Image 21

  by Suki

 She stares at him as he talks, his warm, rich voice going on
about his interests and hobbies.  Scarcely does she hear him, she is
so enraptured with his face.  She concentrates as he speaks, feeling
the heat of his body from across the table.  She wishes so much that
he would touch her.
 He continues talking.  The vibrations of his voice can almost
be felt through the table, as they lean toward each other with intimacy.
Suddenly he halts, and takes her hand in his, giving it a warm squeeze.
She smiles.  The world disappears, leaving only the two of them, alone.

  Image 22

  by Suki

This image is dedicated to a friend who I think needs it.


 She entered the apartment, noticing that the shades were
all pulled, and the place was kind of messy.  Carefully, she stepped
around the objects on the floor, tools, parts, magazines, this silly
robot cat thing.
 She turned the corner and saw him.  Sitting in the far corner of his
bed  knees up to his chest, fingers intertwined around his legs.  He
was staring off into space, knowing she was there, but not saying a
word.  She sat down beside him on the bed and held out her hand.  He
ignored it.  Undaunted, she reached over and ran her hand over his
back, awkwardly rubbing his tense muscles.

"It still hurts," she stated.

No reply.

"Anything I can do?"

Still no reply.

"I wish I could make it all better for you."  She leaned into him,
wrapping her other arm around his chest.  With a muffled moan he
wrapped his arms around her.  Fiercely hugging her as if he was
afraid she would slide away.  She hugged him back, holding him
long after he dropped his arms, his head resting on her shoulders.

  Image 23

  by Suki


5 bottles of Tempra paint (powder form)
1 wide painters brush
1 soft fan brush
1 bristle fan brush
1 soft 1" brush
1 small detail brush (#6)
Water for mixing and cleaning temperatures ranging from warm to icy
1 naked body, arms tied above the head, feet touching the floor.

Make your own image.  :)

Hint:  This one is especially fun if the bottom is ticklish.

Bonus:  Painting with a variety of other materials.  examples:
 feathers, sponges, pallet knives, etc.

Warning: Put some sort of protection down for the floor!  Newspaper
 is probably best.

   Image 24

   by Suki

"I have a surprise for you tonight, dearest,"  she stated, a hint of
excitement glistening in her eye.  Her face was carefully masked so
as not to tell him too much.

"Yes mistress?" he questioned.

"A new slave, a female will be joining us for tonight.  She will
devote herself to me, of course, but if you are really good I might
let her amuse you too.  Would you like that?"

"Yes mistress!"  he responded enthusiastically, his pants suddenly
becoming uncomfortably tight.  She laughed, seeing his reaction.
She had forbidden him to touch himself, but he looked so uncomfortable
and the outline in his pants was clearly sideways....

"Oh, all right slave," she gave him permission "re-adjust yourself."

His faced turned mildly red, and he reached down and repositioned

                         Image 25

                         by Suki

     It is a cloudless, sunny day.  There is no breeze and the sun feels
warm and comfortable.
     She stands alone, in a field of grass and poppies.  Her long hair
streams over her back and shoulders.  She is naked.  She is also blindfolded.
The times of her nipples are erect in the warm sunshine.  No one else is
visible in this wide, seemingly endless field.  She has been left there...
told to stay.  Her hands behind her back, clasping each other.  She is
bound by nothing, save her masters command, and she will not move again
until she is told.

  Image 26

  by Suki

  It's raining here, in the bay area.  Eucalyptus trees are
dropping pods all over the street, and the wind outside sounds like
it's going to blow the windows in.  The trees outside my room swing
against the building all night long, creating a slight swishing
sound which can be scary unless you know what it is.

 I love it!  Even though it makes the roads slippery.  Even though
the Acasia-Bailiana trees dump yellow pollen all over my car.  Even
though it makes getting anywhere looking nice difficult.  I still
love it.

 The rain does funny things to me.  This afternoon it made me
want to dawn my blue silk skirt and shirt and walk along the beach
in the rain, jumping though the waves, until my hair and clothes were
plastered to my body.

 I could just imagine the difference between the cool rain and
my body heat, and the silk sticking like a thin boundary between the
two temperatures.

 I don't know what it is, about the rain and wind that makes
my thoughts so wild and my imagination soar.  I love to lay in bed,
under six layers of blankets, just listening to beat down on the
roof.  Sometimes I awaken in the middle of the night and shiver as
it howls outside.  It exhilarates me.

 Maybe it is because we don't get too much rain around here, unlike
you Midwest and back east folks.  It is rare and special around here.
So this is my mind frame as I share with you the latest images that
float though my mind.  Enjoy!

   Image 27

   by Suki

 He watches her, as she runs down the beach, kicking up sand and
chasing the tide.  Her hair and clothes are plastered to her body but
in her enjoyment she appears not to notice.  She is wearing no undergarments,
he notes, and her breasts are quite apparent underneath the thin shirt.
 She frolics, not seeing him watching, and then stops near a large
boulder, and leans against the side.  She smoothes the hair back from her
forehead and lifts both arms up stretching toward the sky as if in silent
thanks.  Then her hands move under her clothes, and she spreads her legs
into the sand.  She brings herself to orgasm, quickly, feeling the rain
beat down upon her body.  Then, taking a quick check around for other people,
throws off her wet garments and dashes into the surf.  She still has
not seen him, and he ducks down when she looks his way.
 For a moment, she disappears under water and then clearly shivering,
reemerges from the water.  She struggles with her wet skirt and shirt,
trying to straighten them out, and then shrugs, as if giving up.  Slowly
she walks back to her car.
 He waits, until she is out of sight, and then leaves his hiding
place to seek shelter in his car.  Another day, he thinks, she will come
again.  He knows he will remember her image and the feeling of freedom
she had for a long time.

   Image 28

   by Suki

 They cuddled together, like spoons under the covers, listening
to the rain and the wind beat down outside.  The candles flickered in
corners of the room, and the windows rattled at each gust of wind.  She
shivered, pressing closer to him, drawing warmth from his heat.  She
could feel him begin to grow hard as she pressed against him.
 He moved his arms around her body, covering her breasts with
his hands.  Gently, he pinched her nipples, starting lightly and getting
harder.  She moaned, audibly.  Keeping one hand at her breast, he moved
the other down her body onto her soft fur.  She sighed as he began stroking
her clit with his fingers.
 She wiggled against him now, and tried to move her arm between
them to return the favor.
"No." he said quietly.  She returned her arm to its original place, and
tried to open herself for her lover.

   Image 29

   by Suki

 Her body glistened with oil in the firelight; flames casting
dancing shadows off the rocks and walls behind her.  Wide golden bands
around her wrists and ankles attached to thick golden chains faceted to
the rocks on either side of her.  Nothing actually touches her, and
those nearby ignore her for the present.  Her time will come later.
 The feels vulnerable, unprotected.  She is accessible from
every angle.  The way her master wanted it.

  Image 30

  by Suki

 It's blistering hot outside.  A dry heat, the kind that makes
you want to spend the day in your bathtub.  She stands on the porch,
spraying herself with a mist bottle.  Dressed in only shorts and a
tank top, she still cannot believe the intensity of the heat.  She sprays
the mist bottle over her body, feeling the water run down her chest,
and over her legs.  It feels good.  She contemplates, deciding whether
to walk down to the lake near the cabin, or just lay in the hammock in
the shade of the trees.  The  hammock  wins.

 It's their new toy.  A large cloth hammock  tied perfectly to
four large trees.  It is even big enough to fit two, if they wish.  Settling
herself in, she falls a sleep.


 He saw her decide on the hammock,, and then fall asleep.  'Perfect'
he thinks, grinning to himself.  He's been meaning to treat her to some
outdoor fun for a while.  Quietly, he gathers up a few ties, and a glass
of ice water, then stalks up behind the hammock.

 She sleeps heavily, even in this heat, so it is not difficult to
tie her arms and legs to the four corners of the hammock.  She awakens, and
sleepily looks at her arms and legs, and then gives him that 'not fully
awake smile' of hers.  He will awaken her quickly enough.

 Gently, he tugs her shirt over her head, leaving it tangled in
her arms.  He similarly removes the shorts, sliding them down as far
as possible without having to untie her.  The hammock swings gently with
his movements.  She is almost awake now.

 From behind her line of vision, he reaches for an ice cube out
of the glass of water.  Her scream of shock, as he applies it to her
skin makes him smile.  Thank goodness they do not have any close neighbors.
He moves the ice cube down and around her body, making sure to hit
all of the sensitive spots.  He enjoys her squirming, as she tries
unsuccessfully to move away.

 Her nipples are rock hard now, from the ice and cold.  He moves his
mouth over one, then the other, nipping at them until she is moaning softly.
She still hasn't seen his other toy.  A paddle, wooden, covered with leather
appears in his other hand.  He is not sure how it will work, but her
bottom is the lowest to the ground in the hammock.  She sees it, and looks
puzzled, wondering how he is going to use it with her tied stomach up.
She doesn't wonder long.

 Standing back, he swings the hammock, rocking her back and forth,
until she is making a satisfactory arc to the ground.  Then he aims, and

*WHACK*  He strikes her bottom though the cloth of the hammock..  The
force of the  paddle adds strength to the swing, so she swings back to
almost the same spot.  *WHACK*  swing  *WHACK*  swing  He gathers rhythm
now, using the momentum of the hammock to even out his swing.  She
is moaning, and then crying out, as the sting becomes stronger and
stronger on her backside.