Kathy’s Submission
by Strata27

Part 1

Kathy Harrison stood quietly facing into the corner of the living room of her home, her nose a mere inch from the wall. Over the last several months she had learned to stand very still indeed when ordered to this position. She knew that the slightest movement would cause bells to ring: tiny bells that she wore permanently pierced through the highest points on the helix of her ears, a pair of large but delicate earrings each made of six tiny bells dangling from her earlobes, a single bell suspended from a ring in a small grommet pierced through her septum just inside the tip of her nose, bells on what looked like charm bracelets at her wrists, bells attached to the locking straps that made it impossible to remove her 5 inch high heeled sandals that graced her feet all day every day, and the bell that dangled from her belly button piercing.

She is grateful that she had been sent to the corner by David shortly after she returned from her afternoon shopping trip so that she is at the present wearing a tiny thong, something she is allowed to do when going out to public places without David, that will prevent the bell that is attached to her clitoral hood ring from sounding. She knows that a jingle from any of these bells while she stands, in what has over the last few months become her punishment corner, will be noted by her husband David as he sits quietly reading on the sofa on the other side of the room. Each jingle will add a stroke of the crop, cane, tawse, or paddle, (whichever is her husband’s chosen tool of chastisement this evening), to the six strokes she already has coming for her late return to the house. After she met a friend and lost all track of time while they chatted, she turned up at the house a full twenty minutes later than she had told David she would when she asked his permission to go to the mall with her friend Mary. David was unexpectedly home when she returned to the house, but she would have told David of her tardiness anyway, even if he had not been home, because she always tells him of any infraction of his rules. Failure to do so would certainly result in a much harsher punishment than she is already expecting.

* * *

Just how had the corner of her quiet family home’s living room become her punishment corner, and just why was she willing to stand so perfectly still with bells attached to her body, knowing that if she made them jingle it would add to an already painful punishment? Some seventeen weeks earlier, on a Saturday, Kathy had walked into the living room of their home just as David turned off the TV after watching a ball game. She surprised him by dropping to her knees in front of him and folding her hands in her lap. While she held her head up she lowered her eyes so that she was looking at his feet. She said, “David do you have time to talk over something really important to me?”

David could just see the sparkle of tears at the corners of Kathy’s eyes, so he responded “Of course Kathy, but why are you kneeling like that and why are you crying?”

“This last week has been really horrible for me but not really a whole lot different from the previous weeks and I desperately need to make some changes and I really need your help. I hope you will be willing to do for me what I now know that I need.”

“Kathy, you know I will do anything I possibly can to help you but I am a little unclear about what is going on here. I thought you were happy with our marriage and your life. I am really sorry if I have got it wrong.”

“Oh David, it is nothing you have done. It is me. I am just so lost and I am getting fat and I am just so unmotivated and I just have to have some direction and I just don’t seem to be able to deal with this myself, so I need your help.”

“All right Kathy! I think you need to give me a lot more information as to what you think is going on here. Why don’t you sit up here beside me on the sofa and just relax and tell me everything.”

“Please David, if you don’t mind I feel more comfortable right here and hopefully you will understand better when I have finished explaining. As I told you I have been feeling awful about myself and just did not have any motivation to do anything about it even though I know that I need to. And when I should have been exercising and cleaning the house and working on getting myself ready to go back to school like we talked about I have spent a lot of time surfing the web. By chance I came across several sites that talked about a wife submitting to her husband. And then as I searched further I also came across some stories about women submitting to their man. I read stories that went from being about simply letting your husband lead the family through to stories where the woman literally became a slave to her Master.

"Then I got to reading a story that just really seemed to speak to me about what I have been feeling and what I need. I had been feeling that I needed someone to guide me, to help motivate me, to perhaps help me to set some goals and then talk with me sometimes about how I was doing. But once I read the story I just knew that the Kathy in the story had it right. I married a man who knows where he is going and I love him and want to be his perfect helpmate, to please him sexually and to eventually have his children. The story is called “Glimpses of the Island” and is about an island where by law women can be owned by their husbands and that the husband is totally responsible for the wife and her behavior. The wife wears a collar that denotes her status as being owned by the husband. She cannot leave the house without his permission, in fact she really cannot do anything without his say-so. She wears what he tells her to wear and he can restrain her in any way he chooses in and out of public.”

As Kathy paused from her outpouring of her thoughts and the details of the story David started to speak. “Well, I can see how a man in this country might tell his wife what to wear and as we have done in private in our house he might restrain her and even spank her for fun in the bedroom, but the law is not going to stand for me having you go around in handcuffs.”

“David, I know we cannot do some of the things that the story talks about in public because we do not live on an island that has that kind of laws, but I have come to the conclusion that I want to go as close to you owning me as possible. For our purposes you will own me and I want you to make me become what you want me to be physically. You suggested I get a belly button piercing and I wasn’t sure. Make me get it! And any other piercing or tattoo or whatever you want. Make me train and shape my body how you want it to be no matter how hard I have to work, and punish me if I fail and, of course, reward me, if you want to, when I succeed. Tell me what and when to eat and drink. Tell me what to wear. Basically control me at all times and make me know that I am controlled by what I wear and how you make my body feel. In fact when I found the second story on the Leviticus website, ‘The Story of Pretty Ass’ I realized I would love to be Pretty Ass and have so many rules as to how I live that it is almost impossible for me to do everything right. You know that from the first time you spanked me I have just loved the feeling of you controlling me and I even liked the pain of those spankings, especially when afterwards we make love. I always seem to have my very best orgasms after one of those sessions.”

There was a long pause as David sat just looking at his beautiful wife kneeling in front of him and Kathy stayed quiet waiting to see what David thought. Then David broke the silence.

“Well I can’t say that having you totally obedient and being able to mold you to what I would like you to be is not a very attractive idea, so I think what would be best is for me to read your two stories and try to understand what you at least think you want and then we can see how we might proceed from here. But for now let’s see what happens when I give you a few instructions. Let’s see how obedient you can be.”

In surprise Kathy’s eyes were suddenly looking straight at her husband. She really had not known how he would react to her request and the huge smile that lit up her pretty face as she looked up at David told of just how happy she was that her husband seemed to be taking her seriously.

“Let’s see Kathy! How about first you head to the bedroom and get all your clothes off and take a quick shower and fix your makeup. I will be up in about 20 minutes and I will pick out what I want you to wear for the rest of the evening.”

* * *

That had proven to be an interesting evening. Not thinking that 20 minutes was much time to get upstairs, get her clothes off and get showered, Kathy said, “Yes Sir!” and jumped up quickly and hurried from the room and up the stairs to their bedroom. David leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh once Kathy was out of the room. He knew he loved Kathy and would try to do anything to make her happy, but this was certainly not where he thought life was going. Still, he couldn’t help thinking that it could certainly make things very interesting.

As he had sat listening to Kathy pour out her heart his mind had gone into overdrive thinking about all the things he could require of Kathy if he got to direct her life. When they were in college she had always been one to dress well and to wear makeup even if she was just going to class. In fact, that had been one of the things about her that had first caught his eye, and he had always felt good being with her throughout their relationship because she always tried to look her best. He had to admit though, that after six months of marriage she had started to let herself slip a little. She had put on a little weight and just didn’t seem to bother with makeup during the day unless she was going somewhere special.

Twenty minutes later he hauled himself off the sofa and headed up to see what he would find when he got to the bedroom. As he walked in Kathy was sitting on the edge of the bed with a towel wrapped around her, looking rather nervous. As David walked in she glanced at his face and then lowered her eyes. David stopped in the doorway and looked at her for a moment. Then he said, “Well for someone who says they want to be owned and who has been told to take off all their clothes, that doesn’t seem like a very respectful way to present yourself.”

Kathy stood up quickly and started to speak but David held up his hand and said, “Wait, Kathy. Since we are just going to try out our roles here in the way of changing our relationship I’m going to make a few rules for this evening. The first one is that you are not to speak unless you are asked a direct question. Or if you think you really need to say anything you should ask me for permission by saying something like, ‘David, may I say something’, or ‘David, may I ask a question’ and then wait for permission. Do you understand?”

Kathy’s response was “Yes, Sir.”

But David said, “No Kathy, for right now I am just David as I have always been. It may be that ‘Sir’ will come into your vocabulary at some later time but for now let’s stay with my name.”

“Yes, David.”

David held up his hand again and said, “I think you will have to pay attention to my rules a little more closely than that. I said ‘Don’t speak unless you are asked a direct question or without permission.”

Kathy’s hand came up to cover her mouth as she dropped her head. She started to apologize and then thought better of it.

David said, “Well done Kathy, we will let the fact that you caught on very quickly make up for your earlier mistake, but you need to know that if we are going to try this out this evening there will be consequences when you don’t obey the rules. I think I might just have to give you a spank for every mistake and I will administer that spanking later tonight.”

A spanking would not be a totally new thing for Kathy and David. Kathy had, growing up, been spanked by both her parents when she was naughty and as Kathy and David’s relationship blossomed in college David had one day, when Kathy got a C in one of her classes, playfully told her he would have to give her a good spanking for that. Kathy had dared him and David had grabbed her and at first rather playfully given her teen fairly hard smacks on her tight jean-covered bottom. Feeling excited by the feeling of her firm flesh encased in denim his hand had continued to smack her bottom more and more firmly until Kathy promised that she would do better in that class.

When David had first started smacking her Kathy had yelled, wriggled and fought him and then she relaxed and just accepted it until her bottom was really starting to get sore and she just had to beg for him to stop. Having found himself thoroughly aroused by the spanking, David rolled Kathy off his knees and started taking off her clothes as quickly as he could. Apparently Kathy had become excited too, because she helped him with hers and then attacked his clothes so that shortly they were making love right there in her dorm room. After that, spanking had taken two forms. In both cases it had tended to lead to some very passionate sex. Whenever Kathy didn’t do so well in her classes David used a sound spanking to motivate her to do better and sometimes in their regular love making they would spice things up by having Kathy lay over David’s lap and let him warm her bottom for her.

David then said, “Kathy, please put your towel on your dressing table chair and move over there to the center of the room, stand with your hands behind your neck and your fingers laced together and your feet shoulder width apart.”

Kathy hesitated for only a moment and then moved to her chair, pulled off the towel and then turned to face David as he sat down on the bed. She raised her arms and linked her hands behind her neck and shifted her feet to shoulder width.

David ran his eyes up and down her body taking in her beauty; a beauty that he really did not believe was at all diminished by the few pounds she had put on since their marriage.

“All right Kathy”, he said, “Now pull those elbows back for me and straighten up and I want you to look me in the eye while I explain a couple of things that I was thinking about while you were undressing and showering.

“As I told you downstairs I will do just about anything to try to make you happy. I love you very much just the way you are. I have thought you to be absolutely gorgeous from the day I met you and being married to you for nearly two years has in no way diminished that. For myself I would be perfectly happy for our relationship to continue just as it is but, if you are unhappy with the way things are then I certainly want to do anything I can to make you happy. Since we have played the dominant and submissive rolls in the bedroom on many occasions we know that works for us but what you are asking is, if I understand you correctly, a whole lot more than that. I will get you to give me the location for those two stories you want me to read and I promise I will get them read in the next couple of days. For now let’s try a few things with me in control this evening and then we will see how it goes from there.”

“I think we will go and have a nice meal at a decent restaurant after we get you dressed to please me and then we’ll come home and we will see how obedient you can be. Let’s start with panties. Now you know that I like thongs and I know that you don’t usually like to wear them, but I know you have a couple because you have worn them on special occasions to please me. I know you have a black one which will work out nicely for what I have in mind for you to wear tonight. Why don’t you get it and come back to the middle of the room and put it on.”

Kathy hesitated only for a moment and moved to her dresser, slid open her lingerie drawer, and dug around at the back until she found the requested black thong. She stepped back to the middle of the room and started to bend down to slip it over her feet.

David said, “ Kathy, remember if what you say you want our relationship to be is for you to be pleasing me, then putting on your thong is not just a matter of slipping your legs into it and pulling it up and settling it into place. You need to be thinking about showing off both the thong and your body to me as you do it.”

Kathy considered for just a moment and then turned slightly sideways, bent slowly down from the waste offering a wonderful side view of her pendant breasts, slipped one foot then the other into the thong, turned even further way from David so that he had a full view of her bottom and then with a slight wiggle of her hips straightened up pulling the thong up and into place. She reached behind her to carefully adjust the narrow strip of silky cloth between her buttocks and then turned back towards David to reveal the silky triangle of material stretched tight across her pussy. She then raised her hands back into place behind her head and thrust her breasts and her hips towards her husband.

“Excellent Kathy! Well done. I want you to remember that lesson in whatever I ask you to do, that you need to do it with pleasing the person watching you in mind, no matter how much harder that makes what you are doing.”

Kathy had just a moment to wonder what he meant by ‘whoever was watching her’ before David said, “Now a bra. I think the perfect one would be that nice black half cup bra that has the lace atop the edge of the cups that just hides your nipples. Please get that and put it on.”

Kathy lowered her arms, immediately beginning to think how best to put her bra on in a way that will best please David and remembering that she should not be doing it the way she normally put a back-closing bra on by bringing it around herself with the catch to the front, closing the hooks and then turning it around her body and raising it to her breasts. That would definitely not be attractive and would be far too easy.

She retrieved the bra from the drawer in her dresser, returned to the center of the room, put her arms through the shoulder straps and then turned sideways to her husband and bent slightly forward, allowing her breasts to fall into the cups. She then reached behind her as she turned completely away from David and drew the clasps together and hooked them. She turned back to David and reached up to adjust her ample breasts in the cups.

As she reached for her breasts David said, “No Kathy, don’t touch them. Just come here and let me.”

Kathy moved forward a couple of steps and leant forward as she reached the bed and supported herself with straight arms as David reached for her breasts and adjusted them into the cups taking his time and being sure to thoroughly enjoy all of her firm smooth flesh as he did so. At the end he gave both nipples a gentle tweak and then said, “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes thank you David”

“All right then, you can go and get that lovely off-white tailored silk blouse. The one with the mandarin collar. I think that will be perfect for this evening.”

Kathy went to the walk-in closet and returned with the blouse. Since it was somewhat unusual and buttoned in the back she slipped her arms into the sleeves and pulled the blouse around her before turning and offering her back to David, who carefully buttoned each button until the blouse fitted quite snugly around Kathy’s upper body. When she turned to show David he was delighted with the tight and tailored fit of the beautifully smooth silk blouse that was translucent enough to show the black details of her bra and the lacy trim that just hid the color of her nipples. It did not however hide the bumps that clearly showed where her nipples were very aroused.

“Right, let’s have some stockings and shoes now. Use the dressing table chair to sit and put them on. You need black hold ups and those strappy sandals that buckle round your ankles.”

Kathy moved to her dresser, found the stockings and then went back into the closet. She found the shoes that David wanted her to wear and moved to her chair. Turning it she positioned herself to give David a slightly side on view and settled herself before rolling her stockings up, easing the first one over her right foot and working it up her leg.

When she looked up at him to see if she had done well David said, “Before you do the other leg put on your shoe, please.”

Kathy did as she was bid and slipped her foot into the 4 inch heeled shoe, and buckled the strap around her ankle. Then she eased herself around and slipped the rolled stocking over her left foot and up her leg before slipping on her shoe and fastening it around that ankle.

Once finished she rose carefully and stepped back to the middle of the room where she once again raised her arms and knitted her fingers together behind her head, which raised the hem of her blouse sufficiently to reveal her mound covered by the shiny silky material of her thong. As David leaned back against the headboard he studied his wife’s body very closely, running his eyes up and down but resting for the longest time where the thong covered her pussy lips and he was just sure he could see a damp patch over her slit, a sure sign that she was aroused.

He held his gaze on her for a minute or two, during which time Kathy appeared to become somewhat uncomfortable with his staring at her and began to wriggle a little. David said, “I think I already told you to stand still. That will be one more spank on your bottom later this evening. Now for a skirt. I don’t think there is any doubt that your calf length, black pencil skirt will be ideal for this evening, so why don’t you get it out of the closet and slip it on for me.”

Kathy once again lowered her arms and went to the closet. David watched her go with great interest as the high heels enhanced the look of her legs and caused her to exaggerate the sway of her hips as she walked away from him. David decided then and there that if he was going to get to decide what Kathy wore, then she was going to be wearing very high heels all the time. She went into the closet and took down the skirt that David had chosen. She had worn it for him on several nights out in the past because he loved how snugly it fit around her hips and thighs and also how it made it impossible for her to take anything but a very short stride so she always clung to his arm as they walked together.

She returned to the center of the room, released the zip at the waist and hips and also the one that closed the skirt from the bottom to just above her knees. She then raised it over her head and slipped it down over her arms, head, and shoulders until it settled around her hips and the hem dropped around her calves. She fastened the hook at her waist and then pulled the zip up from mid-thigh, which encased her hips and thighs in skin tight silk. Then she bent neatly at the waist and slid the other zip from just above her knee down to the hem, thus keeping her knees almost touching and making it impossible for her to take more than about a 12 inch stride. She looked up at David to see what he thought and found him smiling happily at the vision of beauty before him.

“Wow! You really look great, Sweety. I think you are about ready except for a little jewelry which we will deal with in a minute. Time for me to get dressed so I think what you need is a little corner time. I can see by your nipples and the dampness that I saw on your thong earlier that you are a little aroused so I think maybe you should spend a little time calming down.”

David got up from the bed and led her over to the corner of the room with a hand gripping her upper arm. Placing her facing into the corner as close as he could get her without her prominent breasts touching the wall he said, “Now just stand there very still. I am going to get dressed and while I do that I want you to calm yourself by taking slow deep breaths and standing very still. If you move from the corner I will add twenty spanks to your tally. If you look around I will also add twenty spanks.”

With that David went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, found a pair of slacks, golf shirt and a sports jacket and dressed himself for their evening out. Once dressed, he sat down once again on the edge of the bed and watched Kathy for a while. She seemed to have calmed herself and was standing very still in the corner as he had instructed, and as far as he could tell she hadn’t tried to look to see what he was doing. He decided to find out whether her curiosity would overcome her desire to follow his instructions, so he stood up and without saying anything to her opened the bedroom door and stepped into the hall. He pulled the door closed so that it banged into the jam but never released the latch and pushed it open again sufficiently to be able to see through the gap and watch what Kathy did.

It didn’t take but about 20 seconds before Kathy half turned her head before stopping herself and then a few more seconds before she actually turned around to see if he had really left the room. As soon as she did she saw David looking at her and she quickly turned back to the corner with a little cry of alarm.

David walked back into the room and over to where Kathy stood until he was standing about a foot behind her. He spoke very quietly but in his best commanding voice. “Well Kathy, they say that curiosity killed the cat but in this case it is just going to get her a sore bottom. I was going to begin with ten good swats, you added three more for not following my instructions closely enough and now you just earned forty more so you might not be sitting down too well tomorrow. But we will deal with that later.

“Now, let’s get you some jewelry and we can be off to dinner. I think that wide silver band that is almost like a collar would be perfect, those nice big earrings with the little bells on them and your charm bracelet, that sort of jingles when you move your arm, will be just right.”

Kathy moved to her dresser again and selected the items he had chosen from her jewelry case. Even though she was very nervous about getting a painful spanking later she knew she was definitely aroused by how David was taking command and she was becoming more certain by the minute that this was how she wanted to live her life. She slipped on the necklace and inserted the earrings into the piercings in her earlobes, then turned and walked over to David and held out the charm bracelet and her wrist, asking without saying anything if he would fasten the catch, which she found difficult to do one handed. Once it was fastened David stood and took Kathy by the upper arm and steered her towards the bedroom door. As they walked he said, “You now have permission to talk to me for the rest of the evening unless I tell you otherwise, but I do not want you to speak to anyone else during the evening. If we meet someone we know and they speak to you, look at me for permission to speak. If I nod yes then you can talk to them. If I don’t want you to speak then I will respond to them myself. Do you understand?”

“Yes David.”

When they came to the stairs, he continued to hold her upper arm as she had to turn slightly sideways to make it possible manage the steps in her very tight skirt and high heels. As they descended Kathy’s mind was jumping ahead, thinking, 'this is how my life could be from now on. David deciding what I wear, who I talk to and hopefully so much more.'

David realized that he had been fully erect for at least an hour now as he got to control everything in Kathy’s dress and behavior and his mind was running ahead, thinking that having his beautiful wife fully in his control could keep him that way a great deal of the time. He also couldn’t help thinking about later this evening when Kathy was over his knee and he would have her naked bottom under the power of his hand.

End of part 1

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