by T.S. Fesseln

Disclaimer: This is a work of amatory fantasy. Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading here. If you are a bit squeamish about graphic depictions of sex and bondage, please stop reading here. The author takes no responsibility for those who wish to reenact anything written below.

Erin stood out in their backyard, her skin flushed red from embarrassment. She was dressed in the skimpiest ‘bunny’ costume she had ever seen; a white, fishnet teddy with a white bunny ears headband, white nylon stockings and an uncomfortable fluffy little cottontail. But the costume was the least of her worries. Also part of her costume was a pair of white leather cuffs around her ankles, another pair of cuffs holding her wrists behind her back, a white leather collar and a neon pink ballgag fastened tightly in her mouth.

It wasn’t that Erin didn’t look stunning in her costume. She did. She kept her five foot frame trim by working out every week at the gym with her husband Kyle. She had a nice pair of C-cup breasts and a well rounded ass. Her auburn hair was kept in a cute pageboy cut and her blue-green cat-like eyes made her look almost pixie-like. She didn’t mind turning heads, just not like this.

Her husband Kyle stood on the porch and waved at her. He was holding the remote that would activate the small egg vibrator inside her. He was still dressed in his flannel drawers and red plaid robe. He wasn’t much taller than Erin was, but he was a bit stockier in build. His blondish hair was still in spiky mess from last night and his brown eyes almost sparkled with mischief. He sipped casually at his mug of morning coffee and grinned.

The game was simple. It was a version of ‘hotter-colder’. The closer she got to where a colored egg was hidden, the lower her vibe would hum. He had told her that there were more than three dozen plastic Easter eggs hidden in their fenced-in back yard. Only one contained the key that would fit the lock and open the back garage door to let her inside.

The egg vibrator inside her roared on and caused a rush of pleasure to gush through her. The game was on.

“Oh, by the way honey,” Kyle said as Erin looked around to spot some spot of color, “If you happen to cum while back here, you’re spending the rest of the day in back like you are.”

Erin moaned her protests but she knew they fell on deaf ears. She focused her attentions on finding the eggs.

There were a few eggs she spotted right away in their tulip beds and she hopped the best she could over to them. Kyle at least had the decency to let her wear her sneakers.

As she jumped, Erin’s tail was becoming erotically uncomfortable. She didn’t know where he had got it, but the little ball of fluff was attached to a slender plug in her ass. With every hop, she could feel both the vibrator and the anal plug moving inside her, causing more ripples of bliss.

The vibrator slowed and then stopped as she reached the raised bed where the tulips had already started to bud and blossom. She sat herself down on the bed’s brick wall, making sure her tail wasn’t going to impale her some more, and reached around and picked up the egg, shaking it.

“Honey,” Kyle called, “You might want to open it just to make sure.”

Erin grunted and rolled her eyes upward. She struggled to open the egg and finally when it was opened, she saw the reason why. Inside, her husband had suspended a penny in some gelatin. He had first filled half the egg, put the coin in, drilled a small hole in the top of the egg and after it was fastened together, he filled the rest of the egg with the same gelatin.

Damn him.

She scooted down a little further to a blue egg and again, found a penny floating in the clear gelatin. She found two other eggs in the bed before her vibrator started to buzz vigorously again.

As Erin got up to hop towards the lilacs planted along their tall wooden fence, she thought back to last night and how this started so innocently. Kyle had said that he had a surprise for her this Easter and if she wanted it, she would have to do as he said. Erin reluctantly agreed, knowing that it would probably involve some sort of bondage. They had been into it even before they got married and their fascination with leather and rope never went away. In fact, they both came up with new ways in which to play their games.

A wave of rapture flooded through Erin and she had to stop. She was sure that Kyle had heard her, if not the neighbors next door. It was still very early in the morning and she hoped to find the key before it became too late.

A few more hops along the blossoming lilacs, the vibrator slowed. Erin thanked God, since she didn’t know if she could have staved off an orgasm. As it was, it continued to tease her, keeping her kettle warm.

She saw the purple egg and her humming companion stopped. Awkwardly, she squatted down and retrieved the egg, only to find another penny.

As Kyle watched his wife hopping around the yard searching, his morning boner continued to ache. It had never gone away. From the moment he got out of bed and presented his wife with her ‘Easter Best’ to when she came out of the bathroom wearing it to watching her struggling to find the key before she gave in to her passion, his erection never fully went away. All he really wanted to do is carry her inside and make love to her.

However, he didn’t dare do it. That was the deliciousness of their games. The waiting and wanting made the ending that much more intense.

His wife hopped away from the lilacs and he cranked the vibrator on high.

Erin stopped, swooning as another billow of bliss ballooned within her. The pleasure swelled and stormed as she bit into her gag hard as she moaned. Like a head of steam, her passion continued to build and threatened to engulf her and she knew it would if she didn’t get hopping.

The ebb and flow of the vibrators ministrations continued to keep Erin on edge as she searched. To her dismay, she found the some of the eggs were camouflaged and blended in with the lawn and foliage. She had meant to keep track of the eggs she found but she soon gave up. Her ever growing need clouded her thinking.

She was hopping out in the middle of the lawn when she kicked an egg and the vibrator stopped. She knelt again and opened he green mottled egg. There was the key! Quickly she rubbed the gel off, smiling around her gag.

Just then he turned the vibrator on high.

The blistering-hot ecstasy exploded with in her and she collapsed on the grass and writhed as the pleasure completely engulfed her. She bucked and screamed and contorted herself as her rapture tormented her again and again until she was too weak to do much else than drool and moan. When her vibrator stopped, she opened her eyes to find her husband standing over her.

“Now that you have the key, honey, I’ll be waiting for you inside. There is another treat that I need to put in your basket and t can’t wait too much longer.”

Erin watched her husband walk back to the house, open the sliding glass door and lock it after him. Weakly she uncoiled herself and with difficulty, got back on her feet. Still holding the key, she hopped towards the garage. This was one treat she really didn’t want to miss.

The End

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