by Suzi

       How can I explain the joy of being his bondage toy?  We fulfill each
other's complimentary needs: mine to be tied tightly; and his to tie tightly.
 We managed to find one another, and here I am, his personal bondage toy.
       Today I am tied tightly in a ball tie.  Before tying me, he slips a
silver bullet inside me and straps a butterfly over my awaiting clit.  Then a
tight crotch rope to hold everything in place.  The toys have remote
controls, so he keeps them in his pocket.  Ankles are bound together by coil
after coil of soft white rope.  Thighs are bound in like manner just above my
knees.  Then he has me kneel with my toes pointed straight out behind me.  He
attaches beautiful nipple clamps before he pulls my arms up behind me and
ties them palm to palm with elbows touching.  Oh!  He's so pleased that I
practice yoga and am limber for him!  He finishes off with his Duct Tape as
he winds it around and around in an under/over pattern, keeping me in a tight
ball.  He bends down, gently kisses my lips, then seals my mouth with a strip
of his tape.  My world goes dark as a blindfold descends.
       I relax into my bonds.  I hear him beside me, working on the computer.
 The clicking keys give me comfort and peace.  I am lulled into comfort after
a difficult day at work.  I feel the tensions of the day flowing out of me
through the ropes and the tape.  Being bound makes me happy.
       As I breathe slowly through my nose, I begin to feel a light buzzing
inside me.  Then a stronger buzzing on my clit.  Soon, he is playing with the
controls, watching my body jerk in response to the signals he is sending into
it.  Then it starts.  The two vibrators hit the medium speed together -- the
speed that my body most easily reflects.  My insides start pulsing.  The
pulsing isn't just in one place, it is everywhere.  I feel it inside my
brain; I feel it in my lungs; I feel my heart adapting to its beat; I feel it
skimming down my backbone; I feel it in my legs; I feel it in my nipples; and
I feel it centered in my groin where it grows and grows and suddenly it
stops.  My body is silenced as he switches off the vibrators.  I shudder,
then ease down into a restful stage again.  I hear his deep-throated laugh as
his hand reaches down and caresses my hair.  I try to move into his hand, but
the bondage is too tight for that.
       "Did you enjoy that, Princess?" he asks.  The lightness in his voice
tells me that he is pleased with himself for preventing an orgasm.  After
all, an orgasm this soon just wouldn't do!
       "Mmmmmm..." I reply.  To the uninitiated, that might just seem like no
reply at all, but he understands the meaning.  He knows that I am enjoying
his game and that I know and respect my place in the game.
       He finds some bare skin and traces it idly with a fingernail.  My skin
reacts for him by getting all goosebumpy.  Then, without warning, the
vibrators resume.  Faster to slower; intense to barely discernible; he plays
and plays with the controls as my body struggles to find the magic
combination to start the throbbing anew.  But he won't allow that.  Soon, I'm
rocking back and forth in my bondage, trying to get more.  Suddenly,
stillness.  As I struggle to regain my serenity, he resumes clicking away at
the keyboard.
       Again relaxing into my bondage, I breathe and wait.  My mind takes me
traveling to exotic locales while he works so close to me, but acts as if I
don't exist.  I mentally float out over the ocean, enjoying the sun and the
waves.  Calm, so calm and so very peaceful.  This is one of my favorite
places to be: tightly bound, inescapably bound, and floating away from the
cares of the world.
       I watch the waves, then I join them and become one with them, pulsing
towards the shore.  Then I mentally return to the here and now and realize
that I am again pulsing to the vibrators' siren call.  My body is on fire as
it pulses and thrums.  I strain in the tight bondage as the beginning of the
orgasm overtakes me.  Moaning loudly through the tape gag, I come hard.  Then
again, and again.  Once I start, the intensity builds and builds and builds.
Each orgasm flows into the next, stronger, orgasm.  My throat is making deep
growling sounds as well as high mewling noises.  A cacophony of noise pours
out from under the gag as my body bucks and jerks over and over.
       My blindfold is removed and the tape is pulled off my mouth.  He is
sitting on the floor in front of me.  He pushes me over onto my side, then
positions himself so that he has access to my mouth.  Eagerly I open my lips
as he slips the head of his straining stalk inside.  I slurp it happily,
getting it really wet.  Then I begin teasing him with my tongue tip.  The tip
slides around and around the base of his cock head, then dips into his little
hole before my lips pull back and suck gently on the hole.  Hearing his quick
intake of breath, I know that he is pleased.  Then I begin licking and
sucking up and down the length of his turgid pole.  I move back and forth on
my tightly bound left shoulder in order to reach him in this manner.  It's a
strain, but I enjoy pleasuring him so much that it doesn't matter.  I burrow
my nose into his hairy groin and inhale deeply before pushing through the
forest of hairs to find his heavy sack and to lick and suck on it.  I find
that using my tongue tip to push in on his balls makes him gasp, so I
alternate between doing that with running my tongue up and down him.  Soon,
it is obvious that he needs more than a tease, so I again manage to take him
inside my mouth.  As I begin to take more of him inside, he begins pumping
himself in and out of my mouth.  I add suction each time he withdraws, and
take a little more of him inside each time he presses forward.  Soon, he is
pistoning in and out quickly.  He takes complete control when he grabs my
head and straightens my neck before plunging in deeper still.  His balls
rhythmically smack against my cheek and chin as he plunders my mouth and
throat.  When he touches the back of my throat, my gag reflex takes over and
caresses him.  He explodes into my mouth and throat.  I gulp and swallow
around him, each swallow encouraging him to give up more of his precious
nectar.  I hold him in my mouth until he once again becomes flaccid.  Then he
pulls out and allows me to gently and carefully use my tongue to clean him.
I smile up at him and am rewarded by seeing his beaming face.
       Once I manage to again find my peaceful place in my bondage, he
carefully unties me.  We move to the sofa where we cuddle and relax.  He
knows how to truly care for his little bondage toy.