The Dinner

by Suki

At last minute, my friend had invited me to join her at the annual Police Officers Association Dinner & Dance.  I accepted, and then spent the day trying to figure out what to wear.  I had asked my SO if he minded, since I was somewhat canceling out on plans with him and his comment was, "What, me mind?  Mind you going to a dinner with more testosterone in one place than you've been around all year?  Oh, of course not."  He was just kidding, but the comment stuck in my mind, exciting me.  I decided to indulge that night, and carry out a private fantasy.

After a nice hot shower I located the specific teddy I was looking for. I had come to determine that this teddy was really 'mine'.  Since I used it more for self-play than for show to my SO.    It was tight and black, and hugged firmly down my front and in between my cheeks in the back.  Using a  little bit of oil, and a little bit of tiger balm I carefully inserted a small plug in the back, and a vibrator in the front, securing them firmly under the teddy so they could not slip.  I turned the vibrator on and continued getting ready.

It took me an hour and a half to get ready.  I don't think it's ever taken me that long.  But I was distracted.  Every movement reminded me of the invasions.  My muscles were constricting and relaxing in the nicest way.  It was a tease.  A self tease.  The vibrator was not enough to make me cum, but it was enough to keep me excited.  I kept finding extra reasons to cross the room, too.

When it was almost time to go I turned the vibrator off.  I had selected my black dress leather pants, and a maroon silk shirt that night, with silver dangle jewelry.  I was a little worried, because it felt like I was so wet that I was dampening the inside lining of the pants, and I did not want to stain them.  But I decided it would be OK if they were a  little damp.  I could always have them cleaned.

With the toys still inserted I left the house to pick up my friend. Driving was sweet torture.  First of all, just sitting down was pleasurable, because it changed the pressure in my backside.  And when I started the car, the vibrations of the engine added to the pleasure.  It was like turning into a giant vibrator.  It's a good thing I have a lot of self-control or I probably would have had an accident that night.

Anyway, I safely arrived at my friends house, and went inside.   Standing up out of the car distracted me again.  Shift in pressure, of course.  I picked her up and we went on to the dinner.  Amazingly, there was parking right in front.  Thank Goodness... I don't know if I would have been able to walk straight at all.

Dinner turned out to be pretty boring.  We were a little late, so we did not get first choice of tables, and macho attitudes never turned me on much.  So we sat down (gingerly I might add, at least for me) and ate dinner.  Every once in a while I would wiggle a little, trying to shift the position of the toys.  I was excited, as much  by the toys themselves as by the fact that I was in a room with 300 people, looking normal, but filled deeply under my clothing.  It made me feel wicked, and sinful (in a pleasurable way).

The after dinner speeches lasted 45 min.  during which I not only wiggled a lot in my chair, but I was also highly distracted.  With each wiggled it felt like they went further and further into me.  Finally, the last speech was over and gratefully I stood up.  A brief period of socializing followed after which I dragged my friend out before the dancing could begin. That would have been serious sensory overload.

Safely at home, I masturbated myself to orgasm, reveling in the tightness of my clenching muscles.