An Infamous Evening in London

She needed a lesson in appropriate behavior.  Especially after she had been drinking, Annie became way too vocal for her own good.  Petite and sexy, Annie Harrison could be as sweet as sweet could be.  And even when drinking, she tended to be a happy drunk. But for whatever reason, at a moments notice, she could turn from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

Such was the case in London one March evening.  Annie and her boyfriend Tim were in the middle of a three-week vacation and had been out on the town checking out the London hotspots.  After a fine dinner at one of the more upscale restaurants in the Mayfield area of London, they had headed for The Roadhouse, one of the few London nightclubs with live music and dancing.  All went fine until Annie, with one too many Vodka tonics, got into an altercation with a male patron on the dance floor.  The scene grew ugly and Tim, narrowly avoiding a fight defending her honor, insisted that they leave the club and head back to the hotel.

Annie was provocatively dressed as usual and had a tendency to flirt when she had too much to drink. She was wearing an eye catching outfit consisting of a tight black silk sleeveless top, coupled with a flippy brown suede mini-skirt that ended about four inches above her knees.  The ensemble was finished off with a pair of Via Spiga ankle strap brown suede stiletto pumps with four-inch heels.

Underneath, she had likewise dressed to impress.  Earlier that evening, she had selected the underwear that Tim preferred.  First, a lacy black push up bra that accentuated her small but perky breasts and showed just the right amount of cleavage. Next, she decided on a wispy black garter belt made of satin and see-through nylon.  It had a red bow in the center of the waistband and tiny little red bows just above each of the garter clips.  She then had carefully pulled on a pair of vintage nylon stockings with the reinforced heel and toe.  Slowly, she had rolled the first stocking up her left leg, taking care to smooth out the wrinkles and then attached the garter clips at the very top of the nylon in front and then in back.  She repeated the process with the right leg.  Stepping back to admire herself in the mirror, she continued to adjust and smooth out every last wrinkle from the stockings and admired how they were tautly attached to the garter belt.

Satisfied with what she saw, she finished off the effect with a tiny black thong that matched the garter belt.  Walking to the bed, she sat to put on the shoes, carefully and tightly securing the ankle straps.  She had planned to be doing a lot of dancing and she didn’t want them coming off accidentally.

Once again admiring herself in the mirror, she smiled coyly, thinking to herself how she could likely seduce any man she wanted.  She had an almost perfect figure and at 31, looked easily ten years younger. She knew in her heart that she could catch and keep the eye of any man from 21 to 60 and she could have her choice with the slightest bit of effort.  Her outfit tonight would help that cause if things went south with Tim.

Annie slipped on the black silk top and then quickly pulled on her suede mini skirt. She was amused by the fact that the hem ended just below the darker band at the top of her stockings. A slight gust of wind would make them visible as would the slightest bending at the waist.  She knew that on the dance floor, the customers who were watching would be fixated on her, gyrating to the beat of the music and the flash of nylons and garter straps that would invariably occur. She loved the attention.

Returning to the present, Annie was incensed and made her anger known with one expletive after another during the cab ride back to the Hotel.  The cab driver had never heard such language from a woman, much less such a tiny and petite little thing like Annie.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Tim tried to salvage the evening by suggesting they have a drink at the bar and talk about it.  Annie reluctantly acquiesced but only because she was looking for another drink anyway.  Tim knew that she would likely go there on her own if he was not with her so he made the suggestion.

It was nearly 1:30 am and save for three scattered hotel guests enjoying a nightcap, the bar was empty.  They took their seats roughly ten feet from the nearest man, a fifty-something distinguished looking British gentleman who gave Annie the once over as she sat down.  Annie noticed him looking and deliberately let her skirt ride higher up her leg as she sat giving the man a full on view of her stockings, the skin above them and the black garter strap firmly holding the top of her nylon. The man tried to avert his gaze so as to not be so obvious but he was not being too discreet.

Tim noticed what was happening and made an issue of it which only served to make Annie more determined to put on a show of lingerie as well as put her back into attack mode.  They quickly began to argue and Annie took over from where she had left off in the cab.  Things got louder and louder and eventually, they were asked to keep it down by the manager or to leave the lounge area.  Tim had had enough and grabbing Annie by the arm, half forced and half escorted her to the elevator.  Though cursing and grumbling, Annie managed a wink to the British man as she left the lounge.

Back in the room, things got worse.  Heated words were exchanged and Annie finally told Tim, “Fuck You,” grabbed her purse and left the room.

For a moment, Tim considered following her but knowing it was now 2:00 am, he knew the bar would be closing and she would not be gone long.  He decided on bottled water from the minibar and sat down to await her return. He thought to himself “fifteen minutes, tops.”  He couldn't have been more wrong!

Back in the bar, the British gentleman was now the only one left.  Annie’s wink had told him it might be advantageous to wait a few more minutes to see if anything developed.  He heard the elevator open and he developed a broad grin as the click clack of Annie’s stilettos told him he was right.

As she approached, he got a much better look at her and realized just how incredibly sexy this woman was.  He especially loved the way the suede miniskirt swayed back and forth as she walked.  He also knew what she was wearing underneath and that only served to increase his excitement.  His heartbeat increased slightly as she neared him.   “My name is Annie.  Mind if I join you?”  Before he could answer, she took a seat in the chair directly across from him and carelessly (and purposely) let her legs part just enough for him to see up her skirt and focus on the black thong.

“The name is Michael,” he said as he extended his hand to hers.  “Please do.”

Crossing her legs, Annie again made sure there was no doubt in his mind what she was wearing beneath her outer garments. She noticed her blouse had shifted slightly and that her black bra straps were visible as well but she made no attempt to fix it.  Experience had told her that men like that look and now Michael knew that everything underneath was black.  She wanted to make sure there were no doubts in this man’s mind.  There weren't.  Michael now knew he had to get this woman back to his room.  His instincts told him it would not be difficult.

“My boyfriend is an asshole,” she commenced, “sometimes he just pisses me off by showing up but tonight, he totally annoyed me from the moment we got to the nightclub.  I've just had it with him and I saw you earlier and figured you looked like a gentleman and so, here I am.”

Just then, the bartender, not noticing that the two of them had not arrived together, informed them that the bar was closing and if they wanted a drink to take to the room.  Michael glanced at Annie and she gave him a knowing smile that spoke volumes.

They ordered drinks and inside three minutes, they were in Michael's suite, two floors above the room where Tim was waiting, still drinking his water.

The room was lavish, much nicer than the room Tim had received; lots of leather chairs, sofas, a desk, full bar and a separate bedroom suite.

“Make yourself at home my dear.  I have a few things to do but I won’t be long. It is nearly 6:00 pm in Los Angeles and I must discuss some business with my partners.”

Annie spread herself on the leather couch and laid back, her head sinking deeply into the soft plush calfskin, her skirt riding high up on her legs showing a generous amount of skin above the stockings.  Sipping her drink, she waited patiently.  She could hear Michael's voice talking on the phone in the other room and she wondered to herself how much longer she would have to wait to get satisfied.  Her loins were burning now.  Drinking always seemed to make her horny and tonight was no exception.  She reached under her skirt and gently stroked herself for a few seconds but then quickly withdrew her hand as she heard Michael approaching.

Michael walked towards her, leaned over and kissed her on the mouth.  Annie reacted immediately by sticking her tongue in his mouth and he responded in kind. The two locked in this embrace for twenty seconds or so while Michael placed his hand inside her blouse and fondled her breasts over her black bra.  His touch titillated Annie and she could feel herself starting to get moist in her crotch.

Straightening up, Michael said “Why donut you get a little more comfortable?”  And with that, he gently removed her blouse by pulling it up and over her head.  He was pleased to note that she offered no resistance whatsoever.  He stared at her firm breasts framed by the lacy push up bra and admired what he saw.  Annie took this as her cue and abruptly sat up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall in a heap at her feet.  She raised one foot and then with the other, kicked the tiny miniskirt across the floor.

She now stood before him clad only in her black sexy lingerie.  Michael could feel an erection starting to mount as he gazed at the seductive young woman, clad only in black bra, thong, garter belt, nylon stockings and stiletto pumps gyrating before him.

“My dear,” he said, “it appears I may be a wee bit longer than I anticipated and I fear you might get antsy and want to leave.  So I thought maybe I would take a few precautions to assure myself that you will still be waiting when I complete my tasks.”

Annie looked at him quizzically, wondering exactly what he meant.

Michael was pulling something from the desk drawer and Annie felt a twinge of excitement as well as apprehension when she recognized the object as a piece of cotton rope about four feet long.  “Adult games between two consenting adults can be fun, donut you think?” he said as he walked toward her.  “I thought I would just lightly tie your hands so that you wouldn't get any ideas about getting dressed and leaving if I took longer than expected.  You donut mind, do you?”

That last statement had deflected any idea of objection that she might have had.  A response of “Yes I do mind” would likely kill the mood and make him think she was a prude so she responded by saying, “No, I donut mind at all.  My boyfriend likes to tie me up but he’s so selfish about it.  He leaves me like that way too long before letting me go.  Besides, it’ll be fun thinking about how he’d go crazy if he knew someone else was tying me up.  So okay! But donut make them too tight.”

“Delicious,” he said.  “Lean back on the arm of the couch and put your wrists together, palm to palm.”  Annie quickly complied as he took the length of rope and wrapped it around her wrists three times before cinching it with two more wraps between her wrists.  He tied the knot at the top, well out of the reach of her fingers.

“There, that’s not too tight is it?”  Annie tested her bonds and was surprised that although they held her wrists fast, they caused no pain.

“No,” she said, “they are definitely tight enough to keep me from getting loose but not so tight to cut off my circulation.  You certainly know what you’re doing.  You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Michael gave her a smirky smile and said only, “Yes, once or twice.”

Michael left the room, picking up his cell phone as he disappeared into the bedroom.  Annie once again tested the ropes holding her wrists but felt no slack.  She trusted him but she was now at his mercy.  For a brief moment, she thought to herself that she could still get out of there but would have trouble explaining her predicament.  She also would be unable to get dressed with her hands tied behind her back.  She quickly dismissed the idea and leaned back on the couch awaiting the return of the handsome stranger.

The minutes seemed like hours and Annie was started to get perturbed.  In reality, it had only been two or three minutes but she wanted to get things rolling.

Almost as if on cue, Michael reappeared in the room.  Standing over her, he told her, “My apologies my sweet but things are a little more complicated with my partners than I anticipated.  I’ll be just a few minutes more.”  Reaching into his back pocket, he produced another length of rope.  Annie’s eyes widened as she spied it and asked what he was doing.  He responded by saying that it was obvious she could still leave with only her hands tied so he wanted a little more insurance that she would stay.  That would come in the form of some ankle ties.  Annie was a little more concerned now but still in her drunken state and reluctantly agreed.  She lifted her stocking clad legs to assist him as he wound the cord around her ankles, slightly tighter than the rope on her wrists and then cinched them in between with two wraps and a tight knot to finish it.

Michael ran his fingers up and down her legs, stroking her stockings and garter straps and admiring how incredibly alluring she looked in this rather mild state of bondage.  Annie tested her wrist and ankle bonds again but as before, she realized she was for all intents and purposes, helpless and at the mercy of a man she had only just met minutes earlier.

Bending at the waist, Michael slipped his arms under her upper legs and back and lifted her into a sitting position, her bound ankles dangling off the edge of the couch.  He continued his fondling of her body, rubbing his hands on her breasts, between her legs and over the incredibly smooth surface of her stockings.  The straps from the garter belt were doing their job of holding her nylons tight and wrinkle free.

Now he was unzipping his pants and pulling his erect penis out and presenting it to her just a scant few inches from her lips.  Annie recognized her cue and moved her mouth on to his erect member and began to suck.   Gently at first, then slightly faster as she felt him harden even further.  She knew what she was doing.  She’d done this before.  With her hands tied, it required more skill but she was equal to the task.

His cock was now fully erect and his thrusts were pushing all the way to the back of her throat.  He was well-endowed and Annie was taking all she could handle. She wanted his dick inside her pussy.  Withdrawing from her mouth, Michael pulled his pants down, deftly and quickly untied her ankles and then yanked off her tiny black thong, leaving it dangling around one of her ankles.  He then spread her legs with his hands and entered her, almost in one continuous motion.  Annie wrapped her legs around his lower back and the two of them began a simultaneous pumping motion.  Michael could feel her nylon sheathed legs on his back as she writhed beneath him. Oh how she wished her hands were not tied behind her.  She longed to grab hold of his ass and pull him in even further but she was rebuked by the ropes on her wrists.  She felt some pain from the ropes chafing her but this was sufficiently offset by the cushiness of the sofa and her oncoming orgasm.  At long last, they both climaxed.  Michael’s body stiffened and finally fell limp on top of Annie.

After a few seconds, Michael withdrew from her pussy, his cock still wet and dripping cum as he replaced it in his trousers.  Annie lay on the couch with her legs spread, her pussy framed by the nylons and garter belt but still with her hands tied behind her. Her breasts were heaving and threatened to escape her bra with each breath she took.

“I’m not through with you yet little lady,” he said.  “I still have one last thing to attend to before we are finished.”  This was music to Annie’s ears because she had always been multi-orgasmic.  Once was never enough for her. As she listened, she was somewhat surprised to see Michael pulling her panties back on her.  Carefully, he positioned the thong in the crack of her ass and caressed her pussy with his middle finger, knowing she was still quite sensitive.  He felt her wince at his touch as he did so.

Michael then grabbed the discarded ankle rope and took hold of both of Annie’s legs.  Before she could say a word, he had once again, tightly tied and cinched them at the ankles. Annie eyed him quizzically but said nothing.  She was feeling that this was still part of “his scene” and things had gone well so far.  She grinned at him and seductively licked her lips with her tongue to convey her quiet approval.

Michael bent down to Annie and said “Open Wide.”   Thinking he was about to stick his tongue in her mouth, she complied.  Suddenly, the unexpected happened!  ‘Oh My God,’ she thought, ‘what the hell is this?’  Michael had produced a red ball gag and was forcing it into Annie’s open mouth.  Before she could say a word, the ball had been positioned behind her teeth and Michael was tightening the leather strap behind her head.  He pulled the strap excruciatingly tight so that it could go no further into her mouth and there was no chance for her to dislodge it.

“MMMMMPPPPHHH!” she screamed but only a muffled sound was audible.  Her eyes now completely widened with the deer in the headlight look, Annie was now in a state of panic.  ‘What have I gotten myself into,’ she thought.  She twisted and bucked in her bonds but it was simple for Michael to keep her prone on the couch. “MMPPPPH” once again and her eyes implored him for an explanation.

Here she was in her sexiest black lingerie, bound and gagged in the room of a complete stranger with no idea of his intentions and no one knowing where she is. She started to squirm even harder now, kicking her stocking clad legs, enhanced by the ankle strap stilettos.

Michael now held a short length of rope in his hand.  A diabolic grin came over his face as he explained, “You know my sweet, here we have a two-foot piece of plain cotton rope that looks for the entire world as something very simple, obscure and quite worthless.  But when put to proper use, it can be extremely useful and incredibly effective as a means of restraint.  In this case, as a hogtie.” Annie screamed through the gag but was once again stifled by the red ball jammed in her mouth.  ‘HOGTIE,’ she thought.  ‘MY GOD, he’s going to hogtie me.’

And with that, Michael roughly rolled her over on her stomach and in the blink of an eye, had tied one end of the rope around her wrist bonds.  Grabbing her ankles, he forced them up toward her wrists and then just as roughly, tied the loose end around the cinch knot between her ankles.

Annie rolled on her side facing him.  She was now hogtied, totally helpless, ball gagged in her most seductive black lingerie and now, in fear for her life.  What were his intentions?  With her body in the hogtie, the black straps of her garter belt were now stretched to their limit.  The nylons were tight and without a hint of a wrinkle, all courtesy of the restrictive hogtie she was forced to endure. ‘Now what do I do?’ she thought.

Back in the room, Tim was beginning to worry.  It has been almost an hour and no sign of Annie.  His mind wandered and he considered for a moment that she might be carrying on with one of the men they’d seen in the bar. Perhaps she had even left with one of them.  He had no idea how right he was.

He picked up the phone and called the lounge.  Ten Rings.  No answer. He decided to give her another 15 minutes before going down to fetch her.  ‘Crazy Bitch,’ he thought as he turned on CNN Europe.

Meanwhile in Michael’s suite, Annie was becoming more and more distressed.  The bonds that once felt so loose and almost comfortable were now biting into the flesh of her wrists and ankles as a result of the rope used to hogtie them together.  Beads of sweat started to form on her brow and inner thighs as she struggled to find some relief.  She strained to reach the knot binding her ankles but Michael had tied it in front and she had no chance of reaching it.  Drool was dripping from the sides of her mouth thanks to the ball gag lodged firmly in her mouth. As she struggled, her legs moved in scissor-like motion as she tried to find relief from the ankle ropes but only succeeded in generating that familiar swishing motion that women make when they rub their legs together while wearing stockings.  She noted that the sound was catching Michael’s attention.

Now Michael was back on the phone. This time however, he was standing next to Annie as he spoke.  Annie hoped that the conversation might lend some clue as to what he had in mind for her.

“Yeah, I got us a good one this time,” he said.  “No, no problems.  In fact it was easier than I could have imagined.  A real hellcat this one.  No. No, that won’t be necessary.  You just make sure you and Ralphie are here by 5:30, got it?  Yeah, through the service entrance, just like before.  No, the maids don't get here until about 6:30.  We’ll be long gone by then.  I’ll finish tying her up and maybe have a little more fun with her to pass the time until then.  Okay then, Cheerio.”

’Finish tying her up???’  Annie couldn’t believe her ears.  How much more did he need to tie her?  She was already helpless.

It became clear soon enough for already, Michael had returned to the desk, grabbed several more lengths of cord and was rapidly approaching her with that same sardonic look on his face.  “Need to finish the job sweetheart.  We can’t be half assed here can we?’

Taking an eight foot length of cord, he pushed Annie onto her side and proceeded to wrap the rope around her legs at the point where the darker band of her nylons started.  He was much rougher now than before and he pulled the ends tight as she screamed into the gag.  The walls were so thick in the hotel and the gag so effective that there was no chance for someone to hear her muffled pleas.  Now Michael finished her leg bondage by looping the ends between her legs to cinch them and forcefully tying the knot off on top, again out of the reach of her fingers. The ropes made an appealing contrast to her dark nylons and Michael admired his work as he realized how lucky he was to have found someone who dressed so seductively voluntarily.

Continuing his task, he wound several loops of cord around her arms, three loops above her breasts and three below.  Pulling them tight, he looped the ends over her shoulders and under her arms, taking them in opposite directions behind her back.  Then, He looped the loose ends around each arm above the elbow and pulled her elbows together till they almost touched.  He then knotted the ends together.  Annie’s breasts, covered only by the lacy black bra, were forced out and up and she knew he loved this as much as she hated it.  The pain was almost unbearable.  How could she ever stay like this for three more hours?

She was now captive in her sexiest black underwear, bound hand and foot, knees and arms, hogtied and ball-gagged in the room of a man she knew nothing about. And she had come there of her own free will. There couldn’t possibly be a worse situation for a girl to find herself in.

Wrong again!  Michael had one last length of rope in his hands.  ‘What’s possibly left to tie,’ she thought.  Just as she contemplated this thought, Michael surprised her by reaching behind her and untying the hogtie.  Annie was so grateful for the slight bit of relief and had hoped that this was a portent of things to come.  It was to be a portent but not in the way she had hoped.  Michael had removed the hogtie because he had a better idea for Annie’s restraint.

This final piece of rope looked to be about twenty-feet in length.  Annie watched as he folded it in half and wondered to herself what he could have in mind.  Her curiosity was quickly clarified as Michael took the looped end and wrapped it around her waist.  Annie was whimpering and begging through the gag while watching him work.  Michael then took the loose ends of the rope and threaded them through the looped end and cruelly yanked them tight.  The rope dug into her tiny waist as he cruelly pulled.  Then, with incredible speed, he pulled the two loose ends down between her legs, between the lips of her pussy and rolling her over, tied one of the loose ends to her wrist bonds.  The other, he looped over the cinch knot on her wrists and, pulling her ankles once again back toward her rear end, he tied it off to the cinch knot on her ankles. She was now once again effectively hogtied with a crotch rope.

Any attempt by Annie to gain relief only resulted in the crotch rope being pulled even tighter into her crack and taking her tiny little thong along with it. Resigning herself to her predicament and in spite of the constant ache of the stringently tied ropes, Annie lay almost motionless on the couch trying to make sense of all this and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Trying to lose his thoughts on the TV program, Tim was now starting to get a bad feeling about the current state of affairs. Annie had done some strange and devious things in the past but this one seemed over the top.  She had been gone for over an hour and a half and something was not right.  He decided to do some investigating.  He hurriedly dressed and headed down to the bar to see if she was still there.

Upon arriving at the bar, Tim was perplexed to find the lights out, tables wiped down, chairs turned upside down on the tables and all the other typical signs that said the place was closed for the balance of the night.  Butterflies formed in his stomach as he was now beyond the concerned state.  He was now worried that she had taken this too far and perhaps had gotten herself into a serious situation. His mind raced through all the possibilities.  Perhaps she had decided to return to the Roadhouse.  He wouldn’t put it past her.  He remembered that dressed as she was, she had attracted quite a bit of attention from the locals and her sudden reappearance at the lounge would likely result in at least one if not several men moving in on her.  Anything was possible with this crazy bitch when she was drunk.

Tim exited the bar and passed through the revolving door to the street.  Not even the doorman was to be found at this ungodly hour.  Waiting several minutes, he was finally able to flag down a passing cab and set out for the Roadhouse to test his theory. It was now nearly 4:00 am and he couldn’t help wonder if the place was even still open.  European night spots he knew were notorious for late hours and most stayed open until dawn.  Part of him hoped the Roadhouse was of this ilk but another part of him had hoped to find it closed. At least that way, he would know that she was likely still at the hotel… somewhere.

Twenty minutes later, the cab arrived at its destination.  The place was still teeming with activity.  The bouncer at the door remembered him from the ruckus earlier in the evening but stated quite frankly that Annie had not returned.  He had been vigilant at his station he stated and he would have definitely remembered the provocatively dressed little minx.  Still, Tim wanted more proof and proceeded to question the bartenders and cocktail waitresses one by one.  His inquiries produced the same result – no sign of Annie.

Returning to the waiting taxi, Tim instructed the cabbie to return to the hotel as quick as possible.  The trip to the Roadhouse, the brief investigation and now the return back had taken more than an hour and he realized that the sun would soon be rising.  Entering back into the hotel lobby, Tim proceeded to the nearest house phone and called the room.  He let it ring over a dozen times but there was no answer. Thinking possibly she had returned but was simply not answering, he took the elevator to his floor to see first hand if that was indeed the case.

Tim was disheartened to discover there was no sign of Annie in the room, nor was there any evidence that she had returned.  His thoughts spun out of control.  Had something sinister befallen her?  Has she ventured out to a more local bar or lounge?  Or had she simply taken up with some stranger who happened to be convenient?  “What do I do now?” he wondered out loud.

He decided to head back down to the hotel bar to see if he could possibly find some evidence of her whereabouts.  He felt there must be some clue as to where she went.  Back in the bar area, nothing had changed.  No activity, no lights, nothing.  Suddenly he heard a noise from the back room.  Hurriedly, Tim ran towards the noise which appeared to be coming from the storeroom.  Once inside, he noticed another door at the back of the room that was slightly ajar and could hear voices coming from it.  Barging through the door, Tim encountered three men drinking and having a cigarette.  He recognized one of them as the bartender from earlier in the night. The others were hotel workers and the three of them had been clandestinely sampling some of the hotels better bottles of Scotch.  He asked the bartender if he had seen Annie return to the bar and was relieved to find that she had indeed made an appearance right before closing time.  He was not so pleased to find that she had departed with another patron shortly thereafter.  Tim pressed on for more information.  The bartender did not know the identity of this “mystery man” but did provide a fairly good description of the gent.  He couldn’t say for sure if they had gone somewhere else but he was fairly certain that they had stayed in the hotel because they had taken their drinks with them when the left the lounge.

While this was all happening, two rather questionable looking characters were making their way through an exterior door at the rear of the hotel.  One of them, Ian, was a hotel employee who had left the door unlocked at the finish of his shift as a maintenance man and the other was the aforementioned Ralphie.  They were Michael’s accomplices whose task it was to handle the dirty work of their ongoing abduction schemes.  To date, the three of them had managed to secure over a dozen women for their clients, all very wealthy French and British businessmen or politicians who were willing to pay top dollar for their own personal sex slaves.  These women were to be used as the individuals saw fit and then discarded when their owners tired of them.  Typically, they were to be re-sold into white slavery in some Middle Eastern country and made part of the erstwhile harem of a wealthy Arab.

The lower levels of the hotel were mostly empty at this time of the morning. The two moved stealthily through the halls to Housekeeping.  Once there, they secured a large laundry cart and half filled it with dirty towels and sheets.  Thus prepared, they set out for the elevator, making their way towards Suite 500.

Tim was now completely pissed.  ‘That little whore has gone off to screw a complete stranger,’ he thought.  Just then, the bartender remembered that the man had signed for his bar tab and charged it to his room.  This was great information for Tim for now he had a lead on where she might be.  Looking through the nights receipts, the bartender ascertained that the man in question was one Michael Robertson who was occupying Suite 500 – coincidentally the Presidential Suite which was usually reserved for visiting VIP’s.  Tim thanked the bartender, slipped him a twenty pound note for his trouble and set out for the fifth floor.

In his mind, Tim debated on what his next move should be.  He pondered whether to pound on the door and demand it be opened or possibly, a soft knock, pretending to be room service or some other hotel employee.  He was still considering his options when he approached the door to Suite 500.  Putting his ear to the door, he listened intently for any possible clue to what was transpiring inside.  He could hear only muffled, unintelligible sounds that could possibly be moaning of the orgasmic variety.  He couldn’t be sure but he could briefly make out the sound of a man’s voice.  What he could not possibly know was that the sounds he was hearing were those of Michael letting Annie know the fate that awaited her and Annie’s corresponding muffled protests through the ball gag that merrily occupied her mouth.  To someone listening outside, it could just as easily have been pillow talk and the animal like moaning of a woman in the throes of ecstasy.

Just then, Tim heard the “Ping” of the elevator indicating it was stopping at the fifth floor.  Not wanting to be seen or mistaken for a thief, Tim headed for the elevator doors, looking for all the world like just another guest leaving his room.  As he approached, two men emerged from the elevator pushing a large laundry cart normally used by hotel maids.  They were somewhat sinister looking men and looked out of place handling a laundry cart but they seemed totally detached from his current concerns and they passed each other in opposite directions as Tim headed for the elevator.  Tim took the elevator down one floor and then quickly took the stairs back up to the fifth floor.  Peering through the small window in the stairwell door, Tim arrived just in time to see the door closing to Suite 500.

This was a curious development he thought for now; these two lowlifes appeared to be part of a bigger picture.  His mind raced along trying to analyze the situation.  He was now certain there was a connection between the man in Suite 500, the two idiots with the laundry cart and Annie’s disappearance. Tim exited the stairwell and made his way to a door marked Hotel Personnel Only.  The door was unlocked and he found himself in a janitor’s closet.  He left the door slightly ajar so as to provide himself with a clear but clandestine view of Suite 500.  Surveying the room, Tim found a large pipe wrench that he thought might come in handy.  He put it in his back pocket and pondered his next move, all the while keeping an eye on the door to the suite.

Inside, Michael and his two accomplices exchanged pleasantries.  One of the men asked to see the current “prize” and Michael complied by escorting them to the couch where Annie lay bound and gagged. She of course was powerless to resist whatever they might have in mind but she was repulsed by the site of them.  Twisting and turning, contorting her limbs in an involuntarily seductive manner, Annie continued to try and find some relief from the tight ropes.  Her most private parts were now rubbed raw by the tight crotch rope.  Her arms and legs were numb and every muscle in her body strained to seek some advantage over her bondage.  She would find no such relief any time soon.

Ian and Ralphie ran their hands over Annie’s bound form, first feeling her stockinged legs, then her breasts straining to escape the tiny bra and finally, poking and prodding her pussy dissected by the crotch rope.  Annie was repulsed and terrified but could offer no resistance.  In a final indignity, Ralphie stuck his finger between the two crotch ropes and flicked her clitoris several times to see her reaction.  Annie bucked her pelvis as she felt his touch and tried to move away but was stifled by the hogtie.

“Let’s get going” Ian said as he pulled on one of her garter straps and smiled as it painfully snapped on Annie’s leg.

Ralphie had already started emptying the laundry cart, dumping the towels and sheets on the floor.  As he finished, Michael moved toward Annie as she instinctively tried to retreat.  Quickly and easily Michael lifted her from the couch.  As he did, every rope on Annie’s body tightened even more.  In particular, the crotch rope, attached to her ankles dug even deeper into her pussy from the weight of her feet pulling on it.  The tiny thong provided no measure of protection for her and Annie screamed as loud as she could.  The result was once again, a predictable but greatly muffled MMMPPPPHHHHH!

Her movements were completely restricted by the tight and complete bondage Michael had put her in and she could not put up any kind of fight as he lifted her into the laundry cart and laid her on her side at the bottom. Annie was now feeling that this was her past chance for freedom.  She was not going to go quietly.  Despite the tightness of the ropes, she began to thrash her body violently back and forth.  With the ball gag stifling her protests, she was making as much noise as humanly possible and Michael was understandably concerned.  With Annie kicking and bucking so wildly, it would be difficult to get her down to the waiting van without attracting the attention of any one who might pass them.

But Michael was prepared for this.  Experience was with him for this type of thing had happened in his prior abductions.  He quickly retrieved a stun gun from his briefcase and in a millisecond, zapped Annie at the base of her spine with it, sending 80,000 volts of electricity into her body.  Annie stiffened briefly, spasmed for a second or two and then fell silent.  Michael gazed upon the helpless female, checked her pulse to assure she was otherwise okay and then realizing they had only a few minutes before Annie would regain mobility, quickly piled the sheets and towels on top of her in final preparation for her transport.

Tim had grown anxious waiting in the utility room and decided it was time to make a move.  Almost simultaneous to him starting down the hall towards the suite, the door opened and out came Ralphie and Ian with the cart.  Tim decided to play the part of the early rising guest coming back from morning coffee.   Ian and Ralphie appeared to be laboring in their attempt to push the cart.  Something was not right here Tim thought and why are they coming out of a private suite.

As they came side by side, the two men were obviously keeping a close eye on Tim.  Tim broke the ice by saying a cheerful “Good Morning” in an attempt to put them at ease.  Annie was barely conscious but heard the voice that sounded vaguely likes Tim’s.  She mustered up every last ounce of effort and at that very moment, underneath the sheets and towels, Annie let out an almost inaudible moan.  Ian and Ralphie both heard the noise and were certain Tim had as well.  They were right.  Tim had heard it but was uncertain of where it had come from and what it was.  At the same time, Tim had glanced down at the cart as it passed and something caught his eye.  It was a portion of a foot and the heel of a stiletto sticking out from under a towel.  He felt a rush of adrenaline as he noticed the reinforced heel of a nylon stocking in the shoe.  ‘It’s Annie,’ he surmised.

He knew he had to act now and act quickly.  His “Good Morning” comment had relaxed the men just long enough to gain the upper hand.  Reaching into his back pocket, Tim brought the pipe wrench around in one quick forehand motion and smashed Ralphie’s head open at the temple.  Almost lightning fast, he swung the wrench with a backhand and caught Ian flush in the forehead.  In less than two seconds, both men lay on the hallway floor.  The bone crushings had made very little noise but Michael was still standing inside the suite near the door and heard something that caught his attention.  Michael made the mistake of opening the door just side enough to look out and Tim was ready for him.  Tim used a karate style kick to smash the door back against Michael’s face, knocking him backwards on the floor of the suite.  Rushing inside, Tim finished him off with a vicious kick between the legs and he stood and watch amused as Michael passed out on the floor in front of him.

The three perpetrators now disabled and unconscious, Tim turned his attentions to the laundry cart.  He removed the sheets and towels and found himself staring at a bound and gagged Annie wearing only her most seductive black lingerie. Annie was starting to regain her faculties and only now realized she was being rescued by the man she had abandoned earlier in the evening.  Though only semi-conscious, she felt relief, gratitude and regret for having put herself in such a tenuous situation.

She watched as Tim pulled the cart with her still in it back into the suite.  Next, he dragged the unconscious bodies of Raphie and Ian into the suite as well and then closed the door behind him.  Still lying at the bottom of the cart, Annie could not see what Tim was doing but she knew that he had saved her and that it would be only a few seconds before he would free her from her stringent bonds.  She wanted so bad to be free from the burning confines of the ropes and to feel her circulation return to her limbs.  She would give Tim the blow job of his life in a show of gratitude when this was all over.

But still, relief had not come.  She was confused about Tim’s whereabouts.  She was perplexed by why he had not yet untied her.

At long last however, Tim appeared at the cart.  He had a half-smile, half-frown look on his face.  Annie had seen this look before.  It was the look of someone who liked what he saw but was at the same time, very angry.  Tim bent over and picked Annie up out of the cart.  Even though the circumstances were different, the pull of the ropes and the strain on her body was the same as when Michael had lifted her into it.  But she endured the pain and discomfort for she knew her ordeal was almost over.

Tim carried her to the couch, the spot of her indignities earlier in the evening, and unceremoniously dumped her on it, letting her free fall the last foot or so.  Every rope tightened once again as she landed with a soft thump on the brown leather.

Tim surveyed the room and saw her tiny skirt lying in the corner and her black silk top in a crumbled heap at the base of the sofa.  Looking down at her, Tim said, “You really got yourself into something this time, didn’t you?”  Annie could only look up at him and use her eyes to implore him to set her free.   With tears in her eyes, she attempted her most contrite look as if to say “I’m sorry.  Please untie me.”  But Tim was less than impressed.  He was indeed quite angry with her and felt that she needed to be taught a lesson.

Tim casually walked to the bar where he noticed Michael’s stun gun.  Taking it in one hand, he approached Annie and smiled to himself as he saw her eyes widen to the size of silver dollars anticipating that he would use the gun on her. She tried to straighten up as far as the ropes would allow in attempt to distance herself from the stun gun.

“Relax,” Tim said.  “I’m not going to use this on you even though you deserve it.” And with that, he proceeded to zap each of the three unconscious men in their upper torsos.  “That should keep them for a while,” he explained as he turned toward the bar area.

“Now you just relax there for a minute.  I’ve got something to take care of,” he said as he left the room.

Annie had been hogtied and ball gagged for almost four hours now and she didn’t think she could last another minute.  She tried to yell at Tim through the gag but the ball did its job to perfection, stifling all but the most guttural of sounds from escaping her mouth.

A minute or two later, Tim emerged from the other room.  Walking over the Annie, he gave her right breast a painful squeeze and sat down on the couch next to her. “I just called Scotland Yard and explained that we had a situation here.  They’ll be sending over a couple of detectives to check things out.  But you know,” he continued, “we have to preserve the evidence, preserve the crime scene so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you as I found you until they arrive. I’m sure they will want to take pictures, examine all the evidence, fingerprints, etc.  You know, make sure they cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s.  So you’ll just have to stay tied up as you are until they arrive and they give me the go-ahead to untie you.  Oh, and one last thing babe, I told them it was a robbery attempt but that everything was under control so they could just take their time getting here.  I figure they won’t be more than an hour, hour and a half tops.  So like I said, relax and make the best of it.  It won’t be long now.”

Annie was now totally bewildered. Her fate was a result of her own stupid actions and now, Tim was enjoying her predicament.  She let her eyes wander around the room thinking to herself how stupid she had been to allow herself to get put into such a situation.  She looked down at her bound form and twisted herself slightly to gain some semblance of comfort.  She looked at her black bra, thong, garter belt, nylons and stiletto heels, all contrasting vividly with the white cotton ropes binding her at ankles, wrists, thighs, arms and the crotch rope bisecting her pussy lips.  She knew she looked incredibly seductive and that her current fate was largely of her own making.  She laid back and resigned herself to accept her punishment.  She knew there would be even more hell to pay when she and Tim got back to their own room. She also knew she would have to grin and bear it.

As she was contemplating her dilemma, Tim had found the minibar and was treating himself to a beverage. “Wow, check this out,” he said to Annie as he opened a split of champagne, “this place has everything!”

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