Image 11

  by Suki

 Nervously, she glances around the coffee shop.  Not seeing him she  sighed, and buried her nose back into her book.  She becomes engrossed with
the novel, and doesn't notice him slip in the door.    It only takes him a second to spot her.  After all of their communications he knows what her spirit should look like.  Plus she told him she would be wearing black.  She is dressed conservatively but there is an aura of  sexuality surrounding her.  He knows.

Image 12

by Suki

 He was tied to the four corners of the bed with wide brown strips of strong leather.  Satisfied with her handiwork, she stood up, and
flashed him a "cat ate the canary" grin.  He studied her, his eyes clearly full of lust.  Then she lowered the lights and moved toward the bed.
Teasingly she ran her hands over his chest, enjoying the feel of his muscles tensing in anticipation.  She reached lower, tracing her nails over his thighs.  Shuddering, he breathed out a loud sigh....

  Image 13

  by Suki

 In fury, she storms in the house and throws down her coat.  It's been a rotten, miserable day.  Everything went wrong today, it seems.  Her machine
crashed 3 times and her boss was breathing down her neck.  To top it off, her lunch date with a good friend was broken due to some work emergency.  Stomping into her room she slams the door, taking pleasure in hearing it crash with the door frame.

 A bath, she muses, that's what I need to make me feel better.  She walks into the bathroom and turns on the water, making sure that it is extremely hot, before returning to the bedroom.  Carelessly, she flings off her cloths, dropping them on the floor around her.  Then she returns to the bathroom and slides into the hot water.  Swirling around her, the water caresses, relaxing her muscles and mind.  She floats off, into a dream state, only half conscious of the world around her.  The cooling water brings her back to reality and she slowly draws herself out of the bath.  She shivers in the cold air, and quickly towels dry.  Then, rehanging the towel, she walks back into the bedroom nude.

"Freeze!" comes the sharp command from the bedroom door.  Instinctively she stops, and then turns toward the door.  He is standing there, a menacing grin on his face.  He gestures toward the clothing.

"Messy, messy my dear, that's going to cost you.  And you call that not moving?  Another point."
 She looks at him for a moment and then smiles.

"Well, in that case, I'll just have to pay it later, won't I?" She turns toward the mirror to comb her hair.
 With one quick step he is behind her; he pins her hands behind her head.  She gasps, surprised by his quick movement, and instantly starts to struggle.

"I was thinking more of paying it now," he growls. "Down!"
 She squeals, as he tightens his grasp on her wrists and forces her down on her knees.  She knows what he wants, but she looks at him questioningly.

"With your teeth of course, my dear."
 She struggles with the buttons, but finally manages to undo them. The underwear are harder.  He helps her, cautioning that it is the last
help she is going to get.  He is not completely hard, making it easier for her to deep throat him.  Enjoying the feeling, she wraps her lips around his shaft.  Her tongue swirls around his hardness, reaching almost into his pubic hair.    With a soft grunt of appreciation he drops her hands and grabs her hair, twisting his fingers in it to guide her head. Her fingers slide down to help her mouth, one curling around his balls, the other gripping his shaft to slide with her mouth.  She begins to moan softly.  The vibrations of her moans and the movement of her hands and mouth get to him, and he cums, spurting
deeply into her throat.  She swallows, surpressing the gag reaction, and continues to stroke him until he pulls away.

"Very good my dear," he whispers, "for that maybe I will forget about some of those points.  Then again, maybe I won't."

 Reaching up, he pulls two colored leather cords off of the epaulettes on his shoulder.  Cords he has brought specifically for
this purpose.  One is blue, the other-black.  He grabs her arms, then resecures them over her head  to a ring in the wall.  Then teasingly, he draws the black cord under and around her.  The cord is pulled up further so it is taut against her lips and bottom.  She moans, and rubs against it.

  Image 15

  by Suki

 His tongue trailed slow, languid paths down her body, teasing
her nipples erect, then moving down to her thighs.  He deliberately avoided
the cleft between her thighs, despite her attempts to wiggle closer to
him.  She could not wiggle far, do to the shackles forcing her wrists to
the edge of the door frame, and the spreader bar between her legs.  Smiling,
he licked the edge of the nipple clips, and applied them to her body.
 Her eyes followed his every movement, and her body leaned toward
him in lust.....

 Image 16

 by Suki

 She leans over in the car, and playfully nips at his ear, enjoying
the quiet moan as he expels his breath.  She stretches further, sticking
her tongue out like a small snake, darting it into his ear.  The tongue moves
down, touching the back and sides of his neck just below the hairline.  He
moans louder now, finding it difficult to concentrate on his driving.
He almost causes an accident as her hand snakes into his lap to squeeze
his erection.  Deftly she unzips his pants and slides her hand under his
BVD's.  She squeezes gently, loving the texture of his skin, gently
fondling his balls.

  Image 18

  by Suki

The test.

 She handed him the bottles carefully, giving him a stern look
and warning him not to drop them.  He looked them over.  They were
perfume bottles, each containing a slightly different scent.  He
looked back at her questioningly.

"This is a test," she said "to see how attuned you are to my body.
An hour ago I sprayed a little bit of each perfume on five different
parts of my body.  You have to tell me where they are, and which one
is which.  And you will be blindfolded."

"For each wrong answer" she continued "you will be punished.  For each
correct answer you will be rewarded.  Understand?"

"Yes mistress."

  Image 19

  by Suki

The test.

 She stretched out before him, laying comfortable on the
bed.  She was naked and looked as if she had just come out of the
bath.  He stood above her, grinning wickedly, holding a sack of

"What do you have there?" she asked.  "You look like a cat that
just ate a canary."

"I have a new game." he replied.  And with that, he opened the sack.
Out spilled several hands full of lima beans.  She looked puzzled.

"The object of this game" he explained, "is to lie still.  I will
place these beans on you, and around you.  You will not disturb them.
For each bean that moves or falls you will be punished.  Understand?"

 She giggled, and then stretched out with her arms above her

"Good" he grinned "oh yeah, did I mention this?"  And pulled out a long
white feather.

  Image 20

  by Suki

 She hadn't noticed him as she left her desk to go to the
bathroom.  He had seen her get up, and followed her.  The bathrooms
were singles, fully closed rooms of their own, with locking doors.
To get to them you had to go through another door that closed.

 She opened the first door and continued, opening the second
door.  A quiet "oh!" escaped her lips as he closed the outer door and
pushed her into the bathroom.  The bathroom was big, large enough for
several people, comfortable.  Locking the door he pushed her against
a wall, covering her protests with his mouth on hers.  She struggled for
a moment and then moaned, pushing her body against his.  Roughly, he
pulled her pants down (thank goodness for elastic) and turned her
around.  She bent slightly, pushing back against him, hands up pressed
against the wall.  He entered her, straining against her, bringing
both of them to a quick release.

 They managed to escape the bathroom un-noticed, but the next
person in probably had a lot of questions on their mind.