The Lessons of Panty Rose
by Spunk N. Wagnels

The following is adult fiction intended for legally mature adults to view at their discretion, where and when it is legal to do so. Similarity to persons, living or dead is coincidence. The author reserves all rights. Permission is granted to archive in places where adults can legally view it free of charge, and as long as no words are changed, including this disclaimer.

Chapter One

Jill and John's next-door neighbor was a single woman named Rose. "Panty Rose" was the nickname they had for her since most of the time they called on her or saw her for fleeting moments around her Victorian house, she merely wore her underwear below the waist. They didn't know if it was because she liked to show off her exquisite legs or that she didn't like to be encumbered by usual clothing, but there she was, each time they encountered her, wearing pink or lavender silk panties with a man's shirt, short housecoat, bulky sweater, or other conventional top.

She intrigued them and for a couple of years they went out of their way to wave a greeting, make short small talk from their driveways, to take over items from their garden, or to bring a Christmas greeting in season. They tried their best to be good neighbors but the relationship barely scratched a surface. That is until the day Jill was pacing outside in her driveway obviously distraught and in tears at what she thought was John's infidelity.

Rose approached her caringly by putting an arm around her to arrest her movement and calm her. "What ever is the matter?" Rose asked in her French accent. "Take a couple of deep breaths ... That's it. Now tell Rose what the problem is?"

Jill sniffled back some of the tears, "I think my marriage is over."

Rose hugged her with her chin on Jill's tucked in head and patted her back. "Com'on, come and talk to me over some tea."

Jill felt comforted by Rose's womanly body and voluptuous warm breasts pressed against her. She agreed and allowed Rose to walk her over to the large Victorian house with Rose holding her at the shoulders. She sat in the living room and watched Rose through the dinning room making tea in the kitchen. She was distracted from her suffering momentarily as one of those soft warm breasts poked through the housecoat when Rose reached overhead into a cabinet.

Jill and John had guessed Rose's age to be everything between thirty-five and fifty depending on the lighting or circumstance. Her body seemed younger, but the wisdom in her face made her seem older. Now that Jill was observing Rose in her sunlit home, she was settling on early forties.

Here you go." Rose said offering Jill some tea. Then she sat down across from her holding her own cup in her hands at her knees.

Rose's housecoat tails lay down on either side of her thighs showing her shiny pink panties and it was barely held together by the belt giving Jill an eyeful of cleavage as she thanked her for the tea.

Jill was again distracted by Rose's hard nipples poking at the silk from the friction of them moving against the sensuous material when Rose asked, "Now tell me all about it."

"I, ah, I think John is seeing another woman." Jill said between sniffles.

"How can you be so sure? You two always look so happy together." Rose challenged.

"Well, we ...."

"Com'on, you can tell Rose. What happened?"

Jill looked at her tea for a moment and looked up to say, "Well, we don't have sex much anymore and John stays out late with friends or works late at the office."

"That of course doesn't prove it, but it looks bad. What is your sex like when you have it?" Rose said without hesitation.

Jill looked Rose in the face for assurance after being shocked by the directness of the question. "Ah, it's just normal sex I guess."

"Do you get an orgasm?"

"Ah." Jill stalled. She didn't know if this was such a good idea. Even though she and John had lived next to Rose for nearly two years, they kept their conversations at just the pleasantries. "Sometimes I guess." She finally said.

"Do you make it so he thinks you do each time or do you let him know that he needs to do more?" Rose queried.

"I don't like to make him feel bad, but I think he can tell." Jill confessed.

"I see what the problem is. You need someone in charge." Rose said. Jill looked at her quizzically. "It doesn't matter whether he is exploring more exciting avenues for his urges or not at this point. I am going to teach you how to make it so he only comes to you for it. Are you interested?"

Jill nodded, took a sip of tea and watched Rose's nipples move under the silk robe as she stood up.

"Stand up. Let me have a look at you. Let's see what we are working with here." Rose ordered.

Jill stood up as she put down the cup and saucer.

"Turn around." Rose directed twirling her finger before her. "That's it. Nice, very nice. Now take off your blouse."

"What?" Jill responded with shock.

"Look, someone needs to be in charge and right now that someone is me. Now take off the blouse like a good girl."

Jill thought about exiting, but was mesmerized by this woman who was pitching in to help her and undid the buttons of her blouse.

"All the way off." Rose insisted, looking at her pensively.

Jill untucked the tails from her pants, pulled the blouse off and then hugged her stomach with her forearms.

"Very nice, very nice. Now the brassiere." Rose added.

Jill looked at her suspiciously, but when Rose's expression remained unchanged, she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra and let it slide down her arms. Feeling awkward and embarrassed as Rose looked her over, she clasped her hands backwards in front of her lap.

"You follow directions very well." Rose rewarded. "Now cup your breasts like so." Rose said putting her hands under her own breasts. Jill complied in a manner that offered up her nipples and areolas to Rose's gaze. "Nice, tres bonne. We have something to work with here."

"What does this have to do with ...?"

"Put your hands back under your breasts ... That's it." Rose said while approaching her. Then she took the sash end of her short robe and grazed the silky material across Jill's nipples alternately.

Jill rolled her eyes up under her lids, gasped for some air and went a little weak in the knees before she came to her senses and looked where Rose was looking now at her erect nipples. Her hands instinctively moved to cup her nipples. Rose briefly showed a flash of amusement but came back to character, took a step back, and asked that Jill remove her pants.


"You want me to help you, no?"

"I guess."

"Then do as I say. Please remove your pants." Rose ordered, standing feet apart, fists on hips, arms akimbo and her housecoat hanging open to reveal her trim stomach and shiny panties.

Jill let go of her breasts, kicked aside her sandals, and lowered her pants.

"Humm. Nice, very nice. Exquisite. You will have nothing to worry about. I will make it so he will worship you and you will worship him." Rose promised.

Jill's embarrassment was being tempered by hope and growing faith in Rose's intervention in large measure from her directness and confidence.

Rose led her out of the pooled pants by the hand. "Come with me." Rose said taking Jill by the hand down the front hall and to a door behind the stairway leading to the basement.

"I really should get back." Jill protested before the light was switched on.

"Come with me, Silly. Let Rose take care of everything."

Jill tried to still her bouncing breasts with her left arm as she was led down the stairs by the hand. When she got to the bottom she saw an old-fashioned sitting room with three closed doors leading somewhere. She was led to an overstuffed camelback settee. "Sit here while I get some things." Rose suggested.

Rose came back and sat in the chair next to the settee and held some suspicious items in her hands. Jill's body language reacted to the sight and stiffened. Rose added to her apprehension by asking, "Have you ever given complete control over to another person for a period of time?"

Jill searched her mind as much to accurately answer the question as to figure out a way to get out of there. "No." She replied fearfully. "Not unless you count being drunk or as an infant."

"Well take as an infant for example. When you were completely helpless your mother fed you, cleaned you, comforted you, and moved you around to where you needed to be. Isn't that right?" Jill nodded cautiously. "That felt good, didn't it, when your mother took care of everything for you?" Jill nodded again. "Let's try that again right now." Jill put her hands down on the seat cushion at her sides ready to get up at a moment's notice. Rose got up, sat down next to Jill and put an arm around her. Jill stared at the inside side view of Rose's breast now only half covered by the open robe while she felt an involuntary shiver go down her body at the feel of the padded leather items in Rose's hand touching her upper arm.

Then Rose dangled a leather cuff with one finger. "I'm going to put these on you now."

"Bah, ba, but ..."

"Don't worry. You can trust Mama Rose. When you were a baby you weren't able to resist, but now that you are a full-grown woman your mind will force you to try and resist. That will defeat the lesson now won't it?"

Jill looked in panic as Rose brought the cuff slowly to her wrist. "Here, you put this on. That will tell your mind that you intend to have this lesson."

Jill looked alternately at her wrist, Rose's breast and Rose's face as she put the first cuff on. Then she looked as if ashamed at her other wrist as she put the second one on.

Jill moved the cuffs around her wrists nervously as Rose stood up and held out her hand for Jill to join her. "Come with me." Rose asked. "I am going to take care of the first step at your taking back control of your marriage."

Rose walked Jill into a room that looked like an adult playground with the colors and padded apparatus. "I'll have you stand here."

"I don't think I want to do this." Jill implored.

"That's perfectly normal." Rose empathized. "Consider, however, that things are the way they are for you because of the way you have been acting. If you change the way you are acting in your marriage you will naturally change the outcome. One outcome we want to change is for you to be more orgasmic."

"Now I know I don't want to do this."

"Trust me, My Dear." Rose assured her. "I won't do anything you will not appreciate when we are through... Just to be sure, if you will allow me to help you explore the edges of your comfort zone a little more than you know about right now, we'll use a code word you can say and I'll stop whatever I am doing. What would you like that safe word to be?"

"Ah, ah, ..."

"How about 'fiddlesticks?' I heard it said in a movie last night and it struck me funny." Rose offered.

Jill looked at Rose in horror as Rose matter-of-factly took one arm and hooked her wrist to the end of a three foot bar hanging from the ceiling on chains like an aerialist's swing. Then she whimpered "no" as Rose took her other wrist and fastened it to the other end. Jill instinctively twisted and tested her entrapment. Rose ran a caring hand down Jill's upper chest to calm and reassure her like she would a newly adopted pet.

"I think you will be more comfortable in these unfamiliar surroundings if I put this on." Rose said referring to the blindfold she had temporarily draped over her shoulder.

Jill was already dizzy and disoriented. Her will to fight Rose or even to say "fiddlesticks" was too low and she didn't raise much more objection to having a blindfold placed on her eyes than to scrunch up her face as if Rose were about to feed her a spoonful of objectionable medicine. Rose was careful to keep one hand in caressing contact with Jill's body at all times as she walked around the prey in her web.

Rose worked her way down Jill's body turning on each and every sensual switch along the way. Jill was swooning in pleasure right up to the point that she felt Rose's fingers hook inside the elastic band of her underwear. "Oooooo" Jill mewed and padded in place. "What ... ?"

"Relax, and let Mama Rose take care of everything." Rose said as she pulled Jill's panties down and guided her feet out.

Jill felt exquisitely vulnerable with the coolness of the room lapping at her moist pussy and her hands unable to protect it. Then Rose's hand left her body and Jill felt a sudden wave of panic. "Don't worry, Dear. I am over here." Rose said as she grabbed a bench and slid it toward the up stretched Jill. Jill listened intently as the bench scraped the floor and grew closer until it gently bumped her legs prompting her to spread them to accommodate it sliding between them. "There, that's better. I needed to sit for the next step." Rose explained.

Jill was happy that Rose had returned. Her hands were gliding sensuously up and down Jill's legs now hinting that eventually they would explore the one last area on Jill's body that was yet untouched. But, instead of fingers, she was startled by the insanely stimulating touch of a feather. She squirmed and mewled and twisted and howled and tiptoed and squealed as the long feather sawed and danced it's way along and across her hungry pussy lips. When her body couldn't take it anymore she came in a series of exhausting orgasms right as Rose pinched her nipples hard at the high point of each climax.

Jill hung limp unable to lift herself off of the feather that was now mounted in the bench angled toward her pussy. Her body felt drained and her nipples ached. As she regained her composure and moved the slightest bit, the stationary feather sent an electric sensation up her body to her head. First she would reflexively move her hips back, but the feather's angle maintained contact. She tried moving to the side, but it was more or less caught in her swollen pussy lips. And, anytime she grew tired of trying to stand off of it and moved forward again it shot another electric shot up her body to her brain forcing her to reflexively shoot back again.

Rose was silent. Jill's eyes were still blindfolded so her whole attention was now directed at getting off of the offending feather. In her efforts to move off of it, there was a point where a switch went off in her head and instead of trying to stop the sensation, she couldn't get enough of it. As she sawed her pussy over the feather, she wanted to bear down and get more friction, but as she tried the feather bent with her and gave her little satisfaction. She called for Rose, but got no response. The only thing she had any control over was humping that feather until she could flush the new sexual frustration away. Jill worked up a sweat thrusting her pussy forward and back and around the feather until she tightened her breathing and vocalizations and exploded into a satisfying orgasm right as Rose surprised Jill by pinching her erect nipples again.

"Rose? Rose?"

"Call me 'Mama Rose' for this My Dear. We're not through yet."

"Rose, I mean Mama Rose, I don't think I can take any more of this. Please, let's stop."

"Okay, My Dear, moving on." Rose muttered as she let Jill down from the bar.

Jill's hands went immediately for the feather and pushed it down and away from her nether crease. Then she went for the blindfold. "No Dear, let's leave that on for the time being. Here, I want you to feel this and tell me if it is the same size as John." Jill indicated that it felt bigger. Then after two size changes she felt she had the right size. Then Rose helped her over to a raised platform. "Climb up here on your hands and knees."

"What are you ... But I thought ... but we don't do it like ..."

"I'm going to suggest that you try it this way. He'll have better penetration. I'm going to show you something. Trust me for a moment."

Jill assumed a hand and knee position frozen like a deer in headlights aware of her breasts hanging free and her ass crack and love fig displayed in back. Her rigor melted when she felt the head of a pliable plastic phallus gently and strategically touching and caressing her pussy lips. When it was gently twisted and slowly inserted, she spread her knees and went from her hands to her elbows. Rose worked the strap on dildo in and out and at the same time role-playing a conversation John might have while driving his own cock into his wife's love hole.

Rose talked on John's behalf as if his climax was building in advance of what she could tell of Jill's climax. Jill started to panic as if John were going to conclude early and moved her hips back against Rose's movements to try and catch up. Then Rose increased her pace, told Jill she was about to pop a load and drove it in and stayed in place simulating John's climax. Jill panicked and squeezed her cunt muscles and mewled out for all she was worth and then Rose pinched her nipples causing Jill to came in a flooding series of releases with Rose strategically pinching Jill's nipples to keep it going.

Rose gathered up the apparatus, cleaned it and put it all away while she let Jill luxuriate splayed on her back atop the padded platform. When Jill came to her senses and started to sit up, Rose met Jill's hands at the back of her head and took the blindfold off for her. The tearful Jill spontaneously hugged her neighbor mashing her naked body against Rose's warm flesh.

"There, there, My Dear. Now you see that you can control your own pleasure. We have turned your nipples into a trigger which you can fire anytime you need it." Rose explained. "The more you use it, the more you will need Mama Rose to reset it for you."

Jill sniffled up her tears and started to sit on her own. "Now, I'll need you to send John over for some training." Rose offered.

"How can I do that?"

"Leave that to me." Rose assured her.

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