Lord of the Manor, part 3
by Stormchaser

Chapter 13. A squire attends to his Knight

Over the next few weeks Gerwald threw himself into his work. He finished his papers, caught up on his studies and even jumped ahead in a couple of the classes he enjoyed. He also got the few things he had in his little workshop for repair fixed. With that done stayed he began to look forward to his next visit to Steele's place. He did notice from time to time the girl that John had called to his attention and when he could he observed her closely. As near as he could tell she had just a few girl friends and stayed in the little group she belonged to. He did watch to see what buildings she went into at different times of the day. She mostly seemed to go into those buildings associated with the School of Business Management beside the library and the normal general buildings for courses that everybody had to take.

When he noticed her in the cafeteria, he would look and smile at her again and noticed the same reaction several times. It did reinforce his original opinion but wanted to ask John about it before he did anything. As she was the first one he had actually picked up on the little clues she gave he would smile at her whenever he saw her. He had noticed other things in the past few weeks as well. Since he had come from Steele's place and his hair had been cut and shaped he noticed other girls giving him a second look now. Nothing major but some of the ones he had noticed before and had never looked back were now giving him appraising looks.

At John’s suggestion he had purchased some additional clothes with his limited funds . As John had put it, the “Farm Hand Look” he had been affecting was getting a little worn. He had bought some new jeans and replaced a few of his shirts and quit wearing things with “Feed and Seed” or agricultural chemical or fertilizer logos on them. Never one to waste things, these got set-aside for when he helped the equestrian bunch.

He had made the first cut on the equestrian team but had to drop out as many of their events conflicted with football. He had talked the coaches into letting him help out with the livestock from time to time. He simply enjoyed taking care of the animals and would help with some of the chores when they were short handed. Like any livestock, they had to be fed and watered and groomed regardless of the class schedule. He would also help repair and care for the tack, the saddles and harness and bit and bridles. Another skill he had picked up on the farm.

John did catch him at the practice field and let him know arrangements had been made for the next weekend to go to Steele’s place. After John had given him the details the weekend, Gerwald began to pester his friend with questions again.

“What’s he going to have me do? What should I be doing? Do I need to bring anything? Will I get to touch those girls this weekend?” Gerwald got out in one breath. And was about to ask more when they were joined by another team member. He had news of the upcoming NFL draft and John had made the rookies list. After talking with them a bit he trotted off to tell yet another bunch his news and John just told Gerwald he would meet him tonight at his dorm room.

The rest of the day went by quickly and once again Gerwald threw himself into his work, assignments caught up and was just about to try and jump ahead in his Fortran book when John showed up. He was in a wonderful mood since the NFL draft rumors had surfaced and had wanted to go on playing football past college. He showed up with his Journal from his training and made himself comfortable.

John stated of by saying, “OK, You asked a bunch of questions this afternoon and I will give you a few things. He is giving something of value of to you in terms of the training, and he expects you to help around his place. Patience Gerry, once you get there he will have something for you to do. Do it and ask for another assignment when you are done. Don’t demand his attention right away. He will push patience in the beginning and the more you ask for the training, the longer he will put it off until you can show him you can put off what you want for about 12 hours. He will come to you when he thinks you have demonstrated patience. Popping off about you want will only delay things. What you should do is look and listen and wait. Show him respect. Call him Sir, like you did the other day, he appreciates that. Take some good clothes and work clothes with you. Who knows what he might have you doing?”

Gerwald nodded his head in agreement with every item he brought up but still had other questions. “What’s he going to be teaching me anyway? What were your lessons on?”

Rather than answer immediately John handed him the book he brought with him. “I think you should read the first ten or so entries. What he does is refer to the book that he kept when he was a squire. This way none of the lessons get lost. He has however, learned more since then and times do change, so some times he rambles a little about things. When he does, Take Notes!”

“Can I keep your journal?” Gerwald asked

“No, but I can loan it to you as long as I’m present. One of their rules is that it’s not to leave your presence. But you gotta remember when he got into this things were very different. It was all underground and hidden.”

“Well it still seems to be,” Gerwald commented, “But things are not like they were then. I’ll bet the 60’s were a shock to them.

John stood up at that point and stretched. I’m sure the 60’s took him by surprise and you know that the draft dodger’s thing still rankles him. He has come to terms with it but Vietnam was a mess for him as he is still a lobbyist of sorts. Don’t ask he about that or you will get an earful.”

Gerwald picked up the book and began to flip through it and read and John flopped down on Gerwald’s bed and closed his eyes. Gerwald looked through the book and made some comments from time to time. “Health and safety, Female Anatomy, Male Anatomy, Body language, Erogenous zones, Knot tying, Whips and techniques, Flogging. Quite a varied and interesting course of study,” Gerwald said, after putting the book down. He had gone through about twenty pages in John’s book and was smiling again.

“Yeah,” replied John “but the best part is you have a live model. Wait till you get to the instruction on getting and giving a massage. There is a lot more but it’s about control, as I said. The part where you bring a sub close to orgasm and then back off was the most fun for me. You can make them beg before it’s all over. Control and patience Gerry, those are they keys.”

“I get the feeling this is gonna take awhile. Now that I have seen this.” Gerwald replied while pointing to John’s book.

“Yes, but like all good things its worth the time and trouble. But you can advance in this time-wise if you want. Think about giving up a couple of days at school breaks and at Christmas. A week or two of summer vacation could speed things along nicely.” John was up and stretching now and had retrieved his book. “Just make sure you tell him about your plans and don’t show up unexpected.” Then he headed for the door. “I’ll meet you at the same bicycle stand 4:00 Friday night. That way we get a meal out of this. Do you have a coat and tie?

That took Gerwald by surprise. “Yes,” he answered.

“Good, wear that and a clean shirt when you meet me. Friday night dinner is usually a formal affair for him. He feels that his Squires should have a bit of social polish!” John added as a parting comment. He was out the door and gone before Gerwald got his mouth closed.

Again Gerwald asked himself the question. “What have I gotten into?”

The day went by quickly enough and he found himself waiting at the bicycle stand a few minutes to four on a Friday night, dressed in every bit of finery he had. John joined him a few minutes later dressed the same. He did not even get a chance to say “Hello” as the car pulled up exactly on time and glided to a stop.

The trunk popped open and John did not stand on ceremony but tossed in the bags like so much cordwood then closed the trunk. John got in the front seat and motioned Gerwald to get in the back. Before Gerwald got his door closed, John had his slave in his arms and was kissing her deeply. Only after that did the car pull away from the curb.

John did ask for a canned drink on the way there and Gerwald provided that from the little compartment. He opened the one textbook he had brought with him this trip. The two in the front were quietly chatting and giggling so he left them alone. He was sure his presence had a dampening effect on what might be happening between the two of them. This trip seemed quicker than the last time but part of it was due to the familiarity of things this time. He was not marching into an unknown mystery this time.

They arrived at the house this time at dusk rather after dark. This time Gerwald got a good look at the place in some light and was more impressed that before. He had still been in a state of disbelief when he had left last time and had not even thought to look over his shoulder and get a good look at the place. He could clearly see the out buildings this time. One long building which looked like a stable was along one side of the property and there were a series of white fences he recognized as movable corrals. These were used for training or could be set up as jumps for horses. One building appeared to be a detached garage and another building that was for storage or a gardener's shed.

The car pulled into the driveway as before and stopped at the front door. They got out and the Joanna got the bags this time and deposited them in the foyer before leaving and moving the car. Steele was at the door this time welcoming them into his house.

“Welcome back, Master John. Squire Gerwald, it's so good to see you as well.” Steele shook both of their hands. Please come in.” He was dressed in a three piece blue suit and tie, this time. His hair still perfect. He then began chatting with John.

“I seem to have heard some news,” said John, and they began to drift off talking football and NFL draft. Gerwald, on the other hand, had more pressing biological needs and found the bathroom. They had not stopped on the trip down and he had been a bit on the apprehensive side before this trip. This also gave him a chance to tidy up a bit. As unused to wearing a tie as he was he had loosened it in the car. This gave him a chance to button up and straighten things.

He found them both deep in conversation in the music room. He found a seat near them and just listened. Their conversation was now just sharing news between two friends and equals.

As he listened to conversation turned to Gerwald and what John had been helping him with. The girl that both Gerwald and John had noticed was brought up. What else had he learned? Gerwald gave them his observations over the last few weeks.

Steele was nodding his head as Gerwald ticked off the points he had observed. “Well done, John, Gerwald.” Steele congratulated them. “That is a lesson that's hard for me to teach and for someone to learn. John did a good job with you on that. Again, patience, young squire. An opportunity may present itself. Don’t force things let things happen in there own time and in their own way. But with just a little luck, a seed has been planted. It takes time for them to germinate and take root, as our young farmer well knows.”

John piped up at that. “I have been counseling patience as you did with me. The hardest lesson of all.”

Again Steele was nodding his head in agreement. “Yes it is, but the rewards are well worth the wait.”

He was about to say more when Shirley appeared at the door and knelt. She had on a long dress this time and her long hair was pinned back off her neck, not in the elaborate hairstyle Gerwald had seen last time. “Dinner is served, Master.” Then she arose and went back through the door into the dining room.

“Yes, worth the wait indeed.” Steele commented to no one in particular as his eyes followed Shirley out the door. “Join me, my friends. Cold food is not on the menu.” The got up and gestured them to do the same.

The dining room was set for eight. When he entered there were four women in the room dressed very formally. They all seemed to be wearing a dinner dress of some kind and their hair was done in different styles, but the common theme was it was held off the neck. All had a necklace or some kind of collar on. All were standing near a chair and waiting for Steele to arrive.

Once inside Steele began to make introductions. “My young Squire here many of you meet briefly a few weeks ago. This is Gerwald. Master John you all know. And Gerwald, may I introduce to you Kara, Victoria, and Olivia, our cook.” As he went around the table and introduced them, each gave a very short curtsey. Steele held a chair for Shirley and John did the same for Joanna. Gerwald followed suite and did the same for the woman he was near, Kara. She was the one who had cut his hair a few weeks ago.

The place setting all had name cards. Gerwald found his place and the setting in front of him had more spoons and forks then he had ever seen. A small bowel of soup and a salad was in front of him as well an extra plate he could not divine a use for. He began to watch Kara and duplicated what she did. The soup spoon and salad fork soon made themselves obvious. The extra plate and knife were for bread.

Other than trying to figure out what piece of silverware went with what dish, dinner for Gerwald was marvelous. The main course was a standing crown roast that he had only seen in pictures. There were several hot vegetables and hot yeast rolls. Diner progressed in a leisurely fashion from the soup and salad to the roast to desert of chocolate mousse, something that Gerwald had yet to experience.

Gerwald followed the lead of everyone and did not throw himself into the meal with his usual gusto. He had come to the realization that this was a test of some kind and held himself back until he had watched others and made sure he was doing was the correct thing.

The dinner conversation was held to the most mundane of subjects. The weather, how delicious the meal was and so on. Nothing was said that detracted from the meal or the lovely ladies who were in attendance. There was no hint that anything was going on other than a dinner party between friends. Gerwald began to look at the ladies and used his now practiced smile and watched the reactions. At the end the ladies quietly made their excuses and left and Steele invited John and Gerwald into the music room for coffee.

After Steele had put on some music Olivia showed up with a tray of coffee then left. He turned his attention to Gerwald. “So my young squire. I’ll bet that was the first formal dinner party you have ever attended. You did very well, now why would I do that?”

This had been puzzling Gerwald “I don’t know, Sir. I have been wanting to know why. The food was delicious, by the way.”

Steele was nodding as he accepted the complement. ”This is partly because you will have to react with different levels of society and table manners tell a story. One of the most valuable lessons my mentor taught me was that. I have made more significant contacts, concluded more business, and discovered more submissive females at dinner parties than anywhere else. I arranged this meal with just my immediate staff here to see how you would do. There will be other dinner lessons but you did fine. I did watch you looking at the ladies. Did you notice anything?”

“They reacted about the same as some of the others John pointed out.”

“Yes and that is the lesson for tonight, and one other thing, it seems the fickle finger of fate has landed on Kara tonight. You pulled her chair out for her, any reason?”

“No reason I can think of Sir,” replied Gerwald, “I was trying to pay attention and duplicate what you and John did. She happened to be the closest to me at the time that’s all.”

“As good a reason as any.” Steele said, “but because of that seemingly insignificant gesture, pulling out her chair, she will be attending to you this weekend. If you had not done that your weekend would not have been as pleasant as it will be now.”

Chapter 14. Lessons learned, pleasant and otherwise.

Gerwald had no idea what Steele was talking about but he was sure that he would enjoy the result. They sipped coffee and talked on several subjects. Steele did make some suggestions to John on what to do if his dreams of making it to the NFL actually happened and agreed to look over any contracts that might come his way. The evening slipped away from them between good conversation and stories exchanged. Gerwald was given his assignment for the next day and, as John as prophesied, Gerwald was cleaning out the stable and taking care of the horses tomorrow.

About nine Steele suggested they all retire. They talked a little more then John slipped off. Steele suggested that Gerwald make an entry into his journal about what had happened at dinner tonight then excused himself as well. Gerwald headed for his room. When Gerwald entered his room he noticed the pleasant surprise Steele spoke of. Kara was in his room and kneeling by the bed. The formal dress she had been wearing was gone and was now wearing the blue off one shoulder affair he had last seen her in. Her auburn hair was shoulder length and loose now. She had besides her a small bundle that seemed to be small scarf.

He closed the door and watched her as he did this. When the door shut he saw several conflicting emotions, fear, joy, apprehension. He could not really tell but he went and sat down in the chair and watched her for a few seconds. He was very unsure of what to do next.

“What do we do next?” Gerwald asked breaking the silence.

“I am yours for this weekend, sir. Within the limits set by Master Garret.” She had yet to look up.

“Look, you know I’m new to this and I really don’t know the rules around here, so would you explain to me what they are?” He had let some sharpness creep into his voice at this point, as his control was at a breaking point. He really was very new to this and had only had a few glimpses into this lifestyle. He had seen enough to know he wanted more.

The girl on the floor cringed a little at the sharpness in his voice. “I’m sorry sir, but we were told Master John had explained things to you.

This plea took some of the edge off of Gerwald’s anger. “OK. No, he has not. He has explained a lot of things but not the rules concerning this.” He took a deep breath then continued. “Can you explain them to me now?” he said in a much gentler tone. He was under control again but still he needed this intelligence. He didn’t want to break some protocol here that he did not know about.

Gerwald motioned for her to come closer. She began to inch his way a little on her knees. He took her hand, then laid her head in his lap and began to stroke her hair. “You are not commanded to silence. I need your help so please tell me what I can and can’t do.” He remembered the bath she helped give him and how she had taken his hand so sweetly and put it to the side when he had started to caress her breast.

Kara lifted her head from his lap. “I am your this weekend, and you can do just about anything you want. If you have sex with me you must wear a condom. If I displease you I may be punished. You can’t do anything that will cause injury, like break bones or mark or cut or disfigure, but I won't displease you, I wanted to be with you. Don’t send me away. Please don’t do that!”

The way she had said that caused Gerwald to think that there were secrets there. The called out to him to be touched and explored. It caused him to wonder if it was an accident that she had been at the table besides him.

Gerwald put her head back in his lap and began stroking her hair again. He had done this for his sisters when he had been growing up and they had had some disappointment in their lives. It just seemed the right thing to do. “You have already helped me, tonight at dinner I watched you to see what piece of silver you used for what course. Thank you!”

Kara had snuggled his head into his lap as he said that. “You are welcome, Sir. I noticed you doing that and tried to stay ahead of you.” The dinner, as he had suspected, had been a test of sorts to see how he would react in an unfamiliar situation. Because of her and a little patience, he had done well.

“I get the feeling that your name being next to mine was not an accident. Now was it?” Gerwald stated as he was stroking her hair. He felt her stiffen as he said that and because she did not answer he cupped her chin and lifted her head. “Was it?” he asked as gently as he could.

Tears had started to for in Kara’s eyes as he asked this. It was as though she expected to be punished for something. She raised her eyes briefly to his then looked down again. “No sir, it was no accident, I traded the name cards with Olivia, the cook. She had the place next to you originally. In return for that I will have to give her some additional help in the kitchen next week."

Gerwald removed his hand from under her chin and her head went back to his lap, head turned to one side. He went back to stroking her hair. The sweetness of her swapping the name cards touched him. The only words he could find for that act were “thank you”.

Kara murmured,“You are welcome, Sir.” But said nothing else.

Gerwald was still a little unsure as how to proceed. He still had so many thoughts running around his head he had a hard time landing on just one and making a coherent question out of it. He did know he had a fabulous source of information at his command this weekend. She had her head his lap now and he was trying to figure out the best way to use it. She had said nothing the whole time and he appreciated the silence while he was trying to figure out what to do next.

He lifted her head again as some of his thoughts coalesced in his head. He had decided to command her in such a way that she could lead him through this. He decided upon a course of questions that would perhaps make things clear. “If you were serving Master John or Master Ed what would you be doing right now?”

Kara moved her head out of his lap and looked up briefly then put he eyes back down and began to smile, as memories seemed to flood her head. “Master John liked things to go slow so he would ask be to bathed and massaged first, then sex. Master Ed would come here in such an aroused state he would take me immediately and as he put it, “get sex out of the way.” Then afterwards perhaps a bath or massage or sometimes he would practice thing on me.

“Practice things?” Gerwald asked. “What kind of things?”

Kara was silent for a few moments then said slowly. “Whatever Master Garret had taught him last,” she said somewhat evasively.

“And some of those things were?” Gerwald pressed.

Again Kara’s answer was slow in coming but she replied, “Binding me in various positions for example.” Again she seemed to want to end it there.

“And?” Gerwald asked. He could see that she wanted to twist things a little to activities she had enjoyed and not reveal everything.

Kara’s reply this time was faster as she had obviously sorted out her thoughts as well. “He would arouse me to the edge of orgasm and hold me there until I begged to be released.”

“And?” asked Gerwald a little smile of his own was forming this time. He could see now that this was going to be a game with her. He would have to pry every little thing out. But she would answer if asked in the right way. He had to have a little patience.

“Sometimes he would practice his “after care” massage technique on me.”

“What else?” Gerwald asked beginning to enjoy the game.

“He might practice flogging or spanking or punishing me in some way,” she finally replied.

Gerwald could see now why she had not wanted to reveal that. Always the studious one, Ed would have practiced a thing until he was confident in his understanding. He was grinning now that he had pried that out of her. But for now he had enough information to base a course of action on.

“What else did you do for Master Ed?” There had to be more, of that Gerwald was sure.

“Oh many things, Sir.” Kara replied, “I kept his hair cut, would help him with his studies sometimes when he needed to be drilled on something. I would practice dance with him sometimes and sometimes I would dance for him, lots of different things, and sometimes…” she let her voice trail off on that one.

“Yes.” Gerwald commanded, “Continue that thought.”

Kara looked down again. “He would have me do his laundry, washing and drying, and he liked his shirts starched and ironed a certain way.”

Gerwald was fascinated now. He had never even considered that. In preparation for this weekend he had done his own laundry early. There would be a few advantages in coming here. He began to consider what other domestic tasks he could have she do for him. Ed was in business school and a dress shirt and tie daily for him was the norm. Gerwald began to remember some small things now like his clothes being neatly folded and laid out and his boots polished. Some definite advantages indeed. One thing she had mentioned was the hair cut and it had been three weeks, so he decided to test her a his ability to command first a little. “Hair cut, then a bath and massage,” he finally said. He would see what happened.

“Yes Sir,” she replied. “I will need to get some things, may I go and collect them?”

Gerwald nodded yes then made a little shooing motion with his hand. “Be quick!” he commanded, then had to chuckle as she left the room quickly.

While she was gone he began to unpack a few of his books then stopped in mid motion as his thoughts once again began to form. This weekend was going to be interesting. He had a great source of information at his disposal. He could get a lot of questions answered if he asked the right questions. He only had to have wit enough to make use of it and patience enough to urge her along.

With that happy thought he continued what he was doing. The erection he had since he entered the room was still there. He knew she knew it. Her head had been in his lap for a long time. There would be no denying himself this time. No exercise in control as the last bath had been. He would be able to touch this time.

Kara returning with her things interrupted that happy thought. She entered the room and knelt again about where she had before. She had scissors, a comb, brush and hand mirror in her hands. She looked up at Gerwald briefly then put her head down. “This would be easier in the bathroom near the sink. Would you go the bathroom now, Sir? It’s empty at the moment”.

That suggestion made sense to Gerwald, he had been looking at the carpeted floor and wondering about that. The bathroom floor was tile and would be easier to clean up. He nodded his agreement and went across the hall. She followed a few seconds later carrying the chair and her things.

She had him sit down then placed towels around his neck just like a barber would do, and then was clipping away with the scissors. This time it took her less time and in about twenty minutes she was done. As she worked her way around him this time he reached out and touched her from time to time. She didn’t push the hand away this time but kept at her work, but the reaction she was having was obvious as well. Her nipples beneath the blue snatch of silk she was wearing were hard and erect. She shuddered every time he touched her. She gave Gerwald the hand mirror a little fearfully and stepped back when she was done.

Gerwald began to study his reflection critically. Again he was surprised at the reflection staring back at him. He looked at Kara who was waiting for him to say something. “I like it, do you think it helps me?”

Kara was smiling now, “I think you were a diamond in the rough before, Sir,” she replied very diplomatically.

“That’s very nice and thank you but what do you really think?” He was wondering what the girls at school might have been thinking before and after. Kara visibly didn’t want to answer this question. When she hesitated he added. “Kara, please listen to me, I’m not trying to trick you, I just want to know what you thought before and after. You really did a good job and I’m very happy with the result.” If he had learned one thing it was to complement a girl. You tended to get better results.

Kara finally let out a sigh then said. “You were a hayseed before sir, I would not have given you a second look. I trained to become a hairstylist and I know that looks are only superficial but that was my first impression.”

“And now?”

“Now, I have to wonder why such a handsome man was hiding under those terrible clothes and awful mop of hair, Sir.”

Some lessons learned were never pleasant. This one hurt a little. He had asked for the truth and he got it. One thing still bothered Gerwald with this admission then asked Kara one final question. “And yet you traded name cards with the cook?

“Yes Sir, I did."

Gerwald shook off the towels that covered him. “Then I had better make that effort worthwhile.” He said as he nipped her about the waist and dragged her in for a kiss. There was no resistance this time as he kissed her deeply. He felt her body melt to him like nothing he had in the past.

Chapter 15. Livestock cared for, four legged and otherwise.

The kissed dragged on and never had Gerwald felt a creature hungrier for this than the girl he had in his arms. She didn’t want to stop as she went back for more again and again. He finally came to the realization she had to be commanded to stop. He was also starting to wonder about other things. But the past few minutes had been pleasant. He took he head in those large mitts of his and looked deeply in her eyes. "Bath," he commanded.

She whimpered a little at that but began to draw the bath, and as it was filling she picked up the towels and deposited them in a hamper and got a little whisk broom from under the sink vanity and swept up the hair clippings. Like before, she got a little bowl and filled it with the water from the tub and offered to Gerwald. He only had to try it once. She had judged the temperature well and it was just as he liked it. He let her undress him as they had done the other day, this time however when he touched her she did not stop him. After the tub was full he got in and waited. The sunken tub in the downstairs bathroom was large and would accommodate several people at once. This tub was a standard one and his body filled it.

He just laid back and let her do her work. The delight of being bathed by the sub attending to him was wonderful. He soaked in the sensation of the hot water as it partly relax him and the feeling of being bathed and rinsed and scrubbed. He could tell from he motions that this was a practiced job for her. She wasted very little motion and would only speak when she needed something from him. In the twenty or so minutes he was in the tub the only words he heard were suggestions like "Please lean forward, Sir, so I may do your back," or "raise your leg, Sir."

The last time this had been done for him the girls who had been bathing him had not paid really any attention to his erect penis; this time she lavished a lot of care on it. She soaped and rinsed it twice, and more then once ran her and up and down that slippery shaft. He was sure he was spending much more time there than absolutely necessary, but he was enjoying the sensations there too much to make comment about it.

Gerwald was well endowed. He was just a hair under ten inches fully erect. He had been the brunt of many locker room jokes in high school about it but had been spared that in college, since there were players on the college football team who were much larger. Still, it was a nice piece of equipment.

After he had been bathed and shampooed and dried she led him back to his room still nude and had him lay down on the bed. She went back across the hall and fetched the remaining items and clothing that had been left behind. She began a massage after that and found it relaxed him further. Aroused but relaxed; strangely different from what he received at the hands of the massage therapists after a game. When she had him turn over Gerwald get a chance to watch the lovely sub do her work. He reached up at one point and untied the little knot at her shoulder that held her toga in place. This slipped from her shoulder and landed at her feet. While she worked he would again caress her from time to time. She moaned at his touch but kept up her work. Again the thought came back about her being a source of information.

"How did you come here?" Gerwald asked.

"I don’t know what you mean, Sir."

"How did Steele find you, how did you discover this place and what you were? You didn’t answer a classified ad in the paper, I’ll bet."

"Master Garret used to get his hair cut once a week." Kara responded slowly, as if putting her thoughts together on this. "I was his hairstylist working in a shop near the Capitol. Not very strange, as a lot of the lawyers in the area did the same thing. We talked about things while he was in the chair and I would often feel aroused at some of the things he would say. Master Garret would often say that if I botched his haircut, he would spank me. One day I did mess up his haircut, not badly but enough that he would notice. He did notice and I fixed it then he gave me his card with his address on it and he told me to report here that night. I think I did mess it up just to test him. Anyway I came here and was met by his slaves who took me to the playroom. I was bound and stripped by them and spanked by Master Steele. I knew I could have left at any point but I didn’t. After he spanked me he released me. I was so aroused I begged him to make love to me and he did, but not until after he explained a few things. I had the most intense orgasm of my life with him that night. The next time he got a haircut, I asked to be trained. I have been here ever since. I still work at that place but I live here now as his sub."

"Do you enjoy your life here?"

"Yes, Sir, very much," Kara replied. "I get to help in a lot of things now and help to train the squires, I can ride his horses, he has opened many doors for me. It's hard to explain, Sir, but I would not go back to the life I had before."

"Why do you work at all?"

"Masters Garret insists, Sir. He says people just do not disappear, a lot of questions would be asked. But now I can take care of my favorite clients and don’t have to take the walk-in trade for no tips. It's my choice and I like what I'm doing now. You would be surprised at what is revealed in a barbershop or beauty parlor, Sir. I keep my eyes and ears open for Master Garret.

She had been telling him these things while continuing her massage and he in turn had been touching her and watching her reactions. He rolled off the bed at this point and picked her up bodily and put her in the full sized bed. As soon as he laid her down she assumed a spread eagle position. "You should bind me, Sir. Check the corners of the bed."

Again all Gerwald had to do was listen to her and follow her lead. He did check the corners of the bed and found straps attached to cuffs. He placed these on her wrists and ankles then pulled them taut. Again he watched her to see if she would give away anything else. When nothing was forthcoming he sat down on the bed and began to caress her. He found he nipples erect and hard and her sex was open and dripping. Her sex was also bare of any pubic hair. He decided to ask about that.

"Did you do this?" Gerwald asked as he ran his hand over her sex. She was squirming at this point as his hands were running over her sex, he had just run a finger over up and down her slit to find it open and his finger came away covered with her arousal.

"No Sir, you made me wet!"

Gerwald smiled. He could see that he still had much to learn in questioning a sub. Rather then reply immediately he ran his finger to the top of her sex and started a little up and down motion, teasing her. She started her delightful little squirming action, moving her pelvic region under his hand trying to increase her pleasure. This patience stuff could have its rewards, thought Gerwald, as he watched her body gyrate under his hand.

"No, I mean the fact that you are hairless here. Did you do that?" Gerwald asked while moving his hand up to the hairless area above her sex.

"Master Garrett first shaved me there. We have to keep it the way he left it," Kara got out between gasps.

"And how do you keep it so smooth?"

Kara was still gasping and wiggling under his hand and rather then answer his question she got out between gasps. "Please Sir, let me cum."

Gerwald had no idea she could be so close. He had not even entered her yet. He was still very inexperienced when it came to this but he did know he had her at an advantage. "Answer me!"

"I use a depilatory cream there now to keep it that way Sir." She gasped again. Gerwald had been keeping his finger moving this whole time and she was still trying to get her hips lower despite the bonds. "Please Sir, may I cum?"

Gerwald smiled as he said, "Yes, you may." He had no idea what to expect. When he said that her whole body seemed to explode under his touch. It seemed to him like every muscle in her body tensed all at once and strained against the bonds. Never had he seen a woman in orgasm like this. His limited experiences at home had not prepared him for the intensity that he was now seeing.

Her body strained against the bonds a second time and he could see the abdominal muscles ripple as her body delivered itself to the sensation. Up to this point he had only used his hand. What might he experience when he entered her was his next thought. He did have the presence of mind to wait until she had come down from this one. He waited another few seconds until he saw her eyes open and moved from a sitting position and positioned himself between her legs.

"Please, Sir" Kara cried as she saw what he was preparing to do. "A rubber, get a rubber on."

This stopped Gerwald a second as he realized he had to. One of the many rules here he thought and he didn’t want to break any of those. His will was getting close to snapping but he grunted out. "I don’t have one. Are there any here?"

Kara was watching wide-eyed now, afraid that he would enter her without any protection. "Dresser, top drawer to the right."

With a frustrated grunt he rolled off of her. He checked the drawer she specified and he found a whole selection of them. He did notice that there were several brands and different packages. Rather than stop and look he grabbed the first one that came to hand and ripped open the package and rolled over his cock. Then dove back in the bed, shaking the bed and girl so bad he watched her breasts jiggle.

This time he thrust once and entered her on the first try. So different from most of his experiences where he could not make his cock to go where he wanted. She was so wet he slipped right in. So different from the night he lost his virginity, when it took five minutes or so of maneuvering to finally sink in his full length into her. He began to thrust in and out, having lost his control now. He knew it and he just didn’t care. He was an animal in rut now. He took her and not gently at all. He climaxed quickly and explosively. He still kept thrusting even after he came. He was a mindless animal at this point and it took him a full thirty seconds to come out of the dazed state he was in. He never lost his erection, he was in such a lustful state.

After he stopped and came back to his senses he heard Kara asking again in almost a chant, "Let me cum, Sir." Please Sir, let me cum!" She was repeating this or a variation of it over and over.

He watched her for a few seconds, trying to come back to his senses. When he did and sensed the urgency of her request he granted it. "Yes, CUM." This time he felt her sex spasm along the length of her sex as he was still buried in it. His previous experiences could not compare to what he was feeling now. In fact he was not sure now that his previous partners had ever reached this state of arousal. He did know that he had lost his control and had been blind to her needs. After he felt her body calm down he withdrew. He removed the condom and found a trash can for it.

He was berating himself for his lack of control when Kara spoke again. "Thank you Sir, that was wonderful," she said in between gasps. He released the bonds at this point and flipped her over. He started to massage her at this point. He saw it as a way of making up for his lack of control.

She was covered in sweat and he went and got a towel from the bathroom across the hall. After he rubbed her down with that and threw it aside he began a massage of her neck and shoulders. He didn’t really know what he was doing but he did know what had helped him in the past and mimicked the motions of the ones he had seen or felt in the past. Soon she was murmuring under his touch. She would give him helpful hints like "Lower, Sir," or "A little harder, Sir."

When he had done what he could he sat down near her head. He really didn’t know what to say but Kara looked up and asked. "Have you been taught to give a sub after care, Sir?"

Gerwald smiled but said, "No it was just an excuse to touch a nude female. Did you like it?"

Kara dragged a pillow over and put her head on it. "You technique could use some polish, Sir, but it felt great."

Gerwald put his head down on a pillow as well and watched her breathing for a few minutes. "What should we be doing now?"

She had her eyes almost closed but said, "Will you be working with the horses tomorrow?"

How she knew this he had no idea, but Gerwald replied, "Yes."

"Then I would get some sleep, Sir, they need to be fed early."

The logic of this made sense to him and reached up and killed the light. Whatever else, the animals needs came before his. He was asleep five minutes later, wondering what would happen next.

He woke up to an unfamiliar feeling. But one he felt he could used to. The morning was different because of the warm body next to him. She was awake and watching him. He had never before spent an entire night together with a woman. But he admitted to himself this was much better that sleeping in a hayloft in a barn.

She was smiling. "You had better get dressed in work clothes Sir, and I will get you breakfast and then show you to the stables."

He nodded his agreement, bounded out of bed, and went to the bathroom. When he came back she was gone. He dressed and went down stairs to find her in the kitchen, making scrambled eggs and toast for him. He sat down, and a mug of coffee appeared in front of him as he quickly ate his breakfast. After he had started to eat she joined him. She slipped off before he had finished and joined him a minute later in jeans, work shirt and boots, very similar to what he was wearing.

She took him out to the stables where he met his charges for the day. Three magnificent Arabian horses were up and snorting at the morning. He did ask a few questions and found were the hay bales were stored and tossed three bales into the stable.

Normally horses were fed twice a day, and they need one pound of forage like hay per hundred pounds of body weight. They will drink five to six gallons of water per day. He quickly judged their weight at about eleven hundred-pounds each, and cut loose the twine binding the hay bales. After filling the water barrels with fresh water and putting what he though was right amount of hay for them in the stalls, he got busy and groomed the horses, since he knew it was better to do this when they were occupied with eating. Kara jumped in at this point and started on another horse.

This took a good part of the morning and after that he ran them into a corral so he could clean out the stalls. With Kara's help he would fill up a wheelbarrow and she would run it to the manure pile. Several hours later this was done and he found himself hungry again. Kara went and fetched sandwiches and soft drinks and they had a picnic, using a hay bale as their table.

He had noticed Steele from time to time watching them and he was sure this was a test of some kind. He did enjoy this work and went about it without complaint. He looked about the stable and saw other jobs to do and cleaned and repaired the tack he could find. In his exploration of the stables he found the electric forge and tools and blanks for shoeing the horses and checked the horses once they were back in the barn. No sign of problems that he could see, and once he found that the horses had a regular farrier, he decided against attempting it himself. He could do more harm than good. He didn’t know if they were hot or cold shoe animals and didn’t want to find out the hard way. He did however find a hoof pick, knife, and file and cleaned and trimmed all of their hooves. He replaced a few nails where he saw they were missing. With that done he called it a day. He had been working since sun up and the sun was going down now. A good days work around spirited animals.

Chapter 16. Training begins.

He was putting up the last of the tools and things when Steele came out to the stables and took a look around. He had a bag of apples and was feeding them to his horses. When Gerwald noticed him he was in one of the stalls and had one of the horses hooves lifted and was looking at it and the shoe.

Gerwald watched a minute before speaking up. "Whoever your blacksmith or farrier is did great job. They don’t need new shoes yet but will in a couple of weeks, Sir."

Steele was nodding his head in agreement then put the horse's hoof down. Then he brushed the dirt and straw off his leg. "You did well, and you're right. In a couple of weeks I’ll get him out here. Can you shoe a horse?"

"I can, Sir, but for these animals you will want a professional. I did replace a few missing shoe nails and trimmed things up, but I get the feeling these are show horses and my efforts would cost you points. I'm used to taking care of working animals, not show stock."

Steele was smiling. "Yes, I can fix a loose shoe or tend to a stone bruise, but I’ll want my smith to tend to them." He continued to look abound the place and nodded approval at a few things. Gerwald had straightened and cleaned all the tack, and the manure pile had a fresh layer of straw on it so it would compost. After he had finished his inspection tour he called Kara to him. After he had a few words with her she sped off to the house.

He went to Gerwald next and motioned him to follow him as he started walking to the house as well. "I would like you to change, shower, and meet me in dining room for a casual dinner." After looking Gerwald over he added, "About an hour, and please leave your boots outside." When they got to the house he kicked his boots off before entering. Gerwald followed his example and then went up stairs to his room.

It did feel good to shake off the day’s exercise and mud and straw under a shower and he stayed under the hot water a long time. When he finished and dressed he found he had beaten his host to the dining room. He spent a few minutes prowling about the library before going back to the dining room.

Dinner was served shortly after Steele arrived a few minutes later. Nothing like last night, and the baked chicken and several other foods he could eat with his fingers were more to his taste and he dove in with gusto. Along the way Steele kept up a light but lively conversation about anything but his work today. At the end of the meal Steele called to Shirley, who arrived carrying a small package wrapped in red paper.

She knelt between Steele and Gerwald then waited. It was Steele who broke the silence when he finally looked up from his lovely slave. "Open the gift." Was all he said.

Gerwald open the gift to find a jewelry style box under the paper then when he opened that he found an men's silver ID bracelet similar to what he saw his friend John wearing a few weeks ago. It had his name and the crest engraved on it this time. Gerwald was beginning to wonder just what this cost his mentor.

Steele was smiling and almost as if reading Gerwald's mind said, "Not much, about ten dollars. If you will look the ID section has a replaceable blank. I cycle these through my squires from time to time. I rarely have to buy a new one. You will be pleased, I think, to find that the one you are wearing belonged to John a short while ago."

Shirley took the box from his hand and at a nod from Steele removed the bracelet from the box. Steele spoke again. "Hold out your right hand." When Gerwald did this the same little ritual he had witnessed less than a month ago was repeated. Shirley took the hand, kissed it then put the bracelet on and secured the catch, then kissed it again. When she was finished Steele was beaming. "Congratulations, Squire Gerwald."

Steele must have seen his confusion. "You are wondering why I just awarded you that bracelet?"

"Yes Sir, I am." Gerwald commented. "I just thought it would be automatic. John said it was a several visits before you gave him his."

"I awarded that after you gave me a full days work without any questions or comments." Steele continued after a moment's reflection, "You just accepted the duties I assigned to you without any of the normal demands for explanations, attended to them well, and applied quite a bit of intelligence and care to the assignment. I have not seen the stables look that good in awhile. I usually have to give that assignment three or four times before I get that kind of results. I get asked lots of questions on what I want done. I admit that your experience with livestock had something to do with this. But it was nice to see a job done well the first time."

"I did have a few questions, Sir. But I figured if you wanted the horses to be fed anything special you would have said something. I didn’t see any problems with their weight nor did it look like they were going to rode or worked hard anytime soon, so I didn’t give them any grain. I hope that was all right by you."

Steele was again nodding his head in agreement. "You did fine and I would have told you if I had wanted anything special done for them. Again your experience shows. Most of the city boys would not have known that and filled up a feed bag and slapped it on them. I was watching and would have stopped you if I saw something I did not approve of. Kara knows horses as well and would have called if you were about to do something silly. Covering the manure pile with a fresh layer of hay is something many would not have done either. I take it your family composts."

"Yes Sir, we use the compost for the vegetable garden."

"You gave me a good days work my young Squire. And tonight you begin your training in earnest, so join me in the playroom now so I may begin." Steele rose from the table after saying that and headed to the hall.

Upon arriving at the playroom he found things had be rearranged again and Kara was on a small portable table in the middle of the room. She was lightly bound to it and there were several books on another table already opened to specific places.

"You first lesson," began Steele, "is on female anatomy and biology." And then he began to go through the medical books. He explained using Kara as a model about a number of things and brought up some common misconceptions. Gerwald learned more about the female body in next three hours than he had ever learned before, and never had he enjoyed a Lab more. Steele covered a lot on the reproductive system and where the organs were, tracing them out on her body. He made sure Gerwald understood the cyclic nature a female's body from the onset of menses to ovulation. Her temperature was taken further and explanations made on how this rose a degree or two during her fertile time. Steele even donned a rubber glove and gave her a rectal exam. Gerwald was taught how to do a breast exam and what to look for. He opened the vagina and found her clit and manipulated it to bring her close to orgasm. Then he was given some instruction on giving a massage, using Kara as his model. Instructions on what care to give a sub and how important the aftercare was. The whole evening just flew by.

At the end of it all Gerwald began to ask questions. He had understood some of this but now he was beginning to get a grip on some of the other things. He asked questions about some of the contraceptives in use and got ideas of their effectiveness. These were things that no one had ever taken the time to explain. He was under the assumption that once on the pill it was safe. He had not known about the percentages associated with this. Also in the discussion it came out that some women were irregular and used the pill to regulate their cycles. From his previous experience with cattle, whose cycle and gestation period were about the same a humans, he had understood how the cycles could vary, but not that irregularities could happen. A very enlightening evening spent with Master Steele.

Always the student, about thirty minutes into this lesson he began to realize the quality of information being presented and asked for pen and paper for notes. Later he copied down the book titles and numbers of the books Steele was using in the hopes that the school library would have possession of them.

Although not technically part of this lesson he did ask about the removal of the pubic hair. Gerwald could see no reason for it.

"That, my Squire, is a good observation," replied Steele."There are several good reasons to do it but one of them is I like it. Another is they wear that as a badge of submission, they would not have done it otherwise and know that I keep them that way by my desire not theirs. Another is exposure. For many the removal of the hair there makes then feel more exposed, more naked in my presence. This gets into some of the psychological aspects of this but that is another lesson. I know you are new to this and you are like me when I was your age. You tend to think with your cock. The mind is the important sex organ. Don’t dismiss the importance of it."

Gerwald was frowning at this bit of information but accepted it on face value. He could see that this lifestyle would have it's own set of subtleties. But he pressed on with his line of questioning. "There have to be those that do this on their own. What of them?"

Steele smiled. "Should you discover one like that there are two possibilities. The most likely is that they are dedicated hedonists. They seek sexual pleasure and this gives them that. The second is for medical reasons. Prepping for surgery and the like. I have heard of this but never seen this first hand that some may remove the hair there because it simply causes them irritation."

He turned to Kara at that point and caressed her gently. "You are the hair dresser. You have said that in the past you have trimmed and waxed women there. What were there reasons?"

She had been moaning since he had starting caressing her there. "Many reasons, Master. Surgery, some could not stand the thought that a male doctor or orderly might see them there and how hairy they were. Others it's simple vanity when they would wear a bathing suit or bikini and they didn’t want the hair there peeking out. Some simply wanted to surprise the husbands or lovers with boudoir photographs. Not a lot of women trust themselves enough to trim there. One woman, I trim her pubic region in the shape of a heart sometimes when her girlfriend is coming into town." She had gotten this out in-between moans and pants. She was aroused by her master's actions. But he had not let her climax. He stopped now and she gave a grunt of frustration.

Steel was grinning at the lovely sub bound there. "She should be well warmed for you now, leash her and take her to your room. I'm going to call it a night. Tell her in the morning when you want to leave and transportation will be arranged. John will be staying again until Monday morning."

Steele exited at this point and again left Gerwald with questions as to what he should do next. Rather then think too much about it he leashed her and then released her from the bonds that had held her to the table. Then he gathered up his notes and led her upstairs. Once there she knelt again by the bed. He was watching her this time after he closed the door, hoping she would give him a clue what to do next. All he could discern what that she was in need. He had seen enough fillies in season to know that she wanted and needed servicing.

He motioned her to the bed and she quickly pulled it down the covers and got in and assumed the same spread eagle position as she had the other night. Rather than bind her immediately this time he quickly applied his new found knowledge and found her clit with one hand. "Funny" he thought "I always though it was lower." and began a little teasing motion once he found that hard little nubbin of wet flesh.

It didn’t take long before she was asking for her release. "Please," was all that Kara could get out.

Gerwald had begun to enjoy the game now that he knew some of the rules. "Please what?" he demanded of her.

"Please, Sir," she gasped, "let me cum for you."

Gerwald didn’t respond right away but was watching her face. When he saw the surrender he was looking for he replied somewhat harshly "Cum."

Her response was immediate and active and she began to cry and buck under his hand. He could see now the advantages of having her bound. When she was done she began to hug Gerwald., saying "thank you, Sir," again and again.

The feeling of power and control was incredible. He was filled with it, enjoying the sensations that this power gave him yet at the same time he was wondering if he could go back, would this ever be the same for him in any other context. He hugged Kara back, feeling the tiny spasms and twitches her body was still experiencing and waiting for them to cease. He was thinking about these things when he came back from his thoughts to find she had fallen asleep in his arms.

Rather than wake her he made a long arm for the light switch and killed the lights, then kicked off his boots and socks and somehow shrugged of his shirt. He admitted to himself that he was tired. A day spent doing stable work had been fun but draining. As much as he wanted to enjoy the sub in his arms, he knew it would better when he was in better shape to enjoy it. It would be better in the morning. He closed his eyes and drifted off minutes later.

Chapter 17. Conversations with a sub.

He woke up the next morning to the now familiar feel of a warm body next to him. But something was different. He had fallen asleep with Kara in his arms and he had still been dressed, he had just reached over and turned off the lights then kicked off a few things. Now he was feeling warm flesh next to warm flesh. So different than last night when he just hugged the willing female next to him. As these thoughts came into to focus he felt movement. Kara was awake and moving and very active. When he opened his eyes he could see that his pants and shorts had been removed and now he was only wearing an undershirt.

He watched as she was caressing him. He had his typical morning erection and she was lavishing care on it. She had started to kiss and lick his erect cock. He moved a little to let her know she was awake. She looked up from her attentions and got a scared look on her face as if she had been caught doing something wrong. "Forgive me, Sir, but I just had to touch it."

"Keep going," was his only command and he enjoyed watching her smile as she went back to what she had been doing. Her hand and tongue and lips were quick and lively as she went back to her task. He put a hand in her hair to pull her head up to his and gave her a kiss and once again felt her melt against him. When he broke the kiss he uttered one word into her ear. "Condom".

She jumped at of bed, got one the came back to bed. She looked at him and when he nodded yes, she tore open the package and quickly rolled it onto his cock. He was quite comfortable in the position he was in so rather the move he just motioned her on. "Ride," was his command. She swung a leg over him and impaled herself in one long stroke. Gerwald was once again amazed at how quickly this happened. No struggles with her sliding on. She must have been aroused and wet.

She began to work her self up and down on his shaft, giving little gasping noises as she let herself down. She was leaning over him and supporting her weight with her arms to either side of his shoulders and her breasts just called out to be grabbed and pinched and sucked. He took them in those massive hands of his and they completely encircled them. Then gently squeezed them and massaged them, while he was doing that he worked the nipples so they poked through the space between thumb and forefinger. He marveled at their size when erect and hard and charged with blood. He pulled her gently to him so he could kiss and lick and nip each one in turn with his mouth.

He was sure she was close already. But he had put off his needs last night so now he made up his mind that she would orgasm with him this morning. He let go of one breast then used that free hand and reach behind her. He slapped one check of her ass hard enough to make it jiggle under his hand. "Faster."

She sped up her efforts at this point moving up and down on his erect and condom sheathed cock faster. She was indeed wet. Despite the condom her felt her moisture dripping from his cock to balls and was now making its way between the inside of his thighs and dripping to the bed linen. He had never experienced this at all and was amazed at the sexuality of this sub that was attending to him.

After another minute or so of this action he felt the tingling at the back of his groin signaling his mounting orgasm. Gerwald managed to grunt out in between her strokes, "I'm close, when I cum you can."

He was not sure she heard him but between the little moans he heard, "Yes, Sir." Then she seemed to speed up her motions a little more. The added action brought Gerwald over the precipice. His cock began to spasm, once, twice then a third time and his orgasm started in earnest, filling the condom with his seed.

Kara had felt this as well and her orgasm was shaking both of them. Her arms that had been supporting her body above his gave way as if the strength had left them and she fell bodily on top of Gerwald, still shaking. Gerwald felt the massive orgasm she had along the length of his body from crotch to collar bone. Every muscle in her body seemed to be contracting and releasing. When it ended she was weak and exhausted. Gerwald felt her exhaustion, and he was taking great gasps of air, as she was.

They both stayed there stuck together for a minute or so before Gerwald moved. His erection had broken and he felt it now shrinking inside the condom. He didn’t know the protocol for this but figured he had better withdraw.

Another quick pat to her butt got her in action and she removed herself from his body and slipped off the bed to a kneeling position on the far side of it. This gave Gerwald a clear path to the door and bathroom and he took it. After knotting the end of his condom and flushing his seed, he found a washrag and cleaned up. Her juices had soaked his pubic hair and her abundant arousal was now making it self known as a little trail of moisture was running down the insides of his thighs. After he had finished this he also relieved himself before returning to the room.

She had been working around him and had begun to pack his things. Clothes neatly folded and somehow his work boots had mysteriously reappeared, and any trace of a day in stables had been removed. There was no mud, hay or manure on them at all and they were neatly polished and buffed. He called Kara to him for a quick hug, then lay her down on her belly on the bed. Time to practice his after care he thought, and began a brisk if not very efficient massage of her back. After he had done this a few minutes he realized it was a lot harder than it seemed. He stopped and asked her, "How should I be doing this?"

Kara's reply was simple. "Start at the shoulders and work toward the heart. Then start at my ass and work to the heart. Feel for tightly bunched muscles and try to relax them one group at a time, not all at once, Sir. What you are doing feels wonderful, but its not doing a lot of good. Take your time and don’t try to hurry things, Sir.

This made sense to Gerwald, who was familiar with musculature of the male body. Isolating muscle groups with specific exercises was something he had been doing since high school. What causes stress and cramps and how to relax them was part of his training as well. With those clues he began again. He found he could determine muscle groups and dug his hard fingers into them one at a time.

A few minutes after that he felt her begin to relax. He continued this for a few more minutes. He was framing questions in his head, trying to figure out how he could best get answers. She had been a good source of information so far and he only had to ask the right questions to get to the answers he wanted.

"Tell me about you life here," Gerwald began. "I still don’t know how things work here and I don’t want to break any rules."

She was relaxed enough now that she began to speak freely. "I told you about how Master Garret found me. After that first trip it kept coming back to me. I had his card and home number and called here and asked to speak to Shirley. She seemed to be in charge in his absence. We talked awhile, then she invited me to lunch. She explained that day how Master Garret did things."

"Tell me about that, Kara. How does he do things?" Gerwald asked gently in between long rubs of her back.

Kara was soaking up the massage now and replied almost dreamily, "Shirley explained that I would have to apply to him, he would not start anything, it had to be my idea, how you got your first collar and went from one to the other. What might be expected while I wore one collar or the other. That kind of thing."

"Tell me about the collars, what did you get first?" Gerwald asked. He was still gently kneading the muscles in her back.

Kara gave a long sigh as he found one pleasure spot on her back, but continued. "No collar in the beginning. The next time he came in for a hair cut I asked him if he would accept me for training, he wouldn't but had me come here a couple of times. He explained a lot of what might happen. He went as far as to demonstrate on one of the other girls what might happen. Flogging and so on. I was scared and ran home and locked the door. Still, I was fascinated. I came back several times. It took me a month before I decided I wanted this."

Gerwald was smiling now, he didn’t know if she was revealing what she should not have but she was sure in a receptive and suggestive mood now. He may not have been the interrogator that Steele was but this was getting results. He changed his massage from her shoulders to lower back then continued his questioning gently.

"Then what happened?"

Kara was relaxed now, just enjoying the touch. "Master Garret allowed me the collar of consideration."

"What's that mean, what did you have to do?" Gerwald asked slowly to correspond with the long strokes he was giving her from her butt up to her shoulders.

"Oh, not much really," Kara replied. "I was allowed to watch and talk to the other subs here. I could not train with them or stay here. Other than wear a toga of white that’s all I was allowed to do. I had to ask to stay. I would come for a few hours then leave but I kept coming back. Master Garret would not touch me but he did allow me to attend to the squires sometimes, small things usually, like serve food or drinks at one or the other of his meetings with them."

"And then what happened next?" Gerwald asked. His gentle encouragement had kept her talking so he continued.

Kara was still giving little sighs of pleasure but got out between them, "I talked to Shirley, she had been here the longest, I asked her what I should do. She would not tell me what to do but made a few suggestions. After a couple of months I begged Master Garret to train me, to let me wear the collar of training and the blue toga."

"What did that mean? What changed when he did that?"

"Nothing at first really, I spent a month training with some of the others making up my mind. It took a month to get out of my apartment lease." Kara changed the position of her head and pulled her hair away from her shoulders. "Then I moved in here; some do and some don’t. I wanted to be here. He made it clear that if I did I would keep my job. He had a talk with the lady who owns the shop I work in and arranged some things for me. Don’t know how he did that."

"So now you are here, what do you do?" Gerwald was enjoying this now and took advantage of the now bared shoulders to rub them.

Kara was getting very relaxed and replied, "I help with things, and he made it clear that I would be available to the squires if they didn’t have a sub of their own. I finished the training he offered a while back. Now it’s up to me."

"What's up to you?" Gerwald gently prodded.

"If I want to seek a master of my own, or stay or leave or whatever," she replied in between sighs of pleasure.

"Do you want a Master of your own?" Gerwald asked softly.

"I want Master Garret to collar me." Kara stated with some finality. "I have asked and he has said no, I’ll give it some more time. I understand it's been a long time since he has done that, Shirley is the first one in years he placed the collar of ownership on. She is helping me work on him. We both understood it would not be easy. I was so happy for her when Master Garret accepted her plea for the collar. She has been here over five years."

Gerwald was beginning to get a picture of how things worked now. But he was still wondering about how things worked out between the subs. "Is Shirley in charge of the subs now?"

"Yes, Shirley is mistress now. She was before but now even more so now since she became collared and was allowed the yellow tunic of ownership. She has always been fair about things. Helped me when she could with lessons and things. She want the best from us for her master," Kara said slowly. "She won't put up with petty bickering and keeps things running smoothly for the master. She is generous with her Master as well. Never seems to be jealous when he commands one of us to his presence or bed."

Gerwald was grinning as she said that. This was a good piece of intelligence to have. He had really only meet her briefly and he needed to rectify that soon. He was sure that the bracelet he was now wearing afforded him some latitude about this place. Keeping in her good graces could not hurt. He had a much better idea now on how things worked here but one question was still on mind. The misgivings he had had over the past few weeks could be put to rest by Kara.

Gerwald patted her bottom. "Roll over." For this next question he wanted to see her face. She did a kind of slow roll and shuffle and scoot that left her on her back and facing him now. "You have served me well this weekend. Thank you for explaining things to me and helping me at the stable yesterday."

She started to smile at that. "You are welcome, Sir. It was my honor and privilege to serve you."

Gerwald reached out and took both hands in his and kissed them both. "A question for you now. Do you think I will in my time be a Master?"

Kara's answer was quick and without hesitation. "Yes Sir."

Gerwald kissed the hands he was holding again and looked up at her. "Breakfast, then arrange my transportation for about an hour from now."

She slipped from the bed and grabbed her things on the way out the door and was putting on her toga as she hurried down the hall. That last answer had settled his course.

Chapter 18. Back to school.

Breakfast had been a pleasant affair. Shirley had been manning the kitchen and she had seen to his needs. A stack of pancakes was suggested and Gerwald accepted. He preferred eating in the kitchen closer to things rather than the dining room. Then he asked Shirley to stay and talk a few minutes. He had Kara join as well and it was just nice to talk to them about nothing of consequence. He liked a lot a company around the kitchen table and it reminded him of home with his sisters. He got up once to refill his coffee and both of them shot of their chairs to attend to it but he waved them back to the table.

Gerwald was in a great mood after breakfast and was lingering in the kitchen over a second mug of coffee. He had asked for and had been provided a real coffee mug rather then the dainty things they seemed to use around Steele's house. He had felt the need to thank his hostess who had taken care of him so well. He had thanked Shirley for breakfast.

"Who do I have to thank for my work boots? Someone did a great job."

There was an embarrassed silence for a bit but Shirley finally spoke up. "Thank you, Sir, I did that, but I take care of all the Masters and Squires leather here. One of the jobs I enjoy."

Gerwald smiled she said that, taking care of leather here could take on a whole new dimension. "Well thank you anyway, that went beyond the normal care I would have given an old pair of work boots." He took Shirley's hand and kissed it as well.

For some reason that sent them all into a fit of giggling and it was infectious, it got Gerwald to laughing as well. Joanna showed up and asked for time for a cup of coffee as well before she took Gerwald back. He agreed and went upstairs to finish his packing. Because Kara had so nicely folded up everything it took him very little time. He was back downstairs in less than five minutes, bag in hand. He did go into the library for a final peek at Steele's books. Joanna joined him and took his bag and he was on his way.

On the way back he did catch up a little on his Journal and glanced at the bracelet on his wrist a few times. He was in a fine mood this morning and was happy to be headed back to an environment he was comfortable and familiar with. As much as he had enjoyed his visits to Steele's place, he felt strangely uncomfortable surrounded by the opulence there. He was sure he would get used to some of it, but he would still be happier with a big chipped coffee mug, rather than the tiny coffee cups where he could not get his finger through the handle.

The trip now seemed shorter than it had before. He could look up now and judge the time it would take to get there and back by landmarks. The unknowns and mystery of the first trip had been replaced by familiarity. Still, it was a good feeling to be back on campus and he felt even better once he got to his dorm room and had his things about him.

He did update his journal and after about thirty minutes of that he turned on his computer and brought up his word processor program and transcribed them there as well. He had to admit that his penmanship would never be what Steele's was. He much preferred his computer for readability. The precise Palmer perfect script that Steele had used in his journal Gerwald recognized as a thing of beauty. His handwriting was at best haphazard, and at worst undecipherable by anybody, including himself.

The typing courses he had taken in high school had begun to pay dividends despite the ridicule he had caught for it then. In one of his few flashes of forethought when he knew the computer would be a big part of his life he had taken typing back when only girls who thought they might like to pursue a clerical career took it. The sight of the large football player sitting at the little typing desk in front of the manual Smith-Corona typewriter provided at the time had been a source of huge amusement to his fellow teammates. That is, until they faced him in a practice scrimmage and he would use that laughing image in his head to help him grind them into the ground. It took him a month but the snickering ceased, at least to his face.

He finished his transcription including his notes on female anatomy. He had copied the titles of the books Steele had used. He really had wanted copies of the pages he had referenced in his notes, but failing that a good encyclopedia might have the diagrams he was looking for. With that in mind and armed with change and dimes for the Xerox machine he gathered his stuff together and headed for the campus library.

He arrived there on bicycle thirty minutes later and after he locked up his bike he went inside to the pleasant feel of a well-stocked library. He found he had always enjoyed the smell and quiet of a library; like a church there was a touch of reverence you felt as soon as you walked in. He found the library sparsely populated and found a corner where he would not be disturbed. Gerwald had chosen his usual part of the library to drop his knapsack in a chair. This marked a seat and table for himself. A search of the card catalog did not reveal the exact book he was looking for, but a careful cross-reference on the available material in this library did show several possible alternative candidates.

His search for the reference books he was looking for led him to areas of the library he usually didn't visit. Being the creature of habit that we all are, he had dropped his things in near the area he usually visited. Naturally, the books he was seeking would be on the other end. Scrap of paper in hand with the numbers of the books he was seeking he went looking for them in an area of the library he had yet to explore. Computer science was far removed from the biological sciences and the search took him twenty minutes or so and several trips up and down ladders. Then a trip back to his table so he could flip through them.

It was almost an hour from the time he entered until he was at the Xerox machine making copies of the material he had sought. Gerwald was beginning to believe that this was not worth the effort. His experiences to this point with Steele were turning sex into an intellectual exercise rather than something to be spontaneously enjoyed. While he was at this he made one further trip to the card catalog to see if he could find something on massage. Kara's instruction had proved helpful this weekend, but he was sure that a more detailed study would be helpful as well. His treatment of Kara had relaxed her and his gentle urgings had kept her talking. He had no idea if she had broken any confidences but it had to be one the best ways to be get information he had ever run across. Giving pleasure then being gentle but persuasive. In the past he had found that a question asked in the shower room might get answers, but the quality of the information received there was often suspect.

He did find one book on massage and while he was flipping through it he noticed the same girl that had aroused his interest earlier. She seemed to be in the process of getting ready to leave, she was putting things in her book bag and generally seemed to be packing up from a day at the library. He checked the time at this point and was shocked to see she had a good reason. The library closed in ten minutes or so.

This day had sure slipped away from him. His intention had been to read or skim the book in front of him but that changed now. He began to pack up as well and picked up the book he had intended to skim. He was about to leave it on the table when he saw her get into the checkout line. She had several books stacked up in one arm that she had not put into her bag.

Gerwald slipped into line behind her, holding on to the book on massage. He fished in his pocket for his wallet and got out his card as well. He watched the line dwindle down as people checked out books. The girl in front of him put her books on the counter to be checked out. She went though the same ritual as everyone else checking out the books. When everything was stamped she presented her card to the attendant and this was run through the machine as well. Gerwald did pick up several pieces of information. The books she was checking out were on accounting and business management. The titles were visible as she checked out. The next was that her name was Cathy. The pretty attendant behind the counter checking her out must have been a friend as she called her by name during the check out process and made a comment about meeting her latter at the cafeteria and named a time. The mention of food made his stomach rumble as well. It had been hours since he had ate. Gerwald checked out his book next. The attendant completed her task without any comment. Other than to give him an appraising look when she saw the book title she said nothing and Gerwald once again practiced his smile on her. She smiled at him briefly then returned to her work. She seemed to be in a hurry and there were still people behind Gerwald trying to check out as well.

After he went to the bike rack he recovered his bike and shouldered his bag for a comfortable ride. He had just decided to head back to the dorm and then a trip to the cafeteria. That’s when he noticed Cathy struggling with her bike, purse, books, and pack a few steps away from where he was ready to kick off on his bike.

He considered just pushing off but thought better of it a second later and walked his bike up to her. She had trying to balance the pack on the seat of her bike and put the rest of her burdens inside the pack. The pack kept folding up on her. Gerwald simply grabbed her pack and held it open. Then looked her with an even gaze. "Now put in the books."

She looked up at Gerwald and made like she was about to say something flip, but when she saw it was Gerwald looking at her she said nothing. She slipped the purse strap up to one shoulder then added the books to the knapsack.

"Now the purse." Gerwald told her.

The purse was slipped off her shoulder and placed in her knapsack as well. She had briefly looked up at Gerwald and when she saw his intense gaze at her she broke eye contact and looked back down at her knapsack.

"Buckle it!" was Gerwald's next suggestion.

She began to fumble with the straps and plastic buckles that held the contraption closed. When she was done Gerwald handed her the pack and she held it close to her chest. He turned and left her holding her pack without saying a word. He got his bike and standing on one peddle kicked off with the other foot. After coasting a second or two he then swung his other leg over the bike and began to head to his place. When he turned the corner only then did he look back.

She was still standing at the bike rack, her knapsack clutched to her chest in what Gerwald considered a purely defensive stance, and she was looking after him. She had not moved. He watched her until the building blocked her from his view. Then began to chuckle.

Her responses this time did tell him a story. The fact that she had followed his suggestions without any comment was promising. The fact that she could not hold his gaze suggested submissive tendencies. Her eyes following him as he left suggested interest. The trance she seemed to be in while she watched him ride off and the defensive posture she had maintained suggested … What?

Gerwald considered this all the way back to his dorm. Maybe he was overanalyzing things. He would ask John about this later. For now he wanted to go to his room, use the toilet, and then get something to eat. His trip to the library had proved more enlightening than usual.

End of part 3