The Costume Party, part 2: A Bunny's Tale
by StealthBinder

When Betty and Hugh received their invitation to Rob and Ann’s costume party early in October, they had a hard time coming up with a good idea for costumes. They wanted something that went together, but still a little unusual and catchy. Hugh especially wanted his wife to dress in something sexy. They looked at several costumes and had narrowed it down to a couple of select items when Betty took a cue from her husband’s name.

“How about this one.” She said as she pulled up the picture online. “You go as Heff, in silk pajamas and such, and I’ll go as this.”

“A Playboy bunny?” He said looking at a sample of what she had in mind. “Can you really buy one of those?”

“Well, sort of, but I can create a costume easier,” she said. “It’s not much, except for the strapless body suit. I think I know where to get one that will be a good match to the real thing. I can get the cuffs, collar, cotton tail and ears online, at a party supply store or at worst a costume shop. And I’d like to get a really good pair of pantyhose or tights. Those have to be sheer from toe to waist. As for the heels, if I can find the right color, I already have a few pair that would be ideal and a good match.”

“What color are you thinking of going with?”

“Well, black is easy, of course, and a good fallback if I can’t find anything else. White is boring but again a fallback. If I had my rathers, I’d like to do something a little more dramatic. Would you prefer red, pink or blue?”

“Blue.” He said looking at her crystal blue eyes. “And I know the perfect shoes you can wear.”

“You should, since you’ve bought most of my smuttiest pairs.” She laughed. “You seem to like it when I wear them.”

“I do. But you never actually walk in them.” He joked back.

“Well, from the closet to the bed I do.” She said with a giggle. “But I’ve worn them out as well, so I think I can handle it for the evening.”

Hugh liked this idea. Playboy bunnies were always sexy and a fantasy costume. His wife could easily pull it off, for she had the body for it. Hugh considered his wife his fantasy girl, so this was a fitting costume for her. Maybe she’d let him take some digital pictures of her too.

“OK, let’s go for it. I have those black pajamas your parents bought me last Christmas and a robe that kind of matches. I’ll wear slippers and need to find a pipe.”

“Maybe a touch of gray in your hair would be cool.”

Yeah, I can do that. When do you want to shop for your stuff?”

“Let’s go this weekend. I’ll check around on my lunch hours too, but I’d like to make sure I get one that fits properly. It’s really more a corset than a bodysuit, so I want it to fit over my boobs without squishing them, but still tight at the waist and cut high on the thighs.”

“Mall, here we come.”

The easy part was finding the extras. Betty searched the Internet and ordered what she needed, the boxes arriving within a week.

That weekend, they looked at several different stores but nothing was quite right was found, either too loose or to silly to match. Then they finally found the perfect outfit. It was almost a mirror of the real costumes Playmates wear. It was vibrant blue and really showed off Betty’s crystal blue eyes. It was covered in satin and had boning to whittle Betty’s body into a breathtaking hourglass shape. Betty tried it on and Hugh peeked into the changing room.

“It’s a bit tight in the tummy, but if I do a bunch of sit-ups over the next two weeks, it should be a good fit. I’ll need a bikini shave too.”

“I think you look great, and you are going to look so freaking hot.”

“Wait till you see the whole thing put together.” She giggled.

“We might not get to the party on time.”

Over the next two weeks Betty and Hugh hit the gym and worked out extra hard. Typical of a woman, Betty was not happy with her progress but Hugh noticed a difference, seeing her already awesome shape tighten up further into the hourglass figure so often seen in the magazines.

At last the night of the party came and they made ready. Betty decided to go the whole way and shave all the hair from her pussy, something she'd never done before. She kind of liked the bald look and it would be a fun surprise for Hugh when they got home later. She knew Hugh would want sex after the party, but then again she’d be horny all night too so the sex should be great.

She did her makeup bright, making sure her eye shadow matched her costume and her lips were bright red and extra glossy. She curled her blond hair into big ringlets and let it fall across her back and bare shoulders, giving her a just rolled out of bed after terrific sex look. She dressed in her costume, finishing with the kinky heels Hugh picked out and slipping on her bunny ears. After a satisfactory look in the mirror and finding all was as wanted, she walked to the living room to her waiting husband.

Hugh was in his silk PJs, even buying a pair of silk boxers to complete his look. He bought a cheap pipe, which was kept his pocket, but had no plans to actually smoke. Hugh was setting the digital camera on the tripod, for they both wanted to take pictures of themselves before the left. When Betty walked into the room Hugh’s jaw almost hit the floor.

It was like she just stepped out of the magazine. The bodysuit fit her perfectly, her already ample breasts lifting to new heights, forming a deep valley of cleavage and whittling her waist down to a size you just wanted to get your hands around. It was cut very high, almost to her hips, plunging to a sweet “V” between her legs and showing off her faultless hot ass. Matched with the black tights that had a silky shimmer to them and made her legs seem to go on forever and were so damn sexy. The blue and black pumps with 5” stiletto heels just made her legs even longer, the woman was all legs.

She had the white cuffs on her wrists and the collar with bow tie, the bunny ears and she turned to show her fluffy cotton tail. She even had the little ribbon name tag on her hip with “Betty” written across it. She slowly twirled again before setting into the classic bunny pose with one leg before the other and hands on her hips.

“Well, Mr. Heff, do you like?” she asked.

“To say you look fantastic would be an understatement,” Hugh said. “I love it.”

“I can tell you like it.” She said as she looked at his crotch. Hugh’s hard-on was easily noticed.

“Damn you make he horny, girl. I’m always hot for you, but this is a whole new level. How am I going to hide this thing all night when I’m looking at you?”

“And you think Heff doesn’t have a raging willy all the time?” she asked as she strolled over to him.

“Good point.”

“No, this is.” She giggled as she rubbed his crotch.

“You’re not helping any. Either stop it or finish it.”

“Later, Lover. Let’s take the pictures and get over to the party.”

They took several pictures using the camera remote, especially with Betty playing up to Hugh. With her high heels, she was a bit taller than her husband, but that only accented how long and lean she looked, and how hot and sexy. She even dropped down, making it look like she was about to get into Hugh’s shorts. Hugh then took several of Betty alone, his favorite being a side view with Betty slightly bent at the knees and waist, with her hands on her knees and her ass sticking out. Betty’s favorite is of her back side, her tush poking prominently at the camera to show off her cotton tail.

With the pictures complete, they headed to Ron and Ann’s place. The party was just getting started when they arrived, already the site of lots of fun and sexy costumes. Princess Leia and Luke were present, a hot nurse and her doctor, several vampires and victims, a Magician and his assistant, Zorro, Madonna, and a late arriving French maid. Of course, Ann and Ron’s Victorian costumes were amazing, especially how graceful Ann moved under the huge skirt. The house was lavishly decorated and there was lots of laughter and fun.

Hugh and Betty received several compliments on their choice of costume, especially Betty, who filled the uniform to perfection. Hugh knew he married up and got a really hot looking wife. He was use to men giving her the once or more over. Tonight was even more intense, for he noticed how many guys ogled his wet dream quality bride. In fact, some guy tried to move in on her while he was talking to friends, but Betty draped herself over her Hugh when he returned to squelch it.

“Guess he has a bunny fetish,” she said later.

“Heck, I know I do.”

Later Hugh went to refresh their drinks. When he worked his way through the crowd back to his personal playmate, he noticed a man dressed in black, whom he assumed was some kind of Zorro character, handing her a piece of paper, then darting off through the front door. By the time he got to her side, Betty had read the note.

“Phone number?” he asked.

“No, even stranger. Look.” She said as she handed him the note.

“There is a very beautiful señorita, dressed as a maid, upstairs in the last bedroom. While not in distress, she is in need of your assistance. Please go alone to her pronto. With many thanks, Zorro.”

“What’s this all about?” he asked

“I have no clue. Do you know who that guy was?”

“Nope, but I saw him leave, though. Maybe you should go check it out. This might be for real.”

“Yeah, I better. Be back in a bit.”

Betty headed upstairs, finding it a bit troublesome to ascend the steps in her heels. She’d been up here before, getting the grand tour when Ann and Ron first moved in, but she knew Ann didn’t want a troop of people using the upstairs bath or bedrooms. The end bedroom door was closed. She listened for a few seconds to hear if something was going on inside. It could be a little joke by the man in black to have someone go and interrupt a clandestine rendezvous that could be going on behind the door. Hearing nothing, she knocked before she opened the door and entered.

The sight that greeted her was astounding. Lying on the bed was the woman who had dressed as an extraordinarily sexy French maid. The woman was laying face down, with her hands, feet and legs bound together with black and white scarves. Another scarf was tied around her head, serving as a gag. One last scarf has holding her feet to her hands in the classic hogtied position.

The woman looked over at Betty. For s second they studied each other, both wondering what to do next. She really didn’t seem like she was at all displeased with her current situation. Even though she found the scene a great shocker, Betty could not help but think the costumed woman looked so damn erotic tied in her bonds.

“Oh my goodness, are you OK?” Betty said she at last hurried over to the maid. The woman nodded her head and grunted her approval. Looking down at the maid, Betty didn’t quite know where to start, but she finally deciding to remove the gag from her mouth

“Are you OK? Betty asked again.

“Yes, I'm fine, really.” she responded, now free of the gag. The woman was still squirming but not fighting against her bonds. Neither did she plead to be released quickly.

“Who did this to you?” Betty asked as she freed the scarf holding the maid in the hogtie position.

“I really don’t know!” she said. Her voice was not of someone who was glad of rescue, or distraught of being left hogtied and gagged in an empty bedroom.

“You don’t know? Did that Zorro character do this?” Betty said as she worked to free the woman’s hands.

“Yes, it was him, but since he had a mask, I really don’t know who he was.”

“Did he attack you? Did he…” Betty was hesitant to speak the works.

“Well, he grabbed me, but I must admit, in a most pleasant way.” The maid said with a smile as she rolled over and faced Betty.

“Ok, then. Um, let’s start with this then. What’s your name?”

“I’m Catherine, or señorita Gabriela the maid, as my captor was calling me.” Betty introduced herself as well. The woman still looked especially sexy in the maid’s costume as she removed the last of the scarves from her legs.

Betty sat down on the bed next to the girl as she stretched.

“Thank you for the rescue. Much longer in this bondage and I might have gotten really stiff, being new to all this. Though I have to admit, it was more comfortable and enjoyable than I though it would be.”

“Mind if I ask what was going on here and how you came to be hogtied on Ann’s bed?”

“Well,” she said, “I came up to use the bathroom. I’m Ann’s sister, by the way.”

“I was wondering. You two look a lot alike, very pretty in similar ways.”

Catherine smiled. “Thank you ma’am. Anyway, when I came out of the bathroom, I was expecting Zorro to have followed me, but I just wanted to talk to him privately and find out who he was. He looked so handsome all in black and with the mask. Instead, he snuck up from on me from behind and led me in here by the point of his sword”

“He what?”

“Oh, don’t worry, the sword was very dull and I knew I wasn’t in danger. Anyway, once in here, we started this game. He pretended he was looking for a gold map and I pretended I knew where it was but wouldn’t tell him. So he needed to force it out of me. He tied me like I was, only not hogtied, but still gagged. He then proceeded to play with me and such to get me to talk.”

“What did he do?” Betty asked. This was getting interesting.

Catherine told her the story of what happened, giving Betty all the kinky details, including all the orgasm she had at his hands. Betty took in every detail, even asking questions. She wanted to know how Catherine felt when all this was going on. Betty found herself starting to squirm when she talked about all the orgasms the man had given her.

“So was it the bondage that made it so great, or what he did to you, or the whole situation and mystery?”

The maid thought about it for a moment. “I’m not really sure. Maybe it was everything. But whoever he was, he was a masterful lover. I never met a man who was so giving of himself and wanted nothing in return. Well, almost, if you call tying up someone and jerking off nothing.” She said with a laugh.

“Any idea who he was?”

“I have no idea. I was hoping you knew.”

They discussed and guessed possible identities but neither had the answer for sure. At last, Catherine gave Betty a big hug in thanks for rescuing her.

“Sorry, but I think your Zorro has left the party.” Betty said. “After he gave me the note, I never saw him again. My husband thought he saw him leave.”

“Pity.” She said. “I would like to know. I’m guessing Ann or Ron must know him.”

Betty stood up. “I would guess they do. I’ll go back down now, leave you to get yourself back together.” She said as she left the room and closed the door.

Betty went back down and met up with her husband again. Many eyes watched the striking playmate slowly come down the stairs. She did make quite an erotic sight.

“Everything OK up there?” he asked. “You were gone a while.”

“It’s fine,” she responded, pondering the whole story told to her.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine, really. Too much to tell right now. I’ll tell you when we get home.”

Betty saw the French maid come down a few moments later and go into consultation with the hosts. From afar, it seemed like Ann was agitated, but Ron almost seemed overcome with humor. Betty guessed he knew something all three ladies didn’t, but enjoyed keeping the knowledge to himself.

Betty tried to take her mind off the whole situation, but keep thinking about how erotic the scene must have been. Catherine looked so sexy all tied and gagged on the bed and her hot costume only amplified the look. She wondered how she would have reacted had Zorro targeted her instead of the cute maid. But she reasoned that would not have happened, guessing Zorro’s plan was premeditated and Catherine was the intended target all along. No one other then Catherine would do and it was just a happy chance for them both that Catherine had chosen a particular costume that lent itself so well to what he had in mind.

Betty wondered how she would look if the roles had been reversed. Would she, hogtied in the scarves and gagged in her Playmate costume, look just as erotic and inviting as Catherine did in her maid’s uniform? And would she get turned on the same way Catherine did?

Betty looked over at Hugh. Would Hugh have liked to have walked into that room and find himself a sexy woman in bondage? Would he get excited by the scene? How would he respond, and how would she respond? In truth, Betty was getting turned on just thinking about switching places with Catherine.

After hearing some applause, Hugh came back to her a moment later. “You should see this. Things are getting a little crazy over there.”

“How so?”

“Quite a scene going on over in the family room. Remember that nurse who’s falling out of her outfit? Seems her doctor husband, who’s a real doctor, a surgeon I learned, had enough of her flirting will all the guys. Guess she’s been groping them with her stethoscope and such, and a few women too. So now he has her sitting on the couch taped hand and foot, then put a big swatch of tape across her mouth when she complained. Wow.”

Catherine went over and looked. Indeed the sexy little blond nurse was all taped up and properly gagged. Betty knew the woman and also knew this wasn’t the first time she had made a fool of herself in front of her husband. In fact, rumor had it this Trophy Wife was more than a flirt and had more than her share of affairs since their marriage.

“Serves her right.” Betty said as they walked away, quickly explaining all this to her husband. “Guess he had enough of her crap for once.”

“Yeah, I suppose you can say the little slut finally got hers.” Hugh said. “Fun to watch though.” Ron passed them heading toward the family room, guessing he wasn’t happy about the “R” rated scene going on under his roof.

Betty stopped, realizing both what Hugh said and that this was the second costumed woman she had seen bound and gagged tonight. She pulled Hugh back to her. “Did you like seeing her bound like that?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.” He said. “I mean, she did look kind of sexy there. And her husband seemed real pleased with it. I could see where it would be a turn-on.”

“So you liked the sight of a woman in bondage?”

“Till now, never really thought about it, but it does have a certain appeal to it, I think. Depends on what happens while the bondage is going on too. Course her costume lent a big hand to the scene.”

“Did it give you a woody?”

“A woody, no.” he said. “I mean, I’m not her husband, so I don’t think of her in a sexual way like I would you,” he said as he wrapped his arms around his wife’s small waist. “Since we’ve been together, I don’t look at other women in a sexual way, but I do notice if they are attractive or not. Besides, given how hot you look tonight, I wouldn’t think of another woman as sexy. You are my Fantasy Girl, and all my woodies are for you alone, my one and only love.”

“So given the right scenario, would you get turned on by the sight of me tied up and gagged?”

Hugh thought for a second. “Yeah, I could see myself doing that. Depends on the setting and what our mood is. Maybe I’ll get some tape and you can borrow her nurse costume…”

That got Hugh a smack on the arm and they both laughed. They then saw the doctor carrying the still taped up nurse out of the house.

“Oh ho. Guess she’s staying like that for a while.” Hugh said.

“Maybe all night.”

“You know, there could be certain advantages to that. Lucky guy.” Hugh grinned. “Maybe she’s a lucky gal too.”

The party had quieted down while all this was happening but soon got back up to steam. About an hour later, both Betty and Hugh decided to call it a night and headed for the door. They also had private plans for each other tonight and wanted to get on with their own party.

“Fun Party,” Hugh said as they drove home.

“Yes, quite.” Betty responded. “Interesting too. Strange going-ons tonight.” Her thoughts kept coming back to two women in their different yet similar circumstances.

Hugh turned and smiled to his wife. “Could say that. All I know is I had the sexiest woman there by a long shot tonight.”

“Even more so than Nurse Slut, tape and all?”

Hugh took her hand and kissed it. “Honey, you are ten times the woman she’ll ever be, and far sexier too. You’re the only one I want to take home and have in my bed to make love to. As for the tape, that’s stands on its own.”

Betty didn’t ask to elaborate. She was content that her husband found her sexy and desirable. She felt the same way about him. “Does that mean you want to hump a bunny tonight?

“Been wanting that for hours. My cock has been aching for you all night.”

“Maybe we should do something about that when we get home.”

“Wonder if this car can do 90?”

They were home a few moments later and pulled the car into the garage. Betty sat in her seat till Hugh came around and opened the door. She slowly put one then both legs out, doing her best to entice her man. With the aid of his hand, she slowly exited the car and rose to full height. Hugh closed the door and immediately took hold of his bride, wrapping his hands around her small satin covered waist.

“Now I finally have you alone, my private sexy bunny. I’ve been wanting you all night.”

Betty could feel his cock hard against her body. “Take me inside and play with your Playmate.”

“I’ll lead the way.”

Once inside, Hugh didn’t bother to wait till they got to the bedroom. He grabbed his wife again, this time from behind, and faked humped her while holding her hips. “Wanna fuck like bunnies?” He said between kisses on her neck and rubbing his cock up against her ass.

“I have a better idea, if you’re up for a two-fer.”

“Dressed like you are, I’m may do more than two.”

“Let me take the lead for a few moments.” She said as she turned and untied his robe. Hugh said nothing as she slipped it off his shoulders then unbuttoned the pajama top. It too was sent to the floor. The sexy bunny then pulled his pajama pants down and had him step out of them, leaving him in his satin boxers. The bulge protruding from them was profound. She avoided his blood filled member as she knelt down, kissing around his flat abs and along his toned thighs.

Hugh fully expected a sample BJ to get him in the mood, one where she’d suck on him for a few moments before they moved on to other things that were more interactive. He was surprised when Betty slowly stood up, kissing her way to his neck, then stepped away.

He looked at her, now holding the satin tie from his discarded robe in her hand.

“You said bondage had a certain appeal to it.” she said to him with a seductive smile on her face. “I’m not a nurse, but would a playmate bunny make it the right scenario?”

She handed him the robe tie, turned away from him and placed her hands behind her back, crossing them at the wrists. She looked over her shoulder at her dumfounded husband, holding the robe tie, not quite knowing if she was for real with this or not.

“Better hurry, or this bunny just might hop away from you and you’ll lose your chance.”

Hugh wasted no more time, figuring if she wanted to play a game, he’d go along with it too.

Hugh was no expert and had no experience in bondage, but he did know what to do. He doubled the satin tie, formed a loop and slipped it over her wrists. Taking up the slack, he wrapped the tie around her wrists a few more times, split the ends, wrapped the middle and tied it off, making sure the knot was well way from wiggling fingers.

“That should hold you, my sexy playmate.” He said.

Betty stepped away from her husband and slowly walked around the room, testing her bonds to see if she could get free. Hugh had done an excellent job, for no matter how hard she tried over the next few moments she could not get free of her satin bond.

Hugh looked on as his lovely wife, dressed so tantalizing, her hands bound behind her back as she slowly strolled the room on her impossibly high heels. His cock, which was engorged all night looking at her and thinking what they could do when they got home, was now a raging rod of power. He’d never seen his wife look so hot and desirable. He wanted her like never before.

He caught up to his wife from behind again. This time, her hands made contact with his satin covered cock as he held her by the waist. She wiggled in his hands, playfully trying to break free of his grip, but her hands were grabbing at his rod to stoke him. He liked this game, her tied up and struggling like this, and liked the power he had over her.

He groped her breasts through the satin material, something he’d wanted to do all night. The zipper on the back of her costume called to be pulled down, freeing her breasts to his exploring hands, but he decided to wait and enjoy that experience in a little while. For now he remained content to play with her through the costume and extend the fantasy longer.

But Betty took action first. She stated to fumble with the waistband of his shorts and pull them down. It was a bit tricky, with hands bound behind and all, but she quickly managed to have the shorts drop to his feet and his naked cock in her hands. Hugh stepped out of the shorts, finding it ironic that he was the naked one while Betty, his bound bunny playmate, was still fully clothed.

Betty stroked his member for a bit before she turned around in his grasp. Before he had time to react or speak, Betty dropped to one then both knees and quickly popped his stiff rod into her mouth, plunging her lips all the way down to the base of his shaft.

Hugh did not expect this one bit and let out a long, deep moan when he felt her warm, welcoming mouth take him fully in. Betty’s usual method for BJs was a few moments of licking and kissing, followed by taking him in slowly, only his head at first before moving further down his cock until her had taken him in fully. She would also alternate with her hands, almost never able to use solely her mouth to bring him to climax.

But tonight she dispensed with the formalities and attacked his cock with vigor. She wasn’t giving him head, she was outright fucking him with her mouth. And she was doing it with her hands bound behind her back and dressed in a hot fantasy costume.

Considering Hugh was on high simmer all night, it was no surprise to him that he was already feeling the first few pangs of his climax building. Just seeing Betty run around in the sexy outfit and sky high heels had him turned on and hard all evening. The thought of bedding her was playing though his mind throughout the party and he was really looking forward to her tonight. When he saw the scene with the nurse, he did for a few seconds wonder what Betty would have looked like in her place, but never thought she’d go for it. Now here she was, dressed up, hands tied at her request and mouth fucking his cock. It was better than he could have dreamed.

Betty continued an unrelenting assault. For some unexplained reason, she was obsessed with the idea of making him climax. When he started to grunt in his usual pre-climax pattern, she knew he was close. She took him in deeply again and again and waited for the tell-tale sign of the impending explosion.

Hugh let out a strong grunt, followed by a near-scream of pleasure. Betty plunged to the base of his cock and swallowed. She kept up with the first few loads that he pumped into her, but never expected him to climax like this. He seemed to be pumping gallons of cum into her and she couldn’t keep up. Several volleys rained across her mouth and face, dribbling down her chin. She took him in again after she caught a breath and sucked down the last of his seed, keeping his cock in her mouth well after he had finished unloading into her. However, her horny husband hardly lost his erection, even long after he finished discharging his load into her.

The orgasm was more than fantastic. It was, without a doubt, the best orally supplied climax he ever experienced. It rocked his entire body and he felt it all over. Betty did an extraordinary job, all without the use of her bound hands. It drained him of his energy, yet he was still so aroused and excited at the same time, he was almost ready to go again

When at last he withdrew, he looked at his wife with his sperm on her face. For some reason, he rubbed his semi- erect cock over it to collect it up. Betty took him back in and cleaned him off again. This got Hugh really turned on, for his cock never really went limp.

Finally, he cleaned off his wife’s face with a towel. Betty made no move to get on her feet or asked to be released from the satin cord. She submissively knelt before him, waiting for him to make his next move.

“Honey, that was the most incredible head I've ever had.”

“I can tell, but how you came. I’ve never seen you give off that much before,” she replied with the same seductive smile. If he wanted more, she decided she’s give it to him. She made her move, now the rest was up to him and she would happily accept whatever he wanted, as long as she got some for herself too.

“I don’t think I ever came like that before.” He helped her to her feet, his hands roaming over her body. Betty squirmed again, but in a much more seductive manner, happy for the attention he was giving her.

“You like this power you have over me, your little slave bunny?” she asked. “Having me all tied up and servicing you and sucking you down?”

“I could get into this.” He said, running a hand between her legs and finding her warm. “Maybe you do to.”

“We’ll need to explore this further, don’t you think?”

“I think we do.” He said with a smile. “But for now, I promised you a two-fer and it’s payback time.”

“You’ve done one already.” She said. “I’ve was thinking about doing this for you all the way home.”

“You were?”

“I wanted to see how you would react, and if I would like doing it or not.” She said as she wiggled in his grasp. “Think you could get into having me as your bondage subject more often?”

“Would you wear this outfit again if we did?”

“I could.” She said, “But this isn’t the best outfit for sex. I could come up with other outfits and lingerie that would lend itself better. Hard to get access to my vital areas while I'm wearing this.”

“But think of the fun we’d have getting there.” He grinned.

“Oh, yeah! Ok, untie me so we can get to the bedroom.” she said as she turned her back to him. Hugh untied the knot and removed the robe tie.

“Meet me in the bedroom in a few moments,” she said as she stroked his already stiff cock again. “I need a little time to get ready for you.”

He watched Betty slowly walk down the hall, her flawless ass wiggling atop the long legs and high heels. She looked so hot anyway he was turned on in everything she did.

Hugh locked up the house and turned out the lights. He collected up his discarded pajamas, deciding against putting anything back on. He laid the robe tie on top of the pile, thinking it might come in handy again, if not tonight, some time soon.

He took a moment to ponder his first bondage experience, and how great it was. He also pondered how he would tie up his wife again in the future. The taped up nurse came to mind. They might have to try that. But ropes would be the best tool for the job of course. He’d seen plenty of movies and some porn pictures of women tied up and gagged. Rope seemed the bondage instrument of choice. He’d have to make a trip to the hardware store and buy a few thousand feet of the stuff soon.

Figuring he’d waited long enough he went to the bedroom. Hugh was fully recovered and ready for a night of love making to his extraordinarily sexy wife. After the great head she’d given him, he would make sure to repay her affections in kind and double his efforts on pleasuring her. He enjoyed making her climax and loved it when she did it more than once a night. The lights were off and a few candles were lit, the sure sign that a hot romp between the sheets was in their immediate future.

Betty was lying on the bedspread on her side. The satin corset was gone, as were the tights. But she still wore the ears, cuffs, collar and the stilettos, showing the Playmate was still there. He also noticed what else was missing. Hugh stood and took in the beauty of his wife, giving thanks that for some reason she had chose him to be her lover and mate.

“You are so sexy,” he said as he approached, dropping his pile of clothes.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” she replied. Hugh was a good looking guy with a toned body free of any belly fat or flab. Seeing her husband naked body was always the highlight of her day. He was such a wonderful lover and she relished the attention he gave her. However, in this case, she also was referring to his fully erect cock.

“I see the razor got a little out of control.” He remarked, already slipping his hands between her legs and slowing gliding over her bald pussy, finding her warm and moist.

“I guess I did. You like?”

“Yeah I do. Nice and smooth, a fun little change.”

“Then I’ll have to do it more often.” She said as she raised up to kiss him while taking his cock in her hand again. Since he was pawing at her sex, she decided she’d do the same.

“Want to tie me to the bed?” she whispered into his ear a moment later.

“I don’t have any ropes or anything.” He said. Betty noted he was already thinking about it and making plans on how to do it proper. Hugh was a smart and creative guy.

“No, but you have the robe tie. And you have some neck ties that would do for now.” She said, and then remembered how Catherine the French maid was tied. “And I have a few scarves that would work too.”

Hugh grinned down at his wife. “I think I can make this work.” He said. He picked up the robe tied and bound her hands again, this time with her hands coupled together in front of her.

“Wait here for a moment.” He said once she was secure. He went to his closet and pulled out a handful of ties from the rack, ones that were thinner and longer.

With Betty lying on her back, he used the first tie to anchor her wrists to the headboard. With her hands properly secured, he moved on. Using several neck ties, he bound her ankles, spread, to the foot of the bed. He made sure to pull her body down, so the bondage would keep her from struggling too much while she was tied up. Hugh decided at that moment if they were really going to get into this bondage craze, they would need a more suitable bed to have his hot wife tied to, a sturdy one with more anchoring points.

Finished with lashing her to the bed, he looked down at his helpless wife with satisfaction. Betty was already squirming in the ties, seeing how much wiggle room she had and if she could break free of his bindings. Hugh enjoyed watching the bound bunny struggle, deciding right there that they would need to do this again and often.

They both considered asking about a gag, but ruled it out for tonight and said nothing. Better to explore this new found experience slowly and one step at a time and left it to discover another time. Besides, Hugh had better uses for Betty’s mouth tonight, which she had already proved.

After several minutes of this, Betty came to realize she wasn’t going to get free on her own. For a guy who never had done this, he sure knew how to render her powerless and vulnerable with surprisingly ease and efficiently. She was impressed and turned on by it. And she decided to have some fun with it too.

“You beast.” She teased. “How dare you tie up a Playmate like this! When the club hears about this, they will revoke your membership and ban you from returning.”

He laughed. “Silly bunny.” He replied. “I paid extra to have a sexy playmate at my disposal and subject to my perversions.” Hugh lay on top of his wife, his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. “And you are the playmate I want tonight.”

He kissed her deeply. Betty squirmed under him, moving her hips in the attempt to suck his cock into her aching pussy. She wanted him to fuck her, and now. But Hugh had other ideas to express before he would do that.

For the next hour, he amused himself with his bound playmate. Every inch of her body was touched, kissed and licked. They both really enjoyed it when he toyed with her breasts, fondling her tits and tormenting her nipples. Betty groaned deeply as he sucked her tits and nibbled on her nipples. Her body was constantly wiggling as he kept her at fever pitch the whole time, ignoring her pleads to climax or screw her. He even straddled her face and made her give him head again, this time he being the one to pump her mouth. Though highly aroused, he withdrew himself before he came, saving the next fucking for other parts of her vulnerable body.

To Betty’s great relief, he finally moved his lips to between her legs and attacked her pussy. It was only a moment of intense clit licking before she exploded into an enormous orgasm. Betty’s body rocked with the climax and strained so hard against her fetters, Hugh thought she might break the bed.

“That was so amazing.” She said between deep breaths and coming down from the euphoric pleasure. “I never climaxed like that before.”

“And why should we stop at one.” He grinned and proceeded to build her up again. It only took a few moments for Betty to get stimulated enough that she came again just as violently and powerfully as before. And she did it a third time, screaming his name as her body rolled with another powerful orgasm.

“I can’t, I can’t again.” She panted when he tried for a forth. “Oh, please Hugh, fuck me, just please fuck me.”

Hugh could not refuse her lustful request. He slipped his manhood into her burning pussy and humped like a bunny. He fucked her harder and faster than he ever did before. They moaned and groaned together as he repeatedly rammed into her. This wasn’t love making, this was pure raw lusty sex and they both were loving it.

Hugh exploded his load with a final deep thrust. It was mind-blowing and powerful as he pumped another extended load into her. When at last it was over, they were both spent. Hugh collapsed onto her, both breathing hard and loving the afterglow of their passions. Hugh was disappointed she didn’t climax during intercourse, but Betty assured him it was one of their best nights of sex.

“So that as good for you as it was for me?” he asked.

“Mmm, better than ever.” She replied. “I think I like this game.”

“Me too. We need to do this more often.”

“For sure. You bring the ties, I’ll being the bunny tail.”

After a long recovery, Hugh withdrew his satisfied cock from her content pussy and untied his wife. She stripped naked and they climbed into bed exhausted but completely happy.

“By the way,” he said when the lights were out. “You never told me about what happened upstairs tonight.”

Betty giggled and gave him a quick overview of the story, but fully described Catherine’s bondage perfectly, how she looked and what Zorro did to her.

“Maybe I should get me a cape.” Hugh said. “And you a maid’s uniform.”

Hugh did go buy ropes the following day. He also searched the Internet and researched bondage techniques and positions. They spend many evening trying new things and exploring likes and dislikes. Early on, these would not always lead to bondage sex, but they almost always wound up in bed turned on by the affects it had on them. Eventually, they figured things out and then the games were played in earnest.

They decided gags were ok, but Betty didn’t like it when her mouth was packed, making her panic that she might suffocate. They decided that a simple cleave gag, with and without a middle knot, was acceptable as well as over the mouth gags, like scarves and tape. But many nights she was without a gag while they played. Hugh likes to hear his woman ask for him and he likes to have her mouth available for his pleasures.

Betty also came up with a few other fantasy outfits to wear. She found a 60’s style nurse’s uniform at a second hand store that fit perfectly. Matched with stay up stocking and white heels, she strolled into the living room one evening, carrying a roll of white tape in her hand. Of course, she was quickly bound up and left to squirm on the couch, echoing the costume party scene.

“As I knew you would, you look so much better than her,” Hugh remarked later when he was busily playing with her nipples. Betty moaned into her gag, which prompted Hugh to slid a hand under her dress and slowly finger her clit to an orgasm. Later, with her tape gag removed, she gave him another spectacular blowjob.

Hugh bought Betty a French maid’s uniform and they reenacted the scene Betty had witnessed, only adding a lot of sex to it. They also came up with plenty of scenarios and games of their own. The maid found herself tied to the kitchen table one evening and brought to several climaxes before she was taken tied and bent over the counter. As a nurse, she was tied spread eagle to their new 4-poster bed and screwed twice before being freed, and climaxing both times herself. Dressed in red lingerie, stockings and heels, she was tied to a chair and slowly brought off, screaming into her red silk gag before she was humped from behind kneel before the couch.

Soon bondage was a vital part of their sex lives, but they still thoroughly enjoyed plain, normal sex as well, relegating bondage to one major part of their sex lives. But when they did it, it was often the most energetic and erotic experiences

Hugh even made his own Playboy magazine, with pictures of Betty in various costumes, lingerie, even everyday clothes and office attire. The album was all of his sexy Betty modeling, with and without her bondage. They even got brave and made a playmate series where Hugh tied her and made her give him head.

The Playmate bunny was still their favorite. Being their first, it held special memories for them. Hugh really did have his Fantasy Girl now. Sometimes, Hugh would tie her tightly and gag her, leaving her to squirm and struggle while he masturbated himself, watching her every move and hearing her every moan and groan. Other times, it was Betty who spent many evenings bound and gagged in full playmate costume while Hugh brought her to multiple climaxes with a vibrator pressed up against her. Still other times he was on the receiving end of slow, sensual blowjobs from his bound playmate, or he would pound from behind while she was tied bent over and gagged. It all depended on their moods and wants from each other.

So Betty had many kinky bunny tales to write in her journal or gossip to her friends, thanks to events that transpired at the costume party.

The End