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Wood Nymphs (Babes in the Woods)

By Spunk N. Wagnels

"Psst. Over here." Judy said to get the girl's attention.

"Who's there?" Wendy Wilson said back in a loud whisper.

It was dark.  Wendy had heard a noise by the woodpile and approached it


"Who are you? What do you want?" Wendy asked.

"Come here.  Come closer." Judy pleaded.

"Come out where I can see you." Wendy demanded.

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I don't have any clothes on."

"Why not?"

"Could you give me yours?"

"I couldn't do that."

"You live in there right?"


"Well?  You could go in and get another set of clothes to wear, couldn't

you?  I need them right away."

"Why don't I just go in and get you something to wear?"

"Please, I'm in a hurry.  I'll make it worth your while."

"Let me see you first."

"No.  I'm embarrassed. Please just toss me your clothes."

"How do I know if my clothes will fit you?"

"I'm the same size as you. I can tell from here.  Please hurry."

"You'll make it worth my while? How?" Wendy said, unbuttoning her blouse.

"What would you want?"

"Well, I want my clothes back for starters and some money."

"Okay, sure.  How much?"

"Fifty bucks."

"Wow, fifty bucks. Toss it here.  Thanks.  That's kind of steep don't you

think?" Judy said taking the blouse from atop the pile of split wood.

"No, I think it's fair." Wendy said unbuttoning her shorts.

"How about your bra? I'm going to have to run a long way." Judy asked.

"My bra!? Can't you just make do with the blouse?"

"Please. It hurts so much when I run without one."

"It's got to be fifty bucks then."  Wendy said reaching back to unhook her


"Toss it. Thanks. Okay, fifty bucks. You got it. How are the shorts and

underwear coming?"

"Underwear!? You don't need…"

"Com'on, fifty bucks! I think I'm renting the underwear too." Judy


"Geez, when do I get my things back?"

"Tomorrow.  I know where you live. I'll bring them back tomorrow I promise.

Thanks, this is fitting just fine.  Are the shoes and socks ready yet?"

Judy said from behind the wood. "By the way, can I make that a fifty dollar

gift certificate?"

"Like for where?"

"I know some people at different department stores around town. I might be

able to get the certificate at an employee rate and we both come out

winners. Oh these shoes will fit. Thanks, this is great of you to help me

out." Then Judy came around from behind the woodpile.

Wendy was standing in a huddle with one arm across her breasts and the

other hand covering her pubs as much as possible.

"I've got to make tracks.  Thanks again. What did you say your name was?"


"Thank you Wendy, see you tomorrow."

"Okay, what about the fifty bucks?"

"How does The GAP sound?"

"Okay." Wendy called back into the woods in the direction that Judy's voice

was trailing off in.

^Shit.^ Wendy thought. ^Now I've got to get some clothes on myself!^

She went to the door of her house and found it locked. She went around to a

window to try to catch someone. She saw her brother with a couple of his

buddies.  She tried to duck back out of sight, but one of them had caught

her image before she could hide.

Her brother and his friends rushed to the window. Wendy danced in the yard

wondering what to do and which way to go. While she was holding her arms

tight against her body to hide her nudity, and before she could decide, a

camera flashed.

^Oh shit. Oh shit!^  She realized, ^They're gonna come on out and torment


She dropped her arms and ran into the woods along the trail that ran behind

the houses of her neighbors.  She didn't want to stop for help too close to

her house, because her brother and friends would surely catch up to her to

humiliate and embarrass her unmercifully. She could not go too far down the

path either or she would end up at a housing complex.

She heard voices and ducked into a clump of bushes.  A couple of her

brother's friends went jogging by, talking about her as they passed.

^It is starting to get chilly,^ she began to realize, ^and it is going to

start to get light eventually. I've got to do something.^ She looked around

and then approached the house in front of her.

She looked in.  Lights were on, but no one was to anywhere be seen. She

walked around to the side, still no one inside.  Then she walked around to

the other side where the driveway and garage were, still no one.  She was

ready to go through some bushes to the house next door when a car turned

into the driveway lighting up her naked body as it drove in.  Wendy stood

shocked, her arms out to the sides, legs apart, ready to move in any

direction, but could not decide. The car stopped, keeping its lights on.

A girl got out of the passenger seat and called out, "Hey you. What are you

doing there?"

Wendy darted for a car in a carport.

"We can see you. Why are you sneaking around my house?" the girl asked


Her boyfriend got out and walked up next to her. "You go that way and I'll

go this way." He said.

Wendy bolted to the next object of cover, a boat on a trailer. "Don't come

any closer. Please!" She called out.

The girl and her boyfriend stopped.  "Come out of there then." She called


"No, I can't."

"Why not?"

"I don't have any clothes on."

"Why not?"

"I gave them to someone else."

"Right." The girl said sarcastically. "Why would you do that?"

"She was naked and needed them."

"That doesn't make any sense. Why would you give up your clothes to someone

else that was naked so you'd have to be the one running around in the nude


"She is going to give me fifty bucks."

"A friend of yours?"

"Ah, no."

"What's her name?"

"Ah, I don't know."

"You're going to have to come out and talk to us if you want us to get you

any clothing to wear."  The boyfriend demanded.

"Please, can't you give me anything to wear first?"

"How about handing over the fifty bucks then." The girl said.

"Ah, I don't have it. It is going to be a gift certificate for The GAP."

"A lot of good that does you now. Looks like you have to do what we say if

you want any help from us." The girl said.

"Okay, but please don't look."

"Right. Like you've got a choice." The girl observed.

Wendy started to come around the boat hugging her body for modesty until

she began to hear the faint voices of her brother's friends walking back

complaining about losing her.

"Whose that? Anybody you know?"

"It's some guys after me."

"So, do you want to go with them, or cooperate with us?" She challenged.

"With that Wendy stepped out from around the boat, looked anxiously in the

direction of the voices getting closer and said, "I'll cooperate, just

please don't let them know I'm here."

"That is a lot of requests for someone who has nothing to offer." The

boyfriend said.

"Please, could I have some of your clothes?" Wendy asked.

"Let us see you first, take your hands away." The boyfriend insisted.

Wendy took her arms down and held one hand in the other down if front of

her while the two circled her and ogled her nude beauty.

"Now, could I please have some of your clothes?" Wendy said padding in


"Go ahead Mel, give her something." The boyfriend suggested.

"You'd like that wouldn't you." Melody said.

"Yeah, let's see if your body compares with hers." He challenged.

Melody seemed to spark from the challenge.  She was proud of her body,

nineteen years old, fully developed breasts on an athletic body.  Her

boyfriend Peter was sparing in his compliments to her, but he often

demonstrated that he admired it. It was just that he had too much of a

roving eye for Melody's tastes. She wanted to win this showdown with Wendy

who was pretty enough, but not as athletic looking, so she peeled off her

clothes in a pile without offering them to Wendy.

"The bra and panties too, let's make it fair." Peter said.

Melody rolled her eyes and groaned, but complied.  She stood proudly with

one hand on her hip, all her weight on that leg, daring her boyfriend to

pick Wendy over her.  Peter put his chin in his hands and walked around the

two making a serious comparison between them.

"Humm, I think it's a tie." Peter declared.

"What!?" Melody said in shock and then anger.

"She has nicer tits and you have nicer legs." He said to his girlfriend.

Melody thought she had pretty nice breasts too, but was glad she won the

lower body face off.  "What's wrong with my breasts?" She challenged.

"Oh, nothing." Peter said. "I like them alright, but there is something

about these…" He said while hefting Wendy's breast.

"Hey!" Wendy said backing away.

"I just can't decide who gets to wear the clothes." He said.

"They're my clothes." Melody protested in shock at his trying to take

ownership of them.

"No, they go to the one of you who pleases me the most." He said picking

them up and holding them up and away from her.

"Hey, I'm your girlfriend. She's a naked stranger running in the woods."

Melody reminded.

"Sure but she came here for your help.  It would please me to see you be a

little more generous right now." He said.

"Go to hell. Give me back my clothes.  Give them back to me right now!"

"I think with your attitude She gets to wear them." He said handing them to

Wendy and stiff-arming Melody in the process.

While Melody and Peter faced off and argued, Wendy quickly put on Melody's

clothes and when she was dressed, she yelled "thank you" as she ran back to

her house.

Peter laughed while Melody flailed away at his upper arms.

"Well, if you're gonna be that way, I'll just take off." Peter finally

said, and went for his car.

"No, wait!" Melody screamed hitting his hood as he backed out. "Come back

here, you asshole!" She screamed as he squealed his tires in leaving.

^Oh shit, now what?^ Melody panicked.

She tried the door, but her key was still in her clothes. She was alone

this weekend in her family's home hoping to have quality make out time with

Peter while her parents were away on vacation. Now she was locked out until

she could get a key. This phantom naked wood nymph had come to her house

and run off with her clothes and her only means of entrance. The only other

key she knew about was the one her parents exchanged with the neighbors

across the street, if they still had it.

^Oh no not that!^ She realized. The Johnson's were nice enough. Mrs.

Johnson seemed pretty progressive in her dress and demeanor and Melody had

always looked up to her. Mr. Johnson, however, started to make her feel

uncomfortable from the time her body filled out in high school. Now that

she was in community college, and technically of legal age, Mr. Johnson was

frequently commenting on her looks and making passes at her, which she

constantly had to rebuff.

^Maybe I can just get Mrs. Johnson to come to the door without Mr.

Johnson.^ She hoped and decided to cross the street and try. As luck would

have it, the first three times she tried to cross, a car would come by with

headlights threatening to incriminate her in her condition. She ended up

scurrying back to her house like a squirrel.

When she crossed successfully, she went to try the front doorbell, but

another car sent her scurrying around to the side of the house. The chilly

air nipped at her nipples, and her juices flowed from the sensations of the

night air on her skin and the changing textures of the ground on her bare

feet. She followed it around to peer over the fence into the backyard.

Padding in place she saw people in the Johnson's hot tub.

With their backs to her and just the tops of the heads exposed, all she

could see was a female hairdo, and it didn't look like Mrs. Johnson. Then

she saw female clothing draped over one of the chairs between her and the

spa. She felt a sudden pang of guilt wash over her as she contemplated

sneaking up to the chairs and pilfering what she needed. Being more

concerned for her nudity than getting into her house for the moment, she

slowly and ever so carefully opened the gate. Once inside, she stealthily

moved in a crouch over to the deck keeping the chair between her and the

spa. At the edge of the deck she approached the chair on hands and knees

when suddenly she felt something poke at her nether lips.

She turned to sit and face her attacker. It was the Johnson's friendly

golden retriever. When it dove for her pussy from the front to give it a

couple of snorts and maybe a lick, Melody pulled its head up and tried to

scratch it around the ears, "There, there Sandy, nice to see you too," she

whispered. But, the dog wanted to sniff her snatch more than receive the

attention around the ears and kept diving for Melody's female scent. Melody

had neither the strength to fend it off nor the daring to fight harder

fearing she might draw attention to her presence, so she crawled quickly to

the chair and slowly reached up while Sandy licked and snorted furiously

along her pussy. She turned again and put on the underwear panties but

Sandy licked through them. Then she put on the shorts, and then Sandy

started to lick her nipples. She pulled on the tube-top and then Sandy

licked her face. She grabbed the shoes, got up, and made a mad dash for the

gate with Sandy bounding along behind her. When she slammed the gate to

keep Sandy in, she heard a voice from the spa call out, "Who's there?"

She started to run down the driveway when the spa inhabitants approached

the gate. As she hopped to pull on the last shoe, a car turned into the

driveway. It was the Johnson's. For the moment she was trapped between the

Johnson's and the naked group at the gate to the backyard. Mr. Johnson got

out first and while walking around to open the car door for his wife he

asked, "Hey Mel. Nice outfit. What are you doing over here this late at

night?" Melody proceeded to tell him she needed the key to her house while

the naked strangers bolted out of the backyard with their clothes in their


"Whose that?" Mrs. Johnson asked.

"I don't know. I thought it was you guys." Melody explained. Fortunately,

the dim light didn't reveal her blushing skin color, but there was no

hiding her rock hard nipples poking out through the thin material of the

stretchy tube-top.

The group from the hot tub made it to their car. All got in except the

naked girl whose clothes Melody had ripped off. She was screaming softly

but insistently to be let in. The boys would open the door and as she would

start to get in they would pull the car ahead and then stop. This game went

on for a while until someone rolled down the window and said to the naked

victim, "What'll you give me if I let you in, Rache?"

Rachel replied, "Com'on this isn't funny. Let me in."

"We dare you to go through that park, and we'll pick you up on the other

side. We promise."

"That's no fair." Rachel protested. "I am already on a dare to get in a

stranger's hot tub naked with you guys."

"It will get you extra bonus points for the end of the contest."

"You'll be there … on the other side … at Oak and Lane?"

"At Oak and Lane; we'll be waiting."

"You promise." Rachel said as the window rolled up and they were off.

^Oh shit! This could be dangerous.^ She realized. ^What if a stranger comes

out and attacks me.^ Her only hope, she realized at this point, was to make

her way across the wooded park and not be seen. ^Those assholes better be

waiting for me or I'll …^

Her thoughts were interrupted by voices coming her way. She ducked into a

frog squat under the cover of bushes at the corner of the last house on the

block before crossing the street to the park. The couple came to a stop at

the corner and embraced in a long drawn out passionate kiss. Rachel was

trapped for the moment. If she were to get up from her squat the street

light would reflect off of her white skin, especially her milky white

breasts and pubic areas inside her well defined tan lines. While she

waited, a curious cat came meandering up to her and leaned against her for

friction in passing. When the warm Rachel did nothing, the cat turned and

walked beneath her arching and swaying her back to keep in contact with

Rachel's own pussy as it passed under her. Rachel uttered a groan and

immediately covered her mouth with both hands.

"Did you hear something?" The woman on the sidewalk asked breaking from the

embrace she was enjoying with her male partner.

"It's probably just some animal or something." The man said and re-embraced

her for another kiss.

Meanwhile, the cat had turned and wanting to rub its back against the warm

human again slithered underneath this time from the rear. Rachel couldn't

get her hand down in time to stop it so she tried to quell her utterances,

"ah, ah, eeeeeeee …" instead.

This time the man stopped the kiss. "That is one strange sounding animal.

Maybe it is sick or rabid."

"Maybe it is wounded." She added.

The sensations for Rachel were so surprising and intense that by the time

the tail grazed her spread pussy pedals she got faint and fell over into

the bushes making a loud crackling sound.

"My god, whatever it is, it sounds like a big bugger. Let's go." The man


Rachel started to remove the poking branches from her side when the cat

came by for a sideways lean into her pussy again. She was too weak to shoo

it away and didn't want to bring the couple back so she let the cat's fur

glide along her nether region and legs one more time. She was propelled

into a state of bliss. "Hey! Where are you going?" She whispered a scream

of shock at the now bored cat. "Get back here!" But the cat had its own

agenda, which no longer included rubbing up against this human.

Rachel tried to rub the sexual itch away herself, but then realized that

the guys would be waiting for her at the other side of the park, at least

for a while. She got back up in a crouch and looked around, her head

feverish from the stimulation, her pussy itching for relief, and her side

smarting from the branches poking her in her fall. She watched for the

occasional car and made a beeline across the street under the light. Her

breasts bobbled so she held them with her hands as she moved in a stealthy

crouch. When she got to the park she realized she had the choice of

crossing the open field where the sunbathers, Frisbee tossers, and dog

walkers all shared the open space during the day, the path along the edge

that the joggers and amblers shared at all hours, or go directly through

the woods that was crisscrossed with trails but none lit or any that would

directly traverse the park. She hid just off the path in the woods trying

to decide which way to go.

Off across the green grass she could see no one as far as the streetlights

would go. Along the paved path no one could be seen in either direction.

And, the woods would provide the most cover, but there was no telling what

it might do to her bare feet and legs. She decided to follow the paved

path, which although it provided immediate cover should she need to duck

into the woods, it was longer than straight across the green area.

She started off, trying to run but finding the need to stay more on the

balls of her feet on the pavement. She wanted to cover her nudity with an

arm across her breasts and a hand over her bikini area, but found that she

needed to cradle each breast in a hand to maintain maximum progress. As the

path curved, she hoped she would end up at Oak and Lane where her ride

would be waiting. It was more difficult to be certain in the dark only

occasionally punctuated by overhead lighting. She slowed to a walk to think

about the direction she was going. As she was deciding if she was heading

the right way, she became surrounded by a swirl of friendly dogs. There

were only two, but it seemed like twenty as they ran around her barking,

jumping, and sniffing. When she tried to calm one down, the other poked its

snout in the area of her unfulfilled excitement. She would turn to deal

with that one and the other would snort a whiff.

To her horror she heard a man's voice whistling and calling the dogs. She

wanted to run for cover, but the dogs energetically bounding around her

effectively prevented her escape. "Here Rooster, here Bull." The man

called. One dog jumped up and Rachel held his paws while it licked her neck

and chin. The other dog was running its hairy snout up the insides of her

legs tracing the extent of the scent her excitement had left. "Down boy,

come here Bull." The man ordered as he got close enough to apologize and

introduce himself as Randy. "I'm sorry for that. My boys get as excited

seeing a beautiful naked woman alone outdoors at night as I do."

Rachel rushed to cover herself from the young man's glare. "Thank you

Randy. Can you hold your dogs while I get going? I have to meet my ride

before it leaves."

"What, are you a streaker or something?"

"Yes, kind of. It is on a dare."

"Oh, I see. Well, this is not the best place to be at this time of night.

Maybe I should accompany you to keep you safe."

There was something about his voice that made Rachel think it was the best

thing to do under the circumstances. "That would be nice, would you let me

wear your tee-shirt?"

"I thought you were in the park on a dare. That wouldn't be honoring the

challenge now would it?"

Rachel could appreciate the logic in that, and he hadn't forced himself on

her as yet. "Okay," she said as she turned to go, her arm across her

breasts and a hand over her furry triangle, "it is this way I think." She

said with a head nod. She walked on as fast as she could impatient to reach

the waiting car and wanting to minimize the view she was giving the man

behind her of the muscles in her legs and the jiggle in her butt cheeks.

Randy caught up to her and laid the end of a dog's leash over her shoulder.

"Here, hold onto this. Then anyone coming by will know you are with me."

Rachel was perplexed by the directive but removed her hand from her pubis

to take the leash since he was still behind her. Now that she was walking

instead of jogging she was painfully aware that the man was enjoying the

sides of her breasts squeezing out from around her arm and hand. Then came

the other leash over the other shoulder.

"Here, you should take this too. After all I am doing you a favor of

providing you protection until you reach your ride."

Rachel didn't want to release the last hold on her modesty by grabbing the

leash and let it fell to the ground.

"Well? Fairs, fair." He insisted.

Rachel bent down to pick it up spilling her breasts into his view.

"I don't know why you were trying to hide such a beautiful pair as those."

He said embarrassing her.

Rachel was pulled right and left by the dogs eager to sniff as many places

along the way as they could before their master would take them home.

Rachel pulled back on them to keep making forward progress toward the

waiting car. Her new bodyguard watched amused as she struggled to go on. He

grew excited watching her move immodestly forward in fits and spurts. He

wanted to touch her bounding breasts and feel how hard her erect nipples

were. He wanted to stroke her furry lips as the dogs pulled her into wider

strides. But, much to Rachel's relief she finally saw the guys leaning back

on the car under a streetlight waiting for her to show up.

"Here," she said handing the leash handles to the gentleman, "that's my

ride. Thank you."

There was still twenty yards to go so he said, "Let me meet them to make

sure everything is going to be okay." And didn't accept the dog leashes


Rachel, a bit frustrated, growing humiliated, and still completely

embarrassed, continued all the way to the car and tried to hand them back


"Who's this Rache?" One of the guys asked.

"This is Randy. He saw that I made it across the park okay."

"Hi Randy. What did Rachel pay you for that service?"

Randy smiled. "Are you going to be okay?" He said in a brotherly way.

Rachel nodded, but the guys were still waiting for the answer so he said,

"I enjoyed the view." Rachel blushed and looked down while the dogs pulled

at her arms in different directions.

"Rache, he likes the view. I think you should pay the man some more."

"Com'on. Let's go. You promised."

"Yes, but we didn't count on you getting help. The dare isn't complete

until you pay the man completely for your service. I think you should dance

for him. Jimbo, put on some music."

"You can't make me do that. I mean what do you want me to do? I already

went on two dares and I only needed to do one."

"Yes, but we were interrupted on the first one and you didn't go across the

park alone on the second one. Let's say you dance for us and we call it


"What? Out here? Under the light from the street?"

"Sure. If the cops or somebody threatening comes along we'll all hop in and

make tracks back to the lodge. Go on, move."

"Geez, this isn't part of the initiation. I think this is going too far."

"I'd get moving if you want us to vote you high marks for cooperation and

follow through." The guy warned.

So with a pained expression, Rachel started a little movement with her arms

straight down in front of her and body language showing everyone she was

mortified to be doing it in public in front of varying degrees of


"That's it." The guy encouraged. "Loosen up a bit. Look like you enjoy

doing it. It always gives the dancer higher marks. Okay, now put your hands

behind or over your head. It makes your tits look perkier."

Rachel put her hands on her tits. She wanted to block the eager eyes

staring at them.

"If you are going to touch them, play with them."

She took her hands away.

"Now look up. Smile. Brush your hair back out of the way of your face."

She pulled her hair back and left her hands behind her neck. Her movements

started to become more fluid now.

"You don't have to open your eyes, but look like you are enjoying this."

She opened her eyes and surveyed the tenting shorts and trousers she had

created. When she saw a couple of leering turned on expressions, she closed

them again to block them out, but not from her mind as she started to feel

the tension building up between her legs again to the point the cat had

left her with.  Rooster and Bull were leaping at the end of their leashes.

"Okay, this is good. You've got everyone excited, including the dogs. Now

touch yourself."

She opened her eyes in shock.

"Touch yourself. Do it, if you don't want us to touch you."

She cupped her breasts looking for reassurance as she continued to grind to

the music.

"Play with your nipples."

She did so. With her eyes closed again. She wanted to touch them by this

point anyway.

"Now touch your cunt."

She opened her eyes again in horror.

"You know, take your hands and pull the lips apart and show Randy how much

you appreciate what he did for you."

The guy made a motion that he was going to come towards her so she widened

her knees and showed the pink inside her cunt lips. She felt moist and

worried that they may see her juice as she did so.

"Now stroke it. Stroke it like you would pet a pussy."

She closed her eyes. The pussy reference was too much for her to resist

getting her hand into the action. With eyes closed she stroked her snatch

and pinched her nipples not caring any longer that she had an audience or

that she was out in public, albeit late at night. She was really getting

into it and so were the hungry eyes watching her.

"That's good, real good." The guy encouraged. "Hey man. Hey Randy where are

you going?"

Randy was flushed and nervous. "Gotta go." He pulled on his dogs. "Thanks

Rachel. See you later." He said in a hurry to get some private time.

"Yeah, in your dreams, I suspect." The guy said where Randy couldn't hear.

"Okay Rache. You can stop now."

"Hunh?" She said incredulous, continuing to stroke herself but with her

eyebrows raised and her eyes and mouth wide open.

"You paid him enough. He left."

"Oooooo." She whined still stroking only slower.

"Save some for the finale later." The guy said holding his hand out for her

to come along with him.

Rachel finally stopped, tried to shake it off with a full body shudder, and

pulled her sweaty locks out of her face. On the way to the lodge she just

stared out into space wondering what the finale would be like.

Cars were parked every which way in the trees as the regular parking spots

were all used up. This was the Hanson family lodge and Hoagie Hanson was a

fraternity brother who let his fraternity, the Sigma Epsilon Xi's, use the

lodge for special occasions while he was in school. After he graduated, he

continued to allow the fraternity to use it as long as they returned it to

a state that they found it in and that he could be present. At age 39 he

had seen many of the Beta Delt ceremonies. This was the one where a class

leader was chosen for the freshmen pledges. The Beta Delta Phi's often

solicited the cooperation of the Sigma Epsilon Xi's for their sorority

initiations and other rituals.

"Tonight you girls were sent out on dares along with your observers and

graded on guts and difficultly or as we like to call it, 'style and

technical merit.'" Announced the Exalted High Priestess of the Sisterhood

over an old microphone and Fender amp set up. She addressed the group of

Beta Delt's and Sigma Ep's from in front of the large fireplace whose

opening was almost as high up from the ground as she was tall. Fraternity

and sorority members crowded in front of her making the area a kind of

stage. Those that wanted a better view also looked down from the railing

around the horseshoe shaped hall of the second floor that ringed the open

middle area of the lodge.

The participants were led in and lined up facing the members in the

traditional Beta Delt ceremonial uniform, a red ribbon bowtie, red bikini

top, red mini skirt, over black garter, smoke stockings, red panties, red

high heels, and red ribbons tied in bows on their wrists.

"One of you chickened out all together and has elected to leave our

hallowed group. The rest of you are discovering what it takes to go from

babes in the woods to women of the world." Applause punctuated her remarks.

She was the picture of a house leader in her black leather dominatrix

outfit complete with exposed hard nipples poking through circular openings

in her shiny metal chain and black leather bra.

"I see here some of you left with your clothes and returned with new

clothes on, and others left with clothes and returned without any. I am

sure we are all anxious to hear the stories, aren't we?" Whistles joined

the applause.

"Now that you have completed the compulsory section we will move on in a

moment to freestyle." The girls shuffled and acted a little nervous.

"Remember, the winner will be the class High Princess and will only take

orders from an upper-class High Princess, or of course, Me." A couple of

girls looked back at her over their shoulders at her. "Since nobody has

challenged any reigning High Princesses tonight in a dare, we are here

merely to crown the leader for your class." Judy stood up straighter,

determined she would be the one. "Now we will have one spokesperson from

each observing group come up here and advocate for their candidate." With

that, the High Priestess stepped aside.

The judges were the other High Princesses, and as a token of appreciation,

the prefects of the fraternity had a voice but no votes. They listened to

the tales of dares accepted and carried out to one degree or another. The

girls had to perform the dares to stay in the sorority, but only a few of

them wanted to compete to the extent of winning the rank of High Princess

and accepted more challenging dares to get extra points for difficulty,

such as Cheryl.

"Our Cheryl had some difficulty at first." The spokesperson for her

observing group began. "Cheryl comes from Iowa, is it? And although she was

her high school class president for several years, I don't think she has

ever exposed herself to others, maybe even a boyfriend." Cheryl looked back

as if to set the record straight on that last remark. "So, when she took a

dare from the high difficulty hat to gain extra points, she may not have

realized what she was in for. Isn't that right Cheryl?" Cheryl looked

around quickly, blushed, and looked down.

"As you recall, Cheryl was to take this here boom box and crash a party

with more than twelve people in attendance, play the tape and take off her

clothes. Then she was to dance for at least one song completely naked

before hightailing it out of there. The plan was for there to be confusion

long enough that she could get through a song completely before any action

was taken to stop her. We stopped at a house with lots of cars and Cheryl

almost called it off, but a little reminder of how much fun she would have

in the next three and a half years as a Beta Delt convinced her to go ahead

with it." Applause with whistles broke out. "Yes our Cheryl crept around

past the backyard into the woods at the edge to assess the situation. A

party was underway with couples we could see through the sliding glass

doors from our vantage point in the trees. She boldly went in, but on

wobbly legs, set the player down on the end of a finger food table, and

punched play."

Cheryl looked around the main room in the lodge out of the top of her eyes

to see how people were reacting to her story being told.

"There was already music playing, so that became an area of confusion for

her. She looked back for clarification, or maybe it was just to get

permission to call it off; we'll never know, because when we waved her on

she turned back toward the gathering and gyrated slightly to the music that

was already playing as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse."

The careful observer in the lodge could see Cheryl's nipples poking through

the thin material of the bikini top as the embarrassing events were being

told. Cheryl was keenly aware of this development and tried to will them

down. It was humiliating enough to stand in front of her schoolmates in

sexy revealing attire having them hear about her earlier embarrassing

events of the evening. Like the other girls, she was a freshman away at

school for the first time. They wanted the connections and fun that the

sorority would bring them, but these exhibitionism dares were pushing them

way out of their comfort zones.

"She was noticed by only a couple of guys at first. They moved forward and

effectively blocked the sight of her from most of the partiers. You should

have seen the expressions on those mugs when our Cheryl stepped out of her

skirt and had nothing on underneath. Soon others were poking their heads

between them to see what all the excitement was all about. I have to say

our Cheryl danced with her hands trying to cover the important areas. We

forgot to make that part clear. Our two guys came to the rescue by

approaching her and each grabbing a hand to shake 'Hello.' Cheryl kept on

dancing, even though she wanted to crawl into a hole and hide, I'm sure,

until a serious type approached and asked what the hell was going on. I

suppose she could have said she was a Strip-O-Gram or something and

completed the song, but her lack of logical comeback had the boom box

placed in her arms and her clothes tossed at her as she was asked to leave

before the cops got there.

"That was not cool. She tried the dare but she didn't get to complete it so

we had to improvise to get a completed one. We drove around thinking … oh,

and she didn't get dressed in the car at our request. Give her extra points

there. … we drove around and decided that all she needed to do really was

to do a nude dance to a complete song so we drove out further to the Boar's

Head Tavern and asked the barkeep if our Cheryl could dance a number in the

bar, no charge."

Cheryl started fidgeting noticeably with what she knew was coming next.

"He said sure, but make it quick because they were not zoned for it. Well,

Cheryl got up on a corner platform reserved for a small band on some other

night, pulled off the work shirt from the trunk of the car, and we put

money in the jukebox. We luckily found the long version of 'Peel Me, Feel

Me, Love Me' and Cheryl danced for the whole thing."

There was a pause like that was the end of the story. Cheryl looked back to

insist on the epilogue.

"Oh, and our Cheryl will want me to also mention that she was cornered on

that stage by the rowdy appreciative flannel shirt and jeans crowd for

another couple of songs until the barkeep felt he had to put a stop to it

all so his place wouldn't get shut down."

Cheryl looked pleased.

"That should be good for extra points too."

Cheryl looked up and down the line thinking that maybe she was the

front-runner at this point.

Judy initially thought she was on top because she had outwitted another

person out of her clothes. She thought that would demonstrate that she

should be the leader. When she got back and found that her humiliation was

nothing compared to the others and saw how overcoming embarrassment was

prized in this competition, she became desperate to figure out ways to make

up ground.

When each group was through recounting and advocating for their charge, the

High Priestess went on to explain the elimination round. She explained that

she would toss out dares and anybody that didn't want to follow through

with it could be excused from the selection process for High Princess.

Everybody knew that the High Princesses gave the orders rather than

followed them, and if you successfully met all challenger dares in the

succeeding years, you became the Honorable Exalted High Priestess in your

senior year to serve as the highest authority over everyone else in the


The seven finalists stood nervously in a row padding in place awaiting

their fate.

"I dare you to dance to this music." The Honorable High Priestess said over

the makeshift PA.

All seven girls danced in place as if they were with partners on a

nightclub dance floor. Judy realized from the accounts of the other girls

that she had better up the ante or she would be out of the running for High

Princess, so she tried to dance as provocatively as she could by grabbing

her breasts and crotch as she moved.

"I dare you to turn and face me while flipping up your skirts in back."

All of the pledges complied and some like Judy and Cheryl scissored their

knees to rock their hips in a sensuous manner. It was becoming apparent who

wanted to win the most.

"Now I dare you to turn and face your school mates and hold up your


A couple girls were growing uneasy with this, but all complied. Judy,

Cheryl, Rachel, and Kelly all wobbled their breasts and Judy even kissed

one of hers.

"Okay, now I dare you to take off those tops."

They had all been naked as part of their compulsory dare but one girl

decided that it was still too much to do it in front of so many classmates

that she would see throughout her college career and bugged out to become

part of the audience. The six remaining girls reluctantly displayed a nice

variety of breasts, all of them young and perky ranging from grapefruit

halves to three quarter honeydew melons in size.

"Nice wouldn't you say?" She asked the audience. They acknowledged with

whistles and applause.

Some girls just kept on dancing timidly. All showed the blush of

embarrassment about their heads, necks and chests, but Judy led a few in

playing with their tits in provocative ways, pinching nipples, licking

their areolas, and flopping them alternately up and down with their hands.

It was obvious to the observers that Judy, Cheryl, and Rachel at least were

going to go the limit come hell or high water. Kelly and the others might

just go on to see how far they could go. For them, this humiliation and

embarrassment were growing increasingly less worth it. As time went on it

was easier to be nearly naked in front of the students they would see in

passing, in classes, and at parties, but the Exalted High Priestess kept

notching up the humiliation past the growing comfort to in an effort to

select the bravest woman of the group to be the class leader and part of

her administrative court.

"Okay scrubs it's time to pull down your underwear."

All but Judy hesitated, but all eventually did carefully step out of their

red undies dropping them an arm's length behind on top of the bikini tops.

Their expressions now ranged from competitive to ultra nervous with

pronounced blushing. Kelly, for example felt a particular naughtiness

combined with vulnerability knowing that all that prevented everyone in the

room from seeing her hairy pussy was a short flared skirt as they continued

to dance and flirt with exposing their most private body zone to an anxious

and eager group.

Now everyone in the room wanted to see under the short skirts. The dancing

produced what they believed were glimpses of the targets of their

imaginations and many of them thought they now knew who dyed their hair and

who was sporting their natural color. Judy wanted the attention to be

focused on her so she flashed the group a couple of quick times. It worked

the way she wanted for a moment, but then the members present spread their

attention over the others after a couple of Judy's flashes causing her to

go down the line and flip up the skirts of everyone else to even things

out. This made the other competitors angry with her and they tried to fight

off her offending hands when they knew what she was up to.

"Cat Fight! Cat Fight!" some of the audience yelled.

"Okay girls." The High Priestess announced to calm things down. "Now I dare

you to remove those skirts."

"Noooo o o  o   o" The girl, Nancy, next to Kelly whined.

"Com'on. Hang in there. They've seen it now already." Kelly reminded her.

Kelly reached for Nancy's skirt while Nancy had her hands over her face and

unwrapped it for her before she could stop her. Nancy opened her eyes wide

looking down in horror realizing that she was now naked except for

stockings, garter, and heels in front of a room full of people. She rushed

to cover up and turned toward the fireplace as the others removed their

skirts, trying nonchalantly to cover their breasts and pubic areas, all

except Judy that is.

"Nice job girls. You are making this tough for me. Okay, now face the

front, feet shoulder width apart and your hands clasped behind your heads."

Nancy was hands and knees at this point trying to find her underwear

panties and bikini top on the floor while trying to do something about

hiding her hanging breasts as she searched. Then she rushed to the back of

the room holding the clothes against the front of her body to dress. She

was through with it all.

"Well now, only one of you has dropped out with this. I'm impressed." The

High Priestess congratulated. "Okay, this should stir things up, cameras

are now allowed."

Kelly's hands immediately dropped, as did the girl next to her and they

quickly searched for their things and went to the back to dress. This left

Judy, Rachel, and Cheryl. Judy was bound and determined to be crowned while

Rachel and Cheryl remained because they felt that with all of the

humiliation they had already endured that they had better have something to

show for it.

"Well now, three brave candidates, all worthy to be High Priestess. This is

sizing up to be quite a contest don't you think? This was answered with

applause whistles, and now camera flashes.

As soon as the flashes started, Rachel rethought her decision to remain a

challenger and quickly joined the others in the audience.

"And then there were two. I'm not sure what it is going to take to get one

of you to concede, but we're going to find out. Okay Jim are your boys


A frat brother signaled people in the back. In walked eight freshmen in

just their tee shirts and underwear.

"Ummm good. Okay girls, I dare you to get these boys up and milk them dry.

There are two of you and eight of them. Let's see who can produce the most


Judy and Cheryl were each handed a wine carafe. Chairs were brought out and

lined up where the seven girls had been. The freshmen pledges tried to look

anywhere from eager to nonchalant about their participation in the

initiation, but they were all secretly anxious about being exposed and made

to perform in front of their peers. Judy picked the pledge with the biggest

bulge to do first, thinking the bigger the bulge, the more cum. Cheryl

picked whom she thought was the horniest, thinking the hornier, the more

cum built up. The pledges were lined up in front of the chairs and told to

face the group, drop trow, and sit down.

The girls went to work getting their first choices hard. Judy chose to rub

her body parts on the young man's genitals while Cheryl gave her bull a tit

to suck while she stroked his genitals with her hand. Both techniques

worked and most of the other pledges were getting hard just watching and

imagining it was happening to them. Judy bent down with her ass sticking

out to the watchers, thinking it is now or never, using her thumb to stroke

the underside of her bull's cock, while Cheryl stood behind hers mashing

her breasts around his neck as she used her fingers on the underside of his

cock. A guy next to Cheryl reached over and started to stroke her nipple

while lightly stroking his own cock. The two guys on either side of Judy

each pulled a cheek apart to show more brown and pink to the cheering


Cheryl caught her bull's semen in the carafe and held it up for inspection.

Judy almost missed the opportunity from being distracted by the

manipulations on her behind but managed to get the majority of it resolving

to be more attentive the next time.

They each went on to the next one. It became more of a problem for them

though, as the other pledges crowded in around them and pawed their flesh.

Judy came before her bull did from the sniffing and licking one guy was

doing between her legs along her snatch. Cheryl was close to coming several

times and had to stop for moments to will the frigging she was getting away

or to mentally help the clumsy fiddler give her the needed orgasm.

Each of the girls came several times by the time they were down to the last

two bulls. All of the pledges on the stage were tired and spent except for

the last two. Judy rushed to get the one whose cock was already at full

staff while Cheryl was left with the embarrassed one she found covering his

limp soldier with a hanging wrist. Judy got right to work milking her bull

with all of the energy she had left while Cheryl slowed down and grew

tender with hers. She knew the heightened humiliation and embarrassment he

was enduring right now. She sat straddling his lap and hugged her breasts

into his face. She wasn't sure if she felt a stirring or not so she

whispered in his ear. He started to gobble her breasts audibly. Then she

slid off his lap hiding his tool from nearly everyone in the lodge with her

body and sucked it into her mouth. Chairs being moved and the sound of

people jockeying for position were the only things heard beyond Judy's mock

moaning and groaning to keep her bull on task.

Cheryl bobbed her head up and down the lad's shaft. It was impossible to

tell if he was hard or she was carefully holding her head and artfully

sucking so that it would appear that he was. Meanwhile, Judy had finished

her bull and joined the others in trying to figure out what exactly was

happening. The lad's head went back; he held the sides of the chair with

his hands; his legs went straight out on either side of Cheryl inviting her

in. His eyes rolled up. Still everyone couldn't be sure if they were seeing

the real deal or an incredibly well carried out act. The guy finally lunged

his hips up pushing his cock into Cheryl's face. She met it with each

lunge. The room was completely quiet except for his groans and Cheryl's

moans. She kept her mouth around his staff as he began to relax and

luxuriate. When she eventually got up she smiled to the rapt audience. They

saw that he was limp. The brothers and sisters let out a sigh of collective

disappointment and sat back down.

Cheryl held her carafe up next to Judy's for everyone to see. If it wasn't

a tie, then Judy's might have just a little more it was determined. Cheryl

held hers up to the audience, smiled and spit out the cum she had been

holding in her mouth. The room exploded into applause, whistles, and

cheers. The lad who's cum she was holding sat up straighter in his chair

with his arms crossed and smiled proudly.

"All right!" The High Priestess announced. "It looks like we have a tie."

Cheryl approached Judy, took her carafe, and combined the contents of hers

into Judy's. She swirled it and held it up over her head to examine it from

all angles and then announced, "I dare you to drink all of this in one

breath." She handed it to Judy who looked at it down from the opening, then

the sides, and from the bottom trying to decide how badly she wanted to

become the High Princess. She imagined what it would be like to drink it

and had a visible gag response from the thought of it.

A pin could be heard dropping it was so quiet. Judy stood with her left arm

resting across her lower ribs just below her breasts and held the carafe

out from her body with her right elbow resting on the back of her hand for

leverage thinking about whether to take Cheryl's dare or not. After all,

Cheryl had held cum in her mouth for several minutes, so she would probably

do the dare if Judy refused. Judy made a swallowing nod motion with her

head to signal that she was getting ready to down the contents of eight

horny lads' ejaculate. Having never even had a penis in her mouth, the idea

was particularly abhorrent to her. Her desire to win was just too strong so

she took a couple of deep breaths. Then she aimed the lip of the carafe to

her mouth, squeezed her eyes shut and drank the contents with grimace that

would be treasured by all of those with a camera. And, the pictures would

surely be pulled out for a laugh should she make it all the way to Exalted

High Priestess of the Sisterhood.

"Good job your Highness." Cheryl said now posing proudly in her nakedness

for the steady stream of pictures taken to finish off everybody's rolls and

standing next to and putting her arm around Judy, who was bent over

coughing and wiping her lips on the back of her hands.

"I present you your new High Princess of the Sisterhood, Princess Judy."

The P.A. system confirmed.