The Summer Project
by T.S. Fesseln

Chapter 1

The warm California wind caressed through Stephanie's long blonde hair as she drove home. The radio was cranked to ZZ Top's “Gimme all your lovin'” and all her cares were left in her empty school locker for the summer. This year she would be on her way to college and freedom. Not that Steph didn't like her mother and new stepfather and her step brother Jeff. They were cool as far as family went. She just craved a little more space to call her own. . .an apartment or dorm so she wouldn't have to sneak boys home. That is all she really wanted, a little more privacy.

Home wasn't too far away and Steph was reluctant to put an end to her revelries of school being out for the summer, but she needed to get home and get ready for the party tonight. She eased the Dodge Neon into the driveway and switched off the ignition.

Stephanie was one of those girls that made you think of Southern California. Long, blonde hair, bedroom blue eyes, lean and tan with ample breasts and an inviting smile. She was definitely popular around school and guys seemed to undress her with their eyes everywhere she went. She actually liked their stares. It was a compliment to her hours of exercise and sun worshiping. She was glad she inherited most of her good looks from her Mom.

Stephanie noticed that her stepfather, Ray, was home. He must have taken off early from his real estate office.

“I'm home,” Steph said as she stepped through the door.

“Hey honey,” her mother called out from the kitchen.

Steph made her way into the kitchen, where she found her mother and stepfather sitting at the table; Mom with her iced tea and Ray with his Fat Tire Ale.

“So how was your day,” her mother asked.

“Good. Real good. I can't wait to get out to the beach and start drinking up those rays. This summer is going to be great!”

Her mother and Ray exchanged a brief look.

“Stephie,” her mother began, “We need to talk. Sit down.”

Alarms started to ring in Stephanie's head.

“Here,” Stephanie's mother handed her an iced tea after getting up and going to the fridge.

“What's up, Mom?” Steph asked then took a long swallow of her iced tea.

“Well, honey, Ray and I have decided to take a long vacation together; the honeymoon we never had the chance to have.”

To Stephanie, this couldn't have been better news! A chance to be alone for a few weeks!

“It is kind of sudden. One of Ray's realty partners has a timeshare in the Virgin Islands. He originally was scheduled to go this week, but something came up and offered Ray the use of it for the month that his partner had scheduled.”

“Steph,” her stepfather said,”It took a lot of finagling, but your Mom and I are going. . .our flight leaves in two hours. I wish we had more time to tell you about this, but it was one of those things that just came up and we would have been stupid not to take advantage of it.”

A whole month! Stephie couldn't believe her ears.

“Jeff will be here to look after you,” Ray continued.

Stephanie's elation faded a bit. She liked her stepbrother. He was a bit of a nerd, a 6-foot, well-built nerd, but a nerd. It was his second year in college and Steph only saw him on his breaks. For the most part, he kept to himself so this wasn't going to be as bad as she thought.

“. . .And his word is law, Steph. He is in charge.”

“Cool,” Stephanie smiled, “that's so cool that you guys can go.”

“Do as Jeff asks, honey,” her mother said.

“I will.”

“Well, we need to be headed to the airport. You take care, honey.”

“I will, Mom,” she said.

Stephanie and her parents exchanged hugs at the door before leaving. Apparently they had already packed. Stephanie watched their car leave from the living room window.

God, A whole month!

“Steph,” Her stepbrother called from behind her.

Stephanie turned around. Her stepbrother was coming down the stairs. He was wearing his Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt and jeans. Most of her girlfriends loved to ask her about her dark haired brother. . .did he have a girlfriend?. . .what was he like? . . .what did he like?, all those type of questions. He was good-looking, but just a bit strange.

“Are they gone?” He asked.

“Just left,” she smiled.

Jeff smiled his lopsided smile, “I'm glad. So what are your plans this evening, Steph?”

“Ann invited me to a party tonight,” she said as she skipped up the stairs to get ready.

“Well, I am sure you will have a good time tonight,” Stephanie heard her stepbrother call out as she went into her bedroom to get ready.


Jeff was getting ready too. He rechecked his supplies; rope, duct tape, handcuffs, a leather blindfold, a bright red ballgag. Jeff prayed for just this opportunity, to have his stepsister as a slave. Now he had her, alone, for an entire month to turn her into his own personal sex toy. He smiled as he heard the water turn on in the shower and knew it was time to strike.

Stephanie had a bad habit of leaving the bathroom door unlocked while she was using it, a habit that she hadn't been able to break even though both he and his dad had accidentally walked in on her doing her make-up and other much more embarrassing stuff. Jeff supposed it was growing up all those years in single moms' household with nobody else around other than her Mom.

Jeff tried the doorknob and found that it was indeed unlocked.

Stephanie had her shower radio turned on high as she showered, steam and Annie Lennox billowing out from around the curtain. Jeff just stood there, listening, waiting, and putting the rope and tape and cuffs silently on the counter. Soon, the shower was turned off and Jeff saw his sister reach for her towel from behind the curtain.

Stephanie was drying off her head and face when she stepped out from the shower, her face buried in the towel, when someone grabbed her and pinned her against the sink counter, driving the air out of her. The stranger yanked her arms behind her and with a quick click, Stephanie found that her hands were cuffed behind her.

“JEFF!!!! HELP!!! HUUUUUUHGGGGGH,” Stephanie screamed as the intruder stuffed a large ball into her mouth and cinched it behind her head.

Stephanie tried to struggle, but the was only so much a naked girl could do. She tried to remember the things that her gym couch taught about self-defense, but here, now, the blond was in a panic. She was being forced against the counter as the intruder wound some rope around her elbows, cinching them together cruelly.

The blindfold came next. Stephanie tried to shake her head, but Jeff managed to get it into position and buckled it tight. Jeff then spun her around put her squirming form over his shoulder and after grabbing the rest of his supplies, started to carry her into his parents' bedroom.

Jeff threw her onto the bed and again, pinning her on her stomach, he wrestled Stephanie's long legs together and wrapped them in a coil of rope, binding them together.

Stephanie felt another strand of rope being wrapped around her waist. She fought and squirmed as much as she possibly could, but to no avail. The intruder rolled her unto her back, cinched the rope around her waist and then reached between her closed legs, feeding the rope through them. She was then wrestled back onto her stomach where she felt the rope tighten and sink into her pussy. The man then tied it to her handcuffs. Whenever she yanked and pulled on her wrists, the rope between her legs rubbed within her slit and over her clit.

Jeff stepped back to look over his prize. In his capturing of his stepsister, he hadn't had the chance to admire her in all her helpless nakedness. Stephanie still continued to buck and struggle against her bindings as she lay on their parent's bed. Her long, blonde hair was a tangle of wet strands partially obscuring her gagged and blindfolded face.

She was tall and slender and well tanned everywhere, thanks to that swimsuit made out of that special material. Her breasts were nice and large, with large nipples almost the same tanned color of her skin and now stiffened and erect, begging for attention.

Stephanie was not a natural blonde, and her snatch was covered with a thick, downy coat of mousy brown curls. Jeff got glimpses of it as his sister struggled. Stephanie was an erotic masterpiece waiting to be played.

Dad and mom's bedroom was perfect for what Jeff had in mind. First of all, the bed was one of the wrought iron canopy beds; sturdy with lots of places to tie-off rope. Secondly, all of his parents' toys were here. . .save for the ones they took with them on their trip. Not only were there vibrators and dildos and sexy lingerie, but also leather handcuffs, blindfolds, crops, nipple clamps, the whole shebang. Dad and Mom had been into the B&D thing for quite awhile, Jeff had found out.

Jeff got out the hidden key to the armoire and opened it up to his parents' bondage collection. Sliding open one of the small drawers, he picked out two sets of nipple clamps and smiled.

Stephanie was still writhing on the covers, but considerably less. Jeff could imagine she was trying to think things through, trying to puzzle-out and attack her bindings logically. However, when Jeff sat next to her helpless form, she began struggling again in earnest.

Pinning her shoulders, Jeff rolled her onto her back and straddled her while she squirmed. Once he was on top of the blonde, he began to gently knead her breasts and nipples with his hands. Stephanie screamed into her gag. Jeff always enjoyed the noises a woman made through her gag, whether it be from pleasure or pain. He pinched her right nipple, not hard but enough so the jaws of the clamp had something substantial to bite into. Steph wailed as the nipple clamp closed. Jeff did the same to the other nipple with a different pair of chained clamps. He pulled the chain tight and fastened it to the bed's comforter beside the struggling girl, and again, repeating the procedure on the other side. Now Stephanie was pinned to the bed by her nipples. If she tried to sit up, the clamps would yank at her nipples painfully.

Jeff got up off the bed. His stepsister was sobbing into her gag, drool running out from around it. Now that the clamps were in place, her struggles were considerably less. Now time to set up the video camera and to have a little fun. . .

Chapter 2

Jeff looked upon his bound stepsister Stephanie through the viewfinder of his video tape recorder as she feebly struggled naked on the bed. The clamps that were fastened to each of her nipples to the comforter held her beautifully in place as he set up the camera to film her. In the weeks to come, Jeff wanted to document everything he could.

She was a beautiful sight, lying there bound, wrists cuffed behind her back, ankles bound tightly together, blindfolded, gagged, and a rope taut through her pussy lips. Her struggles had become less and less violent as she realized she could not get away.

Stephanie's nipples had grown sore and numb as she lay on the bed and the metal cuffs around her wrists were biting into her back. Jeff must be tied-up or dead, she thought, crying. He would have came to her rescue if he could have. The police would have been here by now if he had been able to call. Now, she was going to be another victim like so many others she heard about on TV.

She could hear the intruder going about the room. Stephanie figured she was in her parents' bed and the stranger was looking for valuables. He must be a burglar, she thought; a thought that brought her a little comfort. Burglars don't usually kill people.

The rope between her legs itched. Stephanie moved her hips a bit and the rope rubbed against her clit, sending a pulse of pleasure through her. Slowly, she rocked her hips; the pleasure she experienced eclipsed the pains she was enduring. Stephanie tried to keep her movements as slight as possible so the burglar would not 'see' what she was doing. However, she could feel an orgasm slowly building within her with each rock of her hips.

However, Jeff did see. He could see his stepsister trying to get off on the crotchrope. Jeff could also see that she was trying not to move too much so as to draw attention to herself and what she was doing.

He smiled.

The camera was on and now, he would leave her so she could finish herself up. Jeff made a lot of noise then left the bedroom, shutting the door with some force, only to open it again so he could watch his stepsister from the doorway.

Stephanie heard the bedroom door shut and she began to struggle again in earnest for a different kind of escape. She found that pulling upon her wrists helped tighten the rope between her legs and thus give her more pleasure. She bucked her hips and she could her herself moan a bit through the gag. Stephanie always knew she was a bit noisy when it came to sex, so she was almost glad she was gagged so the intruder wouldn't hear her.

Stephanie bucked hips more and more. The clamps on her nipples began to tug with an almost pain that Steph was finding out was erotic. A fiery orgasm was building within her, threatening to engulf her as she squirmed in her bonds. The flames of orgasm were building and building. . .

Then the fire engulfed her in pleasure. Stephanie threw herself at her bonds, riding the flames of one of the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. She writhed and bucked and moaned into her gag until the flames started to die.

Slowly the waves of passion ebbed and Stephanie felt guilty and embarrassed over what had just happened. Was she that much of a slut? Here she was, tied-up and possibly going to be killed, and she was getting off.

The stranger's touch was like an electric shock and Stephanie bolted away from him in her bonds, the clamps viscously biting into her nipples and causing her to scream with pain. His fingers caressed the flat of her belly, tracing around her ropes.

Oh my God, Steph thought to herself, he must have seen her. He must have come in while she was in orgasm. The thought flooded through her and caused her to turn crimson from head to foot.

Stephanie began struggling again, but she was worn out from her earlier efforts. The burglars' fingers continued to trace over her skin, feeling every part of her. It was not a rough touch, like Stephanie would have imagined; rather it was gentle and somewhat arousing.

The bound blonde felt her legs being lifted up despite her squirming, and more rope being tied around them just above her knees. It felt to her like she was being encased in rope like a mummy. Then she felt the ropes loosen around her ankles. Her relief was brief, for the stranger fastened some sort of leather cuff around each of them and tied each one off, drawing them taut. Then he undid the rope around her knees.

Stephanie bucked and kicked as she felt her legs being drawn apart. Jeff pulled on both ropes looped over some of the wrought iron decorations adorning his parent's bed. Not only was he drawing his stepsister's legs apart but also pulling them upward a bit, giving Jeff a wonderful view of Stephanie's pussy. Jeff continued pulling until her legs were taut and spread as wide as they could be. He could also see Steph's finger's fluttering underneath her upraised buttocks.

The blonde was in tears from the pain of her nipples being pulled as she was dragged down the bed by the ropes on her ankles. However, the pain was flared a bit before going away when the stranger unclipped the clamps. He gently rubbed them, kneading the areolas gently, sending more embers of pleasure into her womb. There was another orgasm lurking within her, fiery coals wanting to burst again into flame, but she knew she couldn't do that in front of the stranger. What would he think? What would he do to her if he found out she was actually enjoying certain aspects of her being bound like this?

Stephanie felt the stranger loosen the crotchrope by untying the knot binding the rope to her handcuffs and pulling the rope from between her puffed lips. The man shifted the ropes around her waist a bit without taking them off of her. She could hear the man rustling around the room a bit, opening drawers and such and she wondered what was next. The way she was tied, the stranger could very easily rape her, so why didn't he?

It was a bit of a shock to feel something cool and smooth being pushed into her. . .a vibrator, she thought. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind when the dildo began it's low humming within her, send through her another cascade of pleasure. She squirmed a bit more, trying to expel the buzzing intruder, but the stranger held it inside of her and stroked her with it before pressing it deeply inside of her.

Jeff made sure that the vibrator was all the way in before retying the crotchrope. Passing the rope over the vibrator, he made sure that his stepsister couldn't get rid of it. He pulled the rope through her lips as tightly as he could before knotting it. The last thing Jeff did was make sure the setting was on 'low' so that it would only tease his sister, keeping her at a slow boil. He then placed the control knob just out of reach of his sister's fingers.

The vibrator was starting it's magic within Stephanie. It was a low hum and it slowly began to fan the embers of passion within her. It was agonizing, being bound like this, tortured and humiliated by this buzzing thing. Stephanie knew she was being watched this time, her moans heard and the slight movements of her hips seen. She couldn't stop her body anymore than she could escape her bindings. She could feel the coals of her orgasm glowing hotter, but she could do little to add to the fire without calling attention to what she was doing.

She writhed in her bonds, trying to make the rope rub her again while making it look like she was trying to escape. Her moans were real, but they were ones born of frustration. Stephanie knew that another orgasm was just beginning to burn within her yet with the vibrator on low, she couldn't get herself off.

Jeff began to message his stepsister's breasts again, slowly kneading them as he sat beside her wriggling form. This elicited new set of moans. His fingers played with her hardened nipples, pinching them lightly and pulling upon them; sending flares of pleasure shooting through Stephanie. . .then the doorbell rang.

Chapter 3

The sound of the doorbell caused both Stephanie and Jeff to freeze for a moment. It had to be Kim, Stephanie thought, she was to drop by so they could go to tonight's party together. Kim was always embarrassed by her white and rusted-out Aries K-car, an unreliable car at best.

Stephanie renewed her struggles to get free of her bonds, praying there would be some give to any one of them. She wanted to warn Kim as well as getting help for herself. Even as she squirmed, she felt the stranger above her pause and then leave the bed, making his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

Jeff glanced outside the bedroom window to see who it might be. He recognized Steph's friend Kim's car with its rust rings around the fenders and fingers of rust creeping up the doors. A piece of plastic film was taped up to replace the rear passenger window as well. Jeff was surprised that the engine and drive train hadn't fallen out of the car yet.

I fleeting thought about kidnapping Kim crossed his mind. After all, she was an attractively built Hispanic girl with really long hair and breasts that just begged to be kneaded. However, it was too dangerous. He had to keep his mind on his soon-to-be slave stepsister.

The doorbell rang again.

Jeff raced downstairs and to the kitchen. Unlocking the sliding glass patio doors, he slipped outside and went around the garage towards the front of the house.

"Hey Kim," Jeff said as he rounded the corner, seeing her standing on the porch, looking very much the part of a slut.

"Hey Jeff, where's Stephie?" Kim asked.

"Didn't she call you?"

Kim shook her head, "I don't know. I haven't been home. Dad's blitzed again and he is tearing up the place, so I didn't even go there. I could hear Mom screaming and yelling at him, too. No way was I going in there. A fucking war zone, ya know."

"Oh," Jeff said, "Well, she took off with my parents on a little vacation to the islands for a couple weeks or so. Dad got use of the timeshare down there and it was a last second type thing. I thought Steph would have called you to tell you or gotten in touch somehow."

"No, she didn't," Kim said, looking crestfallen, "We were going to go out tonight. Sorta hard now, Huh?"

"I'm sorry Kim. I didn't know."

"Well, I guess I go it alone, huh? Well, if she calls, tell her hi."

Jeff smiled, "I sure will."

Without another word, Kim made her way down the sidewalk to her car. She wasn't tall at all, about 5 foot or so, but she had the curves on her. Large breasts, round butt and a narrow waist. Kim always dressed like a slut, with a bare midriff, tight black pullover with no bra, tight crop jeans and gold chains around her ankles and belly. She also used too much lipstick and mascara. However, Jeff could picture her bound and gagged along with his stepsister.

"Enough of that," he whispered to himself, "back to business."

Jeff went back around and came in by the kitchen door. He was careful to lock it again. His cock just ached thinking of what Steph was doing right now and how the vibrator he had imbedded into here was probably driving her wild.

It was indeed driving Stephanie wild. With it on low, she could feel it hum within her and stirring up all sort of pleasure. However, the buzzing wasn't enough. It was fanning the fires but not feeding them. Her struggles to get away while the stranger was not in the bedroom had failed to even get an inch of slack from her bindings. The handcuffs imprisoning her wrists seemed to bite down even more.

She felt the stranger sit down on the bed beside her. The bound up blonde tensed, waiting for his touch; waiting for him to caress her or pinch her or slap her. However, it never came. The stranger just sat there silently; not moving.

The only noise that could be heard was the low hum of the vibrator and Stephanie's whimpers behind her gag. Jeff just sat there and watched her. He knew it was making her nuts and that is what he wanted, to keep her off balance for at least the first few days. It would make it easier to turn her into his personal sex slave that would be willing to do anything he wanted of her.

Jeff got up and went over to the armoire. He had only sneaked peaks at his father and stepmother's collection of toys. There were hung in neat rows a large collection of leather straps and cuffs along with padlocks and keys to lock them into place. There was a selection of various gags, including a ring gag that Jeff would definitely have to try on his stepsister. There were also a variety of crops and floggers, something that Jeff would need once the blindfold came off. There were two single sleeve armbinders as well as various harnesses and a few discipline helmets. In short, Jeff had everything he needed to keep his captive under wraps for weeks to come.

A low moan from his stepsister turned his attention back to his prisoner. Again, her hips were slightly rocking as to make sure that she didn't draw undo attention to her arousal. She was squirming around, trying to look as if she was still struggling.

Jeff smiled a wicked smile as he pushed the controls closer to her questing fingers. Stephanie's fingers touched the cord, then straining; she grabbed the cord into her hands and pulled on it until she had the controls in her hands.

Stephanie realized what she held in her hand. Her fingers traced the slide controls of her buzzing intruder. She slowly moved the button up and felt the dildo respond with an increased fervor. The new level of humming sent larger ripples of bliss flaring through her.

'Oh God! What if he was watching!' Stephanie suddenly thought and dropped the controls. She felt him leave the bed but did not hear the stranger leave the room.

Then she felt the vibrator become a raging demon. Jeff had taken the controls and shoved them to their maximum. Stephanie was filled with pure bliss and the flames of ecstasy raged through her very being. Her moans through the gag were loud and passionate as her whole body writhed under the new assault.

Then the vibrator stopped.

Before she knew what she was doing, Stephanie let out a whine of frustration. She must be a slut, finding comfort in a simple orgasm but even that was now denied her. Stephanie's tears were those of humiliation. The stranger KNEW what she was doing and he was toying with her.

Jeff could not stand it any more. The sounds of her moans and the sight of her helpless, naked form spread before him on the bed was just too much. He thought he was going to cum right then and there. He pulled off his T-shirt and peeled out of his jeans and underwear.

Stephanie felt the stranger crawl into bed between her legs. She knew what was going to happen next but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She felt him lean over her. Soon, she knew she would feel the rope through her pussy pulled away. . .

The intruder kissed her forehead. It was the light, tender kiss like that of a lover. Then he kissed her cheek, tasting the sweet saltiness of her tears. Stephanie threw her head back and forth, but it did not matter. The stranger cupped her head in both of his hand and kissed her on her gagged lips.

His next kiss was between her collarbones just below her throat. Jeff could smell the perfume she put on this morning. He was pretty sure it was 'Poison' and on his stepsister, it smelled like the Garden of Eden. His kisses trailed down between her breasts slowly.

The vibrator then raged on inside Stephanie as Jeff turned it back on high. She involuntarily arched herself to him and let out a loud moan through her gag as another rush of pleasure scoured through her.

It was then that Jeff leaned down and kissed her left nipple, taking it into his mouth and teasing it with his teeth. He first licked around the stiffened nub and the bite it hard enough to get a squeal out of his helpless sister. He first would do it to her left nipple, and then her right one. Back and forth between the two while the vibrator hummed on. Each near painful bite would send another ripple of joy through her despite herself.

Then his kisses went back between her breasts.

Then Jeff kissed Steph's sternum area; slowly working his way down over her belly; pausing only to ream her navel with his tongue. The blonde squirmed and laughed into her gag; her belly button being very ticklish. A wicked grin came over Jeff's face and he continued to lap at Stephanie's navel.

Stephanie screamed into her gag and threw herself at her bondage, trying to get away from the intruders wicked tongue. The vibrator continued to work it's evil magic within you and she felt another orgasm building higher and higher within her. A whirlpool of white-hot passion rose to finally engulf her and drown her in bliss. The orgasm was more powerful than anything she had ever felt before and she was limp as a rag doll when it was over.

Jeff removed the rope through his sister's sex as well as the vibrator from her and she was too drained to protest save for a few mewls through her gag. He had no doubt that Steph was already very wet and he eased himself into her and felt her warmth surround him.

Steph felt the stranger enter her and most of her didn't care anymore. She had already cum twice in front of this man so there was nothing more that this man could do to her to degrade her any more. The fact that he felt good pumping slowly in and out of her only proved that she was indeed a slut.

Jeff was surprised to feel his stepsister thrust her hips up to meet his as he slowly thrust himself into her again and again. Her moans were no longer moans of displeasure, at least to his ears. Her gagged mewls and moans sounded full of pleasure.

Slowly, he gained speed and felt her intimate muscles milking him. Oh God, this felt sooooo good and Jeff good see his sister was enjoying it too. The combination of all those built-up minutes of watching his sister struggle and cum, the noises that she made as she moved beneath him and the pure bliss he felt fucking her had finally added up to Jeff feeling his cum boiling up his shaft and in a burst of ecstasy, he came inside her.

The stranger cum felt hot and molten inside Stephanie and she moaned loudly and cried. She felt the tears run down the sides of the blindfold. He had cum in her and she had enjoyed it. How could she live with herself?

Jeff lay beside her for a bit, just enjoying the after burn of what had just happened. He enjoyed everything about her at this moment; the way she smelled, the small whines she made in her gag, the looks of her stretched and bound body, the feel of her warm skin against his. He would not trade this moment for anything right now.

Stephanie felt the stranger's fingers lazily tracing over her breasts and stomach. It felt just like a lover's touch after making love. It had tenderness. It was something that Stephanie had not expected. She fully expected a wham, bam, thank you ma'am and the stranger would be gone and she would have to live with what she had done. She did not expect he would stay.

After awhile, Jeff got up and went to his parent's bathroom to relieve himself. The one thing he did not like about himself was the need to go pee just after sex. He suspected Stephanie would probably need to go as well.

After pulling on his jeans, he looked through his parent's collection of toys. There was a nice, white leather armbinder that Jeff thought would work wonderfully to keep Steph from escaping for awhile. He also pulled out a white leather collar and a pair of white cuffs for her ankles. He also selected a chrome spreader bar.

Stephanie felt one of the cuffs around her ankle being loosened, only to be replaced by another one and tied back into place, spread wide. The stranger did the same for her other ankle. She then felt something fastened between them before undoing the knots that held her legs to the bed post.

Stephanie felt herself being sat up and bent forward. She had ceased to feel her fingers and hands so when the cuffs were unlocked, she could not even move them very well to try to escape. She felt some tape being wound around both wrists, binding them together. Stephanie struggled little. She was just too tired and numb.

Jeff then pulled the leather armbinder around both of his stepsister's arms to encase them. He was really amazed she didn't struggle more with this. He fully expected Steph to be a tiger. But Jeff laced up the binder without any problem, finally buckling the straps tightly around her shoulders. Lastly, he placed the collar around her neck and buckled it into place.

The stranger was trying to ease Stephanie from the bed and she really didn't want to go. She just lay there under his proddings and pushings. After a bit of this, the stranger stopped.

Jeff had not considered this. He had to think of some way to herd her.

Chapter 4

Jeff looked at his bound stepsister as she lay in bed. Stephanie's arms were encased in a white leather armbinder. A pair of white ankle cuffs and a chrome spreader bar was holding her legs open. A white collar graced her neck. Save for the red ball gag and the black leather blindfold, she was picture perfect. However, Jeff needed to move her to the bathroom.

He looked once again in his parent's armoire for inspiration. Hung inside one of the doors was a variety of whips and crops. All of them looked vicious and he was reluctant to use them on Stef. He really didn't want to hurt her, only use her.

Then he saw it.

Set in the back corner of the armoire was an item sort of shaped like a spear gun. The grip and body of the gun was made of black plastic and had a red numbered knob as well as a trigger. The long 'barrel' was made of a polished blue metal with a pair of chrome 'fangs' spread about two inches and pointed slightly toward each other. When Jeff pulled the trigger, there was a crackling electric noise and a sharp snap.

Jeff realized it was a kind of a cattle prod.

He turned the knob down to the lowest number and approached his blonde stepsister, still laying there on her front; bound and not moving much at all save for a little movement here and there. Jeff didn't know how much the prod would sting but he figured on the lowest setting, it probably wouldn't hurt much but would get his point across.

He pressed the cold tips to her side and pressed the trigger.

To Stephanie, it felt as if she were stung by a huge wasp. She screamed into her gag and jolted in her bonds. The pain was as hot as a branding iron and continued to ebb slowly as she curled herself the best she could into a ball; tears streaming across her face.

Stephanie then felt something being attached to her collar; a chain. She felt a slight tug. Then she felt the cold tip of the prod against the side. The stranger's message was clear. The blonde girl struggled the best she could to sit up on the edge of the bed. The bar holding her legs open made it hard for her to stand and balance, but at the insistence of the chain fastened to her collar, Stephanie stood up.

The bound girl had to take small steps as she was pulled along and she was afraid that she would fall flat on her face at any time. She pleaded into her gag, but the stranger ignored her, pressing the cold steel tip of the prod against her breast or thigh and giving her collar another tug.

It seemed like an eternity, but finally Jeff's slave sister was in his parents' bathroom. God, she looked beautiful. Her long, blonde hair, still wet from her shower and struggles, hung limply over her gagged and blindfolded face. The white collar contrasted so well with her tanned skin. Stephanie's breasts seemed to beg for Jeff to touch them and lick them and pinch them. Her California slender form was so delicious that Jeff found his cock getting hard again.

Stephanie felt the stranger gently push her down and she found that she was sitting on her parent's toilet. Obviously the stranger wanted her to relieve herself, but she wasn't sure if she could in front of him. She felt as she needed to pee, but his stares kept her need bottled up inside.

She felt the cold tip of the prod caress her left nipple, flicking at its erect tip.

It was one of the hardest things that Stephanie had ever been forced to do and finally, she let her bladder go and as the stream sprayed into the toilet, she felt some measure of relief despite her embarrassment at the situation.

Jeff went over to the sink and ran warm water over a washcloth. As she sat on the toilet, he first brushed the hair out of her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks. He then tugged a bit on her collar. With a little help from Jeff, Stephanie stood up.

Stephanie could hear the water running in the sink and could smell the fresh smell of soap. She felt the warm cloth run over her shoulders and then her upper chest. He took his time, making sure she was well scrubbed. The stranger paid particular attention to her breasts, roughly scrubbing them and playing with her erect nipples. Despite everything, Stephanie could feel herself getting turned on by his attentions.

The captive felt the cloth scour over the flat of her stomach and down closer between her legs. He ran the warm cloth up and down her inner thighs slowly. Stephanie found herself wanting him to touch her sex; to take her away from the horrors of the past couple hours. However, he continued to tease her with the cloth, cleaning all around her pussy but not ever touching it.

Jeff smiled up at his sister as her bathed her. The lingering smell of sex was still strong and her whimpers from behind her ball gag were not of protest. They were whimpers of need and the rocking of her hips as she stood there told Jeff all he needed to know. But first, he had to do a few things.

Stephanie heard the intruder leave for a bit, only to return a few moments later. With his return, she could hear him fiddle around with something but she wasn't sure what. However, a few moments later the warm washcloth returned and she didn't care.

Jeff scrubbed over her breasts again, this time before the cold eye of the video camera. He wanted this to be on tape and wished he had more than a single camera to catch everything.

The stranger stepped around in back her and reached around the massage her breasts with the wash clothes. The rough cloth teased at her nipples. The stranger would lightly pinch at Stephanie's erect nips through the cloth, causing her to shiver with pleasure. She felt her need growing inside of her again like a slowly simmering pot wanting to boil over.

His captive sister whimpered when he stopped. Her mewls through her gag and her rocking movements had hardened Jeff again to the point of aching. He needed to take her but she wasn't quite in the position he wanted her in. Grabbing her leash, he pulled downward on her collar, making her bend over until he could tie the leash off to her spreader bar. Jeff could hear her protesting noises as she tried to balance herself in her new position, but Jeff ignored her.

The young blonde teetered in her new position, trying to keep focused on not falling over. Bound as she was, she wouldn't be able to catch herself. She could hear the intruder walking around her and she almost feel his eyes drink in her bound form. A warm wave of pleasure coursed through her just at the thought.

Stephanie heard the stranger leave for a bit again. She wondered what he was going to do with her next. She struggled a bit, but being balanced he way she was, she couldn't do much more than twist around a little bit. She stopped as soon as she heard the man return and turn on the sink faucet.

Jeff almost started to whistle as he dangled the nipple clamps in the cold running water. Fortunately, he stopped himself. It was a habit of his step- sister would surely pick up on. Right now, he wanted to be an anonymous prowler.

He removed the clamps when he thought that they were cold enough. They were not ice cold, but cool enough to be uncomfortable.

Jeff's sister was still moaning behind her ball gag and he noticed she had also began to drool. In a way, he found it sexy. His captive couldn't even control even THAT basic function.

He knelt to the side of her and began to slowly message one of her nipples, causing her to moan a bit more loudly. Jeff could be imagining it, but he actually thought that she might be enjoying his treatment of her. Once her nipple was fully erect, he clipped on the first clamp.

It felt as someone had bit down hard on her nipple and Stephanie screamed into her gag and began to squirm a bit, though her position made that impossible. The blonde felt the intruder pull at what was clamped onto her breast. The initial pain stopped to a dull ache.

The intruder then began to play with her other nipple.

"Nnnuuuughhh!" she screamed into her gag, shaking her head.

Jeff, however, ignored her pleas and placed the other clamp on her nipple. His blonde stepsister moaned in pain but he knew it was from the shock rather than any real pain.

Each of the clamps had a long chain dangling from them and they gave him a wicked idea. He pulled down on her leash a bit so that Stephanie had to bend over a bit more, putting a bit of slack in the leash lashed onto the spreader bar. Jeff then attached one of her nipple clamp chains to the bar so that it was taut. He did the same to the other chain. She would have to keep this position or it would pull painfully on her nipples. She was now ready for what he had in mind.

Stephanie's brother stepped around in back of her and drank in the beauty of her nicely rounded ass and the pussy looking so ripe and juicy for fucking. His dick had been aching for another go at her and there was nothing his sister could do about it. He gripped her hips firmly and lined himself up with her slit. Gently, he eased himself into her without much difficulty, finding she was already ready for him.

The bound girl let out an animalistic moan as the man filled her. Stephanie leaned back into, matching his thrust, enjoying each movement he made within her. As she moved, the clamps on her nipples tugged at them painfully, send an erotic mix of pain and pleasure roiling through her in a churning wave.

It was a fire within her that needed to consume everything that she was. Stephanie did not understand it and was almost terrified by the way the need engulfed her despite the fact she was being raped and abused. But now, right now, the pure feeling of bliss filled every nook of her being as she churned back upon his cock.

The man's thrusts into her were now almost violent and the hands clutched her hips were almost vise-like. The pleasure within her whirled dervish-like, mixing with the sharp pain tugging at her nipples.

The she heard the man groan and felt his cum shoot up inside her, filling her.

Stephanie continued to thrust herself maniacally onto the stranger's shaft, but he did not return the favor. Instead, he removed himself from her.

"Nuuuuuggghhh!" she begged through her gag.

The captive blonde was so close to letting an orgasm engulf her, yet, without the stranger, she could not bring herself off.

She heard the man pissing into the toilet and she whimpered again through her gag, begging for him to bring her off. But he ignored her mewls. She wriggled and squirmed to try to entice the intruder back; to make her cum. But, he just patted her butt and left her to stew in her own juices.

Chapter 5

After relieving himself, Jeff threw on his shorts and went downstairs to grab himself a Coke. He left his sister bent over and bound nude in his parent's bathroom, moaning in frustration through her red ball gag. Her arms were still encased in a white leather armbinder and her legs were held apart by a spreader bar. The leash to Stephanie's white collar was lashed tightly to her spreader bar as were the light chains to Stephanie's nipple clamps, forcing her to bend forward precariously. Jeff didn't mind that his stepsister teetered there in the bathroom like that, just like he didn't mind that she didn't cum this time round. A little discomfort never hurt a future slave.

He went back into the bedroom and sat down on his parent's bed and watched his stepsister balance and whimper through her gag. This was all he had ever hoped it would be - and more. The only thing that Jeff needed was to order her around, but he didn't think he could disguise his voice well enough to fool Stephanie.

Jeff took another sip of Coke and enjoyed the view of his blonde captive, contemplating this problem. Though he was tired, he could feel the urge to use her again stirring in his crotch.

Then it came to him. It was perfect. He just hoped that Toys-R-Us still had them in stock.

Stephanie quietly moaned yet again, drool running down her rubber gag and onto the floor below her. Jeff needed to keep her occupied while he went shopping so she wouldn't get into any mischief. It was time to go through his parent's armoire again.

Jeff's parents had an amazing collection of sex toys and bondage equipment. There were at least two-dozen different vibrators in one of the drawers. There were also gel butt plugs and dildos. Another drawer had enough potions, lotions and oils to last a lifetime. It was in a large drawer that he found something that fired his already overloaded imagination; a slender vibrator on an adjustable metal floor stand.

Grinning, Jeff brought the stand over to his bound blonde and set it down between her spread legs. Stephanie could feel the stranger behind her doing something, but she couldn't figure out what. She felt something nudge at her sex and she tried to thrust down upon it; trying to relieve the pent-up passions that were tormenting her.

The stranger pulled the toy away, denying her any slake for her libido. Stephanie could almost hear the man chuckle.

Again, she felt something press at her sex and again she tried in vain to impale herself onto it. The stranger just teased her with it; mocking her needs to relieve herself of this whirlpool of pleasure that was churning within her. This time, however, she did not try to thrust back hoping that he would do something more.

Stephanie felt the very tip of the tool brush lightly against her desire-swollen lips. Then she felt the tool buzz alive, sending a shocks of pure bliss coursing through her. She tried to thrust herself down upon the vibrator, but her bondage would not allow her to move much without danger of falling over. The electric buzz was sending waves of pleasure through her, but not nearly fast enough.

There was nothing Stephanie could do about it.

She wriggled a bit and tried to impale herself a bit more upon the vibrator, but she found that she would just push the thing away and bound as she was, she dare not move much at all for fear of falling.

The blonde moaned her displeasure, hoping the stranger would somehow take pity on her and let an orgasm engulf her.

There was no reply. Not even a cruel laugh; and Stephanie began to weep silently from her frustration.

Jeff was not there to enjoy that, however, though he would enjoy watching the video of it later. He was on his way to the toy store to find one of those toy microphones that would distort his voice. He had seen them there a few weeks before when he had gone shopping for a squirt gun. . .one of his 'childish' games he liked to play at college. Jeff hadn't thought much of it at the time save for trying it out for a laugh. He liked the metallic robot sounding distortion the best and he thought that one would be the best for training of his stepsister. Cold. Heartless. Perfect.

Stephanie's brother took his time at the store, looking at the toys from a kinky perspective. In the end, he picked up several other items that he was sure the manufacturers never intended them to be used the way Jeff was about to use them. A bored looking clerk rang them up Jeff's purchases and soon he was on his way back to his future slave.

Stephanie ached. Her calves were beginning to really hurt as well as her shoulders. There was also a dull, almost erotic throb in her nipples from the young blonde's struggles. However, the thing that ached the most was Stephanie's pussy. It was not a painful ache like the one in her jaw caused by the ball gag, but one of pleasure denied. With the vibrator positioned the way it was, it tickled and teased at her sex mercilessly without giving her the ultimate pleasure. She almost came several times, but the motion was not quite enough to send her over the edge.

It was hard to think of anything else other than cumming. Stephanie wondered a bit about where her captor was and if he was laughing silently at her predicament. She wondered about her stepbrother and if he was okay. But mainly just thought about the bliss of just cumming and ending her torment.

"Do you want to cum?" a deep metallic voice startled Stephanie, almost causing her to over-balance and fall over.

Stephanie nodded her head and moaned loudly into her gag.

"No harm will come to your brother if you do exactly as I say," Jeff said, speaking into his toy voice distorter, "Do you understand?"

Again, Stephanie nodded her head.

"Good," Jeff smiled, walking around his captive, enjoying the view, "First of all, your name is slave. You will answer only to that name and no other. Do you understand, slave?"

The bound blonde nodded slowly. She had no choice. Her fate, at least now, was sealed with leather and chain.

"Do you want to cum?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head. The man's words were like throwing kerosene on a fire, igniting a deep, forbidden desire within her. . .


The pain of his hand spanking Stephanie hard on her ass almost sent her sprawling. She screamed into her gag.


The bound captive sobbed into her gag. Stephanie felt the stranger's hand slowly rubbing where he had swatted her.

"Now, do you want to cum?"

Stephanie only quietly sobbed as she stood, bent over and bound. The stranger had not called her 'slave' and she did not want to be spanked that hard again. She just bit into her gag and waited patiently.

The girl felt a gently pat on her butt.

"Good girl," the metallic voice said, "You are learning quickly. Now, slave, do you want to cum?"

In tears, Stephanie nodded and whimpered.

Jeff knelt down and adjusted the vibrator's stand so that it started to penetrate his blonde slave and turned it on high. A fiery explosion of pleasure ripped through Stephanie and it was the hardest orgasm she had ever experienced. Her whole body quaked, as it became a whirlpool of white-hot ecstasy. She wasn't even aware the stranger was holding her up and her body became limp from the joy. When she finally regained some sense of what had happened, she found that her nipple clamps were gone and she was sitting on the cool bathroom floor.

The stranger brushed his fingers through Stephanie's long hair.

"That is a good slave," the cold voice said, "from now on you may only cum when I command you to. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head. Her whole body was still in a euphoric twilight zone caused by her orgasm. She had never came that strongly before. It was if her whole being was one white-hot orgasm.

The blonde felt herself being picked-up and carried over to the bed. Her leash to the spreader bars had also been loosened so that she was relatively comfortable in her bindings. Her calves no longer ached, but her jaw and shoulders did a bit.

"Are you thirsty, slave?" the stranger asked.

Stephanie was thirsty and nodded.

"I am going to take your gag out, slave. However, if I hear a single word out of you, I will punish both you and your brother. Do you understand this, my slave?"

Again, Stephanie nodded.

The stranger left her on the bed for a bit and Stephanie was too tired and worn to try to struggle. She was grateful just to be out of a few of her bindings. A glow of her orgasm still flowed through her and she just bathed in it as if she would soaking up the sun outside.

"Okay, slave, you remember the rules?" the metal voice asked.

Stephanie did and nodded that she did.

She felt the stranger undo the strap behind her head and ease the ball gag out. Her jaw was stiff and she moved it around, glad that the rubber-tasting thing was out of her mouth. The young blonde then felt the tip of a straw and she took a sip.

The Coke tasted like heaven as it filled her mouth. She didn't realize how thirsty she really was and she eagerly sipped at the straw, drinking all she could. God knew when this stranger might let her drink again. It didn't take long for her slurp the last of the drink up through her straw.

"I have a different gag for you slave," Jeff said through his toy voice distorter, "This will be more comfortable."

Stephanie shook her head no; she did not want to be gagged again.

"Slave, do you want me to punish you?"

Timidly, the blonde shook her head no.

"Then you must obey me. Open your mouth."

The bound girl did. Jeff pushed into her mouth a foam ball he had found at the toy store. It was big enough to fill her mouth but not enough to be uncomfortable.

"Close your mouth, slave."

Jeff then took some medical tape and placed it over his sister's lips. He did this several times; smoothing the tape out and making sure her lips were sealed together. To Stephanie, the foam ball tasted awful but in was more comfortable than her previous gag.

"There, my pretty slave," the stranger patted her on her head, "much better."

Stephanie then felt the stranger fingertips trace down her neck and to her breasts, gently caressing circles around her nipples.

"Now that you have relaxed some, slave, I think we should enjoy another game or two. . ."

Chapter 6

"I think you will like these games, slave," Jeff said as he gently caressed a line over both of his captive's breasts.

Stephanie looked beautiful, sitting bound as she was. Her arms were encased in a white leather armsheath that made her breasts jut forward as if begging for attention. Her eyes were still blindfolded by a white leather blindfold that matched her single-glove binder and white medical tape sealed her lips shut. Leather cuffs were still locked around each ankle and a spreader bar held the blonde's legs open. She was still flushed from her recent orgasm and her long, blonde hair was tangled about her face. She was an angel in bondage and for the next several weeks, Jeff would turn his stepsister into a sex slave to use as he pleased.

"The next game, slave," Jeff's metallic voice said through the distorter, "is to test how well you listen and follow orders."

Stephanie felt something cool and stiff being traced around her left areola, teasing her erect nipple.

"You feel this, slave?"

The blonde captive nodded her head.

"This is a plastic clothespin, one of many."

Stephanie felt the jaws of the clothespin open up and gently play ay her one nipple. The stranger did not close it on her; he just teased her with it. The clothespin nipped at her, first one nipple and then the other.

"Each time you do something, slave, I did not address you to do, one of these will be clipped onto a very sensitive part of your body. So, slave, you will have to pay very close attention to what I say. Think of it as a game of 'Master Says'."

Stephanie could almost hear the stranger grin a demonic grin.

"The final goal, slave, is to get you downstairs so we can eat. I can imagine you are starving, are you not, slave?"

The young blonde nodded her head.

"Good, so am I. I thought we would order out. Now, slave, stand up."

Jeff watched as his stepsister struggled to stand. It was a labor for her. Her legs were still stiff both from the long, standing position she had been forced to endure earlier and from the orgasm that followed. Using her encased hands, she managed to prop herself up at the edge of the bed and stand.

"Good girl, now take a step forward."

Stephanie's short step forward was made awkward by her spreader bar, but she managed to do it.

"Sorry, slave, you lose. I did not address you by name and therefore, the first clothespin goes on."

The blonde whined into her gag and shook her head but there was little for her to do but take it. She felt the tip of the instrument touch her right nipple. . .

"Eenie, meenie, minie, mo. . ." Jeff said, as he touched each of her nipples in turn; all the while, Stephanie was crying into her gag and shaking her head.

Stephanie felt the clothespin clamp down hard on her left nipple. The pain shot through her breast like an electric shock and she screamed into her gag. It was far more painful than she had first thought it might be, but after the first minute, it became a sharp, almost endurable, throb.

"You see, slave, you have to pay attention. I don't like to hurt you but you must learn to act only when I tell you to act. Now, slave, take another step forward."

Crying, the girl took another step forward, trying not to trip. She focused on his words, trying to blot out the pain that still burned in her breast. She could feel her hair in a tangle around her face, tickling at her nose and chest, but she could only endure it and hope the stranger would comb her hair away from her face.

The bound blonde then felt a tug upon her collar.

"Follow me, slave," the cold, metallic voice said.

Slowly Stephanie followed. It took a great deal of concentration just to balance herself and not trip. But after about twenty steps or so, she learned to walk with the spreader bar on fairly well.

"Halt, slave."

The helpless Stephanie halted.

"Thrust your chest to me," the metallic voice commanded

Stephanie almost did, but stopped when she realized that the intruder hadn't said his name for her.

"You are learning, slave," Jeff told her, "Slave, thrust you chest out to me."

She did as she was told, forcing her chest out as far as she could, presenting herself to him. Tears were still drying on her cheeks as she felt him gently caressing around her right breast. Pinching her nipple lightly, he rolled it between his fingers before kneading her whole tit. The ripples of pleasure that he was sending through her were starting to eclipse the pain.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

Again, Stephanie did as she was told. She felt the stranger's fingers tenderly combing through her soft patch of dark gold curls. Slowly, his fingers dipped down lower, barely touching her sex-swollen lips. Stephanie was starting to hunger for another orgasm and she started to rock her hips, trying to get him to touch her more firmly.

"Do you want to cum?" the metallic voice of the stranger asked.

Stephanie nodded.

Another sharp pain shot through her as Jeff placed a clothespin on her right nipple. She screamed in agony through her gag.

"You need to pay more attention, slave. Next time, the clips will be placed here."

He touched her pussy.

"I would imagine that would hurt, slave, wouldn't you think?"

Stephanie nodded in tears.

"Thrust your pussy to me, slave."

The captive blonde did. Again, the stranger began to lightly brush her outer lips and then slip into her slit, tickling at her clit. It was still swollen from the last orgasm and the bolts of bliss that cascaded through her started to fuel her fires of need again.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?" Jeff asked, enjoying the sight of his bound sister responding to his touch. The sounds through her gag were not those of pain; they were moans of want.

"Lay down, slave."

Getting off the bed was a difficult task. Kneeling down to a squat and then laying down was near impossible. She was blind and bound and couldn't trust her legs not to give out or cramp. Slowly she knelt down until she was in a squat, then she leaned back, trying to catch herself with her encased arms. She caught herself briefly before falling over on her side. Thankfully, it was not a hard fall and all she had to do was uncurl her legs and she would be lying on the hallway carpet.

"Thrust your pussy up."

Stephanie hesitated. The intruder did not say her name.

"Good slave. Thrust your pussy up to me, slave."

The blonde arched her back and thrust her sex up as high as she could. His fingertips began to caress her again, tracing over her swollen lips and touching her aching pearl. Stephanie let out a small moan of pleasure as he continued to rub her clit.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.

Stephanie almost nodded, but didn't. The intruder was not going to put clothespins on her pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, moaning yes through her gag.

The stranger first stepped between the blondes legs and then knelt down. She could hear him unzip his fly and she could imagine what his cock looked like; large, burled with a glistening purple head. She could not picture what the intruder's face would look like, but she could picture his rampant cock.

The stranger grasped her hips and pulled her forward a bit onto his cock. Jeff let out a slight moan as he felt her engulf him with her silken muscles. He moaned again when she squeezed his member as he began to thrust in and out of his sister.

Stephanie met every one of his thrusts. The man filled her more completely than she had felt before. Maybe it was her imagination, maybe not. Whatever it was, it was pushing her closer and closer to ecstasy with every buck.

Jeff felt his sister's spreader bar against his buttocks and then felt her pull herself further upon him, helping him thrust deeper within her. God, was she hot. This was better than he could have possibly imagined. He wished he had set up the camera but, hey, there would be plenty of more times for that. Right now, it was really hard to think about anything else but getting off with his blonde bondage slave who was getting off as much as he.

He pounded into her faster and she could feel that he was about to cum. She remembered when he left her unsatisfied before and she was determined to not to have that happen again. The whirlwind of pure pleasure was spinning faster and faster within her and she knew that another orgasm was soooo close.

Then she felt him explode into her.

It was all she needed to cum herself. She practically screamed into her gag as the storm of bliss raged through her entire body. She bucked and writhed in her bonds until she could not find the energy to do one single thing more.

She felt the stranger get up and step out from between her legs. She was too exhausted to move a muscle.

"Slave," the metallic voice said, "You have been very bad. I did not give you permission to cum. I will have to punish you."

Chapter 7

"Nnnnnnuggghhhh!" Jeff's bound stepsister wailed through her tape gag, shaking her head at the same time.

"Did I give you permission to cum, slave?" Jeff's metallic-twisted voice questioned and he stood over Stephanie.

Slowly Stephanie shook her head, tears running down from behind her leather blindfold. She lay on her parent's hallway carpet, her arms sheathed in a white-leather arm binder and her ankles being held apart by a chrome spreader bar. A pair of clothespins had been snapped onto each nipple, torturing her breasts. White medical tape sealed the blonde's lips shut and a white collar encircled her throat. She was anyone's dream slave and right now, that dream slave belonged to her brother, Jeff.

"So, how should I punish you, slave? Perhaps a clothespin on your clit?"

Stephanie screamed NO through her gag.

Jeff knelt down and ran a clothespin over his sister's sex slick lips, nudging it at her pearl.

"You don't want this on your clit, do you, slave?"

The young blonde nodded. Stephanie could just imagine the sheer agony that that device would inflict upon her. She would do whatever the stranger wanted as long as he did not do that.

"Do you think I care whether or not you want this snapped onto your clit, slave?"

Stephanie froze, not moving a muscle.

"I will do anything I want to, slave," Jeff continued, "I can give you pleasure. . ."

The stranger gently slid his finger into Stephanie's moist slit and began to tickle at her already sensitive clit, causing another ripple of pleasure to course through her.

". . .Or I can give you pain."

Jeff twisted one of the clothespins on Stephanie's nipples, causing an all-new torrent of pain to grip her body. She writhed in her bonds as Jeff released the clothespin.

"So, slave, what should I do with you?"

Stephanie lay there, sobbing silently awaiting her fate. The stranger was right, he could do anything he wanted to her and she could do little about it.

After a moment, Jeff continued, "I think, slave, I will forgive you this time. You were very good fuck, slave. I want you to continue to fuck me like that. Remember, though, you cannot cum unless I say you can. If you cum again without my say, I will clip your clit. Hard. Is that understood, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, grateful that the stranger would not punish her.

"Stay here, slave."

The blonde heard the intruder walk down the hallway, leaving her there alone. She was too tired to struggle and she really didn't know how close to the stairs she was. Her arms ached and her legs were threatening to cramp. Her stomach was also growling from hunger. Briefly she wondered what was happening to her brother Jeff and whether he was all right or not. Right now, however, Stephanie had to worry about herself. She heard the toilet flush and the footsteps of the intruder returning to her.

"Stand up, slave."

For the young woman, the order might as well had been 'slave, go to the moon.' Stephanie was so physically exhausted she didn't think she could move and if she could move, how the hell was she going to stand up bound as she was.

"Did you hear me, slave?" Jeff asked.

The blonde nodded weakly and slowly started to move her legs so that she could try to sit up. With all the will she could muster, Stephanie grunted through her gag and sat up, propping herself up with her encased arms. The harder part was ahead of her, however. She secretly was glad she was in such good shape from swimming and tennis. It was definitely helping her now.

Stephanie pulled her legs up until the spreader bar rested firmly against the bottom of her thighs. She rested a bit, mentally picturing how she was going to do this.

"I don't have all night, slave," the metallic voice said.

The bound captive rocked herself a bit using her sheathed arms until she was sure she could rock forward to balance on her feet. With a great push, Stephanie strained forward to balance on her feet. She hung there a second; then two. She tried to steady herself, adjusting herself until she was happy that she would not fall over.

Stephanie then slowly stood up, her legs quivering with the effort.

"Good slave," Jeff said, clapping.

Stephanie felt the same kind of elation she felt when she had won a difficult tennis match. Despite everything, she had done it and without any help. It was a small mental victory for her and she grasped at it like a life preserver.

"Slave, thrust your tits out."

Of course, Stephanie did so. The pain the clothespins caused had ebbed away to a dull ache, flaring a bit if she moved and caused them to wobble. The stranger flicked at them now, causing little bolts of pain.

The stranger then unclipped one of the clothespins, then the other.

The numbness went away as soon as the pins came off and was replaced by some more pain. The stranger began to message Stephanie's breasts slowly. Paying attention to her still stiff nipples. Jeff liked her large breasts and the way they looked when his sister thrust them out. Already he could feel himself get hard again, thinking what he could do to his new blonde slave.

Jeff looked at the stairs down the hallway and knew Stephanie would probably hurt herself going down them. The last thing he needed was his new prize to break an arm or leg. It would ruin everything. No, the only way for him to get her downstairs bound as she was was to carry her.

"Slave, stand still."

Jeff knelt down a bit and put his bound sister over his shoulder. He heard her moan a question into her gag, but she didn't thrash around or kick. With Stephanie balanced over his shoulder, he began to carry her down the hall and down the staircase.

The trip down the stairs was a bit uncomfortable with the stranger's shoulder digging into her stomach, but she was glad he did not force her to try the stairs. At the foot of the stairs, he put her down on her feet, propping her against the outside door until she found her footing.

"Slave, follow me."

Stephanie felt a tug on her leash and she followed the best she could. She could feel the living room carpet underfoot and she could imagine just where she was in the room. There was a brown leather couch and recliner facing their parents wide screen television. There was also a heavy wood and glass coffee table and matching end tables. She found that she was being lead to what she believed was the couch.

"Sit, slave," the metallic voice commanded.

Unsteadily, Stephanie did as she was told. The leather felt cool on her naked skin and she was glad that she was able to rest a bit. At least, she hoped that the stranger would allow her to rest.

"Stay put, slave."

The captive girl heard the stranger go back up the stairs.

Alone. Stephanie knew she couldn't get out of her bindings but she could try to get someone's attention so that the police could rescue both her and her brother. There was a huge picture window in the living room where she was standing. She could hobble over the window and push back the curtain. . .

. . .And there she would be, naked and bound looking like some kinky bondage babe displayed before the entire neighborhood. Stephanie could already feel the flush of embarrassment at the thought at being exposed like that.

Stephanie heard the stranger return and as she sat on the couch as she was told to do, she heard him setting up something, first to one side of her, then the other.

"Do you want to be a television star, slave?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head slowly, but she knew her opinion didn't mean squat with the man. He would do whatever he wanted with her. Now, it seems she was going to be video taped.

"Too bad, slave. I want to see you up on this big screen TV. You know, slave, you look so sexy bound like that; so delicious. I want everybody to see you like this."

Stephanie moaned through her gag and shook her head. She didn't want anyone to see her like this.

"Would you rather me clip your clit, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

"Nnnnnnnggggghhhh!" she screamed into gag.

"So, you want me to tape you, slave?"

Stephanie nodded, not wanting to feel the pain of being clamped. God, when will this end, she thought to herself. She heard the intruder moving about some more then she heard him turn on the TV.

"God, slave, you look gorgeous. You should see yourself."

The bound blonde could already imagine what she looked like sitting there with her arms bound in back of her and her legs forced open for his stares and touches. She could imagine her tangled hair framing her blindfolded and gagged face, the tracks of her drying tears still visible.

Stephanie felt him kneel in front of her and then touch her red, sex-puffed lips and he spread them open a bit. Then she felt something entering her, another vibrator, larger than the first one she had been forced to endure. It felt similar to the pink gel one that she kept in a shoebox in her closet. As he pushed it home, she could feel a second nub resting against her pearl.

"You must keep this in you, slave, or you will be punished. Do you understand, slave?"

Jeff's stepsister nodded.

"You also know, you must not cum unless I command you to or you will be punished as well."

Again, Stephanie nodded. She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Then, surprisingly, the young woman felt one of her ankle cuffs being loosened and slipped off first one of her ankles, then the other. Her legs were no longer being forced to stay open. Gently, he eased her legs together and she felt a belt of some sort being wrapped around her knees and tightened. He did the same to her calves and ankles, making sure the leather belts were as tight as they could be without causing her to lose circulation.

With a firm push, Jeff laid his sister down on the couch on her stomach. It was perfect. Even without hogtying her, she did not hang over either edge of the couch. He gave her a playful slap on her ass, to which Stephanie yelped.

"Now, slave, have you ever had an anal vibrator inside you?"

Stephanie moaned 'no' into her gag. She had never even considered something like that and she did not want to have one crammed up her ass now. But, she knew that she was going to get it anyway.

"Slave, raise your ass."

Stephanie hesitated.


Raw pain shot through Stephanie's rear as Jeff spanked her hard.


The blonde arched her ass upward, fearing the pain that he could inflict to the pain of having her hole being raped by the vibrator.

Jeff took his time to make sure that the slender vibrator was thoroughly lubricated with KY jelly before he attempted to ease it into her little puckered hole. With one hand, he spread her cheeks and with the other, he began to slowly push the vibrator in.

"Do not fight it, slave, it will only hurt more."

It felt as if her asshole was on fire as she felt the vibrator sliding into her. She tried to relax but every fiber of her being was rebelling against this thing entering her. She forced herself to concentrate on just relaxing, chanting it as if it were a mantra. Finally, she felt herself relax a bit and the pain eased a bit as he pushed the slender vibrator in. It felt as if she was filled more fully than she had ever been before and after she had relaxed, it wasn't wholly a bad feeling. In fact, it felt erotic.

"Slave, if this vibrator slips out of you, I will have to really punish you. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

Jeff then folded her legs back and with a short piece of rope, he tied Stephanie's cinched ankles to the end of her arm sheath, hogtying her. He looked up at the picture on the TV and saw his bound sister, in all her naked glory, in clear and sharp focus. He smiled as he turned on both vibrators.

"Now, slave, to get our dinner."

Chapter 8

When the vibrator started in her ass, Stephanie first reaction was to push it out of her. But the intruder's promise of punishment overrode her natural repugnance to the device. Then the second vibrator started, humming and twisting in her pussy while the nub against her clit began to buzz. The combination of the two was overwhelming and as the blonde relaxed a bit more, she found that the new sensation in her rear helped stimulate the rest of her, causing her to moan little moans into her gag and to start to rock her hips.

Briefly the captive blonde wondered what the intruder was doing.

Stephanie strained to hear the stranger. She thought she heard him in the kitchen. He was probably on the phone there, but she couldn't make out anything he said. The twin stimulations made it hard for her to focus and she could feel another orgasm beginning to brew inside her. Her moans grew a little more as she lay there, bound.

"Dinner is on its way, slave," Jeff's electronically twisted voice said as he patted her on the head, "I hope you like Chinese. I figure we have about thirty minutes before they delivery boy arrives."

Jeff noticed that his captive stepsister was already starting to hump her hips. Her tan skin contrasted wonderfully with the white leather armbinder and collar, and as she lay there, Jeff combed her long, blonde hair back so he could see her blindfolded and tape-gagged face. Hogtied as she was, Stephanie was going nowhere and the cold eye of the camera was going to catch it all.

The girl felt the warm hands of the intruder as he eased her over onto her side. The stranger's hand began to lightly trace over the curves of her body, drawing little circles over her thighs and flat of her stomach and between her breasts. The only place they did not touch was her nipples, still aching from the removed clothespins. Each touch stimulated her more, causing the pleasure inside of her to simmer just a bit more.

"Do you enjoy this, slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Stephanie nodded and mewled her agreement through her gag.

His light touches continued over her body. Then Stephanie felt his lips kiss the bony part of her hip. It was a soft, tender kiss and he repeated it again across her belly. When he came to her navel, she squirmed a bit as his tongue reamed it, tickling her. In his lust, Jeff had almost forgotten just how ticklish certain parts of his stepsister could be.

The intruder's kisses trailed up from her stomach and between her breasts and around her collar. He brushed back her hair and began to nibble at her earlobe, something that drove her absolutely wild. The vibrators were doing their part, especially the one against her clit. The high pitched humming sent wave after wave of pure bliss through her, each one helping the orgasm lurking within her build. Her hips pumped upon the vibrator. As she did this, she bumped the back of the couch and accidentally pushed the anal vibrator deeper inside of her.

It wasn't painful. The feel of the two vibrators humming together inside of her seemed more and more erotic as she felt her pleasure grow. Stephanie would have never guessed just how pleasurable this would be. When she ordered her few toys online, she always quickly clicked over the butt plugs and anal stimulators. She thought how dirty they were and only a true slut would ever use one of those. . .

Stephanie was now a true slut.

The stranger seemed to know that she was about to cum and just needed a little more stimulation to put her over the brink. His rough tongue licked at one of her nipples, then the other one in turn. Stephanie moaned loudly through her gag.

"You can not cum yet, slave."

Stephanie moaned her frustration. Ecstasy was just a touch or two away yet she could not give into it for fear of pain. Mentally, she tried to force the pending orgasm down deep inside of her, but the more she tried, the more she threatened to boil over into pure heaven.


Stephanie screamed into her gag at the pain as Jeff slapped her thigh.

"Cum, slave, and you will endure more pain than you could possibly imagine."

Stephanie whimpered into her gag. She couldn't stave off cumming forever. Sooner or later it would engulf her and there would be little she could do about it.

Then the doorbell rang.

The intruder stopped his attentions, "Dinner is here, slave, do not roll back over or you will be punished. You may cum, slave, but only while the delivery guy is inside the house. You will not be allowed to cum afterward, slave. Do you understand?"

Stephanie nodded her head quickly, knowing her orgasm was close.

"I am going to leave you then, slave, but keep in mind both the delivery guy and I can keep an eye on you on the TV."

The idea of being seen like this; naked, bound and gagged, mortified Stephanie. It also seemed to fan the flames of her growing desire to cum. Of the two, it looked like the later was going to overcome her embarrassment of the former.

Jeff set down his voice distortion toy he had bought several hours ago and looked out the small window to make sure who it was. Standing there, in a tightly fitting red polo shirt and black slacks was a petite Asian girl holding Stephs and his dinner. It was even better than he had planned.

Jeff opened the door, "Hi, come on in. I need to get the money from the kitchen. How much was it?"

"It is twenty-two eleven," she said as she stepped in.

"Okay, I will be right back."

Jeff left the pretty delivery girl in the foyer. He glanced at the TV to make sure that she could see what was on the screen and not Stephanie herself. Pleased that it was so, he went off the kitchen to watch a bit. There was a place that he could watch the delivery girl without her seeing him.

The girl stood there nervously, head bowed as if trying not to watch what was on the television. Occasionally, when Stephanie moaned, the oriental girl would shyly look up and watch what the bound blonde was doing on the big screen.

Stephanie knew deep inside that the delivery person was her watching as the twin vibrator worked their magic on her libido. The very fact that she was exposed to a stranger's eyes sent a forbidden wave of lust through her, churning her passion into a full cascade of pleasure. An orgasm engulfed her and caused her to writhe uncontrollably in her bindings, nearly screaming through her gag.

Jeff came back with a handful of bills and handed them to the girl.

"You can keep the change," Jeff said, knowing he had given the girl a generous tip.

"Thank you," the girl nervously said, leaving fairly quickly.

"Your welcome," Jeff said as the girl made her way to her green Nissan idling at the curb.

Jeff smiled as he watched her. The girl was very attractive and briefly he had fantasies about kidnapping her as well, but common sense made him think better of that. Better to focus his attentions on the one that needed it most.

After getting his voice distorter, Jeff went over to his bound sister and gently combed her hair out of her face.

"Did you cum, slave?" the stranger's cold voice asked.

Exhausted, Stephanie nodded. After holding back the orgasm for so long, when she did let go, it was like shaking up a bottle of Champaign and then popping the cork. The pure, raw rapture filled her very soul like nothing had ever done before. It had been her most powerful orgasm ever and it left her weak and warm all over.

"That is a good slave. You have obeyed my wishes so you will get to dine with me tonight."


Michelle had delivered food to a good many strange places, but this was one of her weirdest calls. She knew that the girl on the television was probably lying on the couch. Michelle could tell that just by the woman's screams. No stereo system was that good. And there was the smell of sex in the air. No, she had been witness to some couples kinky fantasy.

And, oddly, it made Michelle a little horny.

She had had fantasies like that; unspoken fantasies of being bound and helpless and at another's mercy. However, she did not trust anyone with those fantasies. They were too dark and she was afraid of scaring away her boyfriend. . .

However, the image of that bound woman kept crawling back into her mind, making it hard to drive.

"God, that woman has to be the luckiest woman alive," Michelle said out loud.

Michelle also noticed that she was getting wet at the thought of being in that woman's place.

It was a long drive back to the restaurant for the delivery girl, her thoughts constantly on what she saw and what she imagined what it would be like being tied herself that way. She even reached down into her panties and between her legs to try to relieve some of the tension. However, she was hornier than ever when she pulled into the parking lot.

Michelle then decided to tell her boss that she was really feeling quite ill and needed to go home and rest. Besides, it was close to the end of her shift and Chuck was there to make any deliveries that may come up.

It was hard for Michelle to lie about being sick, but she managed it and soon found herself racing back to her apartment and ultimately to her bedroom. It did not take the Asian girl too long to undress and hop into her bed armed with one of her vibrators.

As Michelle's toy hummed and she started to pinch at one of her nipples, she began to imagine what it would be like to be bound in that woman's place, unable to do anything but enjoy that man's caresses and touches; Being made to cum again and again and again and not being able to do anything about it.

The first hot waves of pleasure began to churn inside of Michelle as she caressed herself and soon, the waves crashed over her and she was in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Slowly, the joy ebbed away but did not really disappear. The image of the woman kept on surfacing and it gave rise to another orgasmic tide. Finally, after about an hour of constant stimulation, the batteries in her toy began to wan and she had exhausted herself.

'God, I wish I could be that woman', she thought to herself.

Then she thought to herself that she could. Michelle had a delightfully sinful thought. Maybe they could invite her into their games. Just the mere thought of it sent warm ripples of lust through her.

Naked, she got up and went over to her computer and began to type a letter. After she finished it, she put it in an envelope and scribbled on it 'I Saw What You Did Last Night.'

She hurriedly got dressed again and got the envelope. Michelle knew she had to do it now or she would chicken out. She would drive to the house and quietly slip the letter into their mail slot.

Then Michelle would wait for their reply.

Chapter 9

Stephanie was weak with the afterglow of her last orgasm. Her whole body felt wrung out with pleasure and she did not think she could endure any more. Yet, the vibrators were still buzzing insider her and she was helpless to stop them.

"Are you ready to eat, Slave?" the metallic voice asked.

Weakly, the blonde nodded yes. Steph hadn't realized how hungry she really was.

Stephanie felt a tug upon her collar, "Come, Slave."

The tied woman wriggled up into a sitting position with difficulty. Not only was she tired from the many orgasm that had torn through her in the last couple hours, but also she was also very tightly bound. Her arms were encased in a white-leather armbinder, which matched her collar, and three black leather belts encircled her legs and ankles. A black leather blindfold and several strips of tape over her mouth completed bindings. To her captor, Stephanie was turning into everything that he dreamed of and more.

With another tug on her lead, Jeff pulled his stepsister up off the couch and to a teetering stance. Stephanie, with her legs bound together and weak from her exertions, was finding it difficult to balance. The only support the blonde girl had was the tension the stranger kept on her leash.

"If you want your meal," the metallic voice droned, "you had better hop to it, Slave."

With that, Stephanie felt a yank on her chain.

Unsteadily, the bound girl took her first hop. It was one thing to jump when you are able to see but quiet another task to do it blindfolded. The only sense of direction she had was where the intruder was pulling her. After a few hops, she got a bit steadier. Soon, she felt the cool wood floor of the dinning room underneath her.

Gently, the stranger guided her before one of the dinning room chairs and eased her down until she was kneeling on the floor in front of it. Next, the man began unbuckling the straps holding her knees and thighs together, but not the one binding her ankles. The twin vibrators were still humming within her, whispering their magic to her very soul as he took the straps away. Last, he lashed her ankles to the end of her armbinder, putting her into a genuflect hogtie.

"If you loose your buzzing friends, slave, you will find out how much pain you can endure," the metallic voice threatened.

The captive blonde woman heard the stranger leave as she knelt there in her bindings. She could smell the spicy aromas of the Chinese dinner that had just been delivered and the pangs of hunger blossomed inside of her. For Stephanie, the whirl of smells and the erotic stirrings within her were an odd but potent blend and she found that she was rocking her hips again, embracing the pulsing vibrator within her.

Jeff noticed that his bound stepsister was thrusting her hips again as she knelt there bound. He watched her there silently as her moans through her gag began to get louder. Despite his warnings, his captive was trying to cum again.

Stephanie screamed into her gag as the intruder viciously pinched both of nipples, sending a wave of pain through her and nearly causing her to fall over.

"I did NOT give you permission to cum!" The electronically twisted voice spat at her.

The blonde girl sobbed as he released her nipples. She really hadn't realized that she was indeed trying to encourage another orgasm. However, the vibrators were continuing their lascivious conjuring within her and she could feel the first roiling of an orgasm building within her despite the fresh pain in her nipples and the stern warning of her captor.

"Do you want me to hurt you?" the voice asked.

Stephanie shook her head no.

"Then do not disobey me, slave. Do you understand?"

The bound blonde nodded.

"Next time, slave, it will be much more painful."

Stephanie nodded again, crying. Her mind was a typhoon of feelings and emotions and thoughts, but foremost was that she did not want to experience any more pain from this man.

"Now, slave, I am going to remove your gag so that you can eat and drink. Any noise that comes out of your mouth will be punishable by extreme pain. I will gag you and throw you into the cellar and I will whip you until you fall unconscious on the cold, cement floor. I will not feed you again for 24 hours and you will wallow in your own piss and shit. Do you understand, slave?"

The bound girl nodded.

Jeff carefully removed the tape gag from his captive's mouth. It stung a bit as it pulled away from her lips, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected. Jeff then pulled out the soaked foam ball from her mouth, setting it on the table.

Stephanie worked her jaws a bit.

"Spread you legs, slave," the stranger commanded.

The blond girl did as she was told to the limits of her restraints. Stephanie could feel the stranger's eyes savoring her every curve and shadow and the thought sent little erotic pulses through her despite what she was being forced to do. The minutes seemed like lifetimes as she waited for the stranger to do something.

Stephanie felt his fingers gently brush through her pubis, touching off a wave of unbidden pleasure.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie moaned and nodded her head.

"Do you want to eat?" the stranger's metallic voice asked.

Again, the bound blonde girl nodded.

"You cannot have both, slave," the voice continued, "Whether you eat or cum is your choice. If you want to eat, open your mouth wide. If you want to cum, thrust your pussy into my hand."

The strangers light tickling through her nest and the ministrations of the vibrators made the choice harder then it should have been. Stephanie felt her passions rising to surface, giving hints of ecstasy to come. In the end, however, she opened up her mouth.

"Good slave," Jeff patted her on her head as he sat in the chair in front of her.

The dinner was a feast of orange chicken, shrimp in garlic sauce and sweet and sour pork. The intruder fed Stephanie expertly with his chopsticks, feeding her a piece at a time and allowing her to sip her herbal tea. Several times a bit of the warm sauce would dribble onto Stephanie's chest and she felt the man bend down over her and slowly lick it off. More than once the captive woman thought about how romantic this would be if it weren't for the fact that she was being forced against her will into being this man's sex slave.

Throughout the dinner, the twin vibrators continued to work their magic with the blonde and a slow rising pool of ardor swirled through her. Another orgasm was not far off and the intruder seemed to sense this. Caressing a nipple here and tracing her labia there, his sprinkled his touches in while he fed her, stoking her fires.

"Are you ready for dessert, slave," the intruder's masked voice asked.

Slowly, Steph nodded yes.

The captive heard her captor get up and step around in back of her, stroking back her long, golden hair.

"Open wide, slave," he commanded.

Stephanie did as she was told and felt a leather and steel ring being shoved behind her teeth. Two leather straps cut into the girl's cheeks as the man buckled the gag tightly behind her head. The device was uncomfortable and Steph moaned her displeasure as it forced her mouth open.

"I thought you would like something warm and creamy," Jeff said, stepping before the kneeling girl and unzipping his jeans.

Steph had never given a blowjob before because the thought of putting a guy's cock in her mouth disgusted her. She baulked as the stranger grabbed both sides of her head and thrust his dick through the center of the ring. The member was larger than she had thought, filling her mouth and ramming down part of her throat. The blonde captive gagged. His flesh had a salty taste to it she noticed as it withdrew a bit. Steph squirmed in her bonds as the stranger slowly pumped.

"Suck my cock, slave," Jeff ordered her, "make me cum."

Again, Steph moaned her displeasure but there was little she could do. She knew how much pain this man could inflict and had. So, like trying to eat Brussel sprouts as a kid, she thought of more pleasing things as she sealed her lips around the man's cock. The captive tried concentrated on the erotic feelings welling up inside her, slowly threatening to engulf he.

"Use your tongue, slave," the voice spoke.

As Jeff withdrew, she began to lick his shaft before he shoved it back in. Stephanie tried to imagine his dick as a warm Popsicle and adjusted her virgin technique accordingly, slurping and sucking; hearing the low groans of her captor.

Jeff began to speed up, feeling his cum broiling up within him. He looked down at his step-sister's face as he fucked her, her blonde hair now in disarray over her blindfolded eyes. Faster and faster he rocked her head until he could hold it back no longer and shot hot jism into Stephanie's mouth.

The man's cum was salty and a little waxy tasting and Stephanie tried not to think about what it was as she continued her servicing of the man and swallowing his seed.

"That's it, slave, lick me clean."

The man's cock was no longer as rigid as it had been as Steph did as she was ordered to. It did not take it long to shrink away to where she could do much else. She felt him step back and pat her on the head.

"Good slave," he said, "Now do not cum until I command. I will be back to take care of your needs."

The bliss that had been building with Stephanie had not diminished. Tied as she was, there was very little she could do save for enjoying the hum of the phalluses in both her pussy and rectum. There was nothing to grind against or force the vibrator in deeper. She knew the table leg was close but she also knew the pinch of the man's clothespins.

After using the restroom, Jeff returned to his stepsister, swaying and moaning as she knelt on the dining room floor.

"Would you like to cum, slave?" Jeff asked.

"AHHHHH-HAAHHHH," Stephanie practically yelled into her gag.

Jeff smiled.

"Show me how much you want to cum, slave."

The blonde began writhing in her bonds, thrusting herself towards the voice. The orgasm that was building within her was just a few touches away but she knew she couldn't achieve it herself. She needed and lusted for the release it would give her.

The stranger's warm fingers began to gently pinch her stiffened nipples, sending bolts of pure pleasure through her. His fingers then traced down the flat of her stomach and through her soft nest. She felt him grasp the end of the vibrator.

"Do not cum yet."

Stephanie moaned her frustration. The waves of pleasure were crashing at her gates and she didn't know how much longer she could hold back.

The stranger shoved the buzzing dildo all the way inside her.

"Cum, slave."

Crashing waves of bliss consumed her as she squirmed and threw herself against her bindings so violently the stranger had to grab a hold of her or she would have fallen to the kitchen floor. Wave after erotic wave swallowed her as she bucked until it ebbed away, leaving the girl completely drained and limp.

"I think it is time to get you to bed, slave," the voice said, kneeling down to unfasten her hogtie.

Chapter 10

It was a struggle just to stand after the stranger had untied Stephanie's armbinder from the strap holding her ankles together. The blonde felt as limp as an old rag doll, her strength zapped by the two orgasm she had just had in the past hour. She wobbled and swayed as she stood, feeling the leather straps being buckled again around her knees and thighs.

Jeff's stepsister made a most beautiful slave, even more so in the afterglow of her last cum. A long tangle of blonde hair spilled down over her blindfolded eyes and her ring-gagged mouth seemed to quiver in an erotic kiss. The white of her leather collar and armbinder seemed to gleam against her tanned skin. Her pale nipples were still stiff from pleasure. If there were one thing that did not fit the perfect picture, it would be the fact that she was not a true blonde. The soft curls of her nest were a light brown in color. However, that could be rectified.

Steph felt her captor clip on the leather lead and give it a gentle tug. She hopped in that direction, concentrating on the task at hand rather than the two vibrators still buzzing away within her.

"Did you enjoy that, slave?" the metallically twisted voice of her stepbrother asked.

Stephanie flushed red with embarrassment as she nodded yes. I just murdered her to admit that the pleasures she had just had were the most intense of her young life. Everything she had been told said that rape was a horrible, painful thing that tore at one's soul. However, Steph enjoyed what had just happened and that thought raced through her mind like a blender.

Jeff continued to pull on her leash, moving slowly to the stairs. He noticed a pile of envelopes below the mail slot and made a mental note to look through them in the morning and pay any bills. His parents had left him with several signed checks to do this with as well as several thousand dollars to put into his checking for emergencies. However, he had more important things to look after.

At the foot of the stairs, Jeff stopped and threw his blonde captive over his shoulder. Stephanie squealed in surprise and struggled a bit.

"Stop squirming, slave, or I will drop you."

Stephanie stopped struggling. It was more to try to get comfortable than it was to escape knowing the later was impossible. His shoulder seemed to cut into her stomach as he climbed the stairs and Steph worried that he might lose his footing and they would both come crashing down the stairs. However, that did not happen and at the top of the flight, he swung her off his shoulder and helped her balance herself again in her restraints.

Without a word, Jeff led his captive down the hallway to his parent's bedroom, pausing to enjoy the way his stepsister looked. Her large, pale-nippled breasts jiggled with every little hop she took. He could feel himself harden again looking at her blindfolded form, but reminded himself that he had plenty of time to enjoy her. There were other things to take care of.

Tugging on her leash, Jeff guided her into the bathroom and eased her onto the toilet. Stephanie felt the straps around her ankles and legs being undone. Apparently, it was another bathroom break. It was easier for her to go this second time and the stranger was just as careful cleaning her up with a warm washcloth.

"You need to shower, slave," the intruder said in his electronically distorted voice, "And I have to change your bindings."

The captive blonde listened, nodding slightly.

"If you try to escape, slave, I will kill you quickly but I will also slowly torture your brother to death. Do you understand, slave?"

Stephanie nodded.

"As long as you please me, slave, everything will be okay. No permanent harm will come to you or him. Understand, slave?"

Again, the captive girl nodded. She understood completely what the stranger had just said. As it was, Steph didn't think she had the energy to try to fight or escape. She could try to summon some help, she supposed, but she knew deep down inside that she would fail and that would lead to something much worse for both her and her stepbrother.

One of the things Jeff had gathered for the capture of his stepsister was a package of plastic zip-ties. He realized that these would be perfect for use in showering his slave since he did not want to ruin the leather armbinder or collar. The only thing that might be ruined was her black leather blindfold and Jeff couldn't risk taking it off at this stage of Stephanie's transformation. Perhaps he should look through his parent's collection of bondage gear to see if they had something he could use.

Stephanie let the stranger maneuver her into the shower. Her parents had just re-done their bathroom and the shower was one of those glass-enclosed full body showers. Steph loved it and occasionally snuck a shower in there while her parents were away. She also noticed that there were various hooks and eyebolts set around and she imagined that they were for hanging up and drying clothes or her mother's various loofah sponges. I did not occur to her that they might have a far more kinkier purpose.

Jeff, however, saw how useful they could be and planned on using the bolts to their utmost advantage. He hooked Stephanie's leash to one of the bolts before going to his parent's bondage armoire to see if her could find something a bit more waterproof to blindfold his stepsister with.

The array of bondage gear was astounding. Jeff had not really looked through it carefully. Everything was neatly organized by function. There were gags and restraint straps and collars of all sorts. There was one drawer of various vibrators and dildos and other stimulators. In a drawer on the bottom, one that Jeff really hadn't looked through, he found what he was searching for.

The long drawer was filled with a variety of latex and rubber restraints and clothing. Amongst these was a variety of hoods and one in particular caught his eye. It was a white latex hood that covered all but the wearer's mouth and buckled into place around the neck. There were air holes for breathing through the nose and a hole in back to pull a ponytail through. It was perfect. Taking it, he went back to his captive.

"Slave," the voice said, "I am going to take your gag out and then remove your blindfold. Keep your eyes shut or the last thing you will see is my knife slitting your throat. Do you understand, slave?

Stephanie understood all too well and she nodded her head.

"Good. Stand still slave."

The blonde girl was glad to be rid of her current gag. The steel ring that forced her jaws open was very uncomfortable and caused her to drool uncontrollably. The blindfold was next Stephanie was sorely tempted to open her eyes as the stranger peeled it off of her, but she did not. She had already felt what pain he could inflict and she was convinced that he might indeed kill her if she did not obey his wishes.

Stephanie felt her hair being gently gathered together in a ponytail then threaded through something. She then felt something being pulled down over her head, not unlike a latex swimming cap. However, unlike a swimming cap, the stranger continued to roll the rubber down over her eyes and nose, eventually encapsulating her entire head. The latex mask ended just underneath her chin with a small opening for her mouth and a couple of small holes for breathing through her nose. Stephanie then felt something pull underneath her chin and tighten. The hood was now laced into place.

"Open wide, slave," the metallic voice ordered.

The girl felt a rubber ball being forced between her teeth, not unlike the first gag she wore, though not quite as big. Jeff tightened the straps of the red ballgag and stepped back to admire his work. His stepsister was indeed a picture perfect slave. Speaking of which. . .

The hood seemed to mute most of her senses. It sealed Stephanie's eyes closed as well as ears. The latex smell filled her nose and the rubber-tasting gag only heightened the feeling that her whole head was encased. She hadn't even realized that Jeff had left to get the camera and was setting it up.

Jeff realized that the next part was the most dangerous and could unravel everything her had done. However, the white leather armbinder had to come off. Jeff gathered up the zip-ties and stepped in back of his captive stepsister.

Stephanie felt the stranger unbuckling the various straps holding her arms in the single glove then slowly he began to slide it off. He stopped half way and encircled her arms with a thin strap just above her elbows. As the stranger tightened it, the strap bit into her skin a bit, causing her to gasp in pain. This did not stop the stranger as he put another strap below her elbows and tightened it as well.

The captive continued to feel the armbinder being peeled off until it slid off her hands. Quickly, the stranger gathered her wrists together and pulled another thin strap around them, binding them together as well. Jeff was satisfied that there was no way for his stepsister to escape as she tried to move weakly against her new bindings. Hastily, Jeff undressed and stepped in beside Steph.

A warm spray soon engulfed the blonde as she felt the stranger gently turned her around, making sure that nearly all of her was soaked. Again, she noted that his touches and grasps were that of a lover, not of a thug, and she felt a flutter of butterflies through her as his touch. It was quite unlike anything she had ever felt before. Soon she also felt the soft scour of a soapy loofah sponge scrubbing her legs and slowly working upward.

The stranger paid attention to every bit of her, washing her and rinsing her. The warmth of her last orgasms had not gone away and she felt herself getting excited again at his touch, especially when he paid close attention to the soft patch of curls above her sex.

"Spread your legs, slave."

Stephanie did so without a single thought. It was almost natural to obey him now.


The captive's stance widened and she felt the stranger begin to soap her mons. Then she felt the slow graze of a razor being pulled through her nest. Stephanie felt both appalled and wanton as he continued to shave her pussy bald. Up to this point, she didn't think she could feel any more naked than being tied and helpless under the eyes of this stranger. However, this man was bearing her even more and it caused her to blush.

"Quit squirming, slave, or I will cut you."

Stephanie struggled to be still. The depilation did not take long and with a soft washcloth, the stranger wiped her mons clean.

"You look beautiful, slave," the stranger said in his distorted electric voice.

The captive felt herself blush again. Men had called her many things, such as 'sexy' and 'hot', but this was the first time she had been told that she looked beautiful.

Jeff turned the shower off and began to pat dry his hooded prisoner. As he rubbed the towel over her, she seemed to stand prouder. He shook his head. He must be imagining things. He buckled her white leather collar around her neck and clipped the leash to it again. He then led her out of the bathroom into his parent's bedroom, sitting her down on their parent's bed.

Jeff was fully conscious that her bindings for sleeping had to be comfortable to his stepsister. There were white fleece-lined cuffs in their wardrobe and he had selected these for Steph for the night. The ankle cuffs went on first, locking them in place with a small lock. Raising the blonde from the bed, he did the same for her wrists after snipping the zip-tie that held her wrists together. Jeff then undid the other bindings above and below her elbows, causing a sigh of relief from his captive.

"It's time to sleep, slave," Jeff said as he hooked her lead onto the headboard of the bed, "I will be with you shortly after I tend to a few things."

Even though she was exhausted, sleep was the last thing on Stephanie's mind. The shower had left her with goose bumps and a need within her that she could not assuage being bound as she was. Perhaps when the stranger returned. . .

-end of part 1-

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