by T.S. Fesseln

(A Sequel to ‘A New Haunt’ and ‘Coffin Duty’.)

There was horror in the evening air. It was in the dried leaves darting around Brandy’s ankles and in the chill that crept through her jacket as she stood by her car. There were few lights on in the old two-story farmhouse. Most of the house was already finished for this year’s fund-raiser. The barn was finished as well. Brandy could see the pulsating green light that glowed eerily through the windows and doorways there. Even knowing what Brandy knew about what was lurking in both places, the effect was still very creepy.

This year, the club had decided on an alien invasion theme. There was plenty of material to draw upon, from 'The Mist' to 'War Of The Worlds' to 'Signs'. Brandy was at first reluctant to go with the theme, but her boyfriend Grant was so enthused about the genre that it infected her as well. Of course, because of the theme, there was more work involved in prepping the place and Brandy volunteered when she could. Thankfully, Grant could spend a good part of his spare time at his job working on the project.

It had been a great year this year. Grant and Brandy had started to be an ‘official’ couple. He understood her better than any person she had ever been with. Most men, she knew, were attracted to her long blonde hair and generous boobs. And most didn’t really see past that. Grant did. It had been two years since they had met and less than a year of actually going out, but it felt as if she had known him since childhood.

The bondage club had been a refuge from her mundane life. She could get tied-up and relish her sub-space within the warm confines of the old farmhouse. Grant had always been a very good ‘Master’, and she always felt guilty about having to go back to her ‘real’ boyfriend. Finally, after having bound her up to a Saint Andrew’s cross and with a gag firmly in place, Grant had worked-up the courage to ask her out on a date that didn’t involve leather or rope. Brandy thought about it for about a millisecond before nodding yes. After that, she dumped her old boyfriend and never looked back.

Grant was good with his hands in more ways than one. A good deal of the bondage furniture that graced the basement of the place was constructed by him. She always thought he was in construction but he always said no. It took over a month before Brandy could pry out of him what he really did for a living: Grant owned his own junkyard, one that had been in the family for generations. He had learned how to tinker and build because he had to.

It was his tinkering that had brought Brandy here. Grant had been working on a secret project and he wanted her to be its first victim. Rounding the corner of the house, she could see more greenish lights out in the center of the field. This year, their corn maze was an elaborate crop circle with Grant’s contraption towards the end. Several of the guys had helped him with it but Brandy couldn’t get them to say a word about it other than ‘you’ll see.’

As Brandy crunched her way through the dark maze, she thought about how tempted she had been to just sneak out here to look at what he was doing, but she had decided against it. The best thing about surprises was the surprise. So she bided her time and waited for him to invite her.

There were a few silver clouds in the night sky and the moon wasn’t much more than a sliver, making the maze that much more sinister. Corn stalks splintered off into the dark. Several times Brandy had to take her flashlight out to look at the map. Even then, she had stumbled into a dead end where a cocooned corpse was moaning its automated message. She caught her breath and continued on.

This is the kind of thing the blonde craved. Not knowing what was around each corner or what that low humming noise was that seemed to vibrate through the maze. Several times she thought she heard a rustling in the stalks, but when she stopped it seemed to stop to. With every step, however, she knew she was drawing nearer to the green glow she had seen earlier and her curiosity trumped her fear.

The noise was getting louder as she came closer to where it was. A low mist drifted over the path and snaked away through the stalks. Brandy’s steps became more cautious, not being able to see the path itself. Then, rounding a corner, she saw a silvery-gray saucer partially imbedded into the ground. A neon-green glow seeped out from beneath the craft, illuminating the fog that whorled around it like a cloak.

“Grant,” Brandy called out, but there was no reply.

The alien craft was huge; bigger than her apartment living room. Some thick, stringy goop oozed over it in several places. Carefully, she made her way around the ship, trying to find an entrance. Grant was probably inside preparing it for the haunted house opening that weekend.

“Grant,” she yelled again.

Grant had done a remarkable job. The ship looked just as good as any Hollywood set. Even up close, Grant’s workmanship was remarkable. Touching it as she made her way around it, Brandy could feel its low vibrations. Finally, through the mist, she could see a small opening that was not unlike the open jaws of a trap. Slime dripped from the tips of its sharpened teeth. A torn jacket was impaled on one.

Brandy stopped and stared. It was Grant’s jacket; his favorite work jacket.

And it was torn to pieces.

Stepping closer, the blonde could see several dark stains blotted over the jacket. It looked like blood but then again their haunted house had lots of things covered in what looked like blood. It wouldn’t have been an issue if it hadn’t been Grant’s jacket.

Suddenly, she really didn’t want to be here alone. “Grant,” she yelled, “If you are trying to scare me, I swear to God I will kick your balls down your throat.”

Brandy heard nothing more than the growling hum of the craft. The blonde also noticed that the fog was getting thicker and the cornstalks around the craft were fading into a black wall. Carefully, she stepped back and began to retrace her steps. She dared not turn on the flashlight again to look at the map.

Then Brandi heard the shuffling in the stalks.

‘This is fucked,’ Brandi thought to herself. There was no way this was real. Grant and the club were messing with her. She was sure of it. They all knew her love of a good scare. They all knew she loved to go to the movies just to get frightened. But she knew it was all Hollywood magic. The only time she had really been terrified was her unintended introduction to the club via the haunted house; except now.

“This is not the way into a woman’s panties, Grant,” she called out into the mist.

The blonde could still hear the rustling in the corn, growing nearer.

Unconsciously, Brandy had been backing away from the noises, one small step at a time until she felt her back pressing against the craft. Feeling along the metallic shell, she carefully made her way back to the opening of the craft. Quickly, she pulled out her flashlight and beamed its light into the mouth. It was dark and reddish and reminded Brandi of looking down into someone’s throat. Without hesitation, she stepped through the jaws.

As soon as the girl’s foot hit the floor, the whole room started to glow an evil red. She could see along the back wall a knot of tentacles writhing like a pit of snakes. . .

“Boo!” Grant said inches from Brandi’s ear, causing her to scream.

“You shit-head,” she yelled, punching his broad shoulder.

“Did I scare you?”

“Fuck you,” Brandy said stepping back.

“I take that as a yes,” he smiled.

“I hate you,” Brandi grumped, crossing her arms in front of herself.

“I don’t think you hate me as much as you think you do. You were scared and you loved every second of it, sweetheart. Besides, the best is yet to come.”

Despite being pissed about Grant getting the best of her, it was hard to stay mad at him for very long. His grin could charm the pants off of her any day of the week. The fact that he was well muscled in a work-a-day way didn’t hurt either. It was a very good scare and she shouldn’t be mad at him for giving her something she craved.

“Okay, I’ll forgive you this one time, Grant. Don’t make me regret it” .

“Oh, after I show you what this thing can do, I don’t think you’ll regret one little thing. Now, do you remember last year?”

How could Brandi forget? The first night she had been assigned coffin duty where she was tied-up and vibrated the whole night in front of a bunch staring Halloweeners. Of course, they didn’t know there was something buzzing turning her on. They just saw a pretty young woman bound and struggling not to get nailed in a coffin. It was one of the most erotic things she had ever done. To be bound in public and being teased into one orgasm after another was a fantasy she had never dared to hope to come true.

“Yes. . . .” she whispered. Already, the thoughts of that night started a tingling through her.

“Well, let me show you what you’ll be doing this weekend.”

Grant leaned down and gave Brandi a nice, long kiss. He always counted his blessings and Brandi being his girl was always his first one. She always gave one-hundred percent of herself, whether it was helping him in the yard or being a willing victim in the bedroom. At first, he, like everyone who didn't know her, thought she was your stereotypical dumb blonde, but she was smart as a whip; one of the smartest people Grant knew. The fact that she was dating him over all the other guys that had their sights trained on her was still a mystery to him.

“You mean right now?” Brandi purred.

“No time like the present.”

Brandi noticed for the first time how warm it was in here. Not uncomfortably so, but enough to ward off the October chill.

Grant reached behind the wall of tentacles and brought out a gym bag, “I got you your costume this year. I know it might not look like much, but once you are in place, I think you’re going to appreciate it more.” Brandy’s boyfriend tossed her the bag and disappeared behind the squirming wall. What would she be this year? A sexy witch? A buxom pirate? A demure harem girl? Brandy was eager to find out. She quickly unzipped her bag and pulled out her costume: A old gray sweatshirt and a pair of worn jeans.

“What the hell, Grant?” she yelled at him.

“Quit your whining and try them on,” Grant answered.

The blonde could hear him rustling around in back, setting up whatever ’props’ he needed for his victim/girlfriend. This was as lame a costume as she had ever seen and Grant usually had very good taste when it came to that sort of thing. But she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Brandy shrugged off her jacket and pulled her white sweater off. After unhooking her bra, she shimmied out of her jeans.

“Your panties too,” Grant said as he emerged from in back of the tentacles.

Brandy did as she was told, hooking her thumbs under the straps and slowly peeling them off of her hips and down her legs, stepping out of them when they reached her ankles.

“That better?” Brandy asked demurely, crossing her arms in front of herself.

“Much, but as much as I would like to keep you that way, I think a few customers might complain.”

“Why, don’t you think they’ll like what they see?” Brandy smiled.

“No, I think you might make them jealous.”

Brandy bent down and picked-up the sweatshirt.

“Well, I wouldn’t want that now. I guess I will just have to be a little more situation appropriate, huh?”

And with that being said, Brandy pulled the shirt on over her head. She noticed the something hard was on the inside of the front of her shirt. They were two hard plastic cups fastened so that each settled near her nipples. Brandy knew right away what they were for and adjusted each over her nips, cupping them. The sweatshirt was a bit tight and emphasized her breasts well. The top part of the cups poked out of the shirt looking like a pair of black rubber nipples.

The jeans were next. It wasn’t hard to miss the open crotch sewed into them. It wasn’t large but it was enough to allow Grant access to her. The jeans were as form fitting as the shirt. She fastened the small leather belt and stood back smiling at her boyfriend; hands on her hips.

“Your shoes too. I didn’t bring a pair so you will have to wear what you have,” Grant said.

It took a second for her to slip into her sneakers. Brandy could already feel the stir of butterflies in her stomach, knowing soon she would be helpless and she hoped well attended to. Grant leaned over her and cupped her face as his lips met hers. Soon, their tongues danced over one another as he grasped her tightly to himself, feeling her body moving against his.

Without a word, Grant pulled away and grasped one of Brandi’s wrists and pulled it in back of her before doing the same to the other. She felt the cool steel of cuffs click tightly around each and a warm flame flickered within her. With her hands now bound behind her, Grant took her arm and led her to the writhing wall.

Upon closer inspection, Brandy could see that the tentacles were really made-over garden hoses painted reddish-pink and clothed in some sort of translucent latex rubber. Grant pulled them aside to reveal a pair of pipes sticking out about a foot off of the ground.

“Step up, my dear lady. The show is about to begin.”

Grant held her as she climbed up. They were spaced about a yard apart and Grant had to help her maneuver into place. Once there, Brandy watched as he looped a small strap around her right ankle and buckled it tight, then doing the same with the other ankle. Brandy was forced to keep her legs open in order to stand. Grant then took a tentacle and wrapped it around one of her calves.


Brandy nodded. She was already starting to ebb into her subspace. Grant smiled at her and grabbed a thicker tentacle and positioned it over her chest. There were two fasteners on it and he gently clamped each of her cups to it before curling it around her waist. As soon as the first was fastened on, she could feel a slight suction on her nipple, sending flicker of pleasure through her. Grant reached up under her shirt to make sure that each cup was over her stiffened nipples.

The bound girl then felt her boyfriend’s finger gently caressing the soft curls of her puss. Brandy knew Grant liked her having a little nest even though being clean-shaven was the usual thing that subs did. And she liked having him tease her there. Slowly, his fingers dipped down until he was touching her swollen lips, parting them so he could tickle her clit.

Each touch was like a fiery lance of bliss piercing her. She found herself pushing herself towards him only to find him ease away, teasing her.

“Grant. . .” she began to say.

“Not another word or I will gag you. Understand?”

“Yes,” she said.

“That was another word,” Grant grinned.

With that he pulled out another tentacle. This one had a large pear-shaped gag fastened to it. Brandy dutifully opened her mouth. The gag filled her mouth as he buckled it tightly around her head. She imagined it would look like the alien beast was muffling her screams.

Secretly, Brandy loved being gagged. It allowed her to be noisy and bite into something at the same time. She had heard that it was like a Champaign cork, holding every good inside and that is exactly the way she felt.

Brandy glanced down to see Grant picking up yet another tentacle. This one was another thicker one. About halfway along it was one of her pink gel vibrators, one with a separate egg that would rest against her clit. Grant slowly eased it inside of her, making sure it was fully inside of her before anchoring it with a thin leather strap. The rest of the tentacle he wrapped around her hips firmly, making sure it was tight.

After entangling her in a few more tentacles, Grant stepped back and looked over his ’ummphing’ work. With everything in place, Brandy looked like a hapless female victim of the alien monster. With a flip of a switch, the cat-like red eyes of the monster glowed on. With another switch, the vacuum pump speeded up and caused Brandy to squeal in surprise. Finally, he turned on the vibe to watch it do its magic.

The erotic burning within her flared and Brandy bucked against her bindings. The suction on her nips sent needles of pleasure shooting through her each time they pulsed and the hum of the vibe within her fueled flare after churning flare of passion. The fiery bliss swelled inside her until she couldn’t take any more. She screamed into her gag as the white-hot ecstasy engulfed her again and again until she was too spent to fight against it. Finally, the buzzing stopped and the cups released themselves from her pleasure-aching nipples. If it wasn’t for the straps and tentacles holding her up, she would have fallen into a puddle on the floor.

Brandy glanced up. Grant was holding their digital video camera, capturing everything on CD. They both enjoyed watching their escapades over and over again and seeing where they could be more creative. She smiled around her gag.

Setting down his camera, he stepped up to Brandy and caressed her cheek. “I don’t think that was a very convincing performance, honey,” Grant said. “I need to see more passion, more fear, if you want to do this all this weekend.”

Brandy just looked at him.

“Let’s take it from the top, and this time, give it your all,” he said as he once again turned on her vibrator, “We’re going to do this all night until you get it right.”

The End

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