Kathy’s Submission
by Strata27

Part 5

As mentioned before this story is purely fiction. There are certainly going to be things that I write about that would be very difficult if not impossible to achieve in the real world. This is purely the product of my rather perverted mind and I just hope that at least some of you enjoy reading it. Your comments are very welcome.

To Kathy’s surprise after only a couple of minutes David moved across the room, stood close behind and whispered in her ear, “I think I am making this a little too easy for you.”

As he spoke his hands took hold of her bra strap and unclipped the back closure, pulled the straps to her sides and slipped the shoulder straps down her arms and off. As he did so her breasts bounced slightly and the tiny bells which she wore attached to her nipple rings jingled tunefully. Kathy then felt his hands slide down her sides and grip the sides of her thong and pulled it down her smooth thighs, past her knees and allowed it to drop around her ankles. He slipped his hands back up the front of her thighs till he reached her pussy where the tips of his fingers eased her vaginal lips apart. Kathy’s whole body jerked as her clitoral pendant fell free from where she had tucked it into her vagina when she put on her thong to go meet her friend. At the end of its fall it tugged quite sharply on her clit and the bell on the end of the chain jingled merrily, reminding her that now she was going to have to be even more careful to stand very still. Yet that tug on her clitoris and the swinging of the chain and the bell between her legs had rapidly brought her arousal close to boiling point.

With the way David now controlled just about everything about her life, Kathy’s sexual arousal was almost always at a slow simmer. Not to mention that her nipples were always erect thanks to the rod that passed through her aureole just at the base of each one. Although the paddling she had just received had been an actual punishment, giving her very real pain in her bottom and thighs. Then, standing in her punishment corner in her 5 inch heels, with her panties around her ankles and her bells ringing with every movement of her very naked body, her pussy quickly became very wet and she recognized that she was quickly rising towards an orgasm. This was definitely something to be avoided right now as it would have every bell attached to her body ringing wildly and that would likely bring about a further punishment.

With David’s hands still on her hips Kathy took three deep calming breaths that did cause a couple of jingles but helped to bring her back from the brink of an orgasm. David whispered, “Good girl! Stay here until I call you and then you can make dinner.’

As Kathy worked to calm herself even further she thought back to that first week. She had suggested that he have her get the belly button piercing that he had always wanted her to have and any others he might like. She thought, 'I had no idea then that I would have a grommet in my nose that commonly carries a ring and a bell, a clitoral pendant swinging between my legs, rings in my permanently erect nipples, bracelets and anklets that jingle with every movement of my arms or legs, and several bells attached to my ears.' With that thought her whole body shivered at the idea of how seriously David had taken on the task for bringing her life completely under his control. All her bells rang at once and she knew that she would have to pay for that almost involuntary movement at her next punishment session. How deliciously sore her bottom was going to be for the foreseeable future.

Back in that first week of her submission to her husband David, Kathy was released from the corner of his office after about 30 minutes. She walked to his desk, very conscious of him watching her swaying hips and naked pussy beautifully framed by her garter belt and stockings. She made every effort to move as gracefully as she knew how. When she was beside David’s desk she dropped to her knees, spreading them wide and placing her hands behind her back, which caused her to thrust out her breasts as if offering them to her husband.

David watched her kneel for just a few moments and then said, “Right, well that has taken up rather longer than I originally planned. Go and put on your dress and then make our bed and generally tidy and dust our room, clean our bathroom and then I would like lunch ready by 12:30. This afternoon we are going shopping. I want to find you some more underwear, particularly bras that don’t cover your nipples, and also thongs, so that even if you are wearing panties those cheeks of yours are always ready for a spanking if you need it.”

Kathy rose as gracefully as she could manage in her high heels and hobble chain, went to the chair and picked up her dress, slipped it over her head and let it fall around her body. She turned, allowing the light material to flair out from her hips, and walked with small mincing steps to the door of David’s office and out into the hall.

David watched the delightful sway of his wife’s hips as she left and listened to the rapid clicking of her stiletto heels on the hardwood floor in the hall. Then he settled back to work.

Kathy carefully climbed the stairs and began her chores. The hobble chain only hindered her slightly, although when she came down the stairs she was very careful and held on tight to the banister.

By 12:20 she had cleaned and tidied as David had asked and she had an omelet made for his lunch. For herself she had made a spinach salad with olives and tomatoes. She went to David’s office, knelt beside his desk, and waited for him to notice her. Shortly he looked up and she told him that lunch was ready. He closed his laptop, offered Kathy his hand and helped her to stand and then led her to the dining room.

Kathy had set two places but David led her so that she was beside his chair and then had her kneel on the deep pile carpet. He reached across the table and pulled Kathy’s salad plate so that it was beside his omelet and began to eat. After he had taken a couple of bites he complemented Kathy and then speared a couple of spinach leaves and an olive with his fork. He turned and offered this to Kathy’s lips. She hesitated for just a second but she was very hungry and she opened her mouth and took the bite delicately with her lips and began to chew this very small bite.

After a couple more bites David said, “I have been reading a lot about Dom/sub relationships. Since controlling what you eat is going to be a big part of my domination of you especially in the beginning, I am going to try several different ways of feeding you.”

With that he again offered Kathy a small bite of her salad and she again took it with her lips. This time however, David said, “Wait until I tell you to chew.” And he watched her wait for his command for perhaps ten seconds before giving her permission.

Turning back to his own food he took another bite of the omelet and having chewed it he continued. “In ‘The Story of Pretty Ass’ she eats from a bowl on the floor and often then only gets the scraps from her master's plate after serving him. And she is not sure of quantities as he might be very hungry and if she doesn’t make enough food, she might not get anything. Then sometimes she will get a salad of her own. I must say I rather like the idea of watching your bum and pussy high in the air while you eat from a bowl on the floor, a rather attractive picture. On the other hand, I definitely like feeding you myself, like I am now, so perhaps I will just vary things. It will keep you on your toes that way too. But I am concerned as well about making sure that on your restricted diet you get all the nutrition you need, so I think I am going to talk to Anne about a supplement of some kind that will help in that way. I did read another story where a girl was fed from a dildo on which she had to suck to get her food. I think I may look into trying that too, especially if Anne can come up with some kind of diet supplement that can be pretty liquid. We will just have to see.”

Kathy was totally amazed to think how far David might take his control of her food intake but she just knelt waiting for her next bite which he offered her from his fork again but this time holding it a little further from her so that she had to rise up with her bottom off her heals to take it.

After a couple more minutes David had finished his food. He then picked up Kathy’s bowl, moved around her and placed the bowl on the floor. Standing behind her he pulled a pair of leather cuffs from his pocket and had Kathy place her hands behind her back. He fastened the cuffs around her wrists and then told her to turn and face her bowl and that she could eat the rest of her salad that way. She shuffled around on her knees and bent forward to begin eating. David stepped around her again and lifted the hem of her dress and threw it over her back revealing her naked bottom to his delighted view.

Despite the fact that it was David watching her Kathy felt terribly exposed especially as she was not wearing panties. David gave her a light slap on her already very sore bottom and told her to get her bum much higher in the air. With her knees spread wide this had the effect of spreading her cheeks wide and opening her pussy fully to David’s view. He leaned back and watched as Kathy finished her meal.

Kathy’s mind was running a mile a minute. She had been quite surprised when David had her kneel at his side. She at first found being fed quite humiliating but then she realized that her role now was to please David and if he liked feeding her then she would just have to handle it. Then when he made her turn and expose herself while she ate from a bowl on the floor she felt her humiliation go up several notches but then his command over her brought about what was beginning to be a familiar fluttering in her belly that sent blood rushing to her pussy and she quickly realized that she must be showing very moist labia to her closely watching husband. She began to hope that perhaps he would be tempted to get down behind or drag her up to the table and drive his penis deep inside her.

She kept eating despite her thoughts because she was very hungry and she was somewhat disappointed by the time that she pulled that last olive from the bowl and David had not taken her.

As she rose up David instructed her to turn and face him again and she shuffled around on her knees. “Stand so that I can release your hands and remove your hobble chain. Then I want you to take our dishes back to the kitchen. Then go to our room and put on the smallest pair of panties you have, freshen your makeup, and come back down to the front door where you will kneel and wait till I am ready to take you shopping.”

Kathy stood as gracefully as she could with her hands locked behind her and then turned her back to David so that he could unlock her wrists. He quickly knelt behind her and undid the hobble chain as well. She then hurried with the dishes to the kitchen before going upstairs to the bedroom.

She quickly followed David’s instructions and then hurried down to wait kneeling by the front door. She soon discovered that kneeling on a hardwood floor was distinctly uncomfortable but she quickly realized that there were going to be lots of uncomfortable things in this lifestyle she had chosen for herself. So she took a couple of deep breaths to get herself under control and tried very hard to shut out the pain from the hard pressure on her knees.

A few minutes later David came from his office and stood beside her. “Good girl, Kathy. When I asked you to wait here I was thinking about Kathy in the ‘Glimpses of the Island’ story and how her husband treated her. So let me tell you how you are going to behave on this shopping trip. Once you stand up you will wait for me to open the door. When I tell you to, you will go out and then wait on the front porch till I have locked the door. I will take you by the arm and I will lead you to the car where you will wait until I open the door and help you in. I will either fasten the seatbelt for you or tell you to do so and then we will go from there. I know you read the story so I think that from this you can see what I want. I don’t want you to do anything without my direction or guidance. You will sit in the car seat, fold your hands in your lap and wait that way until we arrive at the shops. You will remain in your seat until I come round and open your door. Do you understand?”

“Yes, David, I do understand.”

“Good, then let me help you up and we can be off.”

Saying that David reached down, took Kathy by her upper arm and helped her to her feet. David led Kathy to the car, seated her and told her to fasten her seatbelt. With Kathy sitting patiently in silence they headed towards the east side of town. Just a few days ago Kathy would have been questioning David as to where they were going as the east side of town was not a normal shopping destination for them, but in her new reality Kathy’s curiosity was relegated to trying to remember her last visit to the area and if there was possibly a lingerie shop that she had noticed.

Within twenty minutes they pulled into a parking lot behind a row of shops with no signs identifying any of the doors. David got out and moved around the car and helped Kathy and escorted her with a hand in the middle of her lower back towards the right hand door where he pressed the button on the intercom. A woman’s voice simply said, “Yes?”

David responded, “David Harrison and Kathy.” There was a buzz and a click and David reached for the handle and pulled the door open. Again with a hand on her lower back David guided Kathy through the door and into a well-lit corridor, turning left and walking at a pace that allowed Kathy to take the short strides required by her very high heels. They came to a door at the end of the corridor and David opened it and guided Kathy through into a warmly lit room about fifteen feet square and decorated elegantly in deep burgundy and gold. In the middle of the room was a raised plinth and around the room were several comfortable chairs.

A woman dressed very elegantly in a calf length pencil skirt, six inch heels, and a form-fitting blouse and jacket, which readily showed off her full-busted and wide- hipped figure which had an almost unnaturally narrow waist, stepped forward and offered her hand to David. “Hello David, I am Carol Simpson. It is good to put a face to the voice following our conversation the other day. I have also been talking with Anne about Kathy asking you to take control of her life, and some of the things you have discussed with her like the diet and exercise program you are planning with her. Anne says you are planning to leave Kathy with her for a while when you are away on business for a few weeks. She has suggested that I may be able to help with Kathy’s training during that time.”

Kathy’s mouth had fallen open during this speech and her head swiveled from side to side as she looked first at Carol and then David. She was totally shocked that both David and Anne had been discussing her submission to her husband with a woman she had never met, and who had greeted her husband but to this point had totally ignored her.

Carol then turned and began to study Kathy saying, “And this must be Kathy. She is lovely if perhaps a little overweight at the moment. I am sure that you and Anne will soon sort that out. Would you have her go and stand on the plinth there in the middle of the room after she has removed all her clothes. I will need her completely naked for this session so that I can get her measurements really accurately. We like to have a complete measurement chart on hand so that if you need anything in a hurry we can work from that before a final fitting. Of course we will probably need to redo a lot of it in a couple of weeks once Anne has got to working on her.”

Kathy was now totally stunned and was trying to think what to say when David spoke up. “Kathy, put your clothes on one of the chairs over there please, and then get up on the plinth as Carol has asked.” And he gave her a gentle push in her lower back to get her started on her way to the other side of the room.

Kathy said, “But…..”

Only to have David say, “Now Kathy, I told you before we came out that I didn’t want you to speak unless I told you too, so just get over there, get your clothes off and get on the plinth, unless of course you want me to put you over my knee right here and now and give you the ten spanks you are going to get for speaking without permission.”

Kathy glanced quickly over her shoulder at David only to see that he was deadly serious, so she moved quickly across the room and with only a slight hesitation beginning to unbutton her blouse. Her mind was in a complete uproar. Here she had been thinking that her submission would be a very private thing between her and David, and now she found out that he had been discussing it with at least two other people. And he had apparently not bothered to tell her that he was going out of town on one of his extended business trips and that she would be going to stay with Anne while he was gone. She had no idea how that would work. Who would be taking care of their house while they were both away? Why would she be staying with Anne and how would she be treated while staying with her? Would Anne control her diet just as David had been doing? Would Anne be allowed to punish her if she didn’t do what she was told?

The questions seemed endless but by now she was down to her bra and panties, stockings and garter belt. Carol called across the room to her, “When you have your underwear and stockings off please put your shoes back on before you get up on the plinth. And please don’t forget that I know that you have been instructed to make every effort to do everything you do in a way that pleases those who are watching you. I have been watching, and so far and you have not been trying very hard.”

Carol turned back to David and said, “Perhaps while she is staying with Anne you would allow me to give her some deportment lessons. I often train my customer’s submissives in ways to improve the elegance of their movement and how to best present themselves to please their masters or mistresses. I am sure that given a few sessions Kathy will be much more pleasing.”

“That would be wonderful Carol! I am sure that Kathy would appreciate it. She responds well to guidance and training I think from what I have seen so far. If you make sure she is corrected for anything she does wrong then she learns quickly. If you need to please feel free to punish or reward her as you see fit. Anne has told me you are quite experienced.”

These remarks caught Kathy half way to the plinth and she just stopped and stared. As far as she could tell her husband had just told this woman, who she had not even been allowed to say hello to, that she could spank her or worse. She just couldn’t believe it and then Carol came hurrying across to her taking the tiny strides required by her extremely tight skirt and very high heels. To jerk her out of her almost trance-like state Carol slapped Kathy firmly on the bottom and said, “Up you go. Stand straight, clasp your hands behind your back and let me have a good look at what I have to work with.”

Kathy quickly stepped up onto the low plinth and took up the requested position, although she felt very awkward being naked in front of another woman and having to take up a position to show off her body.

David said, “She was doing quite well at home. She has been remembering to try and be pleasing for me in everything she does but I suppose it is only natural that she would find this situation a little awkward.”

“Oh indeed,” replied Carol. “You can’t expect too much on her first time out but that is no reason not to correct her soundly. I would be happy to lend you a crop so that you can make sure she knows she has not done terribly well so far and that she needs to try a lot harder.”

“Thanks Carol, but I will just use my hand for now. We’ll see if that doesn’t get her attention.”

With that David stepped up to the plinth and said, “Offer your bottom Kathy, I am going to give you five spanks. Please keep still and quiet.”

Kathy desperately wanted to tell David that he couldn’t really mean to spank her here in the middle of a room with another woman watching her but instead after just the slightest hesitation she bent slightly forward and put her hands on her thighs, just above her knees, and stuck out her bottom.

David said, “We’ll make it eight spanks, shall we, for that hesitation.” And David’s hand came down hard on first her left and then her right cheek. Kathy tried really hard to stay as still as she could even though each hard spank pushed her forward. The third, fourth and fifth blows landed in quick succession and turned her bottom quite red. Six, seven and eight were if anything even harder and tears sprang into her eyes. She managed to keep quiet and David said, “OK, you can straighten up, but let’s make sure that you try a little harder to be pleasing from now on and no more hesitation when you are told what to do.”

David turned away and went back to his comfortable wing-back chair and sat down. Carol walked in front of Kathy. Because of their height difference the plinth brought Kathy and Carol pretty much face to face. Kathy immediately felt totally intimidated by this woman who seemed to know more about what was happening than she did herself. Carol reached up and first began to run her hands through Kathy’s hair, lifting it, weighing it and carefully feeling its texture.

Turning to look at David she remarked, “You must have her be much more careful with how she looks after her hair. It is rather dry and needs to be much better conditioned. Do you like it long? If you do it would be a good thing to have my hairdresser teach her how to take proper care of it and have her grow it really long. I think she would look wonderful with hair down to at least her waist and perhaps even longer. That way she will have to work really hard to keep it in excellent condition and you can always have her wear it up for when she is doing her chores.”

“I like that idea Carol. It will be one more thing for her to be very disciplined about.”

Carols hands now began to explore Kathy’s face. Kathy had great difficulty standing still for this. Here she was naked in high heel shoes standing on-show in the middle of a room while her husband watched another woman inspect her. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that this would happen when she had asked David to take control. It was clear that David had very much gotten into his role as her master and had taken her at her word that she wanted to be completely controlled.

Carol’s hands ran over her face and as they moved down to her shoulders she remarked to David that a few lessons in skin care and makeup would be beneficial. As her hands fell towards Kathy’s breasts and began to lift and squeeze them so as to weigh and feel their texture and consistency, she continued with her remarks.

“She has good wide shoulders which give her a lovely hour glass shape and her breasts are wonderful, heavy and yet very firm and high on her chest.”

Kathy was fighting hard to stay still and her face was a bright red, after she had glanced over at David and received a slight frown from him, reminding her to stay still and let Carol inspect her.

Carol’s hands moved to Kathy’s nipples and began to massage first her aureole and then the nipples themselves, making the aureole puffy and her nipples achingly fully erect.

Carol continued to twist and squeeze Carol’s nipples, which had Kathy struggling to stay still, as she turned slightly to David and said, “Her nipples are beautiful and very sensitive it appears. Anne tells me that you have plans for them and that is part of why you are here today to get custom bras and perhaps a corset or two made that do not cover her nipples.”

David said, “Yes. I have loved her nipples from the very first and we have both had great enjoyment from them. I asked her to get a belly button piercing early on in our relationship but she always fought me so I never asked her about getting her nipples pierced too. Now that she has asked me to take control and specifically urged me to have the belly button piercing done and whatever other piercings I want, I am definitely getting her nipples pierced. But not just the nipples where I want fairly large rings that will clearly show through her outer clothing. I am discussing with the piercer having a fairly thick barbell pierced through her aureole, behind the nipple. Apparently, if this is done correctly, her nipples will then be just about permanently erect. Then she will have rings through the nipples themselves. I plan on those being tether points when I want to make sure she stays where I put her.”

“Lovely. I think that will look great and be very effective.”

By this time Kathy could hardly believe anything that she was hearing. Just to begin with, David is discussing what he plans for her with another woman who is clearly dominant, and if this conversation is anything to go by is going to be involved quite intimately in her submission to her husband. And here they are discussing the piercing of her breasts so that they become tether points and are clearly visible through her outer clothing to anyone who cares to look.

But as Carol’s hands leave her nipples and begin to slide down her rib cage to her waist she suddenly has an epiphany. 'This is what I asked David for. For him to take over my life, to use my body for his and our pleasure and to control everything I do so that I don’t have to worry about anything except pleasing him.'

With that thought Kathy took a deep breath and relaxed, enjoying the feel of a soft pair of hands sliding over the skin of her sides and belly although she found Carol's next remark slightly scary.

“I know we discussed corsets and now having seen Kathy I am certain that a good course of tight lacing will be a quick and simple way to work towards getting her figure back in shape. She has clearly let herself go but I must say I am impressed that she has realized this and has put herself in your hands, and I am very pleased that you are clearly taking to this control and being smart enough to come to me and to Anne to get help with putting your plans into action.

“Corseting will offer that advantages of quickly offering you a pleasing shape to her body and will also quickly reduce her appetite. And then too, we can make them with lovely high half cups that will really lift and offer her delicious breasts to all who look at her. I think her waist will reduce well in a corset and that will really show off her hourglass shape.”

Carols hands then began to move on down over the flair of Kathy’s hips and belly and are soon at the junction of her thighs. Several light slaps on the inside of her thighs tell Kathy to spread her legs, which she did, somewhat reluctantly. To Kathy’s amazement Carol dropped to her knees in front of her and is soon separating the folds of her pussy lips with her thumbs and looking closely at her previously private parts. Even in her more relaxed state Kathy found this very hard to take.

Then Carol again began to comment on what she is seeing. “It appears she has a nice tight pussy and you have had her shave. I do prefer a girl's lips to be small and I do love nice puffy outer lips that reveal just a slit. I see she has a generous clit. You’re having that pierced, I take it?”

“If possible, yes. I won’t know for sure until the piercer has a chance to get a good look at her but that is the plan. We have discussed a clit ring and a hanging pendant that swings between her legs when she walks and possibly a ring though the clit hood that will rest on the clit and be large enough to move with her thighs when she walks.”

“Are you going to have her continue to keep herself shaved or do you plan to have the hair permanently removed.”

“I think I am going to have her continue to shave and perhaps use depilatory cream. I want her to be very aware of all her sexual parts and to have to take great care of them. The only problem is I also want to be able to ban her from touching herself there and her bottom and breasts. What would really be great would be to have someone who would shave her and care for her in that way but for now I think I will have her keep shaving herself and of course I will punish her if she doesn’t do so to my satisfaction.”

“Yes, I think that will be best. Perhaps in the future you can find a way, but for now having to take great care of her body will be good for her. Are you going to ring the lips so that you can lock her up when you want to? I find that when a girl no longer has access to her pussy, she really understands that she has become a possession and not a free woman.”

“I am considering that, but I haven’t yet made up my mind. We’ll see when I get her to the piercer.”

Carols hands then began to smooth down Kathy’s legs, kneading her flesh, feeling the muscle tone and the tension caused by the high heels she was standing in.

“Lovely legs, and the heels really help to shape them.”

“Yes, I have always loved them and when she is on her toes like this they are quite spectacular, so I have made a rule that even if she is not in high heels she must keep her heels off the ground. She had a little trouble with that in the shower this morning but I am sure she will soon get used to the idea.”

Rising up from her kneeling position Carol said, “I am sure she will soon get the idea especially with a little reminder on her bottom and thighs. Of course, if she is really recalcitrant a couple of strokes of a cane or a crop across the soles of her feet will ensure she remembers. Now the next thing is to get her completely measured. That is going to take a couple of hours so if you like you can leave her with me and come back say at 4:30 to pick her up. We can discuss exactly what you want in the way of bras and corsets at that time.”

“OK, that will be great. I will see you in a couple of hours. Kathy, you do exactly what Carol says and remember I have given her permission to punish you if need be.”

To Kathy’s amazement David got up out of his chair and headed out the door, leaving her standing naked on a plinth in the middle of a room that she was not even sure where it was, with a woman who has just given her a very intimate inspection and discussed her body in ways she would not ever have imagined in her wildest dreams, and who is now going to measure her in a way that it seems will take two hours. How that could possibly be Kathy has no idea.

End of part 5

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