Kathy’s Submission
by Strata27

Part 4

As mentioned before this story is purely fiction. There are certainly going to be things that I write about that would be very difficult if not impossible to achieve in the real world. This is purely the product of my rather perverted mind and I just hope that at least some of you enjoy reading it. Your comments are very welcome.

Nineteen smacks of her paddle later Kathy could only just gasp out a thank you for her punishment to her dominant husband David. David let her rest for a couple of minutes as she regained control of her breathing and then pulled her up as he lay back on the sofa so that she lay with her head on his chest and her body stretched over his. David ran his right hand through her hair and with his left gently stroked her back to sooth her and slowly ease her crying caused by her very sore bottom and thighs.

Once Kathy seemed to have recovered sufficiently David said, “Kneel please Kathy and tell me again why you were punished.”

Kathy eased herself off David and knelt beside the sofa as David sat up and looked down at this beautiful woman who had entrusted so much of herself to him. As she moved all of the little bells attached to her piercings jingled merrily. The jingling seemed perfectly normal to her now but it had taken some getting used to all those weeks ago after her piercings began to heal and David had the bells attached to her rings.

Kathy knelt in her normal submissive position, knees as wide apart as possible, hands resting palm up on her thighs, back straight with her head up and her eyes lowered to look at David’s belt buckle. Her breathing was still recovering from her full-on frantic crying, but she spoke as clearly as she could. “Thank you David for correcting me. I was punished because I lost track of time and did not arrive home when I said I would. And then when you placed me in my corner I have not yet managed to learn to stand as still as you would like me to, to keep my bells from ringing. Please allow me some more practice at that so that I can learn to control myself better.”

“Right. Now back in your corner until it is time to make dinner.”

Kathy rose gracefully from her kneeling position, turned and walked with swaying hips, jiggling breasts and considerable jingling from her bells back to her corner and again stood with her nose about an inch from the wall. She still wore her tiny thong and her half cup bras which stopped the tiny bells attached to her nipple rings and the one that hung from her clitoral pendant, from ringing as she walked. She had not looked to see what time it was so she had no idea how long she would be standing there trying to be as still as she possibly could. She had to be careful to breath slowly so as not to disturb any of her bells.

* * *

Early on Thursday morning, as the sun brightened the curtains as it rose in the east, Kathy stirred, coming slowly to wakefulness. Almost before she was awake she tried to pull her leg up before she realized that it was still tethered by means of the cuff around her ankle, the chain that joined her ankles and the cord that was tied to the footboard of her bed. For just a moment she was annoyed at its limitations but then she thought of what it meant in their relationship and she began to think of how it would feel to be restrained as her husband wanted most of the time. She felt a lovely squirmy feeling in her belly.

She continued to lie beside David trying not to wriggle despite the fact that the excitement she felt about her restraints now began to make her realize that she needed to pee. For just a moment she considered reaching down and releasing the cord that attached her manacle to the foot of the bed and slipping to the bathroom, but then she thought, “If I was locked to the bed like I want then I would have to wait for David to release me and as this is a practice for the real thing then I must just wait for David to wake up.”

Kathy settled back to wait for David to wake and began to think of all the changes in her life that were going to be happening. The idea of the as yet unknown piercings that she was going to be getting, going to the spa and having her body completely depilated, losing the use of her car and never sitting even if she is out with friends. How on earth was she going to manage that? Then her mind turned to working with Anne to lose weight and regain her physical fitness. David said that he was going to work out where Anne could punish her. What would it be like to have another woman have control over her? Would she be able to spank her? She really had trouble getting her mind around that, but she knew that she is committed to allowing David to guide her life and so if he said that Anne had that sort of power over her then she guessed that she would have to learn to live with that.

Kathy had been lying awake thinking of all these things for about half an hour and the need to pee had been steadily increasing when David finally stirred, turned towards her and said, “Good morning, gorgeous. How are you feeling?”

Kathy smiled and said, “Great, thank you. I slept very well but I do need to pee quite badly.”

David studied her for a moment and then said, “Well you could have released your feet and gone whenever you wanted to, couldn’t you?”

Kathy didn’t hesitate, saying, “I could have but that would have been cheating. I can’t say I didn’t think about it and I can’t say that I didn’t wish that I was actually locked to the bed so that I didn’t have a choice but I know what I want and it is that you have complete control. So I stayed here and tried not to wake you, although I suppose if it had gotten too much later I would have had to wake you. What would have happened then?”

David thought for a bit. “Well, I suppose I would have to consider how really urgent it was that you go to the bathroom, and if I didn’t think it was absolutely desperate I would have to punish you for waking me.”

After a few more moments thought David said, “I think that the question of needing to pee falls into that area of self-discipline for you and control for me. Perhaps I should set up some times throughout the day when you can relieve yourself without any further permission but that if you need to go at any other time you will have to ask me and then that will come at a price. Also, you need to remember that the no sitting rule applies in this case as well. I think we better deal with this now.”

With that David slid to the side of the bed and went to the bottom to release the cord attaching Kathy’s legs to the footboard. As he did so Kathy sat up and watched as David undid the knot.

David quickly said, “Well, I guess you are not paying very close attention. What part of 'you are not allowed to sit' did you not understand?”

Kathy gave a gasp and put her hand over her mouth and fell back on the bed. She said, “Oh my god David, I really didn’t think. I was just thinking of chairs and the car. How am I going to manage?”

“I have thought about that and what you’re going to do is roll over onto your belly, slide your legs over the side into those mules so that your heels don’t touch the floor and stand up from there. That should work for now anyway with the limited rules I have set so far.”

Kathy rolled over onto her belly, which squeezed her bladder and made her realize just how urgently she now needed to pee. She quickly realized that there might be a lot more to following even the simple rules she had been given so far than she first thought. She fished around with her feet until she found her shoes. It was quite difficult with the added complication of the hobble chain between her ankles and a couple of times she had to get the shoes back into position after she knocked them over. Once her feet were in the shoes she bent her knees, pushed up with her arms and was soon on her feet. It felt strange to be so tall, standing in the bedroom in just a tiny sheer nightgown and panties.

David said, “Ok, let’s figure out how you are going to pee with the no sitting rule. Since I have never had to pee sitting down, and till now I really haven’t thought a lot about it, it seems to me that if you feel my control every time you have to do things that you have previously taken for granted and that are functions that you have no choice but to perform that this will bring home very quickly how totally you have put yourself in my hands.”

David took a somewhat stunned Kathy by the arm and led her into their bathroom where he first said, “You better get rid of those panties.”

Kathy reached to each hip and undid the bows and then pulled the tiny silky triangles from between her legs. David held out his hand and Kathy dropped the soiled cloth into it. She could even now feel David’s cum slipping from her folds. While she watched David raised the tiny panties to his nose and gave an appreciative sniff. Then he bent and released her left ankle from its cuff. Straightening up he said, “Raise the seat so that you are not tempted to sit and then step forward, facing the wall with your legs astride the toilet and squat. That is the picture I have had in my mind ever since I wrote down the rule about not sitting, but of course I wasn’t sure it would work. So let’s give it a try and see. I already see one problem; if I am going to keep you hobbled this won’t work, but we can deal with that later.”

Kathy, being used to having to put the seat down, was a little nonplussed, but then she quickly found that the real strain was going to come in spreading her legs wide enough to stand with her feet to either side of the toilet bowl. Being in the high-heeled mules was also a problem as she tried to squat without being able to rest on the toilet.

As she reached to spread her labia with her fingers David said, “No Kathy! Don’t touch yourself.” And then David surprised Kathy even further as she squatted by saying, “Don’t start yet Kathy. I want you to wait till I tell you.”

Straining hard in this awkward squatting position Kathy looked up at David and said, “Please David, this is really hard. I’m not sure how long I can hold this position.”

“Well I think that speaks to the fact that you should have been working with Anne long before this, but OK you can pee now.”

And then of course she couldn’t. There she was with her legs spread wide crouched over the toilet and her husband watching her closely and the pee just wouldn’t come. She tried desperately to will herself to release but she still couldn’t go.

She turned again to David in embarrassment with a pleading look on her face hoping that he would understand and turn away. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen her on the loo before but he had never just watched her and in this position she felt terribly exposed.

David didn’t turn away and in fact made things even more difficult as she strained to hold her legs spread in her crouched position, “Kathy, I am beginning to think that your need to go wasn’t all that great and that you are wasting my time here. You can either pee or you are going to be holding it for another hour.”

Fortunately for Kathy the simple thought of having to hold on for another hour was enough to cause her to release and a golden shower of pee streamed from her pussy, much to her physical and mental relief.

However, to her horror, David reached for the toilet paper and said as she finished, “Let me. I don’t want you touching yourself right now. I am sure from the look on your face that you wanted me to leave you alone and I think that you need to quickly learn that since you have turned control of your body over to me that there is nothing I cannot do and you will not have any privacy unless I specifically give it to you. For today I think I will add the rule that you cannot touch your pussy, your bum or your breasts.”

Having paid more attention to thoroughly wiping Kathy’s pussy than was strictly necessary, David then said, “OK stand up and step back.”

Kathy gave a moan as she raised up on her shaking thighs and stepped back bringing her legs together. She said, “Golly that was difficult! And you are right, I can’t do that with a hobble on.”

“I know and that rather spoils it for me. You could of course manage it if I didn’t make you face the wall so perhaps what we will say is that you will do it this way if you are not hobbled or if I am there to release the hobble. If you are hobbled you can back up to the toilet. And of course I have made a note to ask Anne to make sure that she works on your ability to hold a squat and then I will let you explain to her why you need that help.”

Kathy’s face and upper chest rapidly turned bright scarlet as she realized that she was going to be explaining to another woman that she needs to be able to hold a squat for quite a long time because her husband has ordered her not to sit when she goes to the loo.

David, then said, “OK Kathy, I’ve got to get into the office. Please grab a shower and then get me some breakfast and bring it to me at my desk. I would like a bap with egg and bacon and cheese and you should make yourself some oatmeal, no salt, sugar or milk and you can cut up half an apple if you like and then come and eat it in my office. When showering, make sure you follow my instructions about not touching.”

“David, how am I supposed to shower properly without touching my breasts, my pussy, or my bottom?”

“You can touch with that ‘pink scrubby thing’ you use to soap up, but no skin to skin contact, and then you just use the hand held shower to rinse off, OK?

“Yes David,” was all Kathy said in reply even as she thought that this was going to be a bit of a pain and she wasn’t sure she liked the idea of running the nylon ‘scrubby thing’ over her labia.

Kathy was beginning to get used to this austere diet but she really hated oatmeal and she knew that David knew that, but she was sure that it was pointless to complain.

David left the room and Kathy bent and released her right ankle from its cuff then stood up and pulled her nighty over her head, leaving her quite naked except for her four inch heeled mules. She studied herself in the mirror briefly before deciding that she better get a move on as she didn’t want David sitting around hungry. No telling what else he might think up.

Kathy turned on the water in the shower and waited for it to warm, then stepped out of the mules and moved into the shower. Unfortunately, she was so busy worrying about not touching the forbidden parts of her body that she forgot all about staying on her toes. She quickly soaped herself all over with the ‘pink scrubby thing’. It was no problem on her breasts although she was really careful with her nipples, but when it came to her labia and trying to make sure that she cleaned away the last of David’s cum from last night, she almost had to push it up inside her and that was not a comfortable experience. She soon decided that it would be better to give herself a bit of a douche with the hand held shower head. The only problem was that she couldn’t handle her labia so she just had to push the shower head up to her pussy and let the water flow into her and out of her.

Once she felt clean she turned off the shower and stepped out. Seeing her mules just outside the shower door she realized that she had been standing flat footed in the shower. Then she thought, “David can’t mean in the shower too, can he?” But she realized that he wouldn’t know if she didn’t tell him and so she patted herself dry with a good fluffy towel. She carefully rubbed cream into her skin without breaking the rule of not touching her breasts, her pussy, or her bottom. As she stepped into her mules she considering wrapping herself in the towel but thought better of it and walked out into the bedroom quite naked except for her shoes and carrying the hobble cuffs. If she wasn’t going to be allowed to touch her womanly parts she would need to ask David if he would put the skin lotion on them for her.

On the bed David had laid out a very short summery sun dress, white and decorated with small pink roses, with a flared skirt, a low scooped neck and made of such light material that it was at best translucent. There was also a pink half cup strapless bra that just covered her nipples with a thin layer of lace, and a pair of white thigh-high stockings and a delicate pink garter belt; but no panties. On the floor stood her white strappy sandals with three inch heels that had a thin strap that buckled around her ankle.

She thought she better dress and get downstairs so she picked up the bra and since no one was watching put the bra around her waist and fastened the back hooks while she could see them, then turned the bra and pulled it up so that it supported her breasts. She then placed the garter belt around her hips, fastened it, and smoothed it into place. She sat on the bed and carefully smoothed each stocking up her legs and attached the clips from the garter belt. Then she stood and pulled the dress over her head and let it settle in place. Again she sat and slipped her feet into her shoes, and then wanting badly to feel their restraint again she bent over and fastened the hobble cuffs around each ankle. Turning to her dressing table mirror she brushed out her hair thoroughly, applied some light eye make-up and lipstick before standing and checking herself in her dressing table mirror. Twisting her hips to cause the skirt of the dress to flare out and flash the tops of her stockings she was quite pleased with the effect and decided she was ready to go down and get breakfast ready. She walked very carefully out of the room working to make sure that the hobble chain didn’t catch on anything.

After preparing David’s breakfast sandwich and her oatmeal and half an apple Kathy carried a tray into David’s office. David cleared a space and Kathy put the tray on the edge of the desk and started to pick up her food.

But David said, “Hang on Kathy, I have a couple of questions before we eat. Kneel please, right here.” Pointing to a spot at the side of his desk.

Kathy dropped to her knees, placed her hands on her thighs, thrust her breasts forward, and keeping her head up looked squarely at David’s belt buckle just as she had been told to do.

David said, “Look at me please Kathy. I have several things to say and questions to ask. For the moment please do not speak, just listen. I am sure I will know a lot from the look on your face.”

Kathy looked up at David and he began, “Right, I am pleased to see you dressed in the clothes I laid out but I really find it hard to understand how you managed it. I heard you showering and I assume you took off the mules to get in the shower. Did you let your heals touch the floor of the shower? Did you manage to shower without touching skin to skin your pussy, your breasts and your bottom? I can smell your skin lotion so did you touch your womanly parts when you put that on? When you dressed did you sit down at all? How did you get your bra on without touching your breasts?”

Kathy’s face first went white and then her eyes filled with tears and she sobbed pitifully realizing that on her first morning of being possessed by her husband she had made so many mistakes.

David said, “You can see where I am going with this. While you eat your oatmeal I want you to think through exactly what you did after I left. When we finish eating take our dishes and go to your desk in the kitchen and write down all the things you did right and all the things you did wrong. Once you have done that bring that list back in here and kneel just as you are now and wait till I have a minute to discuss your list.”

David took Kathy’s bowl and plate off the tray and handed them to her and said, “Eat now and we can get you back on the straight and narrow a bit later.”

Kathy suddenly didn’t feel very hungry although before the small bowl of oatmeal and half an apple had seemed very meager, but she ate anyway, miserably thinking through each move she had made after David left her in the bathroom.

When she glanced up and saw that David had finished his sandwich she rose as gracefully as she could and carried the plate to the kitchen. She quickly realized that where before the little low desk in the kitchen had been easy to use with the small task chair that would not work anymore, so she moved the chair away and knelt up straight which brought her to almost the right height to use her computer although her knees really felt the hard tile floor. This might not be a comfortable place for her to work from now on. She quickly opened a word file and set up two pages, one headed ‘Things I Did Right’ and one headed, ‘Things I Did Wrong’. She went through the time around the shower and made her lists.

‘Things I Did Right’
Did not touch my breasts skin to skin in the shower.
Did not touch my bottom skin to skin in the shower.
Did not touch my pussy skin to skin in the shower.
When I wasn’t in the shower I kept my heals off the floor.
Did not touch my breasts skin to skin when I used my lotion.
Did not touch my bottom skin to skin when I used my lotion.
Did not touch my pussy skin to skin when I used my lotion.
Put on my hobble chain when I got dressed.

‘Things I Did Wrong’
Let my heels touch the floor of the shower.
Sat on the bed to put on my stockings.
Sat at my dressing table to do make-up and hair.
Touched my bottom when I put on my garter belt.
Touched my breasts when I put on my bra.
Let my heals touch the floor when I changed shoes.
When I put on my clothes I was not trying to be elegant and pleasing.

When Kathy was done she rose to her feet and returned to David’s office. She knelt just as she had before and waited for David to recognize her. Time seemed to draw out and Kathy began to fidget. Her knees hurt, her back was getting stiff from pushing her breasts forward and she kept looking up to see what David was doing.

Finally David looked up and said, “Kathy, you are a fidget and I am going to have to train that out of you if this is going to work. Now hand me your list and let me have a look.”

David read the list and then said, “You have managed to make it look as if they are pretty even but I tend to feel that the not touching yourself rule was one rule not three so I think there was rather more things you did wrong than things you did right. But now let me ask you the really important question. I think you realized that you had failed over things like putting your heel to the floor and sitting while you dressed. If I had not asked you some of the questions I did would you have admitted to the things you did wrong or would you have been hoping that you could get away with them because I was not there to see them?”

Kathy hesitated for just a moment, bowed her head and then looked up with the glint of tears in her eyes. She said, “I’m sorry David, I did realize that I had failed to follow your rules although until you made me list the things that I did, I didn’t think that I did that much wrong and I was hoping that you wouldn’t know. I’m very sorry!”

“Well Kathy, I am glad you admitted that and I am glad you now realize how much you did wrong, but now I need to figure out a punishment that will ensure that you remember this lesson.”

David stood up and took Kathy, leading her by the upper arm, to the far corner of his office where he stood her facing the blank wall. He said, “I am going to leave you here for a while to contemplate what you did and what you should have done. I want you to stand as still as you possibly can so that you do not distract me from the work I need to get done. Put your hands behind your back and grip the opposite elbow please.”

Kathy gripped each elbow and then to Kathy’s surprise David lifted the hem of her dress and tucked it under her arms revealing her thighs and bottom to his view.

“Make sure you don’t let your bottom get covered again. I want to be able to watch those lovely cheeks and imagine what they are going to look like after your punishment. Since one of your misdeeds was sitting I figure your punishment should make absolutely sure that you don’t want to sit again for a while”.

David kept Kathy standing in the corner for almost an hour and a half. She wasn’t very good at standing still and it was really hard, standing in very high heels, her bottom exposed and with nothing to look at but a blank wall. Her mind was in a turmoil wondering just how David was going to make sure she didn’t want to sit down and hearing David tapping away at his computer and hearing him pushing papers around on his desk it was all she could do not to let her curiosity get the better of her and turn around to see what he was doing.

Finally she heard David push back his chair and stand up and she thought her wait was over, but she heard his steps leave the room and once again she almost turned to see what was going on. Just in time she remembered the spanking she got on the first night of her submission to David and held her position.

David was only gone for a couple of minutes. When he returned he took Kathy by the upper arm as he said, “Well done Kathy, I am pleased that you managed to hold position, even if you did fidget a lot. We will have to do something about that but for a first time you did well. Now take off your dress and then bend over my desk. Grip the other side with your hands and spread your legs so that your hobble chain is tight.”

Kathy moved quickly to one of the guest chairs in front of David’s desk and pulled her dress over her head and hung it carefully on the back of the chair and then placed herself over the desk as David had asked.

David said, “Alright Kathy, when I bought those cuffs the other day I picked up this riding crop which I thought would be useful for putting a little more pain in your punishments so that you didn’t enjoy them quite as much as a simple spanking. Since this is the first time we have done more than a spanking I am going to see how ten strokes of the crop works on you.”

Kathy gasped loudly as she realized that this was going to be a real punishment.

David continued, “We are going to follow a pattern in all your punishments. First you will go to a corner and contemplate what you did wrong. Then you will receive your punishment and then you will return to the corner so that you can concentrate on how not to put yourself in the same situation again. I don’t want to be having to punish you. I want you to learn to be an obedient wife who strives always to follow my rules in the most pleasing manner possible.”

Kathy felt David step away from her and tried to prepare herself for the punishment she had coming but when David raised his arm and then brought the crop hissing down on her bottom she quickly learned that nothing could have prepared her for the strike of the crop. A line of fire erupted across both cheeks and Kathy yelped loudly and her whole body went rigid. She started to bring her hands around to grab her buttocks but David immediately said, “No Kathy, hold your position or that stroke won’t count.”

Kathy’s hands went slowly back to the far side of the desk, she gave a wiggle of her bottom to try and ease the fire and she took a deep breath. Just as her body settled back down she heard the buzz of the crop as it came down again. She briefly thought she might be able to handle the second stroke but to her total shock it fell across the top of her thighs just a little above her stoking tops and she once again cried out. She did however manage to hang on to the other side of the desk, but tears erupted in her eyes and she sobbed loudly.

David leaned down close to her and ran his hand gently over Kathy’s bottom and thighs where the crop had left red welts. He quietly said, “I did warn you that this was going to make sure you don’t forget the ‘no sitting’ rule anytime soon. I know only too well that in many ways you really enjoy a spanking so I know that when it came time to punish you for real I would have to make sure that I found something more effective.”

Kathy found the soft stroking of his hand over her abused skin very soothing and her sniffling eased a bit, but almost immediately David stepped back, raised is arm and brought the crop down hard once again on her bottom. The crop bit deep across both buttocks, and Kathy howled from what seemed like an even harder blow. David watched as another raised ridge of flesh rose to show where the crop had struck.

David had been reading everything he could in the last couple of days on how to punish with a crop without breaking the skin, for although he was determined to be a strong master he certainly did not want to be a cruel one and for sure he did not want to leave any scarring on his beautiful wife. He waited for Kathy to relax back to the desk and then struck again on the backs of her thighs.

David continued to bring the crop down on Kathy’s bottom and thighs, waiting between strokes for her to calm herself somewhat, until there were five deep red ridges across her buttocks and five spaced from just above the top of her stockings to the beginning of the curve of her buttocks. By the end Kathy was wailing piteously.

As she calmed from that last stroke David said, “Stay there until I come back.” And walked out of the room.

Kathy’s breathing and sobbing slowly calmed and her death grip on the far side of the desk top eased. After about 15 minutes David walked back into the room and said, “Alright Kathy, I want you to stand up and go back to your corner just as you are. I want you to think about what you did wrong for a while longer. Remember that you may not touch your bottom. I will put on some lotion that should soothe things a bit, in a little while, but for now I want you to feel your punishment. I do not want to have to be treating you like this very often. Hurting you like this really does not do anything for me. But remember, you have asked me to give you the discipline you believe you need and I have made up my mind to do that. And keep yourself still while you are there. I intend to teach you to stop your fidgeting.”

Kathy slowly eased herself off the desk and turned, still with tears streaks down her face and very red eyes and walked rather awkwardly, because of the intense pain that was causing a deep throbbing in her bottom and thighs, back to the corner, where she took up position with her nose only inches from the blank wall.

End of part 4

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