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   by Suki

  It was her first time, her first experience.  They were strangers, her and them.  They had met by an advertisement in the local paper. "Couple seeking new experiences.  Looking for a third to share good times."

 She had responded, mailing them a letter, and then talking on the phone for the last week or so.  Now here they were.  In a hotel room, feeling
uncomfortable.  She had had two glasses of wine with dinner, but that had done little more than take the edge off.

 Now, as she looked around the room she felt emotions pouring though her.  Excitement, fear, an admitted feeling of shame, warmth, she could not
even name all of them.  She was not going to back out.  The feelings of  wanting to experience another woman were too strong.  It would be a night to remember, no matter what happened.

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   by Suki

 She felt free, freer than she had felt for a long time.   Her demons disappeared temporarily into the mist and her body relaxed the semi-permanent knots in her muscles.  She walked briskly, lifting her skirt with one hand, carrying the bag of bread with the other.  The bread was for the ducks and geese. It had been a long time since she fed them.

 The day was windy, overcast, threatening to storm any minute.  Dark clouds blocked out the sun, making it seem more like evening than midday.  She did not seem to notice.

 The ducks and geese surrounded her, flapping their wings, and pecking at her feet and legs.  Climbing over each other for the bread. She stepped back, and climbed a nearby bench in an attempt to avoid their bruising beaks.  Finally, when the bread was all gone, they settled down.

 She stood by the pond, watching the birds.  They seemed so close to humans it startled her.  She watched them pick on one poor mutant duck. The duck was funny colored, dull brown gray, instead of the shiny brown of the rest.  She noted that it's feathers were half plucked and then other ducks treated it with obvious disdain.  Just like humans, she mused.

 A movement caught her eye.  Three male ducks chasing a female.  They tried to mount her, holding her against the ground.  She remembered something a teacher told her once.  Ducks don't make love, they gang bang.  Thank goodness we've evolved, she thinks, her lips twisting with humor.

 With a sigh, she wonders back to her car.  The pressures of the day drawing her back to reality.  Her work is waiting.  Her life is waiting.  Her master is waiting.  The last thought makes her hurry.

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   by Suki

"Face me!" he thundered, angered that she would dare dispute him in this matter.

 She whirled around, shooting him a black look.  "You will  not order me like a child!" she retorted.  "And I'll pay for  that little dent I put in your car.  I'm sorry.  But it doesn't warrant your screaming at me!"

"On the contrary," he smiled archly, "Since your behavior is that of a child, I think you should be treated as one.  Pull down your pants and come over here.  You are going to receive a sound spanking."

"Hah!" she scoffed, "If you even think I'm going....oh!"  She gasped, her voice trailing off in mid-statement as he harshly grabbed her arm.

"Ouch!"  she cried.

 He ignored her cry.  Wrenching down her underwear, he threw her over his lap.  With one arm tightly pinning her, he began spanking with the other.  She wiggled and kicked her legs, but could not get free.  She was furious with him for the fight, and for the humiliating position she felt she was in.  She felt awkward draped over his lap, uncomfortable.  She was also turned on, the spanking excited her. His power excited her.

 Her bottom began to get burning hot, and it felt as if he was putting all of his strength into each spank.  Her resistance was getting feeble as he continued his punishment.  She felt as if she was sinking into his lap.  Her cries became more and more harsh, and her breathing, erratic.  She could her own breath in her ears, blood pounding, and the sound of his palm on her skin.

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   by Suki

 He knows she is laughing at him, silently, mocking his struggle.  The thought makes him angry, and a dull red flush spreads slowly up the back of his neck.  Cursing under his breath, he continues his struggle.  He can see the smirk on her face.  'I really shouldn't tease him,' she thinks.  'I know it frustrates him to know end. Itís just too much fun.  Besides, if I  push him hard enough...'  She grows warm with the secret thought of her desires.

 He is still struggling.  Fighting her pair of skin tight jeans. 'Damn these jeans!' he growls to himself.  'Why is it the better they look, the harder it is to remove them?!'

 "What's the matter, darling?" She asks with an innocent look, "having trouble?"  Her voice is dripping with sarcastic sweetness.

 "That's it!" he snarled.  With one fluid stroke he pulled her jeans down to her thighs and flipped her onto her stomach.  He knew she was deliberately teasing him.  And he knew what she wanted.  He stares at her wiggling bottom before him.  She makes a move as if to roll over and he stops her, placing a firm hand into the middle of her back.  Then he raises the other hand, and brings it down hard on her bottom.  She squeals with the sudden smack and her legs reflexively kick up.  He smiles faintly with satisfaction and a red print of his hand slowly spreads across her backside.  As the heat spreads across her bottom she too smiles faintly. Maybe she should push more often.....

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   by Suki

 She feels naked, vulnerable.  It is warm in the room, yet goosebumps ripple across her skin and the hair on the back of her  neck stands up with tension.  She hangs freely, not touching the floor. Wide swing straps support her, circling under her thighs and up to a beam in the ceiling.  Her legs are spread apart, and thick ropes keep her ankles from coming together.  The ropes attach from her ankles to eyebolts in the floor.
 Her arms are tied behind her.  Each wrist bound to an opposing elbow, then wound to the ropes going up to the ceiling.  These ropes immobilize her, and keep her from falling forward.  The tightness of her elbows and wrists behind her back forces her to arch her back, jutting her breasts out in front of her.  She is blindfolded.  Gagged.  Her ears are covered with headphones.

All that is left is her sense of smell, and intuition.

 She feels his presence nearby.  She is reassured, she is not alone, forgotten.  Yet she is afraid.  Anticipation fills her.  Trust.  She trusts this man.  He will not hurt her.  And yet she is still afraid.  He is circling her.  Admiring his handiwork.  This is his fantasy. She can feel a slight breeze as she goes by.  Her head turns as if seeking his direction.  Nothing happens.  Time goes by slowly.  She no longer knows if he is nearby.  She struggles a little, testing the bonds.  Her body sways slightly, and then settles.  Her anticipation mounts.  She wants him. Wants his touch.  She can feel herself.  Feel the air between her legs.
Where is he?  Suddenly he is in front of her.  Behind her.  Touching.  Caressing. She looses herself in the sensation.  He is teasing.  She wants him so much. She moans her frustration into the gag, silently willing him to continue.

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  by Suki

"Yes Mistress!" he answered promptly.  She gave him a smile, a pat on the buns, and stalked out the door.

 He still didn't understand it.  She fascinated him.  He felt as if he would do anything for her, and yet he had no idea why.  Her control was subtle, like the inner weavings of a spider web.  What powers did she have?  In her presence he lived only to serve her.  He would happily lay down his life for her, if she had asked.  But she never asked for too much.

 And now, even when she was not around he found himself obsessively thinking about her.  He was hers, to keep, to play with, to cherish, to use.  All of him.  Whenever she wanted.

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   by Suki

 "Think of it as an invisible leash.  A way for me to control you when I am not around.  When so ordered, you will find a quiet
place, lift up your clothing, and masturbate.  You will _not_ cum! If you cum you will be severely punished.  The order will come when you see the numbers 7674.  Memorize this code.

 The second number I expect you to memorize is 4685.  When you see this code you will leave whatever you are doing...wait, don't interrupt!  As I was saying, you will leave whatever you are doing and go to my apartment. There you will strip naked, and be waiting at the door in the position when I arrive.  You will never see the second code during working hours.

 Any questions?  Good.  I will find many uses for your new pager."

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   by Suki

 She sinks into the water, the bubbles caressing her like lovers hands.  Relaxing, she closes her eyes, enjoying the hot water and feeling of weightlessness.  The swimsuit suddenly feels too constricting.  In this relaxed atmosphere of the outside Jacuzzi she wants to be naked, free of clothing and restrictions.  Casting a glance around to assure herself of being alone she sheds her suit.  The water covers her almost completely, and she is sure that no one can tell.  Besides, it is late at night, and the pool area is empty.  Again she relaxes and closes her eyes.  The jet of water hits her lower back, and she raises herself to position it against her bottom.  Almost automatically her hands lower to her naked womanhood.

 She begins to move with the water, the jet striking her bottom, her fingers rubbing her clit.  With her other hand she reaches up and squeezes one, then the other nipple.  She is close, right on edge.

 "Hello."  A deep masculine voice startles her back to reality.  She looks up, at the man crouching nearby the edge of the jacuzzi
and then blushes furiously.  He stares, looking at her hard.  She feels as if his eyes are seeing though her very core.

 "I will join you."  He states.  Not a question.  Not an order. It is a statement, made firmly, with no tone for argument.  Slowly, deliberately, he strips off his clothing.  His eyes never leave her face.  She finds she cannot look away.  He is strong, both in body and character.  She is drawn to him.  It is as if she can feel his power emanating from his body.  He slips into the water.

For several minutes they sit in silence.  Her thoughts drift back, to her last master.  They separated, not because of problems, or troubles, rather because she moved.  She had accepted a job far away...too far to continue the relationship.  She missed him.

"Put your hands behind your head!"  The stranger ordered her suddenly.  Instinctively, she obeyed, and then blushed crimson realizing what she had done.

"I suspected as much," he said quietly.  "You miss him, don't you?"

 Tears sprang to her eyes, unbidden.  She did not understand how this stranger knew her so well.  She missed her master terribly, and was lonely and frightened in this new town.  Mutely she stared at the stranger, tears trickling out of the corners of her eyes.  He opened his arms. It was a gesture, and offer.  She knew the offer was more than just comfort. It was more, so much more.

   Image 40

   by Suki

 She walked down the street with an air of confidence.  Head held high, eyes forward.  Whistles and catcalls followed her around. She acknowledged them, with either a tip of her head or a smile.  She felt beautiful.

'They would be shocked' she thought, with an inward smile 'if they knew.'  Shocked to know about the belt with two vibrators fastened discretely under her baggy jeans.  Shocked to know of her hairless womanhood.  Shocked to know her thoughts.  She smiled.  Outwardly, this time, radiating warmth from inside of her.  Those around her noticed the aura of secret happiness.  She felt beautiful.