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   by Suki

 The club was dark and industrial music   blared through the overhead  speakers.  A light amount of smoke threaded through the floor, drawing a  mist over the crowd.

 She had arrived alone, slightly nervous, unused to the "club" scene and  unsure of the correctness of her outfit.  She had tried to dress  appropriately, her black leather skirt (her only piece of leather) and knit  black shirt molding around her body, low heels completing the outfit.  She  ventured near the bar where the regulars hung out, trying to be unobtrusive.

 A woman turned to her sharply, startling her, "Hello" the woman  smiled, "I'm Mistress.... you are...?

 Hesitantly she stuttered out her own name.  The Mistress studied her,  keeping her smile warm and friendly, but she could feel herself being  evaluated.  Apparently satisfied, the Mistress gently struck up conversation,  asking politely about her interests and experiences.  For some reason she  felt comfortable, and found herself divulging the fact that she was new to  the scene, interested in being submissive, and scared.  She found herself  blurting out things, embarrassing fantasies she had never shared with  anyone.

 The Mistress listened intently, gave her a couple of suggestions as to  how to find what she was looking for, and wandered off.

 She was crushed.  Secretly she had hoped this Mistress would be  interested in her, and she hadn't realized it until the Mistress wandered off. The advice had been helpful but she couldn't shake the disappointment.

 She spent the rest of the night wandering from room to room hoping  to catch sight of the Mistress.  She did view her from time to time, always  laughing, surrounded by a different group of people.  The center of attention. Her spirits sunk lower, realizing that if the Mistress was that popular that  her chances of regaining her attention were slight, and she didn't have the  courage to step up to her again.

 She watched some of the people, the social interactions, but her mind  kept wandering back to the Mistress.

 It was midnight, and her spirits had sunk from disappointment.  She  was heading back to the front of the club toward the coat room when the  Mistress stepped in front of her blocking her path and locked gaze with her  startled eyes.  They stared at each other for a moment, then she dropped her  eyes.

 "Leaving so soon?"  The Mistress inquired.

 "Well..." she was tongue tied.  Clearing her throat she tried again.
"Yes, well, I figured..." and her voice trailed off.

 And suddenly she was back against the concrete wall, the Mistress  holding her arms at her side and looking directly into her face.  She was so  surprised she couldn't have moved if she tried.  And she didn't want to try.

 "You want to be my submissive." The Mistress stated, the tone vaguely  questioning, mostly speaking as though stating a fact.

 She nodded.

 "We will work out the details later." the Mistress ordered confidently.  "For now, you will call me Mistress and have the freedom to speak up if  something bothers you.  This will be revised later, depending on the rest of  the evening.

 So it was a test, she reasoned, and stubbornly told herself she would  not fail.

 "Follow me" ordered her Mistress.  "Stay behind me and do not speak  unless there is a problem."  Emphasizing the word problem to mean that it  should be something important.  Or very important depending on the  interpretation.

 With the flick of a high heel, the Mistress walked off, not even  checking to make sure she was behind.  There was no need.

 Twenty minutes later she was beginning to question her judgment.   They'd moved from one social group to another; each time the Mistress  flirting and teasing with others and ignoring her presence entirely.  There  was twenty minutes more before the club shut down when the Mistress  actually signaled her to follow, and headed toward a corner of the club,  against a dark wall.  Silently the Mistress handed her a card.  "Here is my  card and number.  You will call me tomorrow at 8:00p.m.  We can talk further  then."

 She tucked the card in her purse hanging off her shoulder.  Then the  Mistress pressed their bodies together, pushing her even further against the  wall and took possession of her lips, kissing her deeply and biting her lips.   She felt her knees buckling and her body melt into this woman who had taken  control.  She could feel her nipples become erect and gasped when without  the least hesitation the Mistress began pinching them with her hands,  sending direct signals down to her clit.  She caught her mind leaving as her  body quickly took over.  She was on fire with wanting and craving.

 One hand left her nipple as the other pulled up her skirt, and roughly  pushed her panties aside between her garters.  Gentle probing followed,  enough to get her wet, which she became almost against her will.  A finger  entered her, follow by another.  She could feel the fingers of the other hand  working their magic on her nipple and she abandoned herself over, not caring  who saw her.  Just feeling the sensation of the moment.

 The moans that came from deep within her throat seemed animalistic  and wild to her.  She abandoned herself even further to the fingers  controlling her body vaguely aware of the fact that the Mistress was staring  directly into her face.  And then it washed over her, pleasure, lust, release. Waves of pleasure carrying her over two more orgasms.  Then the fingers  slowly withdrew.

 She leaned against the wall for support, vaguely feeling her skirt  pulled down, and her clothing straightened.  She felt cool air around her and  slowly opened her eyes.  The Mistress was gone and the club was just  staring to close down.  As the lights went up she flushed, looking quickly  around for the Mistress or anyone who had been watching.  No one.

 She felt frantically for her purse and her fingers closed over the card. She breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly got her coat and left the club.   Her mind whirling all of the way home.  8:00p.m. couldn't come fast enough.

   Image 132

   by Suki

 Listen to the music.  Focus on the music.  Let other sounds fade into  the distance, save the sound of my voice and the music.  Feel your body go  limp against the restraints.  The darkness of the blindfold is safety,  embrace it now.  I will tell you when the knife is coming.

 Breath.  Good.  Deep breath.  Relax.  Feel your skin tingle.  The  scratch of my nails leaving angry red lines in your skin.  Harder and faster.

 This is the knife.  Breath.  Feel it trail cross your skin, the sharp  cutting side pinching at the surface.  Is it cutting?  How about now?  I can  see your body twitching and feel the muscle in the back of your neck  tightening to give you goose bumps.

 The music--listen to it.  My voice is in the background.  Feel and hear. The knife slides toward your nipple.  Does it feel swollen against the knife?   The pressure tightens, and suddenly sharpens.

    Image 133

    by Suki

 I love the shocked look on her face when I say something that takes  her  by surprise.   Blows her mind.  She stares at me with intensity, trying  to read my expression.

 "You really mean that!"  she says in a wondering voice.

 After all of this time she still doubts my love.  I enjoy reminding her  to believe.

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    by Suki

 "Take off your clothing."  I directed.  "All of it."  My lover raised  her eyebrows in surprise.  "Everything?" she questioned.

 I nodded and flashed her a cat-that-ate-the-canary look then strode  off into the bedroom.  The bed was unmade as usual, so I simply pulled off  the covers and straightened the pillows.  Then I turned to my toy bag.

 As I sorted though it, pulling out what I would need I heard her walk  into the room.  The wispy sounds of clothing being removed filtered though  the air and I deliberately did not turn around.  I felt her tension and  hesitation.

 " Lay down on the bed."  It came out as a statement, not a request or  an order.  The lack of tone made her hesitate a moment longer before she  complied.  I picked up an arm load of toys I had chosen and stood next to the  bed.  She was laying on the closest edge, looking up in hesitation.

 "Scoot!"  I motioned, pushing her lightly with my knee as I sat down in  the space she had been occupying, dumping the toys unceremoniously on the  bed.  I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.  "No blindfold"  I whispered  into her ear.

    Image 135

    by Suki

 Her eyes widened slightly.  "But..." she started.  I shook my head and  touched her lips with my index finger; motioning for silence.  She closed her  mouth and I looked down at the pile of toys by my thighs.  Selecting the  chinchilla fur I held it within her gaze.

 Her lips parted slightly and her eyes widened and then relaxed as I ran  the fur down her neck, across her breasts and down between her thighs.  Her  legs parted for me but I moved the fur away.  Sweeping up over her breasts  before they were fully spread.  A teasing grin crossed my face as I rubbed  across her nipples, pinching them lightly over the fur.  They rose to meet me  and she moaned.   I love that sound.

 I bend forward my head and bit her nipple, running my tongue over the  top of it just to hear her moan again.  When I pulled away her breathing had  quickened....

    Image 136

    by Suki

 Finishing on last sensual sweep of fur across her chest, I dropped  the  fur back on the bed and picked up two of my knives- a double edged Gurber  with one straight, one serrated edge, and a small, single-edged Bowie.  Her  pleasure-glazed eyes watched my every movement; unflinching as I leaned  over her naked body, a knife in each hand.

 Our eyes locked and each blade found the side of her neck, dragging  downwards across the collar bone and out along the shoulders.  Her eyes  started to close reflexively.  "No!"  I stated firmly.  "Look at me.  Into my  eyes."  Her eyes opened slowly to meet mine.  "I love you"  I mouthed at her,  pressing the knives into the base of her neck before she could reply.  She  concentrated on not moving her throat, lost the battle and swallowed hard  under the blades.  The knives rippled over her throat.

   Image 137

   by Suki

 She felt the knee, forcing her bottom against the slats behind her.  It jammed her into the wall, knocking the breath out of her, pressing her harder against the backdrop.  Still, she pushed forward with her head, giving her mouth to her unseen lover kissing her.  She tried to tune out everything else, the boards behind her butt, the clips on her nipples.  Feeling only her Mistresses kiss, loosing herself in the sensation.

 The mouth pulled away from hers, leaving her gasping and struggling in her bonds.  'Come back' her mind and her body cried in earnest.  A new sensation replaced the old, someone different, kissing and biting her neck, the muscle behind her ear.  She shivered from this new touch, feeling the hair on her arms raise from goose bumps.  The knee in her groin withdrew, leaving her open and available.

 She caught her breath, rasping deep in her throat, gasping for air through the heat and pain of leftover marks.  She was aware, slowly of the feeling of others  in the room,  watching her body, watching her pain and pleasure.

  Image 138

  by Suki

 She gasped at the feeling of fingers reaching toward her bottom.  She had fantasized about it many times, but never in public had her Mistress gone "there".  She tried to relax, knowing full well that tensing would do nothing but hurt her more.  She felt a warm, lubed finger slide slowly into her bottom, alternately causing pain and something else...  pleasure?  She was uncertain, yet she felt the heat of her body, and the lubrication in her vagina.  The finger withdrew, then pushed back in more quickly.  She gasped at the suddenness and the force, swaying slightly in her bonds.

 "How does it feel?" she heard her Mistress ask from the other side of the room, her body suddenly going rigid with the realization that the touch did not belong to her.

 Image 139

  by Suki

 Teasingly, she stretched her body back against the X frame, staring her Mistress right in the eyes with her best come-hither look. Her Mistress ignored the look, and placed the submissive's hands on the grips above her.  She attached the cuffs methodically, silently, ignoring the audience off to the side.

 The girl lifted one leg off the ground, running her feet against the inside of her Mistresses thigh.  The Mistress stopped momentarily with her rope-work and gave the girl a long passionate kiss.  She broke the kiss and the submissive opened her mouth to ask for more.

 Coolly, the Mistress raised her leather-gloved hand and slapped the girl  across the face.  "You request nothing of me!"  She firmly stated in a quiet but deadly voice.