The Costume Party, part 6: After the Party
by StealthBinder

Ann and Ron survey the damage after their Halloween party. Cups, plates and napkins were scattered all over the lower half of the house and outside patio. Crumbs littered the floor and a few of the cheesy decorations had fallen. Luckily the only spilled drink happened in the kitchen and not on the carpets. Almost every piece of furniture was crocked or out of place. It was a mess but there was no real damage to their home. For once, the old adage “It’s not a party till something’s broke or someone pukes” didn’t happen. No one got drunk, so there were no worries about people getting pulled over for drunk driving. A very successful party.

“Great party.” Ann said as the last guest was walking down the drive.

“Yeah, lots of fun.” Ron replied. “I think everyone had a good time.”

“Some more than others.” Ann replied as she pulled off her wig at last. Her Victorian era costume was a big hit. A white, off the shoulder satin dress that came an inch from the floor. It was tight across her bust and waist, sparked with sequins sewed in, and was almost bell shaped at the bottom. She seemed to float as she walked across the floor. White opera length gloves finished the look to perfection.

Ron’s attire was from the same era, an English gentleman, complete with walking stick. He had removed his wig some time earlier. “Funny how many people got tied up to one degree or another tonight.” Ron commented. “Brad and Katie locked up nearly every woman in the place. And what happened with Catherine, and Jim and Nicole.”

“Don’t get me started on those two.” Ann cautioned. “I’m still pissed as heck at whoever Zorro was. Attacking Catherine like he did and molesting her. As for Jim…”

“If you recall, Catherine didn’t complain one bit. And as for Jim, you owe him an apology.”

“Not for what he and his little tramp of a wife did tonight,” Ann said with her hands on her hips. “I mean, taping Nicole up like that in front of everyone. For sure the little slut deserved it, dressing like a whore and making everyone uncomfortable and all. She made a fool of herself, yet again. But to do that bondage display in public like that. Jim should know better.”

“I don’t mean that what Jim did wasn’t wrong and that he should have used better judgment. What I’m talking about is your comment when he was looking for Nicole. You should have not said what you said.”

“My defense is the truth,” Ann retorted. “You know how much I love Jim, but his wife is nothing more than a bimbo and she proved it herself tonight. You have to admit to that.”

“Agreed, but you didn’t need to wave it in Jim’s face. Their marriage isn’t in the best shape right now. He’s been considering another divorce, and you remember the last one. Last thing he needed to hear was his best friend’s wife making nasty comments.”

“OK, I see your point. I’ll call and apologize to him tomorrow.”

“And?” Ron replied.

“And I guess I need to be punished for it too.” She grinned. “Though I must to admit, Nicole did look really good all wrapped up like that, and having her mouth taped shut was really priceless. She would make it big in bondage porn films.”

“Yeah, I admit it was sexy, but I’m partial to a bound woman, so I’m biased. Too bad we didn’t have a camera, could have made a lot of money tonight.”

“I thought it was sexy too.”

“Guess we put it off long enough. Should we clean up everything tonight or just the minimum and get the rest tomorrow?”

“Enough so we don’t have a big job tomorrow. But first, I need to get out of this dress.”

Ron helped his wife unzip the dress and slide it over her head. Underneath the costume she had worn a white satin corset that looked spectacular on her. It barely contained her boobs and really pushed them up and made her costume look fantastic. The corset had straps that held up sheer white stockings. She wore hip hugging panties and a pair of white shoe-boots with 4” heels. She really did look like she was from the era.

“Oh, that’s much better,” she commented. “Women must have been strong back then to wear that. A few must have died of heat stroke or exhaustion.” She unpinned her strawberry blond hair, letting it fall down to her shoulders.

Ron looked over at his eye-catching wife, how sexy she looked standing there. Ann looked ready to film her own bedroom scene. No super model, she was still pretty and had a very nice shape. They both worked out to keep in shape and Ann had not let herself go one bit. Ron loved to see her dressed in lingerie and bought her a lot if it. He also bought most of her foot wear as well, never less than a 4” heel.

“Guess we best get started.” She said. Ann often wore lingerie and heels around the house, at her husband’s request. It usually led to something later and tonight would be no exception.

“Yeah, I think we should.” He said with a certain tone in his voice. Ann turned to face her husband, already worried about what he was thinking.

“Are you suggesting…”

“Now is as good a time as any and this seems like a good place.”

“Now? Right here? We have this mess to clean up,” she argued. “I don’t want to face this in the morning. Can’t I settle up tomorrow?”

“Justice demands swift action. Besides, you got me horny and I want to keep you like this for a while.”

Ann sighed in surrender, placed her hands behind her back and hung her head without another word said. This was her usual stance when the punishments began and she never argued further when Ron had his mind made up. Besides, she could use a little sex tonight. Hearing Catherine’s tale and seeing Nicole taped and gagged, plus having cuffs locked on her own wrists, had gotten her a bit horny too.

Ron went to the bedroom and retrieved several items. When he returned, Ann was still in the same spot and position, but had put her gloves back on to protect her wrists.

Ron opened their special gym bag. It was full of ropes, gags and various restraints of all kinds, as well as other essential toys needed for when they played their games. He selected a pair of white leather wrist cuffs and the matching ankle cuffs.

The wrist cuffs were locked in place and attached together in front of Ann's body with a small lock. Next, Jim moved his wife under an exposed beam, one that had a well hidden eyebolt screwed into it. He took a rope, tied it to her wrist bindings, fed it trough the eyebolt loop, and pulled her hands well above her head. When he was satisfied with the tension, he tied it off. Ann was now his prisoner, unable to free herself or flee. She could feel herself getting warm between her legs.

Rob next selected a harness gag with a large, bright red rubber ball. This was her punishment gag, one that filled her mouth and locked tightly in place. They had other less severe gags, but when she got this one, she knew she was in trouble, for it was impossible to remove and silenced her very well.

Ron pushed the ball deep into her open mouth and began to buckle it in place around her head, over the top and under her chin. It was wicked looking and very effective.

With his wife silenced, Rob locked the second set of cuffs around her ankles. Next, he pulled her panties down and made her step out of them. Then she was made to step into the elastic straps and the clit vibrator was pulled up her legs. Often used, Ron knew exactly where to position the vibrator on her to maximize the stimulation to her clit. He adjusted the straps to make sure it wouldn’t move from its spot. Ann realized she was really in for it tonight.

With the vibrator in place, her legs were spread apart. She felt the spreader bar being attached to her ankle cuffs. With her legs spread, her body sunk lower and tightened against her wrist bindings. She wasn’t hanging, but moving around would be difficult. Ron was satisfied with the results.

Lastly, a set of tweezers-style nipple clamps were applied to each of her breasts, having liberating them from the confines of the corset and several minutes of fondling and sucking to get her nipples good and hard. The linking chain was attached to the rope holding her wrists up, causing the clamps to tug on her nipples each time she squirmed.

In truth, Ann enjoyed the clamps, especially when they were applied to stimulate and lightly torment her tits, as these were tonight. When she was really being punished for something worse, like denting the car this fall, the clamps would be applied much tighter, but only for very short periods of time. Ron was not a sadist and never hurt her, and never wanted to. He never left any serious marks or did any severe punishments on her. Ann was no masochist either, never desiring pain to derive pleasure. But a little bit was good, especially when it was an appetizer for impending erotic sex. Her lingerie helped protect against rope marks and such during long sessions, some lasting hours or an entire day. Those were an absolute delight.

Her punishments were playful but still purposeful. Ann was submissive to her husband, and on occasion needed to be reminded of that. It was a place she enjoyed being in. She was in no way a feminist and believed her role was to be submissive to her husband, bending to his leadership but still be respected and loved. In turn, his job was to protect, provide and love her, but chastise when needed. Ron deeply loved his wife and she loved him deeply too.

Ron gave the clamps a light tug to make sure they would hold. He was rewarded with a pleasure filled groan as her body began to lightly squirm. He turned the vibrator on low, just enough to arouse and tease, but not enough to get her off. That would be later.

“I think that will do.” He said. Ann moaned and nodded her head, her body responding to her bondage and sexual torments. He moved behind her and gave her exposed ass a good swat. Ann squealed and jumped, causing a tug on the clamps and produced a sexy groan. He spanked her again, resulting in the same chain of events. Ann’s body squirmed in her bonds, enjoying all the sensations she was feeling and already getting frustrated knowing she was going to endure these pleasurable torments for a while before he might let her climax.

Ron set about cleaning up the house. Each time he passed her, he give her ass a whack or two or a tug on her clamps. Each time, Ann moaned louder, the sensations flowing through her helpless body. The vibrator kept her very aroused but only added to her torments. She was very horny now and wanted to come badly, but knew that he was going to deny her that pleasure for some time. She watched the clock on the fireplace mantle slowly move, wondering when he would give her the needed orgasm and hoping it would be soon.

Ron worked slowly but efficiently to pick up the trash and dump out the cups. He kept a close eye on his trussed wife, making sure she was not in physical distress while keeping her in a sexual distress. From time to time, he’d adjusted the vibrator, turning it up to energize her, then down to keep her from climaxing. He toyed with her swollen breasts and smacked her ass as he moved by her while working to clean up the party, enjoying the moans, groans and squeals he caused. He also enjoyed the sight of her of her lingerie clad body struggling in her restraints. Nicole and Catherine had nothing on Ann tonight.

With the house in good enough shape, he decided Ann had had enough and the punishment was over, sort of. He stood behind her and turned up the vibrator to full before he slowly removed the first nipple clamp. The blood rushing back into her nipple caused her to groan deeply, but also brought her much closer to climax, now building rapidly. When he removed the second, Ann groaned again as the climax was nearly ready to happen. When he rubbed her breasts and ground his cock into her ass, the climax reached it peak and exploded through her bound body. Ann screamed into the ball gag as her body trembled and shuddered to the robust orgasm. It went on and on, filling every part of her womanly form with pleasure.

When it at last subsided, Ann hung by her wrists. Ron was so masterful at teasing her and then making her come so intensely. He knew her body better than she did.

With Ann’s reprimand over, Rob decided to get some sexual relief too. He opened his pants to free his swollen member, spread her ass apart and feed his aching cock up toward her pussy. Ann arched herself, helping him to find his way and wanting him to give it to her good.

The added height of her heels put her into the perfect position to be taken while standing and Ron did just that. He easily slipped inside her soaking wet and burning hot pussy. He entered her fully and slammed into her deep. He held her by the hips as he began to screw his tied wife from behind, ramming into her continually with strong thrusts.

Wanting to fuck his wife all evening and being very horny, he knew he wouldn’t last long. But what surprised him was how quickly Ann climaxed when he started to play with her breasts after only a few moments of intercourse. Only then did he remember that the clit vibrator was still running full out and assisted the orgasm. Ann screamed into her gag as the orgasm rocked her once more. Of course, his fucking was a big part of it too. With Ann in the throes of another orgasm, Ron’s own powerful orgasm built swiftly and he exploded inside his wife while hers was still going, their vast supply of bodily fluids mixing. Their moans and groans echoed through the house as the both came together, the icing on the perfect cake.

As his own orgasm faded, Ron turned off the vibrator but held himself in his wife. He loved being inside her, especially when she was so turned on. He wished he could screw her once again. But he was spent and the game needed to end. Ron withdrew himself and removed her gag first. Ann was breathing hard but still smiled and gratefully thanked him for the wonderful climaxes and tremendous screwing. She was rewarded with a long, deep kiss.

Ron untied the rope from the cuffs and freed her from the spreader bar. He decided that he wanted to keep her bound for a moment more so he carried her to their bedroom before unlocking the cuffs. They cleaned up crawled naked under the sheets.

During the night, Ron awake from an erotic dream where his cock was being sucked. To his delight, his wife had uncovered them both and was down at his crotch doing just that. She looked up at him and switched to stroking his rod with her hands.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she whispered. “I’m still horny and was hoping you were too.”

She returned to her task of sucking for a few more minutes, rewarded with soft moans from her husband. As she did this, she rubbed her finger across her clit, making herself moan along with him. She then swung her legs over him and mounted his engorged cock, piercing her warm pussy with his hard manhood. She rode his cock, grinding her hips into him as she worked herself to another orgasm. Being on top, she controlled the action and maximized her pleasure by rubbing her clit against him and adjusting the angle of penetration to stimulate herself to the fullest. Having his hands grope her breasts only helped the cause and she came violently, riding his cock through the orgasm as it thundered through her body.

When it was over, she concentrated on him, humping him like mad till he groaned strongly and blasted another load into her. She squeezed his rod with her pelvic muscles to milk his dick of sperm. When he finished, she collapsed onto him, his cock still buried in her. They fell asleep still linked together for a while till they both rolled over into deep slumber.

Ann called Jim the next day to apologize. Jim was far from angry with Ann and apologized to her for his action at the party. Ann admitted it wasn’t such a bad thing that happened, to which Jim gave her a few details of his own kinky night. Ann suggested that he should follow up with Nicole that evening. Jim thanked her for the advice, saying it was planned. Ron got the details from Jim a few days later and a report on things that followed. It seemed to Ron that maybe his friends marriage may yet succeed if not thrive.

A few weeks after the party, Catherine and new boyfriend Tim came over for dinner. By the end of the evening, it was apparent that Catherine and Tim were totally in love and wedding bells would be ringing soon.

“Who would have known our party would have such dramatic affects on the lives of so many people,” Ann commented.

“Who knows what other stories there are,“ Ron added. “Maybe we need to have a winter blah-buster party and make it costume one too.”

This is only one of the many kinky and erotic tales Ann and Ron had to tell, one generated thanks to events that transpired at the costume party

The End