Kathy’s Submission
by Strata27

Part 2

Please note that this story is purely fiction. There are certainly going to be things that I write about that would be very difficult if not impossible to achieve in the real world. This is purely the product of my rather perverted mind and I just hope that at least some of you enjoy reading it. Your comments are very welcome.

With no point of reference except a blank wall, Kathy had no idea how long she has been standing in her punishment corner in the living room of her house. Finally she heard her husband David stand up from the couch and move towards her. Unfortunately, hearing him caused her to move her head slightly to the side, so as he came up to her shoulder and griped her upper arm firmly she heard him say quietly into her ear, “That will be one more stroke added to the twenty you have coming for your tardiness, and the three for your fidgeting while you stood in your corner. So that will be a nice round two dozen strokes you have earned today, unless you have anything else you would like to tell me about while you remind yourself why you are being punished.”

David led Kathy over towards the sofa and sat right in the middle. Kathy gracefully dropped to her knees in front of her husband, keeping her head up but her eyes lowered so she looked at his belt buckle, which was her standard position at times like these.

David said, “All right Kathy, please tell me why you are about to be punished.”

Kathy replied, “I am going to receive twenty four strokes because I lost track of time when I was out with Mary and did not get home when I told you I would and there are four strokes added because I have not yet learned to avoid fidgeting when I am in my punishment corner.”

“That is correct,” said David, “Now please stand and remove your blouse and skirt and we can get this over with quickly.”

Kathy leaned back and rose up on to her four inch heels as gracefully as possible, having practiced this many times, under her husbands close supervision, over the last several weeks. She then reached to her back and unfastened the hooks on the waist of her skirt and slid down the zip that kept it tight around her hips. She shimmied her hips so that she could work the skirt over them and then allowed it to fall around her ankles to the floor, displaying her tiny thong and hold-up stockings to her husband’s view. She stepped out of the skirt and carefully bent at the knees, keeping her back straight, picked up the skirt, and rose again to her full height. She folded the skirt, dipped again as she was trained to do, and carefully placed it on the coffee table beside her.

She then began to unfasten the buttons of the tailored blouse that fit her now very lean body closely from her neck to her waist. Having unbuttoned the cuffs she pushed out her breasts towards her husband and let the blouse slip down her arms, leaving her dressed in bra, thong panties, stockings and four-inch-heeled shoes. She could not remove her shoes even if she wanted to, as they are locked around her ankles. She folded the blouse and placed it on the coffee table with her skirt. From the coffee table she picked up the paddle that David had placed there earlier, dropped to her knees in front of her husband, kissed the paddle, and then lowered her head and reached out with both arms to present the paddle to David.

David then simply said, “Over my knees.”

Kathy once again rose gracefully to her feet, stepped forward and lowered herself face down over her husband's knees, with her upper body lying on the sofa beside him, and waited for her punishment to begin.

As the paddle in David’s right hand raised and then fell to deliver the first stroke of the twenty four she had earned, Kathy counted the stroke, as she had become accustomed to doing over the last several weeks, squirming her hips slightly at the pain from a quite hard smack, “One, thank you David, please may I have the next.”


As she felt the pain from the second blow blossom through her tight bottom she thought back to that first night where this had all started; when they had left the bedroom after David had dictated exactly what she was to wear for their evening out at a very upscale restaurant.

David had been the perfect gentleman that evening as he opened and closed the car door for her. He was enjoying it immensely as he watched her deal with the need to gracefully enter the car in her very tight pencil skirt. Of course, she had to keep her legs together and sit into the car seat first before swinging her legs in to the foot well.

At the restaurant she was rather embarrassed as the valet opened her door and he had to offer her his hand when he realized, after she swung her legs out, that her skirt was so tight she would never be able to stand on her own. By the time Kathy was standing David came around the car and took her upper arm in his firm grip and led her away, walking slowly as Kathy took the very short steps, which were all she was capable of.

As they left David called his thanks to the valet. Kathy had almost said something to the valet before remembering that David had told her not to speak to anyone this evening, other than him, unless he gave her specific permission. That brought to mind that it was quite likely that there would be people they knew in the restaurant and she wondered if David would let her speak to any of them.

They entered the restaurant and were quickly seated at their table by the maître d’. Kathy breathed a sigh of relief when they got to their table without seeing anyone they knew. Their waiter was soon hovering and wished them a good evening and once again Kathy felt odd, not being allowed to respond, but then she thought of how this was because of her giving David complete control over her. A warm feeling spread through her body at that thought.

David ordered himself a cocktail and somewhat to Kathy’s surprise he ordered just water for her. After the waiter left the table, Kathy turned to David and asked why he did that. David said, “Because you said you were unhappy with your weight and I have decided that that is one thing I can help you with right away. No alcoholic beverages for you for a while, and I am going to make sure that you get on and stay on a strict diet right away. I will be selecting what you eat tonight and if we continue this, as you have said you want to, I will be controlling everything you eat and drink from now on.”

Kathy was a little stunned by this statement but once again that control that David was taking made her feel quite giddy with excitement. It really sounded like her husband was getting into controlling her. She certainly hoped, after he had read the stories she had told him about, that he would really go to town and take complete control and make her totally his.

The waiter returned with their drinks and David, who had been perusing his copy of the menu while he kept Kathy busy by chatting about the party that they would be attending next weekend, ordered a simple house salad for her and what sounded like a particularly mouthwatering salmon dish for himself. Kathy glanced at her husband and almost opened her mouth to say something, but she got a look from David that immediately reminded her that he was in charge.

After the waiter left the table she asked David if the salad was all she would be eating and he said that if she was particularly good he might share a little bit of his salmon but otherwise, yes, the salad would be her meal.

They chatted on and David kept the conversation away from the subject of their relationship, talking about friends and his business which he ran from his home office. After about ten minutes a couple walked up to their table on their way to be seated. Kathy looked up and recognized one of David’s customers who occasionally stopped by the house to consult with David. Ian quickly introduced his wife Joan to David and Kathy. David had stood up as they approached and shook both their hands while Kathy remained seated. Both Ian and Joan reached over to Kathy who smiled and shook their hands but she remained silent as David had instructed. There was just the slightest awkward pause when Kathy did not speak and then David quickly spoke to both of them wishing them a very pleasant meal and an enjoyable time.

As the couple walked away Kathy turned to David and said, “Wow that was a bit awkward.”

David simply replied, “Well you did ask to be controlled, and you might just have to get used to talking a lot less in the future. Don’t worry, I won’t do this all the time, but I do want to see how well you can follow instructions. You did really well then.”

At that compliment Kathy’s face really lit up and she once again felt a warm feeling in her belly.

Their food came and David thanked the waiter for both of them. Kathy quickly realized that her salad came without dressing and when she asked David if he would get her some he said, “No, I think it is best that you know some of the things I may force on you if I control your life. I have been thinking that if we take this further anything you feed yourself will be very bland and will definitely be diet food. Although, as I told you, I love the way you are now, I really did love the girl I first met and fell in love with. I remember in particular the first time you were naked with me that your beautiful full breasts seemed so incredibly large against your slight figure. I would really like to see you that way again.”

Kathy could not help thinking that that didn’t sound like much fun, but then she realized she was going to need to take ‘the rough with the smooth’ if she expected David to be in complete control and that thought of his complete control once again sent tingles through her lower belly.

After the meal was over David walked Kathy out to the car and after the valet brought it round helped her ease her way into the passenger seat. Then he closed her door, tipped the valet, and seated himself before driving off. They were quiet in the car on the way home until they were turning into the driveway of their house. As he turned he said, “Kathy, are you happy with the way things have gone so far? Do you want to continue with me controlling you?”

Kathy paused for a moment and then said, “I have really loved having you take control. I have not minded at all only talking to you except for that one slightly awkward moment with Ian and Joan. I know that this is what I want. I want to give you all of me and have you make all the decisions in our lives. I can’t wait for you to read those stories and see what parts of them you like and what rules you make that I must follow.”

David replied, “Great, I feel pretty good about this and I want to read those stories too. I am sure they will give me a much better insight into what you want. Let’s get inside and see about that spanking I owe you. Wait there and I will come and help you out of the car.”

David came around, opened her door and offered Kathy his hand as she swung her two legs out together and then with his help stood up on her four inch high heels. David took Kathy’s upper arm and she allowed him to lead her round to their front door where he opened it with his key and guided Kathy inside. Without a word passing between them he continued on leading her into the living room where he stopped her in the middle of the room before moving over and sitting down on the sofa. He looked up at his beautiful wife standing straight before him. He studied her closely for a while and watched her begin to fidget as she became uncomfortable in the silence between them.

He broke the silence by saying “Kathy, please stand still. If we go ahead with this arrangement that you think you want…...”

Kathy interrupted and said, “Please David, I don’t just think I want this, I know I do. I want you to own me, care for me, and rule me. I want you to shape my body to please you, to mark me as yours and to punish me any time I step out of line. I want you to train me to please you in any way you want. Make me your submissive slave. Just tell me what to do and I will do it.”

“All right then,” said David, “I want you to stand very still. Don’t fidget, and really concentrate on being still. Also, when you stand in front of me I want you to put your hands behind your back, grasping your upper arm just above each elbow with your opposite hand.”

Kathy moved her hands behind her back and gripped her arms and then stiffened slightly and held herself as erect as possible. David settled back on the sofa and continued to carefully study Kathy’s body, thinking how well this new position presented his wife’s breasts.

“Kathy, I like the way you are holding your head up and presenting your body proudly, but when you are in this position, and in fact in all the positions where you are presenting yourself, you should keep your head up but your eyes down to show your submissiveness.”

Kathy lowered her eyes and continued to stand as still as she could. David kept Kathy standing that way for around ten minutes as he studied her body and thought about having her as his submissive/wife/slave and all the things he might do with her body. Earlier in their relationship when they were in college he had asked her about getting her belly button pierced, thinking that she would look terrific in a cropped top and low slung very tight jeans.

He had himself read on the Internet about relationships where a light spanking had progressed to harder spankings, paddling and even caning and could not help wondering what it would actually be like to cane Kathy. He had read of a girl who had knelt for her master every time he entered a room where she was and he couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to ban Kathy from ever sitting and make her kneel for him instead. He knew he would have to make a few exceptions, like when she was in the car, but he thought it would definitely be fun to add that rule to her life. He could easily imagine her kneeling now beside him as he relaxed on the sofa watching a game, her lovely head resting in his lap as he gently stroked her hair.

Kathy was just beginning to shift around a little again so he decided that while he would love to continue to watch her it was time to move on to the spanking he had promised her.

“Kathy, please remove your skirt and blouse so that I can get my hands on that delicious bottom of yours, and don’t forget what I said earlier about making sure that you please the person watching you, whatever task you are working at.”

Kathy hesitated for just a moment contemplating how she would look best to David as she removed her tight skirt and tailored blouse, then she carefully turned away from him to present a side view. She bent at her waist and kept her knees straight as she reached to the side and unzipped her pencil skirt from the mid-calf hem up to about three inches above her knees, revealing to her husbands delighted view her stocking covered calf and thigh. She then turned her back to him, reached with both hands to the waist band and lowered the zip there, slowly revealing to David her bountiful bottom cheeks, separated by the narrow band of fabric of her thong. She brought her hands to the sides of the waistband and with a slow wiggle of her hips pushed her skirt down over her hips and thighs. As she worked through the removal of her skirt she felt the warmth that spread through her lower abdomen as she thought about how she hoped David was feeling as he watched her best efforts to please him. She could only hope that his prick was getting really stiff and that he would soon use it to penetrate her pussy and give her a good hard screwing.

Having removed her skirt she folded it carefully and placed it on the coffee table. She then moved backwards towards David until she stood just between his legs, so that her bottom was right in his face, and then lowered herself as gracefully as she could to her knees.

She then spoke very softly saying, “David, would you please unbutton my blouse.”

Without a word David reached out for the first button that held the mandarin collar quite tightly around her slender neck and then worked his way down, loosening the dozen or so buttons that ran right down the line of her spine and onto her hips and held the blouse tightly to her figure.

When Kathy felt the last button come loose she eased back onto her four inch heels and stood up, stepping away from David and then turning to face him. With her eyes still lowered she unfastened the buttons on her cuffs and then she slipped the blouse forward off her shoulders, slowly revealing her breasts supported by the half cup bra that David had selected earlier. Her nipples were fully erect and just visible through the lacy tops of the cups.

As her blouse fell away she heard David give the slightest of gasp as her breasts came into view, which sent a tingle through her nipples and a small electric shock to her clitoris. She knew her panties had been damp for most of the evening but now she could feel that they were thoroughly drenched. Kathy then remembered just in time to return her hands behind her back as she had been instructed before, which helped once again to further offer her breasts to David.

She looked up to meet David’s eyes and said, “David, may I please use the loo before you spank me? It has been quite a long evening and you made me drink three glasses of water so I need to go quite badly.”

David looked at his wife standing erect before him, clearly offering her body for his enjoyment, and he waited a few moments just really enjoying the view.

Then he said, “Yes, you had better go because this is going to be quite a strenuous spanking and we certainly don’t want any accidents in our living room.”

He watched closely as Kathy turned and retreated to the half-bath located below the staircase. He just loved the way that the two halves of her bottom swayed as she moved away from him and he could not help thinking about how much fun it was going to be to apply his hand to those beautiful globes and turn them and the tops of her thighs bright red.

A couple of minutes later David heard the toilet flush then heard Kathy’s stilettos clicking as she came back across the foyer. He looked up as the carpet in the living room cushioned her steps and closely watched the sway of her hips and the bouncing of her breasts as she returned to her place in front of him.

She reached her place in the middle of the room but David crooked the finger of his right hand and called her to come closer until she stood between his legs. He slowly reached up and slipped his hand between her legs and covered her pussy with his large hand and began to rub it slowly.

“Well, I assume you managed to make it to the loo in time so I am sure that these wet panties indicate that you have enjoyed our evening so far?”

“Oh yes, David. I have loved the way you have taken control and I have been really turned on by your watching me and clearly enjoying the sight of my body and although I am afraid that my bottom is about to get very sore I am really excited about my spanking too. And I am just hoping that when you have finished punishing me you will use that lovely bulge between your legs to screw me silly.”

David thought for only a moment or two before he replied, “Kathy, you have had me hard as a rock now for several hours and I have had a great deal of trouble not just throwing you down right here on the floor and having my way with you, but I did promise you fifty three good hard spanks and I intend to deal with that now. Assuming that you show the proper amount of contrition at the end of your punishment I intend to use your pussy hard to relieve this pressure. Now get down over my knee and offer up that lovely bottom of yours for its punishment session.”

Kathy lowered herself so that her belly was on David’s left thigh and rested her hands on the floor. David brought his right leg up behind her thighs to trap her legs, put his left hand in the middle of her back, just below her bra strap, raised his right hand high and, with no further hesitation, brought his hand down hard on her left bottom cheek.

Kathy yelped in surprise. Always before when he had spanked her David had taken his time rubbing her bottom first and then warming her up with some fairly light slaps. This time however the first blow had been delivered with no waiting and no gentle warming up. She quickly yelped again as his hand came down hard on her right cheek. It came down hard enough to cause her whole body to stiffen and she started to think about saying something to David, but there wasn’t time for that because David’s hand had come down again just as hard and this time he had hit her right upper thigh just in the crease at the join of her thigh and buttock. This really stung and caused her to squeal loudly.

David’s hand rubbed over the area he had just struck as he seemed to read her mind. He spoke quite sternly to Kathy, “You know I think you had forgotten that this is not a play spanking, Kathy. You have asked me to take control and this is an evening where we are trying to see if that suits us both. I want you to see that, if we go down this path, not everything is going to be easy and playful for you. If you are to be punished I will make sure you don’t like it. I know that you have enjoyed the spankings that have been part of our sex life and even those spankings I gave you when you didn’t get very good grades in college. Well, if we take this course, punishment will not be like that at all. You may find that you get turned on by it, but for sure I am going to make certain that if I am punishing you for breaking the rules, then you will have a good sore bottom or other part of your anatomy. That will remind you for a while why you need to obey the rules.” With that David raised his hand again and brought it down hard on her left thigh.

Kathy squealed again and found herself struggling to get in enough breath as David worked away on her bottom and thighs. She started to struggle quite frantically, thinking that this was really not any fun at all and that her bottom, after what must have been by now about fifteen or twenty hard smacks, was really beginning to hurt. Then suddenly she let go after a particularly hard smack right up under her bottom that caught the lips of her pussy. The pain that shot through her seemed to clear her mind and she suddenly relaxed over David’s thigh, allowing herself to lie there and accept the fact that the person she wanted to master her was doing just what she asked. She continued to let out little squeaks and squeals as David pounded on. She had completely lost track of how many times his hand had fallen on her soft bottom and thighs and just allowed her mind to absorb the pain.

And then suddenly he stopped and Kathy just lay there trying very hard to get her breath back. David’s hand began to gently run all over Kathy’s very red and sore bottom and managed to slip between her legs and rub over the outer lips of her pussy. This brought a long low moan from Kathy as she realized how his hand slipping between her nether lips and sliding through her very warm and moist flesh was really turning her on despite his recent harsh punishment of her. She sobbed out, “Please David, fuck me! I need you so badly.”

David moved his right leg away from her thighs, patted her bottom and said, “Get up and go stand in the middle of the room.”

Kathy gave out a long low moan and then dragged herself off David’s left thigh and very unsteadily rose up and backed away. Kathy desperately wanted to rub her bottom but as she started to reach behind her David said, “Stand up straight, get back in position properly with your hands holding the opposite elbows.”

Kathy straightened her back and raised her head clearly showing her tear stained face even though she remembered to keep her eyes lowered.

Looking at her, David thought that he had seldom seen Kathy look more beautiful, even with her mascara running down her cheeks. He said in a firm voice, “Why did I just spank you, Kathy?”

Kathy hesitated for a moment and then said, “I have asked you to take control of my life. After I was dressed for dinner you set me to stand still in the corner and I failed to remain still enough to please you and then when I could not stand it any longer I looked around to see if you were actually in the room, so I am being punished for too much curiosity and failing to follow your instructions to the letter.”

David was really pleased with how this had gone so far but he knew that he needed to calm himself down as, if he took Kathy now, he was sure he would be reaching his release in only a few strokes. “That’s right, Kathy. So now take your clothes up to the bedroom and put them away and then kneel in the middle of the floor of the bedroom dressed just as you are now, with your legs spread as wide as you can and your hands palm up on top of your thighs. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

Kathy got a totally shocked look on her face. She had been certain from the feel of his erection that had been pressed hard into her belly during the severe spanking she had just received that David would not be able to resist the urge to screw her hard and quickly. She had thought that he would probably just throw her down and ravish her. She hesitated for just a moment and then remembering to do things in a way that pleased David, carefully turned, bent forward from the waist so that she was once again offering her breasts to David, picked up her folded skirt and blouse, and turned and walked out of the room swaying her hips in as provocative a fashion as she could manage.

David leaned back on the sofa and tried hard to forget the soft cheeks of Kathy’s ass as she swayed out of the room. He spoke to himself, under his breath, “Get a grip boy. If you go up right away you’ll be like a teenager losing his cherry and come after about three thrusts into her pussy.”

He got up and went to the bar and poured himself a large scotch and sat back down on the sofa and turned on Sky Sports on the TV to try and get his mind off the vision of his beautiful wife, who he was sure by now was on her knees in the middle of their bedroom, waiting patiently for him to come and give her the fucking of her life. After watching about thirty minutes of sports news, the details of which he had no recollection, David took the last sip of his scotch, placed his glass on the coffee table, stood up and strode to the stairs. As he climbed the stairs he could already see, in his mind’s eye, his beautiful wife waiting submissively on her knees, desperate to have him drive his penis into her tight, hot, and wet pussy.

He walked into the bedroom and there she was. He stopped in the doorway and just simply stared at the woman he knew so well, kneeling with her legs spread wide, her head held high but her eyes lowered to look at the floor, her breasts thrust forward as if desperate to have him touch them and her hands in the exact position he had specified, resting palm-up on her thighs, just above her stocking tops. He took a deep breath and ordered Kathy to her feet, then told her to climb onto the bed and place herself on her hands and knees in the center of the bed. He dropped his pants and underwear and climbed up behind her. Despite the drink and waiting for half an hour he was hard again as soon as he saw Kathy kneeling in the middle of the room waiting patiently for him. He reached for her hips, pulled her thong aside and slammed into her pussy without any hesitation. He found what he expected, which was a tight warm and very wet passage that instantly gripped his prick. He quickly began a rapid in out movement that had both of them moaning loudly as they reached for their long delayed orgasm. After about twenty hard thrusts Kathy’s whole body stiffened and her pussy clamped down on David’s rock-hard prick, which caused him to reach his peak and spew his seed deep inside his submissive wife.

Kathy soon collapsed onto the bed and David followed her down kissing her neck and shoulders and whispering words of love into her ear.

They lay that way for several minutes as David’s prick shrank and slipped out of Kathy’s pussy. David rolled off his wife and lay cuddling her close to him. After a little while he said, “Kathy, I am sure you want to go and clean up and after you have done that I want you to go to your computer and send me the links for the stories you want me to read. Then come back to bed and let’s get some sleep.”

End of part 2

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