Erotic Nights in the Haunted House
by StealthBinder

In late August, Dan’s uncle Tim called him. Uncle Tim was going to manage a haunted house in the local area and wondered if Dan, being a poor college student, would like to make some money by helping set it up and play one of the characters in it. Dan thought it would be a good way to make some extra cash, so he happily agreed. Dan also asked if there was a job for his girlfriend Kristen, saving his uncle the need to find another employee.

Located at the far end of a dying mall’s parking lot, the makeshift haunted house was a collection of large trailers and framed plywood boxes that connected the assembly together. Since it only needed to last several weeks, as long as it kept the rain out, the weirdoes from breaking in and was safe to work in, it didn’t need to be a great craft of workmanship.

The Haunted Howl-Away was ready over a week before opening day and received an occupancy permit from the local building inspector. Uncle Tim was the manager of the site and in complete control over employees and all decisions, including pay. Uncle Tim urged Dan and Kristen to keep quiet about the family relationships. As a result, Dan not only got a little better pay than most of the employees, but he also got first choice at what job he wanted to do and acted as a second boss. It also meant he had keys to the place.

For Dan, it was an easy choice. One room in the complex was a mad scientist laboratory. It was one of the brighter lit rooms, using all kinds of black lights and neon lighting, making it a bizarre looking room. It had all with the kind of things one would expect, lab glassware, odd-looking equipment and such. Fake fires made it look like something was boiling. There were also some blood-covered handsaws, a hand crank drill and a few other items scattered about making it a cross between a laboratory and a workshop of doom.

Two great pieces were also in the room. One was a large exam table. The second was a tall coffin-style box propped up against the wall. The idea was the box held the next unlucky human subject of the mad scientist’s latest experiment. This called for a life size dummy inside.

The role of the mad scientist was going to be played more for laughs, at least earlier in the evening when younger kids would be coming through. As the night wore on and the crowd grew older, the mood would become scarier, especially as the time got closer to midnight.

Since Dan was tall and thin, he would make a great mad scientist in the long stain covered white lab coat, goofy wig and fake thick glasses. His personality would be perfect for being a bit goofy and funny, since he was great at ad-libbing. His uncle agreed and gave him the roll.

The only problem was how fake the mannequin in the box looked. Dan thought it would be better if there were a live person in there who made noises from inside so he could interact with and play off them. The box was little over five and one half feet long and only two feet square on the inside, so the subject would need to be smaller and not mind the tight space when the lid was closed. The lid was hinged and even squeaked when it opened and closed. He ran the idea first by Kristen, who thought it a fantastic idea and even offered to be the girl in the box. Since Kristen was not even 5’2”, she made an excellent choice for more than one reason.

He then ran the idea past his uncle, who thought it a good one too. When asked who would be in the box, Dan suggested Kristen would be a great choice and was willing. His uncle smiled, understanding how Dan wanted his girlfriend close to him, so he agreed.

The box was modified to include air holes in the top and a small fan blowing in at the bottom for air circulation. Since Kristen would spend half her time inside the closed box, a small night light near her feet would turn on when the box was closed to help her not feel claustrophobic. The back of the box was padded for comfort and since it leaned against the wall, Kristen could lean back and be comfortable for long periods. They also added a simple latch to keep the lid closed so Kristen could bang on it and not flip it open.

They played it so Dan would be talking to Kristen when the customers walked into the room. He’d close the box, saying he’d get back to her in a moment and latch it shut, saying Kristen was a straggler from the last group that came through and ‘unwillingly volunteered’ to assist in his next experiment. Dan would talk to the crowd, make jokes, and threaten to take one of the customers as another victim to scare them off to the next room. Kristen would bang on the box and make noises, to which Dan would reply, even banging back on the box. Kristen even found she could rock the box a little too. To prevent the box from tipping over or slipping down, Dan strapped the box to the back wall.

Haunted Howl-Away would open early in October on weekends only. The week of Halloween, they would be open every night of the week through the first weekend in November. Even with the limited schedule and large staff of college students, the spook house would still make a lot of money.

Over the first weekend of operation, Dan and Kristen perfected their routine and drew many laughs and frights. Later in the evening, Kristen would scream a little, just to add some flavor for the older crowds passing though.

The following week, Dan and Kristen ate at a pizza place near the campus. They talked about the up coming weekend and what they could do to add even more to their display.

“There’s only one problem with our routine,” Kristen said.

“What’s that?” Dan replied before taking a bite.

“If I were really locked in a box and knew people were out there, I would be screaming my head off for help and banging the sides like mad to get attention and help.”

“True, but we can’t do that. No one would hear me talking.”

“Exactly. It’s a stretch to believe it’s a true situation.”

“Like a haunted house is a real situation?” Dan joked.

“You know what I mean. I mean it needs to be somewhat realistic to be effective, especially if we want people to think you’re going to grab them as the next victim.”

“I see what you mean. So what we need to figure out is, if I really had just grabbed you from the crowd and was holding you captive, a way to keep you from making too much noise, outside of just closing the lid.”

“I guess,” Kristen said.

“So how do I that, other than, like, keeping you tied and gagged in the box?”

Kristen thought for a moment. “Hey, why not?”

“Excuse me?” Dan said as he choked on his soda.

“Why not have me tied and gagged? It would be perfect!”

“You want to be tied up and gagged and kept in a box for hours, while having people see you all the time like that?”

“Well, yeah, sure. I mean, it’s not like it’s for real or I’m going to be naked and everyone seeing my boobs and such. We can even do it later, when the older crowds start to come through, the tie up part, I mean.”

Dan thought for a moment. It did make sense and could add an extra interest to the room.

“OK, why not.” He said after a few moments. “I can tie you simple like, then add the gag later on in the night.”

“And add more ties too.” She added.

“Not sure if my uncle will like it,” Dan said, thinking it all through.

“Maybe not, but do you actually think he’ll fire his own nephew for making the scene better?”

“No, I guess not. At worst, he’d most likely tell us to knock it off. But on the safe side, we don’t tell him. There’s only one problem. I’ve never tied up someone before.”


“Well, it’s got to look realistic, otherwise why do it. I mean, you’re in there because the mannequin looked so fake to begin with. If I tie you up and the ropes fall off while the crowed watches, then it will look stupid.”

“Oh, yeah, I see. I guess we should try it first and get it right.”

“Yeah, we should. Well, I’ve got the key to the house. How about I get some rope and we go over and try it out tomorrow night.”


Before they met up, Dan surfed around the internet in the afternoon to find out how to tie up someone. What he found were tons of websites and pictures of women in ropes and more. As he looked further, he found he rather liked how the women looked all bound and gagged. Some of the stuff looked way too staged and some examples went way over the top. And he sure didn’t like it when it went on to abuse or degrade the women. But he found the bound women sexy, especially when they were dressed up in lingerie or dressed very feminine. He also liked how the women looked in high heels and stockings, rather then pantyhose. In fact, he found he liked the dressed women better than the totally naked ones. It was more like a fantasy and left something for the imagination to decide what was happening and what was going to happen next.

Finally, he found a good website that explained several different techniques on bondage, as he learned it was called. Run by a former bondage model, it talked about how to tie knots and many different ways of rendering a girl helpless without being vulgar. It also talked a lot about safety and what not to do, which Dan decided he needed to take very seriously.

After reading a ton of articles and how-to’s, he felt he was ready to give it a shot.

That evening, Dan picked Kristen up at her off campus apartment and the two went to the house.

After locking themselves in, Dan turned on the lights and they made their way to the lab. Dan had two new large bundles of new silky ropes and a knife to cut it to lengths. After being sure they were alone, they got started.

They decided to start with Kristen wrists. The first length he cut off was too long, so he cut a shorter length, about six feet long. As he learned from his readings, he doubled it over and fed the ends through to form a loop. With Kristen’s hand in front of her, he slipped the loop over her wrists, pulled it taught and then wrapped the cord around several times. When he got near the ends, he spit the rope ends, lopped it between her wrists and tied it off, making sure to keep the knots away from her fingers.

Kristen held her snuggly bound hands up to see. She tried to wiggle out of the ropes and worked her fingers to untie the knots. In a few moments, she gave up.

“I thought you said you never did this before,” she said to her boyfriend.

“I haven’t,” he replied. “I just read about how to do in this since yesterday.”

“Dang, you’re a quick study,” She replied. “I can’t get loose.”

“That’s was the idea, wasn’t it,” he said with a grin. “Ok, let’s do your feet now.”

Using the longer length of rope from before, he repeated the process on her legs, binding her ankles tightly together. Kristen wiggled and squirmed, but her feet were locked together, even as she still tried to free her hands.

“I could bend down and untie them,” she said after testing.

“Not if you’re in the box,” he said. “No way to bend in there, being so small.”

“Yeah, true,” she replied. “Help me in there so we can try it out.”

Dressed in jeans, a sweater and tennis shoes, Kristen could shuffle her feet a bit and slowly work her way to the box. But Dan had to pick her up and deposit her inside.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“Good, but it’s still too simple,” he replied, thinking about the images from earlier in the day. “You could easily escape if you tried hard enough.”

“What do you suggest then?”

“Well, we could tie your hands behind you back next time. Or we could wrap a long rope around you to hold you arms down. And we might want something around your legs too, at your knees maybe.”

“Let’s try the long rope first,” she said. “And do a rope on my legs too.”

Dan helped Kristen out of the box. He cut two more lengths from the bundle, one being very long and another a little longer than what he used on her ankles. Starting with the longer, he again doubled it before wrapping her up, tying off the ends over her wrists. He then tied the other rope around her legs, just above her knees.

“You sure you never did this before?” she asked, unable to move or free the ropes from her body. “I can hardly move at all.”

Dan just grinned.

“Ok, I’m helpless. Now put me back in and tell me how it looks.”

After getting Kirsten back into the box, Dan turned the fan on and walked back to the line where the customers would stand. Music and other noises from different parts of the house would filter in and cover the whirring sounds of the fan. Kristen wiggled and wormed a bit, just to put on a display. Dan smiled again.

“Now that looks great,” he said. To Dan’s eye, Kristen looked fantastic. He wondered what she would look like dressed similar to some of the models he saw earlier.

Kristen grinned at him. “Help me, help me,” she said mockingly. “He’s taken me and wants to turn me into a bunny rabbit.”

An image flashed through Dan’s mind of how Kristen would look if she were dressed like a playboy bunny and tied. That would be his kind of bunny. Hoping his hard-on wasn’t showing, he walked back to the box and its occupant.

“Oh, be quiet you,” he said as he took hold of the lid, getting into the role of his mad scientist character. “I’ll deal with you later when we are alone,” he added and closed the lid.

Kristen giggled as the box shut, then started moving around inside to see what it was like. Knowing his girlfriend was inside and tied up was a fun thought. After a few moments, he opened it back up again.

“Well?” she asked.

“Works for me,” he said.

“Cool. I think I can handle this. Now what?”

“Want to try the gag thing?” he asked.

“Um, Ok, but tell me first what you’re going to use.”

“Just a bandana,” he said.

“Oh, Ok, but promise me you’ll take it out if I don’t like it or if I freak out or something.”

“I promise,” Dan said. He understood that some girls just don’t like gags. He secretly hoped Kristen was the kind that did. Gags looked wickedly sexy and added the final touch to ensure a captive was totally helpless.

Dan rolled the red bandana into a long tube. He’d seen where some would tie a knot in the middle, but decided that was a little too much for what they planned, at least for starters. He placed the bandana between her teeth and tied the ends behind her head.

“OK?” he asked.

“Uh hum,” she replied from behind the gag and nodded her head.

“Might want a different color, and you should do your lips real bright red on Friday,” he said.

Kristen grinned behind her gag and struggled more. She grunted around the gag as well. She then grunted for Dan to close the lid and hear how much sound she made. He left Kristen inside for a few moments, just so she got the idea of what it was going to be like.

With the box sealed up, Kristen knocked around and grunted a lot. She even gave a fake scream, just to see how loud it was. To Dan, both the mad scientist and the boyfriend, it sounded perfect. Dan wondered if he was becoming some kid of pervert, for he liked the idea of having Kristen all bound and gagged. Would she go for it for real?

Dan opened the lid slowly to see Kristen was all smiles and her eyes were shinning. After a few moments, he opened the box once more. “Had enough?” he asked. Kristen shook her head and struggled more, grunting at him in her damsel in distress routine.

Just for fun, he closed the lid again and latched it, hearing Kristen grunt loudly, then laugh and knock around inside. He kept her inside for several minutes, knocking on the box lightly and telling her he was going to start experimenting on her soon.

After a short time, he opened the box one last time and pulled the gag from Kristen.

“Thanks,” she replied.

“Too much?”

“No, but I can see that my mouth will get dry if I have it in for too long. We’ll need to keep a sports bottle around or something so you can give me quick drinks.”

“Good idea,” he replied. “Want me to untie you?”

“Sure, but just my hands. Let’s try with my hands behind.”

Dan was both surprised and pleased she wanted to do more. Was there a chance she was beginning to like this as much as he was starting too?

Dan removed the ropes from her waist and wrists, but left her legs tied. They noticed the impressions the ropes made on her wrists and Kristen commented she would need to wear a long sleeve tops to help protect her skin. The good news was these were only impressions, not burns that were caused by loosely tied ropes chaffing against the skin. Dan had read to keep the ropes tight to prevent the rubbing that causes rope burns, but not too tight, to cut off the blood flow and turn her hands blue.

Standing behind her, Kristen crossed her wrists behind her back and Dan tied them off. Using the long rope again, he pinned her arms to her body, wrapping the rope around her waist and arms again. Kristen was placed back into the box.

She looked even better and more helpless than before. Kristen squirmed and struggled, but she was held prisoner by her boyfriend’s well tied ropes once more.

“Try it with the lid closed?” he asked after a moment.

“Sure, but haven’t you forgotten something?” Kristen said with a grin.

Dan looked on puzzled. Kristen opened her mouth and let out a loud scream.

“Oh yeah, right.” Dan laughed and gagged his cute girlfriend as she opened to scream again.

Kristen was a natural blonde with lots of highlights. She had prefect oval face, big blue eyes, small nose, clear skin and a nice kissable mouth with puffy lips. The gag looked perfect when surrounded by her soft lips. Though shorter, she still had a nice slender figure, with average sized breasts, trim waist and hips, pert rear end and shapely legs. She was very cute and in good shape. Dan felt lucky to date such a pretty girl, especially since she had a great, fun personality and liked him a lot, too.

Looking at his helpless girlfriend in the box, Dan only wished she were dressed more, well, feminine. Maybe dressed in a skirt and high heels, or even better, some kind of sort nightgown or something slinky. Maybe one day, he’d ask her to do that one evening, if they ever got the chance to be alone in a bedroom.

Once more, Dan closed the lid and latched her in. Due to her new bondage, she knocked around less, but still made enough noise to let people know someone was really in there. Also, her gagged protests sounded perfect for the setting.

Dan opened the lid for the last time. She looked up at him, asking with her eyes how she looked.

“Even better,” he replied and pulled the gag from her mouth.

“Yeah, I think this will be fun,” she said.

“Can you stand doing this for hours at a time?”

“The gag no, but if we change up the ropes from time to time, I think I will be fine.”

“All right then, we’ll give it a go this weekend and see what happens,” he said.

He helped is girlfriend out of the box, she hopping and he steadying her. “By the way, you look great like this.”

“I do?” she asked.

“Yeah, you do, real sexy, like,” he said, pausing a few seconds before slowly lowering his mouth to hers. He kissed her long and hard, wrapping his arms around her bound body and pulling her close against him. Kristen kissed him back, reaching up to his mouth, even letting a soft moan escape her lips. The kiss lasted more than a moment before he finally broke it off.

“Why did you do that?” she asked softly, looking happily up at him.

“Because I was afraid that if I asked, you’d say no.”

“Have I ever resisted your kisses?"

“No, but you’ve never been tied up when I tried to kiss you before,” he said. “I was afraid that you might think me weird if I did.”

“I don’t think that, so kiss me again and we’ll be weird together,” she said and Dan replied by kissing her for several minutes.

“We better get going,” Dan said at last. “No one should be here when the place is closed, so the cops might thing something’s funny is up if they drive by.” He wished they didn’t have to leave and end this little game.

“Something funny is up,” Kristen replied as he untied her arms. “But in a good way.”

When Kristen was free, they stashed the ropes behind the box, including the extra unused ropes from Dan’s purchase. Dan also stored the knife behind the box, just in case he needed to cut Kristen free in an emergency. The bandana would go home with Kristen.

“I have a few more at my place I can bring too,” she said as she pocketed the item that gagged her earlier. “This may get soaked in a hurry, so we may want extras.”

“Another good idea,” Dan replied. She was starting to think like him on this. “By the way, we better come up with some kind of signal, just in case you need for me to untie you or something in a hurry.”

“Oh, good thinking,” Kristen replied. “How about I knock in a pattern on the box, one way if it’s in an emergency, and another way to let you know I just need a break.”

They devised their signals, including when she would need to have just the gag removed. Dan drove his cute girlfriend to her apartment. He walked her up and they sat on the porch for a while, slowly making out with one another, as they often did. There were too many of her roommates still awake and moving around to try to sneak in a little sex.

“Do you wish I was tied up right now?” she asked.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had thought about it,” he replied. “It would be fun to have you sitting on my lap, all tied up, while we were making out.”

“You liked it that much?”

‘Yeah, I did.”

“Maybe someday, when we’re sure we can be totally alone, I’ll let you do that for real.”

Dan didn’t need to ask if she liked it or not. She just told him. He drove home later, hoping for that day to come soon.

Friday dragged on before Dan went over to pick up Kristen. She looked extra pretty when she came out to meet him. It wasn’t until they got to the haunted house and into the lab that he noticed how special she looked.

Since the setting was that she had been grabbed from the last group of viewers, Kirsten didn’t need a special costume to play her roll. She didn’t need to wear anything special, since all she had to do was stand in the box and look like any other customer. Normal street clothing would be fine and fitting to the scenario. The prior weekend, the first night she wore a pair of jeans, a sweater and tennis shoes. Since the room was warm and the box could get hot if left closed too long, she exchanged the sweater for a shirt, but retained her jeans and shoes.

Tonight was different. Alone in the lab, she took off her coat. She still wore jeans, but these were much tighter on her body. In fact, the jeans showed off every perfect curve of her hips and rear end. The legs were much slimmer, showing she had nice legs under the denim. She had on a nice top that clung to her torso, but long sleeves to protect against the ropes. On her feet were not the usual shoes but ankle high black boots with 3-inch heels. The boots fit nicely but snuggly under her jeans.

“You look really great tonight,” he said as he looked at her. Even her makeup was a little brighter, but not too much to make her look comical. He especially liked her ruby red lips. He wanted to kiss her right then and there.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I thought I’d dress the part of the damsel in distress a little more. Give the customers a little something to peek at.”

“Not too much of a peek,” he grinned as he stashed a couple of water bottles in the room. “Or I’ll keep the lid closed on you all night and keep you hidden for myself.”

Dan had Kristen sit on a stool near the box. He started tying Kirsten up, binding her legs together at the ankles and knees once again. He then tied her hands in front of her, with her wrists crossed. Since they were the fourth room on the tour, they waited until the lights flashed to indicate the first customers were about to start though the maze of rooms to bind her further. When they got the signal, he wound the long rope around her waist and arms, just like the prior night. After making sure the fan and light were on, he helped her into the box and positioned her so they could begin their little act. He left her gag off for now. He still had a moment to review his work, and it was even better than the test run they did a few nights earlier. She really looked the part of the damsel in distress.

At last, they heard the first few people come in, and they started their act, with Kristen trying to convince the mad doctor to release her and Dan talking in his goofy accent. He shut the lid just as the last person got into the room and began his routine with the crowd, saying Kristen was his new subject, from the last group. After moving the people on, he returned to girlfriend, who was grinning from ear to ear when he opened the lid.

For the next two hours they did their act. Kristen knocked and called from the box and Dan replied by knocking back and talking to the helpless girl in the box. The crowd enjoyed the display and ran off when he tired to grab his next victim.

Soon came the break and Dan helped Kristen out of the box and back to the stool, removing the ropes from her arms and wrists. They left her legs tied, for they only had 15 minutes between the last and next group. Kristen didn’t seem to mind.

“You doing OK?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m fine, really.”

“Not getting tired or anything?”

“No, not at all,” she replied. “I though my feet might hurt in these boots, but I picked a very comfortable pair, so I’m doing good. And I lean back and rest inside too. But I may buy a set of comfort pads for the boots, just to keep my feet from hurting at the end of the night.”

Dan smiled. He was afraid that having her tied and standing so long might end the game.

“How are we doing?” Kristen asked after having a drink from her water bottle.

“Great. I’ve heard people comment on the helpless girl in the coffin box. You’re a hit.”

“No, we’re a hit,” she said with a grin. “You really like having me as your little helpless damsel, don’t you?”

“Yeah, every guy should have one of these!” he said as he knocked on the box. “Help keep his lady in control.”

Since the hour was getting later, they decided to switch to Kristen’s hands behind. She looked even better, especially with the rope tied around her waist holding her tight. Again, Dan heard comments about having such a pretty experiment to work with.

When things began to slow down, Dan had a moment to give Kristen a drink.

“Only an hour to go,” he said.

“Does that mean it’s time to gag me?” she replied.

“I’m game if you are.”

“You know, I do feel like I should be screaming more, so I guess the timing is perfect.”

Dan retrieved the bandanas from Kristen purse, selecting a light blue one. He gagged her identically to the prior night, only this time placed the bandana under her hair. She looked incredible, better than he could imagine.

For the last hour, she pleaded with the mad man through her gag to release her, and screamed as the lid closed and latched in place. The crowd, especially the guys, seemed to like the display. He happened to overhear one of the female customers say she’d like to switch places with Kristen. Each time he opened the lid, Kristen seemed more and more excited, loving the little game they were playing.

At last, the last customer had come and gone. They had to stay in place for about 10 minutes to wait for everyone to clear though the house before they could leave. At this point, Dan opened the box and helped his tied and gagged girlfriend out of her coffin. She squirmed but didn’t ask to be released. Finally, after walking around her twice to have a full 360-degree view, he pulled the gag from her lips.

“Dan, kiss me, kiss me quick,” she begged.

Dan took her into his arms and kissed her. With the extra lift of her boots, they could kiss longer and harder, reaching each other with greater ease despite their height differences. He pulled her tightly against her, one hand holding her back the other on her ass as they kissed long, hard and deep, flicking tongues into each other's mouths.

“I’ve wanted you to do that for hours,” she said at last when the kiss ended.

“Me too,” he said and kissed her again before she could say another word.

Finally, they heard others moving about, so Dan quickly untied her girlfriend before anyone saw what was happening. They stashed the cords in the box and closed it up, latching it shut. After the others had passed through, including his uncle, they hid the ropes in a bag behind the coffin and left the house.

Dan drove his girlfriend home. When they got there, Kristen checked to see that no other girls were up and in the common area, then snuck Dan in as they had done a few times before. On the couch they made love, trying not to make much noise, but both were so horny, they thought they’d wake the building.

As they lay naked under a blanket, they whispered to each other.

“Was that the best ever?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied. “Sorry I was so quick, but I was really excited.”

“Don’t be silly, it was great. It wasn’t too fast at all, and I was excited too. But I was so worried I was making too much noise.”

“Maybe I should gag you next time, just to help keep the noise down,” he said with a grin.

“That could be fun,” Kristen said.

Dan got hard again at that idea and soon he had a fresh condom on and was back inside her. They moved slower and purposefully, taking their time and enjoying it more. Though neither spoke about it, both wondered what it would be like if Kristen were tied and gagged during their lovemaking.

Dan left a little while later, looking forward to the next night.

The following night, things went almost identically, with Kristen wearing a different top but the same great jeans and boots. This time, they also gagged her at the break after tying her hands behind her back. Luckily, Dan’s uncle was busy outside and never came though to catch the two of them and see what they were doing.

When Dan took Kristen home that evening, he slowed his pace and even licked Kristen to an enjoyable orgasm before he slid in and took his own pleasures. When Kristen came again, she cried out into a pillow to kill the noise. Even with the rubber on, Kristen was so warm and hot, she felt great, and he filled his condom with his juices, only muffling his own shouts of ecstasy while kissing her mouth.

On Sunday night, Kristen wore a fresh pair of jeans, but looked equally hot in them. This time, she wore a blouse and opened the top few buttons, looking more innocent yet sexy in her bindings than ever. The crowds were thinner and the groups spaced farther in between. Sometimes, it was ten minutes between groups, which Dan took advantage of and would make out with his tied girl between groups, even taking to groping her some. The heat between them was unbearable.

When the last group passed though, Dan quickly untied Kristen, pulled her pants off, and they did it on the empty exam table. Kristen was surprised at his boldly taking the risk but so turned on she readily committed herself to the dangerous yet erotic act, wrapping her legs around him as he stood and thrust himself into her. Dan reached around and grabbed Kristen’s butt cheeks as he drove himself repeatedly into her. Kristen climaxed as he pumped into her, one of the few times she ever climaxed during actual intercourse. Dan followed with his own orgasm. The noise and music around the house covered they sex induced screams, but their screams just added to the noise of the house.

“So what do we do next weekend to surpass this?” Dan asked as he drove Kristen home.

“I don’t know how we could top that. But you gave me such a surprise tonight, maybe I’ll have to come up with a one or two for you,” she said coyly.

The week just dragged on, both waiting until Friday. This was the last week before they would do a nearly 10 day run working every night, leading up to Halloween night.

Friday night came and Dan drove to pick up Kristen. Again, she was in her jean and a blouse, but having changed to a pair of red high heels instead of her boots, she looked better than ever.

The crowds were larger and busier than the prior week. They didn’t have time for any romancing or fooling around. Dan changed up her bondage some, this time adding another rope below her knees and a rope above her chest instead of her waist, which made her seem even more helpless and made her breasts stand out nicely. Dan thought she looked so fantastic in her red heels. It was no wonder the crazed doctor had grabbed this beauty above all others from the on lookers coming through. Seeing her tied and squirming all evening made him hard as a rock and wanting her badly. He thought maybe tonight he might suggest they try having sex while Kristen was tied up.

When the last group filtered past, Dan pulled Kristen from the box.

“Dan, do me now,” she said as soon as he pulled the gag and before he could kiss her.

“Now? Still tied?” He said, but wanting to do that same thing.

“Yes, please. I can’t wait any longer. Please Dan, make love to me now while we can before I lose my mind.”

Dan unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, along with her soaked panties as far as her bound knees. He fingered her clit and found her hot and squirming.

“Gag me and make me come, please,” she pleaded. He placed the gag back into her mouth and resumed fingering her clit. Kristen groaned and wiggled her bound body intensely. Dan had never seen Kristen, or any other girl, so excited like this before. She came with only a moment of fingering, screaming into the gag and filling the house with a shrill. Dan was amazed and thrilled at making Kristen climax like that. No one noticed anything unusual.

When she began to come down, Dan bent his bound girlfriend over the exam table, pulled his own pants down and took her from behind. Even with her legs still tightly tied together, he easily slipped himself into Kristen and pounded into her like crazy. Though she was on the pill, Dan usually wore a condom for extra protection to prevent anything unwanted from happening. Tonight, desire made him forgo the precaution and rammed his naked cock into her like mad. Amazingly Kristen climaxed again, only seconds before Dan willfully yet reluctantly pulled his cock from her love box and sprayed his come all over her ass. It was fantastic, even though he pulled himself before unloading into her.

With his much needed orgasm over, Dan quickly cleaned them both up and untied his girl. They barely got dressed before the other employees passed through.

“That was so amazing,” Kristen said as he drove her home. “I can’t believe how horny I was, and I can’t believe I came twice. And you, you were so incredible.”

“Me?” he replied. “That was all you. It was all I could do to keep my hands off you all night. I wanted to do that right after I first tied you.”

“You found me that, what, desirable?”

“Are you kidding? Oh yeah,” he replied. “By the end of the night, I wanted you so badly, I thought I’d burst. You just said what I wanted to but were afraid to ask. I was burning for you all night and wanted to make love to you while you were still tied up.”

“Me too,” she replied. “What’s coming over us? I mean, we’ve had sex before this. What’s different now?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we just found something new that we both like and get excited over. I have to admit, I could really get into this more.”

Kristen smiled at her boyfriend. She really liked Dan, more than any other guy she had dated. She missed being with him when they were apart and her heart fluttered when she heard his voice on the phone or saw him on campus. She felt a different kind of connection with him long before they had sex and way before they discovered this new form of erotic experience. This style of sex was only increasing that connection.

”If it means more nights like this, I could too,” she said. “Just as long as it doesn’t become the only way we connect.”

“You mean like finding a balance,” he said stopping at a traffic light.

“Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I mean, tonight was wild and fun, but I hope it’s the not only thing we find we have between us.”

Dan really liked Kristen too. He felt comfortable with her, and could talk with her about anything. He enjoyed every moment he spent with her, long before they had sex for the first time. He enjoyed hearing her voice and missed when they were apart or didn’t talk for more than a day. He hated being apart from her and was happy when he was with her.

He took her hand and held it tight. “I promise you, there’s more to us than just that.”

This made Kristen very happy. Dan later walked Kristen to the door. Since nothing could top the hour prior, they didn’t make the attempt.

Dan was very excited as he drove to pick up Kristen the next day. They decided to split a pizza before they went to the haunted house.

When he first saw her, he could hardly believe what she was wearing. She wore a great white blouse and her red high heels again. Instead of jeans, she had on a faded denim mini skirt and nude pantyhose. The skirt was above the knee and was cut to fit very tight against the hips but opened at the hem to let if flow with her walk. Since she wore jeans all the time, Dan had wondered if Kristen even owned a skirt, but now was very pleased to find out she did. Even the other girls in the house gave her a second look, and some seemed to be a little jealous.

“You’re absolutely beautiful,” Dan said as she walked up to him.

Kristen blushed. “I though I’d look extra special as your science experiment tonight.”

““You look gorgeous,” he replied as they left the apartment building.

After eating, they got to the haunted house. More than one of the other male employees took longing looks at Kristen. Many knew the two were dating, but a couple of guys still tried hitting on her.

“It’s going to be busy tonight,” Dan said to Kristen as they got ready. Already, he had tied her ankles and was busy with her knees. He loved how her nylon cover legs looked and how the ropes looked against her exposed legs. “We’re not going to have many breaks.”

“I was guessing that too,” Kristen said as she smiled. “And you bring this up because?”

“I was thinking I better tie your hands in front at first. Give you a break early on.”

“OK, but then I will be wiggling more and might be able to get free,” she said with a mischievous tone.

“Ah yes, but I have a solution for that,” he said in his diabolical voice. With her hands tied in front, he helped her into her place in the box, forgetting the rope around her waist. Then, to her surprise, he tied another rope to her wrists, then fed the cord down to her ankles and tied it off. The result was her hands were in front, but she was unable to raise them up.

“You fiend!” she cried. “How dare you do this to me!” Then Kristen giggled. “What else do you have planned for me?”

“Plenty of things that I can’t do till later,” he said with a grin. A moment later, the first group of viewers came through.

It was all Dan could do not to look at his girlfriend and want to make love to her. She looked so sexy and seductive in her bonds as she squirmed and struggled in their roles of mad captor and reluctant captive. Though it was easy for Dan to see she was far from reluctant.

At the break, he helped her from the box, after first removing the reversed hogtie rope.

“I’ve heard a lot of comments on how attractive my experiment subject in the box is,” Dan said as they relaxed for the few moments they had. “Even heard a few wishing they were in my place.”

“Hmm,” Kristen teased. Didn’t know I was becoming a sex symbol,” she said as she opened the top buttons on her blouse.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Dan replied. “Or I’ll keep the box lid closed the rest of the night.

The crowds were getting older, so Dan tied Kristen’s hands behind her back. This time, he tied a rope around her body, just below her breasts. This caught Kristen by surprise, but she loved the way it felt on her. Dan like the way it looked on her. He also gagged her with a bright red bandana.

As the night went on, Dan got hornier and hornier. To his eye, Kristen wasn’t struggling as hard, but squirming more seductively. As the crowds thinned and became less frequent, he had the chance to play with his tied girlfriend. He even risked opening her top further and playing with her breasts, He could feel her nipples harden under the lace of her bra and Kristen moaned deeply. A group almost caught them by surprise and he had to quickly close the lid to prevent the guests from seeing their foreplay.

By the time the last group was about to come through, Dan was ready to explode. But he wanted to give Kristen something before he took his own. He pulled her top off her shoulders and completely exposed her bra. Kristen looked on in delighted surprise.

“Do you trust me?" he asked as he slowly slid on bra strap off her shoulder and down her arm.

“Mm umph,” Kristen grunted her approval and nodded her head.

Dan slid the other strap down and pulled the lace from her chest. Her breasts were already full and her nipples hard. He took both nipples into his hands and played with them, making Kristen moan deeply and squirm in delight. Dan blocked the view of her body from anyone entering as he toyed with his willing captive.

As the group approached, he whispered that she was in for another surprise when this group left, then made his mad scientist comments and closed the lid. Kristen was groaning from inside, only Dan knew this was not acting on her part but aroused lust.

Once the group left, Dan opened the box. Kristen was still aroused when he carried her from the box and laid her on the exam table. He quickly pulled her skirt up to her waist and her pantyhose down to her tied knees. Before she could resist or protest, he attacked her pussy with his fingers and her breasts with his mouth. Between their hours long foreplay, his lusty assault on her restrained position and the danger of the situation, Kristen’s body responded immediately and began to squirm hard. In moment, she was close to a climax. When he switched his tongue to her clit and fondled her breasts, she came almost immediately, screaming into her gag as the orgasm rocked her body over and over. Had she not been gagged, she would have been calling his name between cries of pleasures. It was long, intense and pleasurable.

But Dan never let up and a few moments later, Kristen felt a fresh orgasm grow within her tied down body. She thought it impossible but soon an equally powerful and erotic climax came over her bound body once again. Never had Kristen came twice so close together or with such intensity. Dan was equally surprised at her coming twice so quickly.

With time running short, Dan knew he didn’t have time to take his own pleasures. He gave Kristen a moment to recuperate before he helped her to her feet. He then heard a group of employees making their way towards them. Panicked and knowing there was no way to untie and cover up Kristen before they came through, he carried his girlfriend back to the box and closed the lid, latching it closed just seconds before the others passed through. He could hear Kristen giggle as he removed his coat and looked like he was cleaning up. When one of them asked where Kristen was, he said she already had left, being exhausted.

After the others had passed through, he opened the box to see Kristen, bound, gagged and exposed, nearly busting a gut laughing. He pulled the gag and they both laughed. He got her out of the box, then pulled her pantyhose back up and smoothed her skirt down. He figured that the mood was broken for the night, even though he was still turned on.

“That was too close,” Dan said as he helped her to the stool.

“Yeah, but thrilling at the same time,” she said. “Think of the display we could have made.”

“Yeah, the mad scientist eating his experiment,” Dan joked as he untied the rope under her breasts.

“Yeah, but that’s not how it should be,” Kristen said with a grin. “It should be the other way around.”

“Oh and how should it be?” he asked, stepping back. Kristen was still quite a sexy sight with her boobs exposed. He wondered why he didn’t leave her bottom half exposed for more fun.

“Well, you are a mad scientist Right?”


“Well, as opposed to eating me, shouldn’t you have been testing your newly developed horny potion on me and I’m responding to it?” she said as she stood off the stool.


“Then help me get on my knees and enjoy the fruits of your labors.”

Dan clearly understood the gift his tied girlfriend was offering him. Since she was still bound at the ankles and knees, she couldn’t lower herself without falling. Dan lowered Kristen to the floor, then quickly walked around and opened his pants. His cock sprang out, already at a rigged attention.

Kristen smiled confidently to herself, happy to see the reaction her hunky boyfriend was having to her and her offer. Without any teasing or hesitation, and knowing time was limited, she wet her lips and took his tool deep into her mouth, sliding her lips all the way to the base of his rod. Dan groaned and she slowly drew back until just the head of his cock was still between her lips. She plunged down again, holding him fully inside her mouth before pulling back again.

She pulled her mouth back again, keeping his head inside while flicking her tongue over the tip of his rod. Then she pumped his tool with her mouth several times. This sent waves of pleasures though him, making him moan and groan while he ran his finger through her hair.

In Dan’s opinion, Kristen gave wonderful head to begin with. Having her half naked, tied up and willingly sucking his rod was the best. Still horny from their previous adventures, the highly stimulating oral action she was giving him made his orgasmic load build up quick. With only a few moments of superb sucking, Dan felt the first twinges of his orgasm begin.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to come,” he said to warn her. Normally, most girls at this point would pull their lips off him and switch to pumping his tool with their hands. Not Kristen. Even if she had her hands free, she still would have kept right on blowing her captor.

“I’m…going…to COME,” Dan grunted out. With one last plunge of her mouth down his prick, Dan shot the first volley of his sperm into her mouth. The first few volleys just squirted right down her throat without any effort on her part. She then started to swallow the rest, bobbing her head to maximize his pleasures. He kept pumping his load into her and she wondered if he would ever stop, he gave her so much.

At last, the spasms waned and the last few drops of his seed were cleanly sucked away and Dan’s orgasm was over. Kristen pulled off his softening cock and smiled up at her man.

“I think my formula was a success,” he said with a grin.

“I can tell. And I’m still horny too. When will you be ready to go again?” she said with a grin.

“As soon as I get you somewhere private,” he said as he put himself away and helped Kristen to the exam table. He wished he were hard again, for he would have loved to pull her pantyhose off and take her on the table, with her arms still tied behind her back. But some fantasies were best left for another day.

Dan quickly removed the last of Kristen’s fetters and had the ropes long before Dan’s uncle did his final walk though of the night. He was a bit surprised to see the two college students still in the house.

“Just hanging out for a few, having a little quiet time before I took Kristen home,” was Dan’s reply when asked what they were still doing in the house. Considering both kids were totally dressed, Uncle Tim believed them and suspected nothing, but shooed them out anyways.

Dan drove Kristen back to her place. This time, the others girls had left the common area empty. Kristen snuck Dan in and soon they were on the couch. But both lovers had one last surprise for their partner.

Earlier, Kristen had removed her pantyhose, so Dan only needed to life her skirt to have a clear shot to her pussy. Dan surprise was he brought along a couple lengths of rope and a bandana. Kristen’s hands were tied and pulled above her head as she lay on the couch, with another rope holding her wrists to the leg of the sofa. With the bandana stuffed into her mouth and his hands on her naked breasts, Dan licked Kristen into another monstrous orgasm before he slid his engorged rod into her and humped like crazy. Kristen wrapped her legs around his legs, digging her heels into him, which only spurred him on further, and he plunged his naked cock into her again and again. Had anyone come down and caught site of the two, they would have been either amazed or appalled at the site, but for Kristen and Dan, it was utterly amazing, especially when Dan blasted a fresh load of come into Kristen, which made Kristen explode into her own orgasm. Even when the coming concluded, Dan and Kristen remained linked, kissing deeply for longer than they should have dared, but luckily got away with.

The following day, Dan and Kristen were hard at their studies, catching up from the weekend. When they talked, they were both excited and couldn’t wait until they could be with each other at the haunted house. They also decided that they needed to be more careful and make sure they weren't caught playing. They had a good thing going and didn’t want to blow it.

Dan then had a few ideas of his own, one that might minimize some of their risks. He called his uncle and explained that since Dan didn’t have an early class on Monday, he’d be happy to lock up after the night was over. Since Uncle Tim needed to be up early for his day job, he gladly accepted his nephew's offer, at least for this night.

Dan also thought about changing things up a bit. Having Kristen all tied up and standing in the box was great, but what if he could tie her in a different way, or even to the box. By mid -afternoon, he had a new idea and knew how to do it. The house would be open by 6, so he quickly ran to a hardware store before he went to the house to make the modifications. When he was done, he locked up before anyone else arrived and meet up with Kristen.

That night, Kristen wore a vibrant red top that matched her red heels along with her denim skirt and sheer pantyhose. Dan loved how she looked and secretly felt the outfit would be perfect for his new plan.

The night stared off at normal, with Kristen looked very bit sweet, innocent and sexy as every as she twisted and squirmed in her bonds, playing her part better than ever. Kristen was very amused by the fact that she was being paid to be tied up and aroused by her lover. By 10, the crowd were thinning and getting older, so Dan put his new plan into action.

Instead of tying her hands behind her back for the late crowd, Dan again tied her hands in front. When he placed her back in the coffin box, he pulled her hands up above her head and secured her wrists to the eyebolt he installed inside several hours earlier. Next, her feet were tied to one on the floor of the box, so now Kristen was not only tied up in the box; she was tied to the box. She struggled in her new restraints, excited that Dan had come up with a new way to bind her and at what they were going to do later.

The house closed at 11 on Sundays. Dan’s uncle had left an hour earlier, leaving the closing up and lockup to his eager nephew. After the last group had left, Dan untied his girlfriend, but with the promise of a lot more fun to come.

Dan and Kristen walked out with the other employees this time. Dan did a head count, then let the others go before he and Kristen did the walk though to make sure no one was hiding inside. Happy that they were alone, Dan killed most of the lights and locked them inside before they went back to the lab room.

At last they could be alone and without fear of being caught. When asked what should they do, Dan asked Kristen to unbutton her blouse completely. With a playful smile, Kristen slowly opened each button of her blouse, starting at the top and slowly working her way down until the garment was completely open. Dan asked her to remove her bra, but to put her top back on, then to remove her pantyhose too.

“Do you want me barefoot, or with my heels on?”

“Heels on, if it’s not too much trouble.”

With the changes to her attire made, Kristen was again placed inside the box and tied up, this time with her hands and feet apart, anchored to the freshly installed eyebolts located in the four corners of the box. Now Kristen was tied in a semi-spread eagle position, much to her renewed excitement and delight.

Kristen looked amazing, nearly naked yet still tantalizing covered by her clothes as she tested her new restraints. Tied to the box, she was helpless to resist his hands and they could do whatever they wanted in the deserted house.

“When did you do all this?” she asked, finding her new bondage satisfactorily unyielding.

“I’ll never tell,” he grinned. “Remember, evil scientist.”

“I can’t believe you’ve come up with all this. This is so much more restrictive.”

“Too much?”

“No, not at all. Honestly, I’m loving it,” she said. “So now what do we do?”

“We’ll do much, but you’ll do nothing,” he said as he held up a fresh red bandana, “except open your mouth.”

“Are you saying I talk too much?”

“No, I just like to hear your cries muffed by a gag,” he said. This time, there was a knot in the middle of the scarf, which further reduced Kristen’s word to garbled muffles.

As soon as he was done tying the gag under her hair, Kristen immediately got into character, pleading for the mad scientist to release her. Dan pretended to be preparing some kind of mixture and faked an injection onto her, making Kristen scream as usual. But within a moment, her hard struggles for escape became soft squirms of erotic motions. Kristen began to act like a woman in heat, gently swaying her bound body, moaning through her gag rather than gripe.

Dan went under her top to play with her nipples, which were already hard with excitement. He bent down and took one breast into her mouth, making Kristen moan deeply and squirm even more with anticipation.

Dan continued to play with her restrained body, making Kristen more and more excited with each passing moment. The only sounds were her moans and the creaking of her box as she withered in her bondage.

Dan pulled her skirt up and rubbed between her legs. She was so hot and wet already, he could have easily slid his manhood into her. Instead, he toyed with her clit and slipped two fingers into her. She nearly came while he did this and sucked on her nipples, but backed off to let her bubble in her excitement for a few more minutes.

Then, he dropped to his knees and attacked her clit with his mouth. Kristen’s orgasm mushroomed quickly at this new assault on her sex. The orgasm went from boil to burning to exploding. She screamed his name from behind the gag, her body thrashing in the bonds that held her to the box as he squeezed her breasts, adding additional sensations to her erotic pleasures. The climax went longer and harder than any she ever had before it finally waned and subsided, leaving her hanging in her cords and breathing hard.

“Well, I think we can call that experiment a success,” he said. “Let’s see how long lasting the formula is.”

Tenderly, Dan slowly caressed Kristen’s figure all over her exposed skin. In only a matter of a few moments, Kristen’s energy returned and she was squirming all over again. Ten minutes and lots of touching, sucking, squeezing and exploring later, Dan dropped to his knees again and licked Kristen into another mind-shattering climax that was even better than the prior. He flicked his tongue into her pussy as the orgasm crashed over her body again and again.

At last, she was spent for the moment. He pulled her gag and left her standing inside the box until she was able move once more.

“Make love to me,” she said at last, the afterglow still hovering inside her.

“Not yet,” he said. “First, I need to test your skills.”

Kristen was untied from the box and set on her knees. Her top was completely removed and her hands were tied behind her back. Her ankles were tied together and a rope connected her ankles to her wrists. The result was a kneeling hogtie, but neither knew it was called that.

Kristen was more than happy to return the oral favor and suck her boyfriend off again. Dan tried to hold back for a long as he could, but her lips did such a fine job and the sight of his girlfriend tied and naked so exciting, he quickly blasted a huge load of come not into her mouth but all over her soft round breasts. He loved it when she swallowed, but tonight he wanted to see it spray all over her creamy white breasts and drip from her hard pink nipples. They were both amazed at how much he pumped out, but Kristen still took him into her mouth and drained the last few drops from him.

With his needs satisfied, it was time for the last act of the night. After cleaning the bound girl up, Dan removed the hogtie rope and carried her to the exam table. Here, he untied her hands and made her lay down.

The table was covered in a white sheet, stained with fake blood and other blotches to simulate chemicals and such. But the table itself was made from stainless steal and came from an old medical lab. It was very sturdy and easily hold up to what Dan had planned.

With Kristen laying face up, her hands were tied to the two corners of the table. Next, her skirt was removed and her legs spread and tied to the other end of the table. Kristen was now truly tied spread eagle and very helpless.

“Are you going to gag me?” she asked.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” he replied. “I thought this time I’d let you scream away this time, for in a haunted house, screams are the norm., but I can if you like.”

“You’re the evil boss,” she said softly. “I’m your captive. Do what you want with me.”

Dan did just that. For the next half hour, he slowly explored her body from her bound ankles to her tied wrists. Kristen moaned and groaned, twisting and turning her body as far as the ropes would let her while Dan slowly and methodically brought her to the very edge of climax and held her there.

When he could not stand it any longer and with full encouragement from Kristen, he stripped off his own cloths, climbed into the table and attacked her clit once more with his mouth. His hands fondled her breasts and soon Kristen’s orgasm reached the breaking point and erupted. She screamed again, calling his name and crying out as another strong orgasm rocked and rolled her restrained body.

When it was at last over, Dan crawled up and slid his naked cock onto her warm love box. He moved slowly back and forth into her over and over, making them both wild and hungry with lust and desire. Kristen urged him to do her harder and faster, but Dan refused, making them both savor the slow loving sex.

But with her pleads begging him and his own lust driving him mad, he finally relented and began to thrust into his helpless girlfriend as hard and fast as he could.

“Yes, oh yes, do me, oh yes, do me just like that, don’t stop, please Don don’t stop, don’t pull out,” she begged as he plunged into her over and over like he never had done before. Their bodies glistened with perspiration as the sex went hot and wild.

At last, his orgasm was unable to be stopped. The flood overwhelmed him even as he tried to hold it back. But with a loud cry and Kristen breaking into another climax of her own, pleading for him to come inside her, the dam burst and Dam plunged deep into Kristen with one last might thrust, exploding his load of hot, sticky come into her hot pussy. He too cried out, calling wildly as his orgasm raged though his body and his cock spewed its seed and waves for euphoric pleasures swept over their bodies.

At last, the mind blowing climaxing and bodily juices stopped flowing. Dan collapsed onto the tied girl and their mouths met in a long, deep wet kiss that lasted longer than the orgasms. Neither wanted it to end, so they just kept on kissing even as they were connected at the sex organs.

Finally, they decided the hour was late and they needed to get moving. Dan crawled off the table and slowly untied his girl. When she was free, she sat up and he slid between her legs once more. They kissed again, with he legs wrapped around him and his cock stirring once more.

“You can’t be serious,” she said when she felt him hard against her once more.

“Why not?” He asked as he slowly slid inside her once again. She was still plenty warm and wet. “We might not finish, but let’s at least enjoy it.”

He slowly bucked his hip, sliding his cock back and forth in her, with her arms and legs still wrapped around him and locked in a deep kiss. He loved how her heels felt against him, especially when she moved her feet up to his ass.

But as nice as it felt, it wasn’t going to happen for either of them and they knew the needed to head home and get some needed rest. But knowing they could connect like this was filed away for future use. They dressed and headed out, making sure all the lights were out and the door securely locked.

“I’m sure my uncle will let me lock up again this week,” he said as he drove her home.

“Oh man, I don’t know if I can take it again like that. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.”

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked

“No, silly,” she said as she held his hand. “It will be in a good way. But just how many other ideas do you have running around in that evil mind of yours.”

“More than enough to get us though the weekend.”

The next day, not only was Kristen sore from their prior night’s activities, both college students were tired from the long, pleasure filled night. Once at the Haunted Howl-Away, both college students decided they would curb their playtime just for the night, so they could recover and catch up on some needed sleep. Dressed in her jeans and boots again, the bondage was lighter and equal to their first nights. Since the Monday crowd was thin anyways, the house shut down early. Dan took Kristen home and got some sleep himself.

On Tuesday, they were both they were ready for another round of fun and games. But again, traffic through the house was slow and closed early. They didn’t have the chance to stray back and play, so they went to an empty parking lot and had some simple, straightforward sex, this time in the back seat of the car. They had missing doing that, so it was a welcome break in the kinky routine they were experiencing and enjoyed it immensely.

“Do you miss making normal love to me?” she asked when they were done.

“I admit I do,” he replied. “But with the house closing after this weekend, I’m guessing we won’t get many more opportunities to play our games, at least not like we are now. To be honest, I like having you tied up, even if it doesn’t lead to sex, at least right away.”

“Me too. Too bad we missed out tonight,” she replied. “Well, we’ll have to find opportunities, or find ways to make them happen. But I guess we’ll have to make the most of using the house while we can. Are you up for that?” she grinned.

“More than, as long as you don’t mind me getting a little creative.”

“Have I yet?”

On Wednesday, the couple was ready for more kinky action. Again, Kristen threw Dan for a loop when he came to pick her up. Again she wore her red blouse and high heels, but the jean miniskirt had been swapped out for a new skirt, a soft black leather miniskirt that hugged her hips and fit prefect across her rear end. Black fishnet hose were on her legs.

“When did you get that?” Dan asked as he opened the car door for her.

“I didn’t,” Kristen replied as she got into his car. Dan walked around and entered on the driver’s side. “I borrowed it from another girl in the house. She said I could use it for the rest of the run, if I wanted it, except for Halloween night. I guess she’s got a party she wants to wear it to.”

“I, I, um, hope you do. You look amazing in it,” Dan stammered, never seeing her look better or hotter.

“Hmmm,” she sad as she rub his crotch, finding him hard. “I guess you like it a lot.”

Dan too had a new surprise for his sexy dressed girlfriend, something different for when the crowds thinned. Dan was also going to lockup again tonight.

Dan tied Kristen up as usual and prepared to place her in the box. The black of her fishnets really made the white ropes on her ankles and knees stand out, as did the white ropes against the black of the skirt.

“You getting tired of wrapping all those ropes around me and seeing me tied up?" she asked after she was set in place.

“Are you kidding? I love doing this with you,” he said with a smile. “Getting the chance to do this each night, it’s all I can do not to rush us here each night.”

Kristen smiled as Dan held up the red bandana.

“Are you getting sick of it?” he said before he gagged her.

“Do I look like I’m sick of it?” she said, wiggling around a little.

“I just don’t want to bore you,” he said with a grin.

Her response was to lean forward and kiss him. “With you, I’m never bored. You always excite me. You can tie me up anytime and anyway you want. Now you better gag me before we do something that will get us both fired.”

As expected, the night was still slower than the weekends, but slightly busier than the last two. There were less groups going through and less people in each group. Of course, there were always some rowdy teenagers and college aged students that loved to come through and did more than once. In fact, Dan recognized some of the customers, and one noticed how Kristen was getting progressively sexier and better tied as the houses run went on.

Dan changed and adlibbed his routine at will. He was good at it and kept the groups entertained by incorporating them into his bit. He selected people to talk to, ask questions about, even selecting his next victim or tried to get someone onto the exam table. A high school group came through, and he teased a few of the girls dressed in their cheerleader outfits, acting as if they were his next victims.

When the break came, he untied Kristen’s hands while she sat on the stool. She looked so sexy with her legs coming from under the leather skirt in the fishnets, tied at her ankle and knees. Dan wanted to make love to her then and there. It also gave him an idea for when the house was closed up later and they were alone.

“I was thinking about something,” Kristen said. “Why not leave the lid open sometimes.”

“You want people to see you?” Dan questioned.

“Well, they’re getting glimpses of me anyway, why not let them see more and I can get more into the act. If it gets too much you can close me in or just close it up when I’m making too much of a racket as part of the routine.”

“I’m game if you are.”

With their break nearly over, Dan returned his leather clad captive to her box, with her hands bound at the wrists and tied to the single eyehook above her head, and with her feet secured to the base by the floor hook. A fresh red bandana was tied in her mouth to keep her quiet.

Many times, Dan let the box open during the tours, so Kristen could play off his acting more and a bigger part of the display. The crowd liked it, and many male halves of couples commented he should do the same for his female partners. While most enjoyed the display, a few feminist types griped, saying it was degrading to women in general and Kristen in particular. One very vocal woman was given the finger by more than one other patron, as well as from Kristen. But mostly, the groups were entertained and enjoyed the display.

Between the longer gaps in the groups, Dan also kept Kristen entertained by kissing her on the neck and over her gagged lips, and by grouping her tied body. One time, when he opened the lid, Kristen had turned and was displaying her backside, which she rubbed up against Dan very suggestively as she moaned. Dan rubbed up against her, loving the feel of the leather skirt and how her body felt in it.

At last, time was up and the tours were over. Dan removed Kristen’s gag and was about to begin to untie her.

“You know, if I were a real mad scientist, I’d just leave you here till everyone was gone, then come back and do my evil will on you,” Dan said.

“Oh would you?” Kristen said. “You mean, evil man, keeping me all helpless like this!” she said in mock protest. Kristen knew she’d be alone for only a few moments, so she was willing to play along. Besides, the anticipation of his return and what would follow would be exciting, like she really was his captive.

However, this time he had a new gag to use on her.

“I was thinking you’re making too much noise,” he said. Dan showed her the white hanky and the black roll of duct tape. Kristen’s eyes went wide when she saw what he wanted to do, but decided to at least give it a go around.

Dan placed the hanky into her mouth then covered her lips in a long piece of the wide black tape. He smoothed it down making sure it sealed her lips shut completely. Kristen moaned and tried to make noise, but the gag really did the trick and kept her very muted.

Dan quickly added another rope to her bondage, just above her knees, just to make sure she wouldn’t get away. He closed up the box and latched it shut, sealing Kristen in just as the other employees began to filter through. He joined with them, explaining Kristen had already left. No one questioned him and everyone was gone within moments, leaving Dan to lock up and kill the lights. Fearing he left Kristen too long already, he made a quick sweep thought to make sure the place was empty and quickly returned to his sexy captive.

When he opened the box, Kristen was looking far away, lost in her own fantasy world. Her body was slowly squirming in her restraints and she was making soft moans behind her tape gag. Dan untied her from the box and carried her to the stool before removing the ropes from her wrists only, leaving her legs bound. Again, she was directed to open her top and remove her bra. With her shirt loosely hanging open, Dan tied Kristen’s hands in front, the pull her hands up over and back behind before tying a rope between her wrists and a foot rung of the stool. He then placed her feet on one rung of the stool and bound her feet to the stool as well.

For the next half hour, Dan fondled and groped his girlfriend as she moaned and groaned, wiggling in her ropes while his hands gently toyed with her helpless body. He untied her knees and gently parted her legs so he could caress her inner fishnet covered thighs. Dan’s plan was to slowly and lovingly build Kristen up to the big climax.

When she was good and ready, Dan took her off the stool and set her standing on the floor. Then raised Kristen’s hands and tied them to a rope that hung from the ceiling by another eyehook. Her legs were untied so she could move her feet about, but she couldn’t move away from him for she was strung up to limit her movement.

Dan continued to play with her fettered female frame, licking and sucking her nipples. He pulled her skirt up and rubbed her ass and pussy though the fishnet hose, driving her wide with excitement. Then he pulled her pantyhose down to her thighs and attacked her clit with his tongue. Being played with for nearly and hour, it didn’t take much oral stimulation to make Kristen climax. Her orgasm came on so quickly, it caught Dan buy surprise, but he still managed to hold her steady by her butt and thrust he tongue into her as she came hard and powerfully, screaming into her tape gag. Dan continued his oral ravishing of her body and soon Kristen was in the throws of another strong orgasm followed by a third a moments later. Kristen was exhausted and more than satisfied.

Dan then stood behind her tied captive, with is condom covered cock at the ready. He’d never had sex with her standing, but tonight seemed like a good night to start. He crouched down and parted her ass, guiding his cock into her love nest. When he found it, he quickly slipped it in, with Kristen pushing back onto him to make him enter her fully.

With his hands on her leather skirt, Dan bucked his hips and Kristen pushed back, the two moaning and groaning to their upright sex. Dan found he couldn’t pull as far back as he usually did, for we feared he would fall out and ruin the moment. So he pulled her against him and just bucked his hips as hard as he could, keeping most of his length inside her while just making deep thrusts into her.

Kristen enjoyed how full she felt. She grunted with each push he made, feeling her warm sex engulf his entire shaft. She clamped down on his cock, which added to both their pleasures. She wished he’d not wore the condom, for she loved the feel of his naked manhood against her, but also enjoyed that the condom would slow the buildup of his orgasm and make the wonderful sex last so much longer.

When Dan grabbed her chest and played with her breast, squeezing her flesh and pinching her nipples, the slow building orgasm swelled and she climaxed again, thrashing about in her bondage and her body trembling to the erotic experience while Dan continued to make love to her from behind.

Dan took hold of her hips as rammed into like a machine. Wit his knees straining from all the couching, his finally reached the point of no return and his orgasm utterly exploded. He drove into has hard and deep as he could as his cock erupted and pumped its juices out. He cried out, holding onto Kristen and thrusting his body against hers and waves of gratification flooded his senses. He pumped a vast load from his cock, as the powerful orgasm rocked his body with huge waves of bliss.

At last, they were both done and Dan withdrew from her to clean off the mess the condom made on his cock. He then let Kristen down and helped her to the exam table, gently removing the tape from her lips while she lay exhausted but very satisfied.

“You are one amazing lover,” she said looking over at him sitting on the stool next to her.

“It’s all in the partner,” he said.

“Ready to go again?” she said with a grin a few moments later

“With a little encouragement I could be.”

Kristen, still tied at the wrists and ankles, rolled over onto the belly, then slowly slid her feet under her to wiggle her leather cover bottom around. The site was very appealing as she wormed on the table, making Dan’s cock bulge in his pants again.

“I can help with that at ether end, however you like,” she said looking at his crotch.

Dan took the hint. He stepped over and took his pants off, exposing his freshly hardening cock. Kristen kissed his tool then took just the head into her mouth. Dan moaned as she slowly slid down the shaft, taking his entire length in.

“You keep doing that and I won’t want to pull out,” he said.

“You can have me anyway you want,” she said and meant it. Dan was so giving as a lover she wanted to pay him back any way he desired.

After a few moments of her excellent oral stimulation, Dan pulled his engorged manhood from her mouth and mounted the table after putting on a fresh rubber.

“Let’s make this good for both of us,” he said as he applied a condom and slid his prick into her pussy once again from behind. Taking her doggy style, he slammed into her hard and deep over and over again. Kristen cried out in erotic pleasures and he rammed into her again and again. Looking at his tied girlfriend, so hot and sexy, while ramming into her like mad, his orgasm grew to monstrous proportions. With one last deep thrust, he exploded again, pumping another he load of sperm from his cock. Kristen didn’t climax, but it was still a great round of replay sex.

Now nearly midnight, Dan dismounted and Kristen slide back down to the table, giggling in sexually afterglow. When Dan removed his condom, she offered to clean him up. She took his soft prick into her mouth and cleaned off the remaining sperm. They both thought it an erotic and submissive act and Dan started to get somewhat hard again.

“You’re a machine,” she said when she felt him swell again.

“You’re the one doing it to me,” he replied. “Looking as hot as you do, dressed so sexy and sucking on me like that, how could I not?”

Dan untied Kristen and they got dressed. They shut the place down, locked up and returned home.

“This just keeps getting better and better,” Dan said as he drove her home.

“You said it,” she replied. “Anyone ever die of sexual satisfaction overload?”

“We may be the first,” he laughed. “I just hope we go together, mid-orgasm.”

Thursday would be the last night Dan closed up the house himself. Friday was Halloween night, and the place would be packed and busier than ever. Saturday would be nearly as much as plenty of costume parties would be going. Dan’s uncle would be around both nights until closing to make sure everything went smoothly.

Again, Kristen was dressed in the black leather mini-skirt and fishnet hose. This time, she wore a gold metallic top that shimmed and sparkled in the light and black high heel pumps.

“Can you look any better?” he said as they got into the car.

“You like my top?”

“Very much,” he said. “I must thank whoever you borrowed that from.”

“That would be me, it’s mine,” she said. “I bought it a long time ago and almost forgot that I had it.”

“Wow. You are full of surprises this week,” he said.

“Maybe I still have a few more for you,” she said as her hands slowly slid the bottom of her skirt up. Dan nearly sideswiped a park car when he realized she wasn’t wearing fishnet pantyhose but fishnet stockings.

“You, ah, I, that’s awesome!”

“I thought you might like these,” she said, grinning she got such a reaction out of him. “Helps get into those areas you want easier.”

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” Dan said when they stopped at a traffic light, touching her face. “I’m so lucky to have you as my girlfriend, I just don’t deserve it.”

At the house, Uncle Tim gave the staff the warning about the upcoming nights and the pace the house would need to have to keep up with the crowds. This was where they were all going to really earn their money, so everyone needed to be sharp and on their game.

With the peep talk over, Dan and Kristen headed toward their stations.

“Guess this will be the last night we might have a chance to do anything,” Dan said.

“Then we better make the most of it,” Kristen replied with a smile. “Up for the challenge?”

“I’m there for you baby.”

Dan tied his girlfriend as usual. Since they expected young kids early in the evening, he gagged her with a bandana. She wiggled and squirmed a lot, especially when they were between groups, teasing Dan immensely. Dan was grateful for the lab coat that covered his bulging crotch.

As the evening went on, the crowds grew older and Dan replaced the simple cleave gag with a hanky fitted into her mouth and black duct tape across her lips. Now she looked much more like the grabbed damsel he desired.

As anticipated, the crowds were much heavier that the prior nights and there was little time for them to toy with each other. Dan was quite frustrated he didn’t get a chance to feel up his girlfriend at all. In fact, the first time they had to really touch each other was at the break.

Dan opened the box to find Kristen had turned her back to him and was wiggling her bottom at him. When he tried to untie her, she shook her head and grunted at him. It took a second to realize what she wanted, but Dan discovered she didn’t want to be free. All the teasing and waiting had gotten Kristen very horny and she wanted him now. She was grunting at him to make love to her, right then and there.

Knowing they had a very little time, Dan didn’t even bother to pull his sexy girlfriend from the box. He pushed her skirt up, exposing her naked bottom. She didn’t even have panties on, just a garter belt to hold the stocking up in place. It was such an erotic site and made him so lustful Dan just dropped his pants and slid his naked cock right into her warm, moist pussy.

Their sex was extremely risky, which made it even hotter. Dan thrust his swollen cock into his bound and gagged girlfriend, ramming into her with abandonment. Kristen moaned and groaned into her gag, lusting as bad as Dan was. When Dan reached around and fingered her clit for a moment, an orgasm quickly swelled up inside of her. He resumed his humping and her orgasm grew to new massive proportions and exploded. Her screams mixed with the noises of the house and no one noticed the difference between the recorded sounds and her passionate calls.

Dan was in a sort of panic. He knew this was enormously risky for them both, but he was so horny he didn’t care enough to stop. And not having a condom meant that if he blasted his load into Kristen like his cock screamed too, she would be a mess for the rest of the evening.

When his load was about to explode, he pulled out of her and pumped his cock for a few seconds until his orgasm erupted and he spewed his come all over Kristen’s ass. It was a naughty sight, seeing his milky sperm shoot over her skin in contrast to her black skirt and garter straps. He even jerked the last of his sperm onto her, just to make it complete.

He quickly put himself away and used a rag to clean Kristen up with before untying her and pealing off the gag. Kristen was disappointed that he didn’t come inside her, but understood his reasons when he explained it to her later as she was free.

“OK, I get your reasoning,” she said. “You know, I’m on the pill, you don’t need a condom every time.”

“I know,” he said. “Believe me, it took all my willpower to pull out before I blew. But I have my plans too. Let’s call this one a little appetizer for later.”

“If that’s an appetizer, I can’t wait for the main course,” she said with a grin. “You got desert planned too?”

“You better believe I do,” he said with a grin.

Dan asked Kristen to take off her bra. She removed it and buttoned up her shirt after handing him the black lace bra, which he threw into the bottom of the box. The both wondered how many people would notice it.

With their sexual tensions temporarily relieved and their break ending, Kristen got back into the box, with tied with her hands behind and lots of ropes all over body. Her ankles, above and below her knees, her waist and below her chest were firmly wrapped in ropes. A fresh hanky in her mouth and more tape across her mouth kept her silent as she worked her magic in the box.

The remaining hours dragged as both actors slowly built up with fresh arousal. When the last of the clients were gone, Dan untied his girlfriend, but left her gagged. He then tied her legs spread apart to the hooks in the floor and her hands to the hook above. Finished with the ropes, he opened the top buttons on her blouse, exposing her cleavage in a very tantalizing way. Slipping into character again, he gave her a simulated injection using the large fake syringe, telling her it was his newly developed aphrodisiac. He sealed her up inside the coffin, leaving her to struggle alone while the ‘injection’ takes affect, and made sure everyone was gone and the house closed up tight. Back in the lab, he doused the overhead lights, leaving the room lit with the neon lights and fake flame, giving the room a wild, crazed feel.

Dan wasted no time when he returned to his willing and bound victim. He took gentle hold of her breasts, squeezing and fondling her boobs and erect nipples through the metallic material. Already Kristen was softly squirming as he played with her chest and she moan often into her sticky gag.

“My experiment is going well,” he said as the mad scientist. “Now let’s see how hot I can really get you.”

He pulled her skirt up and fingered her clit softly, making Kristen groan deeply and squirm harder. He slipped a hand under her shirt and gave her boob a good groping as he played between her legs. He gave her body a good long tease, driving her crazy with excitement and desire, making her good and hot but not letting her climax. Kristen sure didn’t need a stimulant to get her going, only some ropes and gropes were needed to make her hot. The problem was, he was hot for her too, making his own hormones run ramped.

When he felt Kristen could stand no more, he untied her feet from the box before letting her hands down. She wanted him again badly and immediately tried to open his pants, hoping she would climax while he rammed his manhood into her. But her hands were pulled away as she was dragged over to the exam table. Dan was playing this fantasy to the fullest.

He sat his victim on the table before he lifted her feet onto the table and made her lay face up. With her golden shirt barely covering her chest, her bound hands were pulled over her head and tied to the legs of the table. Her legs were spread apart, which make her soft leather skirt ride up her thighs until it barely covered her privates. He tied her ankles to the opposite table legs, stretching her body tight to keep her from moving much at all. He then added another rope around her waist, pinning her to the table, followed by another around her torso and the table below her breasts. Then to her complete surprise, he wrapped a rope around her left leg above her knee, feed it under the table and wrapped it several times around her right leg before going back under and securing the ends to her left leg. This made sure she couldn’t close her legs one inch.

Kristen felt so naked and exposes, even tough she was still covered with the metallic shirt and the leather skirt. She struggled in her ropes, pulling her in 6 different directions and understanding his creative mind had found another effective way to tie her down and very vulnerable. She wondered what customers would have thought had they seen her tied like this turning tours, just with her top closed up. Not a mad scientist, but a damn lucky one?

Dan slowly caressed her captive, from her stiletto incased feet to her wiggling fingers. He undid the last few buttons on her blouse, exposing her breasts to the cool air. He took hold if her mounds and gave them a gentle squeeze. Kristen groaned deeply and wormed in her bonds, silently urging him on to exploit her helpless body and satisfy her sexual cravings.

He played with her chest for a good long time, tormenting her more as he squeezed and pinched and groped and tugged on her fleshy mounds and hard nipples. Kristen was wild with lust as she struggled against the ropes her applied to well to her body.

Dan then moved onto the table and between her legs. When his tongue hit her clit, Kristen exploded into a massive orgasm that made her scream while her whole body thundered with the pleasures it brought. Wave after wave of hot erotic delight rolled over her bound body, making every nerve of her body ripple with electric delight.

When if finally calmed down, she felt Dan’s cock at the entrance of her pussy, pushing it’s way into her. She was still horny for him and moaned deeply when he fully slid his entire naked shaft in her. Dan pulled back and pushed down again, starting his rhythmic beat of intercourse. Propped up on his hands, his lower body lifted off her, sliding the majority of his rod out of her, then came back down and impaled her again in strong steady motions.

The sex was long and steady, with Dan slowly giving into his carnal lusts. He rammed into her harder and faster, groaning as his own needed orgasm raced forward and begged to be released. When it did, he drove his entire length into her and exploded his come deep into her, crying out from the awesome feeling crashing inside his body.

When Dan was finished, he collapsed onto his captive until he had the energy to move again. Kristen happily lay on the table in her fetters, enjoying the afterglow and waiting to be released. When at least he pulled off of her and withdrew his shaft, he simply dressed again and sat on the stool looking at her. Kristen wiggled in her bonds a bit, wondering what he was doing.

“I took a does of the aphrodisiac myself,” he said with an evil grin. “Give me a few moments, and I will be ready to go again.”

Kristen looked over at her lover in disbelief. He’d come twice already, and he though he was going to go again in a few moments? Did he think he was some kind of super stud or something? But then again, if he did, wouldn’t that be fun and they'd both be the beneficiaries.

After a few moments, Dan stripped his clothes off entirely resumed his caressing of his girlfriend. Already, his cock was stirring and beginning to grow stiff again. He toyed with her restrained body, this time sucking on her breasts as he fingered her clit and her free nipple. Growing horny again, she bucked under him as far as the ropes would allow, feeling the new orgasm begin to build inside her.

Dan stopped and removed the tapes from her lips and the gag from her mouth. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he toyed with her breasts. Then he climbed onto the table and positioned his cock over her mouth, pressing the tip against her lips. When she parted, he slid in and slowly pumped her mouth. Kristen could feel his cock swelling to fullness as he slowly slid his length into her hungry mouth as his came in contact with her sex again. She groaned around his tool, lightly sucking on him as they made oral love to each other’s sex.

After several gratifying moments, he pulled out, reposition him body between her legs again and slid his shaft deep into her love box once more. Free of a gag, Kristen moans and groans filled the room as he made long, deep, sweet love to her again. Her excitement grew and a fresh orgasm built stronger inside her.

Their kinky lovemaking took a long time, which was exactly what the both needed. Kristen’s climax grew slowly but steadily as Dan’s motions grew faster and harder. They both moaned and groaned uncontrollably, telling each other how good it felt.

“Oh Dan, make me come, please make me come again, I’m so close,” she begged. Dan’s own climax was near and he wanted them to come together. He held his own back for as along as he could while ramming into her as hard and fast as he could.

“Oh yes, Dan, yes, that’s it, yes oh yes I’m, I’mm coming, I'mm c-coommming!” she cried as her orgasm exploded once more. Dan needed no further encouragements and erupted into his own orgasm, dumping another load of sperm into her willing love box. The both cried out, filling the room with erotic sounds of lover’s calls as their shared orgasm overwhelmed them.

At long last, Dan stopped his spewing and Kristen stopped her spasms. Dan collapsed onto his restrained girlfriend, both breathing hard as the sweet afterglow of euphoria flooded them both. Eventually their mouths met in long, deep wet kissing. Neither wanted to move or wished the night to end.

“Again?” Kristen said when the finally ending their necking.

“I wish I could go all night,” he said. “Give me a few moments and we could try?”

“I don’t know if I could take any more,” she replied as he climbed off the table.

“Just looking at you right now would motivate me enough,” he said with a grin. He didn’t want to untie his willing captive, but knew all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Still, he waited a few extra minutes, just to have one long, lingering look over her and hoping for the best. Knowing they couldn’t he still enjoyed the site of his girl tied down and looking oh so hot.

Dan reluctantly untied his girlfriend from the table and got himself dressed while Kristen cleaned herself up and dressed herself. When they were both put back together, she hugged her boyfriend and gave him a long kiss. “If we were ever to marry, would you still want to do this to me?” she asked.

“I’d make love to you every night, kinky action or not,” he said. They left the house and Dan drove his girl home.

“I wish I could make this night stand still, so it wouldn’t end,” she said softly as they stood on the steps of her apartment.

“Tell me why,” he said softly.

“So I could stay dressed like this for you, be tied up by you and make love with you all night long,” she replied. “How could there be a more perfect night?”

“I don’t know how we can do better,” he replied. “Do we dare try to equal it?”

“We can try, but I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to surpass it.”

“We may not, but I bet we’d enjoy the trying.”

The following day was Friday and Halloween. Kristen and Dan met up on campus for an hour between classes.

“Think it will be real busy tonight at the house?” Kristen asked.

“Plan on it. From past experience, Uncle Tim says Halloween night is by far the busiest. And being a Friday night, it will be a crazy one. The only thing that could slow it down is rain.”

“And the forecast is for clear skies tonight,” Kristen said. “So a busy night for sure.”

“Our chances to play tonight are slim to none then,” he said. Both were disappointed too.

“In that case, would you mind if I did something different tonight?” she asked.

“What do you mean, like not work or not anything?” Dan asked.

“Oh no, of course I’ll be there with you. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. And yes, you can still tie me up and all. But since it’s Halloween, and I doubt we’ll get a chance for anything more than making out some on break, would you mind if I wore a costume too? Everyone else there gets to wear one, and I’d like to too, just for tonight.”

“While still doing the damsel in the box thing and all?”

“Of course! Wouldn’t dream of passing up a chance for you to tie me up, even if we don’t dare do more,” she replied with a happy expression.

“Well, I guess that’s fair and all. Ok, I’m game. What do you plan to wear?”

“Well, I want it to be a surprise, so you’ll see when you pick me up.”

“Can’t come soon enough.”

The apartment Kristen lived at was alive with activity. Almost everyone was heading to a party or something dressed in wild and fun costumes, ranging form simple bed sheets to wild and revealing costumes. Dan felt strange being one of the few normally dressed people and his friends felt sorry for him having to work and missing the fun. But being with Kristen all night would more than make up for any partying he’d be missing. And tying her up, even if they didn’t do anything else, would be a huge bonus too. He waited for her to come down in her surprise costume, which turned out to be a real shocker.

She was in a short white pleated skirt with red inserts, a white long sleeved sweater with a red large “S” on the chest and red trim, nude tights, white lace topped socks and tennis shoes. She even carried white and red pom-poms to complete the uniform. He was all smiles when he saw her.

“You like?” she asked as she twirled around, the skirt ballooning to show her nice legs.

“Yeah I do, very cute. You look really great! By the way, where did you get it from?”

“My roommate, who was in cheer in high school and kept the uniform. She was going to wear it tonight but opted for something sleazier since her boyfriend broke it off with her. She wants to attract more guys and show her ex what he’s missing. So I asked if I could borrow it, and she said yes. Think it will work as a helpless captive of a mad scientist?”

“I think you’ll be prefect. Be fun to hear some of the reactions too.” He said as they headed to the car.

“Ever dated a cheerleader before?”

“Nope. Never felt in their leaguer to try and ask one out.”

“So you never tied one up before either.”

“No, but there’s a first time for everything,” he said with a grin. “Can’t think of a better girl to start a new tradition with. Never seen a prettier one either.”

Uncle Tim gave Dan an approving nod when he and Kristen entered.

“Nice touch tonight, Kristen,” Dan’s uncle commented. “Why didn’t you think of that sooner?” he said with a grinned, knowing the idea would be a hit with the crowds.

“Stroke of inspiration, all Kristen’s,” Dan replied as they headed toward their station.

Soon Kristen was bound with her hands in front, legs together above and below the knees, at the ankles, her hands ropes to her ankles and one long rope wrapped around her torso. A red bandana served as a gag, her eyes sparkling when he tied it on. Too bad there was so little they could do. The pom-poms were set on the floor next to the casket, as a prop to let people decide how Kristen came to be in her predicament.

The night was more than hectic. There was a constant flow of people going though the Haunted Howl-Away and the lines reached over an hour in length to get in. Kristen looked fantastic, struggled and doing her best to play the helpless captive while Dan worked his magic on the rowdy, energized crowds. It was over 2 hours before they got their first break. Kristen sat on the stool, only her legs still tied having a drink of water.

“You know, we could really up the game tonight,” Dan said.

“How so?”

“I could have you tied to the table here, like I’m about to start working on you. I could throw the sheet over you when the people come in, and you could struggle under it and all while the groups in the room.”

“Wow, people would really see me then. How would you tie me?”

“Simple like, with you legs together and your hands in front, maybe run a rope between you wrists and knees to keep you tied down, or a rope around the table and you.”

“I don’t know. Not sure if I’m ready to go that public. Will you be disappointed if I don’t?”

“No, not one bit. It’s was just a thought, just for something different,” he smiled.

“Well, maybe then, let me think about it and let you later.”

With the break over, Kristen resumed her spot and the hectic night resumed. The pace of the crowds passing through was brisk, moving faster than normal so more people could get through. But the time went fast and soon break time came up again.

“Now till midnight will be insane,” Dan said. “Everyone will want to be in here at midnight. We won’t slack until close, and that will be late. And with tomorrow being a Saturday and all, it will be similar.”

“Well, at least we’ll get paid overtime,” Kristen replied. “So, do you still want to have me on the table?”

“You’re willing to do it?” Dan asked.

“Yeah. I would be fun, I think, and be kind of funny to be moving around under the sheet and all. Just make sure that if you have a bunch of drunks, you get me covered up fast so they don’t get any ideas.”


Kristen lay on her back, with her hands bound before her and her legs tied at the ankles and knees. Dan wrapped two ropes around the table and Kristen, one at her waist and one over her ankles, to lash her to the top and give it that realistic feel. The bandana was enough of a gag and let her cries for help be heard.

As the groups came through, Dan had the sheet pulled back far enough to let them catch site of the bound cheerleader before he covered her up. Kristen acted as if she was begging him to let her go before she was covered, then squirmed and occasionally cried out from under the covering. It added a very creepy felling to the scene, even with the humor Dan used, which made him seem even more demented, which the Halloween night crowed seemed to immensely enjoy.

At last, the night ended, now nearing 2 in the morning. Though no announcement was made, the last group had passed through. Dan feared disaster was about to strike when his uncle came though and caught the scene of Kristen tied on the table.

“Whoa!” he said, Dan’s blood draining form his face. “Nice touch kids. Why didn’t you think of this before?” Dan couldn’t believe he was hearing this.

Kristen couldn’t speak, but Dan’s quick thinking mind came through. “We just came up with it on the spur of the moment tonight, since the last break. Thought it would add something to the room, being Halloween and all.” Funny thing was, Dan was being honest.

“Yes, a few blood curdling screams does wonders too,” Kristen added, the gag now off.

“Creative, yet not too overdone. I like it. Good thinking, kids. Too bad we didn’t do it all along. We’ll have to remember it for next year.”

“You want us to do it tomorrow too for the later crowds?” Kristen asked, sounding very innocent. How she managed that Dan never knew. “We could if you want.”

“Yeah, go ahead. Just not during the family hour, OK? That might be too much.”

“Understood, Uncle Tim,” Dan said and his uncle moved along to the next room. Kristen and Dan waited a few seconds until he was out of ear shot then burst out into a fit of laughter.

Both were tired after a long day and busy night. Dan drove Kristen back to her place. They stood on the steps outside, sill hearing some of the parties' noises going on around the area. They kissed several times but had no energy to do anything else.

“But they way, nice recovery tonight with your Uncle,” Kristen said.

“Damn, that was close. I thought we were busted for sure,” Dan replied. “And you, what a recovery! Good thing we didn’t try and do anything else or went any further.”

“Think he’s on to us?”

“I’m guessing not, otherwise he would have said. I think he believed us when we said this was the first time. We’re good.”

“And now we can do it again tomorrow too, and not have to hide it so much,” Kristen added.

“Right, but that probably means we don’t want to try and do anything else and risk him suspecting anything.”

“Nothing else?” she said as she pulled him close and kissed him deeply.

“Ok, maybe that,” he said as the both laughed. “But you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do. Bummer, I was hoping for at least one last adventure before the house closed down. We may not get another chance like this again.”

“Well, let’s see what happens. Maybe we can work something out.”

“Want me to wear this again tomorrow?” she asked pointing to her uniform.

“You better. If nothing else, I want to tie up and make out with a hot cheerleader.”

The pattern of activity at the Haunted Howl-Away was nearly identical to the prior nights, will large crowds showing up to get one last good scare in before or after attending parties or gatherings. Kristen, looking just as good in her costume as the night before, did a marvelous job of playacting while tied on the top of the table. As the night progressed and the crowds grew older, Kristen upped her fright factor, sometimes giving an ear-shattering scream when a particular rowdy group left the room as if Dan was beginning a procedure on her. But there was little time for the two to engage in anything but work, except for the hot and heavy lips locks they did during the breaks.

The crowds thinned towards closing time, but still remained steady enough that Dan could do little more than give his girlfriend a quick playful groping while she withered under the sheet between groups.

“You’re driving me crazy,” she whispered when his hands fondled her breasts over her sweater. “This isn’t very fair!”

“Advantages of you being tied up and me free to do as I want,” he replied, letting his hand find its way under the skirt and pawed at her over her panties.

“But it’s getting me excited and we can’t do anything about it.”

“All the better,” he grinned evilly

“Tease!” she replied.

“Tell me you hate it.”

“I hate that we can’t do more, you evil scientist,” she replied as the next group drew closer.

At last, the night ended. Even though both were very horny by now, they didn’t dare risk the attempt to do anything about getting relief. So they left as quickly as they could and found an empty parking lot to indulge in a quickie in the back seat. Surprisingly, Kristen climaxed shortly before Dan did as they made love in the cramp compartment, her pent up sexual excitement finally being released.

“Sorry it wasn’t as good as some of our other nights,” Kristen said as the drove back.

“Sorry for what? I enjoyed it,” he replied, taking her hand. “They all can’t be erotic times. Besides, I finally got the chance to make love to a cheerleader.”

“Yeah I know. And I got to be a cheerleader and have sex, which was fun for me too. But I just wish we could have one good last fling before it’s over.”

The following night, Sunday, was the last night the Haunted Howl-Away was to be open. The house was nearly deserted, for the season was over. Uncle Tim was on site the whole time and was roaming though the house, thanking the staff for a job well done and recruiting a few workers to help tear down the place in the coming days. Between Halloween falling on the Friday and the excellent reputation the site quickly established, the house made more than ever, much to Dan’s uncle delight.

Due to the uncertain traffic patterns and the Uncle Tim’s roaming, Dan and Kristen returned to the original format of Kristen a captive in the coffin, only lightly tied and skipping the gag entirely, which became somewhat of a letdown. They closed early and the season was over.

“You know, I’m sad it’s over,” Kristen said as they drove back to her place. “I mean, we both made good money, and it was a lot of fun doing it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Dan replied.

“And what you and I did in there,” Kristen added. “It was so exciting and thrilling. How do we come close ever again?”

“There’s always next year,” Dan replied, trying to lighten the mood.

Kristen smiled. “Well, we have that to look forward too, even if it is a long time away.”

Dan took her hand. “Listen, we’ll try and make it work so we can do at least do some, right?”

“Of course,” She replied. “Maybe because we won’t do it as much, it might be that much better and more special if we’re forced to wait between.”

Dan nodded. Neither said that they would have loved one more turn in the place, just to have a final hurrah. But after dropping Kristen off, Dan came up with an idea, one he hoped would at least give them that grand finally the both wanted.

The following day, Dan made sure he talked to Kristen. “Are you free tonight?”

“Yes, I am. Why?”

“Good. I got something planned you’re going to really enjoy.”

“Really? What?”

“Nope, not gonna to tell, I want it to be a surprise. Be ready by 5, and wear something very sexy. I think you’re going to love it.”

Dan promptly arrived at 5, excited to put his plan into action. He was thrilled to see Kristen had done as he asked and dressed extra sexy for him. Again she wore her red blouse and high heels, the soft tight fitting black leather miniskirt and black fishnet hose. His fantasy has come true, for she hoped she’d wear just this.

“I thought this was one of your favorites, so I thought I’d repeat it,” she said when she saw the happy look in his face. “I hope it’s ok?”

“It’s perfect,” he replied. “You look great.”

“So where are we going that I need to be all dressed up?”

“First, to dinner, then I’ll we’ll head to our intended destination.”

The dined at a nicer restaurant than the local pizza place and were gone before 7. The sun had set, so it was already dark as they drove. Dan refused to give Kristen any details of where they were going, but she started to have her suspicions.

“Are we going to where I think we are?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” he replied, figuring she would eventually realize what he had in mind. Moments later they pulled into the lot of the half empty mall and around to the far part of the lot\, where the Haunted Howl-Away stood dark and empty, but still intact.

“What are we doing here?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“Well, we don’t start tearing this place down till tomorrow, the place is empty, I still have a key,” he said jingling the key ring. “And you look too good not to want to have once more before it all ends. We won’t be disturbed and there’s no need to rush. So, you wanna go for that last hurrah as badly as I do?”

“You bet I do!” she said as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. After, they drove around to the back, so his car would not be seen by anyone passing by.

“So, how are we going to play this?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, our routine all along was that you, as the mad scientist, had snatched me from the crowd passing through, to make me be part of your next experiment, against my will of course, so you had to keep me prisoner to make me more cooperative, till you were ready.”

“So why not do that for real?” he said with a grin. “Sure, why not”

The snuck into the house before anyone could spot them and locked the door behind. They flipped on some of the inside lights, careful not to turn on the outside ones, but left the sound system off. No way did they want to attract someone, especially the police. They also had a small flashlight to guide them around the dark areas.

“Give me a couple minute’s head start then start through the house,” Dan said.

Dan head off into the house. He had the rooms and passages memorized, so he didn’t need much light to get around. He did turn on some of the black lights that gave the house the extra creepy feelings, especially in one area, where he planned to make his move.

Kristen waited several minutes then began her trek through the house. For all the time they worked there, they never once went through the house as part of a tour. Kristen shined he little light and slowly worked her way though, her heels echoing around as she walked along the wooden and metal floors. Though empty and without the added sound effects, the house had a different feel, though still creepy enough, especially since she knew Dan was lurking about, about to pounce on her. A few bangs, made by Dan to add some tension, startled her as she moved though/. She felt a little like an actress in a scary movie, not knowing when the director would make the perverted monster attack.

She move into one of the hallway like areas, the one set up like a small graveyard. The idea here was ghost like characters would jump out from behind gravestones to scare people and make them move along to another area. Of course there were lots of things here, like owls, signs and goofy headstones to distract the people before someone jumped out.

Kristen walked through the area towards the next doorway, her little light shining ahead when she heard something behind her. Before she could react, she was grabbed from behind, with a hand coming down over her mouth to prevent her from screaming out too loud. She dropped her light and squealed in surprise, even though he knew it was Dan.

“Well, here’s a lovely lass that will be perfect for my next experiment!” Dan said in his best voice. He was wearing his lab coat and had a very good grip on her as he started to pull her towards the laboratory room. “Come come, I need your help to advance science! Yes, you’ll do perfect. Come.”

Kristen continued to squeal and tried to worm free of her boyfriends grasp, just to make it some work for him, but not too much to cause any really force by Dan. Soon he dragged her into the lab and made her bend over the lab table. In a moment, her hands were tightly tied behind her back, but again made him work for it.

“What are you going to do with me?” she said, now that her mouth was free.

“I have an experiment to run and I need a beautiful female subject to test it on”

“What will you do?” she demanded as he tied her feet together.

“I’ve invented a new drug that makes girls very sexually aroused,” he said, making Kristen giggle. To her surprise, he pulled her tight skirt up, exposing her ass and jabbed her with something, simulating an injection. Next, he bound her knees. “It will take some time to take affect, so I need to keep you here till it does before I test it.”

“How will you test it?”

“How else? By seeing how many times I can make you climax, and how much you enjoy giving me head and how excited screwing makes you,” he said with a grin, making Kristen giggle herself, but liking what he was saying.

Soon she was bound as tight as ever and gagged with both a hanky shoved in her mouth and tape strips over her lips. “Now I’ll put you in here till you’re ready,” he said, making Kristen hop over to the coffin box. He placed her in the box, adding ropes to the eyehook to keep her webbed inside. Kristen wormed and squirmed, constantly complaining from behind her gag, but it was little use and she was soon entrapped inside the box.

Dan squeezed her breasts. “Hmm, not ready yet,” he said. “I’ll check back in on you in a little bit,” he said and closed the door. The fan came on, but the light didn’t, leaving her to fidget in the dark and alone.

Dan could here his girlfriend struggling inside. He only left her for a few moments at a time, opening the box to check on her progress by feeling her up. During the second check, he unbuttoned her top, exposing her lace bra and reached under her skirt to feel between her legs, making her squeal.

“Making progress,” he teased. “But not yet at full affect.” And the door closed again.

At last, the mad scientist felt his victim was almost ready. He pulled Kristen from the box, making her stand in the middle of the room. From behind, he groped and fondled his squirming captive, who by this time was getting excited by the prospect of what they were about to do. He pulled her skirt up and rubbed between her legs while fondling her lace-covered boobs too. She was getting quite warm down there. Her bound hands groped at his cock in his pants, telling Dan she was indeed ready for play.

“Ah, I think you are ready!!” he said.

Dan decided that for once he was going to get his first. He helped Kristen down to her knees and pulled her gag. A moment later, his erect cock was in her mouth and she was intently sucking and pumping his rod. Kristen was quote horny and was more than enthralled to give her guy the sucking of his life. She did an amazing job and soon he was groaning in delight. After a few more moments of oral delights, he burst forth with a strong orgasm, pumping his hot load into her mouth, which she swallowed down quickly and completely, even sucking the last of his come out as he softened a moment later.

After he was done, Kristen was lifted onto the stainless steel table and tied spread eagle to it, only with her panties removed prior to her legs being roped down. The black of her stockings accented by the white ropes wrapped around her ankles and thighs, holding her legs apart looked so erotic and sexy. The tape gag was applied again, making her his helpless silent captive once more. He exposed her chest and for nearly an hour ravished her helpless body with his hands and mouth, making Kristen climax once very quickly before he slowly built her up to a second powerful orgasm, causing her to scream into her stuffed mouth and tape gag, echoing though the empty house.

After stripping off his cloths, he climbed up between her outstretched fishnet covered legs and drove his cock hard into her, burying his rod deep inside her how and wet love tunnel. Kristen moaned and groaned as he plunged into her over and over, making the table squeak for all the hot action. He plowed into as hard and fast as he could before his orgasm was about to bust. He drove in one last time as hard and deep as he could and exploded, blowing a load of come deep into her sex, crying out when he did till his cock could pump no more. He didn’t move, enjoying the warmth of her hot pussy surround his slowly deflating cock.

But they were far from done yet. Dan extracted himself from the table, leaving Kristen tied in place. For a while, he did nothing to her, leaving her to squirm and wonder what else he had in store.

After giving some time to recover to them both, he slowly started to explore his girlfriend, just to get her highly aroused again. Then he untied her hands from the table but bound them together above her head. Before she had time to wonder what he was doing, her legs were also freed and Kristen was pulled from the table. Standing in her heels against it, he was made to bend over, her hands reaching toward the opposite end. A rope secured her arms, making sure she wouldn’t move and pinning her hips against the table. Her legs were spread as far as the tight skirt rising up her thighs would allow and bound to the table legs, rendering her completely helpless. Lastly, he gag was removed, allowing her to speak.

He stood being her and began to play with her helpless body. He ran his hands over the tight leather, around her chest to play with her exposed boobs, even under her skirt to fondle her clit, making squirm in delight. Before long, she was raging horny again.

“You make me so hot!” she said in a lusty voice. “What more can you do to me?”

“Let’s find out,” he plied as he pulled her skirt up, exposing her naked ass with the garter straps erotically running across her soft skin. Using his cock head, he probed for the entrance of her pussy. Kristen was amazed that he was hard and ready to go for the third time and so quickly. He found his mark and slowly pushed his cock into her once again, his hard shaft once more surrounded by her softness and warmth.

Both Kristen and Dan groaned deeply as his cock bottomed out inside her. Soon he was plunging long and deep into her, slamming his hips into her ass at a wonderful pace. His groans of ecstasy mixed with her cries of encouragements as he plowed into as hard and deep as he could. Kristen could not believe how long they had sex for, and was thrilled when another orgasm swelled up during the long intercourse. Sitting on the edge, with his hands holding her boobs and fingering her nipples, it all felt so good and amazing as she cried out and pushed over the edge into another long, incredible orgasm that rocked her restrained body. Anyone inside house would think it a sound affect; it was so loud and intense. A few seconds later, with one last final surge of speed and strength, Dan plunged in as deep as he could and exploded into another orgasm as well, blowing the last of his come deep into her pussy as his own cries of delight mixed with Kristen’s in a final orgasmic gratification.

Dan didn’t want to move, for he was both quivering with delight and wanted the moment to last. His cock finally deflated and fell out of Kristen, their love juiced dripping onto the floor. Kristen lay on the table top, breathing hard and still feeling the wonderful afterglow of the amazing evening of sex, unable to move and not wanting to.

“Amazing,” Kristen said when she had the strength.

Yeah,” he replied, just as spent.

Finally, Dan reluctantly released his captive girlfriend form her stance. Using the old lab coat, they cleaned up and at last dressed themselves to leave. Dan collected up all the bondage gear and packed it into the bag still hidden behind the box. After a lingering embrace and long kiss, the two lovers left the room and headed out, switching off the lights as they did.

Outside, the locked up the door and took one last look at the house, knowing tomorrow it would start to come down, knowing they may never again have such an opportunity to act on their kinky impulses before wearily heading for his car.

“Until next year,” Dan softly said.

“How do we ever top an experience like this?” Kristen asked as the drove back to her place.

“I don’t know, but we’ll have to do our best to try,” Dan replied.

“It will be fun trying.”

Thus ended their erotic nights at eh haunted house. Over the next several days, Dan and a small crew of guys helped his uncle tear the house down and place it into storage. As Dan and his uncle locked up the door, his uncle handed him two checks, one for him and one for Kristen. Both had nice bonuses, for it was a very profitable season.

“Think you’ll want to work it again next season?” Uncle Tim asked.

“Can’t see why not,” he replied. “A lot of work, but it was still fun.”

“Did Kristen enjoy it, even though it must have been kind of dull for her?”

“Yeah, she did,” Dan replied. “I helped keep her from getting too bored in that box all night.”

“I bet you did,” Uncle Tim replied. “Well, hope you and Kristen will work next year. See you soon Nephew.”

Dan stood looking at his uncle. Did he know, or did he just assume something happened, but had no clue what? Dan would never ask, for he didn’t want to know. Dan put the checks in his pocket and headed to Kristen’s place, thinking about what next season could bring.

The End