The Costume Party, part 1: Zorro and the Maid
by StealthBinder

It was turning out to be the party of the season and everyone was utterly enjoying it. Ann and Rob decided that since they had a new home that would be great for large gatherings, they’d have a full out costume party for Halloween. Everyone was required to dress up and they would even offer a prize for the best costume of the evening. The party was in full swing. The house was fully decked out with carved pumpkins, lots of candles and dollar store decorations. Silly yards lights illuminated the large deck. Many guess brought a snack to eat and threw in a few bucks to help cover the cost of the drinks the hosts provided. Music played throughout the downstairs and outside, where even a few guests danced. Even a large bowl of trick-or-treat candy was out.

More than 40 people were in attendance, all dressed in various costumes. Some were simple, like the one guy in a suit and sunglasses, pretending to be a Secret Service agent. Some were very elaborate, like a fully wrapped mummy. The most fun were then the couples dressed in matching costumes. One of the best was a couple dressed as Frankenstein and his Bride. The host couple were arrayed in dazzling Victorian costumes, complete with wigs. It was like they all stepped out of a movie.

Some of these couples got very sexy in the attire. A couple came as Batman and CatWoman, her in some kind of shinny form fitting catsuit and spike heel ankle boots. One in particular was a doctor/nurse pair where she dressed in a very short uniform, stay up stockings and spiked heels and with a push-up bra that make her already ample bosom almost fall out of the unbuttoned top. Her husband looked a little irritated as she ran around checking boobs and crotches with her stethoscope. Another couple was Hugh Heffner, dressed in silk pajamas and a pipe and she in a vibrant blue Playboy bunny outfit. There was a pirate couple, a dopy farmer and his red hot wife and even the Simpson’s. Elvira was well attended as well as Barbarella, Marilyn Monroe, and other Hollywood starlets.

But for Tim, his eye was only on one particular very sexy woman. He came alone and only the hosts knew who he really was, for his costume kept him anonymous. In black shirt, pants and boots, with a wide brim hat and a head scarf that cover his face, only exposing his mouth, he was Zorro. A long black cape was slung over his back, helping to hide himself. He completed the outfit with a real whip and sword, though the blade had no edge to it what so ever. He spoke with a Spanish accent all evening, enjoying that even some of his closer friends did not recognize him. He loved the game, dashing in, dancing with several women and stealing quick kisses, then gone in a flash. Though no one knew who he was, everyone enjoyed the antics.

But right now he had eyes for only her. Catherine was an amazing dark haired beauty. The sister of host Ann, she had the body of a model. Long legs, slender waist, round ass and perfect breasts. She had a beautiful face, with small chin, full lips, pert nose and big, brown eyes. In a strange twist of irony, Catherine even looked a little like the woman from the newer Zorro movies. Guys dripped over her and she seemed to attract them. Tim had like her since the first time they met at a picnic gathering at Ann and Rob’s old place. At that time, she had a boyfriend, but was still friendly and warm. Her smile melted Tim every time he saw it. It was love at first sight but fate and timing never allowed him to make a move to win her over. He could only wish he could date a woman like Catherine.

It was Rob that thought Tim would be a good match for Catherine, but the chance never worked out. Catherine was never long between boyfriends and men were instantly attracted to her. But for some reason, she never kept them long. Part of the problem was she was a career woman, concentrating on her work in sales. But according to Ann, Catherine was not easy target to get into the sack so many guys thought her a tease and dropped her quickly when she did put out.

Tonight, that was somewhat true.

Catherine’s choice of costume was amazing and suited her perfectly. She was dressed in a French maid’s uniform of black satin, an off the shoulder style that showed a fair amount of cleavage, but still having short sleeves. The neckline was trimmed with white lace, as well as the sleeves and hem line, which had longer lace, but was plenty short to show off her legs which were shod with black stay up seamed stockings and a lace garter adorning one leg. A white satin apron tied onto her waist, and she had a white lace head piece and matching gloves. The outfit was finished with a black satin choker around her neck, black pumps with 4” high heels and a feather duster she carried everywhere, playfully flicking it over other party guess. She smiled and dusked off their drinks, speaking softly in a French accent and taking quick tiny little steps around as she acted almost ditzy.

Tim was floored and in awe. Here was the girl of his dreams in the most erotic of sexy attire imaginable to him. Two of the three aspects of his ultimate fantasy were standing right across the room from him, almost within reach. But most important, Catherine had come to the party alone. She broke up with her latest boyfriend just 2 nights ago. From the sound if it, she dumped him and it was over. Tim knew a little of the guy she had been dating and believe him to be a jerk of the biggest magnitude. But what was his loss was now Tim’s gain, at least he hoped. She was one of the last guests to come, almost not coming to the party at all. The timing was perfect for Tim, who now planned to make his affection for her known. In fact, knowing Catherine was invited motivated him to do something very dramatic and risky, to complete all three elements of his deepest fantasy.

Tim had prepared for such an opportunity, hiding what he needed in his cape and pants. As the guests got a little looser from the booze and festivities, some of the other single guys were making moves on the incredibly sexy maid. But she seemed to be brushing them off just as she would whisk lint with her feather duster. She seemed content with her current single status. They seemed to be casually watching each other all evening, but she pretended not to notice. But when their eyes locked for a brief moment, something connected with them. She smile at Tim and give him a look like “come on over” before she turned away. Tim never lost contact with her for the next half hour and caught the glances she made in his direction from time to time. She seemed interested in him. Was it the fact she didn’t know who he was, she wanted to know who was the man that was watching her, the mystery of it, or maybe he just looked really good in black? He didn’t care, for Catherine’s had noticed him.

Tim bided his time and waited for the perfect opportunity to move in. It came when Catherine ascended the stairs. Though off limits to most of the party guests, Catherine was family and had free access to the bath and rooms on the second level. She stopped at the base of the staircase and looked around to see if Zorro was watching. Of course Tim was still locked on to her. Catherine gave him the slightest of smiles before she slowly walked up the steps.

Tim watched her go up and around the corner. He took a quick look around to see if anyone else was watching. He found Rob had locked onto him, which made Tim hesitate. But then Rob gave him a small but noticeable nod and looked away. Tim now had two green lights to proceed. One from the girl herself, one from the family. He felt his confidence swell and made his way to the steps and ascended the stairs. The bedroom doors were all shut, encouraging the stray guess to remain out. In the middle of the hall was the bath and the light was on from under the door. Tim moved past the bath and waited by door jam of one of the bedrooms. He could hear his own heart pound as he drew his sword from the sheath.

The bathroom light went out and the door opened. Catherine stepped out and looked toward the steps, the feather duster prop still in her hand. She halted, hoping the mystery stalked might be waiting. She made a quick spin of the plume and waited a moment longer, expecting something to happen. As she fully stepped out, she felt two quick taps on her left shoulder. Surprised, she made a gasp and froze, then spun on her toes to see who had done this. The point of the dull sword was only a few inches from her chin. She let out a small squeal of surprise, not expecting the sight. The sword was held at arms length by Zorro himself. He put a finger to his lips and shushed her.

“Quiet señorita, please.“ he said in his Spanish accent as he moved forward and laid the sword across her neck. Catherine knew it was dull, but she still got caught up in the excitement and danger of the moment. “We would not want to disturb the Alcalde and his guests.”

“Oui.” She responded in her French accent. “You surprise me only, Monsieur Zorro.”

“Bueno” he replied. “I urgently need to speak with you, and I need your help. What is your name señorita?”

“I am Gabriela, the maid of the de casa”

“Gabriela, a pretty name for such a pretty woman.” He said. “Now, come with me and be silencioso, and do not force me to make you so.”

With the sword to lead her, he took her into one of the bedrooms. It was one of the spare rooms, with only a full size bed, two dressers and a small chair in it. The room was fairly dark, save for the moon light streaming in and the glow of the party lights outside filtering in through the sheers. The best news was the door had a simple push button lock, which Zorro was happy to engage.

“I like a quiet room, very quiet.” He said as he led her to the bed. With a point of the sword, maid Gabriela was seated on the edge of the bed. The room was far from quiet, for music could be heard from below as well as loud bursts of laughter and such. But it would serve.

“Now señorita Gabriela, I have one question for you. If you answer me honestly, you will be free to go. If not, I will be force to use more persuasive measures. “ he said with a quick flick of the sword through the air.

The dialog was silly, but Catherine played her part to the fullest. She seemed to be enjoying the game and immersed herself into the role.

“Oui” she replied. “But moi knows little.”

“The staff always knows much.” He said. “Now, señorita Gabriela, please tell me where is the map to the gold mine of the Alcalde?

“I do not know, Monsieur Zorro.”

Zorro smiled. “Of course you do. Now tell me before I become upset.”

“I cannot tell you, oh, I mean, I do not know, Monsieur.”

“Ah, Chiquita,” Zorro said as he rammed his sword back into it sheath. “As I feared. So, I must convince you to tell me then. I am prepared to do that.”

He made the sexy maid stand and turn her back to him.

“Please, do not harm moi.” She said in mock protest. “I only clean for his Excellency the Alcalde. I know nothing of maps or gold.”

“We shall find out, won’t we Chiquita.”

Hidden in the pockets of his cloak were several long silky scarves. He pulled Catherine’s hands behind her back and crossed her wrists palms up. The maid squirmed a bit perched on her heels but didn’t resist and made no protest. He held her hands together with one hand as he readied the first scarf.

Catherine gasped when she first felt the silk wrap around her wrist. “Monsieur, what do you?”

“Be still señorita.” He said as he pulled the first loop tight then wrapped more layers around her wrist. “You forced my hand, and now I must act.” He tied off the ends in nice neat job. Catherine immediately twisted her wrist in an attempt to free herself. She found out that she would not be soon freeing herself from his quick bondage.

He sat Catherine on the bed again and knelt at her feet. Another scarf was quickly wrapped around her ankles, cinched and tied off.

“What will you do with moi?” she asked. At the moment, Catherine wondered if the game had gone too far already.

“I take no pleasure in this señorita Gabriela.” He said as he prepared another scarf. “But I must for the sake of the people of this district.”

“Non pleasure, oui?” she asked in a bit of real surprise.

“Well, some little pleasure, I must admit, Chiquita “ he said as he wrapped another scarf below her knees and cinched it off. “Perhaps more than just a little.”

The fact was Tim’s heart was pounding. The third piece of his ultimate fantasy was fulfilling itself.

Long had he had a fetish for French maids. Leave it to the French could come up with a uniform that made a domestic servant look so irresistibly sexy. Catherine was such a beautiful woman to begin with she needed little to add to her good looks. But when the two collided, it was an astonishing combination. His cock had been stone hard from the moment he’d seen her there. Now with the third element, bondage, upon the scene, the fantasy was complete. A beautiful woman dressed the erotic maid’s uniform and wrapped in soft bondage. To Tim, it was unbelievable that it was actually happening to him. He was afraid he would cream his pants just looking at her.

Catherine tested her bondage. Whoever this Zorro was, he knew what he was doing. Each scarf hade been expertly placed, wrapped and tied to prevent escape, but still felt comfortable enough she could be like this for quite a while. Catherine felt she should be panicking. An unknown armed assailant had just successfully spirited her away from a crowded party to a locked secluded room and bound her hand and foot without anyone’s knowledge or notice. He stood over her, looking at her struggle in her bondage, with a huge grin on his face. She wondered what other affects it was having on him. Yet she didn’t feel threatened by him. He had been playfully acting a game with her. She had a feeling she knew this man from somewhere and had nothing to fear from him at all. She didn’t believe he would really use the sword on her and by no means feel threatened but him. If anything, he seemed lustfully enamored with her. He came up with a creative scenario to be alone with her and tease her a bit while keeping his identity a complete secret.

“You make me talk, no?” she said in her French accent again, sipping back into her role as maid Gabriela, realizing she could do nothing at the moment but speak.

“Talk, no.” Zorro said as he placed a knot in the middle of his last scarf. “Si, señorita, I make you talk no.” as he sat next to her and held the scarf before her mouth.

For Catherine, this was the moment of crisis. If she willing accepted this, allowed him to gag her, it would be like she totally surrendered herself to him, giving him permission to do whatever he wanted to her. Yes, she would eventually find out who he was and hold him accountable, but that may not be enough to prevent anything from happening she didn’t want. Did she trust this masked stranger enough to remove her last bit of defense and submit herself to him fully? What would he do, just leave her tied for a while? Get a cheap thrill and fondle her body? Would he try to have sex with her? These were all rippling though her mind.

“I promise you, I have only the most honorable of intentions for you.” He said, seeing her hesitation. “I will do nothing to disgrace or offended you. I will only mean to satisfy you and thank you for all of this, my sweet Gabriela.”

She looked over at him and saw in his eyes not a raging lust fill maniac, but someone who was enjoying the moment and perhaps living out a small yet kinky fantasy. She trusted him, though she had no rational reason in doing so. This little game was taking a kinky twist, but it seemed like a fun one. She leaned into him and kissed him full on his lips. Their mouths parted and they kissed long, deep and enthusiastically. It was hot and steamy and full of conviction.

“Who would not trust the legendary Zorro.” she said when the kiss broke as she turned to face the gag again and parted her lips.

Tim was in disbelief at what just happened. Catherine just surrendered to him, fully submitted herself to him, giving him a hot lip lock in the process. He slowly pushed the knot into her mouth and tied the ends behind her head to hold the soft gag in place. He helped her to lie back on the bed.

Catherine got into the damsel in distress frame of mind and began to wither on the covers. She had done some acting back in school and college and missed out on the lead role of a play where in the last act the heroine had been kidnapped and tied to a post as a sacrifice to the monster. She remembered looking on at the performances and thinking how sexy she looked as she wiggled against the bondage. It turned out the villain actually had a bondage fetish and really did tie her to the prop during the performances so she couldn’t get free. The result was her struggling was for real and she was unable to walk away on her own. The girl later admitted she liked being tied, especially since no one else knew.

Catherine often wondered what it must have felt like having hundreds of eyes watch you squirm in ropes and listen to your muffled sounds. Maybe that is why she was allowing it to happen now. She was the heroine, the star of the play, and the villain and his bondage wasn’t so terrible after all. Though only one set of eyes were now on her, it was just that much more special. She happily wiggled more, seeing the reaction it made in him. The bondage felt amazing, holding her captive to him, her one-man audience. She let out soft moans, hoping to entice him more. Tim was in heaven and paradise. His mind could not have conceived a more exciting, sexy, erotic scene if he tried. The perfect woman, the perfect outfit, the perfect setting, the perfect chain of events had all come together, and he was looking at the result of his own efforts willing laying next to him in tight bondage squirming and moaning just for him.

“How do I make you talk?” He jested as he stood, removing his cloak. “The whip?” he said as he took the leather from his belt and uncoiled it. “No, too noisy.” For brief second, Catherine did panic. Being whipped was not part of the deal, but she relaxed completely when it dropped from his hand. Though the look on her face was priceless, her eyes going as big a beach balls. “The sword? No, too drastic.” He said as he loosed his belt and let it fall to the floor. Catherine laid on her back, slowly squirming in her restraints.

“Ah, this may do the trick.” He said as he picked up the feather duster. “But only if you are ticklish. Perhaps we try and see later.”

He lay on the bed next to her. “So, there is only one solution to my problem.” He said still using his silly Spanish accent. “If I cannot make you talk, perhaps I can make you beg for me.” He said as his hand lightly touched her body.

Electricity shot through her body. Catherine had never been tied up before and never had a man touch her while having complete control of her like this. His hands slowly roamed over her bound body. Her body reacted to his touch, further squirming as she helplessly lay on the bed.

Zorro said not a word as he explored her everywhere. His hands touched her skin and made her quiver. When his lips kissed her body, shivers of excitement ran through her. When he got to her naked shoulders and upper chest, she began to feel herself burn with desire. When he pulled the top of her maid’s uniform down, exposing her breast to the air, her nipples swelled with excitement. She thought she would go mad when he played with them and took them into his mouth. He had her so horny and excited, she couldn’t stop from withering on the bedspread. She moaned and groaned constantly as he moved from one area to another. How she wanted to touch him. She tried to free herself but the scarves wouldn’t budge, which only made her more excited. She was under his complete control, burning with lust and unable to help the cause one bit. All she could do was lay back, enjoy and wait.

When he moved down her body to her hips, she moaned deeply, pleading through her gag to please make her climax. He reached under her satin and lace skirt and pulled her panties slowly down to her bound knees. His hand rubbed along her pussy, drenched with her own juices and burning with desire. When he rubbed her clit, the tidal wave of pleasure exploded over her body as she climaxed faster and stronger than she ever had. It rippled through her body, making her quiver with every convulsion of pleasure. And she did scream into her gag, only in erotic delight. The masked man didn’t give her a break. Even as she began to come down from the first, his tongue was on her clit, quickly building her to another. She came again hard and strong, lasting even longer than the first. And soon he was working her into a third, this time while playing with her hard nipples, adding the extra stimulation to another explosive orgasm and followed with a fourth only a moment later.

At last, he let her relax and drift back to reality. No man had ever brought her to orgasm so quickly, so powerfully and so many times in such few moments. The four most powerful orgasms of her life, all within the span of 10 minutes, all while bond and gagged, the captive of someone completely unknown to her. Catherine was in heaven. When she at last came fully to her senses, she realized the man next to her had taken his cock from his pants and was presently masturbating himself. Catherine was a bit confused as she looked down at his rather large tool and wondered why he wasn’t using it on her.

“Please forgive me señorita Gabriela, but you are so beautiful and have me so excited, I must relieve myself before I explode.”

Catherine tried to grunt her desire to assist in the process and even rolled her body into position to show her willingness, but he refused to let it happen. Again he shushed her with a finger then stroked her bound body with his free hand.

“I must admit, Chiquita, I want you very much.” He said as he slowly stroked himself, his eyes ravishing her like she wanted the masked man to do to her. “But I made a most sacred promise to you to be honorable and do nothing to disgrace or offended you. We are both full of lust now and are not thinking clearly. Perhaps we will do this again, if I need to return to check the map.”

Catherine understood what he was saying, but her carnal side wanted nothing better than for him to bury his cock deep into her aching pussy and uncontrollably fuck her, or at least give him the same oral satisfactions he had give her. But the warm afterglow of the four orgasms still echoed in her, so for now that would have to be enough. She struggled on the bed slowly, showing her desires and displaying what he was missing, even though he could have it any time he wanted.

Tim stroked himself with more purpose as he watch the tied maid squirm in the scarves. His cock craved to mount her and fuck her brains out and blast his load into her very aroused pussy. He hoped she wanted him as badly as he wanted her, but he did make promise and was going to fight off the typical macho guy act and let her keep her respect. He had done many things to her tonight, some of which could get him into real trouble. But she was a willing participant and he didn’t want to ruin the game. The final great act of the fantasy would not happen tonight.

Getting close to his climax, he moved his mouth to her exposed breast, sucking on them again. The bound maid responded with moans and harder squirming. Suspecting she could go once more, he suspended his own pleasuring, moved his mouth to her crotch and gave her clit a good licking. Catherine groaned again and again and exploded into another fulfilling orgasm when his hands pulled on her nipples. Though not as powerful, this one seemed to last much longer than the others and was more satisfying in the end.

He rolled back next to her and resumed his masturbation in earnest. Feeling the climax build within him, he pulled the gag from her mouth and locked his mouth onto hers. They kissed deeply while Tim stroked himself into a flurry. Catherine responded in kind, kissing him as hard as she could, flicking her tongue into his mouth. She moaned deeply and sucked his tongue when he slipped it onto her mouth. He moaned deeply into her mouth as the orgasm erupted, spewing his sperm over his own hand. He’d jacked off before, but even real sex would have been hard to compare to this climax. Some of his sperm shot onto the exposed skin of her thighs, but there was nothing that could stop the tidal waves of pleasures.

When his orgasm was finished, he finally broke the kiss and laid back. Catherine smiled to herself, happy and content on what they had just accomplished.

“Gracias señorita Gabriela” Zorro said as he cleaned up his hands with tissues, then the mess he made on Catherine as well. “You have been the most enjoyable of captives.”

“Merci beaucoup.” The maid Gabriela replied. “I will tell you where the map is, oui?”

“Si señorita, tell me.” He said with a grin.

“I clean the study. The safe is behind the drapes. You will find it, no?”

“Gracias señorita, I will find it now.” He sat next to her. “I will not tell where I got the information from. And I will protect you too, so I must do this for both of us.” As he said this, he pulled the gag back into her mouth. Catherine was confused, for she expected to be untied not gagged again. Next, he pulled her panties back up into place before he pulled the uniform back over her breasts. Lastly said as he rolled her over onto her front. He took another scarf and lopped it around her bound wrists, then jumped around and pulled her feet up from the bed. Before Catherine had time to realize what he was doing, he tied the scarf to her ankle bonds, completing the movement limiting hogtie.

Catherine grunted and squirmed again, this time with a slight bit of anger. She thought the game was over, but now he had her tied even more restrictive. She struggled at bit and tried to grumble her dissatisfaction to the masked man, who was busy writing a note from the tablet of paper that sat next to the phone.

”Chiquita, do not be mad at me, por favor.” he said softly to her as his face came close to hers. “I must leave you like this so I can retrieve the map and make my escape. I will leave this note where to find you. Leaving you like this, no one will suspect you have helped me. I promise I will make it up to you in time.”

Catherine didn’t have a choice, but she decided to play along. Besides, had he freed her, she would have demanded to know who he was and it could have spoiled the game. Maybe it was better if they left it like this, a mystery to be solved another day. She nodded her head in approval. He responded by gently kissing her cheek.

“Adiós, sweet señorita. I hope we meet again.” Zorro threw his cloak over his shoulders, peeked out the door and left the room.

Catherine tested her bonds again. The scarves were gentle against her skin but still proved to be good bondage tools. He knew what he was doing for nothing she could loosed was within reach. She settled onto the bed and waited for rescue. Would he return? If he did, would he do more to her or simply free her? No, he had a note, so someone else would be coming to her rescue. She wondered who he would send? What would they think? Catherine soon turned her thoughts to what had happened over the past minutes. She replayed the whole event over in her mind. She found herself gently squirming again as she thought about how good the orgasms had felt and even the affect she had on him. She decided it was something she really enjoyed and wouldn’t mind let happen again another day.

Tim snuck back down the stairs. He milled around for a moment wondering who he would give the note too. He didn’t want to give it to Rob, and for sure not Ann. He decided a woman would be his best choice. A guy might do something undesirable, especially one who’s been drinking tonight. He noticed the woman dressed as the Playboy bunny was standing alone and near the door. He made a line right for her.

“Excuse me.” He said in the accent again. “Please read this. You’ll know what to do.” He said as he handed her the folded note. As she read it, he slipped out the front door. From the window, he saw the bunny read the note then look around for him. This made Tim smile. Zorro would be proud. He watched some, who he guessed was her husband, returned to her and have a quick discussion before she headed to the stairs. Tim hurried to his car and drove home.

The bunny found the hogtied maid exactly where the note said she would be. The very shapely woman stood staring at the sight she was beholding for a moment before she reacted.

“Oh my goodness, are you OK?” she said to Catherine as she hurried over to her. Catherine nodded her head and grunted her approval. For a second, the woman didn’t know where to start, finally deciding on the gag.

“Are you OK? She asked again.

“Yes, I fine, really.” Catherine responded, now free of the gag. She still was squirming.

“Who did this to you?” she woman asked as she freed the maid from her hogtie. Catherine’s feet hit the mattress with a flop.

“I really don’t know?” she said honestly.

“You don’t know? Did that Zorro character do this?”

“Yes, it was him, but since he had a mask, I really don’t know who he was.” Her hands were now being freed.

“Did he attack you? Did he…” the woman didn’t say the word.

“Well, he grabbed me, but I must admit, in a most pleasant way.” Catherine said with a smile as she rolled over and faced the woman. The woman looked very sexy in the playmate costume as she removed the last of the scarves. Catherine wondered how the bunny would look if the roles had been reversed, with her bound in a tight hogtie and gagged, left on the bedspread.

Catherine told her the story of what happened, giving her all the details. The bunny sat next to her and took in every detail. The woman even asked questions, especially on how Catherine felt when all this was going on. She seemed very interested. Her tale finished, they both tried to guess who it was how did it, but neither had the answer. Catherine gave the bunny a hug in thanks for rescuing her. The bunny also informed her that she believe her Zorro had left the party. Catherine was disappointed to hear that news.

“I’ll go back down now, leave you to get yourself back together.” She said as she closed the door.

After she left, Catherine checked herself in the mirror. Her hair was messed up and she needed fresh lipstick, but all in all, her costume was in good shape. She then collected up the scarves and neatly folded them up. Zorro had left them behind, either a needed sacrifice or as a memento. Perhaps she’d have the chance to return them. Catherine took the scarves and her feather duster and returned to the party. She found Ann and told her what happened. At first, Ann was angry and wanted to kill whoever did this, but when Catherine explained that she actually enjoyed it, Ann cooled off and asked her sister for more of the juicy details.

“And you have no clue who this guy was?” Ann asked.

“None.” She replied. “Do you?”

“Not a clue. He’s got to be someone we know. Let’s ask Rob.”

They asked Rob if he knew who Zorro was. He asked why and Catherine gave him a short recap of the events. Rob only smiled. “Some mysteries are best left to reveal themselves.” He said. “Let this be one. I’m sure he’ll attempt contact you again, the lucky bastard.” And he walked away.

“Darn my husband. He knows who it was. I’ll get it out of him yet.”

“No don’t.” The pretty maid said. “Maybe he knows more than we do. Let’s see if my mystery bondage master makes contact with me again, and how he’ll do it.”

Catherine had little desire to party much longer and wanted no more attention from other men. None other would compare tonight. She soon left the party and went home. Again and again she thought about her Zorro, as she thought of him now, and wondered who he might be. She hoped she’d find out on her own, and soon.

* * * * *

More than a week had passed since the party and no word from her Zorro. Each day she expected a letter or phone call, or for Ann to call her and tell her who it had been. But when it didn’t come quickly Catherine suspected that it was turning out to be a one time event and would remain a mystery indefinitely. She pulled her car into her drive on Friday evening. After getting the mail from the box and finding no letter once again, she walked to the door. Something white caught her eye. On the step was a bouquet of dozen white roses and a single red rose. She looked around, wondering how long those had been there. She picked them up and saw the envelope under it. Picking it up as well, she hurried into the house.

She put the note on the counter, almost afraid to read it. She found a vase and put the flowers into water. With the roses taken care of, she suspiciously picked up the note again. It was hand addressed to “Señorita Gabriela”, though the writing was impossible to detect who might have written it. But only one man had called her that ever, so she knew who it was from. She opened the envelope and pulled out the note.

“Chiquita, Please forgive me for not contacting you sooner, though I long to see you again. I have studied the map and found it is not the correct one and I must return to the casa of the Alcalde. Since you are his maid, I wish to speak with you once more to enlist your aid. If you are willing of my visit, leave the red rose on your doorstep before 8:00pm tonight. This will be a sign that you have left your door unlocked for me. If I do not see the rose, I will not come ever again, knowing you do not desire to see me. I watch for you sign. Your most admiring amigo, Zorro.”

Catherine read the note several times. He wanted to come tonight and play their again. No, he was asking to come. He was testing to see if she wanted him back again. The decision was hers. If she didn’t want him, he would never come again and the mystery could never be solved. Was this all he wanted, some mysterious game of costumes and bondage? Maybe he just got his jollies tying up women and jerking off. Maybe French maids turn him on. Was it her he wanted, or who she pretended to be? She looked at the clock and found she had some time to decide, but she didn’t take much of it. She decided. There was only one way to find the answers she needed to know. Catherine rustled herself up a quick dinner and made a few plans of her own.

It was now 8:00pm. The sun had set and there were few lights on in Catherine’s house. Thankfully, all the exterior lights were out too.

Tim, dressed again as Zorro, had worked his way through the backyards, trying his best to make sure no one saw him. How would one explain to the cops that he was dressed in black to meet a girl just so he can tie her up?

Now a few moments past the hour, he was in her yard and sneaking around the corner of her one story home. He saw something on the back door steps. He snuck over and retrieved the red rose. She wanted him. He crept up to the door and finding it unlocked, he snuck in, locking the door behind. The only light in the kitchen came from a pair of candle sticks. Between the two were the white roses and his note. Zorro returned the red rose to the vase and moved further into the house. All the other rooms were dark, save light coming from down the hallway. The door was slightly ajar, casing a thin beam of light down the hall, like a beacon. He slowly crept down the hall, only making one floorboard creak under his step. At last he was at the door and peaked in.

The room was lit with several tapered candles. It gave it a wonderful glow and seemed to shimmer. Gabriela, dressed in the sexy maid’s uniform, had her back turned to the door and was busily dusting the bedroom with her feather plume. She wore everything, even the lace garter, but he noticed a different pair of heels, these with 5” stilettos so high, he wondered how she walked in them. Gabriela moved about, keeping her back to the door, bending over to show off her sexy behind and long legs. Tim also noticed the scarves he had left with Catherine neatly laid out on the bed, waiting for him. Tim made ready and slowly swung the door open.

The maid was dusting the top of the canopy bed. Suddenly, she heard a swish of air and felt something wrap around her waist. To her surprise and amazement, it was the whip of Zorro. She turned, wrapping more of the leather around herself to face her expected attacked. Already, his finger was to his lips.

“Quite señorita, please.“ he said in his Spanish accent . “I like a quiet room, Remember.”

“Monsieur Zorro,” she said as she held up her hands. “You should have not come again. The guards, they are near.”

“No need to worry.” He said as he walked toward her, reeling in the whip as he did. “We will not be disturbed by them. The Alcalde, he is not at home?”

“Oui, he is not. He and his wife are gone for the evening to the El Capitán’s.”

“Then we are alone?”


“Good. Then we have time to talk.” He said. “But first, please forgive me for I must make sure you do cannot run away from me.”

Zorro unwrapped his whip from her waist and made her turn her back. He glided her arms back and crossed her wrists again at the small of her back. To Catherine’s surprise, he did not use the scarves from the bed but instead felt a loop of a silky smooth rope wrap around her wrists. In a flash, he had her hands tied tightly. Next, a rope was tied around her ankles, holding her feet tightly together. Catherine squirmed in her bondage, testing to see if she was his prisoner again. Before she had a chance to do much more, she was picked up and placed in the center of the bed. Zorro placed several bundles of rope on the nightstand before he removed his cloak, dropped his sword and whip and joined her on the bed.

“Chiquita, please forgive me for my sudden entrance. I hope I did not scare you”.

“Oui” she responded. “I am not scared. I trust you, Monsieur Fox.”

“That is good.” he said. “I do not want you to be frightened of me. We have plenty of time tonight to be alone.”

“I am yours, oui?”

“Si, you are mine.” Without further word, he kissed her, deeply. Catherine was already melting. She would do anything he wanted. He took control and she freely gave it to him.

For the next half hour, he kissed her and touched her. His kissed ranged over her neck and bare skin. He left her ungagged, but Catherine was careful not to speak, other than to let out moans of pleasure. But he also kept her private areas covered. Finally, he took a black silk scarf, knotted it and gagged her again. Now he really set to work on her, exploring her body, exposing her breasts, playing with them, sucking and squeezing them. The helpless maid could do nothing by enjoy his hands and mouth on her as she squirmed in her fetters with delight.

He moved to her hips and pulled her panties to her tied ankles. Kissing his way up, he attacked her clit and licked her to within seconds of a climax before moving up to her breasts again. Moving back down, he engaged her clit again only to desert it and move back to her thighs. Catherine was in sweet agony, wanting to climax but being denied it. Again and again, he brought her close to the edge, then backed away. She squirmed and bucked her hips, pleading through her gag to make her climax. At last, he took pity on her and ravished her clit and plunged his tongue into her. The orgasm built as he licked her clit and play with her hard nipples. When she exploded, her screamed was only muffled by the gag as her entire body rocked from the climax. She shook and squirmed on the bed as much as she could, held down by the ropes and his body.

When it was over, he lay next to her and slowly ran his hand over her. She looked over at him in somewhat surprise and disappointment. She was expecting more.

“We have all night, Chiquita” he said as he read her mind. “We’ve only begun.”

After she recovered, Zorro removed the ropes from her wrists. He then placed her in the center of the bed and bound each of her wrists to the corners of the headboard. Next, her ankles were freed and the skimpy panties discarded. Her legs were spread and her ankles tied to the corners of the foot board. The gag was not removed. Zorro then stripped himself to the waist, only leaving his pants and his mask. For the two hours, Catherine was subject to his full attention, every inch of her body explored. She felt so helpless and vulnerable, yet so sexy and alive. He used his hands and mouth to stimulate her. He also used the feather duster, not to tickle her, but to slowly glide over her body and tease her further.

She had several orgasms while subject to his domination. Each time he slowly built her up, then attacked her clit to climax, shoving his tongue inside her as she came. By the end of the time, Catherine was left exhausted but more satisfied than she ever felt before. He had been masterful in inflicting unbelievable pleasure upon her helpless body and loved every second if it. Finally, he pulled off the bed and removed his own clothes. His cock was throbbing and looked like a sword when he aimed at her. She squirmed as much as the ropes allowed, showing her desire for him as he put a condom on and moved his body between her legs. Catherine arched up her hips to welcome him as he slowly slipped his manhood past her pussy lips and impaled himself into her.

Tim slowly moved inside her, making quick thrusts in and slow withdrawals. He was thankful for the condom. Had he not worn it, he would have blasted his load in seconds. She was so hot and so wet it was like he was bare against her skin anyways. Only the thin latex prevented him from blasting into her quickly. He wanted it to last for both of them. He felt his load build and knew it wouldn’t be long. He pulled the gag from her mouth and lowered his lips to hers, wrapping his arms around her bound body. They locked in, exchanging tongues as he quickened his pace, the lust driving him to his own climax. Catherine beat him to it, groaning into his mouth as her body trembled below him as she ripped into another climax. His own exploded just as she started coming down from hers, moaning into her mouth as he cock exploded into orgasm as he made one last deep thrust into her.

When his was over, he collapsed onto her, but their mouths still locked together. They remained like this for some time before he finally withdrew himself and removed the condom. Catherine looked on, still wondering who he was and hoped they were not finished for the night. To her surprise, he moved back between her legs and slowly started to tease her again. This guy was nothing short of sex machine. Before long, Catherine was building up to another climax. She twisted and squirmed in the ropes, straining for the new orgasm that when hit, rocked her entire body from fingers to toes.

He moved back up her body and kissed her again. She could feel his cock between her legs already starting to recover and stiffen. She was very impressed and hoped he’d slip inside her once again, this time naked. She squirmed her hips under him with hopes to entice a move.

“You are amazing.” She dared to say. “You don’t have to keep doing that to me.”

“If I don’t, you might ask me to untie you so you can change your clothes.” He said without the silly accent.

She knew his voice from somewhere, but wasn’t quire sure who he was yet.

“I won’t change, and you can leave me tied up as long as you like.” She said. “Gabriela will do whatever you want.”

“Are you willing to suck me?”

“Oh, oui, oui” she responded.

He freed her from the bed the tied her hands and feet again. With Catherine on her knees and Zorro sitting on the edge of the bed, she took his now completely hard cock sword into her mouth and gave him a long, slow, deep blow job. Tim moaned and groaned and played with her hair. Catherine took him in deep, using her tongue on his tip and along his shaft. Tim was in paradise again. A gorgeous woman, dressed in sizzling maid’s uniform and sexy heels, bound up and on her knees eagerly sucking his cock after just moments earlier having sex with her while she was tied spread eagle to the bed and gagged. His fantasy had come fully true.

Catherine bobbed her head quicker. She wasn’t use to giving mouth-only head, let alone tied up while performing it, dressed in a skimpy costume and exposed to an unknown partner. But she felt so aroused Catherine believed she could do it all night if he wanted her to. But she didn’t need to go much longer. She was amazing and Tim felt his load build. Catherine caught the change in his moans and knew he’d soon be releasing his load. He let out a couple strong grunts and bucked his hips towards her. Catherine tasted the first drop of the sperm in her mouth and knew he was about to unload. She took him in fully and started to swallow.

He shot with such force she never tasted the first few volleys. The next few barrages were quickly gulped down as he pumped his load into her mouth. Catherine was amazed at how much he could ejaculate into her after having just come a short time earlier. But she took him all and lightly sucked out the last of his load as he began to soften in her mouth. Catherine was quite pleased with herself. Not only did she finally give him something for all he had done for her both this night and a week before, but she was able to do without the use of her hands. Never before had she done it, but then again, they were both so engrossed in the scene, she wasn’t surprised at how they both were reacting.

For Tim, it had been the best. He’d had head from other women, but never one so sexy and so willing to go along with his kinky games. He hated the thought it could be over, but as determined for it not to be and make sure she was good and satisfied. She finally withdrew he mouth and looked up at him.

“Was that OK?”

“Simply wonderful.” He said.

“Oui, you are pleased with me?” she asked in her French accent once more.

“Si, I am.” He said in the Spanish accent again. “But there is still the matter of the map, the one you told me about was wrong.”

Catherine was surprised he still wanted to continue the play. This guy just came twice in less than 20 minutes and he was already working himself for another? She doubted she could climax again herself.

“Oh, I am sorry. I did not mean to give you…”

“But we need to still deal with it, don’t we señorita?”

“Oui, senor Zorro”

Zorro slipped off the bed and helped Gabriela stand. He untied her wrists, but then bound her hands in front of her with her palms together. He took a fresh white scarf and gagged her once more. He then made her stand at the corner of the bed. With another rope, he pulled her wrists over her head and tied the rope to the top of the canopy post. While she wasn’t stretched tightly, he did have her anchored to the bed. Lastly he bound her knees with another rope. Catherine could move and squirm, even turn with tiny little steps. Zorro, still naked but masked, looked on as she squirmed and struggled.

Catherine decided that if she was in costume, so should Zorro. She grunted at him and motioned to the floor. Confused, he picked up the sword, but realized she was asking for him to put on the cape. He smiled and threw the cloak over his shoulders tying it around his neck.

At first, he took the whip, but made a face and dropped it back to the floor. “How could I mark such a perfect figure.” He said. He then took the feather duster and roamed it over her body again. He was such a tease as he both excited and tickled her. His hands also played a part, playing with her exposed nipples, groping her ass and pussy and toying with her clit. Catherine got more and more excited. He asked where the map was, but of course she couldn’t answer while gagged, so she played her part and shook her head each time to his questioning. She received a few light swats across her ass as punishment, which made her jump but had no sting to them at all. What a game.

At last he dropped the feather duster and turned her facing him. He dropped to his knees and attacked her clit again. She moaned deeply and wiggled her detained body and she raced toward another orgasm. It swelled quickly and she screamed when it hit, his hand pulling her hips toward his face. She came violently, this one as good as all the others and another first for her, climaxing while standing.

When she finished, she was turned slightly. Maid Gabriela watched as the Zorro, his hard cock protruding from behind the cape, slipped on another condom and moved behind her. Catherine speculated what he was attempting and she arched her hips back, allowing him a better angle to enter her. Zorro glided himself between her ass cheeks and aimed for her pussy. When he found it, it was as if she sucked his cock into her pussy and his rod was instantly buried deep inside her. Tim rammed himself into her and Catherine shoved herself back onto him. His hips slammed into her ass with a satisfying slap of naked skin. They both moaned and groaned with each thrust, though Catherine’s was muted with the gag. They thought of nothing but the intense pleasure of a hard, long deep screw gave.

Catherine could feel another orgasm building. He played with her breasts, holding on to them and fingers pinching her nipples as he humped into her. Catherine rarely climaxed while screwing, but with the costumes, the bondage and all the fondling, this was a very different night and she wiggled her body to stimulate herself further. Tim felt his own load build. He took hold of her hips and rammed into her as deep and fast as he could. With the spiked heels she wore, her body was at the perfect height, not having to bend at the knees or stand on his toes to maximize his efforts and distract from their pleasures.

Catherine’s orgasm exploded. She screamed again, filling the room with muffled cries of sweet pleasures. Tim’s climax also exploded, pumping into her but captured by the condom. He too mixed his cries with hers as the both had a long sustained climaxed together. When his was over, his cock softened quickly and he fell out of her. He disposed of the rubber and quickly pulled her down from her standing imprisonment. Without removing her restraints or garments, he laid her on the bed and he with her, covering them both with his black cape. The gag was removed and the both locked their mouths together again. They kissed long and often, but ended still embracing.

Catherine was surprised when she awoke some time later, still bound and dressed, with the sleeping Zorro still holding her and covered in his cape. She smiled to herself and nuzzled into him. Her stirring awoke him as well. He realized she was still bound so he quickly removed the ropes before rejoining her on the bed. For the first time in hours, she was free.

“Señor Zorro. I need to know who made such magnificent love to me.” She said as she reached for the mask. He made no move to stop her. In the candlelight, it took her a few seconds to recognize who he was.

“We met last summer, at a picnic at Ann and Rob’s place.” She said. He nodded. “You’re Rob’s friend Tim!”

“I am, señorita Catherine.” He said. “Did you know before now?”

“No. From you voice I knew I had met you somewhere, but had no idea who you were.”

“Are you disappointed?”

She cuddled up to him. “Not in the least.”

After several minutes, she looked up at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me who you were?”

“I thought the mystery would be fun for both of us.” He said. “Besides, I wanted a return engagement. I was afraid that if you knew it was me, you wouldn’t want a sequel.”

“To tell you the truth, I told Ann I thought you were cute when I first meet you. But I never had the chance to tell you. I didn’t think you were interested in me.”

“Interested? Catherine, I was crazy for you but never had the chance to say it. You know, maybe its good we did it this way, hide behind our personas first.”

“Does this mean you want to see me again?” she asked. “I mean Catherine, not just señorita Gabriela the maid in bondage?”

Tim pulled her chin up and kissed her deeply. “What are you doing for dinner tomorrow night?” Tim said, “I mean tonight actually. If you like Mexican, I know a great place.”

Catherine cuddled back onto his chest. “I like Mexican. Can you dance?”

Both undressed and slept the night through. The next morning, they showered together and had breakfast, but restrained from having sex again. Tim went home later and that evening they talked over a quiet dinner and danced at a local club. They made love again that night, without the use of props of costumes or ropes. It was just as wonderful as could be.

Catherine and Tim went to Rob and Ann’s for dinner on Sunday. At first Ann was irritated with Tim, thinking he took advantage of her sister. But Catherine privately explained she was a very willing participant and actually encouraged Tim, so there was no need to be upset. Ann apologized to them both and accepted that maybe Catherine and Tim had something going, for she always thought they’d make a cute couple. Rob just grinned through the whole thing, always knowing what had happened.

Tim and Catherine’s wedding was a year later. They honeymooned in Cancun and Tim moved into Catherine’s house, now theirs. They both enjoy many of the same activates and neither took work so serious anymore, having better thing to spend their energies on. They plan to start their family in two years.

The maid Gabriela makes many visits monthly and has several new uniforms to choose from, depending on her mood. Zorro is less frequent, but Tim always enjoyed watching his lovely Gabriela move about the house with her feather duster cleaning on a lazy afternoon or while making dinner, or spending the evening tied, gagged and multiple climaxed by her grateful and appreciative husband.

And Catherine had many kinky maid tales to write in her diary or gossip to her friends, thanks to events that transpired at the costume party.

The End