Image 71

   by Suki

A bottom's words:

 "For me, I want it all.  You say you want to top me?  Prove it. But you're going to have to wrestle me for control.  And I don't just mean to begin with.  I'm going to do my uttermost to be a bad girl with you...and take that control away.  For me, the pleasure is in seducing, almost as much as it is for you.  I like to loose the control, but every instinct in me wants to take it.  So you will have to keep that control without my help.  I assure you, I will try to take it back.

 How, you ask?  How can I try to take it back even if I am tied down?  Well, what if I'm not?  What if you order me to pleasure you? I'm going to try to be so good that you lose that control.  And I think I can do it.  If I'm tied down....well, that's a little harder, but not impossible.  I can try to move my body in such a way that pleasures you, or use my mouth on any part of your body I can reach.  Even with my hands bound, if they are not bound to anything I can use them.  Beware Milord, or you will lose that control you seek."

Image 72 was not written by me.  It was written in response to my previous image, and the author never responded to my attempts at contact.  He does, however, remain in my mind.

   Image 72

   by Suki

The Top's reply:

 "You dare challenge me, little girl?  You think you can  take control?  You, my dear, are sadly mistaken.  But the challenge in itself peaks my interest.  I shall enjoy taking that control from you ever so much more because of it.  And I will take that  control.

 Will I play you, letting you think you have control and then suddenly take it back?  Or shall I take it immediately, controlling, dominating you, making you do whatever I wish?  I will let you wonder, little girl.  Hang on to your thoughts of controlling me, because I assure you, that is all they will be.  As for pleasuring me, I am sure you will."

   Image 73

   by Suki

 Gasping, she slowly returned to earth.  Her muscles twitched from tension and the afterglow of orgasm.  As her eyes focused she saw him staring at her, looking pleased, concerned, and faintly proud of himself, all at once.  She reached for him, circling her arms around his chest, and pulling him close.

"Thank you" she whispered, gently biting his ear.

   Image 74

   by Suki

 She bit down on the square of cloth between her teeth, moaning loudly through the make-shift gag.  He was behind her now, entering her roughly, his hands moving over the red welts on her back and bottom. Tears automatically flowed out of her eyes, each touch causing a new flood to run down her cheeks.

 She felt his hands now, in motion with his thrusts he entered her bottom with his fingers, his other hand reaching around to stroke her clit.  The pleasure of his movement causing her to buck against him, driving him deeper into her with every motion.

 She could feel the edge of the table pushing back into her  stomach, and she danced from foot to foot as he pushed against her. She was climbing, becoming incoherent with the feelings coursing through her, her moans constant through the cloth of the gag.

 Suddenly, just on the edge, he stopped.  He pulled away from her, loosing contact with her skin.  Her muscles quivered and twitched, and her whole body strained from the closeness of release.  Almost.  Her body cried at her 'almost!'  She was so close just a touch would bring her over the edge, and yet he did not touch her.

 She moaned out her frustration through the gag, a long, low sound filled with anguish.  This was worse than the hardest spanking he had ever delivered, worse than the crop or the whip.  Just so close to the edge....

   Image 75

   by Suki

 The scene had changed again.  They had gone from cuddling to teasing to him pulling her wrists over her head and pinning them above her.  She laughed, kissed him, and then continued struggling. He did not reprimand her, because he was enjoying the game as much as she was.  Wiggling her hips and body she tried to buck him off, but he was heavier than she was and simply grinned at her infuriatingly. At his look she became bound and determined to get the upper edge.

 She rolled her body suddenly and got freedom of her legs. Twisting around, she tried to tickle him with her feet.  `Enough' he had decided.

 With his free hand he grabbed her hair and forced her head back, exposing her neck and jaw to his lips.  She gasped in surprise at both the suddenness of the action and the feelings of arousal  that shot through her body.  Instinctively she relaxed her legs and let them rest back on the bed.

 He leaned forward and nipped  the base of her neck.  Her breath caught in her throat as she arched her chest toward his mouth.  He smiled into her skin, and continued biting her neck, the firm grip on her hair and the teeth on her neck keeping her arched toward him from force and wanting.

  Image 76

  by Suki

 She reached out tentatively, hesitantly, touching gently.  She was excited and afraid.  She had never been with another woman before, although she had often fantasized.  Now she had her chance, to try something new.  And she was scared.  Scared that she might touch her wrong.  Scared that she might offend.  Scared to seem too forward. Scared of making the first move.

 His presence there helped.  He gave her courage even though he was not a participant.  Just his gaze helped give her security. Catching his eye, she smiles slightly.

 Her hand brushes her lovers shoulder, causing visible goose bumps to rise along her skin.  She notices the change in texture.  Her lover is softer, the skin is softer than any man she has ever been with.  It makes her want to explore more.

 She watches, and her lover brushes her hand against her breast, sending a current of feeling down her.  They press their bodies together, stroking each other with intense desire.

  Image 77

by Suki

 I stared at her, this woman sitting across from me.  We were so similar, so close we could almost switch places.  Behind her, a man was rubbing her back.  His long painted finger nails lightly scratching her skin.  Her eyes were closed, and the expression on her face was one of pure sensual pleasure.

 In my hand was an evil-looking black riding crop.   I studied it. It looked and felt foreign to me.  It was.  Hesitantly, I reached out with the crop, brushing the side of her neck with the tip of the crop.  Her eyes did not open.  She remained  relaxed.  Encouraged, I moved the crop over her shoulders, under her chin, and then down between her breasts.  I hesitated again, pulling the crop away, and then brought it back to lightly stroke her breasts.  Her eyes
still did not open.  I could imagine myself as her.  It excited me.  I wanted to be the one leaning back into a sensual backrub, with my eyes closed, an unknown person touching me with a crop.  A sudden image flashed though my mind of standing over her with her spread-eagle tied to a bed, a blindfold over her eyes.  I wanted her.  I wanted to be her.

   Image 78

   by Suki

 She fell asleep holding him, her skin pressed up against his back.  The bed had rocked gently as they settled down to rest.   The balcony door was slightly ajar, allowing sounds of music and cheering from a nearby festival to drift in.

 In the living room, familiar voices, murmuring in quiet  conversation.  Comforting.  Comfortable.  She sighed softly, resting her head against his, and smiled as the sound of his breathing turned to sleep.

   Image 79

   by Suki

 Touching.  New territory.  Unfamiliar, soft, shy.  Sensations coursing though.  Is this right?  Unsureness, that comes from something new.  She quivers.  From tension or stimulation?  It's hard to tell.

 Gently she turns toward the touch stroking a shoulder with her nails.  The touch feels good.  Encouraging.  Breaking new ground.

   Image 80

   by Suki

"What's this I hear?  You guys have been conspiring against me?"

"Yup." [smug grin]

"We'll see....maybe we will take advantage of you instead."  *smile*

 A tingle of excitement shot through her.  He had touched on some of her fantasies....Like a game of battleship, and he just hit the cruiser.


"You know, I could think of a lot of uses for those headphones of yours."

"Hey yeah, we could pipe music into them..."

"Think about it.  Disorientation.  Complete disorientation.  Not being able to see (blindfold), and not being able to hear at the same time. You would not know what was going on..."

"Yes!  Thanks, we'll have to try that!"

"[smile] Let me know how it goes."

"No, [evil grin] you'll have to tell us!"

"Hey!  You two are conspiring against me!"  *smile*


 Excitement.  Tingling.  Yes, I would put myself in your hands. Both of you.  Within the bounds we've previously set....yes, I would enjoy putting myself in your hands for a night.