Image 91

   by Suki

 It was warm in the house, a faint breeze announcing the coming of evening, but otherwise still.  She was standing, arms held together above her head fastened by cuffs and a rope.  Feet planted firmly on the ground.  She heard him moving around near  her. Drawers opened and closed.  What was he doing?

 His hands closed over one of her shoulders, massaging warm oil into her skin.  Chin raised, she turned her head in the direction  of his hands, hoping he would kiss her.  He did not.  Instead, his hands continued their work, massaging oil into her entire body, until her skin shown with it.  His hands found their way to her nipples, pulling and twisting them away from her body.  She danced from foot to foot, leaning toward him, arched upon her toes.  He increased the pressure, sending her over the edge of pain and pleasure, blending the two together.

   Image 92

   by Suki

 I am the huntress and you are my prey.  Watch me  carefully, little one, for my claws are sharp, and I'm  apt to pounce without warning....  Stay at home and lock  your doors, it will not make you any safer.....I am stalking you.
 I am your Master, your Mistress, your slave....  I will do everything for you.  Take care little one, I will come.....

   Image 93

   by Suki

 She lay out naked on the rock, sunning herself like a lizard. A shadow fell across her stomach.  Feeling the temperature change, she opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her.

 "Hello lover" she squinted up at him, a lazy smile crossing her face. Leaning over, he grabbed her wrists, pinning her against the rock and kissing her soundly.  She offered no resistance, melting into his kiss...

   Image 94

   by Suki

 He was already stripped to the waist and laying on his  stomach on the bed when she sat down next to him.  She started out lightly, scratching her nails across his back so lightly there was not even a trace of red showing where she had scratched. She could see the goose bumps along his arms and he sighed as his eyes closed.

 Her scratches increased in pressure.  He wiggled slightly as her nails began to feel like they were cutting into him.

"Hold still!" she ordered, using one of her hands to put pressure on the back of his neck.  He stopped and she removed her hand.

"Enough?" she whispered in his ear.  He nodded.

Slowly, starting at his neck, she proceeded to kiss the red marks away.....

  Image 95

  by Suki

 11:15pm, the clock on her wall read.  'Damn!' she swore mentally, 'he said he'd be over after work, and I know that ended at 10:30.'  She picked up her book.  And the buzzer for the front door rang, making her jump in the otherwise silent apartment.

 Grabbing her bathrobe, she threw it over her shoulders.  She could easily buzz him in, but at this hour no one was up and she wanted to  meet him at the door.  She raced down two flights of stairs, taking them three at a time.  And then walked up to the front door, the shortness of her breath betraying her attempt at a dignified stride.  He smiled.

 "Sorry I was late, I was delayed.  The elevator?" he asked, stopping in front of it.  She shrugged.  She didn't normally bother with it, finding the double door system to be more of a pain than it was  worth.  It was one of the old elevators, with a inner door seeming  more like a cage, and the ability to only handle one command at a time. He slid back the doors and stood aside, allowing her to get in first and then following her in.

 She didn't see which button he pushed until she felt the elevator moving down..."What?..." and her voice trailed off as he pushed her up against the elevator gate and kissed her hard.  His hands circled her wrists, pulling them up over her head.  She heard the click of handcuffs, and found herself attached to the gate.

 "But what if someone wants the elevator?" she asked when he broke the kiss, fear and desire mingling in her eyes.  Without breaking eye contact he reached over at hit the stop button....

   Image 96

   by Suki

 She wasn't sure which was redder, her face or her bottom.  She lay awkwardly across his lap, struggling feebly against the steel strength of his arm on her back.  They had been mock-fighting, teasing and wrestling over the remote control of the television, each trying to pick another  channel, not really caring what was on.  She had grabbed it, and tucked it  into her pants.  As if _that_ was going to stop him.  Right.

 He'd grinned evilly at her.  "Give it to me or suffer the  consequences." he'd demanded.  She stuck her tongue out, and then tried to jump out of reach when he dove for her.

 Not quick enough.  He grabbed her around the waist and dragged her back on to the couch.  "Give it up!"  he ordered, tickling her hard around the rib cage, enjoying the sounds of her screams and laughs.

 "Never!" she gasped between screams.

 "Fine" he responded, and maneuvered her around so he could undo her jeans.  She wiggled, trying her hardest not to help him.

 "Aha!" he claimed triumphant, waving the  remote he had fished out of her pants.  She laughed, still gasping for breath, and sat up a little, brushing the hair in her face aside.

 "Wait just a minute, young're not going anywhere!" Before she even realized his intent, he had pulled her pants down to her knees, throwing her over his lap.  *SMACK*  His palm came down on her bottom, causing a squeal of surprise.  She struggled hard.  He _knew_ she hated this!  Not the spanking, that she liked...but the position.

*SMACK*  His hand came down again and again, making her struggle first from rage and humiliation, and then from the sting.  Just wait, she though, trying to stifle her screams, just wait until she got him...

 A few minutes later, when the hand that had been holding her down moved under her to stroke her clit, all feelings of revenge and  humiliation left her mind.  And she gave herself over to the  sensations he was causing.....

   Image 97

   by Suki

 She was shivering, huddled up on the couch in front of the  television.  It was obvious to him, from the moment he entered the room that she wasn't really "seeing" what was going on the TV.  Without a word he walked into her bedroom, kicked off his shoes  and grabbed a blanket off of her bed.  Then he walked back into the  living room and sat down on the couch.  Pulling her against him, he wrapped them both in the blanket.  She stayed stiff for a moment, and then relaxed against him, a quiet sigh escaping from her lips.  He stroked her hair as they watched TV, knowing that just his presence was helping her relax.

   Image 98

   by Suki

 I felt like a cat, as I stalked silently around her.  Her head  turned in the direction that she though I was in, but the blindfold kept her from truly seeing.  She jumped when she felt my nails on the edge of her nipple.  Was it a knife?  She wasn't sure....

 I pushed harder into her nipple with my nail and then pinched the nipple sharply.  She gasped, whether in pleasure or relief, I could not tell.  I moved behind her again, pressing my body against her back; reaching around to pinch her nipples....harder....harder...

 She pushed back against me, her head thrown back to rest on my shoulder.  A long slow moan escaped her lips.  I grinned.

    Image 99

    by Suki

 They could hear a siren approaching form the distance.  He rubbed  his fingers hard against her clit, squeezing hard on her nipples with the other hand.

 "Cum" he ordered "before the siren fades away.  Let it pull you in."

 She arched her back into his hands, pressing her clit further against his fingers.  Continuing his rubbing, he entered her with two fingers.

 "Cum" he demanded "if the siren fades away and you have not cum I will stop what I am doing and switch to something much less pleasant. Perhaps a caning..... until you scream...."

 She tried, straining to push herself over the edge.  The siren got loudest as it past the house.  She listen, rubbing against his hands, trying so hard to cross the line of orgasm.  Almost there......  the siren faded away.....

   Image 100

   by Suki

 She was blindfolded, tied spread-eagled to the corners of the bed. He knelt between her legs, pushing himself in and out of her.  His hand  pulled sharply upwards on the chain between her nipple clamps, pulling  them taught.   She gasped, arching her back toward him, and gasped again as he used the added leverage to push deeper into her.

 He leaned down and hissed in her ear.  "As you cum, I will pull the nipple clamps off of your breasts."

 'He wouldn't' she thought, but the doubt was firmly planted in her mind.

 "Let the pain carry you" he purred, pulling harder on the chain so that her breasts pulled sharply upwards.

 She moaned, trying to arch her back further toward him.  Her wrists clenched and unclenched with the rhythm of his thrusts.  The pain and  pleasure filled her mind, clearing out all thoughts and fears.  The chain was pulling he thrust harder into her.  Then suddenly she was floating, hearing herself cry out as if from another person.  Pleasure came in waves that washed over her completely.  The chain  tightened.....

 She came......