Policed Story
As told to Suzi and Zack

It was a dark and stormy night in Manhattan, and I was lost. I had been driving slowly on Broadway for some time now. There seemed to be a lot of cars behind me blowing their horns, but I figured that's the way they do it up here. I stopped at a red light and looked up at the buildings that made this street seem like a canyon. I didn't notice anybody on the sidewalk, but suddenly the car door was flung open and a woman slid into the front seat.

She flashed a badge. "Police. Make a right turn here and keep going until I tell you different."

I turned on the dome light so I could get a look at the intruder. She appeared to be between thirty and forty, although I couldn't be sure in the dim light. Raindrops glittered in her short blonde hair and on the shoulders of her pinstriped blue suit. I muttered to myself, "They surely don't dress like that back in my part of Alabama."

The woman said, "Turn out the light and get going. This is police business."

"Glad to help, ma'am. I'm a law officer myself. Billy Bob Billy, Snopes County Deputy Sheriff." The light turned green and I drove forward and turned at the intersection.

"Are you in New York on official business?"

"No, ma'am. This here is my vacation. I saved up three weeks so I could tour up here in the North."

The woman told me to turn left and we drove for some time until she had me stop in front of an apartment building. I asked, "Where are we now, ma'am?"

"The Upper West Side." She gave me a squint-eyed look. "I can use you. Park up ahead there."

"It says, no parking, ma'am."

"Don't worry about it. Parking laws aren't enforced here."

I did as she said and followed her out of the car and over to the fancy door of the building. A man in red suit with a lot of gold braid saluted and opened the door for us. We walked across a big room with a marble floor and over to an elevator. The police lady took a card out of her purse and put it in a slot and the elevator door opened. We got in and she pushed a button with 'P' written on it.

The elevator was so fast that my belly dropped to my feet, it seemed like. When it stopped we got out into a room that was fancier than the parlor of the funeral home. The lady used three keys to open a big steel door. She ordered, "Go inside."

I was starting to think that she had been here before so I did what she said. The door closed with a thunk and I turned to watch her throw four bolts.

"Who's your friend, Pam?"

It was a female voice and I turned to look. When I saw her I could feel a blush going down to my toes! She was wearing only her Unmentionables, and her Lower Limbs were uncovered!

"This is Billy Bob, Sue. Go put a robe on. You're embarrassing him."

She turned to me. "What do you want to drink, Billy Bob?"

I was so upset I replied, "Whiskey, please." She turned to a cupboard and then turned back and handed me a glass with a brown liquid in it. I took it and drank it in a gulp, and then had all I could do not to spit it out. It tasted like iodine, but I didn't want to tell her that the whiskey was spoiled so I didn't say anything.

The room started to spin. I didn't understand why, because that whiskey was like iced tea compared to the white lightning we make back home. I hit the floor with a thump and the room started to go dark. I heard the police lady say, "Get the cuffs, Sue. Billy Bob is going to show us a good time." And then I was out.

When I came to I was stretched out on a bed. There were silk sheets under me and I was looking up at a brocade canopy. I tried to get up but I couldn't move. I was fastened to the bed! The police lady was looking down at me and licking her lips. I protested, "Ma'am, this is no way for a police officer to behave."

"I'm not a cop, I'm a stockbroker. I just use that shtick when it's raining and I can't get a cab."

When she said she was a stockbroker I feared the worst, but I asked anyway. "What do you want with me, ma'am?"

"Call me Pam. Sue and I have insatiable and uncontrollable animal lusts, and we are going to use your body to satisfy them."

"Is Sue a stockbroker too?

"No, she's a lawyer."

Now I knew I was doomed. I was surely going to suffer a Fate Worse Than Death. I shut my eyes and hoped it was all a bad dream.

I heard Sue say, "Wow, look at that bone. That faux Viagra really works. I'm first!"

I opened my eyes, and then wished that I hadn't, because Sue was now completely unclothed. I now admitted to myself something that I had really known all along. My clothing was gone, and my Private Parts were exposed. Sue climbed on the bed and did Vile Things to my helpless body. I closed my eyes and tried to think of pleasant scenes from back home, where this disgusting perversion could never happen.

After Sue had collapsed from exhaustion Pam took her place and my degradation continued. I thought of Mama, and despair shook me. I was now so Soiled that I could never return to my home.

When Pam had slaked her lust I hoped that my ordeal was over and they would let me go, but it was not to be. Pam went into an adjoining room and I heard water running. She came back into the room carrying a fancy glass bowl, a towel, and a razor. She rubbed something that smelled like baby oil on my Nether Regions.

"I want you to experience sensations you've never felt before, Billy Bob. All this hair blocks your nerves, you know."

"My nerves work fine like they are, ma'am, don't do that, please?" I squirmed as the razor started tugging and pulling at me. I closed my eyes and ground my teeth with each tug and pull.

"You must like this, Billy Bob," purred Sue into my ear. "See how Little Billy is standing up straight and tall?"

Sue walked away, laughing softly. Pam finished the job. She wiped me off and held up a mirror so I could see what they had done. When I saw my despoiled body my shame was endless.

The true horror started when Sue entered the room carrying a kitten. These Perverted Fiends had trained this innocent feline to help them break their Captive Victims. When the kitten started to lick and knead my Engorged Member I sobbed and begged, but the only answer was cruel laughter.

My spirit was broken, and for the next week I lifelessly obeyed their obscene commands. Finally they tired of their vicious game and dumped me from Sue's Lexus onto the sidewalk in Times Square.

So maybe now you can understand why I live like I do, selling my body to rich women who want to satisfy their Impure Lusts. The simple, wholesome life I had in Alabama is gone forever, and now I am forced to stay in luxury hotels and eat lavish meals in expensive restaurants. If you want to see the kitten play with me it will cost an extra $500.

Copyright© 2001 by Suzi and Zack.
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