Suki's Valentines Day

 Well, here goes, my first diary entry post.  Generally my stories are about other people.  No one real, just someone else.  This  one is about me.  It was my Valentines Day gift to and from my SO.

 It didn't start off too romantically.  He was going to come over around 7:00pm.  We didn't bother making any restaurant reservations because it just didn't seem worth it.  Instead, a quiet night at home, with candlelight, wine, and cheese fondue.

 I took a hot shower, and generally pampered myself while getting ready.  Powder, lotion, the works.  I decided to wear silk, a matching blue shirt and skirt.  I like them because they are loose and long, and silk of course.  Love that texture.  I also had one surprise for my lover, a new teddy that had come in the mail today.  I generally  don't like Frederick's of Hollywood, but their latest catalog had a new teddy in it that I just had to try.  It was tight black spandex, cut high up the sides, with a thick G-string of spandex up the back.  The bodice was  shaped, and attached to spaghetti straps over the shoulders.  And there were a couple of extra straps attaching the sides.  What made this one special was that the sides attached to two large metal rings, and all of the rest of the straps attached to a large ring in the middle of the back.

 The teddy looked great, and added a pleasant feeling of being tight enough enough.  The bottom was probably the tightest, cutting deeply up against my clit and backside.  I had just finished admiring myself and the new teddy, and putting the silk over it when the phone rang.  I looked at the clock, it was 6:30.

"Hello?"  I answered.

"I locked myself out."  How romantic.  Yes, he actually managed to lock himself out of his house on the night of Valentines, not to mention one of the biggest storms that California has seen in 5 years.  Anyway, I went over and let him in, (yes, I have his key, no we don't live together) and then went back to my house to make the cheese fondue.  He followed me over shortly after that.

 It's funny, as I reflect on my feelings on the way over to his house. it was not anger, but rather disbelief that I was feeling.  I wondered on the way over if he was planning some surprise and just claiming that he had locked himself out.  Just wishful thinking I guess.

   So we lit some candles on the kitchen table and finished making the fondue.  Meanwhile he opened a bottle of wine and I diced up apples, turkey ham, and some really incredible rosemary garlic bread, for dipping. When the fondue was done, I transferred it to a fondue pot, and brought it to the table.  Everything else was already on the table, so I sat down, noticing that he was hovering over my chair.  Gently, he pulled my wrist back behind my chair and tied them together with a piece of rope.

 I was wet with anticipation long before he pulled out the rope. I had been fantasizing about having a night like this for a long time. He was making my fantasy reality.

 Let me interrupt there and explain to you something.  My lover is very vanilla, and generally we don't play to much.  But this had been on both of our minds for a couple of nights.  So much so that we knew this would be a play night.  For this EXACT reason, I had left out some nice soft silk scarves that I didn't mind using.  And I had told him as much.  We tried that rope he was using one time and I found it to be uncomfortable and tight.  He knew that.  He chose to use it anyway.

 Anyway, back to dinner.  He had decided to feed me dinner and  carefully dipped the fondue fork into bread and then cheese.  He did everything randomly, sometimes going for bread, sometimes ham or apple.  I couldn't tell though the entire dinner when he was serving a piece for me and when he was going to eat it himself.  Also, he gets three points for not spilling a drop of cheese on my clothing.

 He teased me as he fed me, moving my teddy aside to insert a finger into me.  I think he does have a little bit of a sadistic streak in him, because he got the most pleasure out of making me wiggle around in my chair, on the edge, breath coming in pants, eyes closed, and trying to chew and swallow something he had just put in my mouth.  Do you know how hard it is to chew and swallow when you are on the verge of orgasm?!?!  Very!

 Somewhere in the middle of dinner he started to unbutton my blouse.  Earlier in the kitchen he had been teasing me, and had already pulled up my skirt enough to see that I was wearing something new.  So now I had my skirt slid up to the tops of my thighs, a  my shirt opened and unbuttoned completely.  He partially slid the skirt off my shoulders.  Except for having my hands tied behind my back, I felt like one of the summer models from Mace's.  He still hadn't
seen the rings.  He continued feeding me dinner, and then got up and started fishing around in the kitchen.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

"You'll know when I find it."  Was the only answer he gave me.  In my mind I quickly went over all sorts of possibilities that he could come up with. I figured he was looking for a spatula or kitchen spoon, or chocolate syrup.  It was kind of disappointing when I saw what he was after. He finally came up with a straw, and placed it in my wine.  I smiled at him and then made a silly comment about a story that came cross ASB that did the same thing.  His face fell.  He really did think that the straw idea was original.

 After dinner we retreated to the bedroom.  Well, he guided me.   He basically took hold of the rope holding my arms together and pushed me in front of him into the room.  In the room he removed the rest of  the silk clothes and saw the rings for the first time.  He made a comment about them, I don't remember what it was off hand, but it was complimentary.

 At this point I was facing away from him, rubbing up against him from the back.  I heard a faint jingling and though maybe he had brought his handcuffs, which I also don't favor.  No safety on the wrists.  No, he had undone his belt, and removed it from his waist.

 I noticed that belt when he first walked in the door, but didn't put any significance on it.  I just thought it was strange.  He usually wears those dark polished black leather belts.  This one was softer, unpolished, made of tan leather.  Now I knew why he had brought it.

 He held my wrists, twisting them up so that I was about two feet away from him and began to hit my backside with it.  Hard. Mind you, I've never been hit with anything harder that his hand, let alone a doubled over leather strap.  It hurt!  He used it over and over, randomly striking different places, until the sting had me doing almost a dance around the floor.  I have never been tempted to call safeword.  I came pretty darn close.  Just chicken, I guess. Before I needed to say anything, he stopped.  My entire body was warm by the time he stopped, and my buns were radiating heat.  I think he could have done almost anything with me at that point and I would have willingly done it.

 Still gripping my wrists he forced me down to my knees and unbuttoned his jeans.  Don't make me describe it in detail folks, I'm not good at that.  Suffice it to say that I enjoy going down on him and take pride in  my work.  :)

 We only stayed this way for a short time, and then he stopped so that he could remove the rest of his clothing.   I took the liberty to escape onto the bed, watching him to make sure he didn't have any objections. After he had removed all of my clothing he joined me on the bed, first taking up a couple of longer pieces of rope.  Now it is always a little difficult tying me down as that I have a double bed with mattresses right on the floor.  There is no place to tie anyone too.

 He started at my feet and looped the rope under the mattress.  Well that explained why he wanted the rope so long.  After he had it placed under the mattress he looped one loop around each ankle and tied them together in the middle.  In this way, I could move my ankles around carefully back and forth, without getting rope burns, or being able to get free.  For vanilla, he's pretty good at this.  Then he did the same thing with my wrists, sort of. He tied a ring around the bed with the rope, and then secured my wrists to it to two different places with the scarves.  *Whew*  I though he was never going to use them.  His final piece de la resistance was a blindfold.  Oh, I also forgot to mention he removed the teddy before doing this.

 The rest of the evening was spent nicely.  I will not go into intimate detail, but I will tell you that he came twice and I lost track of how many times I did.  When it was over, I was immobile and both of us were very sweaty.  Our final act of the evening was to locate the cheesecake that was awaiting us in the refrigerator.  Yum.


Note:  A side note, we discovered the teddy is tight enough to leave vibrating toys in AND be able to walk around without it falling out. I'm thinking about leaving it on under clothing to work one of these days.  I'm the only female in a dept. of all men.  Think they'd notice? :)

Note 2:  I always hated it when I saw a story that the heroine _mewed_. Women do not mew!  Cats mew.   Babies mew.  Women do not make animal sounds.  Well, *sigh* I think I'm wrong.  Because the only way I can describe the sounds I was making by the end of our session was a high pitched yip.  Like the sounds like a puppy makes when they want your attention.  It was a definite yip.  How embarrassing.

Hope everyone else had a good valentines day.


ok.  so maybe women do mew.

(Note from Leviticus...I know I'VE heard wome mew!  LOL)