The Lessons of Panty Rose
by Spunk N. Wagnels

Chapter Three

"Can I call you 'Boxer Rose?'" Jill teased as John joined her at the breakfast table in just his boxer underwear.

"Funny. Very funny." He retorted sarcastically. "Okay, the joke is over. You got me. You got me good. Now let's get this damn thing off of me."

Jill looked hurt. "I have faith in Panty Rose and I was hoping you would too. Except for yesterday, we've hardly had any intimacy for months. You didn't even kiss me good-bye when you left for work yesterday. That's not what a marriage is supposed to be like." Jill voiced.

"I'm sorry Honey. Come here." John said inviting Jill to sit on his lap.

After giving John a big kiss, Jill continued, "I love you and I want us to remain soul mates rather than have us evolve into strangers."

"Me too." John confessed and then nuzzled Jill's cleavage.

Jill ground her pussy onto John's clear plastic braced genitals. "Ooooo ..." She squealed lyrically.

"Time to get this thing off." John announced sensing the strain of his erection against the confinement of the chastity device.

"Let's go next door." Jill said getting excited as she arose from his lap.

"What? You don't have a key here?" John said in near panic. "Let's go." He grabbed Jill's hand and headed for the door.

"Wait! Let me put something on." Jill pleaded. She didn't want to walk next door topless in just her panties.

"This was your idea. Remember the rules, 'underwear or less.' Com'on, this thing is starting to hurt."

Jill grabbed her tits with her left arm in a hopeless attempt at modesty and support as John pulled her over to their neighbor's door. John rapped his knuckles against the door in a rapid insistent succession while Jill huddled in a squat in an effort to become invisible.

Rose slowly opened the door to see who was there. John pushed it open and dragged Jill in. Rose was pleased that John presented himself in just his boxers and Jill in just her panties, but she was not pleased with their rude entrance.

"We've come here so you can get this thing off of me." John announced.

"And good morning to you too." Rose said sarcastically.

Jill felt insecure by this and thought the whole program was about to unravel. "I'm sorry. I never got a key. Can you help us get the penis thing off?"

Rose just looked at them for a moment standing in her shorty nightgown with her arms crossed under her breasts. "Let me think about it a minute. Wait for me downstairs."

Down they went. Instead of waiting in the sitting area, John opened the door and went on into the playroom to look around. Jill tried to stall him but she didn't want to upset him any more than he already was. He looked around in drawers, at things hanging on the wall, and tested padded apparatus while Jill clutched his arm looking back for Rose.

"Hey Honey, look at this. What do you think this is for? John asked holding up a metal tampon like tube with two hooks for fingers and a plunger with a hole for a thumb.

"Maybe you'd like to find out." Rose said threateningly leaning against the doorframe that lead back to the sitting room with both her ankles and arms crossed. She had changed into a lavender leotard like outfit that was shiny and opaque in the front half and transparent down the entire back. Her look was completed with matching lavender high heels.

John lost some of his bravado and the couple acted a little like they were caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Then he renewed his reason for being there, "Can you please get this off me. I want to make love to my wife ... the way you taught me to do it." He said trying to suck up to Rose a little. Then he dropped his boxers to show her the painful state he was in.

"Okay. But first I need to put the wrist cuffs back on." Rosa announced.

"Is that really necessary?" Jill asked attempting to mediate.

"So now you are questioning Mama Rose's training too." Rose said to her causing Jill to worry. "Now I want you both to have cuffs on."

John would agree to anything to get his chastity device removed and Jill would agree to anything that Rose requested because she had growing faith in Rose's ability to save her marriage. So, they both allowed Rose to put the wrist cuffs on them. Then she hooked them with their arms outstretched in front with each over a padded rail hitting them at their upper thighs in such a way that they had their back ends toward each other.

Then she addressed the two of them. "So, you come barging into my home on a peaceful Saturday morning basically creating a fire in my life that I am forced to deal with and put out before I can get on with my day. Then you wander in my house in places you are not invited. Well, you want to know what this thing is, do you? Let me show you."

With that Rose worked with the tube at a counter turning her back to him. John's eyes and mind wandered up and down Rose's exquisite form from the back displayed uninterrupted but for a sheer lavender material making up the back half of her outfit. She smirked out of his sight at the whimpering he made when his constrained cock met its match in the chastity device while taking in the view she was giving him. When she returned to stand between them they both craned their heads to see what she had in mind. As promised, she reached around and took off the chastity device. John breathed a sigh of relief until he felt the metal tube, now greased, being inserted into his anus.

"Hey! What's the idea?" He protested.

"You created a fire for me to put out today, now here's a little fire for you to put out." She replied as she plunged a suppository into his rectum.

"Rose, what are you doing to him?" Jill asked hearing John's concern and discomfort.

"Here, you can see for yourself." She told Jill as she pulled down Jill's panties and slipped the same kind of suppository into Jill's behind.

"What did you do? What is it? It's starting to burn." John asked frantically.

"I've got a fire hose to help you put that fire out if you can assure me you are going to show me more respect."

"Sure. Okay, just put it out." John implored her.

"Jill, do you think you two can show me more respect in the future?"

"Yes Ma'am. I promise I will. Please put the fire out. It itches awfully."

"I only have one hose, so you'll have to share." Rose said amid their hissing, squirming and padding in place.

First she put a double-ended dildo into John's asshole. Then still ignoring his objections, she put the other end into Jill's asshole. The couple soon learned that if the dildo moved in and out that it created the illusory sensation that they could rub the itchy burn away given enough friction. They had limited leeway however, and they were each so frantic that they could not work in harmony to get the job done.

Rose put her hands on their rears to calm them a moment, "Your rudeness and demeanor this morning was shocking. You have been nothing but nice to me for two years, then you want my help and look how you treat me now. But it gives me justification to skip ahead in the training to this exercise which will teach you that if you work together, you can achieve mutual relief, but if you continue to work independently of each other, you will wallow in misery and frustration." Then she took her hands away and watched as the couple experimented with alternating thrusts with their hips.

Soon they were verbally coaching each other and considering the progress of the other in their calculations of how to maximize the friction for themselves. And, as the cooperation bred a faith that they would be able to overcome the burning itch of their sphincters, they grew less manic about it and had the presence of mind to communicate with Rose while they managed their own relief.

"What is this, Rose?" John asked as pleasantly as he could muster between hisses and labored breathing.

"Well, since you seem to have calmed down a little, I'll tell you. It's Mama Rose's special spiced suppository. It is all completely safe, made with all natural ingredients like ginger and things. It gives you the kind of punishment you can really get behind."

"How long does this insane itching last?" John asked.

"That's up to you. You two seem to have worked out the system. At this point what you put in is what you get out."

The two of them stepped up their pace. Jill began to moan. John's penis was grazing the underside of the padded bar with his forward thrusts. There was just enough friction to the top of the corona that it was causing him worry about losing it before he'd get a chance to make love to his wife. And then Rose stepped up and grabbed the dildo, giving it a twist and moved it back and forth randomly. John and Jill froze and tried to enjoy the new motion. But, when Rose slowed down, they scrambled to get back in sync with each other again.

"Good, tres bon." Rose commented. "You are learning an advanced level of the same lesson, that when things come between you two to upset your routine or the status quo, if you stay on the purpose, you can get right back to reaching your mutual goals."

Soon Jill had an orgasm and collapsed. "Com'on Honey. Don't quit on me now." John implored her.

When John pulled away and then thrust back, the dildo had pulled out of Jill's behind and merely bent into a half circle and flopped down. Rose let Jill out from her bonds and showed her how to work the dildo in John's asshole for him. It was a maddening feeling. It was so slippery, that all he really felt was full back there.

"Would you like something with a little more to the surface?" Rose asked compassionately.

"Yes!" He nodded emphatically pressing his lips together tightly.

"Here Jill, you can use this." Rose said giving her a vibrator with a hooked end and ridges on the shaft.

"Here it comes Honey." Jill assured him. "It's ribbed for your pleasure." Jill and Rose smiled at an inside joke.

John thanked them with his outbursts, " Ooooo yah, do it like that. Yeah. A little faster ... yeah ..."

"He might really like it this way." Rose said as she turned the dildo in Jill's hand, guided her wrists to a new angle and turned on the vibrations to stimulate his prostate from the inside. To Jill and John's surprise he shot a load forward onto the floor.

Rose unhooked his wrists and pulled him over to the three-foot overhead bar and reattached the cuffs to each end. John took every opportunity to check her out from behind as she directed Jill to clean up his mess. Then he panicked when she brought the penis trap back with her.

"Hey! Not that thing again. I want to make love to my wife." John protested.

"I thought you just did. You had a mutual sexual moment together and you both had an orgasm. I count that as an improvement over the way it's been lately." Rose posed.

"But, that wasn't ..." He started to say.

"I'll tell you what." Rose said bringing Jill over to stand in front of her husband. "I don't think you have another one in you, but here is your wife naked with a special trim down there, just for you. I'll be quiet and if you can get it up in the next minute by looking at and thinking about her, I'll leave this thing off for today. Okay?" She said close up and then pinched his nipples hard before stepping back.

"Ah ... Honey!" Jill said as the allotted time started ticking away. "What should I do?"

"No touching." Rose interjected.

"Ah, dance or something." John said panicked as his manhood was failing him.

Jill was too inhibited to dance while naked in front of him much less their next door neighbor so she stopped within seconds of trying, saying, "I'm sorry Honey." And they both gave up.

"That was actually almost two minutes." Rose informed them. "I'll just put this back on for the training in trust."

Frustrated by not winning the impromptu contest and lacking much to say, John complained, "Why am I the only one wearing a lesson of trust device?"

"You're right. That isn't ultimately fair, is it. I have one for Jill to wear too."

"What?" Jill gasped shocked.

John felt strange and confused with his minor victory as he watched Rose attach a locking acrylic chastity belt on his wife. It had an opening large enough for normal elimination and wiping, but was narrow enough to preclude vaginal penetration of all but a finger.

"There. Now you two are both even." Rose said. "And I don't want to see you back here again until you are prepared to treat me with common decency and the respect someone like me deserves since you would have me be your teacher."

Rose let John down and ignored his muttered curse as he looked scornfully at the plastic cage, while Rose removed his wrist cuffs. He put his boxers back on and started to the door, "Are you coming?" He said turning back toward his stalling wife. She gave him a look that let him know to go and she would follow shortly.

Jill stayed to talk to Rose before leaving. First, she apologized for the way they acted earlier. Then she reiterated her appreciation for Rose's counsel and training. Rose accepted both graciously. Then Jill asked about the keys.

Rose replied, "For now you'll find the keys to each of your future short-term dilemmas is in your nipples."

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