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   by Suki

 She tensed then relaxed as the Mistress would a scarf around her  head.  It had been dark in the room in the first place, and now the blindfold  shut out all light.   She felt a collar being attached around her neck and a  leash snapped on.  Then a cord wound around her wrists, tying them together  in front of her.  And she was pulled forward.

 She felt the surface of the floor change under her and knew she was  being propelled across the empty dance floor toward the stage.  Somewhere  in the middle of the dance floor the tug on the leash creased, and she  stopped momentarily confused.  Then a hand grasped her hair firmly, pulling  her head back to expose her neck.  She could feel the Mistress moving toward  her and sharp teeth bit into her neck.  Moaning, she pressed against the  Mistress.

 Something brushed against her lips and she opened her mouth in  response.  The end of the leash pressed into her mouth and she knew she was  expected to hold it there.  The Mistress moved around behind and encircled  her body with her arms to untie the wrists.  Then she felt them retied  behind her back and attached to her waist.

 "You look so sexy" the Mistress murmured into her ear, biting it hard  as if in punctuation of the sentence.   She moaned, locking her jaw to keep  from dropping the leash.  Then the leash was pulled out.

 "Now let's give them a show" the Mistress stated, referring to the  audience in the room.  The leash pulled again and she knew she was being  taken up the stage.

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   by Suki

 Blindfolded, leashed and tied, the Mistress lead her up on to stage,  keeping a hand on her arm to steady her as they mounted the stairs.  On  stage the Mistress propelled her forward, leading her until her foot touched  against a piece of furniture.

 "So beautiful" the Mistress whispered, then raised her voice so that  others could hear.  "Circle it three times" she ordered.  She followed the  leash around three times and then was pulled into kneeling position on some  sort of chair.  She felt her hands being untied, and the Mistress guided her  arms around in front until they rested on a padded surface.

 "See" the Mistress explained "it's a kneeling chair," bending her over  it and letting the leash dangle to the ground.  The Mistress rubbed her cheek  with a leather gloved hand for a moment and then kissed her hard.  Hands  lifted her skirt and then something cold and hard touched her bare bottom  lightly.  Then it came down harder.  A paddle.

 She could feel the resonating sting echo through her body and she  tried to relax into the pain.   It was almost impossible because her bottom  tightened unconsciously at the expectation of the next blow.  The Mistress  continued until she was wiggling against her in effort to avoid the paddle.   Then she stopped.

 "That's better," the Mistress crooned "now your bottom is getting  warm."  She felt something soft rubbing against her backside.  "Do you know  what that is?" the question came.

 She shook her head slightly knowing she should answer 'Yes Mistress'  but unable to find her voice.

 "My breasts." the Mistress stated, still rubbing against her.  She  moaned in response, leaning slightly back into the Mistress.

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   by Suki

 Still blindfolded and leashed the Mistress guided her off the kneeling  stool and into standing position.  Then the Mistress clasped her in her arms.   Tentatively she hugged back, unsure as to whether it was proper.

 "Do you want to try the stocks?" the Mistress asked, referring to the  stocks she had seen hanging from the ceiling.  She nodded, and felt herself  being pulled forward and her arms were moved upwards.  The stocks  tightened around her wrists.  She felt the leash being unsnapped from her  collar, then a hand in her hair holding her head in place as the Mistress  kissed her.  She returned the kiss enthusiastically.

 Then hands around her waist pulling her skirt off so that she stood  tied, wearing just a leather bustier, stocking and a g-string.  She could  feel the chill of the air around her.  The Mistress kicked her feet apart.  Just that simple maneuver, the forced spreading of her legs made her feel more  vulnerable then she had when her skirt was originally removed.  More  naked.    She felt the Mistress moving around her, pressing up against and  then biting her shoulder hard.  Moaning continuously under her breath she  pressed against the Mistress.

 "Very nice, do that again"  the Mistress spoke softly into her ear.  She moaned again.  "Good" was the response, and she felt the paddle against her  bottom again.

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   by Suki

 They tied her face down, spread-eagled to the bedposts.  Her arms and  legs were raised slightly, pulling against the bonds around her wrists and  ankles.   Her eyes were covered.

 One, the woman, moved to her head, pushing her legs under the tied  arms, pulling her head up and forward to make use of her mouth.  She tried  to pleasure the Mistress eagerly, pulling against the hand entwined in her  hair, lashing her tongue against the Mistresses clit.  The other, Master  moved around behind her, spanking her bottom with his bare hands, pushing  her forward into the Mistress.

 She felt his fingers entered her and she moaned, muffled by the  Mistress in front of her.  The hand on her bottom became faster and harder  and the tension in her build....

 She screamed into the Mistress, the vibrations and motion of her  tongue triggering the  Mistress to orgasm and suddenly she could barely  breath as the Mistress pulled her closer.

 The spanking on her bottom creased, and she felt something sticky and  wet hit her bottom and back knowing the Master was cumming.  She  shuddered, the final waves of her orgasm slowing, and collapsed against her  bonds.

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   by Suki

 Silently he stood over her, admiring her sleeping form.  In the early  morning light the material of her nightgown looked almost transparent, and  he could just see the hint of her breasts swelling under the sheets.

 With a sigh she turned over, curing around the white teddy bear at her  side, her long brown hair flowing wildly over the pillow.  Quietly he backed  away, unable to bring himself to awaken her from such a serene looking  sleep.

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   by Suki

"What are you doing?" she asked, startled as she watched him climb out of  bed.  Without commenting he walked into his closet and returned wearing  slippers and his silk robe.

"Getting up" he answered, smiling faintly at the bemused expression on her  face.

"But you don't have to be at work until 10:00, and it's only 7:30 now" she  stated, confused by his actions.  He _never_ got out of bed that easily.   Usually if she wanted him to get up early she had to pester him for 30  minutes before he would grudgingly get out of bed.   Now she was completely  throw off by his behavior.

"Do you have early work to do?" she questioned, grabbing her coat and bag in  preparation to leave the house for work.

"No" was the enigmatic reply.

"Well, have a good day then love," she voiced, moving to his side to kiss him  good-bye.  She turned and walked to the door.  He followed her out in his robe  and slippers.


"I'm walking you to the car Princess, do you mind?"

"No" she shuddered, tripping slightly on the walkway before righting herself.

 He walked her out to the car, kissed her, and wished her a good day at  work.  Touched, feeling all of the love for him in her heart, she drove away  smiling, watching his retreating figure in the rear view mirror.

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    by Suki

 Trustingly she looked up at him as he leaned over her.  She was naked,  and tied tightly to all four corners of the bed.   There was no slack in the  bonds, no where for her to move to.  He was almost naked, save a pair of  near transparent white boxer shorts, and sitting beside her on the bed.   He  stared at her, looking deeply into her eyes...  Searching.

 "I love you" she whispered, returning his intense gaze.

 Softly he leaned down and kissed her, lightly at first, and then deeply passionately.  She returned his kiss eagerly, straining against her bonds to  move toward him.  Reluctantly he ended the kiss.  And reached to his  night stand without loosing eye contact with her.  Without looking, he picked  up silver duct tape and a pair of scissors.

 Slowly he peeled back a large strip of tape and cut it.  Then he folded  back the edges, leaving them stuck to each other for later easy removal.   Putting the tape and scissors aside, he spread the tape with both hands and  smoothed it tightly over her lips, making sure that it would be easy to  quickly remove it and that it would not pull free before he removed it.  He  leaned down to check her breathing, and could hear her short, excited  breaths.

 "OK?" he asked softly.

 She nodded.

 He bent over her and traced the tape with his fingers, feeling her lips  stuck in perfect formation under the tape.  He kissed the tape, and then  moved lower to kiss and bite the underside of her neck.  She tilted her head  back to give him easier access, moaning gently under the tape.  He moved  lower yet, teasing and biting his way down her collar, over each nipple and  down to her clit.  He worked her, listening to her breathing get louder and  louder and she struggled to draw in air.  He brought her to the edge of  orgasm...  and left her there.  Then he positioned himself so he could stare
into her eyes and stoke her face with his hand.  With his other hand he  teased her clit, entering her and fucking her hard with his hand.    Her head  thrashed back and forth and her eyes were tightly shut.

 He stopped.  She opened her eyes to look at him.  Slowly, his fingers in her continued their movement while his other hand reached and pinched her  nose shut, cutting off her breath.

 Their eyes locked in intense concentration.  Her safeword, she knew  was to close her eyes and keep them closed.  Exactly 15 seconds after she  shut her eyes he would give her back the ability to breath.  This meant that  for at least 15 seconds after she truly felt the need to breath she would be  without air.   Her face, already red from pre-orgasmic state, darkened a  shade.  His other hand kept up it's frantic motion.  He watched as her pupils  dilated and she was silent.  Then she began to strain against her bonds and  muffled sounds came from high in the back of her throat.  Her eyes blinked  open and closed and the color in her face deepened again, spreading the red  down her neck and chest.  She closed her eyes.

  Her  hips thrust violently against his fingers as she strained against  the bonds.  The noises, movements became more frantic.  Fifteen seconds.   And he pulled the tape off.

 She gasped in a deep breath and with a scream peaked over the edge of  orgasm.  Finally, she stopped thrashing and lay panting on the bed.  He threw  his arms around her  and held her to him, feeling the thin sheen of sweat on  both of their bodies mingling.  He hadn't even realized he was sweating.

 She reached up with her head and kissed him on the neck.  The loss of  air had been less than two minutes, but it felt like an eternity had passed  by.

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    by Suki

 It was a game they were playing.  One that neither one could win.    Dancing around, trying to figure out how to win but not at the same time.   Winning meant losing.....  Losing each other.... losing everything.  To take care of themselves, and yet take care of the other person.  To take care of  the other person, and still take care of themselves.

 It was like a problem straight out of one of those question books:  If  you were in a closed room with no communication and the only thing in it  was a button; and your lover was in the same predicament....  and if one of  you pushed the button before 60 seconds the person who pushed it would die,  but the other would live, but if neither pushed the button both would  die...what would you  do?

 Experiments of human nature.  Tests.  How much can be overcome?   How many cycles can be broken?



 And still wanting to try....sure that it could work if the hurdles were  just overcome......

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   by Suki

 "I still don't understand what you get out of knife play." she stated,  dubiously as she followed him down the stairs into the shop.  It was  obviously for tourists, and boasted of knives, swords, scrimshaw, etc.

 Politely she listened as he tried to explain, smiling and nodding as if  she understood every concept.  Then she sighed.  She still didn't understand  and it seemed so important to him... she wished she did.

 Aimlessly she wandered around the store, giving it the once over, and  then trying to mask the fact that she was bored.   He called her over from  across the store.  "Come look!"

 She walked up to the counter where he was standing, holding one of  the knives from inside the case in his hand.

 "Now close your eyes and give me your arm." he ordered softly.  She  obeyed.

 The edge of the knife ran along the most vulnerable part of her arm,  lightly at first, and the hard enough for her to hear it scraping her skin.  It stopped and she opened her eyes.

 And suddenly there was an understanding there, and a connection she  was not prepared for.  And electric spark between them that made her  shiver.  She turned her face away, not wanting to betray any of the emotions  she was feeling.  "Interesting" she commented, in a deliberately non- committal voice.  "I sort of see it now..."

 "Oh well," he replied, seeing the faint tremble and the flush in her  cheeks, and knowing there was more than what she had said.  He felt it.

 Her mind was whirling in confusion.  She couldn't allow any of "those  feelings" to come up. He belonged to someone else; more specifically, he  belonged to someone she knew and loved.  She turned her feelings off.  Then,  turned back to him carefully masking off of her feeling and casually asked  him if he was ready to leave.

 He decided not to push it.  Yet.