Trials of Champions
by Spunk N. Wagnels


Summary: The US Olympic gymnastics team plays catch-up to the rest of the world with nude competition, only some competitors have a harder time getting over the embarrassment than others.

Keywords: humiliation, exhibitionism, voyeurism. The following is adult fiction intended for legally mature adults to view at their discretion, where and when it is legal to do so.  Similarity to persons living or dead is coincidence.  The author reserves all rights. Permission is granted to archive in places where adults can legally view it free of charge, and as long as no words are changed, including this disclaimer.

Part 1

"This just in," the radio alarm starts up and wakes Libby at 3:00 in the morning in the not so distant future. "The US Olympic committee announced late last night that it would now allow its gymnasts to compete with optional attire as have the rest of the competing countries in recent years." Libby sat up with her eyes wide open staring off into space.

She had to get up and get to her early morning workout on time because Coach Monika, her instructor, did not tolerate tardiness. If Coach Monika were to make the effort to get up early and be at the Center for her coaching assistants and students, then she expected respect and appreciation for that effort from them. "I can't do this." She thought, "I can't perform in front of people, the cameras, the world, topless and nearly naked." But get out of bed she did as she had done mechanically every day for years. She looked at herself in the mirror before pulling her leotard up. She looked at her jutting breasts and cried, 'no' in her head before she put the shoulder straps in place, "I just can't do it!" When she arrived at the Center she saw her teammates huddled in brisk conversation outside waiting for someone with a key to let them in. As she approached, she was grabbed by up her upper arms and dragged into the agitated discourse. All of the competitors were voicing their positions on the announcement. Some were relieved that they could now compete on a level playing field with the rest of the world-class competitors; some knew they were too young to make the team because American television would not televise any events with American competitors under the age of eighteen; And, some were horrified at the thought of having to compete in just their skin to win. After the Romanians shocked the world by competing in transparent topped, backless uniforms with the best team they had fielded in years sweeping the medals, the world gymnastics community had decided that it would be okay to allow optional attire in the competition. Since that time some of the competitors competed topless all together. The judges gave extra credit in their marks initially for the courage to compete nearly nude in public, and then decided that it would sanction it because in assessing the performances, the view of the musculature in performing the feats was just as important as the actual movement itself. The boys laughed at the girls' concerns. They didn't mind going topless. They were proud of their physiques.

The girls, however, were concerned and were chattering like a henhouse trying to understand and make their decisions about it as quickly as possible. Finally the commotion stopped for the moment as the custodian arrived and let everyone in. It picked up again inside until coach Monika Solhiem arrived and everyone proceeded to a section of the bleachers to hear her announcement on the topic. She stood before her assistants addressing the closely huddled girls clasping hands and the boys behind them sitting open, confident, and excited about the humiliation and embarrassment the girls might be put through for them to witness.

She said, "So I see you have all heard the announcement from last night. Finally, our bonds have been lifted and we can compete with the world again."

"But Coach Monika, We can't... what would our families say?"

"Gretchen, I understand. You are going to have to decide whether you are going to stay in the hobbyist ranks or compete in world-class ranks. I don't think the Federation will reverse this. Television ratings are up, endorsements are flooding to those who compete sans vestments, and those who are doing it and winning don't want to lose that edge to clothed competitors again. Now, Avery, Prill, and Susan, you are excused from practice and will now practice with Hans Cloucher in the next group."

"But Coach Monika, why can't we...?" Prill protested.

"Pricilla my dear, you three are under eighteen and the networks will not televise your events, so the Committee has decided to only field teams of competitors eighteen years or older. I'm sorry. These are the rules being handed down to me." Monika continued to explain and answer questions until the questioning showed a certain acquiescence to the situation.

"I don't think I can do it," Libby confessed.

"It will just take some desensitizing and you'll be fine with it," CoachMonika advised.

"But, what can I do to desensitize?" Libby asked.

"Leave that to me girls. Okay, now peel down your tops and let's stretch." Coach Monika directed.

"Why don't you lead the girls by example Coach Monika" A boy tried to say anonymously from the back, but she knew it was Thomas.

Coach Monika felt on the spot. The girls looked up at her as if she would be making their decision by what she was to decide to do right now. "Okay, everybody take your clothes off." The girls looked at each other in fear. "You too back there," she said referring to the boys. The boys had smiles that were now collectively wiped from their faces. "For right now, I want everyone down to their underwear, jockstraps, or whatever."

When she saw everyone starting to disrobe, Monika turned to her assistants to direct them to disrobe and started to unbutton her own blouse. Her assistants were not too pleased with this development. The boys were in obvious glee at the prospect of seeing them in their underthings. The assistants felt that they would lose the respect and authority they would need to bark instruction and orders to the students to get them to perform per the program. Even the custodian seemed to be finding things to do in the gym more so now than usual. One by one, all of the girls were down to their underwear that had them on. Those girls and the one assistant, Rachel, that didn't wear bras, were now covering their breasts with their arms.

Although red-faced, Coach Monika stood in her stretch pants and see-through bra, her legs akimbo, her fists on her hips, and her nipples poking through staring down the boys who were ogling everyone they saw. "Boys, I said down to the jock straps. Now off with the shorts." The boys had pained expressions at this. "It is down to the straps now or no straps at all if you delay."

The girls looked on with smirks and the boys had a turn at feeling humiliated and embarrassed. By taking their time before, they were now on display for the process of taking their shorts off. The boys sat down trying to minimize the view the partially clad girls had of their harnessed packages. The one boy who did not wear anything for whatever reason was Thomas who now sat mortified with his hands tightly clasping his genitals.

"Okay, everybody down from there. I want you to take an extra ten minutes to stretch. With the distractions that are present here, I don't want any accidents or injuries." Coach Monika instructed. Then she huddled with her assistant instructors. After dividing up the duties she addressed Ms. Rachel with a wink; "I want you to give that Thomas an extra 'hard' workout today."

As they all stretched, Coach Monika walked in and around them talking about the program, their stretching and how they were to conduct themselves, "and this is sanctioned by the world body, so I want you to view this as a natural thing. Think of it as a nude beach. People walk around totally naked and the men don't get boners." Some of the boys covered their mouths to hide their laughs, but not Thomas he was genuinely worried since he had no way to harness a stiffy if it should arise.

"Get a good look at each other now, because I want your minds on your workout exclusively when we are through with this." Each time she would punctuate a statement she stood straddled over one of the boys' legs inviting them to look up at the underside of her pint sized breasts atop her slim athletic body. "Okay, now we do some sit-ups and push ups."

The group collectively groaned. She stood by Thomas as she announced, "partner up."

When everyone had a partner except Thomas, she stepped aside. "Okay, Ms. Rachel, it looks like Thomas needs a partner." Ms. Rachel knelt down at Thomas' feet and held his insteps for sit-ups. He tried to do them with his eyes closed, but he felt compelled to look to see her expression at having a close up view of his genitals hanging between his parted legs only to find that his eyes would get stuck on her blushing breasts capped with turgid gumdrop sized nipples. Despite his physical exertion, Ms. Rachel's proximity, her woman's aroma, and the sight of her firm breasts close enough for him to reach out and touch, were causing his wiener to shift from hanging down to flopped up into the crotch made by his bent leg and lower abdomen. He could feel his nuts churning and scrunched up his eyes to avoid any further accidental glimpses. Ms. Rachel made him do a double set as the others switched partners.

"Okay, good. Now we do pushups," Coach Monika directed. Ms. Rachel stood by Thomas in a half-kneel crouch ostensibly to adjust his form, but in reality, she was curious how he was going to manage doing full complete pushups with his dick hardening and pointing straight toward the floor. He wondered the same thing. As he lowered his body to the floor, the tip of his cock hit the mat straight on. Something had to give and the position of least resistance was to let it slide forward up under his belly, only this caused him further arousal as the mat grazed the underside of his cockhead. The dilemma was not lost on Coach Monika as she had them all do extra sets until Thomas whelped a frightened gasp and collapsed shuddering like a fish out of water for a moment as he emptied his jism between his stomach and the mat. When he didn't get up for the workout, several girls came to his side thinking he had injured himself doing the exercise, but Ms. Rachel assured them that he would be okay after a brief rest and to go get on with their workouts. Coach Monika gave Ms. Rachel the okay with her expression and a nod of her head that Thomas could be excused. He got up when the fewest teammates were looking, gathered up his clothes, went to the locker room to clean up, and got dressed to leave for the day.

The practice was tentative circuit training as the girls learned how to perform without the natural support of their clothing. Landings were problematic for those that wore no bras and it was just as interesting to watch someone else going through the discovery process as it was for themselves, so not as much progress was made as normal.

When they were through and about to leave, Coach Monika gave each of them a letter to give to their parents or sponsors. They were in unsealed envelopes so each girl read them before taking them home. In it Coach Monika outlined a program that each gymnast should go through to desensitize him or herself to the nudity they would most likely be performing in. Parents and sponsors were encouraged to require their gymnast to wear nothing more than underpants around the house. If guests should come to the house, then they should not be allowed to cover up. Having their families, or the people they were staying with, seeing them nearly naked all of the time would handle the first tier of shame they would irrationally feel. It went on to explain that chance encounters with guests would help them become comfortable with being that way in public. Then it closed with a promise of more instructions to follow.

'Oh my god. I can't show this to my sponsors.' Libby worried. 'I can't let them see me nearly naked like that.'

"Now, if I hear that any of you neglected to pass this letter on to your sponsors, I'll have no alternative but to let you go from the team. You all know what a privilege it is to be training here and there are many waiting for the opportunity to take your places." Coach Monika warned. "Now go and think of this as a new adventure."

Libby drove home in silence. Her sponsor, Rebecca Woodcock, sensed that Libby had something heavy on her mind and probed, "Tell me Dear, what's the matter?"

"Oh nothing." Libby tried to stall.

"Com'on, something is bothering you. What is it?"

"Here, this should explain it." Libby finally said and then handed her the letter but held on and tugged back as Mrs. Woodcock tried to take it from her. When Libby finally let it go she felt like she had given up her last defense.

"Okay, thank you. Let's read it when we get home."

When they got home Libby ran to her room and shut the door.

"Frank, come here. Read this." Rebecca said handing him the letter.

Frank's eyes lit up as he read and reread the instructions, then looked serious as he said to his wife, "I think this Monika whatever her name is a very wise person to suggest this."

Rebecca took the letter back from him. "Libby. Oh Libby, can you come down here?"

Libby came downstairs in a long, full terrycloth robe drying her hair with a towel.

"Libby, have you read this?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Do you comply with your coach's instructions?"

"Ah, yes I do Ma'am."

"Well then, why are you wearing that robe?"

"Oh, the robe?" Libby had nowhere to go with this and felt like a cornered animal.

"Yes, the robe. The sooner you start on the desensitization program the better, don't you think?"

"But Mr. Woodcock?"

"That's the point of it now isn't it my dear?"

Libby blushed several shades of red and opened her robe just enough to wrap her towel around her waist while the Woodcocks looked on side by side. Then looking down she let the robe fall from her shoulders down her back. Mr.Woodcock stepped back out of his wife's peripheral view so he could soak in the view of Libby's well-developed athletic body.

"Now that's better. That wasn't so hard was it?" Mrs. Woodcock asked.

"No." Libby conceded and then turned and headed back to her room to get ready for school.

Mrs. Woodcock turned to look at her husband whose expression instantly turned from lecherous to serious. She patted his chest as she went off to the kitchen.

Libby was attending a local community college. All of the effort she had made and competitions she competed in to join the national team had moved school down her priority list so she was finishing up high school in a GED program. As she sat in history class, the stories about spoils of war, pillage, and slavery in ancient times faded in and out of her daydreams. She daydreamed what it would be like if the members of this class were to see her naked, or mostly naked as she performed her routines in competition or was sold by slavers in the streets. Suddenly she was aware that she was probably the subject of someone else's daydream when she looked over at a young man staring at her. She had kind of fancied him too from a distance, but boyfriends and world-class competition don't really mix unless both parties are on the exact same program. The boys in her program were either too age regressed for her or maybe swinging the other way, so she contented herself with focusing on her gymnastics at the expense of romance. At the end of classes, she saw him waiting for her.

He approached her and introduced himself, although she knew his name was Mike. Mike disclosed he was having some problems concentrating in History and thought maybe they could compare notes. Libby agreed to let him walk her home. When she got there, both cars were gone so she invited him in with the caveat that he leave as soon as her sponsor returned.

Inside they sat on the couch and got to know each other a little better through conversation. Libby didn't hear Mrs. Woodcock roll in and was surprised when she entered the front hall from the back. Libby and Mike stood up and Libby fumbled with introductions.

"I see. It's nice to meet you Mike. And Libby, have we forgotten something?"

Libby's blood suddenly froze. "Ah Mike was just leaving. Weren't you Mike?" She said as she pushed him to the front door.

"Now Libby, that seems kind of rude. Mike would you like something to eat or drink?"

"Mrs. Woodcock. I think Mike needs to go. I've got a lot to do."

"Nonsense. You get ready while I take Mike into the kitchen to see what he would like."

Libby didn't know what to do. There was a guest in the house, a boy she could generate feelings for, and now her program called for her to be naked to her underpants in the house whether he was there or not. She stood with indecision long enough for Rebecca and Mike to return to find her in the same place.

"So Mike," Rebecca said, "did you know that Libby is a nationally ranked gymnast?"

He shook his head "no" and looked toward Libby.

"Yes, and now that they will be competing in uniforms like the rest of the world's top gymnasts, she is in training for being nude in front of people, aren't we Dear?"

"Ah, yes Ma'am."

"Then, get on the program, and do it promptly, or we'll take it beyond the one last covering, if you know what I mean." Her sponsor ordered.

"Yes Ma'am." Libby conceded and started a non-erotic striptease in front of the shocked guest Mike.

"So Mike, what do you think of the star gymnast now?"

"Ah Mrs. Woodcock, ah Libby, you are beautiful."

Libby blushed. She did not expect to be complemented.

"So Mike, come in and tell me a little about yourself while Libby brings in more refreshments." Rebecca said communicating with Libby nonverbally. Libby turned and left the room feeling both pairs of eyes devouring her naked skin as she left from their view. She looked down and was puzzled by how hard her nipples had become. She touched them and they were more sensitive than she had ever remembered them being. She mixed some lemonade and returned with the glasses on a tray at a level to hide her telltale nipples from view. When the glasses were taken from the tray, she held the cold metal flat to her chest.

"Libby dear, show Michael and me some of your gymnastics moves."

Libby was aghast at the thought, but then realized that this was it. This was the program she needed to be on to get over her inhibiting modesty, so she removed the tray apprehensively and stood before them in her nudity and decided to do a back bridging walkover. The two applauded asking for more. Then Libby did a forward handstand from a standing position to more applause. Pushing her limit, she extended her legs out to the sides giving her audience a view of a wet spot that had appeared between her legs she had now became aware of at the same time they did. So, she brought her legs together and finished the handstand forward to a standing position again. Mike gave her a standing ovation and Rebecca applauded looking pleased.

Libby excused herself insisting that she needed to get some work done. Mike left thanking his hostesses and Libby went upstairs to calm her racing heart and debrief what had just happened. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was flushed all the way down to the tops of her breasts. Her half grapefruit-sized breasts were heaving with each breath. Her hard nipples were begging to be touched and touch she did causing her body to shudder. She bent her legs in a plie to touch her moist spot. It sent more quivers through her body. She had never felt this sensitive before. She got deeper in her plie and pulled aside her underpants to look at her glistening crotch in the mirror. She arched back and supported herself with one hand on the floor while she stroked her crotch with the other. The shuddering was making it difficult to keep her balance but she knew that if she kept it up that there would be relief, a relief like no other that she had ever achieved. She lowered her backward arch to the top of her head so she could touch her breasts at the same time. Then with whimpering she could not control, there was a knock on her door and it swung open. Libby collapsed sweating and panting onto her back to the floor.

"Oh. Don't you gymnasts ever take a rest?" Mrs. Woodcock exclaimed. "I'll talk to you after your workout."

Libby was fried like she had been electrocuted. Here she was about to reach a moment of pleasure she had never experienced before and Mrs. Woodcock had caught her in the act of pleasuring herself. 'Did she say what she said to not embarrass me, or is she really that dense?' Libby wondered. So with her body ready for more but her mind's thoughts interfering with the circuitry, she picked herself up, splashed cold water on her face, toweled off, and went downstairs to talk to Mrs. Woodcock.

"Here I am, Mrs. Woodcock. You wanted to talk?"

"Yes Libby, I do. What are we going to do to have you comply with your coach's assignment?"

"I'll remember, Ma'am. I just forgot."

"Forgot, or were you trying to sidestep the assignment when I wasn't here to enforce it?"

"No, really, I just forgot."

"Humm. I think we should have you take your clothes off outside before you come in. What do you think?"

"But Mrs. Woodcock, people would see me..." Libby knew that line of objection was a dead-end.

"Yes, they will see and they can help me enforce it if I tell them to watch for you when I'm not here."

"Oh Mrs. Woodcock." Libby moaned. "I'll remember. You really don't need to get others involved."

"We'll see. For now, I want you to shove your clothes through the mail slot before you come in. That way I know you will be honoring the assignment from the moment you are inside to when you leave."

Libby thought for a moment. Coming back from practice when others are heading out to work would be a problem and coming home from school at early evening rush hour could also be a problem, but if she just stayed inside for the rest of the time, she should be okay.

"I don't see what all the fuss is. You have an incredibly beautiful body."Mrs. Woodcock observed.

Libby's nipples tingled and she tightened her knees together to squelch a rising tide between her legs.

"You have been performing before thousands of people all of your life in little more thanwhat a full one piece bathing suit would cover. I just don't see why we don't have you go without your underpants as well just to accelerate the desensitization process."

"Oh no, Ma'am. That won't be necessary." Libby implored her, now holding her pussy tight to stop it from getting any more excited.

"Well, maybe we could compromise somehow like new higher cut panties or wearing heels around the house or something." She said out loud to Libby then under her breath to herself, "I think Frank is going to give me some tonight." Then she got up from the table and left Libby alone to ponder her lot.

Libby absentmindedly stroked her pussy through her underwear as she sat pensively elbow on the table with her chin in her hand. Mrs. Woodcock was making noise upstairs, so she slouched back in the seat to tweak her nipples and stroke her pussy in earnest. She brought herself up to a feverish pitch again and then heard Mr. Woodcock's car starting to roll in. Could she finish before he made his way to the dining room or should she stop now? She wondered.

She sped up trying to beat the train to the crossing and then she heard the door open. Mr. Woodcock was obviously eager to get into his house. He walked briskly around the main floor and stopped when he came upon Libby hiding her red face as if in deep thought.

"There you are. Did everything go okay today with your new regimen?" He asked as if concerned.

Libby looked up to see him going over her body with his eyes. "Yes Sir, everything has been just fine." She was hoping he would leave her be for the moment but he stood there staring trying to think of something else to say.

"Honey, is that you?" Rebecca said coming down the stairs.

"Yes Dear. Just checking in with Libby here." Then when Mrs. Woodcock entered the room he asked, "Did we follow the new rules today?"

"Yes, she was very cooperative, except..."

"Except for what?"

"Except she had a guest over and forgot to undress per the program."

"Oh my. What are we doing about that?"

"I've had a talk with her and she is agreeable to new procedures to see that it doesn't happen again."

"Well, maybe she could do her evening exercises and stretches downstairs with us while we watch the TV as a way of making it up."

"Libby. Did you get that?"

"Yes ma'am." Libby said resigned.

Libby ate before the Woodcocks and ended up serving them their dinner at the table. Mr. Woodcock got red-faced every time Libby got near enough either serving or clearing for him to touch her. Mrs. Woodcock sat with the anticipatory glow of a new bride on her wedding night. After dinner they all retired to the living room where Libby began her evening exercises and stretches. Mrs. Woodcock cuddled next to Mr. Woodcock not paying much attention to anything in particular while Mr. Woodcock stared transfixed on Libby going through her paces.

Libby was growing more comfortable with her situation and decided to have a little fun by focusing her stretches in provocative poses for Mr.Woodcock's benefit. His breathing became irregular and she could make his eyes nearly pop out of his head with certain crotch shots and breast poses.

When Mrs. Woodcock noticed he had tented his trousers, she announced that it was time for bed and hurried him off to their room. Libby was fascinated by the effect she had on him and was as sensitive and horny as she found herself earlier. She put on some music and started to dance around the room expressively to the music. She was feeling less inhibited than she would find herself even in clothing. Her exaggerated movements had her dancing up onto the furniture and every once in awhile stopping to listen for footsteps coming her way. Finally she could take it no longer and started to hump the round leather arm of Mr. Woodcock's favorite wingback chair. Nothing was going to stop her now. This time she was going to conclude what she started whether an audience appeared or not. She couldn't control her whimpering and she didn't dare turn the music up any louder. She tried to place a hand tightly over her mouth to stifle the utterances coming from her sexual fervor. She tried biting her forearm, but the only thing that worked was taking off her panties and gagging herself with them while experiencing the exquisite sensation of humping the slick leather arm directly on her slippery twat. As she was about to cum she switched to the other arm to possibly prolong the tension a few more seconds on the cooler drier leather, but in moments it too was as warm and slick as the other one. Finally, she just sat down in the chair all together with her legs dangling over the arms and frigged herself to a welcomed conclusion relieving the tension she had built up during the day.

When she woke up, she found herself slouched, spread open in the chair with the lights still on and the music off. She stole her way upstairs and crawled into bed for a couple of precious hours sleep before that darn alarm would go off again.

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