By Suzi


All I wanted was a man who could understand my needs and desires and who
could fulfill my fantasies online.  Now, is that too much to ask?

When I began my search I was sure that he was there, just waiting for my arrival.
It never occurred to me that there are many, many people online who are also
searching, and that along the way, our paths would cross, often with amusing

Where to start?  I'd heard that chat rooms were a good place to meet people.
Knowing what I thought I knew (which was actually one step less than nothing), I
went surfing the chat rooms.  Finding one that appeared to be a "Dungeon" in a
neighboring state, I slipped inside.

Suddenly, Instant Messages started popping up onto my screen, one on top of
another, so fast that I couldn't even answer one.  The gist of each was:

 "Bitch!  Bow to this Master!"

Then one message came from a female (maybe) who asked if I knew what this
room was about.  I became indignant and explained that I knew what I was
doing, and that she should basically just "bug off."  She acquiesced, and left me
alone after that.

As I checked out the opening lines of the piled-up messages, I chose one who
sounded promising.  "Age, sex, measurements, please."

Since he said please, I responded truthfully, "I'm female, age 19, and will tell you
my measurements after you tell me yours."

I was expecting to hear back about his strong chest and tiny waist.  Boy, was I
surprised when he responded with, "Male, age 34, 9 hard inches."  I responded
with my measurements.  Okay, so I padded my bra size and whittled my waist a
little, after all, this was just for fun, right?  He was thrilled with my firm D-cups
poking out over a tiny little waist.  We chatted a bit about our desires for fun, and
then came the following exchange.

 BeefEater:  So, my pretty little thing, how would you like me to tie your
 arms until the blood is pushed out and keep you in that  position until you
 can't feel them?
 Searcher:  Ummmm...that wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  I was
 looking for sensual bondage.
 BeefEater:  Oh.  So you want it soft and easy, like tied up with pretty silk
 scarves like the little sissy you are.
 Searcher:  No.  I just want to be tied tightly, but safely.  And then to
 experience some sensuous fun while tied.
 BeefEater:  OK.  Then how about I tie you to the bed of my pickup truck
 and drive you into town, and park, and bring my buddies over for some fun
 in the park?
 Searcher:  Gee...That sounds like fun, but I gotta go, my apartment
 building is on fire.

Obviously, my first choice for a play partner was a bust.  I regrouped, decided
that maybe the problem was where I was looking, and went back to try to find the
perfect chat room.  I stumbled upon one that referred to red cheeks.  Since I
enjoy sensual spanking, I entered.  I sat back quietly and watched and read,
trying to get a feel for the room.

 MasterSlammer:  Bend over the chair now!
 LilBrat:  ::sticking out tongue::  NO!
 Coitusinterruptus:  LIST ME!
 MasterSlammer:  Get out of here, man!
 BillyBuns:  LIST ME!
 SlapHappy:  LIST ME!
 LilBrat:  ::pouting::  This sucks!  Idiots!

I left the room feeling defeated.  Then came an instant message.

 MasterSlammer:  Would you like me to spank you, young lady?
 Searcher:  How would you do that?
 MasterSlammer:  I'm a traveling man.  I'm always looking for some
 fresh buns to blister.  Where are you?
 Searcher:  East Coast.
 MasterSlammer:  Pity.  I'm working the western part of the country.

After that comment he was gone.  The chat room talk was too silly.  Maybe I
should just use them as places to find like-minded people.  I decided to read the
profiles of the people in certain rooms instead of actually subjecting myself to the
room.  Then I could initiate contact with somebody interesting.  I found a room
called "Breath Control."  There was a man there named SatansPagan, so I IM'd

 Searcher:  Excuse me, but could you tell me if this room has  anything to
 do with bondage?
 SatansPagan:  Not exactly.  We're talking about hanging our spouses
 until they are on the verge of death and the rush it gives to both the
 watchers and the hangee.
 Searcher:  No way!  People don't do that, do they?
 SatansPagan:  Of course we do!  It's a great ending to a party!
 Searcher:  That sounds too weird for me.  I just like being tightly
 bound up.
 SatansPagan:  I'm good at tying ladies up.  Why don't you come to
 Arizona and I'll tie you up desert-style.
 Searcher:  Desert style?  What's that?
 SatansPagan:  I'll pull you back in a very, very strict hog-tie with thin wet
 leather straps instead of rope...your head will touch your toes.  Then I'll tie
 my special wrap around your forehead with 1" wide leather.
 Searcher:  Huh?
 SatansPagan:  It has a special knot that tightens with each movement you
 Searcher:  What?
 SatansPagan:  Then I put you out in the sun and you squirm as the leather
 dries and tightens.  And the band around your head gets tighter and
 tighter until your brains explode.  What do you think?  Want to come try it?
 Searcher:  Uhhhh...that's alright!  Bye!

It slowly dawned on me that people in chat rooms aren't exactly "real."  In fact, I
learned that this was not going to be the avenue for finding assistance in fulfilling
my dreams.  So, being somewhat blessed with a modicum of intelligence, I gave
up.  That's when I discovered www sites!  I could search for topics of interest and
find sites that contained stories and pictures that gave my imagination a
jumpstart.  I became a big-time web story reader.  Often after seeing a picture or
reading about a bondage position in a story, I went to my bedroom and tried to
recreate it.  Some stories really got my blood moving, and my sessions
afterwards were always filled with tight ropes and joy.

I started writing fan letters to some of the authors.  I felt that if their stories moved
me, I owed them a note of thanks.  (I have to admit that I also thought that fan
mail might encourage them to write more, so part of my reasoning was selfish.)

Several authors wrote back.  Some were real jerks, but most were just horny
guys with a love for the ropes that was as big as mine.

A story about a next-door neighbor's frustration about having to listen to the girl-
next-door's self-bondage sessions hit home with me.  I'd often wondered if my
noisy sessions were ever heard by my neighbors, so I emailed the author -
named Hunter - about his story.

Hunter replied and we began a series of back and forth messages.  He said in
one note that nothing gave him more pleasure than tying up a female and making
her have orgasm after orgasm.  Then he added that women who practice self-
bondage ruin his opportunities.

I teasingly replied that women only practice self-bondage because finding a safe,
bondage-loving guy isn't exactly easy.

His next email surprised me.  "Where do you live?  I want to volunteer to tie you
up and tease you."

I replied in a non-committal manner.  "Well, I live in a city in the northeast."

His next email shook me up.  "Did you tie yourself up last night in a position that
caused you to bang your bed against the wall?"

How could anybody know that?  I mean, I was bouncing around and my bed did
bang the wall, but how could he know that?  I didn't know how to respond.  After
much thought, I wrote back, "That sometimes happens."  Shading the truth is
always safe, right?

He responded quickly, almost as if he's been waiting for me to reply to his
question.  "Are you young, and cute, with long brown hair?"

I freaked when I received that message!  No more responses from me to him.

The next morning as I was leaving my apartment, the door to the next apartment
opened and a cute guy in his late thirties walked out into the hall for his
newspaper.  I noticed an intricately knotted rope holding his robe closed.  I guess
I stared at it.

"Excuse me, miss, are you 'searching' for something?"

"  Excuse me."  I rushed down the stairs and out of the building.  His
choice of words and the emphasis on that one word echoed in my brain all
through the day.

That evening when I returned home he was standing at the mailboxes, removing
his mail.  I stopped, inserted the key into my mailbox and removed some junk

He watched me.  Then he spoke, "I can tell that you're a 'searcher' and that what
you seek is closer than you think."

That alarmed me!  As I quickly ascended the stairs, he was behind me, and I was
shaking hard as I tried to get my key into the slot.  The key rattled against the
metal, but wouldn't go in.  Then I felt him behind me and shuddered.

"May I help you?  I didn't mean to scare you.  By the way, my name is Bill."  He
got the door open for me, handed me my keys, and said, "Will you ever answer
my last email?"

"WHAT!?!" I shrieked.  "Who the heck are you and why are you talking to me like

He smiled a slow smile before answering.  "I recognize you.  You're called
'Searcher' online, and I'm known as 'Hunter' online.  We've been talking to each
other for weeks now.  Don't you think we should admit who we are and become
real friends?"

That was the beginning.  Bill no longer needs to hunt somebody to tie up; I'm
right there waiting for him.  I no longer need to search for fulfillment; Bill takes
care of my every need.  He untied me to write our story.  But I must go now
because Bill and the ropes are waiting!