Kathy’s Submission
by Strata27

Part 3

As mentioned before this story is purely fiction. There are certainly going to be things that I write about that would be very difficult if not impossible to achieve in the real world. This is purely the product of my rather perverted mind and I just hope that at least some of you enjoy reading it. Your comments are very welcome.

Kathy managed to hold back her tears for the first three or four strokes of the paddle. She responded to each stroke by counting it and asking for the next. The fifth stoke got her though, as it fell right at the joint of her buttocks and thighs, and she burst into sobs and had to take a moment before counting and requesting the next. Her mind was struggling with the fact that she knew she had a lot more strokes to come and she wasn’t sure how she was going to manage to handle them as her bottom was very sore already. And then she almost giggled as the thought entered her mind that her bottom being very sore didn’t matter like it used to before she gave her complete submission to her husband, for she now lived a very different lifestyle and her bottom being sore would not be the problem it would have been. One of her rules was that she never sat. She knelt, she stood and she lay down but unless she went out with David in the car or to a restaurant with him, her bottom never touched a chair or the bed when in a sitting position or the floor or any other surface for that matter.

Still, the next whack with the paddle brought her right back to the present and just how sore her bottom and thighs were going to be. She really needed to remember not to get distracted and lose her sense of time even if she was having a great time with a close friend.

* * *

She had always had trouble with time, and even that first night when David sent her off to the bathroom she got a bit lost in herself as she stripped off her tiny thong and cleaned herself of David’s sperm, which was leaking from her pussy and onto her thighs. She couldn’t help thinking about how wonderful it felt to have David take her and use her body for his pleasure. Sure enough, she had cum with him but the sex had been all about David taking her and she just loved it.

It took David calling out to her to hurry up before she slipped out of the bathroom and went quickly to her computer where she rapidly retrieved the URL’s for the two stories she wanted him to read, put them in an email to him and sent them off. She then quickly removed her bra and slipped back into bed with David and snuggled her bottom back into his groin. David slipped an arm around her and took a loose hold of her right breast, gave it a firm squeeze and said, “Sleep now!” and she relaxed in his arms and was soon dead to the world.

The Sunday morning sunshine shining into their bedroom woke them as it usually did. Kathy found that they really had not moved around in the night and she was pleased to find David’s stiff prick resting firmly between her buttocks and his hand still holding onto her breast. Before she knew what was happening David flipped her onto her back put his mouth to her lips, shoved her legs apart and drove that wonderful stiffness deep into her pussy. She was a little dry but she took the slight pain in her stride. After all, if this is what David wanted she wanted him to take it.

He drove into her hard and was soon pounding away. Her pussy reacted quickly and rapidly became wet and very accommodating and she moaned and thrust back at him hard. David did not last long and soon stiffened and gave a loud groan as he pumped his seed deep in her womb. As he came he broke their kiss and he was soon looking down at her with a big smile on his face.

Kathy spoke first saying, “Golly, if I had any idea that giving myself to you completely would get me screwed like that on a Sunday morning I would have given myself to you a long time ago.”

David replied, “Dreaming all night of owning a woman like you made me feel very powerful. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me?”

“That was perfect! Please take me like that any time you want!”

“Well I will, but we still have a lot of things to work out. I want to read those stories and so let’s just have a normal Sunday and see where things go from here.”

Kathy said, “Why don’t I get you your Kindle and you can be reading those stories, while I get us some breakfast. Shall I bring it up so that you can have breakfast in bed?”

David thought for a moment and then replied, “I think that will work. I have a few things I need to do today but I can at least get a start on the stories. But you said get us some breakfast. Let’s not forget that I am going to be watching what you eat and drink from now on so I will have my usual Sunday morning eggs and bacon but I want you to get yourself some orange juice and perhaps a yogurt. I think that will be sufficient for now, don’t you?”

A little thrill ran through Kathy as she realized that David was taking the control of her diet seriously and she responded, “Thank you for thinking of that. Yes I will just have some orange juice and a yogurt. I will bring you your eggs and bacon.”

David laid back in bed and opened up the URL that Kathy had sent him for the ‘Glimpses of the Island’ story. He quickly realized it was a long one and that he wasn’t going to get it read that quickly.

After about forty five minutes Kathy brought him his breakfast and she dropped to her knees beside the bed and placed the tray beside him. He looked at her for a moment and then said, “No Kathy, I don’t want that yet. Get up please, and I want you to go about your day and probably the next few days as you would have done if last night had not happened, except for eating what I tell you. Let me do some reading and thinking and hopefully I will get my head around what you want and for that matter, what I want. OK?”

Kathy got a very disappointed look on her face but said, “Yes, David, I understand and I will try to go back, but your taking control last evening was very powerful for me. I loved every minute of it, even or perhaps especially that very hard spanking you gave me and I want you to know that I really do want this. I will do whatever you want, I will dress just how you want and I want your control over everything I do.”

* * *

David got very engrossed in the story, ‘Glimpses of the Island’, and before he knew it Kathy came into the bedroom. He had vaguely heard her going about the house but he had not paid any real attention.

“What would you like for lunch?” she asked.

David quickly looked at the clock and realized that it had somehow reached 1:00 PM. He thought for a moment and replied, “I would love a sandwich, turkey if we have it, and why don’t you make yourself a salad? No dressing of course. I’ll have a beer with that and you can have water. Let’s eat it on the patio. I’ll be down in about ten minutes.”

Kathy simply said, “Lovely,” in a rather annoyed tone and headed back downstairs.

When David joined Kathy on the patio, she was standing by the table, adjusting the umbrella. He reached out and took her by the arm and turned her to face him. She had a cross look on her face.

“I rather thought I heard an attitude in your voice, when I told you to make me a sandwich and a beer and to make you a salad with no dressing and water to go with it. And now I see a peeved look on your face. Am I right?”

Kathy looked up into his very serious face and immediately thought – ‘Oh-Oh.’

“I’m sorry David. Despite the fact that I want your control, the food thing is going to be a little hard to take, but I know I need you to control me because if I had my way I would be eating a sandwich too and I know I would have probably had a wine or beer with it. I’ll never get my figure back that way, but it is very difficult.”

“Well, I will let it go this time but however this whole deal works out, on the food issue I am going to take a firm hand. No reason I can’t give you a spanking to keep you in line, so no more attitude. I am going to be deciding what you eat and drink. If you eat anything else or give me any attitude, I am going to warm your bottom or worse. So now let’s eat.”

Kathy once again got that warm feeling in her belly as David took charge of her and they settled into a peaceful lunch on the patio looking out at the surrounding country side and discussing the things they would be doing for the rest of the week.

David left Kathy to tidy up the lunch things and he went back to his office to organize some notes that he needed to have for one of his clients who he would be meeting with early in the week. In the end the rest of Sunday went by without a lot of change to their normal routine and so did Monday and Tuesday because David was pretty busy with his Engineering Consulting business. He managed to read through Kathy’s stories after work was done for the day and, needless to say, they really got him thinking. He found it hard to imagine that anyone would want to be controlled as much as the women in the stories were, but on the other hand he really was very excited by the idea of having total control himself. He began to try to figure out how to take things forward with Kathy and came to the conclusion that probably making a start as soon as possible was advisable but also, that they should take things step by step.

He came to the conclusion that first he really needed to get Kathy to be very detailed about what she wanted, so on Wednesday morning before he went to his office David sat on the edge of the bed placed a pillow from the bed on the floor in front of him. He said to Kathy, as she came out of their bathroom, “Please come here and kneel down here on this pillow.”

Kathy was still damp from her shower and was wrapped in a white fluffy towel as she moved across the room to David. She felt a thrill pass through her. This was the first time she had knelt to her husband since he asked her not to on Sunday and she hoped that this meant that he was now really going to take charge.

When she was settled David said, “First, drop the towel and then spread your knees wide and put your hands on your thighs, palms up, so that I can look at you properly.”

Kathy reached up and untwisted the towel from just above her breasts, raised up slightly and then pulled the towel away from her body, exposing herself completely to David’s view. She then moved her knees to the edges of the king-size pillow she was kneeling on, revealing her pussy to David. Remembering his instruction from last Sunday about doing everything she could to please the person watching her she moved her hands to her thighs and thrust her breasts forward as if offering them up to David. But she still kept her eyes down.

David took his time studying Kathy and she was terribly tempted to look up and into his eyes, but she held her position and waited.

David then said, “I have finished reading your stories and I feel that I have some idea what you want. They have put a great many ideas in my head. I want you to take time today to write down the first five things you want to have me do or take charge of, not including your food, as that is already happening. I have already started my list and I will finish it up today. At eight this evening I want you to come up to our room and resume the position you are in now with your list placed right there in front of you on the pillow. I will bring my list and we will compare notes. Can you manage that?”

“Yes David, since I have had little on my mind other than how I want you to control me, that should not be difficult.”

“Good then, so why don’t you put on that pair of white lacy ‘boy short’ panties you have, a white lacy bra, the shortest shorts you have and a tee shirt. I know high heels are going to be one of my things, so a pair of strappy sandals should look good with that outfit. And when you are dressed I have something for you that I picked up in town yesterday.”

Kathy rose as gracefully as she could from her kneeling position and moved to her lingerie drawer. She got dressed in the clothes David wanted as quickly and gracefully as she could and then returned to kneel in front of her husband.

David said, “Hold out your hands in front of you please, and close your eyes.”

Kathy did as she was told and David brought out from behind him a set of leather cuffs with a chain about eighteen inches long between them. He wrapped the first cuff around her left wrist and then wrapped the second around her right one. They were made of soft light brown leather with a brass buckle fastening and the chain between them was brass as well.

After fastening them around Kathy’s wrists David said, “You can open your eyes now.”

He watched Kathy’s face carefully as she closely studied the bonds that now prevented her hands from moving any further than eighteen inches apart. She twisted her wrists from side to side and then looked up at her husband with a huge smile on her face. “Oh David, they are beautiful! Will you lock them on me?”

“Not today, Kathy. They do lock but I want you to get used to them and if things get difficult I want you to know that you can take them off. But I would like you to try to make it through the day in the cuffs. It should be interesting. Something to remind you that your husband is in charge and that you will not have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, if you follow this course.”

“They are beautiful David! Thank you so much. I love them and honestly I can’t wait to have them locked on. Did you get a shorter chain as well? I think this is going to be almost too easy.”

“I do have a shorter chain but I want you to try this first and see how it goes. Now off with you.”

Kathy rose to her feet on her three inch strappy white sandals, tight shorts, and tight tee shirt, then turned and walked to the door of the bedroom swaying her hips as provocatively as she could manage. It certainly kept David’s eyes on her bottom all the way out the door.

As she walked down the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen Kathy assessed how she felt. She would never have picked these clothes for herself. Her breasts swayed very slightly, rubbing her nipples against the soft lace of her bra because of the way the tall heels made her hips swing. The tight crotch of her short shorts pulled her lacy panties into her pussy and rubbed very slightly against the sensitive flesh. She felt tall because her normal footwear around the house did not have three inch heels and she could not help but tug at the chain between her wrists as she walked, feeling the restraint of the cuffs and chain that would prevent her from any time today moving her hands more than eighteen inches apart.

Her mind was a whirl and her pussy was already damp when she walked into the kitchen. She went over to her little desk in the corner where she kept her laptop, sat down and opened a new word file and typed, ‘What I Want’ as a title for the new page. Then she leaned back in the chair and let her mind loose. Almost immediately she began to type.

1. Have me get the piercing you have always wanted me to get in my belly button and any others you would really want me to have.
2. Place a collar round my neck, lock it in place, and have me wear it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
3. Buy an instrument of corporal punishment that will, when used on whatever portion of my anatomy you choose, remind me of the need for obedience to your orders and rules.
4. Set me an exercise schedule that challenges me and helps me to return my body to the shape I was in when we first met.
5. Dress me just the way you want me every day all day, whether I think it is appropriate for what I am doing or where I am going or not. In other words, always dress me to please you.

This list was not accomplished all at one sitting. Kathy came and went from her computer as she worked around the house, doing the laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, tidying the kitchen, making their bed, and all the other household chores. She found the restraints on her wrists to be only a slight impediment and really started thinking as the day went on that she needed to persuade David to make her restraints a lot more difficult to deal with.

She made them lunch and called him from his office to eat it as she usually did. She ate her salad without dressing without any complaint and both she and David drank water. He asked briefly if she was managing OK and she said she was and that was the only conversation that even came close to referring to their relationship. David returned to his office after lunch and Kathy went on with the housework and her task of preparing her list.

* * *

David walked into his office and had to adjust his trousers in order to accommodate the erection that had come to life as he directed Kathy to dress to please him and then watch her sway seductively out of the bedroom. He sat down at his desk and opened a word file into which he planned to put his first five rules for his wife to follow as his submissive. His first thought was simple and he had known he wanted this almost from the moment she asked him to take control of her life. He typed:

1. Go to a salon or spa and have them depilate your body below the neck entirely. Be sure to explain to the technician that your husband has ordered you to do this and explain that if, when he examines your body if he finds any hairs that you will be punished.

He decided to work on and consider carefully what else he wanted. After about an hour and a half he paused in his work, opened the word file again, and typed:

2. Discard any bras that cover your nipples and any panties that are not thongs or ‘boy shorts’. Then go to several stores and purchase half-cup bras that support your breasts but expose your nipples. Also, purchase sufficient thongs for everyday use in matching colors.

Once again he got back to work although if he were to admit the truth most of his mind was on what else he wanted Kathy to do. At various intervals he stopped working and typed the other three items on his list.

3. Never place your heels on the ground whether you are wearing shoes or not. Your shoes are to have a heel of a minimum height of three inches and preferably higher at all times.
4. Begin to work with a personal trainer of my choice who will set up and direct you through an exercise program that will reshape your body to please me.

Finally he decided to add a rule that was certainly going to change completely the way Kathy went about her day. Currently Kathy had a car that she used to run around town, go to the grocery store, and go to see her friends whenever she wanted. It really wasn’t necessary because there were plenty of shops within easy walking distance and there was excellent public transport around the town if she needed to go further than it was comfortable to walk. Of course with the high heel rule in place walking distance might be shortened a bit. So David added:

5. Never again sit unless specifically given permission to do so by me. Your bottom is for my pleasure and your punishment from now on.

After he had written number five he reviewed the list, decided that these rules would do for now, and he tried really hard to turn his mind back to the work he needed to complete.

About two hours later he was done with what he needed to do that day. He checked his watch and realized he had time to call his cousin Anne, a professional personal trainer. He had several times in the past suggested that Kathy go to Anne for help in getting fit, but somehow she had always managed to be too busy or even forget the appointment.

Anne’s phone rang three times before she picked up. “Hi, this is Anne at Performance Private Training. How can I help you?”

“Hi Anne, this is David. How are things?”

“Great David, it’s good to hear from you. It has been a while. Don’t tell me you are going to try to get Kathy to come to me again. Last time you set up an appointment she just didn’t show up. Usually I get pretty upset about that sort of thing but since you are family I let it go, after she called a couple of days later and apologized.”

“Well actually yes, I am calling to get an appointment for Kathy, but it is going to be different this time. I will be bringing her down to make sure she gets there and I need our appointment to be long enough to give me time to explain a whole new set of circumstances. I know that probably sounds odd but I will make everything clear when we get there. If you could put a couple of hours aside for us I would really appreciate it. And I really do apologize about how Kathy has treated her appointments with you in the past.”

“No problem David. Like I said, you’re family and all I really want is the best for you and Kathy. I know Kathy was in great shape when you met and when I see her around I am always a little disappointed how she has sort of let herself go. I know I can help her and I am sure she would feel better if only she would let me help.”

“I know she will too. When would be a good time for us to come in?”

“If you really think you need a couple of hours, why don’t you come in Friday afternoon about three o’clock? I don’t have any appointments after lunch that day. That will give me a few minutes to tidy up around the gym and then we will have plenty of time to talk with no interruptions, if that will work for you.”

“That will be excellent Anne. We will be at the studio at three and I’ll explain everything then.”

David and Anne chatted for a few more minutes about how her mother (David’s aunt by marriage, although she was no longer strictly related because David’s uncle had died some years back) was doing and what Anne’s brother was up to out in the States, before they hung up.

By the time his conversation was over it was five o’clock, so David left his office and went to find Kathy, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen. He got himself a glass of wine and poured Kathy a glass of grapefruit juice. She stood stirring a sauce at the stove and David came up behind her and put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him, leaning down and kissing her neck. As he stood and held her he asked, “How was your first day in restraints. Did you have to take them off at any time?”

“No, I loved wearing them. There were a few times it was a bit challenging but I managed. I had to be very careful not to get the chain caught on anything. In fact, in some ways there were times it would be easier if the chain was rather shorter, because then it wouldn’t droop and get in the way. But I really loved the way they reminded me that you have taken control. Will you let me wear them all the time?”

“We’ll have to see about that. Being leather you are going to have to have them off to bathe and also any time that you are going to have to get your hands in water, but I think we can arrange for you to keep them on most of the time. But I also think that sometimes we’ll use them as a hobble between your ankles. That should make things interesting for you.”

Kathy went on to tell David what she had been doing around the house and after she finished describing her day he let her get on with cooking and slipped away into the living room where he turned on the local news.

About 30 minutes later Kathy called him to dinner and when he walked into the dining room he found a pork chop with potatoes and broccoli on the table in his place. Kathy stood behind her usual chair at the place setting opposite David’s where a plate of broccoli and carrots was waiting for her.

Kathy said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I just really couldn’t face another salad so I just cooked myself some vegetables. I hope that is OK?”

“Well yes I suppose so,” replied David. “I really think you should have asked me but I will let that go this time. I think it is my fault anyway because I did not give you any specific instructions and we haven’t really established how things are going to work. Let’s eat and then we can sort that out as well when you come to me later.”

David and Kathy sat and ate their meal and when he had cleaned his plate he suggested that she get herself some fruit and him a little ice cream. Kathy would really have liked some ice cream as she just loved the stuff, but she cleared the plates and went to the kitchen and brought back a small bowl of fruit for her and ice cream for David.

David ate in silence for a bit and then said, “Did you get your list done?”

“Yes David, I did. It is already for you to see. I really do hope you are planning on going forward with taking control. As I went about the housework today I just couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything but how it will feel to have you control me. I just am not a good organizer and I really did not get a lot done. I need someone to tell me what to do and to make sure I do those things. It felt odd to be dressed like this, especially to be going about the house in these heels, and it made it awkward at times and the cuffs were as I already said, challenging but I am excited that you want control and I really want to please you.”

“OK. Come and snuggle up on the sofa for a bit and then you can go up and get yourself ready to discuss our lists.”

Kathy curled up on the sofa beside David and rested her head on his shoulder as he put his arm around her and pulled her close. She really wasn’t interested in the news and paid no attention but it felt good to be close to David and it felt even better as his hand began to steadily massage her left breast. Her nipples rapidly became erect and very obvious through her T-shirt. David’s fingers soon began to grasp and squeeze her nipple as well as fondling her breast and Kathy just slipped off into a haze of pleasure.

At about 7:00 David gave Kathy’s nipple a quite forceful squeeze between his finger and thumb that woke her from her daydream. “OK, off you go and get ready. You do remember how I told you I want you, don’t you?”

As Kathy uncurled herself and stood up she said, “Yes David, I really haven’t thought about much else other than how it is going to feel to be kneeling at your feet. I want this very badly and I am ready to give myself completely to you for your pleasure.”

David said, “Good, let me have the restraints for now.” And he took her left arm in his left hand and released the buckle on that wrist. Then he took her other hand and released her other wrist and then turned her away from him, patted her bottom, and sent her on her way.

Kathy stopped by her small desk in the kitchen and picked up her list and headed upstairs. She decide that she would take a shower and pamper herself with her favorite body lotion, do her makeup and hair so that she would look as good as possible for David when she knelt and presented her list. Slipping into their master suite she stripped off the tight t-shirt and shorts, unclasped her bra, and tossed it into the laundry basket. As she slipped her panties down her thighs she looked down and realized that the crotch was very wet. She slid the fingers of her right hand back up her thigh and very gently slipped their tips through the petals of her pussy. Her hand came away with white cream across the tips of her fingers and she quickly realized that she could smell the musk of her arousal. Obviously, all the changes today, the fact that David had decided what she wore, the high heels, and the restraints on her wrists had really got to her. “What's it going to be like when David take full control?" she muttered. "I'll probably need to change my panties several times a day”.

She slipped into the shower and carefully washed her body. As she carefully soaped between her legs she was tempted to arouse herself even more but she knew she didn’t have a lot of time so she took her razor and just carefully trimmed her pussy hair and then rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, drying herself thoroughly with a big fluffy towel. She blow dried her hair into its simple style that framed her face and then took her favorite body lotion and carefully worked it into her skin from her toes to her neck. She started to wrap the towel around herself as she walked out into the bedroom and then thought better of it since she would soon be kneeling naked and waiting for David.

She sat at her dressing table and looked at herself very carefully in the mirror. She set about doing her makeup just as she had done it last Saturday, which seemed to have made David very happy.

Once she was satisfied she rose, picked up her list and went to the bed where she retrieved a pillow and set it on the floor. Then she knelt with her knees out to the edges, set the list on the pillow facing where she thought David would sit, placed her hands on her thighs, thrust her chest forward, lifted her head and lowered her eyes, and waited. She realized quickly that her pussy was once again very wet and that she had totally forgotten to look to see what time it was so she had no idea how long she would need to wait for David to arrive.

Looking down as she was she could clearly see her list even though it was upside down and as she read through it one more time she became more and more aroused at the thought of the power she was giving over to David.

She was jerked out of her reverie by the TV going off downstairs and the sound of David moving around and then hearing his steps on the stairs. Her mind turned to wondering what he had on his list. Would any of their ideas overlap?

And then she felt the movement of the air on her bare skin as David pushed the door open and strode across the room to stand and then sit in front of her. She started to look up but remembering her lesson in patience last Saturday she held her position.

David, having sat, studied the naked form of his wife. She was clearly a little agitated as her breathing was quick and shallow as evidenced by the rapid rise and fall of her beautiful full breasts. Looking down he was pretty sure he could see a damp patch on the pillow below her pussy that was held wide open by her widespread thighs.

After what seemed like an hour to Kathy but was really only about 45 seconds David said, “Good girl, you have positioned yourself just as I envisioned.” He reached down and picked up Kathy’s list and began to read it.

“Well that is pretty interesting Kathy. Please look up so that I can see your eyes clearly while we talk.”

And Kathy looked up and smiled at the face of the man she hoped would be her master for the rest of her life.

“The request for a collar may be taking things a little further than I was initially thinking, especially for you to wear it 24 hours a day. And giving me the right to have you pierced the way I would like really is open ended. Are you sure you want me to have ‘carte blanche’?”

“Yes please David. I fought you on the belly button piercing because I am really chicken. It hurt when I had my ears pierced and it was a fiddle caring for the new piercings and I just didn’t want to go through any of that again even though, when you suggested the belly button piercing, I knew you wanted it badly and I even thought that other girls looked good when they showed theirs off. But as I thought about you controlling me and after I read ‘The Story of Pretty Ass’, I knew that I wanted you to decide and I wanted to submit to the piercings you want to please you whatever pain and effort is required on my part.”

“I want the collar because I want a permanent symbol of my submission to you and I want it to be seen by other people. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be exactly obvious what it is. Perhaps it can look like a necklace. But I want it to be there to remind me and anyone who knows about it that I am yours and most of all I don’t want to be able to take it off.”

“OK, I will see what I can find. I had thought about a collar and I had a look around online to see what might be available. I really liked the bit where ‘Pretty Ass” has to take chains that are attached to her ears and fastened to the back of her collar during the day and then she brings them round and fastens them with a lock to a septum piercing so that they drape across her cheeks and the lock hangs on her upper lip. I think that might look really good.”

Hearing this Kathy gasped and almost peed herself. A septum piercing was considerably more than she thought David would ever want. Would she have to go out in public with a ring hanging from her nose? What else would he want? Perhaps showing him the ‘Pretty Ass” story was too much?’ She liked the thought of nipple rings or a slave chain hanging from her clit but she never thought David would consider that. But perhaps he would? Perhaps she would end up with sleeves through her aureole and what about tongue piercings. Oh my God. If he could give her a septum ring he might have her pierced just about anywhere.

David continued, “I had already decided to get a paddle and a crop because I know that when I hand spank you, you pretty much enjoy it and I know I will need to correct you and really keep you on the straight and narrow sometimes. I don’t think a hand spanking is going to do that, but I also have some ideas that won’t be painful but you will not like when I use them as punishment. I am going to pick out a corner in this house that will be your punishment corner and when you need to be corrected you will be spending considerable time in that corner.

“I do really like the idea of controlling what you wear and I have already set an appointment with Anne for Friday afternoon at 3:00 PM. I will be coming with you this time and I intend to explain exactly what I want. There will be no more avoiding working with Anne, I promise you. I am really thinking that she is going to need to know how our relationship is going to be working from now on, and I think we will have to see about her having ways to punish you if you don’t perform for her.”

At this Kathy took in a very sharp breath and said, “You’re going to let Anne punish me?”

“I am. I am not yet sure what she will be comfortable with. We will be discussing that on Friday, but for sure she will send home a report card on your performance and I will also be punishing you, if you are not trying hard enough.”

At that Kathy shivered and looked down. She really had not thought about anyone but David punishing her for any misdeeds or lack of effort. But then she remembered when he had been instructing her last Saturday how he had said that she needed to be sure to move gracefully and provocatively for whoever was watching her so she supposed it was not a surprise that her trainer would have at least some power over her. As she thought about it she wasn’t too uncomfortable with Anne being a part of her training because she is after all just about family.

David turned and picked up from the bed another piece of paper. He held it out to Kathy and she looked up and took it from him.

“Here is my list Kathy. Read it through and then tell me what you think.”

Kathy read the list that David handed her:

1. Go to a salon or spa and have them depilate your body below the neck entirely. Be sure to explain to the technician that your husband has ordered you to do this and explain that if when he examines your body your husband finds any hairs that you will be punished. Then make sure that you keep your body that way at all times. If I find hairs you will be punished.
2. Discard any bras that cover your nipples and any panties that are not thongs or ‘boy shorts’. Then go to several stores and purchase half cup bras that support your breasts but expose your nipples. Also, purchase sufficient thongs for everyday use in matching colors.
3. Never place your heels on the ground whether you are wearing shoes or not. Your shoes are to have a heel of a minimum height of three inches and preferably higher at all times.
4. Begin to work with a personal trainer of my choice who will set up and direct you through an exercise program that will reshape your body to please me.
5. Never again sit unless specifically given permission to do so by me. Your bottom is for my pleasure and your punishment from now on.

Kathy read through the list getting more excited by David’s rules at every turn. He really was going to take control. Her nipples got harder and her pussy got wetter and wetter as she thought about the implications of his rules. While the first four excited her the fifth really got her thinking and she said, “David, may I ask for a clearer explanation of number 5.”

“Of course Kathy, from now on you will kneel or stand or lie down but you will not sit.”

“But what about when I drive my car? How can I not sit?”

“You won’t be driving your car. Walking is good exercise, there is perfectly good public transport to get around otherwise, and as I said, your bottom is now for my pleasure and your punishment. If we go out to a restaurant or something like that then I will give you permission to sit in my car and at the restaurant but otherwise no sitting.”

“Oh! Well that will definitely make life interesting. What if I am at a friend’s house and everyone is sitting around?”

“You will just have to figure that out, perhaps you can curl your legs under you on the sofa and basically kneel, or you will just have to find a way to stay standing or of course you could just kneel down on the floor and if anyone questions you, you could always explain that you are not allowed to sit. In fact I think that any time you find yourself in a situation of needing to sit, but not being able to, you will need to explain quite openly to anyone who asks that you are not allowed to sit.”

Kathy thought about that for a moment. At first the idea terrified her and then she thought, ‘But that is what I want. I want a collar to demonstrate my submission and I want people to know that I have rules that I live by and that I love being my husband’s submissive.’

“Thank you David, I really think you ‘get’ what I want. I am very excited and I really want to please you in every way. I hope these are just a few of the rules I will have to follow and that you will add to them and make me follow them very carefully.”

“Oh I will Kathy, I promise you.”

David looked down between Kathy’s legs and said, “I can certainly see you’re excited and I am very pleased.”

Kathy followed David’s eyes down between her legs and realized that there was now a large wet patch on the pillow. All she could say was, “Oh!”

David said, “Stand up!” in a very commanding voice. Kathy rose as gracefully as she could and then remembering rule number three, raised up on her toes.

Seeing that, David said, “Excellent Kathy, do you have a pair of heels that you can slip on and off like a pair of high-heeled slippers?”

“Yes David.”

“Then go and slip them on and come back here.”

Kathy turned and walking on the balls of her feet went to their walk in closet. David bent and picked up the pillow from the floor and brought the damp patch to his nose and sniffed, enjoying greatly the smell of Kathy’s arousal.

Shortly Kathy returned in a pair of mules with about a four inch heel and a one inch thick sole which caused her to walk with a real sway of her hips.

“Those are perfect Kathy.”

With that David lowered himself to his knees right in front of Kathy and fastened around her right ankle one of the leather straps that had been a cuff on her wrist all day. It was still joined by the eighteen inch chain to the other cuff which he proceeded to fasten around her left ankle. He then stood and said, “Are the cuffs OK? Not too tight?”

Kathy nodded her acceptance.

“I want you to walk around the room for a couple of minutes and get used to wearing the cuffs and chain as a hobble. Be very careful to start with. You will have to make sure the chain doesn’t catch on anything and you won’t want to take too long a stride or you will trip yourself.”

Kathy turned carefully and took a short step. David moved beside her and it was a good thing he did because she tried to reach out too far with her left foot and immediately tripped herself. David grabbed her upper arm and steadied her.

She turned and looked at him and said, “Gosh this may be quite difficult to get used to.” But she stepped off again and this time she didn’t try to move her foot so far. She set off across the room taking small mincing steps that made her breasts bounce and her bottom sway.

Once she got the hang of it David let her go and went back and sat on the bed. She turned before she went into the closet and came back towards David. He couldn’t take his eyes off her jiggling breasts with their very aroused nipples and when she turned away again at his signal he really enjoyed the movement of the twin globes of her bottom. She repeated that back and forth walk several times and steadily made her movements more and more graceful as she became accustomed to the high heels and short stride.

As she came back one more time, David said, “I think that will do for now Kathy. Go and clean your teeth and get ready for bed."

While Kathy was gone, David slipped out of his clothes and then waited for Kathy to return. When she came out of the bathroom Kathy had on a small see-through nightie that came just below the cheeks of her bottom and a tiny pair of panties that had a string that tied over each hip.

She said, “I hope it is Ok that I put this on. It is the only set I can wear as with the hobble chain I can’t put on normal panties and I really need panties tonight since I am just so excited and wet.”

“Well you may be a little bit wetter soon. Up on the bed with you and get those panties off right now.”

David followed Kathy up onto the bed and as she pulled the strings of the bows on her hips he pushed her feet up towards her shoulders, pulled the now loose panties aside and drove his hard cock deep into his submissive wife’s pussy.

She let out a long low moan of pleasure and lifted her hips up to meet his thrust. David thrust again and again and Kathy responded with equal abandon, loving the feel of his hard cock stretching her wet and willing pussy.

David had been excited all evening and he knew he wouldn’t last long but he wanted to make sure that Kathy came too. It had always previously taken her a while to get off but this time she was soon screaming out his name and as he stiffened and arched his back in release Kathy’s whole body shuddered with her own orgasm.

David could not collapse onto his wife as he normally would because of the chain between her ankles that stretched across his chest. He looked down at Kathy and smiled and she smiled back.

“God that was wonderful, David! You know I usually struggle to cum without a lot of foreplay but I think this whole day has really been foreplay and I was just so worked up before you even entered me. I love how this makes me feel. Please promise me that you are really going to go through with this. Make lots of rules, get me pierced, spank me or paddle me or use that crop you are going to buy, have Anne work me very hard and dress me just how you want me and please, above all, keep me in restraints of some kind all the time. I can’t wait till you get me a collar and I can feel it locked around my neck all the time.”

David slipped out of Kathy and knelt up then bent forward and pulled the cloth of her panties up between her legs, covering her pussy, then tied the string on both hips. Kathy started to protest that she would need to go to the bathroom but David said, “I know what you’re thinking but I want you to sleep with my cum inside you.”

Again Kathy could only say, “Oh!”

David moved to his side of the bed, reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a length of rope, and turned and tied the chain between Kathy’s ankle cuffs to the bottom of the bed. He pulled the sheet and blanket up over her. “I know you can simply reach down and untie that knot and I know that if you want to you can just unbuckle the cuffs, but I want to know if you are going to be all right with this sort of restraint before I lock you to the bed, which is what I intend to do in the future.”

Kathy looked up into the serious face of her husband. “All I can say is, I wish I was locked to the bed. I would love that, if that is what you want. But I do appreciate you letting me try this out first. I promise I won’t try to get up until you release me. I really love you and I really want to give you my body and soul to do with what you please.”

David smiled widely, lay down beside his wife, pulled her head onto his shoulder and said, “I love you too. Sleep now!”

Kathy just could not help but take that as an order so she relaxed completely with the feeling of her husband’s warm skin against her cheek, her breast squashed against his hard chest and her cuffs firmly holding the chain between her ankles. She briefly tried to pull her knee up to lay across his legs before she realized that was not possible with her ankles chained and tied to the bottom of the bed. So she just lay there beside him and quickly slipped into sleep, dreaming of when he would lock her collar around her neck.

End of part 3

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