Image 51

  by Suki

 She sat on the edge of the bed, sitting on her knees, bottom resting on her heels.  Her legs were spread apart, and her hands were tied behind her back.  She was blindfolded.

 Candles flickered from the outer edges of the room, casting shadows that moved in all directions.  She was tense, waiting.  She heard the rustling of clothing nearby.

"What do you want?"  He asked, gruffly.

 She licked her lips, and swallowed.   She could feel him standing directly in front of her.  She stretched her neck forward, searching and encountered his hands.  He was stroking himself in front of her.  She flicked her tongue out past her lips trying to get past his hands.

 He guided himself to her lips, and allowed her to suck for a few minutes.  Then he pulled away, repeating his question.  "Do you want to suck me?"  He asked.

 "Yes."  she answered, seeking him again with her tongue.

"Then say it" he ordered.

"Please may I suck you?"  She asked, caught up in the roll she was playing.


"Please may I suck you?"  She asked again, still searching with her mouth for what she could not see.

"Please...."  She added again, when he did not move closer.

"Please what?"

"Please may I suck you.....sir?"  That was what he was looking for, and he allowed her to continue.  Reaching down, he fingered her, testing. She was very wet.  She moaned at his touch.

"Yes?"  he queried.

This time she knew what he was searching for.  "Please sir, will you cum  in my mouth?"

"Do you want me to?"  he asked.

"Yes sir, please sir."

 She could feel him stroking in and out of her, and the feeling of pleasing him was making her wetter.  She was so hot, she would have done anything at that point to make him cum.  He reached down and began fingering her again.

"We'll see..." was all he said.

Note:  Images 52, 53, 54. and 55 are all parts of the same story. Enjoy

  Image 52

  by Suki

 Her master was gone for a week.  He had left Sunday with strict  instructions that she was not to touch herself sexually, or make herself cum while he was gone.  It was only Tuesday, and already her body was missing him.  She sighed.    It was going to be a long week.

 She stepped out of a hot bath, and carefully toweled dry.  She had been distracted by her horniness all day, thinking about him.  She tried to obey him, only "accidentally" touching herself a few times during the day.  She was sure her co-workers were going to figure out her extreme horniness at this rate.

 A strange picture suddenly popped into her mind.  Without even really knowing the reason she opened the drawer next to her and pulled out the tiny rubber bands that she had saved from when she had braces, a long time ago.  Carefully, she applied one rubber band to each nipple, pulling the nipple out so that the band stayed at the base.  Jolts of pain and pleasure shot through her body, forming a direct line from her breasts to her cleft. She stared at herself in the mirror, nipples forced into pointing strait out, back arched, breasts forward.

 She reached for a her lipstick that was sitting on the counter and carefully drew a ring around each nipple.  The color smeared onto her skin, darkening the nipples to cherry red.  The image in the mirror stared lewdly back at her.

 She gazed at that image, transfixed.  A wanton image, and image of lust.  Her hands sneaked down her body, one spreading her lips widely apart, the other carefully rubbing her clit.  She pushed her fingers in and out of her body.  Her eyes locked on the mirror.  Crying out, she brought herself to shuddering climax.

 When she came back down she looked again, at the sweating, flushed image in the mirror.

 Her master would be angry.

  Image 53

  By Suki

(continued from image 52)

 Her master had found out.  And promised a good punishment for her disobedience.  Her body tingled with excitement, reminding her that he was back from his trip and coming over today.  He had given her strict instructions as to cleaning and shaving.  He was due in 5 minutes.  She took a last look in the mirror and was pleased with her reflection.  She was shaved bare, her lips clearly visible shining with wetness.  Naked, save thick black leather cuffs on her wrists, ankles, and neck she hoped her appearance would please him.  She also hoped it would ease some of  the punishment he had promised her.  She heard his car in front of the house.

 The door opened.  "Position three!"  he snapped. Quickly she spread her legs and clasped her wrists behind her back.  He walked behind her and hooked her cuffs together.  Then stalking around in front of her he lifted her chin with his hands and glared into her eyes.

"Did I _not_ leave specific orders that you were not to touch yourself or make yourself cum while I was gone?" he demanded.

"Yes Sir." she replied in a small voice.  His grip tightened on her chin.

"And you disobeyed." he stated.

"Yes Sir," she repeated.


"Please punish me Sir, as that I have been disobedient to you."

"Oh I will, little girl" he replied "I will."

  Image 54

  by Suki

(continued from image 53)

 He blindfolded her, and left her standing in the room alone. From somewhere in the house she heard water running.  Then she heard his footsteps approaching.  She turned her head toward him as he stomped heavily back into the room.

*SMACK*  His riding crop came down on her bottom.  The unexpectedness of it pushing her body forward.  *SMACK*  The crop cut across her breasts, causing her to quickly straighten out.  Her head was thrown back and her mouth open.  A low moan came from deep in the back of her throat.  He continued hitting her with the crop, alternating strokes to her bottom and breasts, until she was dancing lightly from foot to foot in effort to stay in one place.  She knew if she moved away it would anger him.

 Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks from under the blindfold, and her breath was coming in short gasps by the time he finally stopped. Her bottom and chest were flaming red, and she felt as if she could probably heat a cold room with her body.  He grabbed a fist of hair and dragged her with him out of the room.  Her hands were still tied behind her back so  she offered little resistance as he pulled her through the living room.

 He opened a door which she recognized as the back door to the house. The cold hit her body like a wet blanket, reminding her that it was the dead of winter.  She hated the cold.  He knew that.  She tried to pull back away from him, but he still had a firm grip on her hair.  He led her barefoot across the back porch.

 At the edge of the porch he stopped.  The snow had just freshly fallen in the last few days, and she knew it was at least 4 feet.  She hoped he would not want to walk her through it.  She had shoveled the porch, but there was no path shoveled past the porch.

"Lay down."  he ordered.

 She stood still. He kicked her feet out from under her, at the same time pushing her backward.  She fell with a soft *thump*, landing on her back and sinking about a foot and a half into the soft snow. Then she felt him pushing more snow on top of her, covering her up to her neck.  She bit her lip to keep from crying out.  The snow was like icy needles against the fire of her skin.  She heard him walk back into the house.

  Image 55

  by Suki

(continued from image 54)

 She lay there covered in snow, blindfolded, wrists tied behind her back. Shivering, she wondered what he expected of her.  Did her want her to struggle, trying to get up?  She probably could if she worked at it hard enough.  Her body was beginning to cool down, and the heat from the cropping he had given her earlier had gone away.  Her skin tingled with cold, numbing her hands and nipples.  She contemplated calling safeword.  She had never done so before, and pride kept her from doing it now.  She ground her teeth together to keep them from chattering.  She could still stand it at this level.  If it got worse....a couple minutes later, she was on the verge of calling safeword when she heard him open the back door.

 It had only been about 7 minutes.  He had been watching the clock carefully.  He had no wish to damage her.  He walked outside to where she lay and carefully picked her up from her bed of snow, cuddling her icy body against his.  He carried her inside, through the house, and into the bathroom. Then he placed her into the filled bathtub.

 She screamed as the warm water contacted with her skin.  The cold of her body making the water seem boiling, even though it was only moderately warm.  He left her there until her temperature returned to normal, checking carefully to make sure her head was above water.  Then he lifted her to her  feet, and gently toweled her dry.  Her body swayed, and she leaned up against him for support.  When he was done, he walked her into the bedroom, removing her blindfold and cuffs, and placing her on the bed.

"Rest, little girl" he said quietly "I'll awaken you in a little while."

 He bent down and kissed her on the cheek.  Her eyes drifted closed. Contented, knowing the punishment was over, she slept.

  Image 56

  By Suki

 The thick fog swirled around her like a blanket, it's damp cold curling the ends of her hair.  She loved the fog.  Loved walking through it on the redwood paths behind her house.  She felt secure in it, like no one else existed except her in this world of fog.  She was the only one.

 She could barely see 10 feet in front of her.  The fog brushed her check like a caress as she continued her steady track.  Nothing was moving today.  It seemed like the whole forest had gone to sleep. The fog muffled any normal sounds keeping it quiet and peaceful.  Ten more steps and she had vanished from view down the trail.

  Image 57

  by Suki

 Their eyes locked, shortening the distance between them.  They had done this before.  It had become almost a ritual.  They stood across the room from her fully dressed.  She was naked, kneeling, facing them.

"The gag."  Her Mistress ordered.

 She reached across the nearby table and picked up the ball gag. Then carefully she fixed it into her mouth, buckling it behind her head.

"The blindfold"  Her master commands.

 Again she reaches over the table, and picks up a large black blindfold, placing it over her eyes so that she could see nothing.

"Hands behind your neck."

 Her fingers lock as she hears footsteps moving toward her.  Thick leather cuffs are fastened behind her head.  A hand, probably belonging to her master lifts her to her feet using the cuffs.  Her hands are moved  over a hook in the ceiling, and her feet barely touch the floor.

 A hand reaches out and pinches her nipple.  Hard.  She squirms and moans into the gag.  She hears the crack of a whip behind her and knows what will be coming.

  Image 58

  by Suki

 He hangs, bound to the ceiling by thick leather wrist cuffs, bound to the floor by ties around his ankles.  His head is down, but his eyes are open.  He watches her.

 The She-cat circles him, pacing. Her eyes narrowed her muscles tense. She stalks up behind him. *SWIPE*  Her nails claw down his back.  Hard enough to mark.  Not hard enough to bleed.  His muscles ripple with tension.

*SWIPE*  Across his thigh.   She growls at him, rumbling deep in her throat. She is displeased this morning.  And he can feel it.

   Image 59

   by Suki

 Her hands are bound, and her eyes and mouth are covered.  But her mind floats free.  Crying out, straining against the restraints.

"Touch me, oh touch me..."  she cried in her mind.  "Please."

 The teasing starts again.  Hands caressing her, unseen hands bring her to the crest of pleasure.  And stopping just short of the top.   Withdrawing.

 Her muscles twitch with tension.  She is shaking.  Muscles that have been so tight for so long spasm, causing her to shake.

 The hands begin again, stopping short of the edge.  Her frustration has become unbearable.  Tears run from under the blindfold.

 A single hand taps directly on her clit.  Repeatedly, tapping.   Again and again.  That single finger brings her over the edge.  Tapping. Her world explodes into pleasure.

   Image 60

   by Suki

 They were alternating strokes, hard to light, side to side, controlling the whips as they hit her back.  She flexed, dancing from toe to toe, occasional muscles twitching in her legs.  Her wide black skirt waving ruffles with each twitch.  Her long blond hair had been pulled to one side, giving better access to her back. The whips were made of soft black cords, the black leather contrasting with the deepening red color of her back.

 As the strokes got harder and faster she gasped, throwing her head back for the hardest ones.  Her hands gripped firmly to the edge of the table she was leaning on.  Tears filled her eyes, running down her cheeks, but she was smiling.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!"  she said to her audience, a huge smile showing through the tears.

"This is so incredible!"

 She looked beautiful, happy....  The freedom of doing something so illicit made her radiate.  When it was over, she was held.  Hugged.  Loved. The adrenaline rushing through her body....  The heat of her back....