This is the beginning of a series of Images that was my first exploration into writing for pleasure.  (All double meanings apply.)  They were originally published to when the ratio of stories to spam was quite higher than it is now.  Either way, I hope you enjoy them.  Comments, critiques and criticism can be sent to

Image 1

  by Suki

 She hangs on the end of the cuffs, feet barely touching the floor, sweat dripping off her tensed body.  The whip slides between her legs, rubbing her over sensitized labia.  She flinches, and then moans as the handle of the whip enters her.  The whip enters her  quickly, 4 or 5 strokes--then stops, and it pulled away.  She moans her frustration through the black hood covering her face.

  Image 2

  by Suki

 He lay on the bed, unrestrained by anything but a voice.  A blindfold lay loosely over his eyes.  His hands were tucked behind his
head, his fingers intertwined.    "Just lay back and relax," the soft female voice intoned.  "Feel everything I am doing and enjoy."  He felt something sweet and sticky drip on his lips.  Honey.  Slowly the honey dripped a path down his chest, over his nipples, and down to his male parts.  Soft lips followed the trail of honey, kissing, licking, and sucking the honey off of his body.  When they reached the end of the trail two small hands joined the mouth, rubbing and brushing his balls. He moaned in appreciation as her mouth took him in completely.

  Image 3

  by Suki

 She lays on the bed before him, completely naked.  Her long hair flows out wildly on the pillows around her.   She stretches, and symbolically crosses her wrists over her head.  Her eyes hold only love and trust and she shyly gazes up at him, shifting to a posture that she deems seductive, silently trying to encourage him. He stares down at her, his lips curling in a half-smile.  Reaching out, he lightly brushes her breasts.  She shivers and  her nipples immediately go erect.  He closes his hand over both of her crossed wrists tightly, painfully until she gasps, but does not move.  Releasing her he nods his approval.

  Image 4

  by Suki

 She shivers.

 Looking around her, she sees nothing.  She has drawn deep  within herself in contemplation.  Her mind cautions her, telling her to be careful.
What is no one notices?
What if no one cares?
Her body betrays her, taking her mind along with it.
Try it her body encourages, see what it will be like.

 She is silent.  Debating.

 She decides.

 And enters.

  Image 5

  By Suki

 He stands at the doorway looking into the darkened room. He did not mean to intrude, but now that he has, he finds he cannot draw his eyes away.
     She is lying on the bed, her eyes closed, her fingers working slowly across her body.  She starts with her hands on her breasts, teasing her nipples upright.  Then, cupping each breast in one hand, she slowly circles her hands around the width, stopping occasionally to pinch the nipples.  Gently, one hand slides down her body to her lips, spreading them with her fingers.  Her eyes are still closed, and her breathing intensifies.

    He holds his breath, fearing that his presence, if known,  would break the spell. Now she has both hands in the lower regions of her body, caressing
her outer lips with one hand while stroking herself from the inside with the other.  A small gasp escapes her lips, and is quickly followed by others as she ascends her plateau of pleasure.  He stares at her with fascination, feeling as if he is witnessing something magical, something he feels honored to see.  Never before has he experienced her self-love.

    Now that he has, he finds it beautiful and compelling.   She relaxes and opens her eyes.  She gasps with surprise at  seeing him in the doorway, then she smiles.  He steps through the doorway and shuts the door behind him.

   Image 6

   by Suki

 She struggled against her restraints futilely, knowing full well he had made sure she was stuck.  Her wrists were carefully tied with a
set of red, fuzzy restraints to the bike hooks on either side of the door way at the top.  This forced her to stand on tiptoe, just barely touching the floor.  The muscles in her legs tensed with strain, as she pulled against the spreader-bar between her ankles.

 Her body glistened with sweat, and she moaned softly through the gag, wishing that the blazing lights around the room were not quite as
bright, or as warm.  The cause of the her sweat and strain was obvious. Two vibrators, carefully placed, were buried in her body.  They were
all the way inside of her, with only the caps and a quiet hum giving them away  A thin leather strap held them in place, shaped very much  like a g-string, with ties on each side, with a narrow band going up the back of her bottom.

 She wiggled more, trying to get satisfaction from the vibrators, in her over-sensitized body.  She had been there for only 15 minutes,
but she could not tell.  She had no clock to judge by, and no idea when he'd be back.

  Image 7

  by Suki

 He comes up behind her at her desk at work.  She jumps, startled, as his hands come down hard on her shoulders.  His body blocks the view
from the outside of her desk walls.  She looks up at him, smiles, and     continues her phone conversation with the customer.  His hands shift,
one tightening on the nape of her neck, the other reaching down her sweater--cupping her breast and squeezing hard.  She gasps softly into the phone.  The customer asks her if she is OK.  Breathless, she murmurs her reply.

 His hand wanders now.  Pulling her skirt up around her waist, slipping a hand into her undergarments.  She covers the phone with
one hand and hisses at him to stop.  He rewards this with a sharp pinch on her clit.   The customer rambles on. Responding to his manipulations,
she leans back in her chair, still trying to speak normally to the customer.  He smiles evilly behind her back, quickly pulls away, and departs, leaving her frantically trying to straighten her clothes.

  Image 8

  by Suki

 It's blistering hot outside.  A dry heat, the kind that makes you want to spend the day in your bathtub.  She stands on the porch, spraying herself with a mist bottle.  Dressed in only shorts and a tank top, she still cannot believe the intensity of the heat.  She sprays the mist bottle over her body, feeling the water run down her chest, and over her legs.  It feels good.  She contemplates, deciding whether to walk down to the lake near the cabin, or just lay in the hammock in  the shade of the trees.  The  hammock wins.

 It's their new toy.  A large cloth hammock  tied perfectly to four large trees.  It is even big enough to fit two, if they wish.  Settling
herself in, she falls a sleep.


 He saw her decide on the hammock,, and then fall asleep.  'Perfect' he thinks, grinning to himself.
He's been meaning to treat her to some outdoor fun for a while.  Quietly, he gathers up a few ties,
and a glass of ice water, then stalks up behind the hammock.

 She sleeps heavily, even in this heat, so it is not difficult to
tie her arms and legs to the four corners of the hammock.  She awakens, and
sleepily looks at her arms and legs, and then gives him that 'not fully
awake smile' of hers.  He will awaken her quickly enough.

 Gently, he tugs her shirt over her head, leaving it tangled in
her arms.  He similarly removes the shorts, sliding them down as far
as possible without having to untie her.  The hammock swings gently with
his movements.  She is almost awake now.

 From behind her line of vision, he reaches for an ice cube out
of the glass of water.  Her scream of shock, as he applies it to her
skin makes him smile.  Thank goodness they do not have any close neighbors.
He moves the ice cube down and around her body, making sure to hit
all of the sensitive spots.  He enjoys her squirming, as she tries
unsuccessfully to move away.

 Her nipples are rock hard now, from the ice and cold.  He moves his
mouth over one, then the other, nipping at them until she is moaning softly.
She still hasn't seen his other toy.  A paddle, wooden, covered with leather
appears in his other hand.  He is not sure how it will work, but her
bottom is the lowest to the ground in the hammock.  She sees it, and looks
puzzled, wondering how he is going to use it with her tied stomach up.
She doesn't wonder long.

 Standing back, he swings the hammock, rocking her back and forth,
until she is making a satisfactory arc to the ground.  Then he aims, and

*WACK*  He strikes her bottom though the cloth of the hammock..  The
force of the  paddle adds strength to the swing, so she swings back to
almost the same spot.  *WACK*  swing  *WACK*  swing  He gathers rhythm
now, using the momentum of the hammock to even out his swing.  She
is moaning, and then crying out, as the sting becomes stronger and
stronger on her backside.

  Image 9

  by Suki

 She stands in front of him, head held high, eyes forward.  She
does not move, she knows it is not allowed.  He sips the drink in his
hand and casually looks away, out the window, staring into space.  Another
enters the room and kneels before him holding a drink.  He reaches out
and takes the drink, placing the empty glass in her hands.  Then he
shifts forward and lightly strokes her silky hair.
 He motions to the standing woman, just a quick stroke of the
wrist, and instantly she kneels down, arching her back as she reaches
around and takes her ankles in her hands.  Idly, he contemplates
what he has, and thanks the circumstances that brought them about.

   Image 10

   by Suki

  It was her first time, her first experience.  They were strangers,
her and them.  They had met by an advertisement in the local paper. "Couple
seeking new experiences.  Looking for a third to share good times."

 She had responded, mailing them a letter, and then talking on the
phone for the last week or so.  Now here they were.  In a hotel room, feeling
uncomfortable.  She had had two glasses of wine with dinner, but that had
done little more than take the edge off.

 Now, as she looked around the room she felt emotions pouring though
her.  Excitement, fear, an admitted feeling of shame, warmth, she could not
even name all of them.  She was not going to back out.  The feelings of
wanting to experience another woman were too strong.  It would be a night
to remember, no matter what happened.