Image 81

   by Suki

 She sat on the edge of the chair, every muscle tense.   Apprehension, fear, and excitement coursed through her body.  Her wrists fastened together with thick leather cuffs in front of her,  and her ankles forced together in a similar manner.  To each other.  Not to anything else.

 She could get up if she wished.  He had told her to sit down and  stay, and then he had left the room.  That was 5 minutes ago.  She knew this was like a test.  But it was so tempting to get up.  Just to see what would happen.   To see what he would do.

 She was still debating when he returned.  He stalked into the room and looked at her, his stare informing her that he knew what she had been thinking.  She blushed and looked down at her lap, suddenly very glad she had not moved.

   Image 82

   by Suki

 Nervously, she followed him toward the back room, fear mingled with excitement growing with every step.  In the room, he motioned her forward.  The others watched, murmuring amongst themselves, trying to be discrete with their interest.

"Where do you wish to be?" he asked her gently, sensing her hesitancy.

"There" she whispered, pointing toward a small high table with rings soldered to each corner.

 He walked a few steps closer to the table, and then turned to look at her expectantly.  Reluctantly, back to the audience, she slipped off her clothing, leaving on a high cut teddy, but removing the rest. Then she moved forward and leaned over, fitting her waist against the edge of the table.  He fastened restraints to her wrists, but left her feet free.

"Spread your legs a little," he ordered, "and bend at the knees."

 The crowd hushed, anticipating the scene, and not wanting to disturb it.  Feeling the eyes on her backside, she grew slightly more uncomfortable.  She turned her head to look at him, her eyes imploring him to move closer. He leaned down toward her mouth.

"Please" she mouthed, barely audible "a blindfold."  Nodding, he went and retrieved one, tying it gently around her head, and checking to see it was in place.

"Ok?" he asked in her ear.  She nodded.

 She felt his hand on her bottom, moving down over her thighs, and then back up again.  Then a new material followed his hands, tracing a similar path down her thighs and back.  A leather cat.  She tensed, then willed herself to relax, trying to remember everything he had told her.

 Leaning ever further over, she hid her head between her arms, her cheeks flaring with a sudden burst of color from embarrassment mixed with desire.

   Image 83

   by Suki

 He showed up late, making an entrance.  Heads turned, and voices of his friends rang out in welcoming.  Others turned, interrupting conversation to see who had just arrived.  Her eyes lit up, and a smile crossed her face.  She ran toward him, ignoring others around her, and leapt into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist.  He caught her, his hands resting on her bottom, supporting her as they kissed.

   Image 84

   by Suki

 She looked so beautiful, lying on her side asleep, hair almost covering her face, that he did not want to awaken her.  He watched her lovingly for a moment, and then reached out his hand to softly stroke her cheek.  A loving caress.  She turned, stretching out like a kitten disturbed from a nap.  Slowly, her eyes opened.  Seeing him she smiled.

   Image 85

   by Suki

 The water was icy cold, and yet some still risked the chill.  There was something sensual about the rush of the water, cold against the warmth of your skin.  Teasingly, she moved her hands as if to push him further into the water.

 "Oh no you don't" he said, grabbing her wrists in his hands "How would you like to go in instead?"

 Smiling, she did not answer.  Instead she reached up and kissed him.  They stopped moving as they're lips met.... just as a wave came crashing into them, soaking both from the waist down.  Laughing, they broke apart, dashing together for the shore.

   Image 86

 She lay quietly upon the beach, handcuffed, blindfolded, knowledgeable that she surrounded by a group of friends.  Trusting her lover completely. He smiled, looking proudly down at her, stroking her side reassuringly as he continued his conversation.

   Image 87

   by Suki

 They're eyes locked, his the eyes of a puppy looking for reassurance.  Unsure, worried about an unsafe world, and unstable life.  Her eyes conveyed as many meanings; mostly that she loved him, her eyes trying to convince him that the words she had just spoken were true.  She reached toward him, and with a sudden movement he crushed her to him, holding her as if he let go she would  disappear.  The room was silent but so much had just been said.

   Image 89

   by Suki

 She clenched with anticipation, trying to remember to breath every time the flogger came down.  Quickly, her bottom turned from pink to red, as the fiery heat ran through her.  Each blow, both tensing and relaxing at the same time.

 She could feel those around her, hear their breathing correspond with hers.  Her eyes squeezed shut.  She felt as if she were floating. The cat came down again on her back.  A low moan escaped her throat.   Feeling, yet watching.  Seeing herself, and feeling the cat at the same time.

  Image 90

  by Suki

 Attitude.  It conveyed everything.

Attitude.  She carried herself like a noblewoman strolling down the road.  Drivers on the street paid more attention to her than to where they were going.

Attitude.  She looked beautiful.  Sexy.  Her hips swayed slightly as she walked, conveying a "I look great and I feel it" message.