The Lessons of Panty Rose
by Spunk N. Wagnels

The following is adult fiction intended for legally mature adults to view at their discretion, where and when it is legal to do so. Similarity to persons, living or dead is coincidence. The author reserves all rights. Permission is granted to archive in places where adults can legally view it free of charge, and as long as no words are changed, including this disclaimer.

Chapter Two

"Are you trying to be another Panty Rose?" John asked Jill since she was walking around in just panties and one of his old shirts.

"No. But speaking of 'Panty Rose,' she wants us to come over tonight and help her with something." Jill said mysteriously.

"But I promised the guys ..."

"This is more important!" Jill glared in a way that John knew he would lose the battle if he went to war over it.

After dinner Jill announced, "Let's go."

"Aren't you going to put something on?"

"I'm dressed, at least as much as Panty Rose dresses. Come on, I don't want to be late."

Jill looked cautiously around the neighborhood for anyone who might see her dressed as she was while they waited for Rose to answer the door.

"Greetings neighbors. Won't you come in?" Rose said wearing a yellow satin housecoat. Her bullet nipples poking through the material immediately distracted John. The shape and movement of her rear cheeks drew him to follow her into the living room.

"Will you excuse me?" Jill asked and left the room.

"Can I get you anything?" Rose offered.

"No thank you. How can I be of help? Jill said you ..." John asked a little red faced as Rose's femininity was continuing to fuel his distraction.

"Sit down. Tell me something. Do you love your wife?" Rose asked.

"Well, of course I do."

"How much?"

"More than anything in the world, I guess." John replied not sure where Rose was going with the line of questioning. He had dreamed of doing it with Rose many times but never thought it a good idea to even flirt with her and take it in that direction.

"More than anyone else?"

"Yes, well my family is up there too."

"Okay, but that is in a different way, don't you agree?"

"Sure, of course."

"Do you think you have been demonstrating to Jill that you love her more than anyone else lately?"

"Now see here ..." John reacted indignantly.

"I found Jill crying this morning after you went to work and she felt that you had fallen out of love with her. What would make her think that?"

John looked at Rose searching his mind for a response, "Hunh," but it remained blank despite the expression of concerned bewilderment he maintained.

"Just thought you should know." Rose said seemingly letting him off the hook.

"Well, okay. How can I help you?"

"Follow me." Rose directed and led him downstairs. Once in the sitting room she said, "I have decided to help Jill and I need you to help me." John looked at her with cautious bewilderment. "Come in here."

John followed her into the playroom. "No way." He said wanting to turn and leave at the sight of some S & M type implements. Rose gently but decisively grabbed his upper arm and pointed with open palm to Jill lying on her back with her ankles attached to the ends of a five foot bar suspended from the ceiling.

As Rose guided John toward Jill she explained, "Jill is in training, but her training is in its infancy." John alternated between his wife's embarrassed look and her gaping pussy looking at him from between her outstretched legs. "And, as an infant she wouldn't have any hair down here." Rose said pointing to Jill's crotch. "As the person who loves her and has pledged to take care of her, I'm asking that you be the one to help me remove all of that hair."

"But I wouldn't know ..."

"I'll direct you. You'll be fine. First, I'd take off your shirt. This could get messy." Rose directed.

John took off his shirt, flattened his chest hair, and then rubbed his hands together in apprehensive anticipation while Rose moved the implements and supplies next to the padded bench she had placed in front of Jill's "V" display. She instructed John to moisten and soften Jill's nether beard. Then she talked him through the scrape, rinse and drying procedures.

John sat entranced looking at his handiwork and his wife's denuded pussy lips like he had never seen them before. He needed little prompting to touch the area to see if the work was indeed complete. Jill tossed her head from side to side and griped the edges of the padded box while trying to stifle her moans as his touch brought back memories of a particular feather that had its way with her there earlier.

"Let me check." Rose insisted and placed her fingers on the newly shaved skin and moved them around with an experienced touch. Jill's head shot up to look and stare at John between her legs as Rose frigged her to a convulsing climax at the same time that Jill pinched her own nipples hard.

John was in shock. His mind was asking <What just happened here?>

His confusion was interrupted by Rose asking, "If you love your wife like you tell me you do, you probably want to be the one doing that, am I right?"

"Ah, yes ... of course."

"Then you probably would have no problem kissing her there, right?" Rose asked.

John actually did have a problem with that as did Jill reciprocating it for John, but the soft rubbery pink folds looked new and different to him. The whole setting was hypnotic and Rose was an effective enchantress so he agreed to kiss his wife on her nether lips. His kiss became a gobble. His tongue became a probing snake. And, amidst his newfound pleasure he didn't even notice that his wrists were now cuffed and being brought to behind him.

"Don't worry. I just don't want you to use your hands by accident." Rose revealed as she clipped his wrists together.

Rose placed her hand on his crotch. "It seems you are getting a little tight down there." John nodded through the gobbling. "Stand up and I'll help you out of these." She said with her hand on his belt buckle.

John didn't much care at that point. He was making his wife squirm with pleasure and he could use some stimulation himself, and so far Rose had been nothing but caring to his wife's needs, so he stood, bent at the waist to maintain contact with his wife's cunt, and barely noticed his pants being pulled down except for the relief of having his cock and balls spring free.

Jill came once and John continued the cunnilingus some more. Then he grew so turned on that he attempted to hike her, but Rose pulled his dick head down saying, "Ut, ut, aaAaah. Not here, not now. You two can reserve that for your own bedroom."

John turned toward her red-faced, frustrated, angry, and still bound in back. Then he became overwhelmed with embarrassment as he realized he was naked with an oozing hardon in front of his neighbor whom he barely knew.

"Would you like to enter training with your wife so you can have that taken care of?" Rose asked referring to his twitching cock.

John nodded "yes" with tightly closed lips. Then he said, "Please undo my hands."

"All in good time, my dear. Right now you seem a little bit unruly. I don't know if Mama Rose can control her new child. I think you should have a good American time-out while we get you ready." Rose said helping Jill get up. "I'm going to have you stand here." She said placing him under the three-foot bar. "Jill, honey, please hand me that there." She said referring to what looked like a leash with a tiny choke chain at the end. "Thank you. You see this, John? This loop only tightens unless you work this open here. I'm going to put this on you for a little insurance until you are fully accepted into the program."

With that said, she gave the leash to Jill to loop over her husband's balls at the base. Jill slipped it on and pulled it snug with a worried but hopeful look on her face at how John might react. Then with Rose holding the leash she did as instructed and clipped John's wrists to the ends of the overhead bar.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Rose said removing the choke chain and briefly massaging the tactile memory of it away from his genitals. Next she gave Jill a bottle of hair remover and had her smear it all over John from the neck on down.

"Hey, what is this stuff? It stinks and it stings." John asked.

"You must learn to crawl before you walk, so we are taking you back to infancy." Rose explained.

"Jill, honey, don't. Get it off. What will the guys say?"

"Who do you love more, your wife or 'the guys?'" Rose asked.

"My wife, of course." He relied. "Honey, stop, please."

"The most precious thing you have to give anyone is 'your time.' If you truly love Jill more, then it stands to reason that you would give her more of your time than anyone else."

<Oh god> He thought. "How long is this gonna take to grow back in?" He asked.

"Not long." Rose replied matter-of-factly.

As they waited the maximum time for the lotion to depilate, Jill sat on a bench beside him tapping the underside of his cock head playfully each time he started to go limp. They reassured him that he would get his release shortly.

Once they had him standing in a washtub and got him all rinsed off, he asked to be released from his bondage and relieved of his hardon.

"Do you want us to do it for you, or do you want to do it yourself?" Rose asked.

John looked back and forth at the two smiling women then announced sheepishly, "you guys."

"Well then, we will need to have you put this on for that." Rose said referring to a leather collar with rings attached. She took one hand down and snapped the cuff to one side of his neck and then the other while Jill, and Rose occasionally, gave John's hairless genitals a playful squeeze to reassure him that he was going to get the attention he was waiting for.

When Rose positioned and strapped him in a chair whose seat was a ninety degree angle "V" designed to support just the thighs and butt cheeks leaving the male genitals open and dangling, she started to describe the lesson. "So John, do you remember me telling you that the greatest gift you can give someone is 'time?' Your first lesson is going to be learning how to take your time." Then turning to Jill and holding up John's balls and cock for display, "This makes him look so frisky, doesn't it?"

"Like a frisky little boy." Jill responded with a playful smile for John.

"I want you to play with this frisky little boy while I go upstairs for a moment. Now I want you to play nice with him and don't let him make any messes on this floor. If he is about to make a mess, I want you to pinch him here on the base like this and bite down on one of his nipples at the same time. Can you do that for me, Dear?"

"I'd be glad to play nicely with my little boy friend." Jill replied and moved in to work her magic hands on John's cock.

When Rose returned with a bowl, Jill was pinching and biting just as instructed.

John was wincing and thinking he made the wrong choice. If he had agreed to do it himself, he'd be done by now he thought despite the inherent humiliation of taking care of it in front of two watching women.

"Let's do it again." Rose directed and Jill got him ready to explode minus one or two strokes. Then she bit his nipple while pinching him off. "Keep chewing on that nipple." Rose ordered while she replaced Jill's pinching with packing John's genitals in ice water.

"Aaaagh. What are you two doing to me?" John said with desperation and discomfort.

"Honey, Honey, she knows what she is doing. Just trust us." Jill pleaded.

Jill and Rose repeated the cycle several more times until Rose gave the nod to slowly finish him off. Jill started with the slightest of touches prompting John to buck up against her as much as he could given his restraints and Rose cupped a warm hand onto his balls to feel them churning. Soon Jill's hand was flying up and down, John was screaming "godt, godt, godt," with every few cycles in an effort to make that stroke the finisher, and Rose just smiled as she felt his balls tighten and shoot the pent up load in an arc between and past them.

"Honey, Honey," John finally implored Jill, "you can stop now. I don't think there is anything more to release and I can't take it any more... Thank you."

Rose had Jill clean up John's mess while he basked in the after moments, not caring that he was still bound to the special chair.

When he showed signs of coming back on line with the reality of the moment, Rose pulled the end of a bench up and asked him, "So, what have you learned here today?"

"That this is one fucked up thing you've got going here."

"You mean to tell me you didn't enjoy giving your wife pleasure more than you have ever done before or that you probably just had the best orgasm of your life?" Rose challenged.

"I'll give you that."

"There is more of that to come. Do you still want to be in the program?" Rose asked.

John looked at Jill who was saying "please say 'yes'" with her eyes and then looked at Rose pensively, "Okay, I guess."

"Good. Now for some homework and rules." Rose said putting her hands on her knees to stand up. "First off, my teacher told me to never wear anything more than underwear, if that, around the house." John looked at Jill for a little inside joke and understanding. "Of course, you will need to make some accommodations for being in public places concerning laws and such, but always wear a little less than expected.

"What's the reason for that?" John challenged.

"Dressing just a little riskier than you are comfortable with will be your way to remember to think of each other throughout the day no matter if you are together or not."

John stuck out his lower lip and nodded to say that it made sense from his standpoint, while Jill was getting ready to explode with appreciation for everything Rose was doing so far.

"And then there is the matter of homework." The two of them were peaked with curiosity, especially for the item Rose was mostly concealing in her hands. "This is going to be a lesson in trust." John looked down in panic as Rose moved in to fit a clear plastic device to his cock and balls. Jill hurried to see over her shoulder. They both saw the clear plastic chastity device with a locking ring around the base of John's cock and balls. From there went four plastic bars ending at a ring to form an open curved down tube big enough for John's cock to rest in but too small for an erection.

"Hey, get that damn thing off of me."

"Now John, you agreed to try out these lessons further. I think you and Jill might have a very big problem if you don't at least give it a try." Rose warned.

"But ... But how do I ... I mean ... Wait a second what about the trust thing?"

"John, you have been asking Jill to trust you with all of these nights away from home which leads us today where she was ready to give up on the two of you. In this lesson, you will learn to trust that she will release you when need be and that your releases will not be unreasonably withheld from you. This will bring her back into the marriage and you will be getting a preview of a very important lesson that you will take from all of this later." Rose lectured ending in the click of the little padlock.

Rose unfastened his legs. Then she unhooked his cuffs. Both Rose and Jill removed the cuffs while John looked down sadly at his cock in the clear plastic cage. He rubbed his wrists and tried to walk but the sensation of the sweat in his newly hairless crotch and butt crack made him walk funny. "Come on Jilly, let's get out of here." He said gathering up his clothes.

He put on his shirt and boxers, but when he went to put on his pants, Jill reminded him that it was underwear only or less from now on.

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