellowed. Instead of an answer he got a scramble as the kids got dressed as quickly as possible. When they were finally dressed and tried to answer apologising, blushing and generally making it worse David ordered them all to their rooms and not to talk. It was about three hours later when all the parents were contacted and told of what had happened. They were all asked to come to the farm and help decide what should be done. The kids were kept in their rooms until the next morning when all the parents had arrived. They were all assembled after the parents had talked for three hours.

Dave had been elected spokesman by the parents. The kids stood facing the parents and waited wondering what was coming.

"You kids have disappointed us all very much. You all know that it is my wifeís and my beliefs that pre marital sex is wrong. I know you are all adults, and that you have the right to indulge as consenting adults in sex, even in an orgy. What I and your parents are upset about is that you abused my hospitality, embarrassed us, and made us feel we canít trust any of you. Weíve decided to give you two options for punishment. One you all move out of the homes you are in and receive no support paying rent from us. Two you can go to Peter and Margaretís cabin for a week, thatís seven full days of punishment. They will be told that you are to receive level five punishments, unless you earn more. You may elect more severe punishments and shorten the time but less severe will not be allowed. Now go into the next room and decide what you want to happen."

The kids assembled in the dinning room and took very little time to decide that the cabin was their only choice. After all there was less than two weeks to find a place to rent and prepare for their first classes. They informed their parents of their decision and were sent back to their rooms where they were fed but told to stay until they were taken to the cabin. David called Peter and told him what he wanted. Peter arrived, money changed hands, plans were made, and everyone was told how the kids would suffer for the next seven days. The established rules were that Peter and Margaret could humiliate them as much as possible cause them pain that would leave no permanent marks, exhaust them, and make them earn more punishment if at all possible. The kids were not told the rules, so that they were more vulnerable.

Peterís cabin is built of logs and stone. When you enter the front door there is an eight foot by eight foot room with a tile floor, sort of an enclosed porch. On the right there is a large walk in closet for coats etc. and a washroom on the left. Straight ahead there is a door which opens into a very large thirty by forty foot, twenty foot high room. The room has a large table at one end and a balcony with stairs going up to a doorway at the back on the left. The balcony comes halfway into the room ten feet above the floor and four feet into it. Behind the balcony is where the four bedrooms are located. The kitchen dining area is off to the left through double doors, just under the balcony, and a games room is located off to the right. Sparsely furnished, the main hall, as everyone called it, gave a feeling of great grandeur to the place. Against the left wall under the stairs is a very large locked cabinet flanked by three large wooden chests all of which were padlocked. Two chests are on the right of the cabinet and one is on the left.

Dave, Colinís father and Paul, Anna and Helleneís dad drove the kids to Peterís the very next morning. They left at five in the morning for the two hour drive and arrived just after seven. The kids were blind folded with sleeping masks Peter had provided. When they arrived they were lined up in front of the cabin still blinded. They listened to Peter and David talking heard the scratch of a pen and the cars drive away. They were left to stand blindfolded for about a half hour. Anna remembered standing stomach churning knowing she was about to be punished, unable to see, forbidden to talk, sweating with worry. She later said that that eternity standing in the dark was the worst of it all.

"What do you have to say for yourselves?" Peter demanded.

"Weíre all in love and itís natural." Steven replied for the group.

"You know youíre here to be punished for your behaviour." Peter said, "You all decided to accept this punishment instead of another, am I right?"

"Yes sir." Colin replied.

"Was he the only one who decided to have this punishment?" Peter demanded.

"No sir, we all decided to be punished here sir." Steven answered. Peter smiled.

"Ok Iím going to remove your blindfold, when I do I want you to ask me to punish you then, and do it properly." Peter demanded.

Peter then removed Karenís blind fold she blinked and said. "Please punish me sir." Peter removed Steveís eye covering who said, "Please punish me sir."

Once all the kids could see again, Peter placed a small chest in front of them and said.

"Ok since you asked so kindly I will punish you. I will give you a choice to either be caned two hundred strokes each. These strokes will be given over the seven days while you live in the stocks. You will be given five strokes during five sessions on the first and second day and then two sessions of five strokes on each remaining day, or you can be tied in a predicament tie that causes pain, depending on how you stand, to various parts of your body. You will stand for twenty four hours if you pick that option. The predicament stand is more severe than the caning and, unless you earn more punishment, you will be free after the twenty four hours is up."

Peter looked them over than went and stood in front of Steven.

"Steven and Karen you will begin. Karen you will remove all of Stevenís clothing. Steven, do not hinder or help her." He ordered.

So Karen bent and removed the shoes and socks Steven was wearing, then his shirt revealing his muscular chest, then she undid his pants, and tugged them down. She turned toward Peter who told her to get on with it and get him naked. So she pulled his knickers down and then had him step out of them.

"He has a nice prick doesnít her girls?" Margaret chuckled causing Steven and the girls to blush.

"Now Steven you undress Karen until she is totally nude, no hesitations and Karen donít help or hinder him." Peter demanded.

So Steven removed her sandals, the wrap around skirt she was wearing then her blouse, he smiled at her pink lacy bra as he removed it and then he pulled her panties off.

"Sheís got nice tits." Peter said causing Karen to blush.

Peter then stepped forward and placed a collar with a strong belt hanging down from it around Karenís neck while Margaret did the same to Steven. The belt hung down their backs and reached just above their belly buttons. Peter pulled Karenís arms behind her and fastened them to the belt where it hung down behind her by the little straps that were attached to it. Karen found her arms were higher up than comfortable and she choked herself slightly when she tried to lower them. Steven was in the same predicament she noticed. Every one also noticed Stevenís erection.

"Do you like it when Steven gives you an orgasm?" Peter demanded.

"Uh, ya, uh I mean..." Karen responded.

"Yes sir or no sir." Peter said swatting her behind with a crop he carried.

"Yes sir." She replied quickly.

"Steven, kneel." Peter demanded as he pushed Karen toward him. Steven knelt and found himself staring at Karenís snatch as she was put in front of him.

"She likes it when you make her cum Steven so show us why youíre being punished and make her cum."

Steven didnít move until Peter struck him with a riding crop, whack across the buttocks. Then he started licking and working Karenís slit. Soon Karen was gyrating at the hips and moaning, and inevitably she came screaming.

"Steven, do you like it when Karen makes you cum?" Peter asked.

"Yes sir I do." Steven answered eying the crop. He was ordered to stand and he noticed, as Karen was made to kneel, all the girlís eyes on his rampant prick. Soon Karen was sucking him and he was fucking her face.† It wasnít long before he shot his load into her mouth. He now realised as his arms cramped just how much punishment this might become.

"Whoís next?" Peter asked them. "Be quick you donít want me to pick."

Nick and Hellene stepped forward and were made to go through the same routine stripping each other being bound and eating each other to orgasm. Then Colin and Sarah took their turn, finally George and Anna. As Anna got to her feet Peter asked the group if they would take the cane or the predicament. They all had received a swat for one reason or another and were leery of one hundred strokes each. Peter was very strong.

They watched as Margaret carefully folded their clothing and locked it in a chest beside the front door.

They all agreed to take the predicament, so Peter led them into the cabin. Margaret moved them all into a large circle in the hall facing each other. They looked at one another hands locked behind their backs and wondered what would happen next. As they were being put into the circle Peter went over to the chests and cabinet and got out various items. The first thing he got was nipple clamps which he placed on every one of them. He told them all how, when they were pulled, they tightened and demonstrated this by pulling on one every time he passed one of his prisoners. Next he went up the stairs and appeared above them on the beam above their heads Anna noticed that there were many beams above them and the cords Peter dropped dangled right in front of her face. Margaret was standing in front of Karen placing something on the floor beside her and clamping whatever it was to the floor. When she moved away Anna saw that they were inverted V shaped metal bars about a foot long with a hole through the middle and they were about three feet apart. Peter was above Karen everyone noticed.

"Karen I want you to step up onto these bars on either side of you." Margaret instructed So Karen helped by Margaret got up on the bars which raised her about six inches off the floor. Margaret then attached the dangling cords to the nipple clamps. Margaret then made Karen step down off the bars, which she did her nipples being pulled viciously. Peter let the cords slacken slightly, marked them, slackened them so they were not pulling, and moved over to the next person, Nick. Margaret meanwhile locked a cuff to Karenís ankles and the inverted V bar preventing her from placing her ankles close together. Then they did the same to the others. Every one was made to feel the pain as their nipples were pulled by the chain. It wasnít long before Peter returned to stand in the middle of the circle. He moved to Karen and clamped her labia one on each side.

"My, my, my, doesnít she have a loud voice." Peter said after Karen had calmed down. He then whipped her once with the crop for hurting his ears.

Then he clamped Anna, Hellene and Sarahís labia. Margaret placed a ball harness on each of the guys Starting with Steven and then Nick, George and finally Colin. Karen looked across at Steven bound as he was and found the sight turned her on.

"We are about to begin, so here are the rules and a description of what you will go through. When I say start you will all step up onto the bars beside you. I know that it hurts your feet; it is after all a punishment. Once you are up I will make you squat slightly so that you are not standing fully erect. We will then attach the cord to the guyís balls and the girls cunts taught to that length to the bolt in the floor below you. Then I will push this button and the cords attached to your nipple clamps will be tightened to where I marked them. You may step down from the bar at any time but of course that will hurt your nipples. You may stand on the bar as long as you like but that hurts your feet. You can try to stand erect and hurt your balls and cunts. We will take pictures of you as you suffer. Oh yes one other thing any one screams loudly like this, he shouted but not too loudly, will trigger the decibel meter and we will see it in the morning. If it has been triggered we will show you all the report and you will be caned five strokes for every mark, you may talk if you wish. The reason for the caning if you shriek is because if you do make that loud a noise it will disturb our work or rest."

He showed them the printout from the meter with the black mark on it. They were all standing on the floor as he spoke and he asked them if there were any questions. They shook their heads and he then pushed the button heíd indicated. They all gasped as the cords tightened quickly. In twenty four hours you will be released from the predicament." He said and he and Margaret moved around the circle and snapped the first pictures. Anna wondered if she could survive this torment when she noticed Peter standing in front of her pointing his camera at her. She blushed humiliated as her legs were wide apart and her body was obscenely open for him to look at. The flash blinded her slightly and she realised he had a picture of her naked body. After a while they were left alone and she began to pay attention to the others and what they were saying. She watched Karen step down and heard her hiss as her nipples rose up high and stretched.

"Ahhh God that hurts." Karen said stepping back up onto the bars pulling her labia down because she tried to stand too tall. She whimpered in pain and bit at her lip.

Nick tried getting onto the floor and was also soon back up on the bars. Anna realised she had to step down soon because her feet felt like they were being cut open.† She stepped off the bar and a fire of pain washed through her chest making her gasp. "Shit." Sarah swore as she stepped down for the first time. Anna climbed back onto the bar her legs hurting from not being able to stand with her legs straight. The pain in her chest lessened and her feet hurt more but the new pain as her labia were pulled nearly made her fall off the bar as her sister Hellene also straightened her legs too much causing her to gasp.

"Try to move slowly," Colin advised every one, "If you fall off the bar it will hurt enough you will scream, and the last thing we want is to be caned while weíre tied up like this." By six hours they were all sweaty and barely able to stand their legs shook and they stood on the floor as long as they could stand to. Peter returned and took more pictures of them as they all moaned and begged for release. "It wonít be long now kids, only twelve hours left." He taunted them.

The sun was streaming through the window and everyone was shaking covered in sweat when Sarah slipped trying to get down and shrieked as she hung from her nipples. Colin who stood opposite her noticed their incredible stretch out and asked her if she was alright.

"Ya Iíll live, nothing a new tit wonít cure." She answered as she regained her balance.

Two other girls triggered the meter before Peter and Margaret appeared. They took more pictures and then stood looking at the kids smiling. A chime sounded and Peter spoke and pushed the button.

"Predicament is now finished, I will check the meter, Hmmm three triggers thatís fifteen strokes each. We will go in this order Karen and Steven, Anna and George, Nick and Hellene and finally Colin and Sarah. Margaret was removing the cords that attached the nipple clamps to the beam over head and the cord attached to their genitals. Every one clenched their teeth as the pain of the clamps being removed from their nipples was felt.

"This is new," Peter said gesturing to a set of bars and pulleys, "Notice this horizontal bar over which you must bend." They nodded as they looked at a frame that was like a stretched U from the side and an H from the end. "Notice the pulleys on the bar on the ground, and the one on the floor behind the frame. These will help you stay in position while you are whipped and will also cause your whipping partner pain." Peter explained as Karen and Steven hobbled over to the frame. Karen watched as Stevenís legs were spread wide and attached to the bottom of the two uprights of the frame. She was moved forward and her legs spread the same way.† She then watched as her nipples were attached by clamps to cords that came from pulleys on the frame near the floor about four feet in front of her. She followed the cords and saw they were attached to Stevenís nipples. She felt pain as her labia were pulled back forcing her to she shift her bum further back and her chest lower so that the pain was lessened. The cord going through the central pulleys went behind Steven she noticed through a pulley behind him and onto his ball separator. She looked between her legs and saw her labia stretched out by a cord passing through a pulley behind her body which was attached to Stephenís balls.

"Ladies first," Peter said and everything went dark as he blindfolded her. She didnít know but Steven was also blindfolded.

"Karen you are being punished for having shrieked and disturbing our rest." Peter said, "You will be whipped fifteen times and you must count every stroke. If you miscount we will start over, if you do not speak quickly enough we will retake that stroke. Your punishment will end with Stevenís last stroke."

The guys stood behind Karen her cunt exposed to them and the girls stood behind Steven his balls presented to them.

Whap. "One" she counted her labia and nipples pulled as she reacted to the stroke. Steven moaned as his balls and nipples were pulled. Thwack the cane hit the bar beside her she jumped hurting Steven and herself. Bang, two whap three she counted smack four, then five. Six landed inside her left thigh but she counted that ok seven and eight were straight on her other thigh and she counted those swats ok, nine caught her buttocks dead center and her nipples were tortured as she tried to straighten but again she counted out nine, but ten. Ten was an upward swing that caught her inside both labia just below her clit. She shrieked and bucked causing Stephen to cry out as his balls and nipples were pulled. She didnít count the stroke soon enough so that stroke was retaken, slap ten she screamed her being was just one great pain, eleven, twelve shish clank Peter struck the frame so no count, thirteen caught her inner thigh fourteen and finally fifteen extra hard right in her slit again causing her to shriek and take it over because of a slow count whap fifteen she howled. And everything went quiet. A crack and she felt pain in her nipples and labia as she heard Steven begin his count. Pain and more pain. Colin looked at the pair bent over writing in agony and wondered if he would look that sexy. He glanced at the other guys as they stood watching and saw that they all had erections just like him except Steven who was being caned. He couldnít see the girls very well but knew that this was going to be one painful whipping. It wasnít long before he was the one in pain his balls and nipples being pulled by Sarahís reaction to the whip.

After all of them had been whipped Margaret told them that they would have a new challenge after theyíd eaten. They were all released from their bondage and told to report back in the main hall after they had eaten and cleaned up. They went toward the kitchen with a cheery "and be sure you arrive naked or else." ringing in their ears.

Once they arrived upstairs Anna asked Colin why they had to remain naked. Colin blushed, forced his eyes away from her chest and told her that Peter and Margaret probably had more punishments for them. When asked what for Colin answered that he didnít know but that they would probably find out. They all ate showered and went to the bathroom before heading as a group to the kitchen. The girls all looked at the mostly erect boys and the boys admired the bouncing tits and swaying hips making their arousals more prominent.

Peter was waiting for them, his grin made Colin worried.

"Ok kids, you must now choose a punishment, either caning ten strokes, plus three hours on the bench, or six hours in the stocks with three strokes every hour." Peter said.

"Excuse me sir but why are we being punished further, didnít we suffer enough to have learned our lesson?"† Steven demanded.

"What were you all punished for?" Peter replied as Margaret joined them.

"For having been naked together at Colinís house and offending Colinís parents." Steven answered.

"Correct." Peter answered, "But now we need to punish you for each of you having sex with your partners.

"What!" Sarah and Karen snapped in unison. Peter held up his hand and led them into the den. There on the computer screen was a picture of Colin on his knees his mouth working on Saraís pussy. Peter touched the space bar on the keyboard and there was Sarah Colinís prick in her mouth. He cycled through the pictures of George and Anna, Nick and Hellene and Steven and Karen all performing oral sex and obviously aroused. The teens groaned as they realised how theyíd been trapped.

"Well what punishment is it to be?" Margaret asked.

The kids talked and then after some discussion Colin acting as their spokesman asked, "Sir isnít there any punishment that we could take to remove all our offences at one go?"

"You mean something to get it all over with in one fell session?" Peter asked knowing full well what they wanted.

All the kids nodded, so Peter and Margaret went into the corner away from the nervous teens. After some discussion, and looks over their shoulders, making the teens even more nervous Peter and Margaret returned to give their answer to the kids.

"Ok, hereís the score, you all had sex with your torment partner, right?" Peter snapped. The kids all nodded. That means the session has to be for eight sexual acts. Each session weíd planned for you was on a scale of one to ten about a four which means that the session has to go up to a twelve in order to be equal to what weíd planned.

Colin blanched, heíd only received a twelve once before and he didnít want any of his friends to suffer like that. "Sir, are you really sure?"

Peter just looked at him. Sarah looked at him and worried as she was she grasped his hand and said, "We can do it if we stick together."

Peter interrupted what ever else she was going to say by instructing Colin to explain what they were getting into while he and Margaret checked that they had everything required for the punishment. After they walked out of the room Colin tried to explain the punishment levels.

"OK guys listen up and consider this, what we went through last time was only a five. The pain in the feet and nipples, balls or cunt lips each count as one. The fifteen strokes only count as one and every six hours in a predicament is a half point. Thatís how we got five. Now we could go back into the same predicament for twelve more hours and receive fifteen strokes while standing on those bars once every hour during the last seven hours. That way what weíd just been through would be made into a twelve. Of course they could make it the last six hours of a twenty four hour torture. They were given about a half hour to discuss it until Peter and Margaret returned.

"Well whatís it to be four, sessions rated at four with a small break in between or one twelve?" Margaret asked while Peter grinned evilly.

"Weíve discussed it and even though my friends have an idea of what a twelve entails they want to do the twelve and get the punishment finished as quickly as possible. Before we do that I have a request, would you describe what will happen in detail and for how long so that they know what the twelve really means?"

Peter paused as if in thought before he agreed to explain the punishment they would receive if they still wished to take it.

"Ok Iíll tell you." Peter said his voice flat.

"First you will all be exhausted by night time discomfort for the next two days and work in the yard or cabin during the day. On the third day at six in the morning you will all be led outside to the dancing ring. There your ankles will be attached to the tracks that lead to the centre of the dancing ring. Your arms will be bound to cause maximum discomfort.† You will be attached to a forty pound weight, ladies by your labia guys by your balls. The weight will be on a five foot tall piece of ice and as it sinks on the guiding pole the chain attached to your privates will pull you in. Once youíre all in the middle the sensors under your feet will turn on the spanking machine we call the spider. You will all be hit sixty two times on the welts you received from the stinging nettles you walked through getting to the centre of the dancing ring. Also attached to the weight will be the nipple clamp chain that will hold you in spanking position which is as erect as possible.† The spanking will take place as randomly as the computer can make it possible and you will be hit on the buttocks, the inner thighs, and the last two strokes. These last strokes are special, they will hit you straight up your ass crack for the first one and then straight onto your balls guys and your clit and slit girls for the last one. These last strokes are made under controlled force to cause maximum pain without any damage. Iíve been told that you will only feel like youíve been killed. After the spanking you will have to stand for another half hour in place during which time you will decide who will be helpless for the next two days the guys or the girls. After the two helpless days by who ever the helplessness will be imposed on the other sex. You will then be humiliated on the fifth day according to the terms of the original punishment. You now have five minutes to decide if you will go through that punishment or head for the stocks and four other lesser punishments."

Peter concluded and turned to Margaret.† He had trouble hiding his smile because heíd not told them absolutely everything and he really wanted to see how well they would handle the torture they would have to endure.

"We have to do the stocks Ďcause the time wouldnít let us prepare for school properly." Steven finally said.

"Ok, let me think and Iíll see if I can shorten the time line." Peter answered then left the room.

Peter returned about a half an hour later and the grin on his face made the kids nervous.

"Hereís the scoop kids." he sniggered, "You will all remain here until midnight in an uncomfortable position. At midnight I will receive some new toys that you will all wear for the next two days. During the evening of the last day you will all serve dinner and drinks while wearing the device. After the party finishes you may all go home to your parents."

George asked Peter to describe the toy and all Peter would say was that it causes pain to your nipples and balls or cunts depending on your sex. Peter told them that being in the device for the fifty to fifty four hours would make a twelve and that serving at the party would definitely qualify as the humiliation they were supposed to receive.

"After the punishment you will be able to get dressed and go home." Peter concluded.

The kids talked and decided that it would be worth it because they would be finished all punishments within fifty four hours after it started.

Margaret then told them they were to be prepared to wait for the delivery of the devices. They followed her back into the main hall where they were to wait.

"George and Anna, come here please." Margaret ordered.

They moved under the beam and noticed Peter lowering another cord. Margaret told them to relax that this cord was to simply hold them in place.

The others watched as George and Anna were attached by a clamp applied to their noses. The chain joining the clamps was pulled until they were almost touching. Georgeís penis was poking Annaís pubic hair. Handcuffs were produced and Annaís hands were locked behind Georgeís back pressing his naked body against hers in an enforced hug. His hands were then also locked behind her back. Margaret then spread Georgeís legs and attached them to a spreader bar. This created a very interesting situation because neither George nor Anna could move apart easily and Georgeís prick was now below Annaís pussy and could easily pass between her legs. Everyone watched as Georgeís erection hardened and he pulled his bum back so his prick wasnít between Annaís legs.

Colin and Sarah were next and it quickly became apparent to the prisoners that sexual torment would be part of this waiting period.

Nick and Hellene were next with Nick and Hellene both blushing because Margaret commented on Nickís erection and the obvious moisture between Helleneís legs. Finally Steven and Karen were locked together and Margaret told them that the nose chain was tight enough for them to have some movement but they could not kneel or sit. Peter then informed then that they would be locked together for about ten hours and to enjoy themselves.

It was soon apparent to all the prisoners that the boys and girls would have back aches if they kept bent over the way they were standing trying to avoid the guyís pricks from being between the girlís legs. It was also apparent that the erections werenít going away any time soon. Colin pointed out that they would probably be punished very severely if they had sex of any kind and that he doubted placing their pricks between the girls' legs was a good idea under the circumstances.

"What exactly do you mean?" Karen asked him.

"I thought I was very clear." Colin responded.

"It sounded like you would like to have sex." Karen answered.

"You got that right, I would." Colin answered her, "and whatís more I want to watch you have sex with Steven and watch Anna and George and Nick and Hellene do the same thing. Donít you want to do that?"

"Well yes I would actually, so long as we could watch you and Sarah too." Karen replied.

"Colin, Iím not too sure I would want them to watch me make love to you, but I do want to make love to you. Itís just that the sex act is so private." Sarah stated.

"True love, Iím not talking about our first time, just that I want to do it with these our very close friends. After all having an orgasm is also a very private thing but we all did it while the others watched and we all had oral sex while the others watched. I just thought we could all go the distance together and form a special club from it. After all we all have similar likes why not continue this without parental interference?"

The others discussed it and eventually they all agreed that once they moved into an apartment together they would all share in the ultimate sexual act. Eventually silence descended and their backs began to ache. Bodies shifted and the girls manoeuvred so that the guyís pricks were straight up against their stomachs. This eased the strain on their backs but significantly heightened the sexual tension. George and Anna kissed. Soon the group was lip locked with each other and they became hornier. They were not fucking when Peter and Margaret came around to release them and prepare them for their final agony but they had all come very close to it.

Peter commented on how lucky they were that they hadnít given into temptation as having done so would have meant they would have to have performed the sex act at the party in front of all the party goers and they would have been stocked and stroked with a crop by the guests.

They were then unlocked and made to stand apart. The boyís erections bounced as they moved and the girls dripped down their thighs pointing the way with their erect nipples.

Peter lined them up outside the games room door and said, "OK you will enter in here one at a time in the order Iíve lined you up. You will be gagged once youíre in the room and youíll be led outside to wait until youíre all completed. The gag will be removed once youíre inserted in the device."

Peter then turned and escorted Karen into the games room. The first thing she saw was the large plug on the gag attached to a bulb by a hose. Peter pushed the gag into her mouth and expanded the plug so her mouth was very full and all she could do was whimper. He then led her around the partition theyíd placed in front of the door to the rest of the room. She looked in puzzlement at the T shaped pipe with the chains exiting the various ends. She noted that the arms of the T had pipes facing slightly downward and forward and that the base was bent forward in a J shape as well. There were leather cuffs at the ends of each arm of the top of the T and chains extruded from every other entry. About half way down the T was a pair of handles through which a belt had been threaded. A leather cord was also threaded through the handles. Peter made her lift her arms up so her body formed a cross and placed the device on her shoulders. He then pulled the belt tight about her waist and the cord around her torso. The cords went under a breast and over the opposite shoulder where they were tied behind the junction of the T. She was now wearing the T like a back pack. Her arms were then placed in the cuffs. She had to strain slightly to move her wrists that close to her shoulders but it was not a great strain. She then felt pain as Peter attached the clamps to her nipples that were on the end of the chains exiting from the forward protruding pipes. She gasped as the chains were shortened by the simple expediency of folding them and linking one of the links to the nipple clamp. When Peter let go her nipple was very slightly pulled up. It wasnít long before both nipples were caught in clamps and Peter knelt down telling her to spread her legs. Pain in her labia on the right then the left and Peter stood.

"You see these large rings at the mouth of each pipe?" he asked her pointing to the pipe just above and in front of her breast.

Karen nodded that she did and bent to see the one at the end of the J piece just in front and about a foot below her labia.

"Iím going to move the rings out and back five links. Thatís the maximum recommended by the guy who makes these toys. It will allow you to move your wrists about an inch away from your shoulders. Doing that will pull your nipples and pussy lips the same distance. Iím told it hurts a lot if you do that and weíll find out just how much in a moment. So hold still while I move the rings. These clamps tighten when you pull on them by the way so they arenít about to come off."

She watched as Peter moved the first ring back in front of her left nipple then the ring in front of her right. He knelt and she felt a tugging on her labia and wrists as he moved the last ring. He then moved her in front of a very large mirror. She blushed as she looked at herself naked, nipples stretched hands up at her shoulders and her cunt lips slightly stretched. She got moister as the sight of her imprisonment turned her on.

"Ok Karen pull your arms away until the rings touch the pipes."

Karen tried to do as she was asked but was only able to pull the rings to the half way mark before she quit it just hurt too much.

Peter sighed as if to say she was a bad girl and told her to try again. Once more she failed so Peter shaking his head grabbed her arms and pulled them out fairly quickly the rings stopping the outward movement.

Karen screamed into her gag loudly enough that the other kids outside in the hall heard the muffled shriek. She would have fallen if Peter hadnít held her up. He then let her calm down and then led her outside into the chill air of the evening where he removed her gag.

"God that was awful." Karen cried once she could speak.

"Itís a twelve remember not a picnic." was Peterís reply as he turned to enter the games room. Karen waited knowing that soon George, who was next in line, would join her. She heard him shriek just as she had and about five minutes later there was George his prick flaccid, his balls stretched down and forward, and his nipples stretched out standing in front of her. She waited until Margaret left before talking to him.

"You know these things are very cruel we canít sit and kneeling means leaning forward or backward Ďcause the bottom hits the ground." Karen informed him

"You try to kneel already?" George asked surprised, "I can barely walk, my balls are still on fire."

Karen nodded and they stood in silence for a while each beginning to shiver. Another female shriek and George commented that getting caned in these things would probably not be a good idea. Anna came out led by Peter tears streaming down her face. Colin was next followed by Hellene. It was Steve who commented that the worst part of this was that they would be seen like this by people at the party.

"What do you mean?" Karen asked.

"Remember Peter said weíd serve dinner and drinks the last day in these devices." Steven answered. "That means that weíll all be seen naked by whoever will be at this party."

Soon Nick was standing with them the gag being removed by Margaret and they waited for Sarah. Colin winced when he heard the shriek and paced waiting for Sarahís appearance.

Sarah staggered out into the cold air and looked at the other sufferers. She was relieved when Peter removed her gag and allowed her to move over to Colin.

"Ok kids, weíve made a good beginning to your punishment. You may all go inside after a half an hour and sleep, if you can, in the main hall. At six in the morning youíll be summoned to do house work to help us prepare for the party. Any job not done to our satisfaction will earn all of you five swats with a crop. You will all be summoned to the hall and cropped then made to return to your duties. Note that the Ďtwelveí punishment youíre under requires at least one swat which youíll all receive at the party. Doing your work well will make the punishment more tolerable so work hard. Iíll be back in a bit to let you all into the cabin." Peter then stalked off leaving the kids to try to come to terms with what they would be going through in the next two days.

Sarah was still sobbing from the pain when Colin kissed her. "Donít worry honí weíll get through this." He soothed her.

"I know we will but I really donít want to be seen at a party like this!" she cried. "What if some of our new class mates are at the party, or our neighbours, or family?"

"Whoa!!!" Nick interjected, "I doubt that neighbours, and classmates and definitely not family belong to whatever kinky club these people are involved with. Our parents said we should be humiliated and it looks like we definitely will, but I know none of my relatives would ever get an invite to a party like the one where weíll be the main entertainment."

The others talked that over and realised that Nick was probably right. Hellene looked at him and realised that she wanted to know this guy even more. Nick caught her looking at him and returned the look their eyes locking after an inspection of each otherís bodies.

By the time Peter and Margaret came to let them in they were shivering and sore. The shivering caused them to have less control over how well they kept their wrists up which meant that their genitals and nipples were constantly being hurt. They entered the hall and Margaret and Peter ensured they couldnít leave the hall.

"What if we have to go to the washroom?" Hellene demanded as her right ankle was locked to Nickís right ankle.

"Donít!" Margaret answered, "Youíll only have four hours till six am any you can go outside then before you get breakfast."

When completed Colinís right ankle was attached to a ring in the floor and his left to Sarahís left ankle. Her right ankle was attached to Georgeís right and his left to Annaís left. Similarly Anna was locked to Steve and Steve to Karen and Karen to Nick. Once they were left alone the real torture became apparent to them.

"How the hell are we supposed to sleep?" Nick wondered aloud. They stared at each other realizing that lying down would be difficult at best.

"Weíll have to sleep face down because these pipes would really hurt our backs if we slept on them." George quipped.

After some contemplation they all knelt helping each other and hissing in pain as their nipples and genitals were pulled. They found that they couldnít kneel straight because the pole between their legs was just too long to allow it. They all eventually just fell onto their faces their bodies being tormented by the yanking on the clamps. After wiggling and moving with their hands as close to the shoulders as possible, the kids were all face down on the floor. They were in pain with their balls and labia being stretched. The pole that descended between their legs was J shaped and the J hook protruded out in front of their bodies. This caused the clamps to be pulled taught by their chain as the J was forced back away from the position it was in while they stood.

They got very little sleep that night and it seemed to them that Peter had cut their sleep time short when he came in to get them going for their first day of party preparations.

"Ok folks, you got half an hour to get up go outside and do your business and get into the kitchen for breakfast, get moving." Peter bellowed while unlocking their ankles and leaving.

It took them fifteen minutes before George figured out how to stand and it hurt. He had pulled his knees forward under his body and from there into a kneeling position.† Then he half jumped half rocked back until he was standing and it hurt. Needless to say they were all late for breakfast. Breakfast was polite and even joyful as Peter told funny stories and the kids fed each other. They then went into the outdoor shower area where they were hosed off by the garden hose. After the wash they were led to a small valley with a patio in the middle of it.

"This is the caning platform." Margaret told them, "You each will get five strokes of the cane because you were late for breakfast."

Peter took Sarahís arm and led her forward with a cheery, "Ladies first."

Sarah walked onto the white stone and noted the rings set in them. Peter pulled her legs three feet apart and tied her ankles to the rings set in the stone. He then blindfolded Sarah with a sleeping mask. The others stood and looked at Sarah as she stood arms up beside her body, legs spread wide revealing her slightly extended labia, nipples pulled up slightly, water dripping off her body. She seemed to glisten in the sun.

"Count the strokes." Peter commanded as he swished the crop through the air.

Sarah nodded and waited. The sudden pain between her legs half way up her inner thigh of her right leg caused her to yank her hands down making her screech in agony as her nipples and labia caught fire from the tightening clamps and pulling chain. She managed to gasp out her count as she gulped for air and struggled to keep her balance. The next stroke came and she hurt her wrists as she pushed them against the pipe beside her wrist cuffs.

"Two" she gasped.

The others watched and shuddered realizing that they would be next to suffer. Colin bit his lip knowing that if the punishment was protested it would be made worse. Protesting, he suspected correctly is a punishable offence.

Sarah screamed "Three," as the crop hit her left thigh.

Peter waited and watched her shiver tensing her legs and struggling to balance. The water on her body was now Ďsweatí from her exertions as she tried to lesson the torture of the device she was in.

Sarah gasped as the crop struck her left thigh for the second time making it two strokes for each thigh.

"Four", she whimpered and waited for the last stroke.

Peter struck the underside of both her breasts, not very hard but strong enough to cause her to try to reach her breasts. The resulting pain from the chain and clamps caused her to make an odd squealing sound. Fortunately for her the word five could be distinguished in the peculiar noises she was making.

Peter let her stand for a minute and finally removed the blindfold, and untied her ankles. He escorted her off the patio stones and placed her beside Colin. Then he turned and grabbed Karenís arm and led her onto the patio. Once more he forced the legs wide and secured them to the rings. Once more he placed the blindfold over the victimís eyes.

"Donít forget to count the strokes." He admonished Karen.

His first stroke was on her left thigh, his second on her right immediately after she said one. Karen pulled at the chains with each stroke and almost didnít count the second. She did just in time however and Peter left her standing waiting for the stroke. He placed three on her right thigh and four on her left. She counted her voice becoming raw as she screamed in agony after each stroke. She braced herself for the stroke to her breasts but it never came. Instead he struck her right in the ass crack behind the chains attached to her cunt lips from behind to avoid hitting the chains. Karen jerked like heíd set a firecracker off in her ass and somehow managed to say the count on time.

Once more Peter let her stand her to regain some composure before removing the blindfold and releasing her legs.

Anna was next followed by Hellene. Then Margaret led Colin onto the platform. Again the legs were spread and the sleep mask placed over the eyes. Again strokes to the thigh followed this time by a downward swat on his prick. The count was given and the torture device did its work. Hellene watched as the balls were pulled forward and down on the victim. She decided it was a sexy sight, pity it caused such pain.

She decided it was even sexier when Nick was the victim. She had fallen in lust the first time sheíd met him and they had grown close through their vacation and ordeal.† His brother looked so much like him that looking at him was like seeing double and when he was with her sister it was like looking in a mirror. But the subtle differences between the brothers made her like the look of George but not lust after him. Anna she noted seemed to get wet at the thought of George. She looked over at her sister who was trying to keep her hands up and reduce the pain just as she was. "So thatís what I look like." She thought muttering to herself.

Peter finished whipping Steven and stood back as the young man straightened slowly then he removed Stevenís blindfold.

"Ok folks we have guests to prepare for after you eat. The girls will help prepare the bed rooms for those who will stay the night and you guys will clean the main path and the grounds. That must be done before noon or youíll all get five more, understand?"

They all nodded and went after Peter to the breakfast nook behind the large kitchen. Pancakes steamed on plates and they were all told to eat up. They were left in the punishment yoke making eating a mutual affair with the boys placing food in the girls' mouths and vice versa. They were all being slowly tormented by the constant tugging the device caused on their nipples and genitalia. They washed their hands and faces as best they could and then separated to go to their work.

Colin and Steven led the way out to the front of the house and Peter waited there for them. Peter held poles with a nail protruding from the end designed to pick up litter. They were told to make sure that there were no leaves visible from the driveway by noon or else before Peter left them to it.

The girls were led into the den and there Margaret told them to set up all the cots and make them into beds before noon and left them.

When noon came both Peter and Margaret were disappointed because the work was completed on time. The youngster all looked terrible, sweaty and on the edge of collapse, but the work was complete. They were all led into the kitchen and they fed each other a thick delicious stew. After the lunch they were taken outside and hosed down to clean them up a bit and told that they still had work to do.

For the girls more cots this time in the den and for the guys the back yard no leaves to be seen from the house. Peter watched as the guys worked and began to understand the ingenuity they showed. They took the large bag and placed it with on of the sticks holding it open. They then dragged rakes Peter had shown them but not expected them to use to create a large pile in front of the bag. Two of the rakes could be used as shovels to push the leaves so about 60% of the leaves were pushed into the bag. They then recreated the pile and repeated until the poles were actually required to pick up the few stray leaves that remained.† Doing this they cleaned up almost all of the leaves before their five oíclock deadline.

The girls had been equally inventive the side poles of the cots were dropped through the opening in the top with no regard for how they were inserted excepting their order. The canvas was then stretched by four of the girls pulling it while a fifth ensured that the end piece was pulled into place.† Once that was done two girls held the cot up while they squatted and the others set the three thick wire legs in the holes on one side of the cot and the legs turned into their proper position. Once the legs were in the right position they were removed and the process was repeated on the other side and then the cot was placed gently on the floor.† The poles were then spread by two girls standing on the cot and pushing the poles apart with their feet. The wire legs were then guided into the holes on the side they were not in and compressed by two girls using their feet holding each other up. It was a slow process but they were able to get all but one cot done. Peter interrupted them as they were working on the last cot leg. "Super time girls." He announced and made sure they left the cot incomplete.

Margaret had interrupted the guys in a similar manner at exactly the same time. The victims entered the kitchen and wondered where Peter was. They had started eating when Peter entered and told them that they would have to meet him in the main hall after they ate. The dinner was again excellent roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with fresh vegetables all done with a lovely sherry sauce.† They were cleaned after the meal again after having to pick up food in their hands and place it in a partnerís mouth. The boys obviously enjoyed feeding the girls and Margaret commented on their erections as they left the kitchen making both them and the girls blush.

Peter was standing in the hall waiting for them a slide screen was erected beside the cabinet. He pushed a button and there was a picture of the back yard the boys coming in for supper and a small pile of leaves just behind them. The slide changed showing a cot missing its last leg.

"You didnít finish your work, go and do it now." Peter demanded trying to sound angry. It took about thirty minutes before the boys returned and another five for the girls to enter all sweaty and nervous.

"Iím going to give you all a choice of how youíll be punished before you go to bed. Both punishments are predicament ties. One takes place inside the other outside. The inside one will probably last longer but be less painful over all. The one outside will end in maximum pain the punishment yoke can give you. Youíve all felt it once before." Peter said. The prisoners shuddered remembering the extreme pain they had experienced when their arms had been pulled down.

"The outside punishment works this way. A large platform is blown up with air lifting you all about a foot off the ground the battery powering the motor keeping the platform inflated is run by a battery that will drive the motor for about an hour. Eventually the motor will slow and stop and you will have all your weight placed on your wrists. Iíll let you go after one minute of hanging. Option two indoors you hold up a twenty pound weight until two in the morning using your arms. Thatís about six hours from now. Pick what you want."

They were left to confer for five minutes and despite Nick and Colin stating that they needed rest the others dreaded the idea of the maximum pain the device could inflict on them. So Peter lined them up and made them spread their legs. The spreader bar was the longest heíd used on them and they all grunted as they stretched their legs wide.† Peter then locked chains that dangled in front to them to their cuffs. The chains joined about five feet over their head to another chain which passed through a set of pulleys below the beam and back toward the floor.† The chain stopped about six feet off the floor and about five feet behind each person. While Peter was setting up the chains and pulleys Margaret was locking the spreader bars to the floors leaving a boy in front of a girl. Anna stood across from George and looked at his erection aware of him staring from her crotch to her breasts.† His prick twitched when he noted her gaze on it and she smiled at him.

The twenty pounds was placed on the dangling chain ends and each prisoner strained to keep their arms at their shoulders.

"Weíre going to work and rather than have you earn more punishments by disturbing us weíre going to gag you." Margaret said as she approached Steven with a large penis gag.

Steven opened his mouth when Margaret threatened to pull on his wrists and she inserted the large penis shaped probe into his mouth. Steven was glad that the gag allowed him to breathe through it as he was slightly plugged up in his nose. The others were also soon gagged and it was only a half hour before muted screams could be heard as the prisonerís arm muscles gave out allowing the yoke to pull the chains almost as taught as the restraining ring would allow.† The weights sank and rose and the victimís labia, balls and nipples stretched and gave pain. Peter watched them closely knowing that they couldnít possibly take the full time heíd told them theyíd be there. He was very impressed when the third hour began before Annaís shaking became uncontrolled and her arms stretched to the full limit causing a scream that he could hear through the gag.

He rushed into the hall and removed her weight before she could collapse and really hurt herself. Margaret looked Anna over and nodded to Peter who removed her from the spreader bar and lowered her onto her front. Hellene was next then Sarah and Karen. The boys they left for another half hour before allowing them to rest. They were all left gagged however.

Colin had never felt so much pain as he woke to Peter shouting that they had fifteen minutes to appear for breakfast. He pulled his legs under himself and knelt causing the fire in his balls to awaken. Standing reminded him of the fire his nipples were and his jaw hurt from the plastic prick he had locked inside his mouth. He looked over and helped Sarah balance as she struggled to her feet. Despite her hair being a real tangle her body shaking from last nights punishment and the sweaty sheen of her skin he thought she was the most lovely girl in the world. She caught his eye and smiled around her gag.

They were late for breakfast earning them another five swats with the crop. At the end of breakfast Peter took Margaret aside after assigning cleaning duties for them all.

"Marg, weíre going to have to give them a break this afternoon and no more extra punishments, Karen looks like sheís about to break and we donít want that. This is supposed to be a punishment not a torture that permanently scars." Peter said.

"I agree hun, better tell them so that they have something to look forward to. Let them sleep properly without removing them from the yoke if we can or let them go then put them back in it." Margaret replied.

"I think once theyíre out we canít put them back in the yoke so thatís out. I have an idea that should let them sleep, go get all the spanking benches, Iíll lay them out." Peter grinned as he thought of how the kids would react to this, still it would give them all a much needed break.

Margaret got the benches and Peter summoned the prisoners to the hall with the bell system they had installed. It took about ten minutes for all to assemble.

"Ok folks hereís the scoop." Peter smiled. "You will be finished at noon whatever chores you have. You will not receive any punishment for undone work, and you will be allowed to sleep all afternoon until suppertime."

The sigh from Karen and Anna proved to him he was doing the right thing.

"Now as per our agreement you will not be released from your yokes until after the party. We will however provide a sleeping platform that will remove the worst effects of the device so you can all rest properly. Get back to work." Peter concluded. They all ambled off beginning to feel that they could cope. Karen especially was about to demand her release if she was to be punished any more and only the presence of the others maybe thinking she was chicken or something had stopped her from screaming for a release. The prospect of rest helped her cope as she polished the stair banister. She wished her arms would stop aching. At first seeing Steven nude had helped because she really liked him and wanted to get closer if he was willing. His constant glances and obvious concern he showed every time she was hurt by this wicked device made her feel even better until lately. Standing and being blindfolded had unnerved her and the pain from the device she wore was driving her into despair. She felt that if she demanded release she would be let go but wasnít sure how her parents would react to her getting less punishment than the others. She had made up her mind that if they were going to receive any extra punishment when that bell sounded she would demand release and dam the consequences. Sheís even resigned herself to walking out away from the property to seek rescue if necessary. She finished her task of polishing the banister and noticed her breasts swinging as she moved from side to side was sexually stimulating as the chain pulled her nipples with each swing.† The bell chimed and she descended to the main hall and waited for the others to arrive. She sighed as she saw Steven come in and couldnít help but notice his eyes look at her chest and pussy before meeting her eyes. She blushed when he saw her looking at his prick which was only partly erect. It got larger as she looked at it.

"Like what you see?" Steven asked her quietly making her blush even more.

"Yes and I want it in me so bad Steve." She blushed as she admitted her desires.

"Not while weíre in this mad house." Steven answered her, "Wait until we can be alone and make a proper job of it."

Karen nodded as Anna and Hellene entered followed by Peter who was obviously aroused. She noted that Steven seemed to harden as the twins came toward them and also noticed that she was aroused by their bondage as well.

Nick, George, Colin, and Sarah all entered moments later.

Peter was placing benches that looked like saw horses with padding on top in a very peculiar pattern. He looked at Karen and made some adjustments to three benches that were parallel.

"Karen come here please." Peter requested as Margaret moved over. Karen did as she was asked and Peter instructed her to lie on her stomach. She did so and found that her arms were supported by the benches parallel to the bench supporting her body. Margaret lifted her legs and placed them on the benches that were placed at an angle at the base of the bench she was lying on.

"Now folks watch." Peter instructed as he bound her right hand up to her yoke end and down onto the bench. Peter then did the same to her left hand and finally strapped her legs onto the benches supporting them. This left her with her legs apart and the chains that had tormented her nipples and labia as loose as possible. "As you can see she cannot move to hurt herself and should be fairly comfortable. Weíre going to place you all in a circle and let you all rest until six when youíll be helped up and fed supper. The only task ahead of you is the humiliation of serving drinks bound in the yoke at tonightís party."

It wasnít long before all the prisoners were laying on their stomachs bound to minimise their pain and left alone. Karen found herself looking at Nickís spread legs and examining his balls and prick as they dangled not far from her face. She realised that George was behind her probably looking at her moist hole and sighed.

Colin spoke, "I think that when this is finished we have to get together and talk, but until then get as much rest as possible." The others agreed and Karen shut her eyes.

A hand placed gently on her back woke her. She yawned and realised she was still bound when she tried to stretch. Some of the pain had subsided but her labia and arms still felt like they were on fire. She opened her eyes and looked at Nickís short flaccid prick pointing at the floor below his large balls. "Menís equipment looks rather silly." She thought to herself as Peter undid her legs and arms. She was helped to stand and looked about herself. Anna was being freed now and Karen looked at her as she stood. It wasnít the first time Karen felt that Anna had a better figure than her and to be a twin just made it a double reminder of how flat her chest was.

They went into the kitchen and were fed a very good supper of soup, and roast lamb and vegetables.

"Ok folks pay attention." Margaret demanded. "You guys will pull these drink trays around the crowd. You girls will pull these nibble trays around. The guests are not allowed to touch you as you are not members of their club. They will look at you closely and will watch your final punishment at midnight. At one oíclock it will be all over. Now Iíll walk the guys through their routes on the floor and Peter will do the same for the girls, any questions?"

Margaret then took Colin and led him out into the hall through the left kitchen door walked him around the outside of the room and back into the right kitchen entrance. Next she took Steven and guided him up the middle of the hall to its center then over to the den door then over to the games room door and finally back to the right kitchen entrance. Nick and George were then led out and shown their routes. Peter had Sarah follow Steven, Anna Colin, Hellene George, and Karen Nick. The routes were designed to have them come face to face as often as possible. It was just after seven when the door bell rang and Margaret went to answer the door to the cabin. Hellene and George were attached by the yoke to the front of the tray carts just above their hips and were placed facing the left kitchen door. The trays were loaded with food and drink. And then Karen and Nick were attached to their carts. Anna and George were next followed by Colin and Sarah.

"Now be careful, you are all going to receive one last cropping currently set at one stroke each. If the bottles spill or food dumps on the floor it will be increased so please be careful." Margaret warned them. The bell rang again and soon voices chatting in the hall could be heard.

"Out you go." Margaret told George and Hellene, "Start serving the guests."

Hellene followed George into the gathering and felt the cart swing behind her as she turned. She was so intent on ensuring the cart made it safely through the door that she didnít notice the drop in conversation as people turned to stare at this lovely naked girl moving into the room holding her hands up beside her shoulders exposing her wonderful figure. She got the cart through and headed off toward the left of the room with George following her cart. She felt a tug on the yoke as someone placed a hand on her cart stopping her.

"Turn and face me." Said a young man, Hellene complied and say a masked face of a strong man holding a chain attached to the neck of a blond blindfolded woman whoís hands were chained in front of her. The woman was in an evening gown of black satin and it showed off her straw hair to great effect. "I see that my yoke seems to work quite well. Do you want to see it?"

The girl answered that she did wish to see it and opened her mouth. The youth then placed a ball gag in the girlís mouth and buckled it behind her head before taking the blindfold off. Hellene found out later that the couples rule allowed the girl to either see or speak at the party but not both.

There were many people at the party and half of them were in some sort of bondage but only the prisoners being punished were naked.

Sarah thought she would die when she walked out of the kitchen. She hurt herself when she tried to cover her body and realised that the pulling made the guys look down between her legs. She noticed that many of the guests were also in some form of bondage but they werenít nude. Blushing she moved into the room and tried to stop the cart from swinging wildly.

Nick swore as his card swung left when he turned right. He noted that the carts were attached to the upright pole of the yoke by a single chain and that all the wheels on the cart were large castors that could and did turn independently. He tried to move slowly and was able to do so for the most part. He watched Colinís cart tip and two bottles fall over when the cart went over a guestís foot. He was glad when the guest righted the bottles instead of waiting till Sarah got it. He made his circuit and re-entered the kitchen for the cart to be refilled as required.

Peter grinned as David made sure that Colinís cart would tip adding a stroke to the prisonersí punishment and making it seem like an accident. If all the incidents causing spills could look that innocent it would be easier for the kids to accept the five strokes planned for them. Kids, huh if he wasnít in his late forties he wouldnít be thinking of them as kids, they were adults and they accepted this punishment knowing what it entailed.

Hellene signed she had turned right toward the middle of the room and a guest had opened the game room door so it bumped the side of the door causing it to swing violently into the chest near the door. The bowl of chips had flipped onto its side spilling chips onto the floor. Margaret had appeared quickly and cleaned them up while grinning evilly at her. She knew it meant another stroke of the crop so that meant at least three she knew about and they had only been doing this for a half hour.

Anna wanted to die she was so humiliated. This guest had knelt in front of her and commented on her pussy comparing it to Helleneís in graphic detail. He wanted to know if the girls would compete in a cunt squeezing competition. Peter told him flatly that while it would be nice they could not do that, but it didnít lessen her embarrassment. She was so bothered that she didnít move slowly enough as she tried to get away from him that her cart slammed into the wall and some chips and dip fell onto the floor. Once again Margaret cleaned up and they were each told it was now four strokes they would have before their final release.

It was ten minutes to twelve and Peter was wondering how the final stroke could be added when Armon leading his partner who was blindfolded and gagged managed to have her crash into Stevenís cart as he was turning. It slewed around and hit the wall just a bit too hard causing a bottle to topple. The spill was very small since the bottle was almost empty but there was enough to count.

They were informed about the count and told that they had still one hour to go and to be careful.

The hour went by slowly for them people kneeling in front of them all getting a "good look" at their genitals. No one touched them but the comments about how Colin was bigger than fat Dave or some other club member, or how tight Karenís snatch looked, didnít help them become relaxed about their nudity. They were all in the kitchen at ten to one and Peter told them to stop serving.

"Ok folks it is time for your final cropping." Peter told them. "Youíll all get five strokes each or you can choose from the punishment hat the party uses. In the hat are these punishments. A spanking machine which will deliver only four strokes over four hours. Walking the maze blindfolded, the maze is made of electric fence of the type that is used to keep horses and other livestock in a pen. It delivers a mild shock. Normally a blindfolded person takes ten to fifteen minutes to reach the maze centre. Holding the bar, in this punishment you are given a twenty pound bar and must hold it in your hands for one hour. If you drop it you will get two strokes of the crop for every fifteen minutes left. Those are your choices." Peter said.

The kids decided that if they picked from the hat it could be worse than the five strokes so they decided to take the five strokes. So Peter led them out into the main hall and the clock struck one. He mounted a platform Margaret had erected at the back of the hall against the kitchen wall. There was a shuffling and quieting as Peter mounted the platform and the lights dimmed.

Peter stood in a spotlight on the stage and grinned. "Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else." He started getting some laughter. "As you know these beautiful youths are being punished by their parents. They will shortly receive their final pain. I have a proposition for them however. They have earned five strokes with the crop, but I propose to allow them to receive only four if they all agree to bend over the bar and have their necks attached to the floor by the restraining chain. Do you my guests agree to allow this?"

The announcement caused a general stir and finally approval. Karen was glad it was approved because she thought it would mean less pain. Nick tried to convince the others to say no but they all felt it would speed things up and agreed to be bent over the bar.

"Line up at the stage stairs then please." Margaret said helping them into the order she and Peter had decided on. Steven was first, followed by Karen, and then Colin and Sarah followed by George and Hellene. Nick and Anna were last.

Margaret blindfolded Steven and led him up the stairs and over to the bar. She pulled his legs wide apart and tied them to the bar supports. Steven felt odd he didnít know if he was facing the wall or the crowd and his legs were spread uncomfortably wide. A tug on his nipple chain made him bend over and the bar began to dig into his lower ribs. His balls hurt more as he bent over the chain growing taught as the base of the pole moved back away from his balls. Something was closed around his neck and he found that he couldnít straighten up.

"Begin the song." Margaret shouted.

Immediately a rhythmic clapping began and words were chanted.

"We see you there,
Oh so fair,
Ready for your caning.
Such a nice
Little slice
Just to get you screaming."

Thwak, the cane connected when the word screaming was chanted. He did scream because he pulled and tried to straighten causing even more agony in his balls.

"So now we see
Your ecstasy
When your thigh gets hitting"

Another stroke of the crop and more yelping from Steven at the word hitting.

"We love the spell
In which you dwell
As you twitch and yell."

Steven yelled as the crop struck on the word yell.

"So now you wait
You pain bait
As we chant and joke.
But now itís time
To end our rhyme
And for your final stroke."

Steven screamed as he pulled at the yoke trying to get at his thighs. Peter had connected first on his right for two strokes and now on his left.

"Count down." Margaret called and the crowd began to count backwards from ten to zero slowly and loudly. Steven was let up and led off stage and made to watch as Karen was blindfolded by Peter and led up onto the stage. He was standing beside Anna and she asked him over the general noise if it really hurt that bad.

"Ya, it hurts the balls lots more than the first cropping, Iím just now beginning to feel my nipples are on fire." He replied.

Karen was being bent over and Steven could hear her gasp as her labia was pulled out. He realised he was looking up at her exposed ass and pussy as she faced the wall and wondered what he looked like presenting his balls to the crowd.

The chant started again but he noticed that Karen was struck on different words. She screamed at each stroke and was sobbing uncontrollably as she was led to stand beside him. The blind fold was removed and she started for the door to the kitchen. Peter reached for her and gently wiped her tears away and told her it was over just wait until the otherís were cropped and then they would be let out of the yoke and allowed to get dressed.

"No let me go now!" she shrieked. "Iíve had enough!!!" she broke down sobbing after her last outburst.

Peter looked uncertain but Colin spoke up. "Peter let them out of this dam device and do it now, theyíve been cropped and their punishmentís finished." His tone brooked no argument.

Peter turned and began to lead Karen away into the kitchen where their clothing had been hung. He wasnít pleased that it had ended this way at all. They started across in front of the stage and the crowd began to applaud. Loud boisterous applause broke out as Steven and Karen moved toward the kitchen. Karen stopped.

"Why?" She demanded of Peter.

So Peter raised his hands and the crowd quieted.

"This wonderful lady here wants to know why you are all applauding her." He said gesturing to Karen.

A large man who was obviously the leader moved forward. And spoke to her loudly enough to be heard by everyone and yet gently in his manner.

"íCause my dear, you took your punishment like you had to, and only when it was finished did you demand to be set free as per your agreement. When it came down to it you stood up for your rights and demanded an ending when it was due. You and your friends are very strong people and weíre all proud to have made your acquaintance. If you lot ever wanted to join our club every one here would gladly sponsor you."

The applause began again after he finished and Karen felt odd.

Steven and Karen were still standing there when the applause died out.

"Would you like us to stay and watch the cropping?" Karen asked looking at Sarah standing blindfolded on the stage her legs spread apart facing away from the crowd.

The crowd cheered, and Peter informed her that if she stayed she would have to wear the yoke as payment for staying. She agreed and they moved back to the side of the stage and watched as Margaret bent Sarah over.

Karen blushed as she realised just how the yoke stretched Sarahís labia open and out exposing her pussy and ass to the crowd. The chant started and the four screams were heard in counterpoint to the chant entertaining the crowd. Then the countdown and Sarah stood next to Karen.

"You ok Karen?" Sarah asked concern on her face.

"Ye Iím alright, in hell and agony and I doubt I can ever sit down again but somehow Iím alright." Karen answered as Colin yelped.

After Anna had finished her screaming and countdown the crowd burst into thunderous applause cheering, whistling, and generally carrying on as the naked eight left the hall.

"Ok folks this will hurt." Peter warned them as he pulled the chain on Karenís labia ring tight forcing her wrists up to the ends beside her shoulders so he could move the restraining ring back to its original position. He then did the same to the rings above her breasts.

"I thought you said it would hurt." Karen stated

"Wait, it will." Margaret answered her as Peter reached for her nipple clamps. Peter and Margaret were surprised when Karen didnít shriek. She did require holding up however.

Peter soon had all the girls out of the harnesses and Margaret was almost finished with the guys when David entered.

"Mind of I ask a few questions?" he quipped.

He was stopped by the look on Stevenís face as Margaret released his balls.

All of the girls were pulling a silk dress over their heads and belting it so their hourglass shape was shown. The dresses concealed every thing. The boys soon had loose shirts and shorts to cover them and finally asked what David was up to.

"Well I designed the yoke you were wearing that causes pain and I wondered if you could comment on how wearing it could be made more painful without causing the wearer any damage." David told them.

"Why would you want it more painful?" Karen demanded anger showing in her voice.

"Some people like to be hurt like that, and I want to make it more intense so they can be held for shorter periods of time yet still be hurt like you guys were. I could see that none of you really liked it but I know some of them would like to have the same experience but just donít have the time. Thereís one girl in the crowd you may have seen who is into this in a big way. She wore the yoke for three days and said it was too mild."

"You mean she wants to be locked in that thing?" Karen said incredulously.

David nodded and explained that sheíd tried all the proto types of the yoke and made all the suggestions that made it the torture device it was. Now that Peter had them he could count on her wanting to spend the next long weekend here as a voluntary prisoner in the yoke.

Colin and the others stood around listening to Karen and David drinking scotch, wine or beer depending on their preferences and trying to figure out what to tell their parents about the weekend. They were soon told what their parents would find out.

"Ok folks," Margaret addressed them, "We have to send a complete report of your punishments to your parents. This included the pictures we took and videos taken of your spankings and other things you suffered."

"Must you?" Karen demanded.

"Well... we have to issue a report but maybe we can come to some arrangement about including the pictures and videos. The contract we signed did say we must issue a report. Hang on let me get it." Margaret answered and left the room.

It turned out that pictures were not required unless the kids were returned before the agreed upon punishment duration. So Margaret made a proposal, they could stay for the next two days and do light work around the property. They would not be punished with pain but they would have to wear a simple restraint. It would be their evenings that would be a torture because as they all knew having any sex would result in more punishment. The kids agreed to the conditions and decided to have at their parents because of the clause that insisted Peter and Margaret do everything they could to increase their punishment.

What they agreed to was to wear collars that were locked on and joined to their Ďpartnerí for the two days. They would sleep on mattresses in the main hall and would sleep naked and uncovered. The last condition was that one guyís collar would be locked to one girls collar by a three foot chain, this for the complete 57 hours left. So George was chained to Anna, Nick to Hellene, Colin to Sarah and Nick to Steven. They were woken in the morning by Margaret before any of the other guests were awakened because as Margaret put it. "They donít have to see you naked any more unless you want them to."

This pleased the kids and they were even given a treat when the first couple woke up and the guy led his partner out for her morning shower at two in the afternoon. She was naked with her hands locked behind her back and her feet held apart by a spreader bar. She looked at the kids as they watched her struggle by them her tits bobbing and hair swinging. She stood in the center of the wash area and the kids watched as her partner used the hose to bring her to orgasm. This treatment was torturous for them as they were all very sexually charged. Not long after that display other naked prisoners from the club were displayed and shown off in one way or another. Karen found herself sitting on the bench near the shower area talking to the girl.

"Why are you chained and naked?" Karen demanded.

"Well, I like being bound and having myself displayed in front of the club members is kinda exciting. I was really embarrassed when you guys watched me cum though. But after seeing you guys last night Hank, my master, he said it was only fair for you guys to see a show too."

Karen, looked puzzled, "What do you mean master?"

So Karen got a lesson in submission from a naked Cindy who explained how much love could be found when trust was put to the test by giving and taking.

At the end of the two days eight very horny young adults were picked up by Colinís dad and driven back to his house. The parents were not happy that the kids had gotten away with no pictures for them to see but were pleased with the report.† They were also not pleased when confronted with the instructions given to Peter and Margaret to do what they could to increase the punishments. The ensuing argument was quite loud and forceful.

The eventual outcome was that the eight friends all eventually moved into an apartment with four bedrooms, sort of. But thatís another story.