Lord of the Manor, part 4
by Stormchaser

Chapter 19. Conversation over a scoop of Ice cream

The next few days were back to the old grind. Between studies and practice he didn’t have much time for anything. Gerwald had caught John on the practice field a few times and they had not even had much of a chance to talk. Gerwald did ask John if he had enjoyed his weekend and all he got was a grin in and a "Looks like I had more fun than you did." Gerwald could only grin but shot back. "I enjoyed taking care of the livestock." Only the two of them had any idea that livestock could cover more than it appeared on the surface. The doubled edged comments now were making them both chuckle.

Plans were being made for a huge frat party to coincide with the release of NFL list in two weeks. John was excited and nervous about it at the same time. All anybody had at this point was rumor and speculation. All of John's plans hinged on the official list. Just because he had signed the letter of intent to join the NFL did not meant he would make the list of people that they might seriously talk to.

If he made it to the list, he would have to leave his plans loose to accommodate a move because the NFL draft might take him anywhere. If he didn’t make the draft, he would have to concentrate on other job offers. At the moment he was counting on his name being on the list but was trying to keep his grades respectable. His major was in Geology and was looking to get into the oil/energy industry otherwise.

He was from the Houston area originally and as he put it, was a "Shell" family. They had relocated in his life several times as jobs and promotions with Shell had caused them to move. In the early part of his life the moves were usually to refinery towns, usually near the coast as Shell used ocean-going tankers to transport the light sweet crude oil.

The idea of moving with a job was foreign to Gerwald whose family had ties to the land. His family had stayed put for four generations. The land had passed down from one generation to the next. The original land had been divided a time or two between family members, but all his Aunts and Uncles were nearby on adjoining land to his father's.

He had come to realize only in the last year or so that the path he had chosen would be much the same as what John had described. Moving seemed more likely when he began to look at the trade publications that circulated around the computer labs. IBM he was told was shorthand for "I've Been Moved". Gerwald had made up his mind, whatever happened he would try to stay in the south. Somehow the idea of anything but a mild winter just did not appeal to him. John on the other hand was actually hoping for a climate where he could ski.

The next few weeks were all home games, so John and Gerwald were constantly at practice or trying to study. Neither of them had much time for the other but they somehow managed to slip in a few hours here and there for talk. Gerwald was not comfortable at the Frat house John belonged to and the same went for John at the dorm.

Talking at the athletic complex they soon discovered became impossible. Someone always wanted to talk to John about something. They had discovered a good way to work in a little private conversation was on the bike ride back to campus after practice. One of the student hangouts was on the way back for both of them. They would stop and have a soft drink or ice cream, talk a little while, then go there separate ways. And besides, they had a new thing at the hangout called a video game. More to the point Space Invaders was a new love of John's. For some reason he just had to beat that game and he had yet to do it. One of John's comments had tickled Gerwald. "If you had a game I could play on that computer of your like this, I would always be over there!"

The seed of an idea for a game had been in Gerwald's head for several months now. John's comment had exposed it to sunshine and watered it. "Space Command" sprouted and firmly took root with that comment and began to grow over a shared scoop of chocolate ice cream.

But they did get their discussions in on several topics. Gerwald had asked about the pecking order of the subs at Steele's place and found that John's description of how things worked agreed almost with what Kara had described. He understood things a little bit differently then what Kara did but then again as John put it, "My perspective is different from hers" He was also very sure now that Shirley had been collared things would change to varying degrees. His slave had not reported any difference but then unless asked specifically she would not volunteer anything either. That had not been high on his list of things to do.

Other things that had been bothering Gerwald was what John's opinion on what the rules were regarding how the subs were to be treated and Kara's reactions to some things. Like she was expecting to be punished for something. John was able to provide some insight here. John went over what was and wasn't permitted from his point of view. As to Kara he gave some valuable advice. "She has been seeking Steele's collar for almost a year now, and in order to get his attention she has done some silly things. Many of them drew a punishment. I do know that since Shirley got her collar she had been ignored a little and was seeking a Master's attention. I think in order to get some attention even from a squire she traded names and places with the cook Olivia even though she knew what that meant."

Gerwald was puzzled over this last statement. "What does it mean? You lost me there again."

John was shaking his head. "Sorry, farm boy, I really left you uninformed, I'm sorry I didn’t get a chance to explain things in more detail. The other night when you held out her chair, you chose her as your sub for while you are in training. I think that Steele had been denying her sexual release as one of her punishments. Your choosing her the other night broke that punishment. Unless you find one of your own she will be yours every time you go there and that includes some of the training involving subs. Some of the things he teaches are not very pleasant for the sub, like how to bind, how to whip and flog, waxing, use of some sex toys, how to hold her on the edge for hours. She will be the model for all of these things now. She stacked the deck by trading places with the cook. She knew it, she wanted it, she accepted it, don’t cut her any slack."

"Wow." Was all Gerwald could say. He had no idea that a simple polite action on his part could cause such far-reaching ramifications. He was digesting this as well the ice cream and saving it for further thought. This brought another thought to his head. He told John about what happened at the library.

John was nodding as he told his story. "She just stood there and watched you leave?"

"Yes," Gerwald replied, "I think that means she's interested but I don't know. And what about holding that knapsack to her chest. And the trance she seemed to be in? Any ideas?"

John was thinking now, he had that far away look in his eye he sometimes got when he was thinking through a play on the football field. Gerwald had learned enough about him not to disturb him when he got that look. His eyes finally focused on Gerwald and he began to smile. "OK as with anything dealing with women, it may not mean anything but this I what I think happened. Clutching the bag was defensive. I think she was protecting herself from some danger she perceived, you being the danger. As to the trance, a couple of possibilities come to mind. She liked what you did or hated it. If she hated it she will get very defensive around you next time, that's easy to tell. Smile at her next time you see her and judge her reaction. If she frowns or scowls, drop it for now and try something later. If she breaks eye contact and looks down again I think the other response is more likely."

John paused at this point and looked Gerwald right in the eye then continued. "I think she realized she found her Master, someone she could submit to. And when this hit her, I think it scared her. When many come to this realization it’s unsettling, they have feeling that they are not equipped to deal with. Polite society has taught them one thing, and you brought to mind something else outside of those bounds. So now you wait. Patience and Control, Gerry, it's what it all comes down to again. Give it a couple of days before you try and catch her eye again."

Gerwald was considering all the things he had said and was nodding his head in agreement. Maybe he was not overanalyzing things. He was at a new level of awareness that had picked up on some of the subtle clues he had missed before. What, Gerwald wondered, had he missed in high school? Why had he never noticed body language before? The silly part of this he knew his family and the signs from them before something happened. He had never applied this to anything other than his family.

"Right, I understand that part, anything else?"

"Yeah," said John "leave a hole in your schedule for the Frat party." If nothing else about John you had to admire his single mindedness.

The each went their separate ways after that, John off to make his plans. Gerwald got out a fresh disk for his computer and spent a few hours writing routines that would draw his command space station on the screen. He realized he needed to visualize his space station first. He finally got out paper and pencil and began to draw pictures of station and scenes of what he want his station to do and the missions he wanted them to carry out. The first storyboards of space command got created that night.

The next few days were the same grind from morning to night with practice and more practice for the upcoming game and professors wanting new labs completed in impossible time frames. The programming exercises were the easiest for Gerwald but he felt the pressure nonetheless. Friday came before the weekend game and a brief bit of relaxation.

Practice that day had gone well, or at least coaches seemed less displeased then usual, and he found himself at the cafeteria at his usual time, trying to eat a larger carbohydrate load than normal per the coaches usual instructions. The cafeteria as usual had a larger assortment of high carbohydrate foods and deserts than was normal. Gerwald was eating his overcooked spaghetti and meat sauce, salad, bread and milk that night. He had not paid a lot of attention to the other students marching through the line who were enjoying the unusual bounty of the cafeteria as well.

He did look up at one point and noticed Cathy and her usual assortment of friends. Following John's advice he became instantly alert and tracked her progress with his eyes through the line. She only had her purse and a light sweater in her hands. He was smiling at her when her eyes locked on Gerwald's just for a second, then she turned eyes down to the floor and began to hug the purse and sweater in close to her chest as she had the other day.

But this time she had not moved fast enough. She had been hiding something with that maneuver. Gerwald clearly saw this time her nipples springing to acute stiffness in that brief second. The light blouse and bra she was wearing did little to hide them this time. Her moving her possession up to her chest to cover them had been a little slow as if her awareness of what her body was doing was a step or two behind her consciousness.

Gerwald didn’t break his gaze this time and watched her all the way through the line. He saw her glance up a time or two and her gaze return back to the tray she was pushing with one hand. The other arm and hand was being busy hugging herself. As he watched her Gerwald noticed a flush creep from her neck to her face. When she got through the line she had a few words with one of her friends and ran to the restroom. Her friend picked both of their trays and found a seat. After she did not come out for a few minutes it dawned on Gerwald that perhaps she was hiding.

He mulled over his options for a few moments then hit upon a plan. He wrote a little note to her telling her to show up the party next week. He finished his meal quickly then went up to Cathy’s girl friend and handed the note to her saying. “Please give this to Cathy when she returns.”

He left. That should leave her with some questions. The fact that he knew her name might rattle her. Gerwald had long since gotten used to the fact that absolute strangers knew his name. Being part of the football team made this not that unusual. But the fact the he knew her name and that he may have at times reached down into her deepest darkest fantasies and dreams and touched them may be very disconcerting for her. Time would tell. Control and patience, he told himself. He felt very pleased with himself as he jogged back to his dorm. Time to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Chapter 20. Preparations for a Frat party

The game the next day was hard. This game determined a trip to one of the bonus bowl games and both sides had fought very hard. They had won but at an expense. It had been a very brutal game, all things considered. There had been a few injuries but nothing worse than sprains or twisted ankles. They also had a more than normal amount of bruises and contusions. Everyone who had been on the field that day headed to the showers and whirlpool baths and rubdown tables and other therapeutic equipment. For the first time in a long time, there were lines for all of them. Gerwald sat and waited his turn with John. Every one who was waiting was exchanging moments remembered and victories, real or imagined, were recounted. Naturally the seniors seemed to get first dibs on the equipment. So John got his turn before Gerwald. After that there was the long drawn out after-game meal of sandwiches and soft drinks.

Several hours later they were on their way back to their respective housing feeling better but tired and sore. A rest of the day seemed to call out for rest and for minimal physical activity. Gerwald found himself back at his computer and storyboards and the game that had its start over a scoop of ice cream was coming along nicely. The previous tank style game he had started had been abandoned in favor of this one. And this one was a lot more fun but harder, considering his game was not now limited to two playing dimensions. The rest of the day was spent on this idle pursuit.

He did go to the cafeteria that night but because of his late lunch he got there almost at closing. He grabbed another quick meal and was headed out the door in less than five minutes. He was actually hoping for another quick run-in with Cathy, but because of the lateness of the hour that did not happen. As he walked back to his dorm room that night the whole campus seemed to be in a party atmosphere. Victory parties seemed to be going on everywhere and the sounds of dancing and music and revelry seemed to fill every corner of the dorms. In walking to his room he got dragged into to one party then left after one quick drink then the same thing happened just a little further up the hall.

Despite the fun he was just too tired and sore to do anything but head to his room. He had walked to the cafeteria because the athletic cup he had worn that day had been hit several times. The idea of stretching his legs over the bike and sitting in the bike saddle was just more than he could contemplate. It would not have been so bad if only a piece of delicate anatomy had not gotten misplaced before that last hit on the field today. He was sore in the extreme but had made no mention of it to the coaches. This was hardly an injury you wanted reported or something that made it to the injury list. He could just hear the taunts now, “So you got your balls busted, he he he.” Rather than put up with that he had figured rest would do him more good than anything else.

After making it back to his room, he shut the door and did a controlled fall into bed. Controlled meaning that his groin area did not hit the mattress at all. He once again thought of Cathy and her reactions to him the other day. The thought came back of her trying to hid her erect nipples and it had an immediate reaction on him despite his somewhat bruised condition. His cock went from flaccid to erect in a mater of moments. He began to think of what might happen next week. He could see several possibilities from nothing happening at all to her accepting the lifestyle and several shades in between.

He then began to think of the training John had given his slave with Steele’s help. He rolled over and dragged out a locked metal box attached by a short chain to the bed. Many of the dorm students had something like this as a way of protecting valuables. He spun the combination into the lock and opened the box. Besides the cash from his repair jobs and a few other important papers like his birth certificate, the only other item was John’s journal of his training of Joanna. John’s handwriting was much better than his was and he once again flipped through page after page and imagined Cathy in many of the descriptions listed.

He still had several questions on his mind. The foremost was being if the time came would he offer his collar to her. This was something he had to consider very carefully. It was one thing to think about it in the abstract but quite another to think about applying to real life. This was not something to be taken lightly and he remembered the thoughts of Ed coming back to him that this was deeper than marriage.

His thoughts went round and round on this in his head for almost and hour staring up at the ceiling holding John's journal against his chest. He finally killed the light with these thoughts still chasing each other around in his mind. The day’s activities caught up with him and exhaustion washed over him like a wave.

The next morning, besides being a little stiff in some places, Gerwald felt much better. The swelling in his groin area was down but the red areas where he had been hit the previous day had changed from red to the blue and purple of nasty bruises. He groaned a little when he saw those but knew he could not hide them so better to get them reported. It would also give him a chance to use the therapy equipment at the sports complex. The thought of walking there annoyed him so he rode his bike. After he got started protesting muscles and joints loosened up and he got there without incident. As long as he used his legs to lift himself a little from the bike saddle, it was not bad as all.

As expected, the athletic complex was open and the coaches were there. They usually were after a game. Gerwald arrived and went to the locker room and changed into shorts and a T-shirt. They had a sort of medical inspection line started. You got into the line, described and showed your injury, and these were photographed if there was anything obviously important. Then you took off your shirt and got on the scale and were weighed and measured. Next one of the coaches and the medical personnel huddled together and a treatment regimen was hit upon. In Gerwald’s case, heat and whirlpool were recommended to speed up circulation in the bruised areas. He again got the feeling of being so much livestock. When he got there five team members were in line, when he got off the scale several more were in line. He chuckled as he though about this, imagine seven nearly nude, well-muscled and toned young men in a line being inspected and their fates decided upon like so many bulls waiting to go on the block.

He took his turn in the whirlpool then felt much better. The water relaxed him to a degree he had not though possible and for some reason seemed to allow him to think clearly. He reached a decision during this time and that having been made he relaxed more completely than he would have thought possible. He would offer Cathy his collar if it ever came to that. He knew he was a very long way from that. There were so many ifs in this equation that it defied resolution in his mind but he did feel better having made it.

After the whirlpool and he dried off, and at one of the coaches somewhat pointed suggestion he went into the weight room and did a few reps on several pieces of equipment while the coach watched. This insured that whatever bumps and bruises he had were not inhibiting his physical ability. The coach made some notations on his ever-present clipboard then released him from the complex and some conditioning exercises for the next couple of days as well. After filling out a release form and with a parting comment of “Get as much rest as you can.” He left the complex feeling much better and relieved. He had not been put on the injury medically disabled list.

He got back to his dorm room to find yet another note from his roommate. He would be gone again until late. Things were heating up between him and his new girlfriend. The two of them had been trying to keep each other informed of there comings and goings. The rest of the day he did rest in his own way. He spent the majority of it at his computer continuing to flesh out his game program. Once again Gerwald hit a few roadblocks in his program and went back to sketching his ideas out. The day once again slipped away from him and when he had to turn on the light in his room, he realized just how much.

He turned at this point to his studies and finished what he could until his hunger made him check the time again and then make a run to the cafeteria. The bike ride this time was more comfortable than before and got there with an hour to spare. There was even still hot food there. Better than the box of crackers he had been nibbling on in his room. After he arrived he scanned the interior of the building for Cathy. After he didn’t find her he relaxed a bit then made his way through the line. After getting a modest meal of chicken, bread and some green stuff that may have been vegetables before the cafeteria staff had cooked them to mush he sat down and began to wolf it down. Between the fact that he had not really eaten today and the healing his body doing, it was screaming for nourishment.

He had not looked up since he had started eating. He then sensed, more than he knew, that Cathy was there. He paused mid bite to look around and his eyes locked on to her as sure as tracking radar locked onto to an aircraft. She was in line once again with a friend and her eyes had found Gerwald’s. When his eyes found hers, she once again looked down and began to hug herself with her arms.

She did get through the line this time then put her tray down on a table with her friend. Then she excused herself and went to the ladies room again. She would not hide from him this time. He would outwait her. He finished his meal in a rather leisurely fashion but kept his eyes on the restrooms. It was fairly typical of facilities anywhere in the school. A small vestibule off of the main hall, with Men’s room to one side, Ladies to the other, and water fountain in the middle. He did keep an eye on the restroom doors for a bit and did see the Ladies room door open a crack from time to time then shut. The way the doors opened out into the vestibule rather than in to the restroom gave him an idea.

He finished his meal but left his windbreaker on the table then went and refilled his drink. When she did not come out after that he finished his drink then picked up his things. He placed his tray and dishes on the return area then and went to the water fountain was and waited. If she peeked outside again he would be hidden from her view until the door was completely opened. Then he waited. He could be waiting for a friend to leave either restroom. His patience paid off just a minute or two later. He saw the door open a crack, then a little wider then he could he heard a long exhale and Cathy stepped into view.

Before the door closed behind her Gerwald spoke. “Cathy.” When he said this she whirled around to face him. Her long blond hair was loose and free and whirled about her shoulders as she whipped around. “The party at Epsilon Delta. Saturday night eight o’clock, wear a sweater and denim skirt. Have your hair up in a bun.” As Gerwald said this he had reached out and took a strand of her long hair that had tangled itself on her sweater and straightened it out. Her face went from normal to bright crimson in an instant. “Don’t be late!”

He left at that point leaving a very wide eyed and confused girl standing at the door of the restroom. Her shock had still not worn off as he got on his bike and left. He could see her through the window as he coasted off. He was sure he had more than surprised her and almost pitied the poor girl. He knew she was hiding from him and he had not allowed it. She knew this now and there would be no question in her mind that he knew her name. Nor would there be any question of who had given the note to her girlfriend earlier.

As he got to his dorm he was gone from smiling to chuckling. He had enjoyed giving her that little surprise. This would answer a great many questions in his mind. If she showed up at all would be the big one. If she dressed as he had suggested would be the next. In any event he had made the next move it would be up to her now. Would she listen and yield to the primitive rhythms in her heart now? Gerwald had seen more than he had hoped for tonight. When he surprised her and called her name she had blushed, not a little one but one that had spread all the way to arms. Every bit of exposed flesh he could see had taken on that flush. When he had brushed that wayward lock of her from her shoulder her nipples had gone from flat to erect and she had not bothered to cover herself when he had surprised her.

Something else had only dropped into place when he got to his dorm. When she walked in tonight he had wondered why he had sensed her. When he got in close proximity to her tonight he knew what it was now. She was aroused. He could smell her arousal as sure as he could smell the rain coming on a hot dry summer August day in the plains of central Texas.

With that revelation fresh on his mind he went to his room and collapsed into bed. Somehow the aches and pains had disappeared.

Chapter 21. Epsilon Delta, Saturday Night 8:00

The week went fast enough between studies and visits to the athletic complex. The heat treatments were working and the bruises had gone from bright blue and purple to red and yellow to almost gone. The same could be said of his groin injury as well. Everything was nearly healed by Thursday. On Tuesday he had just felt better and the soreness that he was feeling had been worked out with trips to the weight room.

Regardless, he had practices to go to and studies to do. This kept him very occupied but any spare moment he had alone the thought of Cathy and what she might do came back to the front of his thoughts. It seemed to be impossible to push that away. In the middle of a bench press he had thought of her and had lost the count on where her was. This was getting distracting.

But even with that he was sure Cathy was having distracting thoughts as well. Making up her mind for one thing then checking her wardrobe. He had never seen her in a denim skirt. Jeans and a blouse or sweater seemed to be her standard outfit. He was wondering if she was asking friends if the had one and if so could she borrow it. Since he had specified her hair up in bun rather than the normal long and loose hairstyle. He was sure she was sitting in front of a mirror once a day or so and gathering her hair back in her hands and holding it there. Trying to decide how to do it or even if she should.

He didn’t change his normal routine. He did get in his practice and exercise, continued his studying and got caught up on his reading, started his assignments and finished his labs. He ate at the same place everyday about the same time and then went back to his dorm.

John had been busy as well and their schedules had only overlapped once on Thursday after his trip to the whirlpool and they did get in a short conversation at their student hangout. John and Steele had been talking and they had been going over the football game schedules and looking for a hole when they could both get back to his place for a long weekend. Gerwald got to inform John of what his schedule looked like as well. They then sat in that little hangout and both made a copy of what was on the other calendar and what could be done. Both reached the same conclusion. Ouch! How did they get so blasted busy?

Other than that John was looking forward to the party this weekend and was busy trying to talk Gerwald into going. Gerwald had said he would be there but John kept trying to convince him. Finally Gerwald told John what had happened over the past few days with Cathy and he paused in his slurping a soda.

“So” Gerwald said with finality, “I will be there at least a little while. If she is not there by 8:30 I'll chalk this up to experience, if she shows up after that I think I'll talk with her a bit then invite her for a walk and see what happens.”

John was nodding agreement. “OK Gerry, slow and careful, don’t tell her too much just yet. Patience and control you must remember, are your keys. So what do you think will happen?”

Gerwald this time just had to shake his head. “I really don’t know. I think I scared her. I’ll just have to wait.”

“Have you considered what may happen in the long term?”

“Yeah and if it comes to that I will when the time comes. I can’t explain it but I feel it that this will continue. Wishful thinking maybe.” Gerwald paused then looked at his friend. “Any ideas?”

“Yep” said John “Wait and see and don’t get too disappointed if she doesn’t come to the party, If she does and followed your suggestions then we will need to talk later and then perhaps bring Steele into this. For now, figure out how you are going to bring this up. You’ll have to figure this out sooner or later so start thinking about it now.”

"Yeah, I know that, how did you do it with Joanna?” Gerwald asked.

John smiled and shrugged. “We just kinda fell into it. Don’t worry about it. Just see what happens, but have some good answers ready."

Gerwald was digesting this and it was not the answer he wanted. How was he going to do this? Of this he was sure, it was another of test of a sort and he would just have to wait and see what happened. He was a very long way from offering a collar.

Friday came and went without any new inspiration. Other than additional work in a computer math class that he was not looking forward to, nothing had changed. He kept to his regular schedule. He had not seen a hint of Cathy in the past few days. In fact he had made a point of going to the dining hall at about the same time every day. He really did not know how to interpret this other than perhaps she was avoiding him but he would have his answers soon enough. He went back to his dorm and began working on his game again. It was coming along with surprising speed. After getting the pictures of his vehicles just so and getting them to move in accordance with joystick commands he now needed to work on the game and the missions. After a long night of trying to make the first level work to his satisfaction he gave up and went to bed.

Saturday he got up later than his usual "meet the sunup" but he woke up smiling this morning knowing one way or another tonight his questions about Cathy would be answered. He went through his usual Saturday morning routine of breakfast then a trip to the laundry room. While the washer was running he tried to play catch-up on the last assignment. After trying to do this for thirty minutes or so he gave up. He could not concentrate this morning and was finally glad for something to do when the dryer stopped and he got to fold his clothes.

After that, just to burn time, he went to the athletic complex and started his conditioning exercises. He did all his repetitions then some more to exercise the bruised areas. They had healed nicely and everything had faded from the red yellow to just a blush of red but now he was pushing himself to check. Convinced he was doing all right he headed to the showers then back to his room.

Even this didn’t burn the time he wanted and he went back to tinkering with his new game. He had dinner early and cleaned up and changed into something a little dressier then his normal outfit. After that he still had hours to kill. He turned to his computer game and played with it a bit and raged at this inability to get it to do as he wanted. This did not do any good but he felt better after that and decided to leave for the party anyway. He would be able to pal around with John for a bit before the party officially started. But he figured by this time things were pretty well underway anyway. There would be a lot of food and drink and music tonight and if the frat party stories were true other assorted stupidity would follow lubricated by beer. Better to go now while he could still walk out before things got too nuts.

Even walking he got there by seven o’clock. Gerwald found John in his room with a radio turned on listening to some sports show or another. And as soon as he arrived he turned that off, sat him down on a chair remarkably free of clothes and things. In fact the whole room was picked up. That mystery was solved when Joanna entered the room, closed the door, and knelt by John. Just judging from the room she had been here most of the day.

“I see you made it, Gerry. Any problems getting here or getting in?” John asked.

“Made it fine and they checked me at the door, said things were not starting for a while and started to turn me away, I told 'em I was here to see you.” Gerwald replied. “That’s when one of your brothers recognized me and let me in.”

“Great, then lets get to the main room and have a drink.” John said as he jumped from his place at his desk. He took Joanna’s hand and out the door they went to find the party. Already the music was blaring and stuff was being brought out to the room. Although Gerwald would have an occasional alcoholic drink he generally avoided it and tonight he wanted his wits about him and settled for a soft drink. He did however dig into the food that was showing up. Snack foods like chips and dips and pretzels and sandwiches were showing up by the bowl and tray. A local sub sandwich shop must have been having a good night considering the number of three-foot party subs that started showing up.

They had just started letting in the partygoers and the main room was filling up fast. Dancing and drinking started almost immediately and the whole place just generated a party mood. Couples here and there began to find each other and drift off. Gerwald found a comfortable place near the food where he could keep an eye on the door.

He was munching on his second sandwich when he saw her. She came without anyone and walked in with the wariness of a doe deer in unfamiliar territory. Looking everywhere, testing the air, and taking a few steps one direction then a few steps the other. Not quite sure what to do. She was wearing a sweater and jeans, a light windbreaker hugged close against her body. She did have her hair up in a bun.

Gerwald put his sandwich down and found a napkin and cleaned himself up then got two fresh soft drinks. Only then did he approach her. “Hello Cathy, and welcome to the party.”

She whirled again to face him this time and said “Hello.” in an arrogant tone. Then she stared at him a second before breaking her gaze and looking elsewhere. Gerwald gestured with his hand, “I didn’t know you drink preference, I have a Sprite and Coke here, but if you would like something else I would be happy to get it.”

She looked at the drinks warily and then took the Sprite and took a very careful sip. After a few seconds she swirled the drink around the ice and took another careful sip as if expecting the drink to be laced with something else.

Gerwald smiled at her. “Just Sprite, Cathy, nothing else. I thought you might be thirsty. Did you walk or ride your bike?”

Cathy finally took a long sip and then spat out, “Walked.”

Gerwald continued to smile “Good, so did I. I live in the dorms and walked so I could slip away without having to find all my stuff. Your first time to one of these parties?”

Cathy again gave a one-word answer. “Yes.”

Gerwald kept smiling but continued his gentle talking to her. Always asking a question that would require her to give an answer. “Would you like something to eat?” he gestured to the table that he had been sitting near.

“No, thanks,” was her terse reply.

“Perhaps you would like to sit down and rest a few minutes and enjoy your drink?” He had just located two chairs and motioned to one. She sat down at this point and hugged the windbreaker in close to her again.

"Thank you for coming as I asked." Gerwald said, taking a chair next to her.

"Do you call that asking? Commanded is more like it!" Cathy got out after a long swallow of her drink.

"Well, you were making it hard for me to talk to you." Gerwald replied, smiling at her still.

Cathy just had to smile at that. "You noticed, how nice, I didn’t like being ambushed like that. I though you would take the hint."

"I took several hints, and decided not to let you play your game, and yet you are here. I was hoping you would be more comfortable where there were lots of people around. Nothing will happen tonight other then as I hoped we would finally get to talk." Gerwald said still smiling.

"And what is there to talk about? And how many girls did you invite to this party tonight?" Cathy asked, somewhat indignant.

"I was hoping to get to know you, I was hoping to talk to you. And how many did I ask to this party? Just one, very special, woman." Gerwald said gently. He figured the best way to defuse this was to try and be charming and polite and patient.

She looked like she was about to say something else but just gave a small "Oh, how did you find out my name anyway?"

"I was behind you the other day in the library. And the girl who was checking out your book called you by name. There is nothing mysterious or evil about it. I’m Gerry to my friends, by the way." Gerwald said still smiling. "The reason for the party is that today is the first day that the senior football players might get notified about possibility of going to play pro football. Several of the players who belong to this fraternity signed letters to make their intent known to play pro ball. Including one of my good friends, but he has not told anyone if he has heard anything yet. Nothing is official until April when the NFL does its draft, but that’s the reason for this party tonight. I wanted to be here for that. After they tell us something I'll leave for the night."

Cathy was looking around at this point, by tradition those who had put their name in to consideration to the NFL were wearing their home jerseys tonight. From where she was sitting she see could four or five of them. "So if that’s what this about, why aren't you wearing your shirt with the number on it?"

"Traditionally, only the guys who might be drafted later wear their jerseys tonight. I'm not eligible, nor do I intend to play ball past college." Gerwald said slowly. That revelation slowed her down. As she looked at him closely she began to sip her drink again.

He explained, "I come from a farming family and football and baseball was a way to go to college and get off the farm. The football scholarship pays the tuition and room and board. I don’t intend to be a wheat barber all my life." Gerwald was still trying to go slow and gentle.

She was looking at him harder now. "What is your major then, if not agriculture?"

"Not for me, I'm a computer science major, fell in love with them in high school, been playing with them and most anything electronic ever since. Still repair a thing or two for people in the dorms." Gerwald was making a deliberate effort to smile now that the conversation had turned from monosyllable answers to something resembling conversation. "What is your major?"

"Business Admin," was Cathy's short reply.

"Have you had to take statistics yet? I hear old Professor Simmons' course is a brute. I have been putting that off and I still need to take it.”

That got her talking. It started a twenty-minute talk about that very professor and the course she was in and the difficulties in getting through it, the homework and assignments. Gerwald was interested and only interjected a question or two, to help clarify things in his mind. If what she was saying was true he was in for a very busy semester next term. When she finished he explained his problem.

“I’ve been putting that off so I could take it between football and baseball season when I would have additional time. Now I’m glad I did it and you just helped me some. Thank you.”

As several couples had started dancing to something on the stereo Gerwald nodded to the floor. "Would you like to dance?"

She nodded her acceptance and they went out on the floor. Gerwald was an enthusiastic if not a skilled dancer and they had a good time. After three sets or so on the floor they went back to sit and talk.

He got them both drinks and they both sat and had just started small talk again when there master of ceremonies for that night (The President of the fraternity) jacked in a mike to the stereo and made the announcements they had been waiting for. Four of the seven or so players had been notified that an NFL team might be interested in drafting them come April, and John was one of them. This by itself meant nothing; there were still training camps to go to and cuts to be made, but it was a start. There was about a 1 in 5000 chance that a high school player would make it to the NFL, perhaps a 1 in 1000 chance for a college player. John had almost beaten the odds for now. One more step yet to take in his journey.

But now that was over and Gerwald had congratulated his friend he began to look for an easy way to leave. He did introduce Cathy to John and Joanna, and he caught her last name while Cathy was talking to Joanna. Then tried to figure on how to leave as John got swallowed up in a conversation.

It was Joanna who solved the problem for him. “Squir.." she started then caught herself. "Gerry, your date is yawning and this football stuff is boring her to tears. Walk her home for goodness sake."

Gerwald looked between Joanna and Cathy. “Good idea. I’ll walk you back to your dorm.” He took her arm and guided her through the crowd. After he got out the door and hit the sidewalk he slowed down. “Sorry to do that, but it’s going to be a zoo in there soon and I wanted out. I hope you don’t mind.”

She had slowed down to match his pace and looked at him quickly the looked down. “No, I wanted out also, and I would not mind an escort."

Gerwald had headed in the direction of his dorm then realized he did not know what one she lived in. The dorms had been co-ed since the early 70’s so it could be anywhere. Finally he asked, “What dorm?”

Rather than answer she pointed in the same direction that they were headed. After walking a few steps she slowed down again then stopped. She again looked up at him then down at the sidewalk. “Gerry, why me, why did you ask me to that party? I saw all the other girls looking at you. Why did you ask me to that party?”

Rather than answer immediately he took her hand and placed it over his arm and started a real slow walk. He had realized that she was taking two steps to every one of his, so he shortened his stride as well. “As I said, I think you are very special, what I am looking for.”

“I’m not special, I’m plain. I don’t see what you are looking for.”

“I think that maybe you do. You showed up tonight, didn’t you? And as to plain, no, I don’t think so. I think you are lovely.”

They had walked for a few blocks before she looked up at him. "Thank you," then back down at the sidewalk. Cathy was smiling but kept her head turned away. Again they walked in silence for a little bit. “Special in what way?” she finally asked.

Gerwald had spotted a bus stop bench a little ways up the block and nodded to it. “Let's sit a minute.” When he got there her sat her down then sat beside her and took both hands. “Cathy, You seem to want a man who take charge and gives commands. Think about tonight, you did come to the party?”

She only nodded her head yes.

“I gave you instructions on how to dress tonight and you mostly followed them, didn’t you.” As he said this he had taken a hand and run it from her hair to shoulder. Letting her know what he had noticed.

She had been looking at him until he put her hand to her hair and let it run down her side. She had closed her eyes as he touched her and shuddered a little. When he took her hand again she opened her eyes and looked at those hands, but not as his eyes. “I don’t have a skirt like that and neither did my room mate.”

That one comment told Gerwald a lot, she had tried and maybe even sweated that a little but because of her limited resources or shyness she had not pursued it further. He was smiling at her again and used one hand to lift her chin. “Look at me Cathy.” When she was looking at him she smiled again. “I'll bet you were thinking just who the heck was this jock to tell me to be at that party, and when you got there I could see in your eyes you were thinking why I am here? You tried to tick me off by being rude and that didn’t work. Is that right?”

Cathy again lowered her eyes and when Gerwald took her hand away from his chin she lowered her head again. “Yes” she whispered.

“There is a term for your type of personality and its not a doormat, do you know what it is?” Gerwald asked very gently.

Cathy again spoke but barley audibly. “The high school psychologist called me a passive-submissive.”

Gerwald lifted her chin again so he could see her eyes, when she looked at him he said again gently “Yes, you are a submissive, and I’m a dominant. You are the kind of girl I want. Don’t deny that coming here tonight gave you some pleasure. You pleased me just by being there. Thank you.” Then he took his hand away from her chin and her head went down again.

Cathy said nothing but just sat there, Gerwald took her hands again and waited to see what she would do. When nothing happened for a few minutes he spoke again. “For someone like me you are very special, a prize beyond price. I know the internal struggle you have, I had it myself but from the opposite direction. Don’t deny your nature, it's precious. Now let me take you to your dorm.”

He stood again and pulled her to standing. Her whole body seemed weak but she stood. They walked to the corner then turned on Residence Row, one of the long blocks of dormitories at the university. She had gotten her strength back now. "Have you ever met another like yourself, a submissive?" Gerwald asked.

She replied again nearly inaudibly "No."

"You meet one tonight, do you remember Joanna, Johns girlfriend? She is a submissive. If you want to talk to her sometime I can arrange that. Would you like that?

Cathy was back to short answers now but said "Yes," then a long pause. "I would like that."

"You are just different, very special to me. Learning to live with it has taken some time, I know." Gerwald said. As they were walking by the Dorm buildings he was stopping at the entrance to each one, seeing if she would turn into the one he had just paused at. When he was not seeing any recognition in her eyes when he paused at the third building of six he finally asked. "Is this the one?"

That seemed to shake her from the internal reverie she was in, she looked up and blinked and took stock of where she was. After looking up and down the street to take her bearings she looked up at Gerwald then back over her shoulder. "Back one."

"No problem, lovely lady." Then turned around and walked in front of her building. "Can I take to you your door or should I say goodnight here."

She looked up at Gerwald like she expecting something to happen. When nothing happened, she finally said, "To my door please."

They entered the building and went up one flight of stairs then walked down the hall to her door. She was still holding on to his arm when she stopped him at a door, then fumbled with a key. After she opened her door she again looked at Gerwald like she was expecting him command her. Rather then completely shock her he put his hand to her hair and grabbed the little bun her blond hair was in and took it down. He smoothed it down her back and shoulders.

Then he kissed her gently. "If anything happens between us it will be by mutual agreement, I won't take advantage of your nature unless you give me permission. Your secret is safe with me. Now write down your phone number for me. I'll get Joanna to call you."

That got her moving again and she went inside and found paper and pen and wrote down a number then handed it to Gerwald. He had not even attempted to enter but leaned against the doorjamb. "Thanks, now if you like, kiss me goodnight." Gerwald said in almost a whisper.

Cathy considered this for a second the leaned into Gerwald and stood up on tiptoe to reached his lips but did manage.

The kiss was tentative and he decided to let it drop. "Good night," he said, then turned on his heel and left. She was looking at him in wonder as to what had happened. When he hit the sidewalk he was watching the second floor rooms and noticed the light come on in one.

While he walked he watched that window and saw her pull the window shade aside then stand there watching. He looked up and waved goodbye. He did not look back again until he had to turn the corner. She was still there. He waved goodbye one final time then headed for the frat house.

There he found Joanna and gave her Cathy's number and suggested he call her. He also made a rather pointed suggestion that Joanna give Cathy his phone number at the dorm. Then he headed to his dorm on the other edge of the campus. Whatever else happened he had confirmed a lot tonight. He rather suspected someone had taken advantage of her nature once before and this had hurt her to the point she was afraid to reveal her nature to anyone including herself.

"Patience," he once again thought to himself, "all I need is patience."

Chapter 22. The Turning Point

Gerwald got back to his dorm and reviewed his performance. He sure was not thinking about his dancing either. Had he revealed too much? Had he revealed too little? He turned it over time after time in his mind and could find a few flaws but nothing major. He would have to make the next move, he was sure of that. She seemed so reserved that he knew she would not do it, he doubted she would even make a phone call. Nothing to do now but wait until he saw her next.

Still he could not let it go and paced around his dorm room for a bit and began kicking a path through dirty clothes, books, papers and discarded computer print outs just to see them fly across the room. He was about to kick another then stopped. He had lifted those printouts fair and square from the trashcan at the computer lab. They had only been printed on one side. By flipping them over he was able to use them again on his printer. Students could not afford things like reams of computer paper so they improvised and scrounged. That started him picking up things. First the papers, then the clothes, then before he knew it he had picked up his whole room. He smiled when he realized he was doing in the hopes that he might have a female visitor soon. When the last piece of paper was picked up and the trash bag tied closed and placed by the door he looked at the time. It was almost 2 AM.

This must have been more important than he realized to have gone to this much trouble. He looked at the common room between the two bedrooms and saw a mess there as well. Since he had this burst of energy he picked that up at well. Funny that he had never noticed his housekeeping before. He did have to admit his room and the common room sure had that lived in look. Now was the question could he keep it that way? As he looked around he decided yes, he could keep it picked up, he had a reason to now.

Then remembered something else, the previous occupant of this room had left a house warming gift, or had just forgotten it but there was, in a seldom used closet, a vacuum cleaner, steam iron, and ironing board. He opened this door to find them buried under hastily thrown in clothes, coats, and athletic equipment. Gerwald had to chuckle. Evidently his roommate had cleaned up at one point and had thrown a lot of his stuff in there. He picked this up as well and added some things to an ever-growing pile of laundry. No wonder he could not find his practice jerseys. There were three of them in the closet. A couple of months in the dark closet had not helped the smell either. Then he discovered why the previous occupant had left the vacuum cleaner. It worked but was completely jammed up. Now that he had his little workshop cleaned up, it only took him ten minutes to remove the stuff wrapped around the beater brush and put it back together. He started to vacuum and then thought better of it. Three o’clock in the morning was not the time to start this.

He parked it in a corner ready to go in the morning then headed to his room. The adrenaline rush he had felt earlier left him as suddenly as it came. All he felt now was exhaustion as sure as if he had played an extra quarter on the football field. He shucked to his underclothes and carefully put his dress clothes up. Then he again fell into bed but this time didn’t have to control his fall as he did last weekend. After killing the light he was asleep seconds later.

He woke up late the next day and was beginning to wonder if his internal alarm clock would ever be set right again. Then he decided to finish what he started by taking out the trash and getting breakfast. By taking the three large bags of trash out the breakfast issue was solved. As was typical at the dorm, there was a table at the entranceway where people would set extra food, or lost and found, or large packages from the mail. Some one had set out a large donut box with half a dozen donuts still in it. Typical of a study group, several of the attendees would buy a dozen assorted donuts for the group. On checking his watch it was past ten. After eating one of the donuts on the way to the Dumpster, he found them stale. Must have been from yesterday, but he grabbed two more on the way back to his room.

He did do a little more picking up and then vacuumed and was very pleased with the result. He had been feeling a need for exercise since he got up and now decided to do something about it. Since the day was beautiful he decided on a quick ride around the campus and went and got his bike and started off. He had headed in the direction of Residence Row without really thinking about it. He was halfway there before he realized it and started to change his course then decided against it.

That street was the only major road bordering that side of the campus and its not like he had a whole lot of choices. Those dorms were also the newest dorms and a little more expensive to live in, but they had options such as a phone per room rather than a phone in the hall. The scholarship students got the older dorms, as they were closer to the center of campus. Other than taking a glance at her room, the ride was very uneventful, but it got his blood pumping as he had wanted and finally cleared away the cobwebs. He finished picking up his place since he had started a clean up. After organizing his schoolwork to where he could find things again he got back into his studies.

Later that evening he did get called to the hall phone and Joanna was calling him. She had called Cathy and the two of them had meet for a picnic lunch at Simpson drill field near the Albritton bell tower. The two had had a long afternoon talking about a lot of things and at the end of it Cathy seemed happier, just knowing she was not as alone as she had originally thought seemed to help.

Gerwald was smiling when he heard the location. “Why did you have your picnic lunch there, Joanna?” Gerwald asked, knowing the answer before he asked it.

Joanna answered honestly, “Well I wore my shortest skirt and I just love teasing the drilling Corp of Cadets. When they see me and miss a step, they usually get a few more demerits. But today I flashed them and one guy tripped and the whole bunch of them fell over each other.” Then she started snickering.

It was something of a standing joke for the women on campus to try and distract the military cadets. Also anyone drilling on a Sunday would have done something bad to draw the extra duty so this was kind of a double tease.

Gerwald was laughing out loud now but finally got out. “You did what?”

Joanna was laughing now “My Master did not allow me undergarments today so I raised my skirt when I sat down.” Then she had to hang up with a comment of “Sorry, but my Master desires me.”

Gerwald was still chuckling about that later when he was getting to go to bed. His classes tomorrow required his full attention, but he was beginning to wonder what happened to his roommate. He had not seen him since Friday night. He actually was enjoying having the run of the place, but he was just as sure that it would not last. The next couple of days he was back on his regular schedule. He even made a point of showing up at the cafeteria about the same time. Although he had not seen or heard from Cathy he knew she needed time to sort out what had happened the other night.

Wednesday’s practice had been a brute and everyone had left late and tired. Gerwald was about to pass up dinner in favor of junk food but headed to the cafeteria anyway. He would have an extra desert instead. He had just sat down when Cathy walked in alone and began to make her way through the line. Gerwald was watching her this time to see what she would do, and when she looked up and saw Gerwald smiling at her, she smiled as well and broke the eye contact by looking down again. She worked her way through the line then turned the corner to see Gerwald motioning her to his table.

She didn’t run into the restroom this time but gave her little smile and joined him this time with no further prompting. When she put her tray on his table Gerwald stood, then took her hand, kissed it, and said, “Thank you”. After she was seated he took his seat then motioned to her food. "Please, let's eat, this stuff doesn’t stay warm long, then, if you like, we can talk.” She nodded her agreement and began to eat as well.

“I understand that you got a chance to talk with Joanna.”

Cathy nodded yes, then got out between bites, "It was informative, I do feel better about things."

"So you don’t feel so alone now.” Gerwald was sipping his coke now and watching her closely.

Cathy looked up and blushed but said, “No, but I feel strange.”

“In what way?”

“It's like a dream.” Then Cathy paused and looked up again. “The things Joanna shared. I’m scared, not of you, but of the feelings I am having.”

“Are you afraid of them now?” Gerwald inquired.

Cathy shook her head negativity “Not so much, curious is a better word.”

“I may be able to help you there.” Gerwald said from over his drink.

“How can you help me?” Cathy had paused with her fork in the air on that comment.

Gerwald was smiling at her. “I can perhaps let you explore what you are feeling. Help you find what you seek.”

Cathy was getting frustrated. “I don’t know what I seek. Before I met you, I was going to school and I wasn’t seeking anything."

Gerwald saw that this was her fear talking and asked gently “Then tell me of your dreams, what do you see there. Or let me guess at some of them and you tell me if I’m right.”

Cathy had started blushing deeply. "I dream many things. Many very personal things."

Gerwald took her hand. “Tell me one. Just one of your dreams.”

Cathy’s eyes went to the floor. "It's all very personal and sometimes,” she paused and got a far away look in her eyes. “very erotic."

“I know they are, but they always have to do with you in a position of submission.” Gerwald said, “The question I need to ask is, do you like it?”

Cathy’s eyes snapped back to Gerwald’s when he said that. “Yes, but,” then a long pause. “How could you know that?”

Gerwald’s eyes did not break the gaze they were locked in. “I have been taught to recognize some things.”

“Taught?” was Cathy’s almost inaudible reply.

“Yes, as you can be taught or trained to learn to see things differently. Gerwald replied.

“You can teach me?” Cathy asked

“I can and I know people who can in time.” Gerwald said. He was getting the feeling she was very upset and uncomfortable with this conversation. “I am still learning.”

Cathy face was taking on a look of terror. The internal struggle of what was going on in her head was mirrored on her face. She wanted to deny what she was hearing yet wanted to accept it at the same time. The words came stumbling out as she tried to come to grips with her thoughts “People? You know my dreams? You have been taught? You know people?

Then she pushed herself away from the table. Then suddenly stood up and began to back away from the table then after a couple of steps turned and headed for the door.

He let her turn before he caught on and called to her. “Cathy!” he called to her sternly. Finish your meal.” And pointed back to the place she had taken across from him with a meal half eaten.

Cathy stopped dead in her tracks. She turned very slowly back to face Gerwald then saw where he was pointing and went back to her place. She seemed unable to walk away from his gaze. He saw surprise on her face but she returned to her table and sat down again. Gerwald did nothing but pick up his drink and watch her. She followed this unspoken suggestion that it was time to eat and drink. She started her meal again. Gerwald watched her eat but said nothing until she got to the point that she was moving food around her plate, picking at it rather than eating. “So what do you feel now Cathy? Tell me what you feel?”

Cathy was still picking at her food “I feel ashamed. I am sorry, I feel so lost.”

“Why, Cathy, for what you just did, for obeying me?”

Cathy didn’t look up but gave a very low, “Yes.”

“Was that so bad, did it hurt to do that?”

Cathy began to shake her head no. “It felt right.”

Gerwald was looking hard at her now. “I can tell you are aroused, Cathy, I can see your face blush and the increase in breathing and other things.”

Cathy looked up at this, staring in disbelief. Her hands went to her face and touched her cheeks as if to hid them from Gerwald. Some how he has described almost perfectly everything she was experiencing, everything she was feeling. Then she looked down at her plate again so she would not have to look at Gerwald, breaking eye contact. She had a lost child look, scared but not willing to admit it.

Gerwald began again to talk to her in a gentle voice. ”What did Joanna tell you? Are you scared?”

“She told me that she is submissive,” Cathy replied. “That she believes I probably am too. She kept calling you a squire, whatever that is.”

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes,” was Cathy’s quiet reply.

“But can you keep a secret, from everyone?”

Cathy eyes became more alert when he said that, more interested now. Then she replied with a nearly inaudible "Yes."

“There are places where men and women can be as their individual nature intended. They can be either dominant or submissive without fear of recrimination. Shall I continue?”

“Yes,” replied Cathy

“The experienced people at these places, they pass things down from one to another. Still want to know more?” Gerwald asked. He was looking at her now and wondering how much to reveal.

Cathy was openly staring at him now. She seemed fascinated. “Please go on.”

“There are organizations that exist, they teach and train and pass these things down. There are Masters and their slaves. Do you want to hear this? You may want to run now before I tell you more.”

Cathy’s eyes got wide at that word. “Slaves? There is something wrong with me, isn’t there?”

“No, Cathy you just have felt the natural yearnings some women have to submit to strong men. As you feel the desire to submit I feel the need to dominate. I saw this all the time on the farm, it happens in all forms of life.”

Cathy was staring at him with a look of wonder. “I do feel better. Knowing I’m not alone.”

“Should I go on?”

“Please.” Cathy said in a whisper.

Gerwald held out his right wrist “This bracelet, look at it! What do you think it means?"

Cathy looked at the ID bracelet he was showing her but it held no special meaning for her. “I don’t know.”

“It means I have been accepted by a Master. I became his squire. I am his student or trainee. I train and learn from him about what it means to become a Master.”

“Master of what?”

“Not master of what, but master of who, in this case the submissive's he has in his home.” Gerwald said, smiling.

“Master of a submissive?” Cathy asked, eyes still wide.

“Yes, Cathy, and as I am trained as a master, his submissive women teach other to accept and embrace their nature.” Gerwald did not break her gaze across the table. Then he continued, “And if it hits them as right, perhaps something deeper and more profound in time she might become a master's slave. To become property, owned. I am training with a master now. John has finished his training, as Joanna has.”

“She is his slave?" Cathy asked.

“Do you really want to know? If you do, tell me why you are here now.”

“I have to know, I have to know if I am what she says I am. I have to find out if those fantasies can come true.” Cathy almost whimpered.

“She accepted the collar of ownership less than a month ago. She is his property, a slave! You must never tell that to anyone that, and I need to have your word on this or I leave now.”

“You have my word on that,” Cathy whispered.

“John is a Master, did you see the gold signet ring on his hand?”


“That is the sign that he has completed his training and accepted by the bunch I am training with. Now why are you still here?”

Cathy was struggling to get out her answer but stated, “I want to know more. I need to know more. I think,” then she paused as she gave voice to her thoughts, “I am submissive. I think Joanna is right when she told me I was.”

“I sensed that, and I believe you are. And still you continue to sit here, what more can I tell you?”

“Will you help me?”

“I can and I know others who know more.”

“I don’t know what to do."

“Tell me, why are you here now?”

“To see if I am submissive,” Cathy paused then continued, “And if you can help me.”

“Yes,” Gerwald said, trying to gently coax her on.

“Then I trust you, I want you to,” then she paused again. Cathy was having trouble gathering her thoughts and getting them into words. “To teach me and train me too.”

Gerwald was thinking this could not be that easy. He had to know if this was something that she really wanted. He needed her to tell him that the feelings were mutual “With some one you are not attracted to?”

“But I am attracted to you.” She got out in a whisper.

“In what way Cathy?”

Cathy’s blush got deeper but she finally pushed her words out. “In many ways. You tell me to do things and I do them, and I feel my heart race. I feel my body react. I feel my mind reeling, sometimes saying no, but I do them anyway for some reason. Your approval is important to me.” Then she paused again and took a deep breath. “There, I said it.”

Gerwald smiled at her. "Do you mean like your nipples stiffening when I am near, that your body gets aroused and lubricates itself when I suggest things?”

The look of shock on Cathy’s face was priceless. “ Oh my God, how could you POSSIBLY know that?"

“Do you think a Master would not notice, or sense your arousal?”

Cathy crossed her arms over her chest. “I am so embarrassed,” she got out weakly.

“Put your arms down, Cathy, I saw them harden. I know what that gesture means.” Gerwald told her firmly.

She lowered her arms slowly and looked a little frustrated. Her nipples had hardened again and stood out in sharp relief against her clothing. The way she had lowered her arms against the table bracketed her breast and hid her hard nipples from view of the few people in the room except from Gerwald. If anything it had pulled the fabric a little tighter. She looked up to his eyes finally, tears brimming at the corners. “Will you help me please?”

“Yes, Cathy, I will. Come closer for right now.” As she pulled her chair around to his side of the table Gerwald began to hug her. Then he adjusted the windbreaker around her arms and shoulders to hide from the other what was obvious to him. Her nipples were standing out very proudly now. “There, was that so terrible?”

Cathy gave a long sigh. It seemed like a sigh of satisfaction, like she was getting something she had wanted for a long time. “No,” she finally said. “It's wonderful.”

“Anything we do will be negotiated and have our mutual consent. I won’t ever give you more than you can handle.” Gerwald whispered into her ear.

Cathy gave a little nod yes then said “OK.”

“Is that so bad? Do you feel like you want this?”

“I think I want this," Cathy replied, then paused and looked him in the eye. “No that’s not it, I know I want this, I have to find out. I want this with you.”

“Cathy, forgive me for asking this, but I would bet that someone hurt you in the past by taking advantage of your sweet nature, he didn’t ask and you gave into him anyway.” Gerwald said gently.

She trembled a little in his arms but looked up at him and whispered, "Yes."

Gerwald continued after this admission. “So you have a love-hate relationship with these feelings, wanting them and not wanting to them. Afraid they will consume you if you give in to them. But they keep coming back to you in you deepest dreams.”

“I have so many feelings. But I don’t want to get hurt again!” Cathy said slowly.

“I can only say I will try, I may hurt you sometime but we will always talk about it. Don’t ever be afraid to talk to me.”

Cathy breathed out slowly. “That is all I can ask.”

Gerwald hugged her a little tighter, drawing her in closer. “Have you dreamed of being tied up, being at someone’s mercy?”

“Yes” Cathy whispered

“Wanting to be spanked when you did something wrong? Or maybe something even crueler? Like a whip or a crop or flogger? Dreams of being a captive white girl to red Indians or something similar?”

“Yes,” Cathy again whispered

“Have you ever considered that perhaps out there somewhere maybe there are men who have those same dreams from the other direction?”

“I wondered,” Cathy said slowly. “But I never had anyone to talk to about this. I've always kept it to myself. I didn’t even tell that school shrink about it after I got hurt so bad.”

“There are men like that, Cathy, and I am one of them, and I never did either until I met my Knight, who took under his wing, a fledgling squire. Who is learning and who will make mistakes.”

Cathy looked up at him eye’s wide and full of trust. “Take me with you,” she whispered.

Gerwald smiled and asked, “Now?”

“Yes,” Cathy replied. “Please, we can learn together.”

“Yes, we can Cathy.” He let her go and stood up then pulled out her chair. After she stood up he took her hand and headed for the door. About midway to the door he paused as he had a wicked thought. He should test her now to see if she was serious about this. A small command to see if she would really follow his instructions. Nothing obvious but something only they might possibly know about. Then he leaned close to Cathy and whispered in her ear. “Cathy, go to the restroom now and remove your underwear, put it in you bag. I will be waiting at the door.”

She looked up at him in surprise a second then got a silly little grin on her face and headed to the restroom. The very same one she had tried to hide from him only a few days ago. She was back a few minutes later with the smile still in place. Then she shyly took his hand and they left together into the crisp evening air.

Chapter 23. To win a Maiden's heart

Just as soon as he hit the sidewalk holding Cathy’s hand he was already plotting what to do next. He got a block from cafeteria before he firmly had a plan in his head. Cathy was still smiling and had completely put her trust in him. Now was not the time for indecision but he needed more information than he had. He went towards his dorm for another couple of blocks then spied another curbside bench. He headed toward this and motioned her to sit down when he got there.

After he sat down, he looked deeply into her eyes, “Cathy, I will need to go to my place first. I need a thing or two. What’s the situation at your place, roommates and so on.”

Cathy grinned when he asked that. “My roommate is on medical leave this semester. She had to have emergency appendectomy a few weeks ago then got a post op infection. Her parents came and got her. She will be back at the end of the semester.”

Seems like fate was on his side. He took her hand and went the few remaining blocks to his dorm, then went to his room. “Funny,” he thought. “In all this time I have never invited a girl up here.” Also strange was the fact that his roommate was not there but had been there. This was evidenced by a trail of clothes and a half-empty pizza box and soft drink cans on the table in the common room. When he checked his roommate's room it was empty so he kicked the clothes in a pile near the door then went to his room.

Cathy had followed him unbidden into his room and sat down on his bed. She was looking around his little room and nodding at what she saw. A small neat room, definitely male, a student and a bit of a tinkerer. The little workshop she saw in the corner tickled her. Even in a dorm room a guy had to have his tools and toys just like her father.

Gerwald in the meantime was looking for things. Since the cleanup he had put away so much stuff he did not know where he had put the condoms he had purchased. He finally found those in the bathroom (seemed the logical place at the time.) and put a few of these in his pocket. Then he began to look for bondage items and realized that nothing he had was suitable for what he wanted. Then he began to think that Cathy's room might be more suitable. He also cataloged some of the things in his head typically found at his sister’s place. Stockings, scarves, cloth belts for dresses. Much more suitable for what he had in mind rather than his collection of wire, string for tuners and wire bundles and heavy leather belts. That stopped him a few seconds and he changed belts from what he was wearing to something with a little more oomph!

As he was getting his things he noticed Cathy on the bed with a bit of a forlorn look on her face, like she had been forgotten. Gerwald fixed that by sitting on the bed and pulling her close. This time when he kissed her there was no effort at control. He pulled her head to him by her hair and then kissed her with the built up passion of weeks. As he held her body close to his he felt her unbound breasts with nipples hard and gently caressed her as he tried to suck her tongue into his mouth. Her body arched into his trying to bring more of it in contact with his body and gave him her tongue.

He broke the kiss for a second to see if she would pull away, wanting to give her a chance to stop. But she hugged him tighter with a little plea of “More.”

When he heard this, he pulled her body closer to him and kissed her again. He let one hand slip under her sweater to caress and knead those lush mounds of flesh. She only moaned and held herself closer to him still. What little control he had was gone. She was trying to grind the length of her body to his and making little moaning noises. He let his hand travel the length of her body and let one hand rest on the crotch of her jeans. Despite the cloth barrier he could feel the heat emanating from there. In the closed environment of his dorm room he was sure he could sense her arousal as well. Not as obvious as he what he had smelled at Steele's place, but rather the hint and promise of it.

The thought of Steele's training snapped him back from the brink of animal lust. With a tremendous effort he once again grabbed Cathy’s hair and pulled her head away. Looking at her and her eyes and face full of yearning for more was painful. He managed to control it then and took several deep breaths to try and clear his head. He stood with some effort and then pulled her from the bed as well. He hugged her once more and then lightly swatted the bottom. Pointing her towards the door. “We will go to your place now. We need to talk on the way there.” She seemed lethargic until that light swat then smoothed her hair and straightened her clothing as she made her way to the door.

In a minute or so they were out of his dorm and back on the sidewalk heading to Residence Row. Gerwald had his control back now. Painful, but he had it as they headed for her dorm. They had walked for a couple of minutes when Cathy stopped Gerwald. “I’m sorry”.

Gerwald looked into those eyes and asked “Why are you sorry, for kissing me, for letting me touch you?”

Cathy was stammering now trying to get out her thoughts. “I didn’t mean to... I mean... I wanted to... I don’t know, when you grabbed my hair it excited me.”

Gerwald smiled her understanding her confusion. “Yes you were in my control for a few moments.”

Cathy was still sorting out her feelings “I… I liked it there.”

"I gave you a chance to say no, did you feel it?” Gerwald asked gently.

“Yes.” Cathy replied. “I didn’t want to say no. I wanted to go further."

“You wanted more. How much more, tell me now how far I could have gone.”

“My mind said no.” Cathy said then a long pause as if considering the last question. “My body betrayed me, I wanted you to take me. I wanted to be closer to you.”

“And I will Cathy,” Gerwald said gently. “But you said you wanted to learn, to experience. I need to know what things you want and desire.”

Cathy again looked at the sidewalk and Gerwald held her around the shoulders and started to walk toward her dorm room. “She needs time.” Gerwald thought” Just as I did that night at Steele's when all I had was questions.

After a couple of blocks, Cathy looked up again. ”I think, the things you described about my fantasies. Being tied up, being taken. I have always wanted to be tied up.”

“Is that your most cherished fantasy?

“Well... tied up... and well... used... I have envisioned it alone sometimes.” Cathy finally got out.

Gerwald lifted her chin and smiled at her "I can do that but I'll give you chance to stop it this time. But later I may not. Can you live with that?"

“Yes, I think so.” Cathy replied after a thoughtful pause.

"Will I hurt you doing this? I need you to tell me now."

“I don’t think you will hurt me you could have already if you had wanted but you haven’t.”

"Not tonight." Gerwald said, "but I don’t want this to bring up bad memories. Tell me now while I can still kiss you good night and send you on your way."

“Please don’t send me away. I’m begging you.” Cathy almost cried.

"I won't send you away, that’s your choice this time. Now hug me and tell me what you want."

Cathy stopped and reached out to him then hugged him tightly as if he would slip away. “I want you. I want you to show me more."

While she was hugging him, Gerwald gently whispered into her ear. "I will and I can. This night is your treat, no pain or hurt but you will obey me tonight. If you want things to stop what word will your use?

Cathy thought about his a moment. “I will tell you 'rose'.”

Gerwald was smiling at her now. “You have just learned your first lesson in this, it’s called a safe word.”

He held her close the rest of the way to her dorm then walked her to her room. Once again she fumbled with the key and dropped it. Then dropped it again. Gerald picked up the key this last time and unlocked her room but did not open the door. Only then did he look at Cathy. “If I go in now, submission waits for you on the other side. Don’t ask me in unless you are sure you want this.”

Cathy’s eyes reflected her understanding. If she invited Gerwald into her room this time, it would not be the same safe refuge she had known. She stood there looking at her door as if she had never seen it before, then opened it just enough for her slim body to slip inside. After taking a deep breath she turned to face Gerwald through the tiny opening she had made and considered what to do for a second or so. Then she opened the door wide open and looked at Gerwald, and in a controlled clear voice said, “Please come in.”

Gerwald entered the room and then looked at Cathy. Giving her one more chance to change her mind, he closed he door very slowly. When she made no effort to shoo him out he closed and then locked the door behind him. Her snug little dorm room had just become a chamber of submission.

Only when the door was locked did he turn to face her. Both knowing that the outside world was now locked away and in here they were both free to act in accordance with the primitive desires and urgings that raced through their blood.

Gerwald walked to Cathy and pulled her body in close to his. He gently took a handful of that blond hair and pulled her head back. Only when she opened her eyes so she could see him did Gerwald kiss her. Unlike the kiss before he didn’t stop until he felt her body press into his. When he broke the kiss this time he saw understanding in her face of how deep could go. “Bedroom!” was all he said.

She turned slightly and went through the door on her right holding Gerwald’s hand. Once there she turned to face him with a face full of trust. Gerwald knew just how fragile that trust was. She must receive pleasure first in this instance, was his thought. His would have to wait for later. Her pleasure at this time was not necessarily bound to seeing her dominant get pleasure as it was with the subs at Steele's place. That would only come with time and training, she was far too new to this.

He was running through his mind what he done for Kara to give her pleasure. The only non-sexual thing that came to mind was the massage. He knew enough there to make that effort worthwhile and he could tie that to one of her fantasies of being bound. “Cathy find me some scarves, nylons, or cloth belts from dresses or robes. That sort of soft things I can bind you with.”

He watched as she scurried about her room looking in closets and drawers. She did have one pair of nylons that she put in the bed and a belt from a dressing robe and a couple of scarves were found and placed on the bed. After she had done that she came back to Gerwald to stand in front of him as if to say, what now?

Gerwald reached out and nipped her by the waist and brought her in close then hugged her again tightly. “It's not too late, you can tell me to go and I will.” He felt her body tremble and shake against his.

Cathy had her head tucked into Gerwald’s chest and was shaking her head no. The looked up at him. “I want this, don’t leave, I have been wanting something like this to happen for a long time. I just never had the courage since I got hurt that time. Command me now before I lose my nerve.”

Gerwald smiled as he heard those words, the submissive side of her ran deep and was close to the surface now, he could touch it and fan it and bring it from smoldering to a hot flame if only he had the wit to do this without hurting her. If he won her heart now she would be his for a long time. He grabbed that tiny waist of her and moved her out from his body. “Take off the sweater and jeans, Cathy,” he said gently.

As he said this he felt her body shudder again and she hesitated for a long couple of seconds before she reached down to the bottom of her sweater and grabbed the edge of it. She rucked it up to the bottom of her breasts the hesitated again. “Off” Gerwald said firmly.

This time there was no hesitation and the sweater came off in one long pull. As soon as it was removed she hugged it against her chest. Gerwald reached out and jerked this from her arms leaving her nude from the waist up. “Jeans, off now!”

The hands came down from hugging her breasts and went to the waist of her jeans. She unbuttoned and unzipped then looked up at Gerwald again as if pleading. “Off Cathy.” And then she starting pulling them down. When they were at her ankles she looked up at Gerwald again. “Kick them to the side,” he said firmly and she stepped out of one leg and then used the other foot to fling them to the foot of her bed.

Gerwald stepped in and hugged her nude body to his and began to stroke her hair. She was trembling now and her whole body shook. From fear, excitement or cold he didn’t know but he knew how fragile that trust was. He just stood there for a long time holding her, stroking her hair waiting for the shakes to subside. He would wait, and for what seemed like an unending period of time he just held her like that. The shakes gradually stopped and he waited until she looked up then gave her a kiss again. The kiss at first was as tentative as it had been the night he leaned against her doorjamb, but as he kissed her lips again and again when finally reciprocated and a few minutes later reached up to him and pulled his head and neck to hers. The passion in the next couple of kisses unleashed from the very depths of her soul. As if it had been held in check for a long time and had finally been released.

He reached down and swept her body up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Her weight was nothing to him, perhaps one hundred and twenty to one forty pounds. He had been bench pressing two hundred pounds daily now for a while, and double that in the squat presses. He picked her up like a parent would a child and placed her gently in the bed without breaking the kiss.

He stayed there again as he felt the shakes start once again. The shakes stopped in a few minutes and then he freed a hand and used it to stroke her body from arms to legs. Long, slow possessive caresses as if to tell her she had been claimed. He could feel the tenseness in her body. She was resisting him to some degree but he did not stop his kiss or caress until he felt the tenseness relax one group of muscles at a time.

He was aching as well but knew just taking her would spoil things for her. She had to know he was in control of himself and of her. He broke the kiss and took her wrists in one hand, found the cloth belt, then snuggly bound her wrists together. Then to the headboard that had several upright slats. He pulled on the belt to take out the slack and to extend her arms and tied it off. She moaned when he did this and fought them a little as if testing the bonds. She had admitted she had wanted to be bound, used. He wanted to give her this but how? He took the stockings next and tied her ankles to the bed frame. Then he jerked them tighter to open her legs. Finally her sex was revealed to Gerwald. She had kept her legs tightly close so far and it was not until he jerked them open with the stockings that she had given up this final modesty.

Then he went back to the head of the bed and began to kiss and fondle her breasts. He was patient, he waited until he felt the passion returned before he let his hand trail down to her pubic hair and firmly fixed his hand in that bushy mound and tugged a little. Her reaction was not what he expected, she again tried to close her legs but when she could not she lifted her sex into his hand. Ground it against his hand. The action did have one encouraging result however her sex opened a little as she tried to move it into his hand. The fleshy flaps brushed against his hand and parted revealing bright pink moist flesh. He let a finger penetrate her center and his recent lessons in female anatomy helped as he found her clit a moment later and he began to stroke it.

This action jerked her whole body into motion. Her head was moving side to side and tossing her hair around obscuring her face. Her legs and belly were moving now trying to position her body to his hand just so. He kept up this action wanting her to orgasm. But he felt her actions weakening as he continued. He kept his hand busy but leaned close to Cathy and whispered into her ear. “Cum for me Cathy, orgasm, give yourself to me, don’t fight it. It’s OK for you to do this, I want it, I demand it!” Then he moved his head down to the breasts and began to suck the nipples.

The little jerks and motions her body had been making now increased. She gave one long moan as if giving up and then he felt her whole body arch into his hand and then felt one long spasm before her body fell back to the bed. His hand seemed to be filled with moisture as she gave herself into the sensation. She was gasping now, taking breaths in long inhales then explosive exhales as the orgasm wracked her body, then she quit moving at all.

Gerwald quickly checked her pulse and breathing to find it good. He brushed her hair away from her face to find her eyes open and starring at the ceiling. She was just lost in the sensation and he began to call her name over and over until her eyes focused on him. She lifted her head then as if wanting to be kissed and Gerwald obliged, once again finding her mouth and tongue lively. She was hungry for his kisses and he kept this up till her head fell back to the pillow.

He went to her feet at this point and untied them and crossed one leg over the other then went to the other side of the bed and pulled on the leg on top. She got the idea he wanted her to roll over and finally lifted her bottom and complied. Then using his newly acquired knowledge as a masseuse he started a long slow sensual massage. He had learned enough to know from the journals of John and Steele that the after care was more important than the actual act.

She responded to the massage with little moans and sighs, snuggling down into the bed. Gerwald kept up a constant mantra, whispering into her ear, “Relax Cathy, just feel what I am doing and enjoy it, you are mine to touch and caress. You wanted this, to be bound and enjoyed by someone.” He kept repeating variations of this until he felt her relax and the tension flow out of her. He started at her back and worked his way down. When he touched her buttocks she tensed up again but relaxed a few minutes later. When he had finished her legs he trailed his fingers up to her back again. When he began her shoulders this last time he could feel her breathing and it had gone from her little sharp intakes to very slow and regular.

Gerwald smiled as he realized she had gone to sleep. He stopped and began to consider his options. He could wake her up and take his pleasure, he could cover her up and leave. He could wait and see if she woke up. What to do? He was frustrated and aching for release himself and the urge just to slap her on the butt to wake her up was overwhelming. He was looking around the room trying to decide when his eyes fell on a little vase of artificial flowers to one side of the room.

He took a deep breath and composed himself. He untied her hands but left the scarf tied about one wrist then went and got one of the flowers, found paper and pen then composed a little note and pushed the flower through the paper and left it on the pillow near her head. A quick look around her room found a neatly folded afghan over a chair and he got this and covered Cathy with it.

He left quietly after that making sure that the alarm clock was set and the door would lock behind him. She had wanted a few of her fantasies fulfilled and he had done that. She had wanted not to be hurt or taken advantage anymore than she wanted. And he had done that. Perhaps he had proven a thing or two to her and perhaps she would feel deserted but he hoped not. He had wanted her to feel pleasure this time with no regard to his own.

He chuckled at the condoms in his pocket and fingered them all the way back to his own room. With any luck this time he had won her heart and proved all men were not insensitive animals. He thought again to the note he left her.

My dear sweet Cathy,

You have fallen asleep and look so peaceful, that I did not want to wake you. I hope that I have fulfilled your dream. As I promised, I did not hurt you and I did not take advantage of you.
It was not a dream. the scarf tied about your wrist is a reminder of our time together. If you want to continue then wear then that scarf around your neck until we meet again. If not, don’t wear the scarf and I won't bother you again.

Now he would wait. His control and patience was back in place and he would have to see what her reactions were. Still he was very sure that he had proved a few things to her. The next move was up to her.

Chapter 24. Lessons learned.

Gerwald got up the next morning with a feeling of anticipation. True, it may be awhile before he knew something, but still the feeling was there. His schedule the next few days was full but not frantic so he jumped into his classes and studies with a determination to stay on track and not let anything slide.

If anything, in most of his courses he was caught up. In a couple of cases he had actually jumped ahead. One term paper was actually completed minus a few pages of summation and conclusions he had to do. That he could whip out any evening he wanted. He was sure his professor was going to throw some conditions or changes into the final few weeks of the course. The prospectus he had handed out the beginning of the course had so far been adhered to. Somehow he had the feeling that it could not be as easy as it had been so far.

When his thought turned to Cathy during the day he would look up and look around as if to see if he could sense her. He would chuckle at himself after he had done that but it was becoming a habit with him. He felt the silliest about it during his computer courses. He would look up suddenly up in the computer lab and make his scan around lab and all he could see was row after row of VT100 terminals.

The rest of his day was uneventful with the usual schedule followed. He did get a chance to meet John and stop off at their hangout. John did ask about Cathy and what happened between then over the weekend. Gerwald gave him a condensed version of what happened and John was nodding his head in agreement as the story went on. Gerwald did ask John to give him an appraisal of how he did.

He mulled over this a few seconds before he spoke. “I think you handled about as well as anyone could have and you showed some real insight”

“Why do you say that?”

“According to Joanna, she has some deep rooted issues. She got the feeling that she had been hurt in the past and you seemed to guess that.” . “Joanna say anything else?” Gerwald inquired.

“Yeah, she said she flashed the Cadet Corps while talking to Cathy and got the whole bunch of them to trip all over themselves. Needless to say, she and Cathy made a hasty retreat after that.” He was laughing now as he said it. Gerwald was chuckling as well but he had already known about it.

“What else.” Gerwald pressed John.

John was still recovering from his fit of laughter and saw what Gerwald was asking. “Look Gerry, all I got was a few things from Joanna. If you want to know what Cathy told Joanna, then call her. Here is the number.” He began scribbling a phone number on a napkin.

Once John began writing Gerwald asked something else. “I don’t have Steele's number either, can you put that down as well?”

“Yeah sure,” answered John “I keep forgetting I got you into this so fast that I didn’t give you a lot of this stuff. And while I am at it this you might want to think about talking to Steele about this.”

“Why is that?” Gerwald asked.

“You and I both know that eventually if things work out between you and Cathy that you are going to want to take her there for a look or possibly training at some time. Right?”

“Yeah that’s right.”

“Well I would tell Steele and not surprise him by showing up unannounced with a visitor. And if it hits him right, he may have a reception waiting to help her, he needs to rearrange schedules and things like that. You and I are not the only ones he is helping and training, you know. Its true that he can and will move things around to help, but its easier if he know about it well in advance,” John said very reasonably.

This brought Gerwald up short a little. Of course Steele would have other people at his place. He had seen several other names on doors while he was there. And depending on how he had things arrange and scheduled, he could be accommodating lots more, just by changing the names on the doors. Gerwald was shaking his head in amazement now. Why had he not seen this before? He could only blame his rapid induction into this and the fact the he had been handy with electronics and they needed his skills in a pinch.

“Besides that,” John continued, “if she decides to accept the collar of consideration, the subs there have a beautiful little ceremony to prepare her for that.

“Huh?” Gerwald replied. “What do they do for that? I thought nothing really happened.”

“Nothing really does, but they have like an overnight party for her. In the end she is bathed and made up. They might do her hair and nails and if she agrees, she is shaved to her Master's specification. Most of ‘em seem to like it. Again that something you need to talk to Joanna about.”

Gerwald could only shake his head in wonder. All these things John seemed to know and took for granted he was just finding out about. “You and I really need to talk about these little things, Mr. NFL.”

"Yeah, we do. While on the subject I did talk to Steele and because this upcoming weekend is clear for you, he wants you to come down. Can you manage it?”

Gerwald thought about it a few seconds and considered things. He was hoping something might happen this week between him and Cathy but he needed to get his training out of the way as well. He had to admit the timing could be better but Cathy was a long way from becoming his. He finally just said, “Yeah, I can do that. I'll make it work.”

John left after that and Gerwald headed to his dorm. At six he headed for the cafeteria. He had been trying to keep a regular schedule on this so Cathy could find him if she wanted. She didn’t show up that day and Gerwald went back to his studies.

The next day went much the same and when he didn’t see Cathy that night he felt a bit of disappointment. After giving his studies a good two hours he went back to working on Space Command. It was well after midnight until he quit picking on it and went to bed. On Wednesdays his first class was not until late and he usually went and got his workout out of the way in the morning.

He did get in short workout that next day and barely made it to class. It was one of those huge lecture classes anyway, but better not to be noticed arriving late. His afternoon computer science class and lab had been better and he was just getting into things that really interested him.

He did make it to the cafeteria at six that night and had already worked his way through the line. He was working at eating the chicken when he sensed her again. She was there with some friends and they were chatting and giggling as they got their trays and silverware and started there way up the line. Gerwald didn’t see the other and his eyes had locked on Cathy.

She was dressed in Jeans and a sweater again and wearing the scarf tied around her neck. She must have sensed him as well because she turned to look into the room at that point. She smiled his way and then her hands went to the scarf as if straighten it. Then she had to look away as one of her friends asked her something. She kept looking back over her shoulder her whole conversation to see if Gerwald was still looking. He was smiling and then next time he caught her eye for more that a second she touched the scarf with her hand again and he nodded yes. She looked down at her tray again after that but this time she was smiling. She started to hug herself with one arm again and Gerwald just chuckled and looked away. In the presence of her friends suddenly erect nipples had to be embarrassing.

He lingered over his meal as long as he thought he could. Cathy and her friends were still talking and laughing so he went back through the line again and picked up a desert and milk and sat back down again. He was hoping to get a few minutes together with her alone but it looked like this bunch was going to sit and talk all night. He left and put his tray in the return area and tried to get her attention. After she missed that he went to the rest room and when he came back out he did get her attention for a second and made the gestures that he would call her later. She nodded yes to this and he went back to his dorm room with a feeling of satisfaction.

He got back to his room and dove into his studies. He was not surprised to find that his roommate had come and gone again. The common room looked like it had been hastily searched for something. Closet door open and stuff pulled out of it. He had taken a couple of minutes to pick this up and close the door and began to wonder about what had happened to him. He had picked up that his girlfriend had an apartment off campus and he seemed to spending a lot of time there. It avoided the rules of the dorm this way.

The dorms here had been coed for a few years now. The rules for dorm life had change a little but basically the rules read no overnight stays and a guest from another dorm must to be gone by midnight. The only exception was the military style barracks that the military cadets used. Study groups were usually held in one of the common rooms of the dorm and for some reason the laundry room of his dorm was the largest and tended to be used weeknights for that purpose. He tended to avoid using the laundry room on the weeknights knowing how distracting that could be.

But now he was looking at the huge bag of stuff he needed launder and knowing he would be gone this weekend changed his mind, He grabbed a book and his laundry bag full of stuff and headed down there. Surprised to find it empty he dumped his things and divide them between all three washing machines and started them. Then back to his room and finished his pickup and went back into his studies. With books in hand he went down to the laundry room and finished what he was studying. After the washers finished their work he moved the clothes to dryers, folded what he could, and went back to his room.

After he was back at his room he found he could not study. His thoughts kept going back to Cathy and her little coy smile as she touched the scarf. She had a secret and no one knew about it but the two of them. It had given Gerwald an enormous sense of relief, happiness, satisfaction and anxiety all at the same time. Relief because had not messed up his chance at this. Happiness because she wished to continue and had given him a sign tonight. Satisfaction because his training had seen him through this first experience rather well, even though he was far from completing the training. And yet the fact that the very training would be continuing this next weekend may cause some friction. Hence the touch of anxiety he was feeling.

It was late but he decided to call Cathy anyway. He would tell her he needed to see her, then he would tell her face to face. With those decisions made her began to look through the student directory for her name. He found the number with no problem and looked down the hall to find the phone as usual occupied. He went up and down the stairs to the other levels to find that all of them were in use as well. It was time like these that he cursed the older dorm and their lack of some services. Getting a phone installed was possible but hardly worth the effort for the twenty weeks he would be calling this home.

Back on his floor he found the hall phone not in use and latched on to it. Cathy picked it up in the second ring.

“Hello,” Cathy answered.

“Hello, Cathy its me, I noticed you wearing the scarf tonight.”

“Yes I though you might have noticed, I have been wearing it since Tuesday night.”

“So, Cathy,” Gerwald asked. “I see you have made up your mind about this.”

“Well I think so. I want to learn more, train with you.” Cathy said in low voice.

Gerwald was smiling as she got out this admission. “Good, I had hoped you would. But I need to tell you some things. I want to do that face to face. What time is good for you?”

There was a very long pause as Cathy considered this. “Anytime really. I don’t have class tomorrow until nine and I'm done at one.”

Gerwald was considering his schedule also. It was late now. “So tomorrow after one?”

“Yes,” Cathy replied. “That will work.”

“Where? Here or there?” Gerwald asked looking around his room. Still clean enough for guests.

“Here is fine,” Cathy said. “I still have the place to myself.”

“Lovely.” Then Gerwald had to pause as he considered something then pressed on. Better she get an idea now. “Cathy, what will you be wearing?”

Cathy’s reply was prompt this time. "Jeans, a sweater and this scarf.”

“Anything else?”

She thought about this a second the answered with just a little humor in her voice. ”Ill have on shoes, sock, under things.” Then she started giggling, "Why do you ask?"

Gerwald was making tsk tsk sounds. “Just more things I have to get you out of.”

That stopped the giggling and a breathless little “oh” was Cathy’s only response.

“Until then.” Gerwald said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ok,” Cathy replied. “Until then. Goodnight, Gerry.”

After he hung he was smiling also. The time would work out well and he would ride his bike over there right after his class to save time. Lunch tomorrow would be a candy bar on the fly, but he admitted to himself he was hungry for other things as well.

Gerwald then got his laundry put up and finished what he could in terms of packing. Knowing that Steele may surprise him now with training in social graces he packed his good clothes and a coat and tie as well, just in case. When he picked up his bag now he smiled. It weighed twice what he would to take to an away game when they might have to spend the night. He went to bed then still very pleased with the way things were working out and a very obvious erection.

Class the next day seemed to drag on but he did manage to pay attention and made good notes. Another Math lecture hall class he was glad when it was over as this professor seemed to delight in filling up the board with figures and equations, then erase them before anyone could finish taking down what he had up there. Gerwald had learned his trick now and wrote down everything first then went back and made his notes. He would have to spend several hours again tonight making sense of it before the class got too cold in his head. He stopped at a vending machine and got a little snack, then on his bike and headed to Cathy’s dorm. As usual he was dressed in jeans, shirt and a sweatshirt and pulled a bandana out of his pack and wore it around his head as a sweatband.

Rather than a leisurely ride today he raced. Using the ride for exercise in place of the workout he was going to cut short after he finished at her place. He got there a little after one, but took a couple of long slow laps around the buildings as a cool down before he parked and locked his bike. He used the bandana to clean himself up little, then wrung it out before tucking it in a pocket.

Gerwald knocked on her door and it opened just seconds later. Cathy’s face broke into a smile as soon as she saw him and motioned him in, closing the door behind her. Gerwald immediately noticed what she wearing, and what she wasn’t wearing as well. She was in a sweater and skirt, had the scarf around her neck and, if he had to judge, no bra, considering the condition of her nipples and the bounce her body had as she moved.

Before Gerwald could start Cathy began talking, “I talked to Joanna and she said you are going to that place this weekend. I'm so excited. I've cleared my schedule.”

“I wanted to talk to you about that. Yes, I am going to my mentor's place this weekend.” Gerwald said slowly. This was not going the direction he wanted.

“Good!” Cathy exclaimed. “I cannot wait to meet your friends you said you would take me, right?”

"I’m sorry, but I didn’t make arrangements for you to come. It’s a little late for that now.” Gerwald got out slowly. He had resigned himself now to the fact that this meeting was going to be a disaster.

“But I thought...” Cathy was frowning now and her face had taken on a very clouded expression. This was not what she thought was going to happen either.

“Yes, a little later but not now. Not this weekend.” Gerwald said a little firmly and he saw the hurt beginning to show in her face. How was he going to fix this?

“I want to go. You said I could!” Cathy got out. She was standing now in a very rigid defensive position.

Gerwald had seen this stance in his sisters in the past when they were gearing themselves up for an argument. “You are simply not ready, trust me on this, Cathy, you would only get hurt.”

“I promise I won’t get hurt. I won’t interfere. Please take me with you. You promised.” Cathy said and this time she crossed her arms in front of her.

“You are not ready for what might be asked of you. I need time to help prepare you. Maybe next time.” Gerwald said gently.

Cathy was pouting now. "I think I'm ready, I wore this scarf. I did what you asked."

"It's still too soon. I promise I will take you but not yet." Gerwald again replied gently.

"That's not fair. I have done what you asked. I'm not even wearing a bra" Cathy snapped out.

Gerwald could see that this was going nowhere. He went to Cathy and gave her a little hug then said. "OK, lets play a little game. You say you are ready?"

"Yes," snapped Cathy. "I am ready."

Gerwald had to smile at this little temper fit she was having. "The people there take this very seriously. So here is the game. Turn around and put your hands flat on the bed.

"Fine." Then Cathy went to the bed and bent over at the waist and put her hands on the bed. The action raised her skirt a little but otherwise she did this in a bit of a huff.

Gerwald was smiling now but continued. "I'm going to ask a few questions, right answers, I kiss you, wrong answers I spank your bottom. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Go for it." Cathy replied. She seemed so sure she could answer any question he wanted, it was very amusing.

"Are you comfortable around people when you're nude?"

"Well," then Cathy paused and breathed out a slow, "No."

Gerwald bent over Cathy, took her chin, and kissed her. "Thank you, if you had yes, I would have flipped up your skirt and invited the first person I saw in the hall in. Just to see if you were. Now how would you address my mentor?"

"As your mentor," she replied promptly.

Gerwald drew back a hand and firmly laid a swat to her backside. "He is addressed as Master, or in this case Master Steele."

"Ouch!" Cathy said, but otherwise remained silent.

"And my mentor's first slave, how would address her?"

"By her name if I knew it. I'm sure I would be introduced."

Gerwald again laid another firm swat to her bottom. "She would be Mistress Shirley."

"Ouch. How was I to know that?"

"But you said you were ready, Cathy. Now how should I be addressed?"

"I would call you Gerwald or Gerry."

Gerwald drew back and gave her bottom a good swat this time. "I am addressed as Sir!"

Catch was close to tears now. "Stop that." She said but made not effort to rise.

"No, not yet!"

"But you are asking questions I can't possibly know answers to," Cathy hissed out.

"That's my point. You are simply not ready for the realities of this." He took the bottom of her skirt and threw it over her back. He was very surprised when it revealed a bare bottom. "Last question, how would any of the others squires be addressed?"

"I don't know." Cathy whispered." She was in tears now, realizing her answer would be faulty.

Gerwald gave her bare bottom a light open hand swat. He cupped his hand so I would make a lot of noise this time. "They would be called Sir also, Cathy. Can you see now how you might get hurt, how I am trying to protect you and shield you?"

"Yes," Cathy replied.

"Yes what?" asked Gerwald after giving her bottom another light spank.

"Sir." She got out quickly and Gerwald bent over to her head and kissed her again.

"This is not an amusement ride or the zoo where you can go and watch just for fun, do you understand now?"

"Yes Sir," Cathy replied, and Gerwald kissed her again.

"Next time, I promise I will make arrangements. OK, in the meantime you need to think about this. Call Joanna if you really think you are ready and ask questions."

"Yes Sir," Cathy snapped as if it had a bitter taste in her mouth.

"Also understand that if you go, you will be taking a huge step. Do you know towards what?"

"Is this part of the spanks? I'm afraid to answer." Cathy answered. There were real tears streaming down her face now, making tracks down her checks.

Gerwald grabbed her body and stood her up then spun her around to face him. "Cathy, look at me."

She looked up to his face then, tears brimming but refusing to look him right in the eye. Gerwald reached out and brushed a tear away. "A woman who goes there has one path open to her. To a collar to be owned, property eventually, are you ready for that."

Cathy was shaking her head no now but managed to get out, "No Sir."

"Can you see I am protecting you? This is serious stuff, you have to be sure. Are you Cathy, are you really ready for this?" He was griping her arms now so she could not turn from him.

"I want this," Cathy whispered. "I want this with you. Make me ready." The she paused as she took a deep breath. "Please, Sir?"

"So do I Cathy, but before you take those steps I have to be sure. You have to be sure. Please tell me you understand this and I will make you ready. There is just not enough time before this weekend." He got the bandana from his pocket and dried her tears. "Just not this weekend. This weekend you need to talk to Joanna or one of the others. You have to be sure. I can't take you there unless you are willing to accept a first collar and pass a sort of verbal entrance exam with my mentor."

"I understand now," Cathy got out.

"Now rub your bottom, It will feel better soon."

"I doubt that." Then she paused a second and added, "Sir."

Gerwald folded his bandanna and made a cloth roll out of it. The held it up so could see it. "I'm going to blindfold you now. This will make you feel better. Trust me a few minutes."

She was looking at him like she was going to be spanked again but got out a very slow "OK."

Her hair had gotten disarrayed while she was bent over and he brushed her hair over her shoulder. Then he held the bandana up and slowly and gently put it around her eyes and head and lightly fastened it. "Now just feel Cathy, use your other senses." He loosened the waistband on her skirt and slowly and let's it drop to floor. Whispering to her, it will be OK Cathy, just be still. She had just started to smile as he said this. The he took the bottom of the sweater and slowly began to take that off as well. She began to help this time by raising her arms. When he had removed them both she only had on the scarf and blindfold.

"Now just feel Cathy, let your other senses free," Gerwald commanded gently, as he bent over to kiss one breast at a time. The nipples that had gone flat quickly hardened again. She was not saying anything but was uttering little low moans every time her kissed her.

His head moved a little lower and her began to kiss from between her breasts to above her sex. He stopped above the pubic hair. "Another little thing you should know," Gerwald said, as he took a pinch full of the light blond fleece there and pulled just a little. Cathy said nothing but gave a little gasp at the unexpected pull. "Do you know how must of the subs keep this hair, depending on her masters whim?" he was gently running his hand over that light blond mound as he said this. The action caused her sex to moisten.

She said nothing but long "ohhhhhhh."

Do you know, Cathy?" Gerwald again asked.

"Nooooo I don't know."

"Do you really want to know the answer to this?"

"Teach me." Cathy gasped.

"It is removed!" Gerwald said, pulling a little pinch of hair gently. She moaned again as he did that "It keeps you open and exposed and your sex ready for a master's touch. He then stood up and guided her to the bed. Once he got her there he gently urged her legs open. "Would you accept that?" Gerwald asked gently.

Cathy's response was slow as she began to consider it then replied, "If you ask me to."

Gerwald meantime had let his hand run up and down to find her clit and begin to rub it. Cathy was giving little moans again but remained silent otherwise,

"Yes, Cathy I would ask it, and keep you bare there so I could see every time you got wet." As he said this he began to feel her body tremble a little. "Did you know that must subs can't orgasm without Master's permission? Gerwald continued as he continued to stroke her sex.

Cathy answer was more a moan than an answer but it came out as a long drawn out "Noooo Sir."

"Would you like to cum Cathy? You don't have to ask me." then Gerwald paused and added a "Yet."

Cathy was moaning now and fighting the orgasm but got out between clenched teeth "I do want to cum."

"You would not be allowed to orgasm even in your own bed late at night without that permission."

"Ever?" was Cathy's weak reply.

Just on a hunch that she was waiting to be commanded, he leaned close and whispered into her ear, "Cum, Cathy," and was rewarded with another long low moan, then added, "only with your master's blessing. Do you have a vibrator?"

Cathy was deeply blushing at this point but answered "Yes Sir."

"How often do you use it?"

"Well, maybe once or twice a week."

"And during the last couple of few weeks?"

If anything the blush got deeper but she replied "Well, all three of the of the last three nights."

Gerwald was grinning now, "I was hoping you would say something like that, what were you thinking of the past few nights? Anything special?"

"How you tied my hands," Cathy said slowly.

Gerwald was running his hands up and down her body now, stopping at her breasts then back down. "And?"

"And how you touched me like you had always known my body."

Gerwald found her clit and began to gently caress it, know it would arouse her yet again. "Did you like it?"

Cathy was moaning again but got out a "Yesssssss," then a long pause and "Please."

Gerwald was unsure what the please was for. "What are you asking for, Cathy? Tell me."

Cathy was shaking her blindfolded head side to side as if fighting something. It was a few moments before she go out "I need to cum, Sir." Then a long inhale. "I want to cum for you."

Gerwald leaned close to her ear and whispered. "CUM Cathy. The orgasm shook her body and marveled at the sexuality of this lovely creature. When the shakes stopped he kissed her body everywhere.

"Did you like that?" he asked Cathy.

"Yes," she replied, trying to get her breath.

"Now let me ask again, do you really want to go this weekend, I really need time to help prepare you."

"No Sir. I will wait until I am ready. I can see I'm rushing things a little," Cathy replied. Her face at this point took on a disappointed look.

"I'll be back as early as I can Sunday morning, should I come by then?"

"I will want to see you. Sunday is a long time away." Cathy said with a bit of a disappointed voice.

"Yes, but you need to think about this. I hope this helped you understand a little more." Gerwald was still running his hand up and down her body.

"Yes, I think so."

Gerwald reached down and grabbed the corner of the comforter she was laying on and flipped it over her body. The he removed his blindfold. She was looking up at him, somewhat innocently. She was searching his facing and looking for acceptance. Gerwald smiled at her and took her hand. "Would you like to be mine someday Cathy?"

"Very much so, I think. Cathy murmured, not quite able to look him in the eye now.

"Please think carefully before I ask again. I'll have Joanna come by when she brings me back. Please be sure. Talk to her and me. I don't want to hurt you if I can help it."

"Yes Sir."

Gerwald kissed her gently. "Goodbye for now, I'll see you Sunday as soon as I can.

"Sir?" Cathy seemed to be pleading. Her voice had taken on a lonely tone.

"Yes, Cathy."

"Thank you for this lesson. I will do better next time, I promise," Cathy said in a low voice.

"You are very welcome. More embarrassed than hurt, I hope."

"Extremely embarrassed." The blush returned to her checks.

"Those really were just love taps." I was not trying to punish, just make a point."

"Oh great," she replied. Her voice had taken on a serious tone as if considering what it would feel like to be punished. The frown on her face said a lot also.

"Later, I will explain more. I will prepare you." Gerwald said, smiling at her.

"Yes Sir," Cathy whispered.

Gerwald kissed her then left. The lesson he had passed on today had given her a lot to think about. He did think about staying and giving her another massage, but showing sympathy at this point would be exactly the wrong thing to do. The decision was hers to make and she needed time to consider what she was getting into. He closed and made sure the door would lock behind him as he left. This weekend was going to be longer than normal.

End of part 4