The Costume Party, part 3: The Naughty Nurse
by StealthBinder

Jim pulled his Lexus around the corner and stopped at the base of the driveway. He was irked that there was no where close to the house to park, but didn’t want his wife to walk far, considering how she was dressed. “Hop out here. I’ll need to find somewhere to park.”

“Ok. See you inside.” She jumped out of the car and walked up the drive.

Even walking away, she was quite a sight to behold. The ‘70’s style nurse uniform was very short, barely coming half way down her thighs. In fact, the white lace top of her stay-up stocking was clearly visible as the hemline rose higher each time as she walked. She was constantly tugging it down. It was such a tight fitting outfit it was always slipping up her legs as she moved. Adding the wiggle from her nimble ass, further enhanced by white 4” heel pumps she wore, it would be impossible for her to remain at all modest tonight. The white gloves and nurse’s hat further added to the sexy fantasy.

Tight was hardly the word for it. It really showed off her marvelous figure. She had such a tiny waist, but her chest was so ample, she looked top heavy. In fact, she claimed she needed to keep the outfit partly unzipped just to accommodate her boobs. It didn’t help that she also wore a push-up bra that made her bosom defy gravity, not that gravity had any affect on them as it was. With the supple curves of her hips and shapely legs, the outfit showed off an exquisite hourglass shape that women wish for and made men drool over. But Jim wondered why she picked an outfit too short and a size too small other than to show off that figure, lacy bra and stockings as well.

Some called Nicole a tease or a flirt. Those were the nicer comments. Others called her a tramp and a slut. To Jim, he had hoped to call her his Trophy Wife, but things were not working out as he planned.

In all areas of his life Jim had succeeded. In high school, he was the star running back and a basketball hero. Getting a full ride scholarship to college was part of the plan. Though never a recruit for the pros, he did take his saved money and go on to medical school. His skills as a surgeon were quickly discovered and he cultivated them into a lucrative medical career. He made very good money, lived a comfortable lifestyle will expensive cars and a large home. He vacationed on Hawaii yearly and took a couple of winter skiing trips to Colorado each season. He belonged to an exclusive country club and was even an amazing golfer and card player, many times leaving the casino with more in his pocket than when he entered.

Jim felt himself to be a well rounded guy. He was far from flashy, not prone to jewelry or trendy clothes. He enjoyed good wine and food but still liked his Sunday football and drank his beer straight from the bottle. He had season ticket to both the symphony and the baseball team. He was well read on classic authors, kept up on medical journals, enjoyed reading history and kept abreast of national and local politics. He could talk on any subject yet listened to learn as well. All added up to the kind of man other guys envied and women desired.

The only area that Jim was a failure at was women. He met his first wife while in medical school. Their marriage was a disaster. All she saw in him was social standing and money. He tried to make the marriage work, but their constant bickering and the insults she hurled at him wore him down. For the sake of his personal sanity and career they divorced after seven rough years of marriage. Her crack lawyer never found the money he had hid away when he knew the marriage was at its end. While it cost him plenty of his hard earned cash to lose the woman, he found it was worth every penny he paid. It did free him from her shackles and he threw himself back into his work, with extra time for golf too.

His second marriage wasn’t working out much better.

Nicole was a nursing assistant at the hospital who caught his eye one day. She was many years younger, but was a real looker and was more than interested in him. She flirted with him, always telling him how handsome he looked, laughed at all his jokes and was a fun person to be around. Her killer body didn’t hurt either and she used it very well in bed after their first date. Jim was smitten with her and before he knew it, they were planning a wedding. She looked gorgeous in her white lace wedding gown and white bikini on the private beach they honeymooned at. Jim felt he found a woman worthy of loving again and one many considered to be a real catch for him.

But after only two years of marriage things were already going downhill. His Trophy Wife was quickly tarnishing. Nicole turned out to be very less than his equal in many areas. Her knowledge in most areas was limited, as was her social graces. She didn’t make friends at the club and even insulted many of the social elite. Conversation with her was superficial at best. She hated sports of all kinds, read little and watched more reality TV than he cared for.

While she was a tiger in the bedroom, the trysts were becoming less and less frequent. This was easy to notice for she had starting having small, quick affairs with other men and exercised her sexual prowess on them instead of Jim. She continued to work at the hospital and found partners in the form of other doctors, staff and even the odd patient to satisfy her sexual pleasures. When Jim confronted her about them, she laughed them off, saying they meant nothing, how lonely she was while he worked all the crazy hours and how she still loved him. Jim would believe her and have it enforced that night when they shared a hot romp between the sheets. But then it would soon happen again and start the cycle all over.

Jim wondered if this party was a good idea or not. Ron was one of his oldest and dearest friends. They went to high school together and played on the same teams. Even when they went to separate colleges they stayed in close contact and met each year in Florida for spring break, guzzling beer and chasing girls together for a week. They gave each other straight, honest talk and provided a good ear to listen with. In a strange twist of fate, Ron was a director at one of the hospitals Jim practiced at. So when he received an invitation from him and his wife Ann to a Halloween costume party, Jim was truly excited for the distraction it would provide.

It was Nicole’s idea to go as a medical couple. Jim wanted to so something more classic, but Nicole insisted on the doctor/nurse pair, since it was a natural for them both. Jim relented, aided by the fact that he didn’t even need to purchase a costume, just wear scrubs, lab coats, surgical masks and carry a medical bag.

When Nicole walked out her dressing room in her well coordinated nurse costume Jim almost canceled the whole night all together. Had Nicole worn it just for him one evening, he would have been appreciative for it made him down right horny. To go into public like that was too much. It was way too provocative, pushing deep into the sleazy range. But Nicole talked him into it, making a promise of a good screwing one night soon dressed up as his personal sex nurse. Against his better judgment, he relented and they headed off to the party.

Watching her walk up the drive, his misgivings returned. Nicole looked more like she was going to the set of an X-rated movie than a costume party. She promised to control herself, do her best to not embarrass either of them and not flirt with anyone. Dressed like that she had already pushed the line on two of her promises. Since she loved to flirt, the guys flocking to her would easily make her break the third. Jim found a spot to park several houses down, grabbed his little black bag and headed to the party.

Entering the house, Nicole was no where to be found. In a sea of pirates, vampires, witches, Hollywood figures, a maid, Elvira, and others, he could not locate her immediately. A bad sign already. He did find his friend Ron and his lovely wife Ann, both of whom looked dazzling in their costumes. Jim really liked Ron’s choice of a wife, secretly wishing Nicole to be much more like Ann in many areas. After exchanging pleasantries with the hosts, Jim inquired about the whereabouts of his wife.

“Oh yeah, the little tramp is here, all right.” Ann said. “Some outfit. Looks like a porn star. I think every man in the house has drool on their costumes after seeing her enter.”

Ron shot his wife an angry glance. He knew all about his friends marital woes, and so did Ann. Ann liked Jim a lot, but had little respect for either of his wives.

“I think she went to find something to drink.” Ron said.

Nicole had found herself a drink and a few guys too. Already she was using her stethoscope on people, checking heart rates.

“I guess you really like my outfit.” She said to one man, obviously enjoying the view down her dress as she listened to his chest. Ron sighed, knowing the night was already in trouble.

As the evening wore on, her game got old. Nicole was busy checking the ample bosom of Elvira, getting the attention of the people around them. While a few found it entertaining, many found it uncomfortable. When she tried to place a bandage on the woman’s chest, she playfully fought off the nurse, who didn’t take no for an answer easily. Jim pulled his wife away from the situation.

“Enough already!” he said quietly. “You’re making a fool of yourself.”

“Oh, please!” the blond nurse replied. “I’m just having a little fun. Everyone is playing along.”

“You’re making people uncomfortable,” he replied sternly. “They’re playing along so to not embarrass you. You made a promise to me.”

“Oh, don’t be a party pooper, doctor. Loosen up and have a little fun.” She turned away to find someone else to play with.

Jim knew the alcohol was already having an effect on her. Even after one drink her common sense usually was placed on hold and her inhibitions put away. Jim wondered how many she had already. One guy had brought her a drink earlier.

Ron came over to his long time friend. Ron noticed Zorro going up the steps and grinned to himself. Ron could tell Jim needed a friend, but the two said nothing for a few moments.

“Need a fresh drink?”

“No, thanks.” Jim replied. “Unlike the old days, getting blitzed won’t help.”

“I’m sorry for you, my friend. Wish I had words of wisdom to give you.”

“Thanks. Wish you could tell me all I needed to know about women. I’m doing a bang-up job again. You’re a married man, to only one woman no less, and happily I take it.”

“Very happily.”

“Ever have problems keeping your wife in check?”

“You mean like, under control?”

“That’s one way of putting it. I can tell how totally devoted Ann is to you and you two have a great relationship, but in all the years together, I’ve never seen her embarrass you or make you cringe.”

“She did when you first got here tonight. I’ll deal with her later.”

“That’s sounds like an easy job. Nicole has such a free spirit about her. She loves to play and have fun, but doesn’t know when to quit or when she’s crossed the line into being obnoxious. I know I can be a spoil-sport some times, but I know when certain things are appropriate and when they're not. How do we find a happy balance between her wild side and my more conservative nature? How do I get her to keep control of herself while not breaking her?”

They both looked to see Nicole was involved with a group of people. A man and woman dressed like magicians were giving a demonstration and were using Nicole as one of the participants, which she seemed to be enjoying. Ron knew what was going on with the knot of people and smiled to himself. This inspired Ron to tell his long time friend a little secret, perhaps one Jim and his wife could both benefit from.

“Way as I see it, we all have a part of us that needs breaking. You remember our collage spring break trips, right?” Ron said.

“Oh yeah. At least, I remember some parts of them.”

They both laughed. “Yeah, I can remember waking up with a hangover, hoping I didn’t puke on someone, wondering where we where, how we got there and who was this naked girl next to me.”

“Or wondering where the hell she’d gone” Jim replied. The both laughed at that again. “I’m mightily thankful to whoever invented the ribbed condom.”

“Maximum pleasure for her.” They said in unison, reciting the products marketing line.

“But we survived and grew out of it.” Ron continued. “The last trip we did, all we was ride jet skis and such. We hardly drank at all. We outgrew all the crap and wised up.”

“True. And we kept out heads on straight and had a lot more respect for the women we met too.”

“Exactly. We still had a blast, and we weren’t embarrassed about what we did. We didn’t do that stuff for long, just a few years. Even when we got back to school, we got back to our studies and made our grades. Some of us grow up faster and break ourselves. Others just need a little help.”

“I see your point. But did you or Ann need ‘help’?”

“Me, to some degree. Ann took a little more.”

“Oh, such as?” Jim said looking at his long time friend with a quizzical eye.

Ron looked around then motioned for the two of them to find a more secluded spot.

“If you repeat this to anyone, and I mean anyone, especially Annie, I’ll personally break your fingers so you can never operate again. Understand?”

It was a running joke between the two men. As a surgeon, Jim’s hands were is ticket to fame and fortune. Ron was always threatened with a cracked skull to screw up his thinking.

“Deal, friend.” He said as the two fist-bopped one another.

Ron leaned forward a bit. “Some call it ‘B and D’.”

“What, boobs and dick? What does that mean?”

“No, fool,” Ron laughed, “it stands for Bondage and Discipline.”

“Wait? You two do the whips and chains stuff?”

“No, we’re not that heavy. That’s S&M. What we do is a far more tame.”

“Such as?

“Whenever I need to get my sweet little wife back under control, I tie her up, good and tight. If it’s her tongue that needs a lesson, I put a gag in too. That’s the bondage part.”

“Whoa, kinky stuff, my friend. Now you have me intrigued.”

Ron laughed. “Does the same for me. I tie her to something, like a chair or standing or whatever I feel like. I’ll keep her that way for a while before I add the discipline part.”

“That’s when you get the whips?”

“No, no. but I do have a nice leather paddle I sometimes use on her pert ass, or my hand makes a great satisfying sound when I spank her backside.” He said with a wink. “But more times than not, it winds up a sexual experience rather then corporeal punishment session.”

“A sexual experience.” Jim repeated back.

“Yeah. I’ll get her all hot and bothered, close to an orgasm, but not let her come. I’ll keep her frustrated like that for a while, sometimes for hours depending on my mood or her ‘offence’.” Ron said making little quote mark in the air with his hands.

“You’re kidding? And what do you get out of it?”

“Ah, that’s the best part to tell you about.” He said with a huge smile. “You ever get a blowjob from a woman who’s been raving horny for two straight hours? Man, she sucks me dry every time, hoping I’ll repay the favor and bring her big off in return.”

“Do you?”

“If I feel like it, depending on how mean I want to be or the seriousness of her ‘offence’ is. There are times we’ll just screw and she doesn’t get anything more. But most times, I can’t help but give in and let her have a good climax or two. When she does, I’m always worried she’ll shatter the windows or something.”

“And she likes this?”

“Truthfully, she LOVES this.” He said. “In fact, there’s times Annie will do stuff just to provoke me. It’s a game we keep between ourselves, but we both love it and get off doing it.”

“Interesting. And this works for you.”

“It works for us. In a way, it helps put Annie in her place. Annie had a sharp tongue that gets loose sometimes, so it reminds her to keep herself in check and corrects her when she doesn’t. Actually Annie’s the one who suggested it to begin with. And for me, it’s a lesson in control. I love my wife, and would never do anything to hurt her, but I assert my authority over her and she willing submits to me. Like I said, it works for us.”

Ron had other guests to attend to and moved on. Jim thought about what he said for a while. In a goofy way, what Ron said made sense. But could he do it to Nicole and would Nicole react in kind? How would Nicole like it if he put her over his knee and gave her a good spanking? It might turn him on too, seeing her pert butt across his lap and have it turn pink under his hands while she squirmed across his dick.

The more Jim thought about it, the more he decided he would take a chance and try it. Besides, it could be fun to do.

For a while, Nicole did restrain her antics but was soon back to having her fun, only taking it to a new level. Instead of chests, she trained her stethoscope to the boobs of women and the crotches of men. A few of them seemed to like it too much.

Ron retrieved his black medical bag. He had packed it with several items, one that could be very handy tonight. Jim found Nicole was practicing medicine in the family room. Two guys stood in line for their checkup, but slipped away when they realized the nurse’s husband had returned to the scene.

“I think it’s time to close down this clinic.” Jim said as he sat next to Nicole on the couch.

“Aw, Doctor Downer, just when I was having fun.” Nicole wasn’t drunk, but neither was she clear headed.

“Who said we’re done having fun?” Jim said as he rummaged through his bag.

“Oh, fun. Such as?”

“Such as you and this.” He said holding up a roll of white surgical tape.

“Tape? How the hell is that fun?” her words slurring some from her buzz.

“That’s what we’re going to find out.” He said as he made Nicole turn her back to him. He pulled a lead of tape from the roll before he pulled her hands behind her back. With her palms together, he quickly and effectually taped her wrists together. The process was made easy due the alcohol slowing Nicole’s thinking and reflexes.

“Hey, stop. What are you doing, Jim?”

“Something I should have done a long time ago with you.”

“What does that mean?” she said as he ripped the tape from the roll after layering several bands around her wrists.

“It means that if you can’t control yourself, I’ll do it for you.” Jim dropped to the floor and repeated the process on Nicole’s ankles, locking her feet together. Now she was helpless to move from her spot.

“Control myself? Jim, stop, this is embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing? Groping boobs and crotches isn’t embarrassing? I told you to knock it off and you didn’t. Now we both don’t need to worry about it.” He said as he taped her legs together, just above the knees. It was easy to accomplish this step for her dress had hiked up again. For the first time in a while, Jim felt empowered about his wife.

“Jim, let me out of this, this moment.” A small crowd had gathered around the two, both watching and making hushed remarks.


“Com’on, enough. Game over. You made your point. Now let me out.”

“One more word out of you, and I’ll tape your mouth shut.” Jim held the tape so she could see it.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try me, love.” He said as the ripped of a fresh strip of tape.

“Jim, let me out now, or…Mmmmppph!”

Jim made good on his promise and pressed the tape across her mouth. Just as he did it, Nicole shut her lips, helping to seal her mouth as he said he would. Jim added another strip for good measure, which cause the assembled onlookers to applaud. Apparently others had their fill of Nicole this evening and were glad to see the naughty nurse finally got shut up and put in place.

“There, that will keep you still for a while.” Now I can enjoy my evening without the fear of what you’ll be doing or saying.”

Several others came over to peek at the scene. Jim heard a few of the hushed comments, all saying the same things. They were surprised he did it but glad it happened. The party soon resumed its normal activity, though a few took a few extra moments looking on. One gal, dressed like Daisy Duke, even gave Jim the thumbs-up sign.

Jim truly liked this. Nicole wiggled on the couch, trying to break free of the tape that held her body immobile She grumbled behind her gag, but to Jim it was like a fine wine or sweet music. For the most part, everyone left them alone, but still stole glances over at them.

Even in her bondage, Nicole was still a very sexy sight, and maybe even more so. In fact, Jim could see the pleasure in having his wife all bound and gagged. He never thought of bondage as erotic, but looking at his Trophy Wife now, she finally seemed to be fulfilling that role, something to be seen and admired, but kept very silent.

“Don’t squirm so much, love. Your dress will end up at you waist or your boobs will flop out if you keep it up.”

Nicole froze in near panic. She knew if she kept struggling, she would indeed expose herself. Because the uniform was so tight across her hips, she didn’t wear panties underneath for it would have created unwanted lines. Checking herself, the bottom of the dress was already high up on her thighs. Even now, if someone wanted, they could bend over and have clear peek at her uncovered privates. She stopped her antics and pressed her thighs together, but still kept working to free her hands from the sticky tape.

In truth, a little part of Jim did wish she would expose herself some. A dose of public humiliation might do her some good. He even considered pulling the zipper down an inch, just to help the process along. But this wasn’t that kind of party and Jim even pulled her uniform down her thighs a bit to ensure nothing happened. He’d make time later for his own private displays.

After several minutes, Ron came onto the scene and moved close to Jim.

“I didn’t think you’d take my advice so quickly,” he said in a hushed voice.

“Seemed like the right time to me.” Jim replied as he viewed his wife.

“I’m with you my friend, but then again, sometimes these things are best done in private. Know what I mean?”

Then it dawned on Jim that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, at least at this moment. Perhaps he should have waited till they got home. Doing what he had done, was he any better than Nicole? He suddenly felt like such a fool.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I screwed up as much as Nicole. You’ve got to be to be pissed at me.”

“No, I’m not ma,.” he said with a laugh. “Annie might get a little peeved, but I’ll deal with that later,“ he said with a wink. “Right now, I just got to act irritated to save face with Annie and the other guests, especially some of these uptight, liberated women. But, between you and me, I thought it was cool thing to do, but you now know why I think that. Just for the sake of the party, take it home and continue in private. Then you can screw the women’s lib crap and do what you want without a crowd. Just don’t do anything foolish, OK?”

“So you’re not going to break my fingers, are you?” Jim said with grin.

“Are you kidding, I’m a bit jealous of you right now. You got your pretty wife all bound up and gagged. Wish I had the guts to do that to Annie in public some times. Now get on out of here, you knucklehead. And call me tomorrow to let me know how it goes!”

Jim looked over at Nicole, still shooting daggers at him with her eyes, but looking rather sexy at the moment too. Jim felt his cock stir in his scrubs. Maybe he could get into this bondage thing in a big way. Nicole sure looked fine and was playing her part to perfection. And Nicole did promise him a roll in the sack while wearing the costume. Tonight was just as good as any other to collect on that promise, just not quite the way she planned it. At least she’s keep one of her promise tonight.

Jim collected up their stuff before he scooped up his wife and headed for the door. Every eye was on them as he carried her out of the house. When he got the bottom of the driveway, he set her on her feet. “Wait here while I get the car.”

Nicole grunted a series of things Jim could only assume were less than loving thoughts. When he pulled up the car, Nicole had hopped a few feet over, but remained well tied and helpless. He carried her to the car and got her in. Intentional or not, this caused her dress to hike up over her buttocks, much to Jim’s delight and Nicole’s alarm. He belted her in before he took to the road again.

Nicole was really struggling now and still griping at him. Jim kept a hand on her thigh, running it up and down while Nicole tried to squirm away. Jim just smiled to himself and gave her legs a good groping. At a traffic light, Jim decided to make the inevitable happen. He pulled the zipper on the front of her uniform down. He breasts sprung out from the top. Jim also worked the pushup bra down, which was quite easy to do. Now her ample breasts were freely exposed. Shocked, Nicole looked down at her exposed breasts before she exploded into a new round of gagged gripes.

At another light they pulled up to a carload of guys who also were enjoying a costume party. Nicole squealed and tried to slid down her seat. But with the tinted windows the boys never saw anything. It was fitting that she panicked. Jim even teased her about turning on the interior lights so the guys could get a good look in at her. The public humiliation would be a good thing.

As they drove home, he played with her exposed tits, much to the displeasure of Nicole. At least at first she was unhappy. His exploring hands discovered that she was panty-less as well. By the time they reached their own driveway, it seemed to Jim that the griping had changed to groaning, the kind that a women would make if she were enjoying the attention. Her swollen nipples and new warmth between her legs also alluded to delight rather then discomfort. Nicole always did like to be the center of attention. She was getting it now, for a little while at least.

They pulled into the garage and Jim closed the door behind the Lexus. He again carried her bound wife into the house. He set her on the floor for a moment to close and lock the door. It was quite a kinky scene. At any give time, Nicole could make a monk forget his vows of celibacy.

But this was very different. Nicole taped and gagged, the sexy uniform, her stockings and spiked heels, her boobs exposed and her skirt hiked. The muffled grumbles she made. How she wiggled her hot body in the bondage. She was giving Jim a raging hard-on that was screaming for attention. Maybe Ron was on to something here.

Nicole tried to hop away from him, but was wise enough not to get too aggressive and end up falling flat onto her face. Jim chuckled and quickly cut her off, again swooping her up and carrying her to his home office.

“You make quite a damsel in distress, love” He said. “Too bad I’m not your knight in shinning armor tonight. I’m the evil scoundrel, though I have better plans for you than railroad tracks.”

Once on the den, he deposited her on the expensive black leather sofa. He looked down at her with a lusty eye. He never thought a little well placed tape could do so much for a woman, or do so much to him. Though he was still irritated at her, he felt like this could be a suitable way for her to make her amends to him.

Nicole could tell he was horny for her. The bulge from his scrubs was evident of that. But she was getting hot for him too. She was still pissed that he’d done this to her, especially in front of everyone and for no good reason. While she did get a little carried away, it was all in fun.

But now Jim had taken a masterful control over her. He had her helpless, defenseless and exposed. She knew her body was always her best ticket to redemption with Jim. She used it to get him, to keep him happy and she used it to compensate for her errors. Tonight would be the same, just in an unusual way. But then again, she kind of liked his display of dominance. It was a side of him she’d never seen when dealing with her. Maybe he should show it more often.

“OK, love, now that we’re alone, here’s what’s going to happen.” He said as he knelt down by her and caressed her exposed breasts again. “You promise to wear your sexy little uniform for me and give me a good screwing one night. Tonight’s as good as any, and maybe the first of many you find yourself like this.” He moved on to her swelling nipples and was rewarded with a soft moan from behind the gag. Maybe she really did like this bondage stuff.

“But first, you need to personally apologize to me for embarrassing both of us tonight by being such a naughty nurse. Then, because you disobeyed me and didn’t heed my warnings, we’ll move on the disciplinary phase and administer your punishment.”

Nicole squealed at that. What did he mean by punishment and what would it be?

“Don’t worry my naughty nurse, it will be firmly but lovingly administered. Then, only when I’m satisfied your repentance is sincere and you’ve been properly chastised, we’ll move on to that good screwing you promised.”

By now, Nicole was getting very turned on by his actions. His hands were not only toying with her tits, but have included teasing her pussy, which was getting quite wet from the attention. Nicole was squirming under his actions and let out a soft moan as she nodded her head in agreement. Lust was winning out over reason. Jim was playing her perfectly.

Jim stood up and retrieved a black bag from the shelves. It was one of their digital video cameras. He set the camera on his desk, adjusted the angle and started it recording.

“Now for that apology. Since your mouth was part of the problem tonight, I think it’s fitting that you use it to make amends. But I believe the old adage that says actions speak louder than words is appropriate for tonight. So instead of saying your apology, you’re going to use your pretty little mouth to make it up to me.”

Nicole didn’t realize what he was meaning at first. Not till she was set on her knees before the couch and Jim stood before her, did she understand what this meant. Jim untied his scrubs and let his pants and boxers fall to the floor. The sight of Jim’s cock, standing fully erect before her eyes gave her the final clue.

Jim sat on the couch, one hand on his engorged cock, the other on Nicole’s head, which he pulled down to his crotch. With the tape still across her face, she couldn’t give him the blowjob he was expecting, but she got the hint that he wanted her to at least give him some attention. She rubbed her cheek down his shaft, nuzzled his rod, making soft moans to encourage him. The fact was, she never seen his manhood so large before, it seemed to have swollen to new lengths and widths. Was it her, the costume, the bondage, his dominance? Or was it a combination of all?

Without much warning, Jim pulled the tape from her lips. While it stung, it wasn’t nearly as bad as she was anticipating. With the tape discarded, her head was again moved down onto him.

“Make love to it,” he ordered.

Nicole complied. She kissed his cock, especially the sensitive tip. A small drop of his pre-cum was already there to be sucked away. She kissed and licked the entire shaft several times, which provoked a few soft moans from her husband. She took his rod into her warm mouth, slowly sliding her lips up and down the shaft. He said make love to it and she was, using her mouth to pleasure him and make her apology. He responded with soft moans and groans that were getting more frequent and longer with each stroke of her lips.

Nicole moved faster, switching from pleasure him to pumping him in mock sex. Jim moaned deeply, squirming his hips as he felt his climax swelling. Nicole knew him well enough to know when he was about to explode. Her plan was to pull off of him when he reached the point of no return, letting him spew his sperm over himself and her face if needed. Nicole was not a big fan of swallowing cum and wasn’t planning to do that tonight. This would be enough for him.

But Jim’s plan was far different. After all, this was an apology and it needed to be a heart-felt one. When he knew he was about to explode, he took hold of her head with both hands and held her down so his cock was completely enclosed within her mouth. He grunted his last as his climax erupted, exploded his load into her mouth. Surprised by his move, Nicole had no choice but to swallow down his load as fast as he gave it to her. He seemed to dump everything he had into her mouth, but she managed to keep up and drink it all down.

For Jim, it was a very pleasurable climax. In fact, it was the finest, most satisfying oral sex he ever had the pleasure of receiving. He was very fond of the idea that she could only use her mouth to bring him off and that he made her swallow his load. Far more satisfying just than spew over himself or on her hands. Jim moaned in contentment, still holding his wife down on his semi-rigid rod. He also knew he caught all of this on the DVD.

At last, he released her head. “Apology accepted, my naughty nurse.”

“You know I don’t like to swallow!” she said.

“Careful, my love,” he cautioned. “I still need to administer your punishment. You don’t want to do something that might make it harsher.”

“I’m sorry, Jim. I just didn’t know you were expecting me to do that.”

“Get use to it.” He said with a stern glance as he pulled items from his black bag again. “This may become your standard format for apologies.” As he said this, he pulled a fresh strip of tape from the roll. “Right now, you need to wait in silence as I get your next phase ready.”

“Jim, no, I’ll be si….uhhhrrrr. Mmmmph.” She groaned. This time, Jim stuffed a small roll of gauze into her mouth before he carefully pressed the new tape across her mouth. This was a much longer strip, covering almost from ear to ear. There was no need for a second piece. Jim wondered why he didn’t do this years ago. His first wife could have used it too.

“You’re to be seen, not heard.” He moved off the couch, pulling his pants back up. After making her stand, he took the tape and began to wind it around her torso, below her exposed breasts, and over her arms. Now her limbs were pinned against her body, further adding to her bondage and making her getaway that much more impossible. Nicole was placed back onto the couch. He checked the camera, making sure there was plenty of recoding time left.

“I need to get a few things ready. I’ll be back in a few moments. Don’t go anywhere,” he said with a grin.

Left alone, Nicole resumed her struggles. Not knowing what her impending punishment was going to be had her quite concerned. But if she couldn’t get free of her bonds, she would have no choice but to take it. She knew Jim wasn’t going to really hurt her, but fear of the unknown was working on her, both in the mind and the body. This wasn’t the first time that she’s been under a man’s control like this. Nicole knew fully well what bondage was and how it made her vulnerable to a man’s desires. It was making her horny just thinking about it.

Jim returned quicker than she anticipated, but didn’t seem to have anything with him.

“I was thinking it was very unfair of me to leave you alone.” he said as he rolled her to her chest. “So I bought you something to keep you company.” From his pocket, he pulled the vibrator she kept hidden in her dresser drawer and placed it a few inches from her face. “I believe you two are old friends,” he joked as he turned it on with a grin. Nicole had thought her favorite toy was a complete secret. Her cover blown, she squealed in distress, knowing what was coming.

He straddled her legs and pushed her dress up over her hips. Nicole struggled under him, but also knew the she was only making it more difficult, but not impossible, for Jim to complete his mission. He’d win in the end. But she wasn’t going to give in that easy.

To her surprise, Jim ended the effort. “Hold your ass still, nurse.” He said as a strong smack of his hand across her buttocks stilled her struggles.

He parted her butt cheeks and slowly slid the toy between her legs. Jim was not surprised to find how wet she was. Nicole was a horny little thing and got excited quite easy. He figured she was getting off on all this. Slipping the vibrator into her pussy was an easy task for the skilled surgeon and he quickly had its entire length fully buried inside her. He adjusted the toy’s setting, figuring it would tease her but not provide the satisfaction of an orgasm. It seemed appropriate considering the night.

“Enjoy” he said after he pulled her dress back down and hopped off. He checked the camera again and switched the DVD disk. With a satisfied glance, he left the room again.

Left alone in her bondage and tormented with her own vibrator was a real insult, but not too unpleasant a one. She knew he would return and sooner or later he should make her come. It was just a matter of time, of when and how. She hoped he would. But she felt compelled to make the attempt to free herself, and during her struggles one of her heels fell off her feet.

Jim was gone a while. The vibrator was doing a good job of teasing her but not enough to let her orgasm. At first, she bucked against the toy, trying to work it out. To her annoyance, her costume was so tight against her body it held the fake cock inside. Another dilemma of her own making. The tape was strong enough to keep her tightly bound. She tried to rub her face across the couch to work her gag free, but the smooth leather wouldn’t allow the corners to catch and the gag stayed in place. Since the vibrator had recently received fresh batteries, Nicole knew it wouldn’t wear down and end its torment of her anytime soon. She rolled over a few times, trying to either get free of the tape or get off to the vibrator. She squirmed in her bonds, grinding her crotch into the sofa in hopes of generating extra stimulation to get some much needed relief from her horniness, but couldn’t get any extra friction across her clit to help the process. She knew the camera was recoding every second if it and wondered what he would do with that.

When Jim returned, he was carrying several items. Before she could realize what he had, he slipped one of her favorite silk scarves over he eyes to blind her. “I want it to be a surprise,” he said when she properly blindfolded. With a pat on her ass and after putting her shoe back on her foot, he set to work.

Several minutes later, she felt something cold on her legs. The scissors first cut the tape at her ankles free. Before she hand a chance to struggle further, she felt something loop around her ankles and tighten. Jim was replacing her tape bondage with ropes. Soon her feet were bound. He even lopped the rope around the arches of her feet making sure she wouldn’t lose one of her heels again.

The tape from her knees was cut off next. More ropes bound her legs together, this time both above and below her knees. Nicole realized how serious Jim was taking this. With her legs secured, the tape from her torso was cut free, but not replaced. The vibrator was removed, but not before his hand caressed her behind for a few moments to further torment her. Her hopes of an orgasm faded when he stopped, but her horniness didn’t. Her tape was finally cut from her wrists and removed. Nicole welcomed the relief on her arms and shoulders.

With a caution not do react or resist, Nicole was rolled over onto her back. She remained submissive and subdued, wisely electing not to defy him further. She had three reasons. First, she knew he would win out in the end and with her already gagged, blindfolded and partially bound, there was little chance she would affect the eventual outcome anyway. Secondly, she was curious on what he was going to do with her and was still quite horny about it all. Third, she hoped this was leading to something greater and there was still the promise of good screw waiting. Her past bondage experiences always led to that. Besides, it would make a lousy movie if it didn’t have a good ending.

Jim picked up her hands. With her palms together, more rope was applied and her hands were once more rendered useless. He used a lot of rope, wrapping many turns around her wrists before he cinched the middle and knotted the ends. He set her hands in her lap and left her alone for the moment.

With her hands bond before her, Nicole was tempted to pull the gag and blindfold off, but decided against it. Soon enough she’d know what he was doing and he would only reapply one or both if he desired. But she did test her new bondage. She found it just as inescapable as before.

“I like to watch you struggle,” he whispered into her ear. He hadn’t moved away but was watching her all along. She felt his hands on hers and he guided them to his pelvis. “You make me horny when you do.” She felt his cock, now fully restored to its rigged attention. She groped his manhood, hoping it would please him and entice him to use it on her. It didn’t work.

A moment later, she was picked up again and carried in his arms. Normally, it would be romantic if he were taking her to bed. But this night, every time he did it, it meant something wildly kinky was about to happen. She wasn’t taken far this time, only a several feet before she set on her feet again and steadied. He did something with the ropes on her wrists and she felt something brush against her face. Finished with her hands, he stepped away from her. She heard a rubbing sound and her hands started to rise about her head. She realized what was happening. He was going to string her up by her wrists!

Nicole tried to resist, but it was too late. Even if she could move away, his strength would overwhelm her own and he’d still have his way. Her hands kept rising, now above her head and still going up. She felt her body tighten as her weight shifted from her feet to her hands. She groaned deeply when she started to rise off her heels, now standing solely on her toes. Here he stopped his progress, leaving her body taut, but still standing on the floor, barely.

Her blindfold was removed, no longer needed. Nicole shifted as best she could, trying to find a comfortable place to rest as her eyes grew accustomed to the light again. She did see the camera had been set on a tripod off to the side and was recoding everything they did. She didn’t see Jim at first, but he walked into view, slowly circling his wife with a content grin on his face. He slowly turned her body to make sure the camera recorded every angle of her sexy body as she squirmed in his restraints.

“Maybe someday, if I need to punish you again, I’ll hang you fully by your wrists.” Without warning, he took her breasts into his hands and massaged them. See let out a long, muffled moan, for it felt good to her, considering she was still horny and desired a climax. She groaned deeply when he pulled on her nipples. She even struggled as much as she could, the strain on her nipples even harder and better.

He released her breasts and walked behind her. She felt his hands pull her dress up again, this time to her waist. With everything exposed, he pressed his crotch against her ass while he reached around and rubbed her pussy. Nicole responded with a deep moan again as her body responded to his touch. She felt the much needed climax begin to swell within her. One hand moved to her breast as the other continued to fondle her soaked pussy. She groaned and pressed back against her husband, her ass squirming against his crotch. She hoped his humping her was a sign of good things to come, namely her.

But he stopped again. Nicole let out a big groan of discontent. She was close to a climax. She wanted to climax. She needed to climax. Why was he being so mean to her? Why didn’t he just let her come already? Why didn’t he give her the screwing they both wanted?

“Now, my sexy and horny naughty nurse, time to administer your punishment.” He said in response to her unasked questions.

She felt a quick slap of his hand across her ass, followed by another. She jumped and squealed at both. Another slap came, this time a little harder.

She couldn’t believe it! Nicole had not been spanked since she was nine. Now her husband had tied her up and was giving her backside a good spanking. He used his hands a least a dozen times on her exposed pert ass, spacing each one as to surprise her, each one leaving a pleasant sting behind. She found this somewhat enjoyable. In fact, there wasn’t much he had done to her this night that she hadn’t liked, other than his timing.

“Now that you’ve had the appetizer, time for the main course.” He said as he walked before her. He showed her something. It took a second to realize it was one of the ping pong paddles from the table in the game room. Nicole squealed long and hard as she struggled in her bondage. He took his place behind her and with his arm wrapped around her tiny waist, landed a blow to her butt. Again she jumped, this time it stung more and didn’t have the same erotic feel. He paddled her other butt cheek, using the same force and getting the same affect. Nicole squealed and groan with each strike of the paddle.

He swatted her only a few more times. Her ass was turning a light shade of pink. Going further would have been too damaging to her fine backside and he still had plans for it as well. This was punishment, not abuse, something he abhorred. His point had gotten across and he didn’t need to over do it and turn it into some kind of S&M event.

“Are you going to embarrass us again when we go to social functions?” he asked, first lightly spanking then rubbing her ass as he questioned her. Nicole shook her head zealously.

“Are you going to listen to me and do as I say, especially after I warn you?” Nicole nodded fervently to another light swat.

“Consider your punishment administered.” He adjusted her to the proper spot so the camera would record what followed. “Now that we have that out of the way, time to work on the pleasure phase of our evening.”

He stood behind her again and returned to playing with her breasts again. This time, he didn’t stop the pleasuring. A hand moved to her pussy and fingered her clit. The climax came on strong and within a moment, she shockingly exploded into a powerful climax, making her scream with erotic delight into her packed mouth gag. Her whole bond body shook as wave after wave of needed orgasmic pleasure vibrated through her body.

As it subsided, she felt the cool touch of her personal vibrator across her breasts. It slipped down to her crotch and soon she was working toward another orgasm. She came again in moments, this one not as powerful but just as gratifying, making her moan into the gag once more.

The vibrator was removed and Jim stepped in front of her, his mouth taking her breast in. His hand played with her free tit as the vibrator pressed against her clit again. This time, the orgasm took longer to build. When Jim knelt on the floor and ravished her clit with his mouth and tongue, his hands tormenting her breasts again did it finally reached it’s crescendo and blasted through her body. This orgasm was the best of all, not the strongest but for sure the most rewarding.

After she calmed down, she felt his naked cock exploring her from behind. She arched her back, and he found her drenched love tunnel, slipping himself easily into her. He took her from behind, ramming himself into her. Again, his hands took hold of her breasts and toyed with her nipples, making her climax once again after a few moments of hard fucking.

After she climaxed and wound down, Jim decided it was time for his own climax. Taking hold of her hips, he rammed into her repeatedly. She squirmed against him as much as her bound body would allow before he made a long, hard thrust deep into her and blasted his load into her. His groans mixed with hers in euphoric bliss. It seemed to go on and on and was one of the most satisfying ones of his life.

He remained in her for as long as his softening cock would allow, finally withdrawing when he nearly fell out. He left Nicole dangle for a few moments alone, love juices tricking out from her while he dressed again before shutting off the camera. He then released the rope holding her up and carried her back to the couch to recover.

He pulled the tape from her lips and removed the soaked gauze, giving her a drink from a water bottle. She said nothing at first as he slowly removed her bonds, her hands the last to be freed.

“Does that count for our good screwing?” she asked at last.

“Was a good one for me.” He sat on the couch, her head now on his thigh.

“I thought it was a great one.” She wormed up to his chest and snuggled in. He wrapped his arms around her in a loving embrace, holding her close.

“Jim, I’m sorry about tonight. I wasn’t thinking clearly, and…”

“You already apologized, remember. It’s over and done.”

“Done?” she said with a smile. “I hope we’re not done-done.”

“You liked tonight?”

“I loved tonight! Do that to me again and I’ll be your naughty nurse anytime you want.”

“How about tomorrow evening then?”

The hour was late and they went to bed, exhausted but thoroughly satisfied and happy to be sharing the bed with one another. They stayed close to one another all night.

Jim was not joking about the following evening. After dinner was finished, Nicole was told to dress in her stockings, heels and gloves before coming to his office. Nicole did as she was told, but put a robe to move through the house. She removed it after she entered the room.

A chair was set in the center of the room. She was seated in the chair. In moments, she hands were roped to the chair arms and her ankles to the legs with strong light blue ropes. More ropes held her knees spread and her torso the back of the chair. A white silk scarf provided a simple gag between her teeth and a reminder to be silent.

Then, a large vibrator was taped to the seat of the chair, pressing against her pussy. Rob had been doing some shopping of his own, for this gadget was new to her. Nicole looked up at her husband in wonder, questioning what she had done wrong now.

“Don’t worry, love.” He said. “No teasing tonight. It’s not to torment you, but to delight you.”

Jim checked his rope work and made sure she was secure. Nicole struggled for a few moments to test and proved she was there for as long as he wanted. With everything in place, he started the DVD.

The star of the show was Nicole.

It was the DVD he made of her the night before. Together they looked on at every binding, torment and orgasm they had. As the hour wore on, she watched herself in her bondage, first the white tape, then the blue ropes which accented her white uniform so wonderfully. Jim constantly adjusted the new vibrator, stimulating her until she climaxed violently, with the help of Jim playing with her exposed breasts. This happened three times before the DVDs had ended. Jim then took his turn to climax, replacing the cleave gag with his throbbing cock. After happily pumping her mouth he climaxed and shot his load over her face and naked chest, but Nicole insisted on cleaning the last from his rod with her mouth.

After cleaning up, Nicole was rebound to his large oak desk, face up and spread eagle. This time, her mouth was sealed with a new white tape, wider and sturdier than the surgical tape. Jim spent the next hour groping, licking, teasing and vibrating his wife into several orgasms. When she could go no more, he mouthed her seductive body and screwed her long and hard until he exploded another huge load deep into her hot love tunnel, which brought Nicole to one last unexpected orgasm. He let her lay on the desk for a while to recover before they went to bed for the night.

Since that time, a remarkable transformation came over Nicole. No longer was she the mindless flirt and reputed slut. Her social skills improved greatly, turned to listening more than speaking. She did her best to learn and understand more and become more rounded. She set reasonable limits on fun and practiced self control. Her dress moderated and more appropriate, but still allowed her womanly form and sexy shape to be known. In private, she gladly dressed any way her husband asked. She started making friends at the club and even developed a close relationship with Ann and later her sister Catherine. They seemed to have much in common.

Never again did she embarrass herself or her husband, especially in public. A stern glance from her loving spouse was enough of a caution when she did begin to stray, but was seldom needed any longer. She clung to her husband and was respectful of his job, convictions, friends, recreation and time. She even joined him in watching football on Sunday, but was happy to distract him from it too.

Jim in turn did some changes on his part. He developed a deep respect for his wife and loved her even more. He made constructive comments and was willing to speak with her anytime she needed his advice or attention, no matter what the subject was. He tried to arrange his schedule to be with her more, show her more affection and do things that interested and excited her. They took weekend getaways to fun places just to spend time alone.

And most important to Jim, Nicole’s affairs ended for good. Never again did she pursue or submit to the affections of another man. She no longer had reasons to flirt with other men. She became totally devoted to her husband her only desire to please him and be pleased by him.

She truly became his beloved Trophy Wife.

And the Trophy Wife spent many a nights or weekends the willing victim of his every increasing bondage skills. Many an evening she asked to be bound and teased to orgasm, or would use her body and skills to please her husband while bound hand and foot. She purchased expensive yet seductive lingerie that was pleasing to the eye, though often meant Nicole would spend extra time in his ropes because he enjoyed the visualization she created. And she also purchased more nurses uniforms, made of shinny plastics, leathers and other material, and sexy lingerie to wear for her husband’s private pleasures.

So Nicole had many kinky naughty nurse tales to tell to her friends and she remained completely faithful to her husband for the rest of their days, thanks to events that transpired at the costume party.

The End