Rope Dreams

By Expo and Suzi

His pantlegs were puddled around his ankles.  She stared at the "consultant" who was leading her seminar.  Besides being too long, the tan slacks' excessive girth was cinched-in at his waist by a black leather belt.  His nerd status was assured by his striped shirt, clashing striped necktie and brown scuffed-up shoes.  She dismissed him on looks alone, and spent most of her time daydreaming about her plans for the night.  As his soft voice droned on and on, she squirmed in her chair.  She was hungry and thirsty, but was on a very restricted diet today on orders from her Master.  So she tuned out the seminar and thought back to the events that had led her to the night that was to come.

She was a collared Slave to her Master.  But, being a sensible Master, he'd encouraged her to grow in her professional life.  He also didn't mind that she had a long-term cyber-friend who was an expert in the art of Japanese Rope Bondage.  Her Master had a burning desire to learn that craft, so he enjoyed her tales about the exploits of her online friend.

She had been sharing her bondage fantasies and desires with the rope expert for close to a year.  She'd shared more with him than with anyone other than her Master.  But even her Master didn't know the depth of her longing for Japanese Rope Bondage.  After all, she reasoned that since he didn't know that method, it wouldn't be right to sound like she was complaining.  Her Master always pleased her with his creative ways of controlling her, so she was content and always sought to do her best to make him happy also.

The expert had led her deeper and deeper into bondage over the past few weeks.  Now, when she was alone, she always slept in self-bondage.  Ankles, knees and wrists at a minimum; sometimes she even used a stretchy headband and a handy doorknob to get her elbows touching and bound behind her.  She enjoyed sleeping while tightly bound as it gave her such delightful dreams.

As her musings continued, she realized with a start that everyone was looking at her in the deathly quiet room.  She focused her eyes and realized that the seminar leader was staring at her.  She flushed red, realizing that her inattentiveness had been noted.  'Damn!' she thought, 'I paid big bucks for this seminar, so why am I feeling like a silly schoolgirl at being caught?'  She then tried harder to pay attention as his quiet voice again started to drone on and on.

Her thoughts soon drifted to that morning and how she'd received a set of instructions from her Master when he woke her with a phone call.  The rope expert would be in their city that night, so her Master had invited him to his home where she would be their "model" if she was interested.  'If she was interested?'  She wondered how her Master could even ask that with a straight face!  Following her Master's instructions, she'd hurriedly touched-up her waxed body, making sure that she was perfectly smooth when she was finished.  Her shower and shampoo followed, and then she dried her long brown hair and applied her makeup.  Her breakfast was a power bar and eight ounces of skim milk.  Her other instructions were to drink water minimally during the morning; another power bar for lunch with eight ounces of water; nothing else by mouth until after the evening's session.  There were other instructions waiting at home that had to be followed before she could go to her Master's house.

Finally the seminar broke for lunch and everyone started jostling to be first in line at the hotel restaurant.  She walked past her colleagues and sat in a comfortable overstuffed chair in the lobby.  She pulled out a magazine, her bottle of water and her power bar.  She slowly chewed and sipped as she read, trying to make it last and to seem like more.  Then a pair of scruffy brown shoes and too-long tan pants appeared in front of her downcast eyes.

"Excuse me, Miss," the consultant softly spoke, "it seems as though you are not getting your money's worth from my seminar.  Am I that boring?"

She didn't know how to answer, so she made up something on the spot.  "Oh's not you at all.  I just haven't had much sleep lately and am having trouble concentrating.  Please don't take it personally."

He smiled at her lame excuse, then left her quietly.

After her pitiful lunch and the embarrassing encounter with the seminar speaker, she tried to pay better attention in the afternoon session.  But he continued to drone on and on as the hands barely moved on the wall clock.  Before long, her thoughts were wandering again.  She thought back to the day when she shared a scanned picture of herself with the rope expert.  He'd told her that she had the perfect petite body for a great Japanese Rope Dress.  She was hoping that he'd make her a rope dress and more tonight.

Her reverie was broken when something the consultant said caught her attention.  She quickly looked at him, immediately noticing that his pants now seemed to be way too short.  Her eyes traveled up and she saw that they were now belted above his waistline.  She couldn't help the giggles that bubbled up inside of her, and she struggled valiantly to keep them inside.  But he noticed.  He walked over to her; picked up the pitcher of ice water; poured a glass; and handed it to her.  Shoulders convulsing, she held the glass, looking at it with longing, but knowing that she'd better not drink.  A deep, shuddering breath got her under control and she whispered her thanks to the instructor.  He stared at her as she put the glass down, untouched.  Thankfully, he continued talking without any additional comments or actions directed towards her.

The seminar concluded at 4:30.  She almost ran out of the room in her rush to get ready for the night's activities.  It was Friday, so traffic was jammed up.  She eventually pulled into her building's parking lot, grabbed her mail, and rushed to her apartment.  Once inside, she read her notes about tonight's preparations, even though she knew them all by heart.  She gave herself a soapy enema followed by a clear water rinse.  Then she drew a warm bath with rose scented bath oil.  Her hair was piled on top of her head.  She sank into the water and leaned back against the pillow and relaxed.  When the water began to cool, she washed herself thoroughly.  She stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a huge, fluffy towel.  She then went to the sink and carefully removed all her makeup.  She knew better than to use makeup or perfume tonight.  She did cheat and use some unscented antiperspirant, however.  Master told her to dress simply for the drive, as she would be nude all evening anyway.  So she pulled on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt, a pair of sandals, and her Master's collar.  At 6:45, she left her apartment and drove to her Master's house.

She parked her car near the garage door and walked to the front door.  An envelope with her name on it was taped to the door.  She opened it.  "Come in and lock the door behind you.  Use the first floor powder room to remove your clothes and relieve yourself.  Then come to the basement playroom."  She hurried to comply, and was soon walking down the basement steps.  As she reached the closed door to the playroom, she paused, wondering if she should knock or just open the door and walk inside, or...

Suddenly the door opened and her Master grinned down at her.  "What are you doing out here when the fun's inside?"

Her Master took her by the wrist and led her into the room.  "Sir X, may I present my Slave to you.  She has agreed to be your model for the evening!"

Her first glimpse of her friend the rope expert left her breathless!  He was dressed in tight black leather trousers, black boots, and a black leather mask.  His well-defined chest was bare.  Her breath caught as the combined masculinity of these two powerful men overcame her.

"Slave," began her Master, "you will obey Sir X as you do me.  You are here as a model, a mannequin.  You will not ask questions or interrupt.  You must maintain silence all evening.  Do you understand?"

She nodded her head.

Sir X ordered her to the center of the room.  "You will stand here.  Do not move.  Hold your arms straight out to the sides until you are told otherwise.  Understand?"

She nodded.  She held her arms parallel to the floor and stood quietly as she became nothing but a mannequin to these two men.

Sir X took a dressmaker's blue chalk pencil and started making marks on her body as he explained to her Master that the positioning of the ropes needed to be based on each woman's particular shape.  She strained to look down with just her eyes, as she was so curious.  But Sir X caught her.

"Slave!  Hold your position!"

She was embarrassed to have been caught again today doing something wrong.  So she focussed her eyes on a mark on the wall and determined to not disappoint either her Master or Sir X again.

Soon she felt heavy rope being placed behind her neck.  She could see that it was a very long rope, maybe even 50 feet long!  She listened as the two men began.

"Tie an overhand knot right at the center of the rope, leaving a loop, and center it behind her neck, then drop the long ends down between her breasts." Said Sir X to her Master.  "Now tie three more flat knots: one between her breasts, one at her navel, and the other so that it will rub her clit when the rope is pulled up inside her crotch."

She felt her Master's hands brushing against her as he struggled with the long ropes.  Sometimes, both men's hands were there; working together as Sir X showed the methods rather than explaining them.  When her Master finally brought the ropes up and attached them to the loop at the back of her neck, the clit knot was pressing on her pubic bone.

"Hmmm...that's too high.  You'll need to retie it lower for your Slave's comfort." intoned Sir X.  "Pressure on the pubic bone can be very uncomfortable."  Her Master made the adjustments several times until both men were happy with the placement of the knot and the snugness of the rope.  They began making the beautiful, traditional diamond pattern by wrapping the ropes and tying the knots over the pale blue marks on her body.  Her arms were beginning to feel like lead, and they began shaking with her effort to maintain the position.

Her Master noticed and gave her an order to drop her hands to her sides.  She was so relieved that she let her body slump for a moment.  But Sir X would have none of that.  "Stand up straight and proud, Slave!" he bellowed.  She immediately squared her shoulders and resolved to do better.

After a brief pause, she was instructed to put her arms back up.  She stood proudly, breasts lifted, arms out, head held high as she felt them tugging and tying around her body.  The sensation caused by the rope as it was tugged and tied was one of her favorites, and she reveled in it. Soon she floated off into that place where she just "was" and where the rest of the world ceased to exist.

Her Master, recognizing that look on her face, nudged Sir X and pointed.  Both men smiled and continued tying the rope dress.  She was so far into her own place that she never even noticed when Sir X wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists and brought her wrists up behind her to clip them to the lovely ropework coming down her back.  Finally, Sir X put his mouth to her ear and sharply spoke, "Slave!  Stay with us!"  She jerked back, embarrassed to have been caught leaving the room mentally.

"You look pretty in your new dress, Slave," laughed her Master.  He then took her by the shoulders and led her to the mirror so she could see their work.  Twisting and turning in front of the mirror, she admired the fanciful extra touches that made the dress look almost like it had been crocheted.  She also grinned broadly at how nice the rope dress accentuated her body!  She wanted to thank them, but remembered her promise to be quiet just as she almost verbalized her pleasure.

"Sir X, my Slave is desperately wanting to talk.  I can see it in her eyes.  But I think she should maintain her silence all night, no matter how long this takes."  Her Master grinned as he spoke, and she knew then that this was going to be a long, silent night for her.

Sir X was walking around her, inspecting the ropes that bound her.  A little tug here, a little pull there.  He pulled the crotch rope up tighter and watched her reaction.  No signs of pain just of pleasure, so he made a decision.

"We will leave this rope dress on you Slave.  It looks nice and fits you comfortably."

Her Master agreed and soon they were moving the Slave to a new area of the playroom.  Master's tall whipping post was their destination.  Slave's arms were released from her back and lifted up and connected to the ring high on the post.  Slave knew that the ring was just the right height to keep her on her toes. But she was surprised that her back was to the post rather than her face.  She frowned a bit in her misunderstanding of what was happening.  Her Master caught the frown and roared in laughter!

"Ah, my sweet little Slave!  You are so transparent!  I know you enjoy a good whipping, but not tonight.  We're going to fulfill one of your other rope fantasies tonight."

She wondered how Master knew of those fantasies, as she'd not shared them with him.  Her facial expression gave her away again.

Sir X responded, "My dear girl, I have been sharing all your bondage fantasies with your Master.  Surely you know that we Doms stick together!"  He then burst into a gale of laughter.

She turned beet red!  Having her dear Master know that she wanted so much more all the was beyond belief that her friend had told him!  Maybe, just maybe she'd been too trusting and too careless in her chats on the Internet.

"Time for fun!" rumbled Sir X.  With that, he grasped her right leg and folded it at the knee as her Master twined a rope around and around.  He then stretched her leg out at the hip so that her leg jutted away from her right side.  Another rope was attached to her ankle and her leg was lifted aloft and tied off around a ring set in the ceiling. Both the ankle and knee ropes supported her leg as it was pulled up into the air.  She was now standing on only the ball of her left foot.  Her weight-bearing leg was pushed back and lashed to the post.  Master brought her a freestanding mirror so she could see herself.  She smiled at the position, as it was from one of her fantasies.

As she was helpless in that position, she noticed a look passing between the two men.  A blindfold was secured over her eyes.  The sudden darkness caused her to momentarily lose her orientation and balance; but this was expected, and strong hands steadied her until she regained her equilibrium.  As she waited in the darkness, she felt something on her left arm.  No, it was on her tummy.  No, it was on her right sole.  Conflicting feelings overwhelmed her senses for a moment and she felt a touch of panic.  Then, as suddenly as the fear appeared it left, as she realized that something was being used to tease her.  She relaxed into her bonds and began enjoying the ticklish touches all over her body.  Once she accepted them, they stopped.  She was so frustrated!  She strained at her bonds, looking for something to make her feel good again.

Once she quieted down, she felt terribly alone.  Where were they?  She couldn't hear them.  She couldn't feel their presence.  She became afraid.  Thoughts began bombarding her brain: negative thoughts about how she must have done something wrong to make them displeased and to make them leave her.  She felt discarded.  She thought and thought about what she possibly could have done to  bring her to this.  She thought she'd been compliant and submissive all evening.  Why, she even held her tongue better than ever before!   She just couldn't understand, and she felt so sad that she had let her Master down.  A single tear trickled out from under her blindfold and ran down her face, dripped off her chin, and splashed onto her breast.  She hung in abject misery and waited, hoping they would find it in their hearts to return and let her loose.  She waited and waited, but nobody came.  The silence ate at her nerves.

A mouth at her ear whispered, "You want more, little one?"

She jumped at the voice!  She hadn't heard anyone enter, nor had she felt his presence.  Her nerves sprang to life with that soft question.

Her crotch rope was pulled out and then allowed to slap back against her clit repeatedly.  Her clit began to throb under this strange twanging.  She smiled as she imagined herself as a stringed instrument being played by a maestro.  A hand began teasing her between her legs, slipping under the tight ropes to gently touch her. She wiggled as much as possible against the hand, wanting it to give her some release.  Then she suddenly realized that she didn't know whose hand it was, and a shudder of fear shot through her body.  Involuntarily, she panicked and clamped down hard to try to prevent the hand from touching her.  She was frightened and confused because her Master had always kept her exclusively to himself.

She wanted to see.  She wanted to know who was touching her.  She wanted to ask.  But she was obedient and restrained herself.  She then realized that her Master had always protected her in the past and that she shouldn't fear now.  So she relaxed and allowed the sensations to flow through her.

A whisper in her ear, "Cum for your Master, Princess."  She recognized the voice as Sir X and realized that it was her Master touching her.  That knowledge, combined with the release of her pent-up fear gave her all she needed to become very excited.  Her Master was between her legs, and his mouth claimed her.  He sucked and nibbled his way around the ropes.  His tongue pushed inside her and twisted in her.  His fingers teased her hard little clit as his tongue worked its magic.  After a lot of this play, she felt herself at the precipice, waiting to fly over the edge.

"Cum for your Master, Princess!" the voice beside her ear demanded.

She came with a shuddering climax!  Her cum gushed out and soaked her Master's face.  Afterwards, she slumped in her bonds.  She felt herself being lifted and untied and carried and placed on the sofa.  Still in her blindfold and ropes, she drifted off to sleep.

A light in her eyes woke her.  When she realized that she was unbound, she knew that she was free to arise.  She looked around and saw nobody in the playroom with her.

She walked upstairs.  Hearing voices and smelling fresh coffee, she ventured into the kitchen.  Her Master was facing her, cooking eggs and bacon at the stove.  Another man was seated with his back to her.  Sunlight streamed through the windows.

"Slave," her Master jovially said, "you may get dressed and join us for breakfast."

She went to the powder room and dressed after a quick wash.  Returning to the kitchen, she sat at the table and looked into the face of Sir X.  Laughing back at her was the face of her seminar leader!