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   by Suki

 It was instinctual in a way.  They had never played before.... just  talked about it.  Incessantly.  Each seeking to further tease the other into such a state of frustration that one of them would end the phone conversation by running to the bathroom.  And not to pee.  His house was familiar territory.  What she was entering into was not.  But she was comfortable, and it _felt_ natural.  He let her in the house and then followed her in, shutting the door behind him.

 She did not turn to see where he was.  Instead, gracefully she  dropped to her knees, rested her bottom on the balls of her feet and  crossed her wrists behind her.  And closed her eyes.  And waited.

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   by Suki

 It was a full shut down of sorts.  She curled into a ball on the  rounded chair, tucked her feet under her, threw a blanket over her body, and shut her eyes.  In shutting her eyes, she shut the world out.

 He understood.  He wished there was something more he could do, but he was as shut out as the rest of the world, despite the closer  relationship between them.  It was her way of coping, so he simply waited.  Patiently.  Listening until he heard her fall asleep, then gently  picked her up and carried her to bed....pulling the cover over her and turning out the light.

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   by Suki

 Yes, I can see your boundaries, as if they were made out of ice.  The  picture you show of yourself though them distorted, real, but unreal.  Come closer, move back, I push against those boundaries testing them for a  melting temperature.  I want to come in.  Will you let me in?  I can feel the boundaries, like crumbling brick.  Your face, full of mixed emotions, the pain and fear so evident and yet the need equally clear.  Please let me in.  I promise not to try to hurt you, I know you've been hurt so many times before.  I just want to get closer, push back against those boundaries you've erected so that _nobody_ can get in.  They're safer, you say, safer to keep everyone out than to risk the hurt again.  I   understand....and I have no wish to push further than you can handle.  I just want to know you, to hold you, to show you that not everyone in the  world is out to cause you pain.

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   by Suki

Catching her by surprise, he threw her back against the wall, one hand behind her head to make sure it didn't hit hard.  Then he pressed up against her, holding her still by a handful of hair.  He looked into her eyes for a moment, and then pulled her hair backwards, exposing her neck.  And started to bite-hard.  A low moan escaped her throat. Out of no where she felt the bite of cold steel near her breasts.  She froze, pushing herself as far back into the wall as possible.  There was a feral look in his eyes.  The knife was still pressed against her, and she barely breathed and he began to run it over her body....inside of her thighs....her muscles twitched, and she tried to hold still.  He moved up toward her neck again, pinning her against the wall with the blade, looking again into her eyes.....

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    by Suki

 There were times that we would just lay together in bed and cuddle. There were candles in the room burning softly and music in the background. Outside we could here the cars and rain and people walking by, but that didn't matter.  I would turn and look at him and just look.  Cupping his face in my hands and lock eyes.  No words were spoken.  No words were needed.  Just the look, staring in his eyes and trying to speak volumes with my eyes.  I'm here.  I care.  I love you.  I will always be here.  So many things that I tried to show through my eyes.  And I wanted to stare.  Just stare at him.....and stare.....

 If the eyes are truly the mirror to the soul I was hoping he could read mine.  I wanted to give him part of my soul, because I knew he was already part of my heart.

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   by Suki
Frustration.  That's what she was feeling.

 The scene had been incredible, knife marks covered her from thighs to neck.  Crises-crosses around her thighs,  starbursts around her breasts, and initials on her chest and stomach.    It turned her on, and she wanted him badly.

 Sitting by his side, she began playing with him, making him hard, teasing his member to hardness.  Then, without warning he came. Just like that.

 Stoically, she got him a towel, and helped wiped him off.  He thanked her, put on his clothes and kissed her goodnight.  He was out the door before she let it out.


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   by Suki

 She could easily imagine him in the bed beside her.  His back facing away from her as he settled into sleep.  Like a kitten, she snuggled against him, pressing her cheek and breasts into his back, curing her legs underneath his thighs.  One arm wound over his waist reaching down to hold his hand. With a pull, she hugged him to her.  He squeezed her hand in responds. Unspoken love, falling asleep to the sound of each other's breathing.

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    by Suki

 All of the whips and clothes pins and clamps, a knife and two canes were laid out neatly in order on the table in his room.

 "Come see" she ordered, pulling on the chain of his collar.  His eyes widened at the display.   "I just wanted you to see...." her voice trailed off, just a hint of menace in it.  She placed her hands on either side of his face.

"Do you trust me?" she asked, knowing that the cuffs locked behind his back were making him feel vulnerable.  She knew how he would answer too, but she just wanted to hear it.  And make him say it.

 "Yes" he answered seriously, his eyes expressing so many emotions. Love, truest, fear, wonder....

 "I will blindfold you now" she stated, covering his eyes and shutting off his vision.  Then she lead him over to the bed, and laid him down on his stomach.  Unhooking his hands, she recuffed them to hooks attached to the bed above his head.  Then she moved away from him.

 Wandering over to the toys, she picked up the beaded cat, knowing that it would make the most noise, and started swing it in the empty air. There was an audible whistle, and he could feel the hair on his arms standing on end.

 "Or perhaps a paddle first" she spoke, slapping one loudly against her hand.  "Or maybe..."  He felt a rush of wind by his side, and nearly jumped out of his skin as a heavy flogger hit the bed next to him.   He waited for it to hit him, muscles tense in anticipation.  Nothing.  Silence.  He twitched.

 Warm oil dripped down his back, and her hands began massaging his back, shoulders and buns. He could hear the grin in her voice at his confusion as she said "Oh, by the way, there's no pain in this scene.  You've just been royally mind fucked."

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      by Suki

 He groaned, rolling over and burying his face in the pillow.

"Come on, sleepy-head, wake up!"  she said cheerfully.  She pulled the sheets back from his body.  He didn't move.

"What time is it?" he muttered into the pillow.

"9:00am, time for breakfast" she replied.  He groaned again, hoping she would go away and let him sleep.  He heard her get off the bed, and then something soft and cold touched his back.  And stroked down to the back of his thighs.

"What's that?"  he asked, his voice muffled by the pillows.

"One of the red roses you bought me, love.  Happy Valentine's Day."

Image 110

        by Suki

He watched the dancer, becoming visibly more excited at each undulation of his hips.  He moved until he was directly in front of him, watching the muscles of the dancer's chest ripple with his movement.  And with a moan, he couldn't stand it any more, grabbing the man by his hips and pulling him into a long passionate kiss.

The dancer's eyes had been closed and they flew open for a moment in surprise, then closed them again with a sigh and rocked against the other man.  Together they moved in rhythm, pushing hard against each other as hands moved against the other's body.