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                    by Suki

    They lay on the beach, cuddled together, digging their feet into the sand.  The night was dark and moonless, and the mist from the clouds sifted by, dampening their faces and hair.  Down the beach, over the sounds of the roaring waves, they could hear the faint echoes of someone else’s beach party.  But the night hid them from sight.

    Cuddled together, they whispered to each other, gently holding hands in the dark.

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                       by Suki

    Laughing, he wrestled her down to the sand, pinning her wrists with one hand.

"Do you yield?" he demanded, smiling broadly as only someone with the  upper hand smiles.

"Never!"  She cried, struggling against him.  She wiggled, trying to dislodge  him from on top of her.

"OK...." he said, and began to tickle her with his free hand.  She shrieked   with laughter, bucking her hips so hard she almost threw him off.  Almost.

"Mercy!  Mercy!" she screamed in between shrieks of laughter.  Immediately, he stopped, and let go of her wrists.   Smiling, she pulled his head toward hers, bringing him closer for a kiss.

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   by Suki

 She lays comfortable on the wide shelf of the window sill, soaking up a sun bath through the window.  She is naked, stretched out, her arms folded under her head, her bottom sticking up into the sun.  Through comfortably half-closed eyes she watches him.

 Feeling her stare, he looks up from his textbook.  She wiggles her bottom at him, invitingly.

"Oh jeez, lover" he complains, "I'm never going to get my studying done for the test at this rate.  You're too distracting."

"Oh well," she giggles at him, turning on her side to give him a better view of her whole body.  "You'll just have to not get distracted so easily." With that, she rolled back over on her stomach, settling herself in the sun.

 He turned to his textbook, muttering under his breath.

"What was that?"  She queried, trying to raise one eyebrow, while still holding her best innocent look.

"Just you wait, until I'm through.  Then we'll see who gets distracted." he answered.   She smiled.

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   by Suki

 A game had been proposed.  But there was a problem.  The odds were favored on one side, giving one of the game players an advantage.  This of course, needed to be rectified, so she suggested this:

 The game was simple, two pairs made up of a man and a woman each. Which woman could bring the man to orgasm fastest, hopefully keeping quality in mind.

 The advantage was, one of the women was more familiar with the two men, than the other.  Specifically, with one of them.  As a way to balance some of the odds, she had suggested switching, but it was still uneven.

 The suggested solution, to take away the advantage. Both men couldn't possibly have the exact same turn ons, so if you take away the senses needed to determine which is which, it becomes more even.

 The women would have to be blindfolded, of course, to take away the sense of sight.  Then their hands could be tied behind their back to limit determination of the man by feel.  Scent would be the next thing to get rid of....perhaps a shower, or easier would be to rub themselves with a bit of orange or lemon peel to mask their scents.  Finally, the men would have to be quiet, least their voices should give them away.

 This would even the odds a bit....

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   by Suki

 Your old room, remembering what it looked like makes me smile.  Junk covering every surface, piles of clothing around the floor, a direct path to the bed, drawers half comfortable, so secure.  We worked out so much in that room.  In my mind's eye I see that room, and I see us on the bed.  It is dark.  The lights of traffic and nearby residence shine through the window over your bed.

 It is so familiar, snuggling against you. Your body curled around mine, feeling your heat from by back.  It feels like yesterday. *Sigh*  How long has it been?  How many fights?  Now I look back and see this, see you smiling at me.  It makes me smile, a tiny sad-eyed smile knowing time cannot go backwards.

   Image 66

   by Suki

 How far would you trust me?  You have shared so much before.  Would you let me give to you?  Let your pleasure be a gift to me, instead of the other way around?  I would like to pleasure you, if you would let me.

 With your permission, I would tie you down, facing up spread out on your bed.  Your arms and legs secured, your head comfortably resting on a pillow.  Then I would turn out the lights, and light a couple of candles. It would not be completely dark, because I want you to see me.  For now.

 Slowly, I would remove my clothing, letting it drop in a pile around me.  I can picture you silently watching from the bed.  When the last piece of clothing was removed, I would stroke myself, for my pleasure and yours. But I would not touch you....yet.  Moving around the bed, still out of your reach, I would use your tie to blindfold you.  Remember?  You said you were beginning to like ties, because of good thoughts attached.  By the time I am done I hope you will love ties.

 You are tense.  I can see the muscles twitching in your body.  Your arms and legs strain against the binds.  You could stop this with a word, yet you grit your teeth to keep your silence.  You cannot see me now, and it worries you.  You turn your head in the direction where I last was, but I am not there any more.  I am standing over you, on the left side of the bed.

 I reach my finger out, and press it to your lips.  You kiss it, how sweet.  You cannot see me smile.  Lightly, I run my fingers over your collar bone, and around your neck, ruffling the back of your hair.  Your head tilts back, and I can see you shiver.  I continue my exploration with my fingertips running lightly over your chest, and down your stomach. Quickly, you suck in your breath, attempting not to laugh.  The temptation is too great, and I run my nails over your ribs.  Just once to hear you laugh, then I continue my explorations.  My hands move over your thighs and down your legs, and then back up around to your chest.  Deliberately, I am missing the most sensitive areas.  There is no hurry, I have a night.

 This night is my gift.  To you.  For you.  And tied down, restrained as you are, you have no choice but to accept it.  Please lie back and enjoy.

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   by Suki

 The building was cold and dark, with patches of light where windows opened into hallways.  If was being remodeled, this building, in preparation for the new owners.  Walls were being torn out and replaced, and circuits rewired.  Everywhere, there was plaster pieces on the floor.  It looked like the perfect set up for an ASB party.

 Why?  Because everywhere that walls had been torn out there were mettle runners from floor to ceiling.  They were about 3 feet apart, and firmly anchored.  Each one had holes about 3" wide spaced about 12" apart all along each beam.  Also lying conveniently around the floor was electrical tape, metal rings, ripped out phone cord, rubber covered wires, and heavy rope.  A careful person could have fun and be creative at the same time.

 To top it off, placed up against the walls were all of the soft padded pseudo-walls for cubicles.  Some of them were already standing, supporting desks or shelves.  Others were laying on the floor, giving off the appearance of padded tables.  There were 7 people on the tour of this building.  I'm almost positive that I am the only one who was thinking this way when we looked around.


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  by Suki


*Click*  "Hello, you've reached my answering machine, I'm not home right now, but if you'll leave me a message I'll call you back."

*Click*  BEEP!

 "Hello yourself.  I was hoping to catch you at home, but I guess I will have to settle for talking to your machine.  *sigh*"

 "I've been thinking about you a lot, you know.  Right now I am laying on my bed, and yes, I'm naked.  Remember, you asked me to tell you which collar I am wearing?  Well, you don't know this's new. It is black leather, with neat gold rings.  I know you'd like it.  OK, so I'm not completely naked.  I'm wearing the collar; does that count?"

 "*Sigh*  Oh well, since you are not home, I guess I will just have to carry on by myself.  Heh, you can use your imagination....  Talk to you later, Lover,  bye...."

 "Oh, and Lover?  You know that toybox?'s next to me now. "

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   by Suki

"For the next two hours you will do anything I say." he stated, firmly.

She nodded.

"Say it!" he ordered.

"For the next two hours I will do anything you say...Sir." she answered softly.

"Why?" he demanded.

"Because you have ordered me to Sir" she replied.

"Wrong!  Try again.  And I will not forget this for later." he returned.

She hesitated.  "Because I enjoy it...." her voice trailed off, unsure of what he was looking for.


"Because you enjoy it Sir." she finished.

"Correct!  Now who gets more pleasure from it?"

This one she knew, and instantly replied "Both of us Sir!"

"Good.  Very good, my Dear."  was his only comment.

   Image 70

   by Suki

 It was a lazy day.  You know, one of those weekend days that's warm and sunny and all you want to do is lay around and vegetate.  About 75 degrees.  Tourists and jammed the beaches as usual, and the locals either stayed around the house or went to beaches out of the way.

 Late afternoon.  The neighborhood was noisy, barking dogs, playing children, faint music sifted through the open windows.  It seemed like you could hear everyone, or at least every neighbor.  People opened windows, as the afternoon brought a faint breeze that helped air out the house.

 A child appeared on the balcony dragging her pet cat under one arm, clutching something tightly in her fist.  The cat let out a loud *MEORW* and squirmed free.  With an indignant look it jumped up onto the ledge of the balcony, glared, and than began cleaning the human smell from it's coat.  Carefully, the child opened her hand, displaying a small vial of bubble-blowing fluid.  She placed it on the ledge, and then leaned over to see how far it was to the ground.  Two stories.

 The bubbles blew gently over the balcony and into the wind, some drifting slowly to the ground, other sweeping off into the breeze until they vanished into the setting sun.  Delighted, the child watched them float away, wishing she could follow them dance so freely across the sky.
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